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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. royal fever. brand-new details about the royal engagement and the new american princess, meghan markle. >> she didn't let me finish, she said can i say yes? >> how prince harry popped the question and princess caitlin coleman -- kate's message. president trump heading to capitol hill for a crucial meeting trying to push through his tax cut plan. as congress faces that growing crisis over sexual misconduct allegations. a new accuser comes forward overnight. desperate search. a 3-year-old disappearing snatched while sleeping. her mother's emotional plea. >> please bring her back and i love her. i would do anything that i can.
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>> now the fbi investigating. and record-breaking savings. the massive cyber monday boom. which items are topping everyone's holiday list and the huge way you can still score big this travel tuesday. and we do say good morning, america. there aren't just travel deals today. it's also giving tuesday. it's a global movement to give back. you can do it with your time, wallet and a lot are promptiisi matching gifts. a great movement going on and a lot of excitement about prince harry and meghan markle. this was the photo put out to make the announcement on the kensington royal instagram account. most liked ever, 449, 162 to be
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exact. >> and counting. >> happy-looking couple. they should be because prince harry and meghan markle sat down for a revealing interview and we're learning more about their proposal and, of course, everybody wants to know about that ring. amy robach is at kensington palace. good morning, amy. how is everybody doing with the royal news? >> reporter: oh, everyone is so excited, michael. as you might imagine, the cover of every single newspaper here in london has the happy couple's picture on it with multiple headlines. this one "the look of love." "she's the one." but i got to tell you this one is my favorite, "the corgis took to her straightaway." yes, even the queen's dogs giving the soon-to-be american princess meghan markle their seal of approval and that is a sentiment seemingly shared by all of great britain. this morning a candid glimpse of meghan markle and prince harry. several minutes of previously unseen footage from the couple's first interview shows them
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laughing and teasing each other right after the interview ended. this as reaction to the royal engagement pours in from around the world. former president obama tweeting his congratulations writing, michelle and iwish you a lifetime of happiness. even her on screen love saying your royal highness, you are a lucky man and i know your long life together will be joyful, pr productive and hilarious. they sat down with the bbc. >> she didn't let me finish. can i say yes now and there was hugging and i had the rick on my finger. >> cozy night. what were we doing, roasting chicken. trying to roast a chicken and just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> of course. >> reporter: they both say the
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royal family has embraced meghan. >> i've been seeing her for a period of time when i literally didn't tell anybody at all and then william was longing to meet her and so was catherine so they are neighbors. we managed to get out a few times now and catherine and william has been amazing. >> what do you think your mother would think. >> i think they would be thick as thieves. i think she would be over the moon jumping up and down so excited for me. >> reporter: that ring designed by harry himself a symbol of their love with a nod to harry's late mother. >> the ring is obviously yellow gold because that's what her favorite, and the main stone itself, a source from botswana and the little indictmendiamond side are from my mother's jewelry collection. >> beautiful ring.
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and, amy, the engagement the first step, but what more do we know about the wedding plans? >> reporter: yes, well, local networks here in london, michael, are reporting that more details of prince harry and meghan's wedding will be released, wait for it, in just a few hours. we have been told to expect a statement here from kensington palace that will likely include the wedding venue and perhaps even the date of the wedding. we know that the archbishop says they'll be married in a church. which one? we'll have to wait and see. >> you'll be right there, amy. >> they don't waste any time. we'll check back in just a moment. back at home congress is facing that growing crisis over sexual misconduct allegations and this morning, a new accuser coming forward against democratic lawmaker john conyers. mary bruce is on capitol hill with those details for us. good morning, mary. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this new accuser tells us it's
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been a long, painful journey to get to this point but that she's speaking out now against her former boss john conyers to throw a grenade into the system and help other victims. overnight another former staffer coming forward with new accusations of sexual misconduct against democratic congressman john conyers. deanna maher his former chief of staff says he made several unwanted sexual advances, maher tells abc news there are so many victims that passed through conyers and he was so cruel. everyone knew what was going on but no one did anything. at the time i could find my way out of circumstances and he never succeeded with me, never. i finally gave up and was able to move away. i survived it. maher first telling the detroit news in the late '90s conyers touched her when they were riding in a car saying he was trying to feel me up. a year later at a meeting she says he put his hand up my dress and whispered in my ear i didn't know you had such great legs. conyers the longest serving congressman is already under
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fire for secretly paying $27,000 to settle a harassment complaint from another former staffer. conyers denies the claims. at first democratic leader nancy pelosi struggled to explain why he isn't being held to the same zero policy tolerance. >> just because you're accused, was it one accusation, is it two, i think there has to be -- john conyers is an icon in her country. >> reporter: after speaking to mellie sloan she's backtracking. i find the behavior ms. sloan described unacceptable and disappointing. i believe what ms. sloan has told me. now, conyers' afc says he has no plans to resign but stepping down from the house judiciary committee pending an ongoing ethics investigation. of these new accusations his lawyer tells the detroit news at best they are uncorroborated. at worst they're just not believable.
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george. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. sexual misconduct allegations have already rocked the alabama senate race. roy moore was denying charges on the campaign trail last night as a moore ally was caught trying to plant false stories with a newspaper that first reported the story. tom llamas here with the latest. >> reporter: george, we have the video where they confront that woman with the bogus story. this as the roy moore campaign is trying to push past allegations. last night's rally one of several he'll be hosting this week. overnight, roy moore making his return to the campaign trail in alabama. hosting his first rally in more than two week. >> these things are simply what alabama citizens generally don't like, and shouldn't like. this is corrupt politics. >> reporter: the republican senate candidate battling allegations he molested two female teenagers and dated high school schools when he was a local prosecutor in the lat late '70s. >> these allegations are completely false. they're malicious.
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specifically i do not know any of these women. nor have i ever engaged in sexual misconduct with any woman. >> reporter: moore out in front of voters and on the air with the new tv ad. >> false allegations, a scheme by the republican establishment to protect their big government trough. >> reporter: but eight women have come forward to tell their stories of more sexual misconduct and while republican leaders in the u.s. senate say they believe the accusers, president trump is sticking with moore. >> he denies it and by the way, he totally denies it. >> reporter: in a sign how ugly it's become "the washington post," the apparent target of a plot to discredit the moore reporting, but the paper turning the tables on a woman who claimed she had a dark story about roy moore. "the post" said they figured out the woman was a fraud out to embarrass the reporters with a bogus story. "the post" says they had a go fund me page where she yearned
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to fight the mainstream media. >> do you have still have an interest in working the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceit of the liberal msn? is that still your interest? >> no, not really. >> yeah. >> reporter: shortly after the woman leaving the meeting saying she no longer wanted to answer questions. >> reporter: "the post" says they witnessed that woman walking into the new york offices of a group that tries to discredit media organizations. one last note on roy moore. i asked the campaign if they were upset the president wasn't coming down to campaign with him. they told me they're just thankful for his support. >> i bet they are. now to what could be a major development in the russia investigation. new indications former national security adviser michael flynn may be trying to make a deal with special counsel robert mueller. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with those details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. if general flynn becomes a government witness it would be a huge step forward in the russia investigation.
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>> the next president of the united states right here. >> reporter: he worked for donald trump throughout the campaign. >> donald j. trump. >> reporter: and even after he was forced to resign for lying with his contacts with the russians the president defended michael flynn. >> i don't think he did anything wrong. if anything he did something right. >> reporter: according to james comey the president wanted to end the investigation of flynn. >> i understood him to be saying what he wanted me to do was drop any investigation connected to flynn's account of his conversations with the russians. >> reporter: but the investigation continued and now flynn concerned that both he and his son michael jr. could be prosecuted signaled he is end to a deal that could make him a government witness. on monday in washington, flynn's lawyer met with the special counsel's team and he had already cut off communications with white house lawyers. in an earlier statement the lawyer said general flynn certainly has a story to tell and he very much wants to tell
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it should the circumstances permit. what's next now? both sighs have to show their cards. according to people briefed on the case prosecutors will tell flynn what charges they are prepared to bring and he will provide a proffer detailing what information, if any, he has about wrongdoing in the trump campaign or the trump white house. >> a top aide to the president is expected to be interviewed by the mueller team. >> that's right. the white house communications director expected to be interviewed sometime this week. president trump pushing hard to get his tax plan passed by christmas. heading to capitol hill to rally senate republicans and the top four leaders at the white house hope be to strike a deal that would prevent a government shutdown. funding runs out december 8th if there is no deal and matthew dowd and meghan mccain are here from "the view." let me start with you. these meetings today so crucial, such massive business affecting everyone in just the next few weeks.
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>> yes, george, if you take -- even if you take what's going on in foreign policy with what's happening in north korea, the russia investigation, everything that is going on in the world and what's happened in puerto rico where we still have thousands of people without drinking water and running water and electricity, we have a budget that is out of control. we have a government that may shut down and we have a health care system that is still broken and needs fixed. this white house can't seem to focus on what fundamentally it seriously wrong in america today. >> and, meghan, republicans desperate for a win and need to get this tax plan passed. >> i think the $64,000 are we going to learn the lessons of the obamacare fail of repeal and replace? i think point i agree with matt. we are so desperate for a win i don't have high hopes the president has necessarily learned to work with mitch mcconnell to whip up the votes needed. if there is a government shutdown all bets are off if we should know more about that later today.
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meantime, the president raised a lot of eyebrows with his comment honoring native american war here heroes and had this comment about senator elizabeth warren. >> you're very, very special people. you were here long before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago, they call pocahontas. >> actually, meghan, it's the president who calls her pocahontas. >> this never stops being uncomfortable for me to watch the navajo are some of the great -- this gross political term used against elizabeth warren in this is particularly in poor taste and i will say if democrats want to put up elizabeth warren for 20/20 this is a small token of what it will be like. >> not only did the president say that when sarah sanders was asked about it later she went on to attack the senator. >> this is unreal. totally agree with meghan.
7:15 am
notally did he say that, he was standing in front of a portrait of andrew jackson who signed the indian removal act that basically led to the trail of tears and death march for these people. this white house is wile e. coyote. every time they blow themselves up. >> i guess that will be the last word. now to that desperate search in north carolina for a 3-year-old who disappeared in the middle of the night. abc's steve osunsami has that story. >> reporter: the fbi is now working with north carolina authorities searching for this 3-year-old girl who disappeared from her bed early monday morning. >> i love her. i would do anything, just bring her home, please. safe and sound. she's my baby. she's my everything. >> reporter: the mother of 3-year-old mariah woods says her boyfriend last saw her daughter around midnight in their mobile home when the girl woke up and he told her to go back to sleep. when the child's grandmother
7:16 am
went to wake her up in the morning at 6:45 she was nowhere to be found. the search has centered around their home and the nearby woods. helicopters, sheriff's deputies and firefighters have joined in the search. the state is running an amber alert this morning. the girl's mother is praying that whoever may have taken her little girl will bring her back safely. >> just to be able to touch her and hold her, not let her go again, i'd give anything. >> reporter: authorities are now asking families in the area to search their yards and their sheds. part of the search area is on camp lejeune and the base is now helping with the search. >> i hope she's found safe and sound. thank you so much, steve. >> all right, robin, we turn to the record-breaking cyber monday becoming the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. rebecca jarvis is here. she's going to break down what everybody was buying. >> and, boy, were they buying. good morning, michael. cyber monday one for the history books. 9 biggest day of u.s. online shopping ever, $6.6 billion
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spent online. that is up 16.8% from last year according to adobe analytics plus how we're shopping online is changing. more than half of cyber monday shopping happened from the palm of our hand, either on a smartphone or a tabria, michael. >> everybody gearing up for christmas. which retailers won the day? >> amazon was a huge winner. there were a number of big retailers that won but amazon, the biggest retailer of the day. some top sellers, google chromecast, apple airpod, sony playstation. lol surprise and funko pop. amazon, huge winner of the day. >> used to be clue and monopoly and now it's all the other things. >> exactly, lol pop. >> but the deals aren't over. >> in addition to giving tuesday because a lot of charities are now matching, it is also known as travel tuesday because it's one of the best days for travel
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deals when airlines offer major discounts because travel demand tends to die down from thanksgiving. we found some incredible trip tickets using the hopper app. minneapolis to orlando, florida, 165. i want to make sure we get this one in, ft. lauderdale from chicago in february, $67 round trip. >> wow. >> good deals. >> you know i have a reason to go but makes me want to buy the ticket. all right, rebecca. >> george record highs broken or tied from yuma arizona to saint cloud minnesota in the 50 and now that late november heat is moving east. look at some of those numbers as we get into this midweek. let's get to the tuesday trivia now brought to you cosequin.
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>> hello everybody. dave murphy here with an update from accuweather. we are dry on storm tracker6 live double scan. taking a look outside, got some clouds out there but some sun breaking through. there's sky6 live on the north side of city hall looking at the statue and the christmas tree. boy, that thing looks good in the daytime with all those ornaments as well as at night. 59 degrees mostly sunny skies and milder this afternoon. starting out chilly but it will be much nicer later. still sunny and mild with a high of 62, little breezy temps falling in the afternoon. 54 thursday. history. her past breaking barriers along the way. ♪
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's 7:23 on this tuesday november 28th. let's see how it's going on the roads and go over to karen rogers. good morning. >> it's going kind of cautiously over here. this is wynnefield, city avenue at conshohocken state road. conshohocken avenue. and we can see the traffic lights are on flash right here so people are having a really tough time figuring out when they can cross city avenue safely. we've watched some near accidents here so you see them kind of pausing and thinking about it, letting other people go. just take it easy in wynnefield city avenue at conshohocken avenue. traffic lights aren't working at a busy intersection. a similar problem here traffic lights and aren't working on the boulevard at old lincoln highway on the border of philadelphia and bucks county. watch for that one. east fallowfield an accident on buck run road at doe run road. watch for an accident there
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causing restrictions. in gloucester county they're blocking the left lane of 55 northbound at 42. that's a spot that would jam anyway but with this accident scene we're going only 12 miles an hour now tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. we'll take a short break and come back to accuweather. >> ♪
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>> all right everybody we're off to a sunny but chill start again this morning. take a look as we're at 35 degrees in philadelphia, still 29 in allentown, very light winds so that's helping. and the temperatures are going to zoom pretty quickly today. we'll be up to probably the mid-50's by lunchtime and a high of 59, some of you might even see 60 this afternoon. mostly sunny, milder, light winds. tomorrow a little breezy, still sunny and mild though with a high of 62. although temperatures could tumble a little bit during the afternoon and then we're at 54 on thursday with a bit of rain possible at night, tam. >> okay, thank you, david.
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that's it for now. sending you back to "gma." we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪ happy thanks for giving!
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how about rose gold? let's do it! um, love! the fact that i fell in love with meghan so incredibly quickly was sort of confirmation to me that everything -- all the stars were aligned. everything was just perfect. >> welcome back to "gma" and the stars were aligned. >> when you know you know. >> prince harry and meghan markle were all smiles in their first interview since their engagement. so many people are excited for the crazy in love royal couple. >> did you guys see this tweet. it's raising an interesting question. it says prince harry's kids will be americans. what if one grows up to be president and is in line for the throne at the same time. brits are playing long ball here. but it's a smart move. they want america back and this is how they're going to do it. that's a bit of a stretch. >> a bit? >> hey, that was a tweet. >> okay. also right now, pope francis, he
7:31 am
is on a trip to myanmar as the country faces a crisis over religious tolerance and the persecuted muslim rohingya. he did emphasize the need for inclusion. the faa is investigating an accident at jfk airport last night. officials say an egypt air flight was taxiing down the runway when it clipped wings with a virgin atlantic jet. thankfully no one was injured. back to amy at kensington palace for a closer look at meghan markle and how the future american princess is breaking barriers. amy. >> reporter: that's right, robin. you know, there was a time when meghan markle's nationality, her race, even the fact that she's divorced may have disqualified her from joining the royal family in any official way. but as we now know those days are over. at 36 she is three years older than her new fiance prince
7:32 am
harry. >> meghan, how are you feeling? >> so happy. >> reporter: and making history. >> i would absolutely call meghan a trail blazer. she knows exactly the causes she believes in and one of the thing that harry really loves about her. >> reporter: meghan markle, the first biracial woman to marry into the royal family. her father an emmy award winning lighting director. her mother a social worker. markle writing about her background in a 2016 article in "elle" magazine says i have come to say who i am, to share where i'm from, to voice my pride in being a strong confident mixed race woman. prince harry early calling out the british media for their reporting on markle warning the racial undertones of the comment pieces had crossed a line. >> of course, it's disheartening, you know, it's a shame that that is the climate in this world to focus that much on that or that it would be discriminatory in that sense but
7:33 am
i think, you know, at the end of the day i'm really just proud of who i am and where i come from and we have never put any focus on that. we have just focused on who we are as a couple. >> reporter: markle's engagement to the prince not her first. the actress married to a tv producer in 2011 and divorced him two years later. the last british royal to marry a divorcee king edward viii. >> you've met quite a few. >> i have on both sides of his family. his mom's side as well which is really important to me. we've had a nice time getting to know them and progressively helping me feel a part of not just the institution but also part of the family. >> reporter: markle raised in los angeles where she attended an all girls catholic school and was voted homecoming queen. in college studying theater and international relations. >> she's passionate about theater, really understands the
7:34 am
importance of making art that serves a broader social purpose. was aware of what it meant to be a woman of color, a biracial woman who when she went to the world represented an array of experiences. >> reporter: beginning her acting career with small parts including as a model on "deal or no deal." all before landing her star making role as rachel zane in the show "suits." >> you can't see me in my dress. >> i never heard of meghan before and i was beautifully surprised when i walked into that room and saw her and there she was sitting there. i was like, i okay, i'm going to have to up my game. >> reporter: but markle outspoken on social issue, even politics. >> i think in 2012 the republican party lost the female vote by 12 points. that's a huge number. >> reporter: deeply dedicated to humanitarian work serving as u.n. women's ambassador. >> women need a seat at the table. >> reporter: and travels the world on charitable missions. >> this is the water that she's going through all this work to
7:35 am
get. >> reporter: those causes something she will likely share with her future husband for years to come. >> she's capable of anything. >> one of the first things we started talking about when we met was the different things we wanted to do in the world and how fashion pat we were about seeing change. i think that was -- that's what got date two in the books probably. >> reporter: the royal couple announced they plan to marry next spring. prince harry says he hopes to start a family soon and so this is truly a new generation for the royal family. just a few moments ago we heard from the duchess of cambridge who spoke about the new engagement. >> william and i are absolutely thrilled at such exciting news and it's really happy time for any couple and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this leap moment. >> reporter: everyone here in great britain so excited about meghan and prince harry's engagement, in fact, you want to know what the number one google search here in the uk was yesterday? will we get a day off when prince harry gets married?
7:36 am
back to you guys. >>er in just like us. just want a day off. hey, amy. we'll get back to you. they really seem to be well matched and have the same kind of passion. joining us now is royal contributor someone we'll speak to i think between now and the wedding quite a bit, victoria murphy. and, victoria, we heard in amy's piece all about meghan markle. just tell people what a big deal this is, the engagement. >> well, this is a really exciting thing for the royal family. prince harry has long been the most popular member next to the queen and people have really wanted to see him settle down and the fact that he has chosen to settle down with somebody from a very ordinary background. someone who does not fit in any way the description of an aristocratic royal bride exciting. there's this real sense that, you know, here is a new phase
7:37 am
for the royal family where they are really a modernizing and the issues like divorce that may have been an issue for them is now no longer something that is a problem and the first mixed race person to ma ary into the royal family. for generations this has been made up of mostly white uries and britain is increasingly mul multicultural and now the royal family is reflecting that more. this is definitely a very exciting very modern love match. >> hard to think of a barrier she's not breaking, victoria. >> in a way it is hard to think of a barrier she's not breaking but i think that what's interesting when the couple were asked about this in their engagement interview yesterday, they were kind of asked, you know, what do you feel you represent here? and they were really very relaxed about that. they were kind of saying, you know, for us, it's just about being in love and we just fell in love and focused on our relationship and you only have to look at them kind of looking into each other's eyes in that
7:38 am
interview to really get caught up in that love story and as meghan said, you know, it's not about where they've come from. it's about how they feel about each other. >> they do seem very natural together, don't they? >> they do. >> victoria, thanks very much. coming up nick lachey is pleading for the public's help trying to find the gunman who shot the manager of his bar, a young mother. ♪ ♪ ♪ la vie est belle l'eclat the new fragrance lancôme now available at macy's, your fragrance destination.
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lachey's plea for help asking 9 public to help find the gunman who shot the manager of his cincinnati bar on thanksgiving morning. gio benitez here with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. listen, police are searching for clues this morning. they want to know if the shooter had any connection to the young woman. now nick lachey is personally getting involved. we know nick and drew lachey from 98 degrees. ♪ but they're also the owners of the lacheys bar in their hometown of cincinnati appearing in an a&e show about the bar. a growing mystery that has them asking for the public's helpful early thanksgiving morning around 3:00 a.m. the manager of that bar was shot in the face leaving the bar. >> i think it's too early to say if there's any relationship between the suspect and victim in this case. it's a very rare incident. the area where this bar is located. >> police are searching for the man driving this van. they say he started yelling at
7:43 am
the 27-year-old and as she approached the window he opened fire severely injuring her. >> the driver of the vehicle is a male african-american in his 20s slight build wearing glasses and in a slight beard seen driving a maroon conversion van. >> reporter: richardson is the mother of a 3-year-old boy. she's hospitalized and in stable condition. her brother telling abc news she's making progress every day. >> she's just one of those girls that lights up any room she's in. she'll keep fighting. she is a fighter for sure. >> reporter: and this morning nick lachey turning to his 318,000 twitter followers for help finding the attacker. ellie is the brightest light and she will find a way to shine through this darkness. anyone with any information, help us find some justice. and a fund-raising website has raised more than $27,000 for richardson, her family says she, of course, has a long road ahead and so far police don't know who the shooter is or what his motive could have been. >> gio, thank you very much.
7:44 am
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♪ ♪ we are back now with a hot new trivia app taking over phones giving away real cash, have you heard about it called hq. >> it is live and it's already look like a game changer.
7:48 am
the host of the show scott rogwosky is here now. explain how this works. >> it's very simple. hq trivia is a live daily game show on your phone. we broadcast 9:00 p.m. eastern time, every weekday 3:00 p.m. eastern time and i ask 12 questions what is the chemical formula of water, h2o or the official language of surinov. dutch. if you get it right you move on. if you make it to the end, you win the cash prize. a record breaking game 240,000, hq-ties for an $,000 jackpot and 44 winners split the prize. >> it has to be at 3 or 9:00 p.m. so many are dropping everything to play the game. what's making this so appealing to everybody. >> i think the fact it is live. there is this fomo.
7:49 am
people want to play the game. you have to be in it to win it. 3:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. eastern. if you're not in the game you can't win the upon and offices are stopping down to play every day. classrooms -- there is a class in tennessee, a math class that stops its class to play the game. i don't know if it's the best use of public school time but you're learning fractions. >> shared experience. >> it's a shared experience. community -- we're seeing people sending videos and photos of them winning. the jubilation, groups of people huddled around. you got to q -- you won. >> want him to quiz us. >> we'll start easy. okay. how many years are in a millennium? ten years, 100 years or 1,000 years? >> i say a thousand years. >> i'm with her. >> you're just going to say whatever robin says, yes, millennium, 1,000 years, had y2k. >> how much did we win? >> you have to answer them all. >> go to the second one. >> we're on a roll.
7:50 am
>> what is the full first name of actor will smith, is it william, wilfred or willard. >> willard. >> you got that one? >> i'm going with -- >> michael's confident. >> if you need a lift who is the kid in the drop, who else willard smith. you are correct, sir. >> bam. >> we're a team. >> between of two of you, you win the money. more brains the better. >> we ran out of time to get all 126789 i think we were on a roll. >> great idea. what is the time again. >> 3:00 p.m. eastern time every day weekday, 9:00 p.m. every day, seven days a week. the meghan markle effect. her look flying off shelves. how she's changing royal style.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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>> good morning. here's our latest accident on 202 in coast county northbound at boot road. an ambulance, another vehicle off to the right so blocking the right and the left shoulder here and watch for traffic here trying to squeeze by so we're jammed on 202 northbound as you travel from route 100 to this point at boot road. uwchlan township a three vehicle accident causing restrictions here in uwchlan avenue right at devon drive. a multi-vehicle accident there. we've been watching really carefully police have arrived. we went on our facebook live watching the scene here. traffic lights aren't working at a busy intersection city avenue at conshohocken avenue and we saw several times it looked like a near-accident. looks like police are out there directing traffic now trying to help you out with in
7:57 am
one, tam. >> thank you, karen. now let's go over to sky6 taking a live look out over penn's landing. it is beautiful. david it's going to be yet another great late fall day. >> yeah, you. right now a little bit chilly tam but it's not going to stay that way. take a look. 38 degrees in philadelphia, freezing mark in allentown and reading and this afternoon look for mostly sunny skies, not much wind, a high of 59 degrees. well above average and then tomorrow still sunny and mild, probably a little bit breezier tomorrow but a high of 62. temps falling off a bit during the afternoon. then thursday clouds and sun and cooler a hig of 54. thursday night there could be a light sprinkle shower passing through. friday is just partly sunny and 52. and then the weekend look seasonably cool highs in the low 50's. tam. >> thank you david. police are searching for a driver who hit two teenagers in trevose bucks county and they say the suspect stopped to help one of the victims. the woman is listed in
7:58 am
ritical condition and the man's condition is not known. time to find out more about meghan markle's american pr "gma." we'll see you in 30. >> ♪ running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more. with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing,
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. royal wedding. meghan markle about to become an american princess as she gets ready to marry harry. brand-new details about their engagement. what we're learning about the wedding and what they're revealing about the happy couple. >> william and i are absolutely thrilled at such exciting news. the meghan effect. a fashion frenzy already in overdrive. her engagement coat selling out around the world. the footage that reveals how she feels about her style. and the top stylist and author who's worked with her joining us live this morning. bye-bye, black friday. the people coast to coast, and giving tuesday. the single mom you'll meet here helping to feed hundreds in her community. the big surprise we're giving
8:01 am
her that could change her life. ♪ and "star wars" is back. "gma" ataking you to a gallery far, far away. daisy ridley is here live with secrets from the set. the advice from legend carrie fisher and the moment that will take your breath away. the force is strong with this one as we say good morning, america. and good morning, america. we hope you're well this tuesday morning. all is well with the royal family. >> yes, it is. meghan markle is now in the spotlight like never before. and, robin, you had a chance and speak with prince harry before he and meghan started dating and talked about wanting to have kids. >> i was there for a couple of days and it was about the invictus games but he says he adores kids and he opened up about how his beloved late mother, princess diana drives him to be who he is today.
8:02 am
>> we all do everything we can to make sure that she's never forgotten and carry on all of the special gifts as such that she had and that she portrayed while she was alive. i hope a lot of my mother's talents are shown in a lot of the work that i do. in he also talked about what it's like to be an uncle to his brother's children but i was really struck about how down to earth he is and how you could tell he was ready. he's in a place he was ready to share his life and heard in amy's reporting how he and meghan, how they share that passion to help others so let's go back outside to kensington palace and amy has the latest on the royal engagement. good morning again, amy. >> reporter: that's right, robin. good morning again to you. everyone here is eagerly awaiting new wedding details. local networks have been reporting that kensington palace will release a statement very soon. it will likely include the wedding venue, perhaps even a
8:03 am
wedding date. we know the royal family has warmly welcomed meghan foo their lives. earlier this morning we even heard from the duchess of cambridge saying she and william are thrilled. >> william and i are absolutely thrilled at such exciting news and really happy time for the couple and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this happy moment. >> reporter: on this beautiful day here in london, you can really feel that happiness in the air. prince harry and meghan markle sitting down for their first interview as an engaged couple. prince harry saying he couldn't even finish proposing while down on one knee before meghan interrupted him saying, can i say yes, can i say yes? and we, of course, know she did. >> uh-huh. she certainly did. wow. >> okay, we'll move on to embattled senate candidate roy moore back on the campaign trail vowing to stay in the race and tom llamas back with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning again and from speaking with the campaign last night it sounds like they're moving out of
8:04 am
crisis mode and trying to get back to running a traditional campaign in these last two weeks before election day on disease 12th. they're adding events too the schedule and overnight we saw roy moore back out on the trail with a rally and one of the forces fueling them is that support from the president. in 2016 president trump won the state with more than 60% of support and he still remains very popular and despite eight women coming forward going on the record accusing roy moore of sexual misconduct nearly all of them when they were teenagers and two of them accusing him of molestation, moore is still in this race, the campaign believes only someone like roy moore who has been in public service for more than 40 years and who has been vetted before could survive what they call baseless political attacks. >> the truth is this is not really odd at all. this is simply dirty politics and it's a sign -- [ applause ] this is a sign of immorality of our time. >> the two big questions in this
8:05 am
race, will any more women come forward with stories against roy moore and will republican turnout for moore dwarf any ground the democrat doug jones has gained with undecideds. >> he keeps calling them baless with eight women with corroboration and documents. >> relatives that have gone on the record and "the washington post" spoke to more than 30 people. there are a lot of people out there in you know what, this morning, it's giving tuesday. >> it is. >> means you got to give. it's a good thing to give and social media movement to help those in need coming right after cyber monday to encourage those who saved money shopping to support those who need help. we went to the storm zone and saw all the devastation. i had a chance to meet with mattress mack who just hosted thousands of people for a thanksgiving meal to make sure his neighbors had a great holiday and now giving tuesday is the time everyone can help those victims rebuild and one of the first to join the campaign
8:06 am
facebook and the bill and melinda gates foundation and pledged up to $2 million for those raised on facebook for those. it is a great way to take some of the savings you make and use in a good way to help. >> there are a lot of folks this holiday season who use it. key west is open for business doing well and traveled just outside of key west, the lower keys hammer so hard. even when we were outen boats we could see the boats right there that were left. so all these areas, but you know the one thing i was just thinking about this, guys, it's travel tuesday. all the places that we're talking about, the florida keys, puerto rico, virgin islands, they rely on tourism. >> big time. >> so if -- many of them, i was in the virgin islands and puerto rico, they can have tourists, key west definitely can so if it's travel tuesday why don't you book as a gift -- i'm just saying -- to those areas because
8:07 am
they truly need. they rely on tourism so much. >> in key west they rely on the fishing industry, taking people out to fish. people need everybody's love and support. >> yeah, that's right. coming up the meghan markle effect. how her style is changing the game inspiring women around the world shaking up royal fashion. her friend and fashion insider joe zee is here. >> can you feel the force, people? yes, "star wars." >> oh, why not. >> star daisy ridley is here live and lara is upstairs. what's going on, lara. >> hi, guess who i'm with? we're going into the tank with barbara corcoran. she's here to give us great information, when to buy, when to rent a home. talking about clothing, homes, so much more and the answers may surprise you. this woman knows all. we're not worthy. >> thank you. >> we're not worthy. come on back. [storyteller 1] my favorite holiday meal memory... [storyteller 2] uh, christmas dinner, grandma's house in philadelphia. my sister brings her fiancé over.
8:08 am
this guy comes in with a cheesesteak that he eats instead of my grandmother's cooking. [storyteller 3] and everybody's like, we were just laughing, like what are you going to do? i mean, the dog ate the ham. sorry, mom. [storyteller 4] we would eat the entire christmas eve fancy dinner on the floor. [storyteller 5] we discovered that the family recipe is on the back of a condensed milk can. nana's been lying. [storyteller 6] my grandma did not like turkey, until we made the tamales with turkey. so then, that problem was solved. [storyteller 8] so we have turkey, mashed potatoes, curry, and a very confused palette at the end of the night. [storyteller 9] food the way we connect. [vo] every family should get to enjoy holiday meals. that's why wells fargo is collecting donations for local food banks at our 5,900 branches. [storyteller 10] i don't care what anybody says- you put a meal in front of somebody, they're happy.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
it's millennial pink! not seeing the vision. how about a little gold? how about rose gold? let's do it! um, love!
8:12 am
wow! you guys have done some decorating since i've been away. >> just a little bit. >> wonderful to have you here on giving tuesday. you're always so giving with "pop news," lara. >> thank you, robin. welcome back. >> thank you. >> good morning to you. we're going to begin with news about oscar winner jennifer lawrence making a surprising career announcement. jen telling "elle" magazine she is ready to tick a break in acting. no, jen. but, listen who can blame her. she shot an average of three s a year for the past seven years
8:13 am
and she is 27 years old. >> wow. >> that is a lot of work. so what is the plan? not sure how serious she was but jennifer told "elle" magazine she wants to move to a farm with some goats. >> she'll need a different outfit. >> she'll need a different outfit than that, george. that is for sure. i take that as the translation being that she just needs a little down time. she did make a lot of money. $46 million last year so she can afford to take a break. she can have a lot of goats. well done, robin. you will still see her on the big screen in the spring she'll star in "red sparrow" about a russian ballerina turned spy directed by frances lawrence. jen, whatever you decide we wish you the best. also in "pop news" this morning, the coming of age story getting so much oscar buzz, "lady bird." have you heard about it? >> uh-huh. >> it is getting a lot of buzz this morning, greta gerwig directed and now has officially
8:14 am
become the best reviewed movie of all time on the film site rotten tomatoes scoring a perfect 100% with 165 reviews. >> wow. >> that is pretty darned good. it's a story about a high schooler navigating a relationship with her mom and her uncertain future. it has everyone raving right now. fans and cti alike and congratulations are in order to the film's lead saoirse ronan and won best actress at the gotham awards last night. yeah. [ applause ] such a lovely young lady that starred in "brooklyn." another one "call me by your name" starring armie hammer and for the last three years the winners of best feature at the gotham awards have gone on to win best picture at the oscars. so two movies you make sure you see before award season. >> "lady bird" is so good. the one who plays mom --
8:15 am
>> from "roseanne." laurie metcalf. two movies. you heard it first. we all know the boss was born to run so no surprise his massive hit on broadway has extended its run for four additional months. [ applause ] until june 30th. i got to ask you, angie, stage manager angie just went, angie, was it the greatest thing ever? >> exactly. >> experience of a lifetime. >> you got to go. >> hopefully now we'll be able to get these impossible to get tickets. it's been such a huge hit with fans so much so that the only shop for many has been the digital lottery. not easy to get. the boss adding roughly 80 shows to his run. hopefully that will change the luck for a few of us who want to see the boss in business. >> that's right. >> and we should note that angie went because our diane sawyer got her tickets and went with such a lovely
8:16 am
gift that diane gave her. that's a true girls' night out. that was wonderful. is that it for "pop news." >> that's it for "pop news," robin. >> all right. that's it. [ applause ] how about our "gma" cover story all about the meghan markle effect. her style sparking huge sales inspiring women around the world bringing a touch of laid back hollywood to the royal family. we'll speak with stylist joe zee who knows markle in a moment but first abc's adrienne bankert is in london with a closer look -- you're even there in london with amy. hey there, adrienne. >> reporter: hey, robin. good morning. we're here at buckingham palace. so excited to be here. i like to call the meghan effect, the markle sparkle and brought some l.a. or rather london traditions with her own l.a. style with all the grace of an up and coming fashion influencer. ♪ the meghan effect already in full force as the princess-to-be stepped into the spotlight wrapped in a chic coat by
8:17 am
toronto based brand line the label over a green dress by an italian designer parosh. the site for her jacket crashed in less than an hour renamed the meghan retails for $600. the world also taking notice of the future royal's bare legs. typically a big faux pas across the pond the queen has been sporting stockings for 91 years. kate followed suit. the young duchess rarely seen without ultra sheer skin colored pantyhose but was meghan opting out of the traditional tights an oversight or statement from the laid back california like to l put together but there's always going to be an effortless quality of it being from l.a. >> she during new york fashion week and discussed her go to style tips during yahoo! live with joe zee.
8:18 am
>> the most important thing you can do is tailoring. if it if is you to a tee, you look a million times better and i learn so many people try to jump on to a trend. not every trend is right for you. >> we've seen her sleek casual style on her now shuddered tig site. reitman featured a-line dresses under $100 and not just pda with the prince on full display at the invictus games this button down and denim look created a hoopla. all because of those ripped jeans. already compared to kate who opts for more conservative looks mixing high-end brands like jenny packham with temperley london and topshop with seem ara and the sensible closed toe pump from l.k. bennett but the soon-to-be royal has her own shoes to fill as the first american to take on the princess role since grace kelly of monaco who paved the way as one of the
8:19 am
most watched women in the world. and what's exciting is we're waiting to see what her wedding dress is going to look like. we're going to find out in a few months as that walk down the aisle becomes the greatest catwalk of her life. robin, back to you. >> adrienne, been shoutout. markle sparkle. that is huge. that is going to trend. that's going to be the new hashtag. we feel it. it came from adrienne bankert. in yes. >> adrienne gets credit. hey, we got celebrity stylist and author joe zee with us live. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you've known meghan markle for a bit. >> i have. listen, i love her. she is amazing. i first met meghan at the beginning of "suits" but from the very beginning she lacked so much hollywood pretense you can sit with her and we had tequila. she was genuine i interested in you like she wanted to always know how my husband was doing and talked about rescue dogs. it wasn't so much about what the hollywood world was about or really her show at the time but about life and i think that's
8:20 am
what is so great. she could talk to you. >> you're happy when she said she likes tequila. >> yes. >> what do you make of the markle sparkle? >> oh, gosh, i think this is the very beginning of this huge wave we're going to ride in terms of meghan and her popularity and her fascination. people are just going to be clamoring for more and more. we saw those websites crashing for what she was wearing yesterday and she looked phenomenal and such an accessibility about her that girls in america particularly will clamor for her tile. >> how do you describe her tile. >> i have to say even between her and kate like there's something regal and classy about kate and not that meghan isn't but there is almost a laid back cool girl about her and when i used to talk to meghan about her character rachel on "suits" she said she would put on pencil skirts and feel the character but her personal style was very different and i never really thought that but it was interesting how she always classified herself. >> many people commenting on what she wore yesterday. >> she looked phenomenal.
8:21 am
the white coat and simplicity of that and dress and interestingly enough she didn't wear stockings. i think why talked about that which is in the royal handbook of fashion, it's a big beginning of being a rule breaker in a way and that was really great, even the green dress she wore was on the website with sleeves and she chose the sleeveless version. >> i know you love the telestrator. want to emphasize a difference here. >> so we have kate and we have meghan both wearing a similar black lace dress at an event. if you look at kate right away she wears the longer hemline. almost below the knee and always does sort of that sensible shoe and the way it is still a heel but manageable but meghan is always a little bit -- the hemlines were shorter. always got that higher heel. maybe things are a little bit sexier. in a way it's a little more american red carpet. >> wing/win both sides. you can't go wrong with either way. they both own how they look. they look very comfortable. >> absolutely. there's always a youthful spirit about meghan in a way there's an ease and see that difference
8:22 am
between wildcat and harry there's an east about harry and i can see why they like -- >> casual wear and accessories. >> i love the idea of them both in jean, even that fees very different. i mean you look at kate and always very pulled together in her blazer and striped shirt and all of those things and jeans and sensible shoe. look at meghan showed up at the invictus games which is her first time with harry in ripped jeans and an oversized men's shirt and i think that was a really telling sign that that's really genuinely who she is. >> yeah, that is. well, you saw adrienne elude to it, the wedding gown. what do you think? >> well, listen, she -- i think -- i feel like she would and probably wear a british designer. it could be someone like that. i'm putting my bets on stella mccartney. fun, youthful and could make something beautiful. it most likely will not be mcqueen because i feel kate owns that but we might be surprised. she's fend with militia nunu rumored to be the designer that
8:23 am
introduced them so there could be something there. >> i don't think we'll see 100-foot train. i don't -- >> i don't think so either. >> i don't think so. >> i think you leave that to your sister-in-law. >> thank you, joe. >> yeah, let's do your "gma" moment now that we have the markle sparkle going on. time to make you smile and laugh. on this giving tuesday you give to charities but you can also take pets in, that's what they did with mr. gray here in missouri and they always give him a nice massage. and mr. gray -- doesn't that look nice? i want to have what mr. gray is having. he's got a good life now. they said he has brought them so much joy that he deserves this. this is a daily thing by the way, he gets this type of massage. please do sends your "gma" moment to my facebook page using the #your "gma" moment. for now let's get a check a little closer to home. >> i love cats like that. they'll just take a scratch any way. storm tracker6 right now shows you we're dry. heading outside we are sunny out there.
8:24 am
that's had clouds earlier but they're burning off. little bit chilly much temperatures in the 30's in most neighborhoods so bundle up early but this afternoon mostly sunny, light winds and milder with a high of up close to 60 a couple spots might even get 60. tomorrow 62. it will be breezier though and temperatures falling a bit during the afternoon. and clouds and sun thursday, 54 with a bit of rain at night. the "shark tank." how many types you asked yourself whether it's better to buy or rent something? well, "shark tank's" barbara corcoran is here with all the answers, barbara, thank you for coming to the show. >> my pleasure. [ applause ] >> we got our money parties money wheels all lined up with all the categories. we have the button here. you push the button. if hands are ready. >> audience has paddles to buy or rent. go ahead and hit that first button. >> get ready. >> there we go. spin that wheel. all right. your home.
8:25 am
>> homes. >> audience, how many of you think -- who thinks it's better to buy or rent? what do you think? buy or rent. everyone says buy. >> wow. wow. >> we have two rents and the rest are buy. so, barbara, what is the answer? >> obviously you're all correct. but if you're going to be in the home for more than five years it always pays to buy when you do the math on it. [ applause ] but, but, but a lot of people you don't have the money for the cash down payment, you don't -- you can't afford the mortgage or the closing costs which are always paid up front and for that situation, of course, it's better to rent because it's cheaper. >> yeah, a lot of millennials renning probably because of that reason. >> you know what, a lot of millennials are renting because they're paying off a lot of student debt. that's a tremendous burden. they're also starting families later and so they wait but that's never a good idea. what you have to do with the real estate game is buy your first thing, buy a studio now versus waiting for your
8:26 am
two-bedroom three years at and puts you at the real estate table and gives you something to trade up on. >> a quick category. bam. i'm going to do it. going to be closing. clothing, buy or rent? >> rent. >> buy. >> everybody says buy. very quick. what we got. >> depends how often you use it. buy a great glablazer. get married, $1500 is a wedding dress, you could rent the same thing for 425. "star wars" daisy ridley is here live. we'll be right back. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung, the most beautiful tv you've never seen.
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, it's 8:27 on this tuesday november 28th. i'm tap tamala edwards t let's head to karen rogers. we noticed a real jam on the schuylkill because of a disabled vehicle. you see how slowly traffic is moving. it's been just pushed to the shoulder but you see that center lane pretty jammed. eastbound on the schuylkill jams past belmont to girard where we have -- this is a live look near the boulevard where we have that disabled vehicle. you see police behind the trees and causing a slow go with this disabled. on the pennsylvania turnpike an accident blocks the left lane and it's eastbound past norristown and you see these speeds, some slow speeds here, so expect these delays coming east of valley forge on the pennsylvania turnpike. outside live checking on this accident on 202 northbound at boot road. you can see a few vehicles involved but it's been pushed off to the side right here. last time i showed you this we
8:28 am
saw ambulance here so a serious accident and still jamming 202 northbound at boot road. you're really jammed from route 100 to this point at boot road, tam. >> thank you, karen. now let's head out to david to find out about your accuweather. good morning. >> good morning. sunshine a plenty this morning, tam and a little cool. 38 degrees in philadelphia. we are starting to see that temperature climb a bit. still 32 in allentown. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a sunny day not much wind and a mild high of 59. tomorrow still sunny and mild 62 a little breezier with temperatures dipping a bit in the afternoon. clouds and sun and cooler on thursday with a high of 54, a little bit of rain is possible overnight. most likely dry out quickly friday, probably before dawn. so friday we'll just go partly sunny and 52. and then for the coming weekend saturday sun a few clouds, 52. and a seasonable high of 53 on sunday, both of those numbers just a tad above average. it looks bright dry and pretty comfortable this weekend. >> daisy ridly stops by "gma" to talk about the new "star wars" movie coming up.
8:29 am
we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪ sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin.
8:30 am
maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. [ playing the theme to "star wars"] saying hi to some of your friends. >> the golden girls. >> the golden girls retired and they are living the life. yes, they are. >> yes. >> i tell you, i envy them. we got to say welcome back to "gma." thank you for being with us here this tuesday morning. really, really appreciate you guys. >> yes. [ applause ] >> and to show our appreciation, we have an exciting guest from the galaxy far, far away. she's back as rey in "star wars: the last jedi," the most anticipated blockbuster of the year. please welcome daisy ridley. ♪ [ applause ] >> hello. >> hi, welcome.
8:31 am
>> thank you. >> hello. how are you? >> great. >> hello. >> mwah. >> how are you? >> hi, everyone. [ applause ] >> what were you saying about a dream? you dream that way? dry ice. >> that was always my dream to come out in a load of dry ice. now my dream -- >> there you go. >> i bet a lot of your dreams are coming true with everything happening and well deserved with as talented as you are. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> now, everybody is all excited. >> yes. >> but we hear your dad's more of a trekkie. what? what as they? >> no, he is a big supporter of me. he wasn't always like a "star wars" person. he watched it because i'm in it but he talks about when it's mainly me, that's the -- >> also on the set of "the force awakens" you didn't know how to drive back then. >> i did my theory test for driving and i was driving around in a buggy a lot of the time
8:32 am
which actually was illegal to. maybe i shouldn't say that. they kept telling me to stop. yeah. >> what did you learn this time on set? any new skills? >> any new skills? i think i'm more proficient with a lightsaber. i'd say that's a good thing. >> ooh. look at it there. >> that's just like a little teaser. >> no, it was cause i never really trained before the first one and the second one i was training for like the year that i was sort of off so i had more -- what's the word, stamina and i felt -- >> and you have an important relationship with mark hamill and a really cool friendship with him. tell us about that. >> it was wonderful because obviously i was very lucky to be able to work with harrison and carre a carrie and when i worked with mark the first time i was really sick and we had time for
8:33 am
rehearsals and we're shooting with him a lot. >> your dad had no clue who he was. >> no, my dad said who do you play then? >> oh, no. >> i don't know if he was joking or not. it was only us in ireland and i was like, who is he, dad? who is he? luke skywalker. >> let's look ahead if you can. >> yes. >> any chance rey goes to the dark side? >> ooh. >> george, that's a great question. >> i love that. >> you're pretty good at this thing. >> do you know, i think the thing about this film it's not so -- the lines are less clear as to like good and bad, rey is trying to find out about herself and about the universe and those questions don't entirely fall to the good nor do they fall entirely to the bad. she's trying to do her own personal growth and i think what's amazing is the end of the film, however that does end it's more rich because you can't -- if it's always good the outcome
8:34 am
isn't as important as it might be if -- you know. >> great tease. yeah. >> a moment ago you alluded to carrie talking about carrie fisher and her final appearance and understand she gave you pep talks before. >> she was just really kind. i think harrison, her and mark all very much lead by example so it wasn't like a sit-down of -- it wasn't like a sit-down of this is what you need to do and this is how it's going to be. she was just always very kind and the first one in the clip you can see we're always dancing together. this one we were always singing together. she's just lovely. she took good care of me, yeah. >> speaking of co-stars, josh gad your co-star in "murderer on the orient express." i heard he was always fishing for "star wars" spoiler. >> i didn't know he was a "star wars" fan and doing the videos. i was like, yeah, these are fun and asking like quite specific things, oh, okay. then he came in and ah, there it is. >> he knew everything about the movies but judi dench, you had
8:35 am
to teach her quite a bit. >> it was like there was some -- we did a few with her literally crying with laughter. like i thought there's no way i'll get through. she was saying midi-claw. like how do i pronounce this? her grandson knew. it was brilliant. >> did you teach her ow to speak wookie? >> we didn't go that far. she put her scarf up and no one told her and we were like you literally look like a jedi knight. >> i don't know if you heard the news over in your neck of the woods about a little engagement. >> no. >> harry, of course, engaged to meghan markle. what was it like having he and william on the set. >> it was really funny. it was great because it was so surreal. it's surreal anyway taking people around a set that's sort of your home because it's weird suddenly being the outsider being like, this is it and then that's the prince. of england. they're really, really nice,
8:36 am
also really tall which was the most surprising thing. really tall. yeah. they were lovely. >> and big "star wars" fans. >> yeah. >> like they knew mother than ju dichlt -- judi. >> i hear you didn't like your performance in the first movie. >> no. >> why? everybody loved you. >> what do you mean? >> i don't know if it's ever nice watching yourself. like i like the film, the film i was like, great but obviously it's very weird and we had spent six months filming then it was like over a year later it came out so it's all these weird sort of memories then actually seeing the thing you did. it's -- it's really -- >> what's great about live we never have to watch ourselves. >> even this one, i watched it last week. yeah, yeah. [ applause ] >> do you watch any of your movies? >> well, i watched "murder on the orient express" at the premiere and i was like and then sort of takes a little while to process but it was nice too
8:37 am
because it was very much a group thing and did see "the last jedi" a couple of weeks ago. and, again, i was like, i can't watch this. but, you know. >> surprised -- do you sort of know everything, obviously you're not shooting all your scenes together. >> i was more surprised with this one because there's like -- there's a few story lines that sort of coming together and -- >> can we imagine a bitter tease. she was more surprised than the last one? [ applause ] >> you threw out four or five great teasers. >> i didn't know i was doing it. >> and my man brought his lightsaber ready to go. >> "star wars: the last jedi" hits theaters friday, december 15th, daisy, always great to have you. i appreciate it. coming up celebrating giving tuesday in a big way right here on "gma." only how we can do it. we'll be right back. >> look how happy he is.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> it's chilly this morning but our hearts are warm because it's giving tuesday. a global day of giving to kick off the holiday season. look who is here to help us get started the newly crowned miss universe demi nell peters from south africa. you're stunningly beautiful. that's not the only reason you won miss universe. how are you going to use this crown. >> thank you. so many things on my mind and
8:41 am
things i want to do and i started campaigning in south africa called unbreakable where i empower women all over my country with skills and knowledge in how to handle difficult situation and i hope to use the miss universe platform to elevate there cause. that is the one thing i really wanted to get started on. >> you have a year in new york but it all started when you got that crown on your head. what is that feeling like? where do you go from here at 22 years old. >> well, i guess just up. yes. it's so difficult to describe the feeling. something that you've dreamed for and worked for just about your whole life. it's undescribeable to explain that feeling but it's the best feeling in the whole wide world. >> that was heard by some young ladies who want to be miss universe. just go for it. do it. that's all she did was set her mind to it. leggett a check closer to home. >> love those south african accents. storm tracker6 live double scan it's dry. chilly. most in the 30's. this afternoon sunny and
8:42 am
milder 59. tomorrow 62 and a bit breezy with temperatures falling in the afternoon. 54 thursday. go is here to kick their holiday food drive and we have started a food drive in a big way with donations from wonderful members of our audience. you can see, three out of four americans by the way throw out nonperishable food items. instead of tossing them wells fargo made it easy to donate. these donation bins can be found in all 5900 wells fargo branches and mobile food banks just like this one in 17 cities from philadelphia to los angeles. you can donate at these thing, nonperishable food items starting today through december 30th and we'll be giving updates throughout the holiday season. what a beautiful way to start this giving tuesday. keep them coming, guys. michael, we'll head up to you.
8:43 am
>> we're here also to celebrate giving tuesday and supermodel turned philanthropist petra nemcova after surviving a tsunami founded a charity to help other, all hands at heart and thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. [ applause ] >> now your past experiences you've turned this it into a way to help other people and how -- what impact does your organization have on hurricane relief right now. >> so we actually for the last 12 years i've been dedicating my life to helping those impacted by natural disasters after hurricane, earthquakes, tsunamis and i've seen that children and families, they wait way too long, four year, six years for a safe school to go to and to me that was unacceptable. recently with partnering another organization and forming all hands all hearts so we can come
8:44 am
in for first response and stay long for rebuilding of homes and schools in disaster zones and that's what we did after hurricane harvey, hurricane irma and maria, went to texas and made commitment to stay two years so families, they know we are there helping them. the same in st. thomas. we came in right away and made commitment to stay two years. if you see purple shirts, that's us. >> yeah. [ applause ] a lot of people happy to see those purple shirts. when you're there. and you went to st. thomas a few days after the hurricane and what did you see firsthand? >> it was heartbreaking, michael. it was heartbreaking because i was seeing homes without roofs, we seen homes with some roof but with leakage where there was mold everywhere on all the walls and roofs. people sleeping in mold and black mold is extremely toxic
8:45 am
and the electricity was completely -- the power lines were down. it will take six to 12 months to put electricity back. we've seen actually there were so many flashlights -- flash rains constantly, there was still lots of water everywhere and desperation. but we've been working there with our volunteers from all over the world helping to do debris removal, mold removal and in schools and homes so bringing hope and as i said we will be there for two more years helping families to get back on their legs and especially before winter. christmas is coming and trying to get families back to their hopes so they can celebrate holiday in a proper way. >> well, i tell you what, everybody -- this is -- giving tuesday is no better way to sit here and talk to you about this and i'm sure so many people are happy when those purple shirts are there. you guys are committed to going in early and staying later to
8:46 am
make sure that everybody gets back on their feet a lot faster. we want to thank you and you're a great example for everyone out there to turn a tragedy and help other people. >> you can come and volunteer with us. everybody wants to come? come and help us out. >> there you go. >> petra, thank you. >> thank. >> we really appreciate it. coming up a big surprise for a true hometown ehero. wait till you meet this mom.
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ i've got the heart of a hero >> we are back with a hometown hero inspiring so many this giving tuesday. penny rivas, a bus driver, mom of five has been bringing the holiday spirit to those in need taking care of hundreds of people for nearly two decades now. unbelievable. we have a big surprise for her in a moment but first take a look at her story. >> all right. you guys ready?
8:49 am
>> reporter: penny rivas is a school bus driver in guerneville, california. >> good morning, hi, nick. >> good morning. >> reporter: driving a group of special needs children, but when her bus takes a break for thanksgiving she kicks into high gear. >> let's go, sofia. >> from the bottom of my heart i am so thankful you are all here. >> reporter: for the past 16 years penny has organized a turkey feast for hundreds in her community. >> there's homeless, there's senior, there's people that have families that don't want to go or just no place to go or don't want to eat alone. >> reporter: pen in i have a single mom to 14-year-old twins trenton and trevor who love serving their neighbors. >> this makes me feel good to know that everyone is really thankful. >> reporter: for many this dinner brings a sense of comfort. >> having a place to come on thanksgiving surrounded by your community is just a wonderful blessing. >> my heart is full.
8:50 am
there's no words for this. >> my mom is an amazing person and i strive every day to just be as great a person as her. >> did you get served yet? the grace that's bestowed. it's -- you can't describe it. [ cheers and applause ] >> unbelievable. the tears have started already. penny is here, her two sons trenton and trevor along with isaiah mustafa from the freeform series "shadow hunters." welcome to alt of you. i know you went on a cool outing with the boys. >> oh, yeah. >> i got to say, penny, number one, thank you. thank you for doing everything that you do. and let me just ask you what is the most rewarding part for you personally of all of this? >> when the room fills up and the spirit of god enters, and you look around and you look in people's eyes and they are so grateful. you can't describe human
8:51 am
kindness like that and thankfulness. >> you must be pretty proud of your mom there, trenton. >> yeah. >> yeah. i want to hear about this day that you gave them kind of an elf-inspired journey around new york city. tell me about it. >> well, 25 days of christmas is about to kick off on freeform. thought it would be fun if we took everybody around and i dressed up as buddy the elf. we did a little shop scotch across fifth avenue and snowball fight in central park and did a bunch of things people should do in new york like the empire state building and whatnot. >> did you have a good time? >> yeah. >> we had a great time. >> your favorite part. >> my favorite part was having the snowball fight in central park. it was a really fun free for all that we all participated in. >> i'm assuming the snowballs were imported. >> had these little fuzzy balls and threw them at each other. >> that's fun. well, we're so glad you guys are here. penny, you gifted your community. so it's time now for your gift as we alluded to.
8:52 am
isaiah, would you please hand penny this box. >> here you are. >> penny, would you please open the box. and show everybody what's inside. those are keys to a brand-new redesigned tenth generation honda accord. it's right behind you. for all you do, we thought it was the least we could do for you. a nice way to get around to give back and continue all the work. go on in, go check it out. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. recently went on sale. it is a gorgeous brand-new car. you get it before anybody else. penny, you gee serve it. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be right back. we'll test drive this baby. >> don't tell any of them. "gma's" pop-up santa brought to you by the all new accord. from honda.
8:53 am
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>> announcer: it's time to share the warmth with families and children in need. >> warm coat, warm hearts. you just have to bring your gently used coats to your burlington store. >> announcer: go to any burlington store to donate a coat and join our annual coat drive. >> once again we have to say thank you to penny and all -- [ applause ] >> everybody lines to help
8:56 am
others. don't forget to give back this giving tuesday. look at her. >> we have to say thank you to honda. looking good, penny. looking good. >> ♪ >> good morning, it is 8:56 on this tuesday november 28th. i'm tamala edwards. let's get that last look at traffic. karen is starting on city avenue. good morning. >> i am.
8:57 am
we still have the traffic lights on flash here city avenue at conshohocken avenue and penndot is kind of zooming around. they've been on flashing. now we have police out there directing traffic its been a little frightening. taking a good look at the lights and the tree. the tree is nice. there's the traffic. and there it goes. at any rate, we want to watch for the traffic lights on flash at city avenue at conshohocken. the point was that police are on hand now and they're directing so no worry of accidents like we saw a few minutes ago. we have an accident in center city right on the 11th street involving a trash truck and a bicyclist so watch for this one. eleventh street and spruce causing some problems. also in lower merion lancaster avenue route 30 we've got an accident there at chatham road. an accident with injuries, tam so slow it down in that area. >> always good to do. now let's go out to dave murphy. what a great tuesday. >> yeah, beautiful, lots of sunshine, still a little cool for now. things are getting better tam. look at the current numbers. you can see 42 in philadelphia, 35 in allentown.
8:58 am
this afternoon mostly sunny skies, not a lot of wind really and a mild high of 59. tomorrow still sunny and mild, 62 but it will be a little bit breezier tomorrow and temperatures may fall off a bit during the afternoon. then thursday clouds and sun cooler 54. a little bit of rain at night. that's done for friday. partly sunny and 52 on friday, tam. >> okay, thank you david. coming up today on into the, the search for a hit-and-run driver who hit two teenagers in bucks county. we'll have an update on the investigation and also give you the conditions of both of those 18-year-old victims. but right now we're sending you over to "live with kelly and ryan" here on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. have a great tuesday. >> ♪ ♪
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "star wars: the last jedi," daisy ridley. and, star of the series "shut eye," jeffrey donovan. plus, your comments and questions on another edition of the inbox. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning. hi. how are you?


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