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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 10, 2018 1:35am-2:10am EST

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murder had more questions than answers but authorities claim it was her husband who wanted april kauffman dead he and a motorcycle gang his partner in illicit drug scheme and it's tuesday night and the big story is the breakthrough that much of the jersey shore has been waiting for the alleged answer to the question who murdered april kauffman and why and action news reporter annie mccormick has been tracking the scorery closely from the beginning and live from the atlantic prosecutors office in mays landing annie. >> disturbing details laid out in the accusations made by the atlantic counter prosecutor's office today among the motives they say was to keep april kauffman quiet after she threaten to expose the alleged ell elicit drug operation. >> takes your words away.
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>> reporter: reacting to charges against her estranged stepfather james kauffman in may 2012 shooting of april kauffman a popular radio host and advocate the 68-year-old doctor had a murder for hire plat with two pagan members and in 2011 james kauffman and augello began looking for a hit man and paid 20,000 in scrips for opioids and he died of a drug over douse and kauffman and augello are charged with murder and racketeering. >> as a result of april kauffman's desire to divorce jamess kauffman he wanted her kill
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killed opposed to losing his financial empire. >> thanks to illegal drug operation he was with a motorcycle gang out of his medical practice and his wife threatened to expose it six others have also been charged in connection to the oxy contin operation in june 2017 investigators arrested kauffman on weapons charges after he pulled a gun as police arrived to his office to serve a search warrant he remains in jail awaiting trial. they watched the prosecutors announcement with her family one of her two young sons said this about what his grandmother who he called mimi would be thinking. >> i got a huge squeeze from him and he said do you know what mom mimi is happy. >> reporter: in another twist jim authorities say that augello later after april kauffman's murder tried to put a hit out on dr. kauffman his attorney ed jacobs said today his client will plead not guilty and had
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nothing to do with his wife's murder annie with action news. >> two juveniles injured tonight when flames attacked a west philadelphia row house chopper six was overhead after 9:00 in the 600 north 52 smoke and flames were pouring from the house when firefighters arrived, the victims were rushed to children's hospital, we don't know yet about their conditions. philadelphia police who were rushing a shooting victim a teen shooting victim to the hospital got in an accident themselves tonight a car struck the cruiser at 57 and wall nut shortly after 6:00 other officers arrived and got the 16-year-old to penn presbyterian where he is in stable condition, neither of the lawmen or civilians involved in the crash were hurt. also new at 11:00 tonight a water main break is flooding the streets of manya anything left standing will certainly freeze overnight as temperatures
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continue to tumble. the fire department has been helping any trapped victims around the area of silver wood and dupont. residents say they are frustrated because this is the second break in two weeks in the very same spot. meanwhile the water department tells us that this fountain of water spewing from the intersection of washington lane and rodney street in west oak lane was not the result of a frozen pipe but a rupture from a construction mistake a contractor pulled a service line from the water main and it's believed to not have had any effect on neighborhood service. metrologist cecily tynan joins us cecily tynan as temperatures drop in the 20s overnight once again we are worried about all that water turning into ice on sidewalks and streets. >> that's exactly right jim especially since we had a pretty decent amount of melting today and finally climbed out of the deep freeze 45 degrees the high today that is 5 degrees above normal and what a difference
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from friday, saturday and sunday temperatures stuck in the teens yesterday briefly hit above freezing but now temperatures dropping pretty quickly down to 32 degrees in philadelphia, 26 at the atlantic city airport in pomona24 millville 28 allentown and wilmington 30 degrees so again anything that melted will be freezing solid on untreated roads tomorrow morning temperatures across the board well below freezing in the teens and 20s so just be careful for the morning commute use caution any slush, will be refreezing and a rule of thumb when temperatures are cold after a melt if it looks like it's wet just assume that it's ice it could be black ice do a penguin step and be careful driving but after tomorrow a big warm up and also tracking rain and i'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast jim. >> thank you cecily tynan we have new developments
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development from california where flooding and mudslides are blamed for 13 deaths in santa barbara and a deadly storm shut down 30 miles of freeway between northern and southern california officials they are working to restore freeway access by 3 feet of mud and mud runoff rushed debris from the thomas wildfire. >> it sounded like a freight train coming down the hill you could hear the boulders rolling down the whole house was shaking. >> i panicked, i mean they were both asleep and i was in my boots and i just said there is mud in the driveway there is mud in the driveway. >> my carriage is under mud. it's a nightmare. >> reporter: search and rescue efforts continue at this hour for at least to dozen people who are still missing. experts federal agents are on site in north philadelphia to investigate the blaze that killed philadelphia fire
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lieutenant matt letourneau and a civilian over the weekend. tonight local landmarks have lit up in red in tribute to the fallen firefighter and city flags flying at half staff in his memory. a driver involved in a deadly street race on 422 in montgomery county will go to prison for as many as 23 months. 22-year-old yvonne walters apologized at sentencing today for what he called his stupid decision. the crash in west pots grove township last february killed two people in the other car including a pregnant woman and her unborn child, the driver of that vehicle survived three plead guilty and pleaded guilty to three charges of murder. four days after dismissing almost three dozen prosecutor philadelphia new da sat down with the news media today including a one on one interview with action news report dann krasner's comments today were
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not limited to the controversial office shake up here is dann's report. >> i'm looking for the truth looking for the truth and looking for justice and looking for the right conviction. >> reporter: in a vast departure from administration larry krasner sworn in a week ago seeks to end mass incarceration and find other solutions dealing with those accused of lesser crimes. >> not as many convictions and years for the convictions. largely defended to ask 33 veterans and staff members to turn in resignations last week based in part on philosophical differences on his reform agenda. >> it's to pick the team and doesn't necessarily mean the players who are traded are bad players. some of them might be. some of them might be great players who simply do not fit into the strategy of the team. >> reporter: while the resignations may have triggered low morale among staffers a cry
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set off by the krep corruption of convicted da seth williams. >> enthusiasm in the office itself. >> reporter: what surfaced on the one on one interview with krasner as we received information charges for vandalizing the statute were going to be dropped and an aide confirmed that was true and after checking further they said no decision had been made on that and his trial is set to begin on wednesday and if the charges are dropped part of the reason could be this. >> the da has the obligation to make sure we just don't make doughnuts that the convictions are properly obtained, that they are not going to be reversed. >> reporter: krasner will move quickly to fill positions left vacant by 33 terminations with a possibility he says of more terminations yet to come. at the da's office in center city i'm dann cuellar channel six action news. it was christmas in january in a big surprise for a father
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and son devastated by fire the monroe township ambulance and rescue association hosted a christmas celebration for wince low township officer joe and his son lucas even santa came back for the occasion tonight the two lost everything when their home went up in flames the day after christmas. he says the support is overwhelming. >> donating clothes and toys and yes gift cards and i never thought people were that kind and just i can't even express how grateful i am to every one. the cause is under investigation the eagles game is 4:30 on saturday and if you want to pay third-party prices there are still plenty of tickets around but you would be well advises to be careful live outside the link is action news reporter christie ileto christie careful but also ready to spend some big bucks.
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>> reporter: that's right jim there is still a couple thousand tickets left up for grabs on line some of them are starting 165 and then they go up from there so buyers need to be careful about who and where they are purchasing these tickets from. >> when i was navigating online the prices start at as low as 200 and went up to a thousand. weary of being scammed donna scott secured for weeks hunting for play off tickets for her son and still has not pulled the trigger. >> i didn't want him to go all the way down there and then spend the money and not be able to get in. >> reporter: some eagles fans were already scammed by this man last month he sold big tickets to a woman who intended to gift them to her children on christmas. ♪ this saturday's playoff game against the atlanta falcons is one of the most prized tickets in the city. there is about 2000 tickets left
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in the marketplace you know probably 500 of them being standing rooms the rest being 200 level and 100 level seats. >> reporter: the game technically sold out last week in one minute thousands of ticket holders are pawning them off on various on line websites and the better business bureau is warning buyers be aware of the 5200 reports last year of schemes they received 300 dealt with counterfeit tickets. >> never purchase tickets off the street or pay cash for playoff tickets they are too much at a premium. >> go through a ticket broker like we usually do. >> reporter: tickets will sell closer to game day but not game day and some are on the fence. >> if carson was there i would buy a ticket i'll make a decision closer to game time. announcer: now for those who do decide last-minute to go to the game on saturday make sure you buy your tickets from a reputable source and be aware of
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below market pricing life in south philadelphia christie ileto channel six action news jim. >> thank you christie as we gear off for the playoff run we want to see your team spirit so share photographs and videos with us and use #6abc action on instagram and twitter we will post them on the action news facebook wall. and coming up, on action news a change of tune president trump gathers democrats and in an extraordinary public negotiating session and sings the praises of bipartisanship plus pediatricians say the controversial practice of bringing a baby into bed is unsafe. now government researchers find out how many parents are still doing it. >> temperatures have already dropped two or below freezing tonight so do be careful of black ice tomorrow morning and after that much warmer air moves in also of soaking rain all the details in the accuweather seven-day forecast.
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ducis rodgers with nick foles talking about saturday's game and the sixers practicing in london when action news continues tonight.
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it was an extraordinary event at the white house today to combat president trump's fitness to be president television cameras were allowed to cover the full 55 minute meeting on immigration involving cabinet and lawmakers receded over by trump and he said he would favor a two step process to submit daca and border security and comprehensive immigration reform second but put it on the lawmakers to come up with a plan that he will sign. >> i'm signing it i mean i will be signing it i'm not going to say oh, gee i want this or that
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i will be signing it with confidence for people in this room that will come out with something really good. >> reporter: president trump is seeking bipartisan compromise to avert a government shut down in ten days and seemed to be the final nail in steve bannen's political coffin and stepped down as chairman of breitbart the conservative network that has an enormous influence in political circles and his departure forced from the news network he founded comes less than a week after he was quoted as labeling president trump's son and son in law treasonist, chris christie delivered his state of the state this afternoon and said new jersey needed what he called tough and plain spoken leadership when he took office eight years ago the republican delivered bringing the state back from the brink of financial ruin. >> i vetoed corpus and energy tax increased, in fact, over the
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last eight years i have vetoed more tax increases than any governor in modern american history. >> reporter: governor elect phil murphy responded saying christie's speech painted a sunny picture but new jersey have long known we are in a state of crisis and schools and pensions are under funded and murphy takes over next week and fewer babies are dying of sleep related complications in the united states a new report from the c.d.c. says the causes are on the decline down to about 3500 a year. however, many parents still are not following the experts advice one in five parents say they do not place they infant on their back in the crib which is the safest position more than 38% say that they use soft bedding pillows or bumpers which can lead to smoothering and 61% of parents say they share a bed with their infant it's a
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controversial practice that pediatricians say increases the risk of sids but according to this report the majority of parents have done that. let's get the late word from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> and jim chilly tonight but warming up as we head through the week, tonight the action cam in center city where they are quiet and not dealing with the freezing rain like last night the main roads are dry but a bit of a refreeze as we enter the overnight hours and live on six and it's a thing of beauty the ski resort come over here let me show it to you oh, apparently, wait, no, all right and trust me sky six i can head over to this wall and show you there we go spring mountain ski resort the snow guns are blasting and really going to try to build a better base of the ski resort and looking at temperatures that will be climbing in the 50s and 60s as we head toward the end of
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the week so there is going to be a lot of melting going on right now cooling off quickly 32 philadelphia, 28 allentown, wilmington 30, trenton 26 and the atlantic city airport 26 degrees and part of the reason why we have high pressure basically right over us so no clouds to kind of insulate the earth we have very low dew points dry air and temperatures dropping off very quickly and temperatures tomorrow morning in the teens and 20s be careful a little bit of black ice possible by by the afternoon feeling nice and not quite as warm as today, today 45 in philadelphia and allentown 37 millville 40 the boardwalk in atlantic city 39 and lancaster 37 degrees and thursday we warm up even more as the storm system begins to develop to the northwest mostly cloudy off the ocean and significantly warmer a high up to 50 degrees but that system will bring us a couple rounds of rain as we head into friday.
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futue future tracker 11:00 on friday solid rain especially areas west of philadelphia and tapers off a bit in the afternoon but then we have another wave of rain developing friday night that could linger into saturday morning, so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow mixture of sun and clouds a pretty nice day typical for this time of the year a high of 40 degrees. on thursday we cloud up we warm up to 50 degrees friday is when we hit about 60 degrees but periods of rain and on off throughout the day also with the warm air over the melting snow pack it likely will be foggy saturday day of transition 66 and hit that early in the day a few lingering showers and plenty of clouds for the eagles game and it will be very windy, winds sustained 15-20 and gusting 35-40 and could effect the kicking game the first quarter temperature 45 by the fourth quarter 39 and do bundle up and
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temperatures dropping sunday 31 degrees monday for mlk day of service bundle up if you are volunteering 28 degrees tuesday mostly cloudy, 34 degrees and tuesday night into wednesday looking like our next opportunity for snow at this point doesn't look to be a big storm but keep you posted it's january, it's bound to come back. >> yes, it is. celebrated its place in aviation history tonight ten hot air balloons were on display at the recreation center the festivities marked 225 anniversary of the first man flight in america on this day 1793 john pierre flew a hot air balloon from philadelphia to bedford new jersey. ♪ el: broke, homeless,
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folks leading the charge in the neighborhoods were honored in south philadelphia the
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philadelphia eagles and the bank officials presented the community quarterback awards and defensive end took part in the event at the link ten people were recognized for their positive impact in the community. ducis rodgers coming down with a nasty, nasty cold, better than you however than nick foles. >> did i see you inch away from me? >> that is okay. >> no i don't want to get sick. >> we need nick foles that is certainly the case the line of the eagles falcons move from atlanta favored by 2.5 and atlanta favored by 3 points the disrespect continues most has to do with the quarterback position all eyes on foles and that way saturday at the link and he must bounce back from two sub par games how about we get the nick foles that torched the new york giants and needs to keep it simple. >> and maybe i wasn't doing it
2:05 am
as much those games and the hardest things are the simple things and get out of your head and play the game you want to play. >> and nicholas enwe had a great opportunity let's go be nick and execute the offense to the team great thing you have a great opportunity backs against the wall and come out swinging and you know see what happens. >> reporter: the oakland raiders made it official john is back as their head coach and got 10 year 100 million and coached to 2001 the sixers have a meeting to attend overseas in london will face the celtics this week and arrive in london in wee hours of the morning and coach brett brown has been looking for the game all season and says he is down right giddy. >> driving on the other side of the road different ways to say something different food all that is something that you like
2:06 am
to have our players experience and it all adds up to growing a team, to sharing something that is collaborative with our group and i think that this event you know brings all those types of things out. >> reporter: still ahead here in sports college basketball villa nova may be the number one team ,000 in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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villa nova is the number one team in the nation and will be tested by xavier and 13-1 and averaged 89 points per contest and need to clean that up. we were clicking so much offensively i think we kind of god the idea to out score people and it's not going to happen in the big east then we went into the de-paul game and got a lead and did the same thing and butler we got smacked in the face and marquette we got leads and lacksidasical and our guys understand that and got good practices but a lot of work to do defensively. >> and jay has to clean that up by tomorrow. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line he has gary oltman phil and music from honcho jack and
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action news continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards matt o'donnell and murphy and karen rogers and cecily tynan and ducis rodgers and the entire news team i'm jim gardner. action news is brought


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