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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 13, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program with magee jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night i'm walter perez. in the news authorities are investigating the death of two people inside a home in langhorne. a major mistake in paradise as emergency officials sent an alert warning a ballistics missle was on its way to hawaii. the big story is eagles first playoff appearance in four years battle of the bird at the linc this evening as eagles take on falcons in powe powe season play, right now score 10-six atlanta "action news" reporter annie mccormack live with fans, having some fun and hoping for the best, annie. >> reporter: well, yeah fans
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were in good spirits at end of the many hours long tailgate who ift a the cold nice warm and they were full of high spirits head today's game. here's some thoughts that we got on their way in linc. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eag also. >> we are going to win. >> eagles nation. >> bird. >> we believe, in you nick foles. >> our tailgate was great. we were here for 12:00 o'clock on. >> yeah. >> awesome awesome.o it and do it good. wein, that is all we want, anyway we can pull it out just bring it home give us another week at home. >> go bird. >> reporter: the reactions at the end of this game could go one or two ways. we will be here to hear them and bring them to you later on in the night on "action news" for now reporting live outside the linc annie mccormack for tn green italian bread, game day favorite for people coming to is more
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another favorite tomato pie complete with the eagles logo in cheese. all week long we have been sending us pictures of the eagles spirit on full display from kid in their eagles gear to dogs, cats showing their team spirit, and here are some of the best of the bunch. include yours powe them on social media using the #six abc action. we have developing news where authorities are investigating the death of two people discovered in langhorne reporter trish hartman is live at the scene and she detailseporter: well, walter we were just briefed from police a few minutes ago, so far no word on the circumstances of the two deaths middletown ship middletown township police are still here investigating they are just wrapping up things for the s there a pla asigns of fo this several hours. they are still here investigating. now investigators say they were call out here to the 1300 block of langhorne/newtown road thi cam welfare check and say two bodies were discovered inside a home, manage 57 and woman, a resident of the home age 66.
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police say it appears that they have been dead for at least a few days. township fire marshall was also called out to the scene, police say equipment is being used to check for carbon monoxide and to check the heating system to see if a malfunction led to these deaths of propane, fireplace in the home, is being looked at, as well. police say that the two autopsies will be termed tomorrow again the circumstances of the deaths are still, unknown, officials say that they do not see any signs of foul play here, and they continue to investigate in the t langhorne. reporting live from middletown township, trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> thanks, trish. also developing out of burlington county two people were injured in a two car crash that sent one vehicle into a body of water in willingboro. this ace live picture from the scene here, it happened about an hour ago on route 130 near beverly rancocas road. there is no word on the conditions of the injured. please stay with "action news" for very latest on air and on six
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two people have been arrested for a deadly shooting in burlington county. shayne davis and jada coaly been charged in connection with the shooting inside of an apartment on the 100 block of elm street in edge wified as 26 year-old david, and investigators say coaly attacked him with the shovel and then davis shot him. no word on a possible powerful explosion sent a man crawling out of his home and on to his lawn in delran, new jersey late last night. it happened just before 11:00 p.m. long unit block of cornell drive and amaze leg that home owner was not injury but don't take our word for it the survivor spoke with his frightening experience with "action news" reporter bob brooks live in delran with the details, bob. >> reporter: hi, walter his name is tim mooney and tonight he is staying with neighbors who took him n we will say this again he is lucky to be alive. i will step out of the way. that is his now, most of the damage is confine to the oth side, e actually blew out the entire other side of at a y story, tim had told us,
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this morning. >> it was justerything okay. >> reporter: then for tim moon delran his normal day would change in an explosion inside his house around 10:00 has destroyed mu years belongings are scattered today through his backyard but tim's okay and told us how it all happened. >> about 10:00 o'clock i decided to go to bed. i just laid down on the couch for about five minutes. then that is when the explosion occurred. >> reporter: you could see how bad and scary it was for him. he said the explosion originated in his basement. ty was the gas the water heater. basement and mushroomed up the stairblewross the backyard took out the whole the house and the front window is on the lower level. >> reporter: he s thrown from he was able to focus and look around. >> i looked downor and theret tryin find a waye was smoke, debris and everything aroundand, you know oh god oh, god trying to find my way out.
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mooney did he climbed out through living room window, as you can see, it was blowing out. has insurance bu just alive. do you feel lucky? i don't know if you are a religious person at all. >> iw, yes. >> yes. because, if i had been anywhere else in the house i wouldn't be standing here talking to you. >> no doubt mooney is a lucky man he said only injury he did sustain, minor cuts to one of his toes. report living from delran bob brooks channel six "action news" walter. >> thanks bob. several homes in pennsauken had to be evacuate today after a gas leak. action cam on the scene here on the 400 block of springfield avenue where crews were busy trying to repair that leak. it all started at 7:00 a.m., is 11 people had to leave their homes while crews got to work. the leak was contained a short time later and nobody was injury. forty-four year-old woman was killed early this morning during a house fire in trenton that fire broke out at 2:30 a.m. on the 200 block of
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cath street. when fire fighters arrived they found several people trapped inside all but one were able to make it out alive three other people suffered serious injuries and remain hospitalized tonight it took about 40 minutes to get this one under control no word yet on how the whole thing started driver was injured after a crash this morning in lower merion. it happened at 6:00 a.m. on the hallow road, investigators say the driver who control and slammed into a tree, that tree then came down, bringing with it some wires. no word on the extent of the driver's injuries. a commuter lost control here as well going off a bridge in fairmount parkust near 33rd and girard.investigators say driver went off girard avenue bridge and crashed near peco substation below driver was taken to the hospital, but no word tonight on her or his conditions. moving on to the accu weather forecast after a down right balmy day yesterday we are back in the freezer. temperatures were in the 30's which is below average for this time of the year with wind chills reaching in the teens. meteorologist melissa magee is
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here with our first check of the accu weather forecast, hey there melissa. >> hi there walter a big difference today. in fact at this morning at midnight we had a high of 61 degrees. right now in philadelphia we're in at 29. we're talking about a 32- degree temperature drop in the last six hours. as you look at part of the reason why this is colder today we have wind quite blustery out of the northwesterly direction gusting as high as 30 miles an hour in philadelphia 31 miles an hour in the poconos and they got to millville coming in at 25 miles an hour. so factor that in most spots feeling like the teens, 16 in city, eight single in allentown and 9 degrees for below zero right now in the poconos. we will talk about what we can expect. we have a wind chill advisory that goes up tonight for poconos at 9:00 p.m. but then it will be bright, brisk for us on sunday and watching tuesday for the possibility, of some snow, or some snow showers, and we will take a closer look at that and let you know how long we are stuck in the freezer with those details in the accu weather forecast, walter. >> much more to come on
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"acti terrifying morning for people in hawaii, who were awakened by the news that a ballistics missle was on its way. the only problem is, it was a false alarm. oday as mummers serenade residents and we will also update in sports as eagles take on atlanta at the linc. that and much more when "action news" comes right back
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federal and state authorities say human error caused mass pan that i can gripped hawaii for nearly 40 minutes half whichs and tourist received a text leather around 8:00 a.m. local time informing them that a ballistics missle was heading their way. it stated this was in the a drill and that everyone should seek shelter immediately. officials say there was never a threat. they said someone pressed wrong button and mistakenly sent alert to cell phones and media it took 38 minutes before a follow-up text was sent, letting people know it was a false alarm. world news will have the latest on the false alerts and closer look how it might have happened coming up after "action news" at 6:30. volunteers embraced spirits of the martin luther king weekend to ensure their neighbors are safe. members of the fire department red cross and hope worldwide fanned out across west philadelphia today. they went door to door handing out new smoke alarms offering
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to install them as well for anyone who needed help. in wilmington the one village alliance welcomed new members to the raising kings mentorship program. year round program focuses on helping teenage boys reach their full potential. program is of course inspired by life of doctor martin luther king junior program included music, dance performance is a long with a few workshops. streets are shut down around the 1100 block of south second street because of the mummers are celebrating. >> ♪♪ >> to see right there the string bands made their way down the street near mummers museum the traditional serenade of this years parade winners. streets will remain closed until serenade is over at around 8:00 o'clock tonight.
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recognize the nurses from the university's hospital. more than a dozen nurses step center court during time out between temple and u o nurses in the critical care june writ recently recognized for their excellence. check on sports jeff t eagles/falcons in the post season play owe even if not really consistent or clicking at this point. make these correctionness really receivers thin everyone has been worried about with nick o itso eagles against atlanta falcons. eagles have never lost a divisional playoff game at home and they are trying to keep it that way. right now eagles down by 110- nine at the half as we speak jake elliott, eagles kicker hit a 53-yard field goal to end the half, longest field goal in eagles playoff history. eagles three fumbles in the first half,f of two turnovers if the eagles win, they are in the nfc title game at home next sunday against vikings or saints who play tomorrow. and the grand daddy of them all, one of the mostcognizn history keith jackson has at age of
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89. >> touchdown, follows blocking just like night follows day. oh, untile jackson the voice of college football and monday night football on abc from 1966 passed away yesterday n a statement disney ceo bob eigor says for generations of fans keith jackson was college football. jackson was first ever play by play man to ever call monday night football, back in 1970. eagles returning from the bye week or the boys are back in new jersey against devils against one of the better teams they are chasing in the wild card standings. defenseman shayne gostisbehere is out with an illness. flyers three out of the final playoff spot they are trying to pick up where they left off last sunday. flyers have won three straight games, and this is a crucialtch, fac four time over the next month. >> but they are a team that we are trying to catch for a playoff spot. we know what is at stake.
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we know, which teams are too so this is one of them. college hoops number one ranked villanova hitting road for next three starting tonight against saint john's, win less against top 25 and big east team. temple in overtime begins memphis, 46 seconds left, nate louie how aboute puts temple up by four. but they blow it. pick it up, temple up two on defense kareem bruton junior wow one second left temple goes down 75-72 in overtime, they have lost six of seven. crazy g lasalle on at duquesne in overtime final second lasalle up two follow the ball it is like a pinball right here. end you up off the backboard, taylor with 62nd left, ties it up, we will go to triple overtime.nety secpletime mike lewis now the nail straight drexel trying to rebound again to delaware the ot half, curt read, for th there.
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dragons slain drexel, they lost eight of 10. local teams so far winning is delaware. >> i was going to say winning 61-60. >> we will take it. thanks jeff. a check of the accu weather forecastnews" comes we are taking a live look right here from sky six from temple university at the center city sky line, several buildings where they are wearing their eagles green your exclusive accu weather seven day forecews" comes right back
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it is january it is freezing and so are the fivere months, that mea is for polar bear plunge at the shore. today swimmers tackled cold water right there in the wildwoods for a great cause. annual polar bear plunge benefits the special olympics new jersey, immediately following the plunge swimmers warmed up enjoyed a free
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plunge a plunge lunch, inside of the wildwood convention center. >> time for a check of the forecast with meteorologist melissa magee who was warm yesterday to day not so much. >> i know we were in the 60's up at midnight. >> yes i was. d, if you went outside if you have gone outside tonight, now, they a and the 2alter, even single digits north here's picture at manayunk and folks bundled up walk ago long manayunk canal. we had sunshine earlier today we below re's outsiderankliamt we have a mostly clear sky it is quiet but it is cold, right now in philadelphia we are coming in at 29, 24 for reading, 23 in allentown, down in cape may 31 and 29 degrees in dover this really tells the story 24 hour temperature change it is 33 degrees colder right now in philadelphia then it was this same time yesterday looking at allentown 41 degrees colder then it wasst 24 hours also 25 degrees colder at the
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coast, in cape may then it was just 24 hours ago. we will show you is what going on looking at the wind. here's why we had that chill overhead peak wind gusts, 47 miles an hour. wilmington 41. a gust today in high as 40. allentown 39 miles an hour. and in atlantic city we had a gust clocking in at 38 miles an hour. factor in those wind it is preeling like in the city in at 16. 8 degrees in allentown. minus nine right now in the poconos. seventeen, current wind chill number in dover and also in lancaster. so satellite six with action radar showing you we've got dry conditions right now high pressure will eventually come out of the ohio valley and work its way in to our region but for rest of tonight mostly clear brisk, and it is cold, we will dip down to 11 degrees in the suburbs and 15 degrees in philadelphia for overnight low and west/ southeasterly wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour. then as we get into 9:00 o'clock ton ht right0:00m. sunday we have a wind chill advisory for carbon and monroe counties
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because wind chills overnight will dip anywhere from minus five to minus 15, for this region. so it will be a very cold start to sunday morning, up to the north. here's set up for us on our sunday afternoon high pressure dominates, mostly sunny still well below average, high temperature in philadelphia coming in at 27, typically for us this time of the year it should be closer to 40. we are no where near that tomorrow, in fact, looking at i-95 metro area and wind chill tracker 7:00 in the morning wind chills feeling around single digits and 4 degrees by 7:00. by 11:00 a.m., 11 degrees. feeling like the teens at just 3:00 in the afternoon with the wind eight to 16 miles an hour coming in from a northerly direction. so we are stuck with temperatures below average for a good portion of the good portion of next week. here's the seven day forecast sunny and brisk to. high in at 27 on monday, sun and increasing cloud, formatter inn luther king junior day. the day of service. 30nto tuesday, some snow will be likely if you are
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tracking a clipper system that moves through flurries are possible as well but we have to track the timing of this, otherwise high of just 39. maybe early flurries on wednesday otherwise mostly cloudy in at 32. thursday, sunshine, and cloud in at 32. we are dry. not as harsh next friday with a high temperature coming in at 40 milder next saturday walter with a high coming in at 49 degrees but brisk into tonight and tomorrow. >> nothing compares to last week or week before. >> absolutely. >> thanks melissa. it is a celebration of the one toy that almost always makes that time fun for kid. it is national rubber ducky day. please touch museum in fairmount park celebrated by loading an indoor river with 2400 rubber ducks. children crowded around to play with them and when they were done they got to take them home and enjoy them. more fun. world news saturday is next up on channel six tune in tonight for "action news" phl17 then we are back here once again for "action news" at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff
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skversky and entire "action news" team i'm walt your perez we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. go eagles. >> ♪♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." the ba isan entirile sce state in panic. the warning that went out to all of hawaii, an inbound missile take immediate shelter. >> this is not a drill. take immediate action measures. >> people running for their lives. families fleeing for 38 minutes chaos and confusion. until finally the all clear.
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frozen rivers triggering dangerous floods. residents told to evacuate. temperatures plummeting from the gulf coast through the northeast. nearly 200 million people facing an arctic blast. mark wahlberg paying up in the face of outcry. tonight the superstar's massive donation after earning a thousand times more than his female co-star. terror on board a greyhound bus. a 911 call for a passenger with
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