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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 11, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, new concerns as dangerous winds grow fueling those wildfires raging out of control in northern california. scorching more than 115,000 acres. new evacuations ordered overnight. thousands of homes and businesses destroyed. neighborhoods completely wiped out. only chimneys left standing. the death toll rising now. firefighters trying to battle the blaze and the new red flag warnings this morning. showforce. overnight u.s. bombers conducting military drills over the korean peninsula as tensions rise with the rogue nation. the new reports north korea stole our top secret war plans from south korea. explosive new allegations against harvey weinstein. the disgraced media mogul accused of rape in a bombshell new report and the secret police recording where he reveries he
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groped a model. >> i'm going to take a shower. >> two of hollywood's biggest stars, gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie have come forward with their stories as two of his accusers join us live right here on "gma." and soccer shocker. team usa out of the world cup for the first time in more than 30 years. the heartbreaking goal that one player says will haunt him forever. why some are calling this the worst loss in america's sports history. and good morning, america. boy, that was a shocker, michael, for the first time in a generation no world cup for the u.s. men. >> my house is in mourning. andrew is very upset. >> he is trying to sleep it off. >> exactly. >> we'll have more on that ahead. first catastrophic wildfires in california. >> take a look at the destruction and people are coming home to this. some say it looks like the
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apocalypse. >> it really does and the saddest news of it all, at least 17 wildfires still burning across the state, most in north california but a daupgous one tearing through anaheim. at least 17 people have been killed so far and there are new mandatory evacuations issued for parts of sonoma and napa counties overnight. more than 2,000 structures, home, hotel, wineries destroyed. >> not just the flames but wind, smoke, also causing emergencies. our senior national correspondent matt gutman starts us off in the devastated town of santa rosa. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. those fires again on the march tonight and overnight just over the past couple of hours that fresh batch of evacuation orders. we've seen thousands of people on the road, on the move and this is what they're so afraid of coming home to, george. these images now seared in our brain. husks of cars, melted metal everywhere you look and the scene of scorched earth block off block of incinerated homes and so many of these places, the
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only thing left standing are those chimneys. firefighters continue to defend downtown santa rosa from the onslaught of flames from the ground and from the air, residents taking stock of all they have lost in the heart of the california wine country. >> a lot of people lost a lot of houses. we lost businesses, big buildings, small buildings, i feel for you. i apologi apologize. >> reporter: all around the haunting ruins of what was. cars immolated. this vehicle melted into an aluminum puddle. >> personally i think it will be one of the worst disasters in california history. >> reporter: the fires claiming at least 17 lives across the state. >> it is with sorrow that i tell you today that we have confirmed two fatalities, charles and sara rippey. >> reporter: the couple had been together for 75 years. in napa county one winery owner returning to the remains of his building, he says he watched the
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flames engulf the property using a security camera app on his phone and back here in santa rosa new residents returning to buildings crumbled. we found brady in the house he grew up in. >> what are you supposed to do? >> everybody, everybody you have ever known and everybody's house, absolutely nuts. >> reporter: in his palm that sliver of steel. your personal dog tags. >> the ones i deployed with. >> wow. >> after i deployed i gave them to my dad. >> out of an entire house this is the most important thing. >> for me, yeah. anyways, i spent 12 months of my life in iraq wearing these things. they mean a lot to me. >> you got goose bumps right now. >> i do, it's crazy. it's mind blowing. >> reporter: according to officials more than 180 people remain missing this morning.
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one of them had been steve liner, we met his brother al who was getting desperate. are you worried about him? >> very, yeah. yeah. >> so we drove him in. >> called him a number of times. i've gone up to the v.a. to see if he's checked in with the v.a. i've gone on facebook and posted some stuff on facebook. >> reporter: destruction everywhere but not on his brother's street. >> is that him? >> that's him. i've been looking for two days for you guys. sheriff's officials tell me they expect to find most but not all of those missing people. they do expect the death toll to rise. that is the state of california, asking for reinforcements of firefighters from out of state. that's how strapped they are. but a sliver of good news, guys. you might remember chris pond. we saw her yesterday digging through the rubble. she was looking for her wedding ring. she was crying hysterically. well, she just facebooked us
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this morning telling us that she found that ring. so a bit of good news this morning. >> tiny bit of encourage. what a wasteland in santa rosa. >> it's heartbreaking to look at those images. those brothers reconnect is the great news about it. these fires are still burring strong. most are barely contained and let's go to ginger for the latest fire forecast. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: you know, we had a brief break yesterday to how to make them more manageable to fight. through tomorrow and even saturday, red flag warnings in place for much of northern california. there's a fire weather watch. that's for later in the week for southern california. it's because of the winds. those are going to gust after a cold front passed through. more to the north and northwest. you can see even santa rosa gusting to almost 40 and that's this afternoon and evening. then by friday that front maybes it to southern california. humidity is low. winds kick up. this is not good. guys. >> boy, it sure is not. stay on top.
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we'll move to escalating tension with north korea. military drills were conducted over the peninsula after questions swirl about them stealing sensitive war plans from south korea. martha raddatz in washington with the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. the tension between the u.s. and north korea is relentless. every day it seems more alarming news and this morning it's so disturbing. we know the u.s. and south korea have updated war planning in the last few months doing lots of secret simulatings and exercises, but now reports that north korea hacked into those classified plans through the south korean military computer network. this according to a south korean lawmaker who said those stolen plans include details about how kim jong-un would be removed from power, it's called the decapitation plan if war breaks out on the korean peninsula, george. >> we're seeing bombing drills repetitively. a way to maintain the pressure and keep them contained.
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>> reporter: you know, the secretaries of state and defense insist the u.s. is on a diplomatic track, but i would call this coercive diplomacy because we've all heard fiery threats from the president and seen this repeated show of force which certainly does send a strong message. george. >> you got the president saying diplomacy cannot work here. okay, martha raddatz, thanks very much. >> george, now to those explosive new allegations about harvey weinstein, stars like gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie coming forward saying they also received unwanted sexual advances from the movie mogul and now stunning secretly recorded audio of weinstein urging an actress to go into his hotel room has emerged and linsey davis is here with the latest on this growing scandal. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. nearly 30 accusers and counting. in less than a week harvey weinstein has lost his job, his respect and now his wife. we're talking about a man who has been thanked more than god at the academy awards and now scathing words for harvey weinstein including from the board of the company he founded
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calling his alleged action antithetical to human decency. the explosive new allegations against harvey weinstein now include rape and the audiotape in which the media mogul himself admits to touching an italian model without her consent. >> i'm going to take a shower. you sit there and have a drink. >> reporter: the recording obtained by "the new yorker" and verified by abc news was part of a sting operation by the new york police. >> you touched my breast. >> please, i'm sorry, just come on in. i'm used to that. >> you're used to that. >> yes, come in. >> reporter: you can see the woman say no to weinstein 12 times. >> the number of times this woman says she's uncomfortable. she wants to leave is upsetting to listen to obviously and then, of course, there's also the very significant fact that he concedes this conduct took place and describes it as something he is used to. >> reporter: according to the manhattan d.a.'s office the case was never prosecuted because the
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audio was insufficient to prove a crime under new york law. the author of the account says multiple executives and assistants described a familiar pattern of behavior and a culture of complicity and three women including actress asia argento say they were raped by him and forced to perform sex acts. two of hollywood's biggest stars add their names to the growing list of accusers, gwyneth paltrow says early on in her career weinstein summoned her to his suite for a work meeting and placed his hands on her. then suggested they head to the bedroom for massages. i was a kid. i was petrified she told "the times." i thought he was going to fire me. paltrow says she told her then boyfriend brad pitt who confronted weinstein telling him never to touch paltrow again. years later, she thanked him at the academy awards. >> i would like to thank harvey weinstein. >> reporter: angelina jolie also told the paper that weinstein made unwanted advances toward her in a hotel room in the
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late '90s. i had a bad experience with harvey weinstein in my youth and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did. nearly 30 women now say they have been harassed, assaulted or raped by weinstein, among them this screenwriter. >> after about 30 minutes he asked to excuse himself and go to the bathroom. he returned in nothing but a robe with the front open and he was buck naked. >> reporter: a-listers including leading men whose careers weinstein helped make -- >> harvey weinstein who believes in us. >> reporter: -- now lining up to condemn him. ben affleck calling his actions sick and in another interview matt damon adding this is the kind of sex wag predation that keeps me up at now. now his wife of ten years, fashion designer georgina chapman is also backing away saying in a statement to "people" magazine, my heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable
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actions. i have chosen to leave my husband. weinstein did not respond to requests for comment but his spokesperson gave a statement to "the new yorker" saying any allegations of nonconsensual sex are denied by mr. weinstein and he has further confirmed there were never any acts of retaliation against women for refusing his advances. we're hearing from his brother who has harsh words for him. >> bob has been his partner throughout all their success but has harsh words saying my brother harvey is obviously a very sick man. i've urged him to seek immediate professional help because he is in dire need of it. his remorse and apologies to the victims of his abuse are hollow. he has proven himself to be a world class liar and now rather than seeking help he is looking to blame others. i pray he gets the help that he needs. he's been condemned by hillary clinton, the obamas, his friends, it's got to be harsh coming from his brother. >> just brutal.
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new details about last week's mass shooting in las vegas as we learn more about how the gunman got that arsenal into his he tell room. his girlfriend and brother are facing new scrutiny. brian ross with the latest. >> reporter: as the fbi continues to press the shooter's longtime girlfriend for more detail she's been placed on a u.s. government travel watch list as a key witness so the authorities will be notified if she tries to board a flight or leave the country. according to federal law enforcement authorities, marilou danley has been designated a selectee by the tsa. based on her potential importance to investigators. she has denied knowing what her live-in boyfriend of three years was up to in the house they shared but one senior law enforcement official told abc news they want to make sure danley, an australian citizen doesn't suddenly decide to leave the country. authorities also say they are keeping a close eye on paddock's brother eric who is now in las vegas. he too has said he had no idea
7:14 am
what his brother was planning. >> we're still just completely befuddled. >> reporter: he reportedly cannot find a funeral home to deal with his brother's body. more than a week after the shooting, investigators still have many questions for the mandalay bay hotel. authorities tell abc news that paddock as a high roller was allowed use of the service elevators and he used them to bring his cases of weapons to his 32nd floor suite avoiding the security checks in place in the front lobby and questions remain about whether the hotel failed to act quickly enough after a hotel security guard called in to say he had been shot in the hallway through the door. some six minutes before the concert rampage began. >> in those six minutes you may have been able to create a disruption of some sort that would have kept him from doing what he ultimately did. >> reporter: the owner of the mandalay bay bay mgm would not answer any of her questions citing the ongoing investigation.
7:15 am
and behind the scenes the fbi and the las vegas sheriff are apparently not getting along all that well with some agents complaining the sheriff has put obstacles in the way of their investigation, no comment, george, this morning from the fbi or the sheriff's office. >> a lot of questions left to answer. thanks very much. some really special and emotional moments in las vegas last night as the city's new hockey team, the golden knights, played their first home game. they honored all of those first responders from the shooting rampage by escorting each and every one of them onto the ice as their names were called. the team paid tribute to the victims by holding a moment of silence for 58 seconds, one second for search life lost and they tweeted an image saying tonight vegas showed what it was made of. vegas strong all around that rink instead of where advertising is and it was a powerful moment. >> well deserved moment for them, for the first responders. we turn now to the nfl and the battle over the national anthem. owners are considering a rule change forcing players to stand.
7:16 am
the debate kicked in high gear again this week after the vice president left the game early when some players knelt. abc's t.j. holmes is here with more. good morning, t.j. >> strit seems the owners are taking a stand and it would be stand up. not in the form of a request to the players, it would be possibly a new rule. the nfl wants all players on their feet for the national anthem and might not give them a choice in the matter. after weeks of demonstrations in which some players sat or knelt, the league is now considering a new rule forcing all players to stand for the anthem or face penalties. nfl commissioner roger goodell sent a letter to team owners saying we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem. we need to move past this controversy. jerry jones of the dallas cowboys who knelt with his team before the anthem earlier this season this week put his players on notice stand for the anthem or sit for the game. >> i had hoped that this issue
7:17 am
would kind of subside and go away. if you do not honor and stand for the flag, then you won't play. >> reporter: the white house backed that ultimatum. >> i think we would certainly support the nfl coming out and asking players to stand just as the president has done. >> reporter: president trump tweeted his approval. a big salute to jerry jones, owner of the dallas cowboys who will bench players who disrespect our flag. goodell who fishily said he was proud of our league for the demonstrations now acknowledges the current dispute over the national anthem is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game and is now dividing us and our players from many fans across the country. the protests have sharply divided the country. one poll shows 43% of americans say kneeling during the anthem is the right thing to do, 49% say it's wrong. and the nfl owners are meeting next week and they are going to discuss this so we'll see what happens and, stra, we were talking about it already in the book, the handbook, right. it says that players should stand for the anthem.
7:18 am
they're harping on that word should. it doesn't say must so right now it's a suggestion and not a rule and they could change just some language to make everybody stand. >> they really think the president will push through this taking away the tax deduction. >> i mean they already lost their tax -- it's not even a big issue. they gave it up a couple of years ago so it's not even a big issue at this point anymore. >> all right. t.j., thank you very much. let's go back to ginger with >> just as we see some of the pictures coming from the sonoma sheriff this is what it looks like inside driving through the fires. they're still happening now. we have a lot of dry air and winds coming at us. humidity down to less than 10 percent by the end of the week. chilly cities brought to you by gain now
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>> first time i've seen that one. storm tracker6 live double scan and we have a couple of spring coles and showers over south jersey. delaware is getting a bit more and a bit more of that in the northern suburbs. this not impactful really but maybe slowing you down a bit down south. mainly cloudy skies over the commodore barry bridge. most of us in the 60's this morning. we're down out of the 80's but mild with a high of 75. more sprinkles and showers possible later and some drizzle tomorrow, 66, cooler. right here on "gma."
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ah, ah, ah! (laughter) >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 7:23 on this wednesday october 11th and karen rogers, i'm going to guess you found a jam on the schuylkill? >> yeah, sure did, matt. we've got two big accidents involving multiple vehicles here. this one on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at conshohocken. it's just been pushed off to the side. we see police and penndot here. but eastbound really jamming from 202 to conshohocken with this accident off to the skies -- side here on the schuylkill expressway. this accident on 422 involves six vehicles. it's now blocking all lanes. only the shoulder gets by on 422 eastbound near stow. look at these speeds. 3 miles an hour. if you're coming from berks county expect huge delays on 422 eastbound. both lanes blocked right now with a multiple vehicle accident here near stow. also an accident and we're hearing there are injuries here jones road at evergreen
7:24 am
lane. watch for that one in north coventry township. in haverford township new accident west chester pike at shelbourne road. starting to get busy out there, matt. >> okay, karen. let's take a quick break and return with dave murphy with accuweather.
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>> good morning everyone. we're off to a cloudy start across most of the region. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. we have a couple sprinkles and showers most down by dover, a little bit more in the far northern and western suburbs. 67 degrees currently in philadelphia and we're up to 70 in dover and cape may. this afternoon is not going to be as warm as it's been recently but still above average with a high of 75, mostly cloudy, at times there will be a passing sprinkle or shower. then tomorrow cloudy skies, some drizzle at times and a cooler high of 66. 69 on friday. and back into the low 80's on saturday and sunday. how about them apples. >> thank you david. a drexel professor is placed
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me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! welcome back to "gma." you're looking at new images emerging of those wildfires in california. sonoma's deputy sheriff, he is in that car right there driving through massive flames in northern california. this morning there are at least 17 fires burning across the state leaving so much destruction across california's wine country and forcing new evacuations overnight. ginger is following it all this morning and every time you see that, it takes your breath away. also right now tensions escalating with north korea. overnight u.s. bombers conducted military drills over the korean peninsula amid reports that north korea stole our top secret war plans from south korea. and team usa recovering from that heartbreaking and historic loss overnight. the u.s. men's soccer team
7:31 am
losing their chance to make the world cup for the first time in more than 30 year, but how it happened is even more heartbreaking. one of the u.s. players accid t accidentally scoring on his own team. that player saying we let down an entire nation. >> a nightmare. >> complete nightmare. no one expected this. >> not at all. we move on for more on harvey weinstein. still last week still ahood titan then that "the new york times" article last thursday detailing decades of sexual harassment allegations by interns, employees and actresses including ashley judd and rose mcgowan. weinstein apologized but also threatened to sue "the times." by sunday night he was fired by the company he co-founded. tuesday, a flood of new accusers stepped forward including gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie. some accused him of sexual assault. we are joined now by two of weinstein's accusers, katherine kendall and louisette geiss, also louisette's lawyer gloria allred. katherine, let me begin with you. this happened at the beginning
7:32 am
of your contrary. tell us what happened. >> yeah, i was 23 years old and i had a meeting with miramax and met with harvey, he was very warm, he made me feel like he would be a mentor to me. he gave me scripts, said welcome to the miramax family, come to screenings, you know, come to auditions and he just made it feel like it was going to be a fun process and that he was sort of taking me under his wing. it was in his office so it felt very legitimate and he invited me to a screening which i went to and it ended up being just a movie with -- >> just you and him. >> just me and harvey and i sort of had that sinking feeling the whole time through the movie like this is so -- this isn't -- something is really wrong and, you know, very uncomfortable. >> you made it through the movie then what happened?
7:33 am
>> i tried to sort of skirt away and say, i've got to go home now. he said let's have a drink. i said no. he said, you know, a lot of bargaining with him. there is a lot of just do this, just do that. i've got to run up to my apartment, it's right here. i'll wait downstair, i say. he says, come up, come up. there is a back and forth there for about five minutes. i finally go upstairs and i relaxed a little bit. i see pictures of his wife on the wall. i think, okay, this is -- i'm in a safe place. he knows that i know he's a family man and i -- we talk about our politics, books we love, movies we love, i feel like i'm having an intelligent conversation with him and he's taking me seriously. >> when does it turn? >> it turned when i'm about to leave and we're wrapping up and goes to the bathroom and comes back in nothing but a robe. at which point he asks me for a
7:34 am
massage. i say, no, i'm not comfortable. he tells me lots of people do it. he name dropped some models that he said did it all the time. and made me feel sort of like silly like i was making a big deal out of nothing and then he went to the bathroom and came back and this time he was fully naked. >> fully naked. >> and he was -- fully naked. and he's a very large man, so i mean it was sort of a terrifying experience and very disorienting, like what -- i mean, how is this happening? who does this? and he's blocking the door, you know, i can't -- >> how did you get out? >> it became sort of a cat and mouse chase and i mean i was terrified. i had a ton of adrenaline going through my body. and it was a negotiation. it was a wrestle. you know, it was -- it wasn't a physical wrestle but it was an emotional wrestle and i felt
7:35 am
like it was just time just went on and on and i couldn't get through. >> thank goodness you did finally get out and louisette, i want to hear your story. you went in 2008, 15 years later for a business meeting but the story eerily similar. >> it's quite amazing how similar they are. >> what happened to you? >> i met harvey first at the cannes film festival and sundance film festival where i was pitching a script and when i saw him there he had invited me to his latest premiere. i attended and after he asked me, hey, i want to hear your script and why don't you pitch me your ideas so we decided to meet at the restaurant where we both were staying. and shortly after the restaurant was closing so i didn't even have time to pitch so he said, well, why don't we go up to my office and at film festivals as you probably know, hotel rooms are turned into offices and so
7:36 am
you know, i felt hesitant because i heard and been in the business for awhile, had heard some things about him, but nothing solidified, of course, and so i said, well, i saw a security camera right by me and i said, you know, i'll go up and take this meeting with you if you promise not to touch me and he laughed it off and shook my hand and said, of course, not and so we went and we had a great meeting and like the other woman said, you know, very intelligent conversation, so i was enjoying myself and then he stepped away to go to the bathroom and when he showed back up he was just in a robe and as i've mentioned buck naked and it was pretty shocking and i was taken aback obviously. >> you know, you knew enough at the time to make -- try to extract a promise from him. it seemed like an open secret at the time. you told some of your friends and i think your sister at the time, as well.
7:37 am
why not go to the authorities and do you understand how this remained an open secret for so long in hollywood? >> absolutely, i mean, there's nothing that i would have liked more than to have come out and said something, but it was very clear to me and stated to me that if i say anything, i'll have a slew of lawyers on my back and no one is going to believe me over the media mogul, harvey weinstein and i mean as evidenced by these huge actresses, angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow, i mean, if they're not speaking up, who was i? i was no one at the time and i knew very well that they would not believe me over him and as the adage goes of you won't ever work in this town again, i mean, that was pretty much known to me and which is why i ended up getting out of the business because i realized either i have to put up with this kind of behavior on a daily basis or i get out and i chose, you know, to be treated like a human.
7:38 am
>> so, gloria, what happens now? i mean more women coming forward. any action to be taken against harvey weinstein? >> yes, george, and i'm so proud of louisette and all the other accusers have come forward, took a great deal of courage, but right now we have offered publicly to harvey weinstein and his attorneys that there be access to justice, both for him and for all the alleged victims. so what we propose instead of having a war is to have an arbitration which is a private trial. we could agree on a retired judge and let's let the alleged victims come in, present their evidence against mr. weinstein, mr. weinstein can present his defenses, if the judge finds in favor of the alleged victims the judge can order damages according to proof at trial. if the judge finds in favor of harvey weinstein, he can announce that to the public. so all will have their day in court. we think that's fair and we
7:39 am
think it's time for the persons who allege that they are victims to have their day in court as well and i think that's an important process and looking forward to hearing from mr. weinstein's attorneys. i'm certainly hearing from more victims, persons who allege they are victims as well. >> thank you all for your time this morning. we'll be right back. i was a good soldier. i had purpose and i loved it. two army commendation medals... impressive. you never told me you were a hero. ♪ has anybody seen my soldier i'm not a hero. we're brothers, we look after each other. ♪ has anybody seen my soldier thank you for looking after my son. i'm alive because of you. thank you for your service. rated r. fortified.tored. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c
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back now with a nightmare airbnb story. a couple finding hidden cameras in a house they were renting. abc abc's gio benitez is here with more. >> reporter: there is a difference between a regular home surveillance camera to catch crooks and what they found in this house, police say. a hidden camera in the bedroom smoke decker. the couple thinks other airbnb customers may have been recorded. police say this company had no idea they were being secretly recorded in their airbnb rental. a camera hidden inside a smoke detector looking down on their bed and now looking at their confused faces. >> we seized a lot of storage computer devices. >> reporter: the couple renting the home from this man. the listing provided to our affiliate wfts advertises the nice large townhouse in longboat key, police say they found two smoke detector cameras. they record audio and hd video. >> we're also wi-fi capable so beam a signal and didn't have to hard wire them in.
7:44 am
>> reporter: the couple realizing it because the husband works in i.t. and noticed the pinhole camera and told wfts, pie wife and i are distressed by this situation. i hope more victims will come forward. >> there are state laws that prohibit people from secretly videotaping others, particularly in those zones where individuals have an expectation of privacy. >> reporter: airbnb tells us natt had an account for two years with at least 40 reviews. airbnb policy is to prohibit cameras in bedrooms. they say we are out rained at the reports. as soon as we were aware we permanently banned this individual. we take privily issues extremely seriously. that man arrested for video voyeurism out on bond and will be arraigned next month. >> he was a techie so knew what to look for. what if you're somebody renting
7:45 am
an airbnb house. how do you find a hidden camera if there is one. >> you can download an app but you can get one of these on amazon, we got this for 13 bucks and it'll go crazy because we have cameras in there. when you turn this on, you hear that sound. that's telling you that these electronics are around you and then if you turn on the light, you actually look through it and you can see the reflection of the camera right through it. >> oh, wow. >> what is that call jood. >> this is an rf detector. >> good to know. thank you. coming up next we have a scary surprise. what would you do if you found a raccoon in your room. this guy climbing eight stories crawling into a new york city apartment. this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific
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we are back now with wild animals popping up in places you least expect and this story hits close to home. >> it does indeed. amy, winter is coming. that was for you but it is true. it's why we are seeing a sudden surge of wildlife encroaching on human areas in an attempt to find food and hit close to home right here at "gma." there she is. our executive producer roxana sherwood in the control room at the helm. that's the seat she was in yesterday when she received a startling text from her little boy that red hi, momma, there's a raccoon in my room.
7:50 am
not a lot you can do when you're in the control room and received this picture of the furry little fella who somehow managed to catapult himself up eight floors to nestle peacefully in little rio's bedroom. we found out he didn't catapult. he walked up the fire escape. he calmly went off to school. new york's finest armed with very large guns? really, did they really have gun, control room. they had guns and showed up to escort the little raccoon out. he didn't seem fazed at all posing for the camera. the paparazzi were going nuts for the little raccoon. take a listen to how rio handled it. >> i was so scared. i just immediately shut the door. i was like creeped out. i didn't want to go in my room. it smelled. >> ah. >> roxana confirmed it did smell. >> he shut the door but took a picture first.
7:51 am
smart kid. >> luckily everybody is safe. >> mom is going to clean your room. >> well, that's what george says. coming up next, what to eat before bed to get a better night's sleep. we'll be right back. george, you could clean the room. (vo) when i brought jake home,
7:52 am
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>> ♪ good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 on this wednesday october 11th. let's turn to karen rogers for a look at traffic. good morning, karen. >> hey, matt. we're checking on the accident on the schuylkill eastbound which grew. there were three vehicles involved. now we're seeing several vehicles off to the side. unclear if maybe a couple were disabled from debris left over. schuylkill expressway eastbound heading towards the conshohocken curve you're dealing with this accident off to the side. we have police. we still have penndot on the scene and we have a jam, too, from 202 to conshohocken. on 422 eastbound we've got a good five vehicles involved with this accident eastbound near stow and we're still crawling along at 4 miles an hour. westbound we've got the left lane blocked with emergency vehicles causing the problem on 422 eastbound so issues with that one. eastbound is the accident, westbound emergency vehicles coming to the scene as well. jones road at evergreen lane we still have an accident here that's causing problems, too, matt.
7:57 am
>> thank you, karen. taking a live look on sky6. that's commodore barry bridge with some cloud cover out there. meteorologist, david murphy has the accuweather forecast. david. >> lots of clouds across the region right now matt. storm tracker6 live double scan shows spotty sprinkles and showers over parts of delaware and south jersey and especially way down south. out to the north and west a couple of sprinkles and showers building in as well. occasional drizzle, occasional spotty showers around. 68 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia, most areas in the 60's and your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a cooler high than the weekend but still a little above average with a high of 75 today. and then tomorrow cloudy, drizzle, 66. 69 friday. back to the lower 80's for the weekend, matt a fire truck out here. >> indeed thank you david. president trump is heading to the pennsylvania capitol today to talk about tax reform. the president will speak at harrisburg air national guard base this evening.
7:58 am
critics say the tax reform will increase the national debt. hear from the new jersey state trooper who saved a couple from a burning suv along the a.c. expressway on >> ♪ because every detail matters. we carefully select our all-natural chicken and farm grown vegetables, purposefully blend the most flavorful herbs and spices, and finish with a long, slow simmer. the savory taste of college inn broth is the detail that helps you make any dish, and every meal delicious. college inn, delicious is in the details. well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency. new concerns now about those massive wildfires raging out of control in california. new evacuations ordered. thousands of homes and businesses burned down. firefighters racing to battle the flames and new red flag warnings at this hour. sexual harassment at work. after all the explosive allegations against producer harvey weinstein, the conversati conversations is now about women, the workplace and battling sexual harassment heats up. what our focus group reveals. new overnight baby's big debut. duchess kate back in the spotlight. her first appearance since announcing her third pregnancy. breakfast before bed? we're breaking down how your late night snack can help jump-start your morning. the three simple steps for more
8:01 am
energy as we say good morning, america. ♪ that is the harlem globetrotters. good morning, america. we hope you're well this wednesday morning. >> everybody is wondering why are they here? we got a huge event this morning. just moments ago they kicked off our half-court challenge. >> what's that? they're trying to set a new world record for the most half-court shots in one hour. they have to make at least 200. you can see they are well on their way and you can watch it actually live as it's happening on "gma's" facebook and our website all hour. >> 37 and counting. that's coming up. first we'll get the latest on the wildfires blazing across california. abc's matt gutman is in santa rosa. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. so many communities here northern california look like in this morning. with only the chimneys left standing, everything else incinerated and, george, this goes on for block after smoldering block. now, there's a new batch of
8:02 am
evacuation orders here this morning as the fires continue. thousands of people on the move. there are 17 major wildfires burning across california and you can see firefighters battling the flames from the ground and the air. now, they are so strapped and so exhausted that officials asked for reinforcements from out of state. you can see the blazes going up ten stories in the air as firefighters continue to battle them. now, the weather conditions are ripe for fire growth today. that is a major concern. but right now the death toll stands at 17 and officials tell us there are still 180 people reported missing now. they say they expect to find most of them but not all of them alive and that's one reason they say the death toll is likely to rise and what they're calling the most destructive fires in california's history and when you look behind me at this moonscape you can understand why officials say it'll take years to recover. >> yeah, the scale is really hard to wrap your head around. okay, matt, thanks very much. thank you, george.
8:03 am
linzie yanez is on the ground in sonoma, california, or sonoma county. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: you can see the flames burning on the ridge behind me. this morning firefighters once again worried about those so-called diablo winds, the hot, dry winds that got these fires whipped up in the first place with gusts of 07 miles per hour, not expecting gusts that strong today but 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts could cause these fires to explode once again. thousands of firefighters have made some progress in the last 24 hour, mostly due to favorable weather conditions but firefighters are stretched thin. one team telling us they had been defending a neighborhood for 48 hours without a break. we are being told this is nowhere near over. michael. >> all right, thank you, linzie. >> we'll continue to have up2k5i9s throughout the morning and ginger tracking that fire weather. also this morning, the tension escalating amid reports that north korea stole sensitive war plans from south korea. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has
8:04 am
all the latest from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. disturbing reports emerging from a south korea lawmaker claiming north korean hackers were able to steal classified u.s. war plans from the south korean military network including a plan to remove kim jong-un from power in the event of war. called a decapitation strike. we know the u.s. and south korea are frequently updating those war plans, secretary of defense jim mattis himself revising the plans recently in response to increased north korean aggression. and overnight, we saw those b1 bombers flying over the korean peninsula, accompanied by south korean and japanese fighter aircraft in a show of force directed towards the north korean regime. amy. >> all right, martha raddatz, thanks for the latest update. did you guys see this, kate middleton, yeah, made her first public appearance since announcing she's pregnant with baby number three.
8:05 am
she debuted her baby bump at buckingham palace for world mental health day. she kept a low profile while battling severe morning sickness and a palace aide told reporters the duchess' condition is still improving but she's still suffering and was happy to attend the event and everybody is very happy to see her there. >> yeah, no, it's tough to get through that morning sickness but we wish her well. she's done it before. she'll get through to the other side. >> it is really severe. coming up here, harvey weinstein's scandal shaking up hollywood. we're going to bring it home for all of you. what to do if you have experienced sexual harassment at work. the foods that will help you sleep and what to avoid if you're trying to catch some zs. lara is upstairs. what you got. >> downtears the harlem globetrotters trying to reach that world record by the end of our show. so exciting. can they do it. you will find it live on "gma." did i mention up here we have the greatest audience.
8:06 am
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♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. we have a fired up audience but great to have you all here, at home, as well. one day away from "deals & steals" tomorrow. tory will be here with very cozy deals. >> ah. >> i like to do that. >> you do cute when you do that. >> cozy deals which includes hats with the bluetooth ear buds built in. >> right up our alley. >> i think the camera caught amy
8:11 am
giving me diet advice. >> i said i really miss beer. just in case you were wondering. >> there's one for you, amy, it's rose, it'll all be okay. i was going to say that's always okay. time for "pop news," everybody. [ applause ] this audience is a little biased because there's a large penn state contingency. if you hear extra loud claps that's why. we're going to begin with fi michelle pfeiffer. the roles they didn't take i love hearing about. try to think of a movie iconic. well, michelle pfeiffer is revealing she is so bummed out about turning down the cult classic "thelma and louise." she, by the way is gracing "variety" magazine's cover, power of women. she admits it kills her she had to pass on that role and can't even watch the movie because it stresses her out so much. the reason she passed was it conflicted with "love field" but
8:12 am
did earn her an oscar nomination. she revealed she passed on two other to die for roles, "silence of the lambs." >> clarisse. >> i know, one of the greats, of course, jodie foster winning an oscar for that and "to die for" playing a sociopath newscasters based on the story of my life, no. just kidding. but you know, pfeifer doing fine, three oscar nomination, a golden globe and we'll see her next in "murder on the orient express" looking forward to that starring opposite johnny depp, judi dench and daisy ridley. so life is just fine. >> she did all right. >> and it's nice to be asked to the party. at least she was invited. also in "pop news" this morning, jennifer lopez, she has found her next on screen bestie and it just works out it happens to her offscreen bestie sharing this cozy photo of herself snuggled up to leah remini
8:13 am
saying every lucy needs an ethel. look who is doing a movie together. the two stars are joining forces for a new romantic comedy called "second act" in which jennifer lopez reinvents herself and shows madison avenue street smarrs are just as valuable as a college degree and remini plays her sidekick, best friend and co-worker who just happens to have a little attitude. no typecasting there. the news comes at the same time we found this morning that j. lo is listing her new york city apartment, a sneak peek, wow have, 15 rooms in the flat iron district of new york city on the market for just a wee $27 million. >> whoa. >> which leads me to believe that jenny comes from a very nice block. [ laughter ] >> well played, lara. that was good. >> a beautiful place. >> wow, wow. and finally it's that time of year, it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. joel holland from washington state must have quite a green thumb. >> whoa. >> he grew that.
8:14 am
he grew that pumpkin which weighs more than 2300 pounds, the heaviest pumpkin ever grown in the u.s. second heaviest ever in the world. the prized pumpkin earned him $16,000 in price money at a competition in california. he transported it there if you're wondering, i called it a gargantuan gourd in a truck using a forklift to move it and won the contest seven times before this but never has scored so big. so, congratulations to you it got us in the halloween mood which i don't know if you know but you are starting to get ready for a big halloween dress-up thing. >> got a date after the show. >> we have a date after the show. >> get ready for that in a couple of weeks. and that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] thousand to our "gma" cover story in the wake of those bombshell allegations against harvey weinstein focus is turning to what women face in the workplace, a staggering 60% say they have experienced sexual harassment on the job and abc's
8:15 am
rebecca jarvis is here with more on this very important story. rebecca. >> that's right, good morning to all of you and this issue might be getting more attention than ever before, but we know that it's been going on underneath the surface in every industry for years. it's a story as old as hollywood itself. tales of sexual favors and sexual harassment for a chance at stardom. kept under wraps, an open secret until now. in the past week women coming forth with their stories of harassment and abuse by super producer harvey weinstein. stars like angelina jolie, ashley judd and gwyneth paltrow now sharing their stories, paltrow telling "the new york times" the alleged harassment was during her breakout role in "emma." >> incomprehensible thing in the world is a woman who rejects his offer of marriage. >> reporter: she was just 22 years old. she said she refused his unwanted advances and kept mum. i thought he was going to fire
8:16 am
me. >> when you're just starting out, you know there are hundreds if not thousands of people would want your job. coming forward about sexual harassment and assault is not an easy thing to do especially if your entire career is on the line. >> reporter: but sexual harassment is not just a hollywood problem. we spoke to working women from all kinds of industries late last year. >> how many of you have been sexually harassed over the course of your career? leave your hand up if it's more than twice. more than three times. more than four times. how many of you have been referred to, show of hands, as a girl, a doll, a babe or honey at work? sweetheart belongs on that list as well. how many have heard you're too emotional? >> you're being too emotional. now don't get so emotional. that's the new word for sexism and put you down but if you say anything, you're emotional because you're a woman. >> reporter: and then this shocking drop in hands.
8:17 am
how many of you filed an hr request against your harasser? but isn't hr supposed to be the safe place to report harassment? >> typically the women are younger, they may be a status that's dependent upon their job and the perpetrators know this and, in fact, prey on them and count on their silence. >> i sort of silenced myself. i felt in that moment i felt like there's an erasure of yourself. >> i have to think about my values and what's important to me and weigh them against my career. >> it's still hard for women and men who have been victims of sexual harassment to talk about it which really speaks to how much we still stigmatize victims and the goal is to empower women to speak up which means that the perpetrators need very severe consequences. >> all right, let's bring in hollywood reporters tv editor marisa guthrie and dan abrams along with rebecca. marisa, we have long heard about the casting couch in hollywood.
8:18 am
could this story be the tipping point to ending it. >> i hope so. i think everybody hopes so. i mean, this is so extreme. these allegations are so extreme and they've been circulating for decades in hollywood. so i think this is a wake-up call and there are other shoes to drop here. >> rebecca, we just heard marisa say these allegations have been swirling for decades. talk a little about the lack of reporting in cases like this. women just don't feel confident coming forward. >> we know from the eeoc which is the major body that looks into these issues that 94% of the time as much as 94% of the time, they don't get talked about. they don't file complaints. and part of the issue is the imbalance of power and the fear that many women face and men who are in this situation in that imbalance of power, we've heard of eeoc research that 75% of the time those who do complain face retaliation. >> and, dan, we heard gloria allred speaking earlier about a possible class action civil
8:19 am
arbitration. what do you make of that strategy. >> first of all listening to those women earlier this morning, it's just so gross is the bottom line. listening to those accounts of what they say happened to them. look, what gloria allred is effectively asking for is for harvey weinstein to waive the statute of limitations and agree to enter into arbitration. it's not going to happen. i'm not criticizing dmror ra allred for offering it as an option. it's just not going to happen. the statute of limitations is a real problem in cases like this, why? because as we're talking, women are afraid to come forward. they don't want to come forward. they don't know what the impact will be on their careers, their lives, et cetera, which is why you see more and more states trying to change the statute of limitations but here you have a real statute of limitations problem both in terms of civil and criminal. this one possible criminal case that we know of now that could be brought based on an interesting statute of limitations argument. >> marisa, as we hear women come forward we're now starting to hear from some men who are
8:20 am
speaking out and speaking up against harvey weinstein. what role do men play in this? >> they have to -- it can't be, you know, the girls, you know, the sisterhood against the old boys club. it has to be everybody speaking out about this and raising their hand and saying, i saw this and we can't tolerate this and that's part of the reason that these allegations about harvey could -- he could keep doing this for so long because everybody kept quiet about it. and people who knew about it kept quiet about it and i think we're going to hear from more people coming forward or being outed as, you know, having -- it's who knew what when with this. >> speelging to that, rebecca, talk about the impact this may have on any other potential victims seeing some of the pose powerful women in hollywood stepping forward and saying it happened to me. >> i think there is strength in number and the outcome here is really going to ultimately dictate how other whimper receive this. if harvey weinstein, for example, goes back to his career
8:21 am
and if there are not ultimately issues and the women who are coming out face issues in retaliation in their careers, they're going to be women who are fearful to do the same. but if the opposite happens, if justice is served, if the women who have come forward go on to flourish in their careers and this isn't an issue or taken on their reputation then you're going to see more women feel comfortable and i do think there is strength in numbers here. >> you're going to see more women come forward against harvey weinstein. >> i think everyone has said that. dan, i want to ask, you mentioned there is right now potentially one criminal case in this. we were talking earlier about what makes some of these cases just, you know, he's a bad guy, he is a predator versus he's doing something criminally wrong. >> the bottom line the difference between sexual harassment and assault, sexual harassment is workplace, a variety of types of them that can occur in the workplace, the bathrobe incident, walking in saying, you know, walking out suddenly naked, et cetera, a sexual assault is contact.
8:22 am
is basically taking someone, forcing someone to do something, touching someone in a way. even a touch by the way can be a sexual assault. don't forget that. that if you are touched inappropriately, workplace, not workplace, that's a sexual assault. that can be something you can and should report. so it's really important to think about these things because it is just such a scary when we look back at everything that happened here. >> for so long. >> oh. >> incredible pattern of bad behavior according to all of these women, dan, marisa, rebecca, thank you very much. very important conversation. we appreciate it. [cheers and applause] >> you know what right near times square, amy, we are trying to set a guinness world record. and by we, i mean the harlem globetrotters. they are doing half court shots and trying to make it to the 200 before the hour is over. we're already seeing numbers of 184. these guys are well over, i think they'll have absolutely no problems in the next half hour of making this happen.
8:23 am
you guys stay with us. let's get a check now a little closer to home. >> those guys are a lot of fun. storm tracker6 live double scan showing you showers to the north, others to the south, the i-95 corridor basically dry right now although there could be drizzle around. cloudy skies at city hall and it's looking dry a way from the fountains currently. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast moving from the 60's to a high of 75 today, mostly cloudy, some sprinkles and showers at times straight into the evening. tomorrow cloudy skies an odd shower perhaps some drizzle. cooler, 66. then 69 friday and back to the low 80's for the weekend. cale ww to stay healthy without worrying about your weight. this morning we're looking at how certain foods can help you sleep longer and stay healthier. >> had all comes from a recent review that found sleep deprived people tend to eat 400 calories a day more than those well rested so our senior medical
8:24 am
contributor dr. jen ashton is here to break it down. >> yes, you guys. >> welcome, doctor. >> thank you. >> you recommend that adults get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. >> is that how much you get. >> if i could get five i'm happy because i wake up too much but why is that so important? >> so, you know, you heard me say before sleep has a massive pr problem. it's a medical necessity because when people are sleep deprived there are a number of hormonal changes that there's a hormone that at thes your brain when it's time to eat. there is a hormone called leptin, when to feel full. when you are sleep deprived ghre ghrelin goes up. leptin goes down. the number on the scale goes up and triggers a whole bunch of cascades. >> like a vicious cycle. >> i'm always on ghrelin because my stomach is always growling. >> you'll take one, lara. you take the other. don't show off with the flexing here but i want you to think about this band as the stress that goes on with your body
8:25 am
during the day. so, michael, take a couple of steps back, don't snap the band. >> don't you dare. >> you can imagine this is -- >> don't you let go. >> had is the stress that our bodies go through during the day. michael, close your eyes and slowly walk through lara like you're sleepwalking during our sleep we're renewing, resetting, recharging our body so that the next day we can do this all over again. >> then it goes again. >> flex when you do that. >> then come back. >> all right. >> you brought some foods. >> yeah. >> you brought some foods that can help us sleep. some that may help us not sleep. >> the positive first. >> help you go to sleep, bananas, carb, some fat like cheese, honey and people used to think it's the tryptophan. you can't pull out tryptophan in foods. it's all bundled together. it's probably an insulin spike that occurs after you eat carbs that helps you sleep. in moderation, it's a good thing for sleep. >> bowl of cereal.
8:26 am
breakfast for dinner. >> breakfast for dinner, exactly but you know what -- yeah, nuts, a banana with honey. what you want to try to avoid like the jen ashton favorite food section. something that's spicy, chocolate which has caffeine, alcohol is a massive sleep disrupter so these not so good. >> why you look at me? lara and i looked at each other. really? oh, man. how is the best way too wake up. >> in the morning three things, food, behavior and environment. food you want to have a low carb high protein breakfast, behavior, want to bring in the light into the room and exercise or meditation. >> all right. thank you, doc. when we come back the clock is ticking on the globetrotters. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> hi, everyone. 8:27 on this wednesday october 11. i'm matt o'donnell. i-95 typical trouble spot tops our traffic report. >> it is matt and a little hard to see as we look at this shot on i-95. we have the left lane being blocked. we've got an accident. you can kind of make out the flashing lights through the area as you look through the low clouds in south philadelphia. i-95 southbound approaches columbus boulevard here. as you head towards the walt whitman bridge hard to see and you have an accident blocking the left lane so jams from cottman avenue now to columbus boulevard. northbound you see everyone moving kind of slowly here and they've got a gaper delay on i-95 northbound. lincoln drive outbound at mccollum street an accident involving an overturned vehicle. emergency workers on the scene. traffic is moving in both directions on the inbound lanes because outbound is blocked with this overturned
8:28 am
vehicle accident. outside live on 309 we see an accident involving four vehicles. we've had a lot of big accidents today. this is our latest one right here, matt. >> karen thank you. let's turn now to meteorologist, david murphy for the accuweather forecast. david. >> mainly cloudy skies across the region right now matt. storm tracker6 live double scan shows a couple showers in the northern and western suburbs. a lot of this outside of the region but some of you in lehigh and berks county seeing something. a couple light showers in south jersey and delaware as well. pretty far south. 68 degrees currently in philadelphia, most of us in the 60's. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a warm afternoon high of 75 but not as warm as it was over the weekend and at times there could be a spotty shower or perhaps a little drizzle passing through. tomorrow, cloudy, a spotty shower 66. friday mostly cloudy 69. for the weekend a ridge of high pressure builds in and we get warm again with highs in the low 80's on saturday and sunday. >> oh, boy. thank you david. president trump will visit
8:29 am
harrisburg today to tout his tax reform plan. "action news" will be there. >> ♪
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." and as you can hear, we have a great audience in our studio this morning. [ cheers and applause ] good job, you guys. >> we got a lot going on outside this morning. let's look at times square. it's now a basketball court for our record-setting half-court challenge, of course, that's the harlem globetrotters and we've got a guinness world record judge there. alex angert. what number are you up to? 229. killing it. you guys -- [ applause ] you guys already have 15 guinness world records. first time you're trying to set one as a group. so what made you decide to do this one? >> well, we felt like it was important for us to demonstrate teamwork and it's just a small
8:31 am
example of our 2018 amazing feats of basketball tour so it's a micro come of what you'll see when we travel across the country. get tickets the >> who is helping you today? who? >> the whole group. >> they got all the team there and we have our official guinness world record judge, alex angert here keeping score, so, alex, how are they doing. >> they are doing fantastic and already surpassed the record so now everything else for the next half hour is just gravy. >> any predictions how far they're going to go? >> let's see. so we're about 37 minutes in, if they could top 300 that would be pretty, pretty officially amazing. >> officially amazing. i like that. >> good luck, you guys. keep it up. >> congratulations. [ applause ]
8:32 am
>> i say they leave the court out there. next week you and i go break their record. >> i'll get three. >> if we're lucky. you know, this brought me to something i saw. the martha stewart weddings and everyone likes to win an argument. >> martha stewart weddings. >> i'm very well versed in everything, amy. but everyone likes to win an argument. an astrologer did something on your soak yak sign and you can use that to gain an upper hand. for example, i'm a scorpio so her advice for arguing with me is to get me in a food frame of mind with a romantic candlelit dinner. >> what if it's like an argument with george. >> yeah, before you get -- >> here's a glass of wine. >> here's a glass. you have to get scorpio in the mood and warm me up. butter me up and throw a big argument at me. that's the way it works through
8:33 am
the mind is through the stomach. that's how you do it but i got you guys. this is what i really enjoyed. amy and george, you're both aquarius, now, aquarius isn't the best star sign to have an emotional situation. >> that's true. >> i'm glad you got the rest of ha. >> save your tears for private. i don't want to hear it. >> it's manipulative. >> i would feel like i got a head fake if i got the romantic dinner then got hit with an argument. >> what's really going on? >> i would eat the food and say, okay, argue whatever you want. you like to analyze every last detail. >> andrew could confirm that, yes. >> arguing with an aquarius the best way to approach it is watch us be -- >> have your facts straight and be logical. >> oh! >> hey. >> if not, you're going to lose. >> somebody else is reading martha stewart wettings too. lara, you're gemini. >> yep. >> whoo. >> yes. >> your sign is ruled by
8:34 am
communication. so you'll want to go over disagreements over and over again so the best approach is to let you talk it out. >> yes. >> then give you space to think about it. is that the best way? >> so listen to myself and then go think about what i just said? >> yeah. [ laughter and applause ] >> how do you feel about that? >> you'll always win. >> in my mind i'm a winner. >> that's funny. >> we have all these and they're all on martha stewart -- >> weddings. >> we're here for you. >> all right, we now have a very special guest to bring to the table. the very talented and versatile actress who stars in the new movie "goodbye christopher robin," please welcome margot robbie. ♪ 24 carat magic in the air >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> hey, how are you.
8:35 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> long time no see. >> mwah. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> margot, just beautiful if red. >> thank you. i feel like a bit of a news reporter today. microphone. going live. >> fancy news reporter. were you just listening to our conversation about how to argue best based on your astrological sign. >> oh, i missed this. >> we'll like get you sped up here. you are a cancer which makes you apparently extremely sensitive, is that true? >> i've always -- like i know i'm a cancer but i've never actually identified with any of the characteristics of a cancer because people always say, oh, you must be sensitive. i'm like, no, not really. >> if you were in an argument, according to this advice, they say hugging you to reassure that everything is okay is the best way to go. >> oh, the worst, the worst thing for me. worst. i'm sorry to -- >> yeah, i'm with you.
8:36 am
>> yeah. >> don't touch you. >> yeah. >> stay away. >> let's work through it first. >> there is that thing that says it's not necessarily your astrological sign but rising sign so you're supposed to look at the time you're born. very intricate. we don't have enough time to get into it. >> how long is this show? >> i do love that whole astrology thing and also love having you here. great to see you again and, yes, you can have that mug. >> thank you. my mum will be thrilled. thank you so much. >> let's talk about the new movie. you play christopher robin's mother in this. let's take a look. >> are they really wild animals. >> i can't continue this conversation until we've been properly introduced. >> i'm billy moon and you're teddy bear. >> edward bear. >> i don't like that. mummy will help us think of a new one. >> you do know it is me talking, not the bear. i was just playing. >> yes, i was just joining in. >> ah. [ applause ]
8:37 am
>> this movie, this movie is about the author of the winnie the pooh books and his family, will tilston. his first movie, first audition. i heard he kept you in line. >> he's so professional i felt obliged to lift my game a little bit and behave a little more responsibly than i normally do. we're all like, my god, he's so professional. he is an amazing actor. i don't know how they -- yeah, they -- >> so no 10-year-old moments. >> no. >> only from the adults. >> only from us, yes. for sure. >> this is a big departure from harley quinn. >> yes. >> i know. >> so great. >> do you have a special place in your heart for roles like harley or roles like this? do you lean one way or the other. >> totally, no. i don't think i've ever played a role that hasn't held a special place in my heart. they're so different and i'm so
8:38 am
grateful i get to lay so many different characters at the moment. >> is it true you have a special keepsake from your time as harley. >> baseball bat next to my bed. >> that's nice. >> in case an intruder breaks in, oh, you picked the wrong house. i've never needed to use it. >> good. >> lovely. some people take like a costume and margo takes a baseball bat. >> i did take my jack as well. jacket and bat. >> that is a segue to the tonya harding biopic. >> oh, yeah, the -- >> ooh. >> it just happened. so tell us a little about that. because you're very involved in producing as well. >> i produced it as well and we're releasing this year it's been a really quick turnaround on that but it was amazing. >> already done. >> already done. we finished shooting earlier this year and it's already going to be coming out in december. >> there was a quote from you that's getting a lot of headlines that you are 100% on tonya harding's side. >> that's really taken out of context actually. >> shocking.
8:39 am
this isn't me trying to cover but truly i was saying how my job as an actor is to find my character's point of view and then believe that 100% so i was like in that way when i started the project looking at all the information and the facts i didn't really know what to make of it. that's kind of the cool thing about the film is you see everyone's perspective and it can contradict each other all the time. but because i play tonya i'm like 100% on her side the way i'm 100% on queen elizabeth i's side and holly's side and daphne's side. you have to believe what they're saying is the absolute truth to delivers it with conviction. >> was the first time something was taken out of context for you. >> no, it happens all the time. >> leave you a little terrified to talk. >> yes, kind of. >> i'm glad you got to clarify. what you just said makes a lot of sense. >> thanks for giving me the chance. >> something not taken out of context the first time you were here on "gma" was 2013 for "wolf
8:40 am
of wall street" and you were very excited when you got a "gma" mug. >> i still have it. >> not only do we have a new "gma" mug for you and your mom, we also got a few more things. come on, bring them out. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. here. thank you. >> you're going to love these sunglasses. >> thank you. >> those are a collector's item. take care of those. you know, "goodbye christopher robin" hits theaters friday and we got more with margot and the rest of the cast coming up ahead so don't go anywhere. our "gma" guest john green and the nerd fighters. can't wait to hear about his book. that's coming up next.
8:41 am
wow. make no bones about it. >> david brings the a game when we get him to taste scombhily's fine
8:42 am
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with strayer university's mba program today. >> back here on "good morning america" trying to do the world guinness record and already past 200 setting it. this is a team effort. who else is here. >> oh, yes, we have bull, hammer, buck thunder and spider amazing basketball. >> iby the time we get to the gallery we'll definitely be there. >> they're pretty good. storm tracker6 live double scan we got a couple showers north and west of philadelphia, some down by the shore.
8:44 am
95 corridor. cloudy with more drizzle tomorrow 66 and 69 friday. gett. going to go way beyond 300. back with the best-selling author behind "the fault in our stars." john green out with a brand-new book called "turtles all the way down" and already the number one best-seller on amazon. we'll talk to him after a quick look at his blockbuster success. >> good morning. >> reporter: john green is the king of young adult novels. >> the first chapter of "turtles all the way down." >> reporter: selling more than 50 million copies worldwide. his blockbusters include looking for alaska, paper towns and the fault in our stars. he also stays connected to fans online with nearly 6 million twitter followers and two wildly popular youtube sites. >> i have obsessive compulsive disorder. >> reporter: he personally reel veried his struggles. in his new book "turtles all the
8:45 am
way down" green tackles mental illness head on. and john green joins us right now. thanks for coming in again today. you just had that confession. we just saw in your youtube video but your main character in the book suffers from ocd. >> yeah, she has obsessive/compulsive disorder and feels like she has thoughts that she can't get rid of that kind of feel like they're coming from the outside of her and then she uses compulsive behavers to try to manage these thoughts that she can't stop having. >> so you get inside the mind and the heart of a 16-year-old girl. so important to so many young women who are struggling with anxiety. >> a lot have apgs sitety disorders and a lot live with obsessive thought problems. i'm one of them and one of the reasons i wanted to write the book is because you know i did feel very alone in that for a long time. i think that psychic pain can be tremendously isolating and that only compounds the hurt of it. >> that's got to be one of the most fulfilling things about
8:46 am
your job helping people to feel less alone with their issues. >> yeah, i mean i love writing books. i love making videos. i feel incredibly lucky to be able to do it. it does. i love being able to connect with people and help connect people to each other. >> what's the most important thing you hope people get out of this one. >> i hope people understand maybe, get a glimpse of what it's like to live with mental illness. this kind of mental illness and i also hope people who may be love someone who has a mental illness or, you know, we all know that experience of wanting to take pain away from our kids, those of us who have kids and writing about that was really important to me. when i was a younger writer i didn't care as much about parental characters as i do now that i'm a parent. so writing about the relationship between parents and children in this book was really important. >> got a lot of fans. your nerd fighters including seamus. [ applause ] he's got a question. >> so, i had a question for you. how did your interactions with
8:47 am
nerd fighters sort of shape your writing of the book? >> well, i mean it shaped my writing of the book so much in so many ways. i mean, the great thing about my job i get to hear from teenagers and young people every single day and youtube comments and that's really helpful but also i was writing for you guys when no one was reading it in these like coded blogs that only a few people could read and that was super helpful to me because i was able to write for a really small audience that was generous so thank you. >> you get to communicate in two different ways. you write alone all morning then go do the videos in the afternoon. >> yeah, it's perfect for me because i get to spend a lot of time alone in my basement which is great. and then spend my afternoon connecting with people directly online. >> you're going to connect with millions with "turtles all the way down." john green, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. everyone should know everyone here in the audience is going home with a copy. [ cheers and applause ] coming up, a brand-new
8:48 am
record right here. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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creamy, delicious, 100% real cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. we are back with margot robbie and the cast of "goodbye christopher robin." domhnall gleeson, kelly macdonald and will tilston. so great to have you here. will, you play christopher robin and we heard margo say earlier you're the one who was like professional on set. this is your first movie. your first audition. >> yes. >> what did you think when you got the role? >> i can't believe it because i thought i had to do tons of auditions. i didn't know it was going to come this soon like it was who would have imagined it, yeah, but it was -- i wasn't really nervous. i think the excitement sort of overtook it. >> wow. now you think this acting thing is easy. i got this. and, kelly, you play the nanny.
8:51 am
>> yes. >> for christopher robin but you have two young kids of your own so could you imagine them being in christopher robin's situation where you're thrust into the spotheight and have no say in it. >> i mean i am not even really thrust into the spotlight myself. so i can't imagine my kids are going to have much trouble but, no, i wouldn't -- i don't think it's awfully good. >> not awfully good parenting. >> it's awfully british of me. >> i'll figure out how to get an accent myself. you play a.a. milne. when you a big winnie the pooh fan growing up. >> no. >> no? >> interviews we're going to say. >> yes. i was a huge fan of winnie the pooh. no, i had kind of irish language books and stuff growing up so i kind of missed winnie the pooh. >> i was a big winnie the pooh fan. i used to have a winnie the pooh
8:52 am
shirt. too much answer. >> steal his answer in the future. >> too much information. but, you know, margot you said you knew these movies very well and knew the books very well. i'll play a little game with all of you and ask each of you a question about which character would fit each one of you of someone in this group so, margot, i'll start with you. who is most like winnie the pooh? >> i would say will actually because i feel like winnie the pooh says the most poe found things sometimes and will also says the most profound things sometimes. yeah. >> winnie is also quite stupid though so -- >> no. he's not stupid. >> he's a bear of very little brain. how can you say that about will. >> okay, which, i'm going to ask you. who is the most like piglet and piglet is -- it's kind but a little shy. who is most like that? >> the thing is i don't think anyone is really shy if i'm honest. >> i can see that from these
8:53 am
answers. >> but i think kelly may be piglet because quite nice and -- >> margot and i were fighting over piglet. i'm smaller so i get to be piglet. >> fighting over the characters. you know, i have a question for all of you. i heard you like to play what if on set. you know. >> would you rather. >> would you rather. question for our audience. would you stay home tonight or would you rather go see this movie? rather go see the movie. well, that's good because you're all going home with tickets to the premiere of tonight's
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by prudential. >> give it up for the harlem globetrotters. they just earned the 16th guinness world record title right there for the half-court challenge. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> tickets are on sale now. >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it is 8:56 on this wednesday october 11th. starting off in delaware with traffic and karen rogers. >> starting off with serious
8:57 am
problems. matt. an overturned tractor-trailer in delaware. highway one is blocked in both directions between north smyrna and odessa. all traffic diverted off onto route 13. highway one in delaware blocked in both directions because of a big accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer. speeds in the single digits trying to deal with that closure. head off onto route 13 to avoid the problem there. outside live here in south philadelphia, another accident on i-95 near the walt whitman bridge. i told you about the southbound accident near columbus boulevard. there's a northbound accident on i-95 near the walt. it's off to the right shoulder so southbound still really jamming because of that accident and northbound slow as well. another accident involving an overturned vehicle lincoln drive outbound causing delays here as well, matt. >> got you karen. thank you. now let's head outside to meteorologist, david murphy and the accuweather forecast. david. >> still kind of cloudy matt. every now and then the sun tries to punch through the clouds. storm tracker6 live double scan showing you showers down south in delaware and extreme
8:58 am
cape may county and a little bit more of that north and west. temperatures right now are comfortable enough. we're at 69 degrees in philadelphia. it's not going to be as warm this afternoon as it was over the weekend but we'll still be above average with a high of 75. more spotty showers through the day. tomorrow cloudy a little drizzle. cooler, 66. 69 friday. back to the low 80's for the weekend matt. >> thank you david. philadelphia police are still looking for the gunman responsible for a triple shooting overnight. detectives believe one of the victims was an innocent bystander. we'll have the latest on the investigation during "action news" at noon. "live with kelly and ryan" is next here on 6abc. jimmy fallon will be a guest on the program. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great wednesday, everyone. >> ♪
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, host of "the tonight show," jimmy fallon. and he plays archie on the hit series "riverdale," kj apa. plus, the "banana bread bakeoff" continues with today's challenger, laurie gelman. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning. hello. good morning, hey, guys. how are you? good morning, good morning. good


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