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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 11, 2018 1:37am-2:11am EST

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the university of pennsylvania whenent homeo california for for the last week lawmen tried to find him after he vanished yesterday, they did except he was dead. police say this was a homicide. it is wednesday night. the big story on "action news" is pain and sorrow in the bernstein home lake forest and university of penn. kristi what is the latest information revealed by police? >> jim police won't comment on how he died or if they are looking at a person. people at penn are struggling to make sense of what police are calling a murder. >> the coroner office and police department have confirmed our family's worst fears are true. >> blaze bernstein disappeared
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last week and was found dead in california. >> blaze was a colorful and charismatic man that shined light on all of the lives he touched. >> the sheriff's office believes this is a merchandise. homicide. >> the authorities spent a week searching for the police believe bernstein was likely killed the night he disappeared. the friend the last person to see him alive has been interviewed several times by police. >> it's sad. >> classmates are struggling to make sense of the murder.he belonged to a club for foodies. >> he excited to work on the cookbook and mag doing, just really, smart, smart guy. >> while the search for the 19-year-old has ended the hunt for his killer is only beginning.
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>> no arrests have been made and police revealed they served a search warrant at a home this evening. meanwhile an e-mail went out to penn students letting them know there is a campus vigil at noon tomorrow for blaze. >> thank you kristi. dr. james kaufman is due in court on charges that he plotted his wife's murder. april kaufman's killing was the result of a murder for hire plot hatched by her husband andco conspirator. they threatened to divorce him and expose the drug ng. >> the free freedom house on morris street in west mt. airy has been without water since
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morning, 200 units affected by all of. management has b handing out bottled water. no word on when the tap wate threat of freezi streets tonight. temperatures are getting warmer.let's g to cecily latest word from accuweather. >> climbed out of the deep freeze. over the weekend temperatures in the teens. friday the high then 17. the past two day in the 40s. that's nearly a 30-degree increase in temperatures going up >> another 20-degrees over next two days. right now, our high temperatures above freezing. if you look to the west plenty of warm air on the way. chicago cold 55 the high, wichita 60. we'll rise to the low tomorrow and low to mid 60s friday. double scan live showing a potent plain statmoving to the g friday. us lot of moisture, but we talking
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about rothing frozen. it warms to the 50s tomorrow, 60s on friday night into friday and a rain friday into saturday. some areas close to inches of rain. i have details on the timing and the cold that follows. jim? >> thank you last snow has mostly melted but that hasn't stopped from trying to save their parking spots. philadelphia police are reminding everybody in no savsies not legal. officer frs police unit practiced ice rescues today. they took turns in full gear, specialized wet suits designed to stand up to the freezing water.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf has declared the state's opioid epidemic a public health emergency. he will be able to call on resources as if the crisis was a natural disaster. dann cuellar is live. advocates are hailing the governor's actions today. >> they sure are jim. this is what a lot of people are waiting for for several reasons, the main one that it brings attention to a serious epidemic a lot of people should be focused on right now. >> the fact that he's declaring an emergency and bringing it to that level is important to us. >> at the addiction and recovery center governor declaration sends a message. >> everybody the police firemen bartender at the bar -- everybody has to be involved in
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this. >> being forecast we'll lose 4800 people in philadelphia drug overdoses. to sharon, former addict, this could go a long way in removing the stigma. >> being out there in addiction, you feel ashamed to come forward because of the impression ofple suffering from drug addiction. >> mike harley has been in recovery 46 yea he hopes this declarationill stem the tide orces in the battle. >> there are not enough resources. we are overwhelmed. whatever help he gives us, we are grateful for. >> they are hoping the commonwealth of pennsylvania and others will go after doctors and pharmaceutical companies they feel should be held responsible for the gateway drug to the deadly drug heroin. >> they made billions of dollars, some estimates 30 and
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$40 billion off of overprescribing these drugs. >> but the truth is that the declarat as governor himself has stalemated stated is no silvebullet. it tt of time and it. live in center cuellar channel6 "action newhank you dan. there is new about today's federal court ruling siding with republics and allowing pennsylvanians to keep its congressionroup of voters that sued plan to appeal to the supreme court. the plaintiffs believe the lines were drawn to favor one party over the other. the judges ruled that's not unconstitutional. >> the help wanted signs posted in philadelphia will accept applications for the new city controlled school board that takes over in july. the mayor will appoint all nine
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members of the board. it's preferred that candidates or parents of the charter school one of the schools themselves. >> the girl cookie season gets under way in a week from now. in preparation f event a moving van packed with cookies was delivered to the fairmont section tonight. worked to unload 12,000 boxes of cookies. >> camer rolling whenpower goesesoes out at the largest tech show. startling new images of the mudslides in the death toll rises tonight. >> coming up, a family sits down with me and describes their tragedy at this petsmart. what the company is saying and what happened coming up. >> we are dry and mild for january standards, 40 in philadelphia average high for
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this time of year but temperatures soar for the weekend. tracking a soaking rain and we have the detail in the seven-day forecast. >> we a teacher dragged out in handcuffs after asking about pay raises and jeff skversky with the eagles getting ready for the playoffs. statistics 345eustatistics may put the
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>> the search continues for at lein theadly of southern california. fl triggeratied neighborhoods. 17 people have been found dead. the coastalunity of monticeto was hit the>> it un on any ground surface much less a fire burned watershed. >> the largest fire in history wiped out vegetation that could
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have slowed down the fast moving mud and debris. a new jersey family says they are at a loss their bulld died petsmart. how did this happen? chad pradelli went answers. >> the family dropped off their dog in late december. an hour later, the was dead. now the family answers sat down with "action news." >> my baby was dead upon arrival. they tried to do cpr couldn't bring her back. >> the family says scrufls walked in a happy, healthy dog. ben dinapoli says petsmart called saying she was on the way to the hospital.
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>> they dropped her off like a pizza. no one was there to answer questions or say why my baby my beautiful healthy bulldog past. >> another collapsed and died two weeks later. a third was there in december. on a facebook page set up justice for scrufls, they and others detail instances at petsmart around the country. the department for cruelty to animals is investigating. >> the information they gave him was that my dogried in ayer. they are not supposed to put bulldogs in there. she collapsed. >> petsmart refused an on camera interview but released two statements.
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the company denied wrong doing. our policies and proced were followed. we believe the incidents to be unrelated. our thoughts remain with the pet parents during this difficult time. >> it's a terrible story. we hope something good comes out of this and others don't have to go what we through. >> the has done what is similar to an autopsy. then they may get answers. chad pradelli, "action news." >> the civil rights group is investigating the arrest of a louisiana teacher at a meeting. she was complying with orders to leave the meeting. next she is seen screaming as the marshal handcuffed her. she was allegedly kicked out
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after asking about a large pay raise for the superintendent. >> they were trying to take away my first amendment right to speak. i'm appalled at this, and you should be too. >> for now the city lawyer is refusing to charge her. the teacher union and aclu are looking into the situation. >> immigration descended on 7-elevens today to check immigration status. it is described as the largest in president trump's presidency, cracking down on those that hire undocumented workers. a change in tone today by presidentver daca. yesterday he seemed open to discussion with democrats.
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today, trump said that any deal for the dreamers must include a wall. also today, president trump put a potential interview with special council robert mueller in doubt saying it seems unlikely. mueller may have a different point of view. >> ironically, it seems the biggest technology show may need to upgrade its electricity. the power went out bringing the demonstrations to a halt. it even interrupted the interview with the ceo of gopro. it took two hours to get the lights back on. officials blame moisture from rare heavy rainfall in vegas for knocking out a transformer. >> today the american kettle club added two new breeds. they can't compete until next
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year giving us time to practice pronouncing their names. are you ready?names the names ] >> the other a french dog bred to hunt rabbits. i knew that one from eighth grade french. >> what was the first one again? >>[namesnames in french ] >> say that ten times >> okay. >> let's go live on sky 6 taking a look at the center city skyline a view from the temple university camera. we have clouds upstairs. the clouds are trapping in the heat of the earth so temperatures are not that cold
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for january standards and not cold for the weekend never climbing out of the teens. 40 in philadelphia. that's the normal high for that time of year. trenton 39. cape may, 45 and reading 35. satellite and radar showing we have a veil of high thin thicker clouds out over the ohio valley. they are moving in tomorrow. winds out of the southeast bring warmer air. the bus-stop forecast a lot of snow melting not too chilly with mostly cloud ji skies. suburbs 31 philadelphia 36. tomorrow, lots of clouds and temperatures soaring ten degrees above normal. 49 in cape may and wilmington 51-degrees. friday here comes the rain. future tracker showing rain comes in waves around 11:00 heavy rain north and west of philadelphia. then we have a break in the
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action in the afternoon with lingering shower, lots of fog, clouds and a cold front starts to push in overnight friday night ining. this br us another wave of heavy rain early in the mornin around 6tice the ice north and west of the viewing area. it's rain for us, dries out around lunchtime and cooler air moves in. snow melting combined with rain means we could get localized flooding. the froze be ground cann absorb water. be careful driving around there coulde minor flooding, ponding on roads. the seven-day forecast, mostly cloudy tomorrow, mild to high 50-degrees. foggy but saturday 50 early then temperatures
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dropping for the eagle game time, 4 it will be breezy, so bundle up. monday, the high of 40 down to 38. >> tuesday a clipper brings a chance of snow. at this point, looks to be a weak system with snow showers. it temperatures drop with a high of 30. indications that we'll start toinst next week. rollercoaster temperatures don't forget the umbrella. >> students set their studies aside to raise money for the make a wish foundation. youngsts showed their talent to the event. this young man busted a move. showcased the young people's knowledge of science. since 2010 they have raised 47 thowd for kids.
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it's time, america. there's work to be done. not going to be easy. but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivatione grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on. us. today is the day. strayer un let's get it. >> spotlight on ni he has to respond. areood shape. they'll be fine.
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they have n lost at home in the playoff games. jeffrey says foals looks more confidence and relaxed. eagles hope the demeanor stays that way saturday against the falcons. coach pederson told foals to stay simple. they have never lost as underdome in the playoffs. >> having a week to practice you are itching to get back out there and hit somebody else. >>e worked for and talked about. mean? you have to igno crowdnd get out ther play. com matt ryanat practice for the falcons, red hot in the playoffs. ten interceptions he expects the eagle d tough. >> they are playing well in the secondary. different coverage than last year, for most simi they have had great season. they have extremely well.
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it's a good challenge for us rday. >> so much for claude giroux being passed as he's headed back to the all st fifth one of his best seasons ever. >> sixers are eating fish and chips and london. they have their sights set on beating bostonrow afternoon sixers looking
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>> back with college hoops, villanova playing reclaiming the number one spot. villanova gets on the r xavier. cats up 1 after 20 second half all nova, 89-54. temple trying to t game losing streakainst southern methodist. temple wins 66-64. it's their first win in a month. wild fin joe's, up one, five seconds left to george mason. how do you defend livingston at the buz st. joe's loses 81-79. losail coach mis mind at umass up 21 in the second
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haot enough. pitkin scores 44. losail loses 86-79 in overtime their third straight loss. that is a long trip home, up 21 in the second half. ht jeff. the arden theater company in old city put on a special rformance of "a doll's patrons p whatever they could to sit in the audience. ticket sales career wardrobe an organization thatr clothing and development for those looking for work. "jimmy k next followed by >> "action news"s at edwards matt meteorologid murphy a roger withs traffic. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky ducis rodgers and entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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