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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 20, 2017 12:37am-1:05am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, talking tough. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime. >> president trump and his first address to the u.n., vowing to totally destroy north korea if the u.s. is forced to defend itself. in the air above south korea with the f-16 pilots always prepared for the unimaginable. >> best way to prevent a war. >> plus, bob woodward on the edge of tyranny. the boundary between north korea and china. >> look at this warning. do not converse or exchange objects with people on the other side of the border of the will. >> a view from the ground. >> i don't think you see those
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plows much anymore. >> and the notorious regime clamps down at a check point. but first the "nightline" five.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. tonight another escalation in the war of words between
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president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un. this time with the leaders of the world watching. the president's first address to the united nations. so what comes next? we go inside the brutal regime. >> a war of words across the pacific. >> details about north korea's missile launch -- >> north korea claims it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. >> north korea has fired off another missile. >> and a show of force from both sides. >> he has said things are horrific. with me he's not getting away with it. >> escalating tensions between the and u.s. north korea on extraordinary heights in recent months. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> and this morning at the u.n. general assembly -- >> if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> president trump singling out
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kim jong-un on the word stage in one of the most high stakes foreign policy speeches of his presidency. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. >> leaving many to fear that the incendiary rhetoric is choking what reminds left on the road to diplomacy and that one faus move could tip the balance. >> what worries me is the possibility of misinterpretation that leads the catastrophe that no one wants. >> we spent time with the u.s. air force last month on osan air base in south korea. witnessing some of the u.s. military's most advanced war planes. >> layser to target line. 265 to 295.
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>> we are given a unique look into the front lines flying on the back of the f-16. >> we're going to get approval the move closer. >> approval hard to come by. we are finally cleared into the area known as the p-518. the p-prohibited, a highly restricted space between the two koreas. >> so how far are we? >> right now, 10 miles. >> and that's as close as you can get? >> that's as close as we can get. >> so we're not really in a war zone but it can happen at any time. >> that's our mission. we like the say that we're ready to fight tonight. >> back on the ground. i spoke to captain daniels and his fellow pilot major graham
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weller who told me all these preparations are in fact on avoid war. >> the best way to prevent a war is to make sure the north korean regime knows if they were to initiate a conflict on this peninsula, they would lose as quickly. >> if ultimately our effort to did heter then phase, then we're manitobaizing to defend the south koreans and their way of life. >> so it's only 35 miles from the border. >> a lot of kids is that shopping. >> the seoul bureau chief who likes everyone here lives with uncertainty. >> this time, doesn't it seem different? >> it does. that's because we have a north korea so close to the finish line on a nuclear tipped icbm that can reach the u.s. >> the potential range of north korean missiles has multiplied in recent years. in july north korea shot a
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missile 2,300 mize into space, landing in the sea of japan. but experts say angled with a different trajectory, it could have reached deep into the united states. >> the kim regime seeps will to have had a very comprehensive plan for the way they want to move forward. >> they said it comes from advances in rocket engines. a technology north korea likely acquired outside its borders. >> most likely the for thatter soviet union. >> and many fear kim's thirst for nuclear weapons to put on those missiles is not going away. >> his primary objective is to stay in power. he fees having a nuclear weapons capability is the most assured way to keep and maintain his position of the. >> behind the bluster, kim jong-un remains something of an enigma of the will the third son, he rose to power in 2011
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following his father's death. experts believe he is in his early to mid 30s and that he went to school in switzerland before returning to north korea. >> he was being grouped from about age 8. this is a young man brimming with confidence. has almost never been told no of the. >> kip has ratcheted up the weapons program, conducting more missiles in the six years he's been in power than his father and grandfather combined. these tests rocking a delicate balance of power north korea has the ability to attack south korea and japan of countries the u.s. has sworn to protect. aided by america's arsenal of nuclear weapons. >> he clearly wants a weapon that will did heter the united states and other outside powers from entintervening and overthrowing his jeel.
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>> he traveled the border between china and north korea. >> so this is china. right across the river is north korea. and it is absolutely dark. >> a country he's been to many times. always the capital, pyongyang, always under the watchle have eye of the government. >> this says no drones flying over the border. and look at this warning. do not converse or exchange objects with people on the other side of the border. they told us to be careful. >> barbed wire, rivers, bridges separating them. >> we're just heading south. heading to what is called the new district. this is where a brand new bridge is under construction for the last seven years or so. but it is almost stopped. slowing down. >> this $350 million project was built by the chinese. it now sits as bridge to nowhere. literally. satellite pictures show that the
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bridge abruptly ends on the north korean side in a dirt field. bob meets a truck driver who used to trade with north korean farmers and most recently helped in the construction of this bridge. >> kim jong-un is testing so many nuclear bombs and missiles. is there much fear here? >> translator: journey along the border, a glimpse so few have seen. >> i don't think you see those plows much anymore. >> there's china on this side. and there's north korea on the other. >> you see the difference in wealth. >> here the team is stopped at a check point. forced to turn around. >> he's looking through all of our bags. >> the guys are following us. >> will they be following us from now on? who snngs we'll try a different route back to the border. clearly it is getting more difficult. >> back in south korea, lee who
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escaped from north korea and still has family there, says kim's threats against the u.s. are empty. lee began launching balloons containing leaflets north, hoping, he says, to open the eyes of north koreans to the deception of their leader. something he experienced himself. >> what do you think their life is like now under kim jong-un? >> for now the two leaders continue their war of words while the u.s. military continues to train for the real thing. for "nightline," seoul.
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you might not know his nail
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but you definite know his song. charlie puth swang top artists like megan trainor. he co-created the number one hit that spawned one of the most watched youtube videos of all time. tonight he tells his story of how he did it of the. >> it is just minutes to show type for up and coming star charlie puth. >> the fans are already inside. they're in their seats. >> he is technically the opener but for soap in this packed arena in washington, d.c., charlie is why they're here. he's been drumming up some major attention, topping charts with plenty of solo hits. he first skyrocketed to fame after co-creating one of the most successful musical corroborations in music history. ♪ it's been a long day without you my friend ♪ >> see you again, honoring the late paul walker.
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♪ see you again >> the most viewed music video on youtube for nearly a month and scoring three grammy nominations. he composed thor lyrics during a meeting. he said it took only a matter of minutes. >> my friend passed away in 2012. the moment i found out he was no longer living. i texted his friend. i was like, see you soon. how about see you again. it's been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again. i think i had in the span of 30 minutes, all executives walking into the room of who will is this kid? he just cracked the code for the end of this really important scene for fast and furious. no one has been able to do it. he nailed in it ten minutes. i'm supposed to be like i had no idea. i knew the song would change my life. i knew it. >> it has all gotten a little crazy for charlie. >> this is it. this is where the magic happens.
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>> this is magical blue bus. >> he spends a lot of time on there bus. >> very posh. this nice fake leather. >> but he takes his studio with him on the road. >> i've interviewed other art i haves and i have not seen the tour bus studio. >> many start right here on his iphone. >> every song was made off the phone just from ideas. >> those ideas snow ball when his virtual one man band gets to work. >> you know my song, attention, this one started in tokyo of it popped into my head. like those owed cartoons where a mouse iss sneaking across the kitchen floor. and the next thing i did was add these cool little chimes. these little tin can things. some glasses and cans together.
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and they sound kind of rigid but they went perfectly with this little base part. and the final thing, anything that makes you do this. like you just -- it makes you just do it. you put the cake in. i'm on my tour bus. >> he may look the part of a pop star. >> so your mop wm was completel influential. >> yeah of she taught me to play at 4 years owed. my mom said, i would be walking around. mom, the wind is blowing. i always had it but it became very apparent to me when i was around 8 years owld. i reizalized could i listen to e
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karm enters and play it. >> he first reached internet fame with youtube. ♪ ♪ you just want attention >> now recognition goes wherever he goes. >> today he fits in fan meet and greets. in between sound checks. charlie has plenty of hits to his name. marvin guy. ♪ superman >> to one call away. ♪ i'm only one call away >> but he says he's still driven to put on a one of a kind show for these fans. who is on your shirt?
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charlie puth? you're all here to see charlie? okay. >> nerves are good. yes. >> writing a soundtrack. >> okay. it is packed now! finally, it is time to take the stage. ♪ you just want attention ♪ ♪ you don't want my heart ♪ >> the atmosphere is electric. the energy is out of control. if charles gets his wish -- ♪ it's been a long day ♪ i'll tell you all about it when i see you again ♪
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>> the takeaway is inspirational. for that next artist somewhere in the crowd. >> my hope after the album is out, rather than reading all the reviews and knowing what people think of it. i would rather the 12-year-old version of me than brand new version of me. i want them to hear that album and try to beat it and i want them to be expired by it. that means the most to me. ♪ >> for "nightline," gloria river ar a in washington, d.c. next, we're tracking hurricane maria on its way to
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