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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 12, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EST

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>> ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ >> carson wentz uses twitter to reach out to millions of his
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fans and makes it clear he is counting on his faith. >> if we got everything we want in life, it would be a disaster. jesus is looking down and he knows what he's doing. >> monday night, the season ending injury for carson wentz and the effort for every eagle fan to convince themselves the season is not lost. ducis rogers has more from wentz and the eagles. >> jim, we saw carson wentz after the game yesterday. he did not speak to reporters. tonight hours after getting confirmation of his season-ending acl tear, he thanked his fans. >> the phone calls, e-mails, tweets, everything from everybody out there, it means the world to me. it's humbling to know how many
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people are praying for me and lifting me up and encouraging me. it means the world. i appreciate it. god bless all of you. i promise this won't stop me. i'll come back strong ir than ever. i'll be with the team along the way supporting them. i have support in the coaching staff and everyone else that they'll step up. >> cars enwentz the latest of a long list they have lost. coach pederson says this is no different and a superbowl title remains their goal. >> to the fans out there, you can't lose faith. this has been a resilient football team all season long. if there is ever an opportunity for me as a head football coach to rally the troops, now might be the time. later in sports we hear from
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back up quarterback nick foals. >> let's go to dann cuellar in philadelphia. eagle fans are trying to stay positive because there is a lot of football to play. >> that's right, jim. no question that there is soul searching going on tonight. clearly, they have been down the road before and few want to believe that the eagle path to the superbowl is over. >> they had high hopes for the eagle team but no one expected it would come at the high price of losing carson wentz for the rest of the season. >> had to turn it off. disappointed. history making season. it was disappointing. >> sport's fans were here for brandon graham's radio show, a man out for the season last year because of a torn acl knows what it's like. >> it's a mind set.
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you have to look at it like we have another guy that can get it done like him. i think it's going to be harder to get there. it's not impossible. >> we need an okay quarterback to bring us there. >> >> i have a nick foals jersey. expectations for the rest of the
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season and path to the superbowl without carson wentz. i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." the surgery to repair the knee is well established. it involves removing tendon and drilling holes in the leg bone above and below the knee. the tendon is anchored by screws to become a functioning ligament. in times, doctors say the replacement will become stronger than the original and wentz is expected to make a full recovery after physical therapy. the problem for the eagles, it will take months before back to full strength maybe not until the start of next season. you can find more on "6abc".com/sports. there you can read more about the future of the team and see
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how the fans are celebrating the championship. they did one the nfc east yesterday. authorities say the crude pipe bomb that exploded in new york city was ignited with christmas lights, matches and a nine volt battery. hundreds responded after the bomb detonated on a busy new york subway. only three people suffered headaches and ringing in the ears. police say the 27-year-old, a bangladesh immigrant failed to cause a catastrophe but not for lack of trying. >> let's be clear, this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve his goals.
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>> police tonight have been searching his home in brooklyn interviews relatives. president trump said this points to the need for the united states to fix its lax immigration system which allows far too many dangerous, inadequately vetted people into the country. >> philadelphia police say while they learn from attacks and train for all types of scenarios, they have security in place. septa upped their presence today with uniformed officers along the subway station. amtrak made no effort to conceal their highly armed guards during this holiday season. >> everyone inside a norristown row home is safe after escaping a fire tonight.
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authorities have not said what sparked the fire. a 33-year-old man died in a hail of bullets while driving tonight in the mt. airy section of philadelphia. 28 bullets were fired into the victim's driver side door and window. his dodge charger came to a stop on the 100 block of east gor gus lane at 6:30. when police arrived the engine was still running. police broke the window and got him to the hospital. >> an admitted serial child molester in bucks county will spend the rest of his life behind bars. 59-year-old william thomas was scheduled in court but instead
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pled guilty to all 51 counts. the judge called him a monster and sentenced him to 120 years in prison plus an additional 40 to 80 years. thomas kept a diary of his victims and a collection of a thousand pair of underwear inside his trailer. thomas was convicted on charges against seven victims, child rape, child pornography and aggravated assault. >> a south jersey spa was a front for prostitution. immigration and custom enforcement and washington township police raided the day spa at 2:00 this afternoon. a woman was arrested for prosecutprostitution and promotg
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prostitution. >> tomorrow this time we'll see howling winds and frigid air. cecily tynan is here with the forecast. >> temperatures in the 40s during the day. this is the air mass in the wings. eastern canada, the air temperature, windchills 1 11 11-degrees below zero. there are snow showers across new york state. the big impact will be the way it feels. future tracker showing this time tomorrow night a windchill of eight degrees in philadelphia. some areas lower than that. after that, we have the threat of snow. this is the accuweather highlights. winds will be howling through the day on wednesday, gusts up
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to 50 miles per hour. windchill stuck in the teens during the day. snow shower threats thursday and friday. we have more on that in the seven-day forecast. >> from a new jersey news room, the rebel casino might reopen in time for memorial day under another owner. a colorado company called ac ocean walk is buying the property for $200 million from florida developer glen stroud and plans to open in may. stroud bought revel out of bankruptcy $82 million two years ago. if he sells it for $200 million, that would be a fair profit. it originally cost $2.4 billion. a tree loved by a boy and his dad has been stolen.
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he and his son agreed to let the evergreen grow before chopping it down. the son died but the tree kept growing until a few days ago. >> they came prepared with a saw and helped themselves to it. >> david senior is taking the high road. he hopes the person that stole the tree will keep it and enjoy it. he placed a tiny tree on his son's grave as a way of keeping his promise. >> two nba players that hail from philadelphia, annie mccormick has the story. >> there were plenty of hugs and thank yous in this northeast philadelphia wal-mart today. >> god bless them. it's wonderful what they are doing for the people. >> the santas are marquis and
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markieff morris. because of their basketball schedules, they couldn't be here, but they sent their elves led by their mom. >> it's a blessing to give people anything. >> customers lining up final days of lay away learn their surprise. the morris twins spent $6,000 toward christmas gifts. >> i have two twin boys and a baby girl. >> the twins could have picked anywhere to play santa with one playing in washington d.c. around the other playing in boston, but they picked this wal-mart in the nort northeast. >> philly is still our family. >> the 6' 11 brothers play in the nba.
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they were raised by their single mom in north philadelphia. >> being a single parent and trying to pay for the presents one way or the other and thinking about people that have a lot of kids. >> tonight, the santas checked in on this workshop giving recipients a chance to say thank you face to face. >> in the northeast, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight, apple likes one app enough to buy the whole company. plus women accusing president trump of sexual misconduct come forward again amid a national conversation about morality. and a celebration for many in the hispanic community. cecily? >> temperatures have been rising today, 42-degrees. we reverse the trend.
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i'm tracking bitter cold windchills. we are tracking snow in the seven-day forecast. >> and ducis rogers has more on nick foles now in
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>> celebrity chef mario is stepping down following reports of sexual misconduct for 20 years, accused by four women three of which worked for him. he admitted the reports match up to his former behavior. he apologized for the pain he caused. today abc asked him to step away from the show while the
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allegations are being investigated. >> three women that i accused president trump say it's time for congress to investigate. they spoke up today during a day saying many have stepped down. >> president trump should resign. these allegations are credible, numerous. i have heard these women's testimony. many are heartbreaking. >> the white house says the women's claims are false and stressed testifstressed the pres the allegations. >> roy moore told the press that he is unjustly accused of misconduct with teenagers.
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votersvoter go to the polls to l the seat left open by jeff sessions. >> >> president trump wants to send astronauts back to the moon and eventually to mars. he signed a directive authorizing nasa to lead the space comploargspace exploratio. there hasn't been a astronaut on the moon since 1972. >> apple is buying a song. it was one of the first apps ever for the i-phone. apple didn't say if sha sam would be available after the
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purchase. it's the biggest purchase for the tech giant for years. >> remember name that tune? >> i can name ta song in six notes. >> i'm not singing. we are dating ourselves. >> a long way back. let's get the forecast from cecily tynan. >> it's cold in 24 hours. you will feel it. the action cam in rittenhouse square where it's not that brutal out there. it's cloudy. the winds are not that strong. live on sky 6, looking over the ben franklin bridge. temperatures are at the low for the night. philadelphia 36-degrees. trenton 34. atlantic city airport 31. lancaster, 34-degrees. not that harsh. what's happening overnight, we have warmer air moving in. we are in the 30s right now. as we head toward daybreak,
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temperatures rise to the low 40s. we have a surge of warmer air ahead of the cold front bringing the coolout. satellite and radar showing the front with moisture associated with it in the form of snow showers north of the reason. really, the big impact on the front is the cold air and gusting winds. future tracker showing tomorrow morning, 8:00, lots of clouds, 41 in philadelphia. a few scattered light showers. snow showers across the poconos. as the front pushes in, a line of brief showers, 42 by noon. into the evening hours, this is when the temperatures drop substantially. the winds pick up 38-degrees by 5, to 30 in reading. the winds make it feel a lot colder, wind gusts 35 miles per hour, stronger wednesday.
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by midnight tomorrow night the wind chill sf 12. daybreak, down to 10. through the day on winds, wind gusts 45 to 50 miles per hour. windchills in the teens. a clipper likely bringing light snow thursday. the problem isn't the amount. it's the timing. future tracker showing snow arriving in time for the morning commute slowing things down. the forecast tomorrow, mild with showers possible, 47-degrees. hanukkah begins at sundown and winds of change, stays cold thursday. morning snow showers, 36. more snow showers friday. saturday, we are back up to 40. sunday 46-degrees. monday, the next system, a chance of rain and snow and a high of 46-degrees. this time tomorrow night, we hear the winds from here in the
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1250ustudio. tonight, catholics in philadelphia took part in the special session to honor our lady of guadalupe. the faithful walked from their home parish to the basilica of
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>> we were just talking. there are a number of examples in the history of the nfl with quarterbacks that came in for injured quarterbacks that do terrific things. >> it can be done. it shall be done, we hope. >> carson wentz has a tear in the acl. his season is over. he vowed to come back stronger. in a two minute video message he
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encourages the team to go on without him and thanks his fans. >> thank you for the text messages, e-mails, tweets, everything from everyone out there, it means the world to me. it's so humbling to know how many are lifting me up and encouraging me. i appreciate it. god bless all of you. i promise, this won't stop me. i'll come back stronger than ever. >> if any of his teammates think the sky is falling, brandon graham has advice for them. >> everybody thinks it's over. we didn't work this hard to deal with where we are today. carson wentz is our talent. we have other professionals that need to step up and i think they
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will. >> we rally. we support the next guy. you don't waiver. put your head down o work. you get everybody ready to play. >> the next guy is nick foles. he is now the starter. this is not the same nick foles from 2013, but coach and teammates expect him to get the job done. >> we drafted him for a reason. we got him again for the offseason for a reason. you never want it to be under these circumstances, but my confidence is high in nick. >> he can contribute to this team. he has the confidence you want in a quarterback. >> still ahead,
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>> eagles without-wents withoute to ron and he's bullish for the eagles. >> what do you say to the eagle fans worried, sad, nervous? >> after a loss of a great player like carson wentz, we get deflated, but get inflated.
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superbowl or bust. >> okay. cats to the new number one ranked time. 10-0 on the year, coming off victories of gonzaga and la salle. that's a look at sports. >> thank you, ducis. >> 200 patients celebrated at dave and busters. their guests have undergone plaster or reconstructive surgery. kids played games and hung out with -- can we wait to see him? mr. clause. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channelchannel6 followed by "nightline." music from walk the moon. "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell, and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news"
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team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪


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