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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 27, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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strong, friends and family members mourning the death of caleer miller, gunned down yesterday -- gunned down and killed tuesday night along with sal dinubile. tonight it was about grief and sorrow, comfort and support. it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the prayer vigil where the plea was for peace not guns. christie ileto was live at the scene of the event. emotions running high in the aftermath of more gun violence. >> that's right. one reason is because the killer is still out there. police say they are seeking a person of interest but no arrests at this time. caleer's mother tells us this is her worst nightmare come true. >> i called the cops and made a report letting them know he was
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missing. >> she paced waiting for her son caleer miller to come home tuesday night. instead homicide detectives arrived at her doorstep. i asked him, are you sure it was my boy. that's when he reached into his pocket and showed me the phone. it was a picture. i said yes, that's my boy. he said, ma'am, i'm so sorry. >> family, friends and classmates gathered to remember the slain teen. caleer and 16-year-old salvatore dinubile were shot to death. the violence started with an argument ending with children running for their lives. >> a son, big brother and friend to all, his family is struggling to come to terms with the murder. >> he was a good kid. he was a good child.
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never in a thousand years did we think we would be planning his funeral with no answers. >> his family beseeching the gunman to have a heart. >> i don't think they understand how much pain they put our family through. they'll never understand it. a mere sorry is not going to be enough to bring him back. >> now caleer would have turned 17 next month. no arrests have been made but police are seeking a person of interest. a $40,000 reward is being offered in this case. live in point breeze, christie ileto channel6 "action news." jim? >> we have received funeral arrangements. a viewing saturday morning at 8:30 our tiffany of our lord church in philadelphia. a funeral mass following at 11:00. police say a stolen car led to a nasty four-vehicle crash in
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west philadelphia tonight two hours across on 59th street near master. officers report seeing the white car striking another vehicle then running into two parked cars. the other syringe a careened into a 16-year-old boy breaking his han ankle. >> everyone on the scene held their breath when a six-year-old boy was struck by a school bus this afternoon in the city of camden. mercifully, everyone could atail that it would have been worse. dan ciewdann cuellar is at coopr hospital. >> the six-year-old has been upgraded from critical to stable condition.
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he havhe has a serious leg inju. camden county police are determining how the bus driver didn't see the child. >> he was in much pain. she ran his leg over. you have the blood there and everything. the tire went over his leg. >> it happened just before 5:00 on collins road. the six-year-old got off his school bus and had gone around the back when he was struck by a second driver coming up the road. >> the shoe was underneath the tire. she ran his leg over. it's hard to talk about it. i mean, it's that bad. >> police were interviewing the driver of the bus to find out what happened. they have not determined if texting or distracted driving was involved. >> they didn't let the mother go
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on the ambulance. she was running behind it. he was working. they had to call her to see what was going on. >> the investigation ongoing by camden county police. the child now upgraded to stable condition. dann cuellar, channel6, "action news." >> we have new information in the violent robbery and carjacking of a pizza deliveryman last nighed in philadelphia. police tell "action news" four of the five suspects are in custody. the one that pistol whipped the man is 13. the others range in aing fro agm 15-22. the one in the hoodie on a bicycle is still out there. the dean of a charter school is behind bars on charges of
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statutory rape and sexual assault. omar harrison surrendered yesterday. he worked at the the element industry school. he sexual assaulted an eighth grader, 14 at the time. the school learned of the allegations friday afternoon and suspended him, then fired him following an internal investigation. if the pennsylvania legislature gets its way you will be able to gamble at airports and online. the house passed the measure with bi-partisan support. the intent is to help plug a $2.2 billion shortfall. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has ten days to decide whether to sign off on the biggest gambling expansion in a decade. let's go to meteorologist cecily
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tynan and the first look at the forecast. what's the story? >> jim, a what a different a few days make. we were in the 70s earlier. tuesday, 75. yesterday 66 and today 58-degrees. satellite and radar showing a broad area of high pressure pushing away clouds. winds are dying out. that sets the stage for frost. frost advisory for the north and west counties overnight for the potential for scattered frost with temperatures dropping to the 30s. if you look at high temperatures across the eastern half of the nation, today 58 in philadelphia. next two days we warm up tracking a soaking rain sunday. i have details in the accuweather forecast. jim? >> president trump today declared the opiod epidemic a
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national health emergency and described it as one of the worst drug crisis in u.s. history, in fact thee worse. he says we'll overcome addiction but has yet to explain how. >> critics say he's paying lip service to the epidemic plaguing the country. >> trump signed a bill launches research to find a nonaddictive painkiller to replace opiods and starts an ad campaign to tell children not to use drugs. >> we can be the generation to end the opiod epidemic. >> critics say it's not enough. >> show me the money. >> if trump made a national
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disaster declaration that would have brought huge amounts of money but it would have stopped fema. >> trump says he understands addiction and pushed the wall on the mexican border to block the flow of drugs. >> this is important to the families feeling forgot p. ten. >> trump pledged to make fighting drugs a top priority at rallies. >> last year 64,000 americans died of over doses, 175 people everyday, jim. >> thank you, monica. still to come on "action news," not all of the jfk files were released as expected. we'll tell you what will happen to those under wraps.
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plus, two hollywood celebrities with delaware valley roots come foag for together for a speciald ceremony. >> i'm nydia han with a bizarre story. >> why are countless customers and a credit card company calling this dan on his cellphone. meteorologist cecily tynan with the forecast from accuweather and ducis rogers with the flyers and eagles
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strayer university. >> there was much anticipation today because president trump said all of the remaining record
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on the kennedy assassination would be released today. it didn't happen that way. today's date was set 25 years ago. all day the fbi and cia were trying to convince trump that hundreds of the files would jeopardize national security so he released 2800 records placing the rest under review. >> the "action news" troubleshooters are working on a case full of surprises involving the cellphone number of a south jersey dad, a mistake by a credit card company and the consequence for its customers. nydia han is here to explain this. as we know she gets results. >> we try, jim. this family reached out to me desperate for help.
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the husband and father's facebook number was taken over by american express for two weeks. this has implications for credit card customers nationwide. >> i have been getting nonstop phone calls. i get calls all night long. it's aggravating and frustrating. >> the callers are not calling formafor as many asfor matt mas. they think they are calling american express. we interviewed the callers. >> i'm nydia han. i'm with the abc station in philadelphia. how are you? we talked to different people from different cities. turns out chat representatives
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are providing his number. >> the number is one digit off from mine. it's 855. the correct number is 856. >> please call my account. this is supposed to be an international company? this is a joke. >> no laughing matter. his voice mail is full of information, customers providing account and social security numbers and more. anyone can log into the account. >> they alerted american express. >> i have called, spoken to managers on hold for 48 minutes.
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she said i suggest you change your phone number. >> i don't know what else to do. >> time for the troubleshooters to take action. >> my name is nydia han. i hope you can help me resolve the situation. >> one day later, we have identified the source of the erroneous number and corrected it. we have updated our procedures to prevent a repeat of the error that led to the incident. when we go back to the home, this is what we hear. the silence, music to the mattesser's ears. >> it's a relief to have my phone back. >> we are so thankful. >> american screls express sayse apologize to the customers. we understand security is paramount and take this
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seriously. i confirmed the company sent many affected customers o custoe letter. if you are an impacted customer and haven't heard, let me know and i'll pass away your information. >> did we say nydia han gets results? >> we try. >> bruce willis was in town tonight for an award at the film festival. they are currently working on glass. willis grew up in carneys' point, new jersey. >> let's get the accuweather forecast for the area. >> the area is getting chilly out there. the action cam on south broad
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street looking for bruce willis tonight under clear skies and tumbling temperatures. live on sky 6 commodore barry bridge. the winds have diminished leading to a cool night. frost advisory in effect for the suburbs. the next two day, it warms up, tracking rain. it will occur over the weekend. looks like it will make the eagle game damp. wilmington 47-degrees. now i'll move to show you satellite and radar. we had a trough through earlier today brought clouds and scattered showers. we have high pressure building in, clearing out the skies, calming down the winds. tomorrow morning, bus-stop forecast, 44-degrees in the
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suburb, philadelphia 47 early tomorrow morning, a touch of frost, a good amount of sunshine, 65-degrees which is two degrees above normal. on saturday, the high pressure sinks to the east. we get the flow out of the southwest, 72 the high, increasing clouds. this front picking up tropical moisture sunday. early sunday morning, the rains here. the heaviest around midmorning lingering into the afternoon and evening hours, one to three inches of rain. eagles game, 1:00, take the rain gear. how much rain depends on how close to the coast the low pressure moves. it will be a wet day. first quarter 62. >> the forecast, after a chilly start tomorrow, 65 under mostly
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sunny skies. saturday, increasing clouds ahead of the next system, 72-degrees. a warm day sunday is the wet day for the eagle's game. rain heavy early in the day. we have the winds of change monday, a blustery day winds 40 to 50 miles per hour. tuesday, a halloween chill, temperatures slightly below normal, 59-degrees, nearly full moon on halloween night. thursday, clouds and the possibility of rain with a high of 65-degrees. the next two days, nice. sunday looking wet. >> thanks, cecily. spooky creatures walked the halls of the high school in pottstown. they were trick or treaters of the extravaganza. teachers parents, students hosted the kids from all of the district schools.
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in addition to treats, there were crafts and even a petting zoo. >> residents at the assisted living in cherry hills found themselves in the middle of a masquerade ball. they had an evening of fun. kids from the community were invited too. >> youngsters often dress up as police for halloween tonight the officers put the show on for the kids. it was the trunk or treat, a safe way for children to collect candy out of the back of decorated squad cars. here's a story that makes us philly proud. the pay what you can restaurant is celebrating its first anniversary. the eat cafe is a sit down eatery that can be
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>> more than 200 girls were
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working toward their future tonight in the winfield section of philadelphia. the girls took part in a summit on female empowerment part of pal's campaign to help girls build sel self-esteem and posite self images. they heard from speakers trying to get them on the path of success. >> flyers trying to get back on defense. >> flyers winning ottawa, 3-0 senators second period. voracek, took a while. that's his first goal of the season. flyers within two. >> less than a minute later. he skates in on craig anderson. flyers back in it. they trail 3-2. moments later at the other end. mike stone with a nifty move,
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4-2 senators. late in the third period, what a start to the season for him. his seventh goal. flyers lose 5-4. >> at 6-1 the eagles are sitting pretty hosting a weaker opponent sunday in the 49ers. even with the injury, eagles should beat san francisco. they better not get complacent. >> we are at home. we have an opportunity to win our seventh game. that's enough motivation. i don't think anyone feels like we have arrived, like this is what we signed up for to get six wins. we have so much more to accomplish. everybody feels it. >> that's the right attitude. >> still ahead in sports, another big name manager
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>> it's an off day for the houston series. freddy galvis short a glove. he's looking to win it for the first time. awards announced november 2nd. yankees within one win today.
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the organization has decided not to bring him back. phillies ought to make a phone call. kick the tires. villanova opens two weeks against columbia. there is always a target on nova's back. >> high expectations of the team, they can be looked at as failures if they don't get to a certain point. that's part of being part of the successful program. we take responsibility for that. we get that. >> follow the alabama state. 40-yard field goal. look at that. goes in, nonetheless, ball hits the up right and takes a couple of bounces along the cross bar before going in. better to be lucky than smart. >> i have never seen that before. >> an organization dedicated to
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helping refugee and immigrant in the area celebrated its anniversary tonight. c mac is one of the longest running agencies. c mac provides educational, social and health services to people speaking 20 different languages. "jimmy kimmel live" live next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o o'donnell and karen murphey with traffic. >> now for cecily tynan -- ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team -- i'm jim gardner. have a good night tonight. ♪ ♪
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