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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 25, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a driver follows an out of control car to a parking lot where -- >> it's about to come to a head. >> the dramatic moment they make a citizens arrest. >> easy, easy. believe it or not that's a stork. >> now has a prosthetic leg. >> how a labor of love finally paid off. emergency crews race to a locked complex. >> this guy can't even get through that front gate. >> the moment you realize what the rush is all about. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a dad about to see a long-lost treasure. >> same exact one. >> the story behind the reunion that brought him to tears. >> why is he still sitting
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there? when you've got family in town, it's fun to take them out for a drive. that's what these folks are doing in houston, texas. but you can see this white mustang driving erratically. these people have gone from sightseeing to policing. they're already on the phone with 911 dispatchers trying to tell them where they are, where this car is going. and some of the crazy moves it's pulling off. >> he ran the light. >> right as it leaves that stoplight, it's swerving and skidding all over the road. >> i guess at this point they're doing what they can do. you can't get too involved. you can't get too close. >> they can't do any of that yet. they follow this vehicle into a shopping mall parking lot. and that's when they spot a security guard. >> pull over that guy. pull over that guy. >> there were other folks that noticed this car driving
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erratically. other people have also called into 911. >> going the wrong way down that aisle and that's a shopping mall. he can hit somebody. >> about to come to a head. you hear a man they're calling alex say -- >> trying to get the guy out of the car. >> listen closely. did you hear that squeal and a crunch? that car just backed into one of the other people that noticed what was going on. they were trying to block this guy in. >> hey, stop, man! >> don't do it, alex. >> stop it. come on. stop, man! >> they're trying to open the door. the door is locked. but the driver rolls the window down. and everybody's trying to tell alex, we know you're fired up, but go easy. >> easy, easy. >> you can understand alex's frustration because this guy could have killed someone. >> police do arrive. they take the driver off of alex's hands. that driver has been identified as a 28-year-old. he's been charged with a felony dwi, third offense. >> third offense. he's got problems. >> that type of charge can carry
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some very severe penalties and high fines. >> won't get criticism from me. good work. we have seen many prosthetics for animals on the show. check out how got a prosthetic leg this time. this is in russia and that stork now has a prosthetic leg. >> oh, great. this is going to aid this stork in continuing successful baby deliveries around the world. >> it's sort of home made. was that a spatula? >> i'm sure that's all it is. who's out there making stork legs? you get what we got laying around. a wooden spoon -- >> and duct tape. >> yeah. that's awesome. it's going to be able to walk around everywhere now. now, the birds in this video don't need any kind of rescue, but what they encounter just might. check this out. this is in seattle, washington. beautiful video being captured
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with the d.j. eye spark. he said when he launched it, you see oneseagull, then you see more. it's when the whole gang get there is, one's got to be a show off. >> whoa! >> problem is he had a plate of french fries and we know seagulls are drawn to that stuff like crazy. >> the spark is a new drone. it's a small yet powerful drone. so it wasn't intimidating to the seagul seagulls. saw it as an annoying bird they could take out. >> it didn't go crashing immediately to the ground. check out the calling card that bird left behind. yeah. just the same thing that you'd leave on somebody's car. >> that's disgusting. firefighters in mexico city responding to an emergency call. you can see there are a bunch of
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people watching what is going down. they're not responding to a fire. neighbors have noticed a situation and called a number of agencies. that guy is a social worker that was one of the first to get there. earlier that day, we see what's going on. that is a 5-year-old, a 6-year-old, and we don't see it in the video, a 9-month-old locked alone inside that apartment. neighbors had heard these kids crying all morning and they came to ask what was going on and they said they had been abandoned since 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. the night before. and now they were there alone and they were hungry and scared. >> who leaves a 9-month-old with older siblings that are that young for that long? >> a 9-month-old baby needs to be changed every couplfffe of
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hours, needs to be fed every couple of hours. that's not the job of these small kids. >> at the beginning of this video, this guy can't even get through that front gate. he has to wait for a woman that happens to come by to open the door, let him in. that's when neighbors and even other kids show up to comfort the children that have been locked inside this apartment. >> what are the family's circumstances here is what i'd like to know. >> it sounds like there's a woman that tells them the mom does this all the time. as far as we know, the mother never came back to check on them. in fact, according to the latest reports, she's not even been identified yet. one of the kids said that usually they are with a grandparent. there's no clarification on it. fortunately they were taken out of there. they were examined by doctors. we don't know the latest reports on their condition, the mexican version of child protective services are treating this like a domestic abuse case. some people out there, when
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they hear something is impossible, people claim it's impossible, it's like waving a flag to a bull. that's what the guys of yes theory are about. this is all about something that happened a year ago in japan. >> we're in the fanciest hotel in all of hotel waiting for the number one sumo wrestler of all time. >> this guy is like the michael jordan of the sumo world. >> after his alleged involvement after a bar fight in tokyo, he decided to retire out of respect for the sport and the culture in japan. >> the yes theory guys were in japan and really wanted this to happen. it turns out thomas' dad knew a guy who knew a guy. >> would be will be to meet you guys. >> oh, my gosh. >> they manage to organize a meeting at a hotel with him. >> so what's with the hair cuts? >> yeah. you may have noticed they all
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kind of sporting a very silly kind of japanese style hair cut. obviously they were up to other things while they were there being yes theory. so, yeah, they're on the way to this meeting looking pretty interesting. >> i think it will be fine because of these hair cuts. the fact we just look so ridiculous, he's going to be like okay this is them. >> they get to the hotel, walk inside. they ask him to come down. >> he's coming down. >> right now? >> yeah. >> get ready for this. >> i am so nervous. >> why am i nervous right now? >> because of their hair cuts. >> i would be too. >> one hour later? >> one hour later, he's not down yet. there's a reason for that. there's a bit of a miscommunication. >> our contact never told him the time. so he's pretty [ bleep ]. >> so he's up in his room and not happy. eventually, though, he does turn up. so they got off to a bad start. and then they get off to a worse one. then they commit a huge faux pas
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in japan. >> do you have your card? >> we ran out. >> the card presentation is like a big deal. i learned this when yi went to japan. you're supposed to have a card you present with two hands. >> as we were trying to convince him to stay and talk to us, out of all things our samurai hair cuts came to our rescue. >> no. >> yeah. he's like what are you guys doing? before you know it, he's playing with the hair cracking up. now they're like hanging out with this dude and the crowning achievement of it all is this moment right here. gets his phone out, demands a selfie with the guys then puts it up on his twitter. the guys lose their mind. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when someone says it's impossible. just have a silly hair cut and you'll be fine.
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it's time for this dude's danish birthday celebration. >> they start dumping it on him. >> but see how things go spicy to extra hot. >> oh, my gosh! and why this rainbow sighting comes with a beautiful dwis. >> isn't that amazing? get whatat olive new early dinner duos for just $8.99. choose from over 50 delicious combinations.
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by -- ls and how you feel. discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. if we lived in denmark, we'd all be in danger to be on the receiving end of this prank. this is something of a tradition. if you get to the age of 25 and you're not married, you then get to stand there so you can then get covered in cinnamon. you can see in the beginning of the video they're pouring water all over him to make him extra sticky. he's got a mask over his face as well. it's one of those moments i don't think you'll ever forget. oh. >> oh, my gosh! >> you have got to be kidding me. >> no. suddenly it takes a turn. you hear a pop off to the side and he's engulfed in flames. you can see everybody as they scream and shout try to get the fire out. very quickly it's gone. >> what did they fire at him?
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did somebody do a popper or something? what was that? >> that's pretty much exactly what happened. that popper in his hand, they call them a party bomb. they had filled them up with cinnamon in hopes it would go all over him. of course once they're pouring it and you have the powder in the air, you have a lot of surface area available. that spark caught and it caught the entire cloud of cinnamon around him. >> hopefully just a cloud of cinnamon burn and not him. >> he ended up with minor burns to his leg. he has no scar or anything. nothing. so it's a funny video. that suddenly is just terrifying. i guarantee somewhere in st. petersburg somebody is still saying what does this mean? a crane operator captured this video with his smartphone.
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check that out. >> wait. so hang on. where's the gold? >> right. because there's no end. >> this is the thing. we feel like we've been cheated. we've been ripped off. >> there's a lot of leprechauns that are now confounded by this. >> makes no sense. >> isn't that amazing? normally rainbows in theory are circular but we only see half of them. they say if you're high enough and if there's water -- >> wait, wait. what kind of high? >> if you notice right there, look over to the right. this is a double circular rainbow. >> the kids in this video haven't seen anything like this. this is in queensland, australia. they spotted this dust devil. >> i have a question. this is in australia. does that mean it's going the other way? this is a real question. not joking. i need to know. >> let's watch. can we tell? >> someone needs to answer that for me, please. you're thinking about it, right?
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>> not even sure how to google this. >> there must be some expert that knows. we are complete idiots right now. >> all right. hold on. the rotation is usually the opposite. most tornadoes but not all rotate cyclonically which is counterclock wise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise south of the equator. >> there you go. skateboarding and parkour together. >> way cool. way cool. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, talk about a fancy mani pedi. >> this is real gold. >> really? >> why this salon trip is going to set you back way more than a pretty penny. >> i feel like i got nailed in the head. plus see one man's ingenious solution for trimming the hedges. >> it's like a dead straight
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promotional considerations provided by -- curing nail fungus could take my pharmacist said.. fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. yard work and summer go together like raking leaves in fall. it's just what you got to get done. so this guy's just taking his basic push lawn mower and attach it to his bucket loader here. and that's getting him a perfectly smooth cut across the top. >> can we all just for one moment appreciate just how perfect that is. it's like a dead straight line. >> it works. >> brittany posted this to facebook about her dad. she said dad's a redneck genius. i would agree. we move on to this next one.
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also involving lawn mowers. when these little guys 2-year-olds see dad out there, he wants to get involved. >> is there gas in there? >> yep. >> looks good. >> oh, he is cute. he's all geared up and everything. >> checking the gas. checking the oil. dad's there supervising and teaching him. >> check the oil. >> oh, my goodness, i love him. >> right? all systems go. son, can you start it up? >> that is so stinking cute. >> don't worry, he's not really going to start the lawn mower. just gives t starter a tug and imagines that he's going to go out there and mow the lawn with dad. i'm sure dad can't wait until he's old enough to do so. >> then he's not going to want to do so. >> yes. we've seen the automatic vacuums for your homes. and they've got automatic lawn mowers and the dogs are not happy about it. >> that's brilliant because the dogs are now going to have a good workout. they're going to be exhausted. by the time you want to chill
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and watch your soap opera or something, you'll be good to go. >> let's hope the mower doesn't run over any dog mess and kick it back at him. $130,000. i bet you wouldn't spend it on this. >> we're going to get one of the most expensive manicures that money can buy using a nail polish that's worth $130,000. >> say what? >> what? >> yes. you heard that correctly. apparently there's a nail polish that costs $130,000. why? because it's got gold in it. >> i was going to say is it a 55 gallon drum size? >> simply nail logical decided to go out and actually get this manicure done. >> sis it worth it? >> you have to ask at the end. >> okay. so the bottle is $130,000. but they're going to somebody else who's bought it.
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so how much is the manicure? >> we're at images nail luxury lounge. they offer luxury nail packages up to $25,000. >> i like pedicures that cost $25. there's no extra os in there. >> they're going to get the entire experience. >> why buy a car when you can get your nails done? >> how do i become friends with these girls? >> luxury manicures and upper body massages. rose petal and champagne pedicures. they do nail designs with real 24 karat gold flakes and real diamonds? >> if you want to see the full video of the experience, go to click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. dad's blindfold comes off and then -- >> he immediately starts to -- >> the story behind the beautiful gift that's got him all choked up.
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have some extra time, a good option. fun thing to do. well, it's going to be good. you at least hope it's going to be good when the family sits you down and blindfolds you. that's this guy's daughter behind him. i think that could be one of his sons as well. now, they're speaking portuguese. this is in brazil. can't tell you what they're saying, but we don't need words. once the blindfold comes off, dad blinks, looks around. they point him o in the direction of something in the yard. and he immediately starts to -- that's going to make me cry. >> motorcycle. >> close. an old car that dad was forced to sell 12 years ago and just by chance his daughter came across the car. >> same one? >> same exact one. >> what? >> he is beside himself here.
2:57 pm
this goes far beyond just a car. >> it's going to be the squeak of the door. you know? it's going to be the way the gear stick moves. it's going to be all these teeny tiny idiosyncrasies. >> why is he still sitting there? why is he not in the car already? >> his daughter looks to be telling him how she came across is. i'm sure she's saying to him, we've earned it. now pop inside. you can see there she was pointing to the sticker on the window. that's probably a stick their says, look, remember this sticker? this is your car. >> wow. a. >> appears to be still in good shape. that's our show for today. we thank you for watching. check out for much more awesome content or
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