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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 27, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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video show, "right this minute." little paw printsll up in here. yep. guys. >> rescuers spot puppioutside an abandoned house and underneath it. >> to spot a few more. >> the crazy scene where the pups keep a-commin'.three, two,. >> an unusual adventure for thrill seekers. >> it's just like a continuous jump day. >> how a hot air balloon and a rope make it happen it takes the hiking out of base jumping. this is why being a father is awesome. >> because as he knows -- >> when you walk in the door -- >> somebody is going to be glad daddy's home.a we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking
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down the best on the web. including one small but fearsome creature. find out why coyote peterson is so afraid of this bite. >> oh my gosh it's so much worse than a snake! looking for something to warm your heart this cold, cold winter? the michigan humane society w t apart, boarded up. inside they knew were puppies. look at the faces. >> there's two. >> just hold me. they're so gable. >> little paw prints up in here. hi, guys. one, three, four, -- six -- seven. >> they take the shovels and get the debris out of the way, until they are able to get a pole in there and grab the puppies one at a time with that pole. >> it's like kind of a harsh
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rescue at first, but you know, that moment ofrt, will lead to a life time of happiness. >> you saw them trying to drag bed.upike tgryin to get a kid no, just let me stay in more. >> as soo they come out a released from the pole they start snuggling up and feel real good. >> it's cold in michigan this time of year. >> in the end they ended up rescuing ten puppies. where's mommy? >> i was wondering that. >> come on, mama. come get your puppies. >> she's right there. you can see her. they are able to also bring her in and all together. they're going to be given the care they need and vaccines and prepared so they can find forever homes. >> they won't have any trouble finding a home. >> not at all. >> russian media has its uses.
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it is take you on an adventure like david here. >> come, we are jumping from a hot hair balloon. >> we've got a hot air balloon and event, why don't you join us? sounds like fun. >> here i am in the desert in a balloon. >> quick turnaround and only three people are allowed in the basket. it will go up on a 900 foot rope and come down in six minutes. >> if you want to enjoy some quick base jumping over and over again you can do it. you can go up and it comes back down in six minutes, ree more people can go back up and jump again. like a continuous jump day. >> it takes the hiking out of base jumpi >> exactly. >> iots cheaper than a he exactly. fill it with hot air. >> thank you very much for the ride. >> then you just jump. >> okay. three, two, one.
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>> he's able to float back down to the earth. i feel we could do this, go base jumping? >> sure. like no big deal. >> just waiting for someone to hit me up on instagram.hey, mac it's your birthday. at is a big year. mike her father and alison her mom have something. >> has to be difficult to get a gift. >> macy is an exceptional 13-year-old. >> we got you a little something. >> they warn her it's a little something. they have to manage her expectations a little bit. all right, she's got it all together and there's paper inside the box instead object. >> letter, seoh, seriously. >> you got the tickets?! >> yes, the got t they got the tickets!
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>> what tickets? >> ylor >>eber. >> no, macy is cool, they got her tickets to "hallilyton." is into theater, loves to sing and act. his dad says she's pretty good, i mean the girl's got talent. ♪ >> whoa. >> after the tickets they should get her an application to >> that's her singing "rise up." the show ish. macy has cool parents. this next dad says being a father is awesome. >> this is why being a father is awesome. >> this is either going to go the nick calderon way or the sweet, loving dad kind of way. >>'s is he no nick calderon. >> yeah!
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>> no matter what you've been through, throughout the when you walk in the door to that? >> that was perfect. >> yes, i agree. being a dad has got to be awesome. you know that old saying, pain is pleasure? well, we're going to have to think about it a little differently in this case. bmx bial demonstration is going on. talking to our man. >> there was nothing pleasurable about that. >> expensive smash, the bicyclist goes down, too. that is incredible that the bike went straight for the camera, bam! >> because you weren't behind it, you're probably not the one with the broken nose. >> no but i work on a that rig is pretty golden. >> and they got the shot, too. >> yes. this next guy here is right from the beginning, you can tel
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unfoincident this guy's kids and him ramp. the kids didn't punk out, they sent over the ramp so dad has to send it, too. you got to represent for the family. see, dad gets zero speed. he had no chance. >> you got to remember you're not 12 anymore. you don't heal the same and you break easy. >> pain, yeah, but the pleasure right here. i love a good fail. cars roll off on a little elephant. the adorable way he tries to show him he's a tough guy. >> i think this is how it goes. and a new treat from one of our youtube faves. >> this one may be an acquired taste. see if dr. pimple popper's latest leaves you wanting more. >> oh, no! >> you said you like the pop,
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closed captioning provided by -- it's the holiday season which means i have a great
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little treat for you, although this one may be a bit of an acquired taste for some of you crazy people, like oli. how'd i know that was going to make you smile. >> i love that stuff. >> this video from the office of dr. sandra lee. >> dr. pimple popper. >> it's a cyst. >> this is a cyst. >> some of these are fascinating but the ones they have to use scalpel to cut it open, i like the natural pop. >> they release that little postule inside. >> oh! come on! >> you said you like the pop, man. >> like an alien popped out of that person's head. >> like spicy honey mustard or something. >> nice work. that's a good one. >> they probably can't feel any of this, just a little tugging and pressure here and there, but she gets that first initial squirt out, and then she goes back in to get the rest and
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that's when she starts grabbing and pulling and cutting. >> that's gross, man. it's got to stink, too, right? probably just stinky fungus smell. eh, like the worst cheese you don't want to eat. >> she is eventually able to pull out that second piece out. she cleans it out, sutures it up and there you go, like new. this is what it looks like. >> looks like the end of a chicken bone o a prosthetic eyeball. >> if you have the stomach for and click on tv show or you can check it out on our mobile app. ♪ kitty c trees, they're a problem at home. they're also a problem in the middle of africa. any time a cat sees a tree, they're like ooh, let's climb it. >> if is genetic >> there's not another good tree that looks anywhere nearby so about seven lions and lionesses
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decide they're going to crowd up into this tree. one goes, of course they all have to go. >> houston, there's one problem. the tree's weak. >>hat's comical. this next video an elephant, grown finding itsole in the world. couple of cars now pullingp to see it. he's like, >> the way they back hold the phone. why are you here? >> that's a dorky elephant. he doesn't even have control over his trunk. it's going all the place but i'm tough, i ware i'm taeou. >> adorkable. kind of like what we call you. zebras out in the wild. in this case looks like the found one of thosetroughs. like your parents say don't run around the pool and no rough housing because things get slippery. >> whoa, whoa!
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>> those hooves on wet concrete, got no it recovered well. >> no, it didn't. these two looking like they're trying to determine who is the king of the crowd, right? you know, shoving, bumping, rumbling. >> keep it up. keep it up. >> fine i'll back this is how order is establishe. >> how do we establish order in here? >> i'm the boss. >> that's what you think. >> funniest thing i've heard all day. an "rtm" motorcycle adventure. >> look at you bromancing. >> just a lot of fun. next "right this minute." still to come, a bride and her girls -- >> want to put on a show. >> see how she makes sure all eyes are on her. just transitioned right in fron her eyes. rich ferguson is educating folks on bitcoin. >> you are about to see a bitcoin. >> the magical way he makes it look easy. >> that is so good
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it's on the news, internet, everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin. digital elves live on the internet and they work down in the mines and get bitcoin. if you're still not convinced, rich ferguson is trying to educate people. >> he's just going to make them more confused. >> i don't know anything about it. >> cryptocurrency something. >> crypto, oh online. i'm talking about you ever seen a bitcoin? >> i've never seen a bitcoin. >> you are about to see a bitcoin. >> today is your lucky day. this coin. >> hands over the coin, people are testing it. >> i'll show you all about bitcoin. >> oh no. >> what? wait, what? >> ha, ha, ha, bit. >> don't put that in your mouth. money is dirty. ugh. >> is that why people are always laundering money? >> yes, it's really filthy.
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>> maybe it's chocolate. >> it's not. other people aren't quite so willing to go down the same road as rich has. >> germs. >> the visceral reaction on the people's faces and their bodies is amazing. >> it's bit. >> what in the -- >> see, bitcoin, like a bitcoin. >> i get it. i'm just wondering how you're doing that. >> i got you, bro, but -- >> that is so good! >> takes a bite and simple move and suddenly it's all back together again. i'm more than i am about bitcoin and i'm really confused about bitcoin. >> now you know. for some brides the wedding is great but the reception is exceptional. that's because women like alison want to put on a show. they go up the stairs, she's a
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professional dancer and when she found this beautiful dress, she had to make sure that she showed it off. ♪ >> i feel like i'm watching a halftime show. >> her friends and bridemaids are professional dancers. they gather around her. >> just transitioned right in front of our eyes. >> that's the reveal. >> that's the perfect dress to perform to. >> most definitely is. look at her man's face. he's like, yes, baby, yes. >> you want to have fun, you want to make it memorable. that's a fun way to do it and if you are a dancer, your costumes, your dress are a huge part of your performance. >> all eyes were on her, and that dress. let's move over here to this emirates a380. rachel and daniel are in the upper echelon of the plane. >> it has a built-in bar. >> that's when this happens. ♪
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the staff comes out, they're singing l-o-v-e by nat king cole. >> why are they singing to him. >> they get to the end of the song -- >> oh! >> oh! she's proposing to him?! >> yes. honey. >> that's a ring in her hand? >> that's a ring in her hand. [ cheers and applause ] he said yes. she swept him off his feet. adventurer coyote peterson is facing a fear for a new bite. >> giant centipede. >> see the drama unfold when the teeth sink in. >> hey look, it's those guys.
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[music] jess: are you good to drive? shawn: i'm fine. jess: how many did you have? shawn: i should be fine. jess: you should be? officer: go on and step out of the vehicle for me. bud: see ya, buddy. good luck! so, it turns out buzzed driving and drunk driving,
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they're the same thing and it costs around $10,000. so not worth it. on tvhem, out on our mobile app. >> i'm stunned roadie didn't prank him.
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lucy loves broccoli. ♪ there's not much that scares our intrepid adventurer guy yoet pe coyote peterson from the brave wilderness. after all the bites and the stings that really is in his nightmares -- >> my second fear needs no elaborate introduction. >> so of course he went out to find it, and face his fear finally. >> centipede! look at this! >> whoa, big boy! >> the giant desert centipede, and that thing is as creepy as creepy crawlies get. >> woo! >> but is it dangerous? >> let's find out. as coyote catches
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to think about what he wants to do with this thing, so much so that he decides -- >> well i'm not going to do it under the darkness of night. >> the next day he wakes up and educates the viewers. his channel isn't all about the. >> i'm going to do it, i'm going to be bitten by the giant dellsert centipede so i can explain to you just how painful the bite really is. >> he's saved this bite to be the last bite he ever does. >> nothing left, everything's bitten him. >> it has so many legs and each one has a hook on it. when they grab onto something they grapple onto something. almost getting me right now. >> you see the jaws oen that thing? >> i could potentially rot a hole in my arm and may cause localized swelling. >> big words. you guys ready? >> here is the commitment. okay. got a hold on it. >> coyote, mad respect, brother. >> one
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>> did you see how that thing grabbed his skin and like pinched it? >> it went back. >> oh, here we go! >> this drops our man. >> describe the pain. >> argh! immediately searing! oh my gosh, it's so much worse than a sting. completely eclipses all the insect stings. >> normally coyote can compose himself and talk a bit but is he struggling through this one, so much so in fact -- >> it's, dut tcut the camera, ce camera. get the extractor and get the venom out of my arm. i'm serious, cut the camera, cut the camera, cut the camera. >> and the episode ends there. >> coyote, what did you do?
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>> that's our show. we'll see you next time on an all new "rtm." ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea.
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♪ ♪
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. thank you. thank you very much. oh, you have a great rest of your day, dr. and mrs. collins. [ chuckles ] thanks. i just realized... hm? my last name. we've never really talked about that. i need a favor. and i'm on duty, at the moment. amy, it's important. so are my patients. would you stop arguing and listen to me? i need you to run a dna test, and i need you to do it fast. i was thrilled to receive your invitation. a belated frohliche weihnachten to you. and you, too. the weather may have kept us apart on holiday proper, but now, a gift for my schatzi. well, thank you.
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do i open it right now? by all means. i've been waiting a lifetime to give this to you.


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