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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 26, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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a sense of the flights to be canceled, the cruise ships that have to go back out to sea. there's a lot to sort through. >> reporter: there is a lot, juju. here in houston it's been raining all day and into the night. not expectation the main rain to happen until tomorrow. more than 130 flights were canceled between houston and corpus christi's flights. we just got word that corpus christi's airport is closed and likely will not reopen o until monday. something else to ksh. experts say harvey will affect gas prices. more than 45% of u.s. refining areas are off coast. we could be looking at significant increases from five cents to 15 yents per gallon. as for houston area, harvey is very reminiscent of tropical
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storm allison. it devastated 24 area, destroying tens of thousands of homes, jumping three -- dumping three feet of rain in some spots. killing 23 people. sints then, the city has spent nearly $1 million to shore up the bayous that overfroed in 2001. so far in houston, the mayor saying there is no need to evacuate at this time. juju? >> victor, thanks for that. victor is in houston. kate, you pointed out that houston even with minimal rainfall has a severe threat of flooding. >> that's right. it's extreme there. the bayous have a problem it's important to remember that nine out of ten deaths in hurricanes come from water. either on land where you have flash flooding, or they come from storm surge. >> it's important to point out tonight as we're facing the eye of this storm.
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thanks, kate. we're going to turn now to the nation's capital. this is president trump's first major natural disaster that he's facing. the federal response already under way. we're going to go to abc's gloria rivera who can talk about all that. gloria? >> reporter: here in washington we expected to be covering solely the federal response to the storm but the president has delivered two more headlines. let's start with harvey. the president is updating with twitter followers through the night, tweeting that his administration is fully engaged with open lines and to those in the path, america is with you. he signed a disaster proclamation that at the request of the texas government to unleash the full force of government help. this makes federal to recovery expected to have a large bill. that news came just before 10:00
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p.m. local time. marking the first test in how well this administration will handle the storm, how effective it can be in an emergency, and speaking of effective, this president hack multi-tasking since the storm started. about 15 minutes after that news broke -- you see him going to camp david -- again o on twitter from camp david the president announced that he's granted a full pardoned to controversial arizona sheriff ash paea. he early and outspoken supporter of the president. the two closely aligned in support of building a wall on the border with mexico. now there was quick backlash to that from washington all over arizona, john mccain says that
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pardon undermines trumps claim to respect the rule of law. that is a big headline. but it's not all. before the night was over the president released a presidential memorandum directing the pentagon to ban transgender people from joining the military. that directs department of defense to stop related treatments. it comes on the same day in his weekly address the president said every person who puts on the uniform makes the country proud. we'll be followingnes. >> a lot of headlines. a lot of news to absorb. president trump said he may visit texas as early as next week. >> he has. if you look back over history, hurricane katrina comes to mind. president bush took a lot of heat for not going to the area. it was several days in hurricane katrina until vice president at the time dick cheney arrived on
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the scene. the president saying he will go to texas sounds very good coming from the white house. of course, many of the people there, a presidential visit would have a great significance. it may cause a headache for all of the responders on the ground there, all of the lodge i that go into keeping the president safe and getting him in and out of the area, all evening, this storm expected to go on and on and on. so that news from the white house, we'll see what comes of it. but you're right, the president again saying he'll get to the region as soon as he can. juju? >> thanks for that reporting from d.c. kailt, final thoughts on the storm as we look at this trail? >> we see land. we've seen a secondary landfall first on the barrier islands and then on the mainland here. this is not over. this is not landfall and the storm is over. we'll likely see fairly often with storms, this is into next wednesday that we watch this
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meander around south texas. this is one to watch. if you're living in the area be prepared for waters to rise tnt. flash flooding is a real risk. wow, all that rain false at the same time. >> you mentioned the speed of the wins. some of those are equivalent to tornadoes, you were saying? >> yes, a low-end tornado could be 90 miles an hour. the max sustained winds in hash very is 130 miles an hour. we're hearing reports of people potentially trapped in buildings. >> it is clearly life threatening. it is a major potential disaster facing our country. we're going to return to program, which on the west coast will be a live edition of kboit nightline" we'll begin our coverage at 5:00 in the morning with a special edition of good morning america.
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thanks for joining us. tucked in underneath here. >> it's weird. >> it's like a sea armadillo. >> i want to go hang out with cicoc coyote and spend a weekend picking stuff up. >> you can go to his website and if you get a golden ticket, he has something really fun planned. >> be brave. stay wild. see you on the next adventure. >> it's 6:00 a.m. on mariah's birthday. she's asleep because she had quite the turn up at chuck e. cheese. she's been asking for that cute fur ball there. he sits it on her chest. >> she's knocked out. >> not for long. >> mariah. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, mariah. >> she's like, it's 6:00 a.m., thanks. >> right there. >> it's literally in your lap!
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>> he's pointing right at it. >> here's the part where most little girls start screaming and crying. she does the silent cry. >> oh, don't cry. >> then at this point, there's one more question. >> sleep is precious. >> that smile on her face is also precious. that is a really great 10th birthday gift. this young lady is celebrating her 30th birthday. she approaches the door, there's a balloon sitting there. something in a box. opens the box and look at her face. >> is it mine? from who? who is the gift from? >> amazon. >> it sounds like her family got her this cute little puppy. >> oh, my goodness. >> literally no difference between the reaction of a 30-year-old and a 10-year-old, that's the magic of puppies. >> these guys are flying these
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remote controlled delta wing-style aircraft. >> cool. >> watch this flight get a bit rocky. >> oh, no. you musn't. >> back up, back up. >> and the laziest cat award goes to this one. >> she can't even get up to play. she's like, the ball has to come to me or it's not going anywhere. >> the struggle is real. >> not lazy, just bored. new hom. where you can compare multiple quote options online and choose what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys."
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closed captions provided by -- with a non-drowsy antihistamine and a powerful decongestant. break through allergy congestion with allegra-d®. to the skies of south africa. flying around with a couple of friends, these guys are not flying drones or planes, they're flying remote control delta wing style aircraft. kind of like a sizable remote
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control plane. they've got a great view over this reservoir you can see they have the mechanics of the reservoir, dipped down underneath. barnstorming a little bit. look at that mirror finish on that reservoir. >> you can flip the shot. >> you could. and that is where the problem comes in. they're not up there alone. that delta wing down below is similar to what we're flying with here. they're in a nice formation flight as they're going up and around. they're coming for another pass across that glassy, smooth almost mirror-like finish on that lake. >> it must not be a lick of wind for it to be that. >> maybe it's even lower. fly right into the great blue yonder. >> back up, back up, back up. >> oh. >> you can just see, oh, it's beautiful in front of you. >> that must have been it. >> the cool part about this is we've got the point of view
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footage from the plane that crashed. that's what the pilot was seeing. to him it was like, oh, i've got plenty of room. >> go under that bridge. that's not a bridge, mate. >> right into the drink. he's not going to let this thing be claimed by the reservoir. so these guys have to go for a swim. a very long swim. two head out there. they manage to recover it and this shot right here, leads me to believe that the plane wasn't totally trashed. at least the camera is working. >> after a storm animals have to rebuild like we do. this spider is a riding spider. and robbie got up close and personal and showed how this spider was spinning a web. >> i knew them as garden spiders where i grew up. >> spinning it with all its different leg and putting it
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together. >> what's amazing is how you see it putting the lines in, how it's connecting everything. it knows innately how to put it together. >> this is a demonstration of why spiders have to build their own places, have to catch their own food. and then there's the common house cat, which purposefully sums up humans on mondays. >> that's garfield. >> she can't even get up to play. she's like the ball has to come to me or it's not going an has been overfed. >> that's the laziest cat i've ever seen in my life. >> the cat is like, i don't even want to get up to play. >> not lazy, just bored. >> pathetic life. >> batter up. eric the electric is up. last time we saw him he was eating that nine pound burger challenge. what are we doing up? >> the batter up pancake
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challenge. four and a half pounds of pancake and a ten egg omelet on tom and i think that's it. >> just four pounds of pancake and ten eggs. >> that's all. >> i think they could feed our whole office. >> for him it's just a bit of a snack. what do we dpet if get? >> if i eat it in 45 minutes i'll get the meet tee shirt and a mug. >> that's a lifetime for him. >> 45 minutes on the clock. let's meet the beast. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah, that's just about it. apparently that is just over eight pounds of food. it looks like a mountain to me, but to him it looks delicious. he makes quick work of the eggs. they vanish around the eight minute pamark. time for the pancake. gets halfway through, has to take a breather. >> big pancake.
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>> final bite. >> there you go, absolutely walks it in just over 18 minutes. gets a nice round of applause. gets your tee shirt. if you're interested, the family own batter up pancakes is in fresno, california. >> a talented artist. >> use shadows to create his wr takes him. >> my brain does not work like that. i cannot see how he conceives of something. >> he's about to attempt the jump but -- >> ow. >> head butt the bike. at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles]
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so be wise all take new xyzal®. favorite art videos we've ever had. it's so clever and cool. this artist, guy larson, uses shadows to create his faces. >> that's the sign of a real artist, they can do nothing with blank page but draw one line or give me something and i can create anything. that's all the inspiration they need. >> look at this, he just changes the angle of that crumpled up paper to give him more angles, more shadows. he makes something using his imagination out of those initial lines and eventually they turn into funky different faces. >> my brain does not work like that. >> it's funny because as i was watching it i could see where he was going. like, i was like, oh, my gosh, obviously, that's the nose, that's the chin, those are the eyes. >> the cool thing about it is the piece reveals itself. >> it would be fun to crumple a
2:30 am
piece of paper and say do something with that. i'd draw a potato. >> i'd draw a scrunched up piece of paper. do you think he tried to create something and he got frustrated and threw it down. >> possibly. that's how artists create accidently. >> he rides motorbikes. this is his second times course >> my bars are bent, my wheels are bent. kind of messing with my head every time i go off a jump. so i'm going to keep turning it to the right because my wheel is pointing to the left. >> he said he cased the jump. you want to explain what that means? >> instead of landing on the down side of the ramp and he landed flat and the engine and case smacked the ground and he got real suspension --
2:31 am
>> i thought casing the jump was doing your research to see how big the jump was. >> he was following someone on a 350, he is on a 250. he was in third gear and this happened. >> oh, head butt the bike. >> you get the feeling like -- that nauseous ow i'm hurt feeling. >> it takes him 12 words out. >> that one hurt. >> he said he took a blind, double and third gear and was paying attention to somebody up ahead and somebody up ahead was on a bigger bike and that's why this happened. >> even though the handle bars were bent. >> best thing to do is riding around all the time. >> somebody else got on a dirt bike for the first time she was spectacular.
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that was neat. i know you didn't. you don't believe i went 85 miles per hour? >> no. sorry. >> what if i said i was on the back of the bi>> that's me hold. that's my friend from high school. pasquale. we went to the eldorado dry creek bed. when i saw the video i said can they slow it down. >> you felt like you were going super fast? >> i did. i was doing the figure eight's. i felt like i was going faster than that. that freeway people were doing 75 and look at me. >> we work at a television show, speed it up for us. there you go, now you look like.
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>> wait, what's he got? whoa. >> see what they're cooking and he chows way he ate that
2:34 am
thing. >> back to school time for kids all across the country. even the famsones. even these for a little while. >> headed to school after i finish my coffee is. >> we're in the house of a familiar family. the familiar of the action movie kids. dad's having his cup of joe to wake up. what's going on?
2:35 am
>> what are you kids up to? >> we're doing science. >> we're doing some science. >> now for secret ingredients. >> where did you get all this stuff? >> action movie kids little sister dropsreacting. what's he got? >> whoa. whoa. whoa. >> whoa! >> clever. is that clever multiplied? >> great job but i can't send you to school in those clothes. >> i can't tell what's real and what's not. >> that's the thing. i don't know. some of that slime was added in digitally as well. this guy is so good. >> for those who don't know their dad comes from a background of special effects in hollywood. this is an advert for fruit of the loom. they can't go in those clothes
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but you can buy more extra cheap >> that's our show for the day, we'll see you for the next rtm. ♪ i'm telling you, it's the eyes. es can't lie. you know they say that 60% of men look at your eyes first? yeah, well, 60% of men are lying... with their mouths. (pops lips) it's all about lips, mcnally... 'sind of like a-- it's like a monkey's butt. oh, that's really nice. that's very appealing. just trying to be honest. you want to be honest, be honest. boobs. all that other stuff is window dressing. ooh. the detective speaks. detective in training. not till tomorrow. what are you doing? nothing. that's not for me. that is not happening. no. i'm not going dancing. tomorrow's my first day. i have to work in the morning. so do we. so what? she doesn't want to celebrate, that's her problem.
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yeah, and i need a mint. ho ho ho. (laughs) rough night? let's just say we kept the party going in your honor. looking good, trace-- i mean, detective. hey. i'm not there yet. how's dov? oh, the same. i can't figure out what to do to make him feel better. oh, it sucks that we can't help him out. why can't we just come over, cook some food, and rent some batman movies? you know, i don't think he wants to hang out with us anyways. why not? we're fun. well, maybe he just needs a little time to himself, sort some things out. please. hey, you. if you ever cared about me at all, you'd find me some coffee. let's go. (man) call me, let me know what happens. so? you ready to do this? already helped c.i.b. process three bodies. now i'm going over reports from last night, see if there's anything i should carry over. wow, way to work it. well, i just don't want people thinking
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i got this promotion because i'm sleeping with jerry. no one's gonna think that. i would. you gotta shake off that negativity. okay? come out of the gate running. you are traci nash, and you are here because you deserve to be here, and that's what everybody's gonna know. okay. that's a good pep talk, coach. mm-hmm. got your back, traci. all right. all right. go break a leg. (chuckles) (indistinct conversations) (man speaks indistinctly over p.a.) did you have a nice time with the girls last night? i'm not in the mood for you. you know, it's a scientific fact that the oxygen above a bar top is the thinnest, so it's no wonder your head hurts. ♪ (hums) i got your texts. oh, my god. now the really good stuff-- that started coming around 2:00 or 3:00. no. you... you have to e-- nick, you have to erase those. erase the evidence that the fun, carefree gail i once knew still exists? not a chance. (telephones ringing)


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