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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 7, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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>> "jimmy kimmel live" live next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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new viral videos on an all new show, "right this minute." >> i love taking videos of you when you're in the city. >> a man strolling on a new york sidewalk is handed a message. something about that piece of paper piqued his interest. why it takes a while for the surprise to sink in. a kite surfer is about to encounter something -- >> never seen before. >> how it makes itself known in
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a big way. >> whoa! no way! cops can't believe what they stumbled upon. >> they're on a missing person's case. >> the story behind hitting the mother lode of explosives. and -- >> get lost. >> a wedding day quiz. >> the answer lies in the shoe. >> who makes the most money? >> the game that ends in a happy life. >> or a quick divorce. one of the two. a gorgeous day to be hanging out in new york city. beautiful summer day on the streets, this is victor ruggeiro hanging out with daughter colleen. he has a home in long island where the family grew up. colleen is joining imin the city for the day. in the middle of their conversation one of these annoying dudes here takes, takes my -- victor being the nice guy he is, takes the piece of paper and reading it, he's like okay. something about that piece of paper piqued his interest, caught his eye. he turned around and look at the guy who gave him that piece of
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paper. [ bleep ] they both share a laugh. >> what? >> the guy continues to hand out pieces of paper. >> that's his boy who lives in colorado, was able to fly in and surprise his dad. colleen, the sister and vic, the brother, had been texting all morning long to try to set up this surprise. >> what did the note say? >> vic had written down handwritten poems on sticky notes, and when his dad got the note, he recognized the handwriting. >> what i like about that it shows there's people handing out leaflets how we literally don't notice them, his own son. >> how long had it been since they've seen each other? >> a couple years since vic had
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been back to new york city so this all worked out perfectly. dad was so happy obviously. it was a good moment for everybody to be together and share this laugh. >> oh, wow! officers from the spanish civil guard on a macabre missio because they're on a missing person's case and honestly they're out there looking for a body. hieving the mission they originally went out for they made what would be described as a rather explosive discovery. here as they're starting to pull some strange looking things out of the water they've been in the water quite a long time, they have buildup, not just one or two. >> those are mortars. >> that's exactly what they are, nick. in fact they discovered 538 mortar shells, artillery shells, hand grenades, aviation bombs, 06 pounds of explosives and over 900 detonators. >> did a ship go out there and sink? >> no, what they found was an
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old store of weaponry from the spanish civil war. >> oh my goodness! they were able to date this. >> from the 1930s, 1936, 1939, before world war ii the spanish civil war there's a lot of combat out there. they discovered an ammo dump they didn't know was there. fortunately for them they were able to locate it and spend the next three months slowly and carefully moving it out and then carefully transporting it to a quarry so they could then safely dispose of it in t entertaining of ways. >> this is really cool. what a thing to stumble upon. if this explodes you c die. >> honestly this happens a lot. in europe any time you build a new building every time they go digging they find huge bombs which have to be treated as unexploded ordnance. fortunately nobody was hurt.
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kristy fields is one of my favorite places in san francisco. this kite surfer taking off from the beach. watch what happens here as he's working his way out into the water. he encountered something he's never seen before. >> whoa! >> no way! >> okay. he says he had this weird feeling and before he knows it, he's boarding over this whale. >> did you see the spray? from the blow hole? >> yes. >> it was like high five, brother. >> the cool thing about these boards, sharp underneath, they don't have big long fins so not too much injury to the whale. >> look at how magnificent this is. you can see the shot. pretty cool, huh? don't mess with the whales. also don't mess with orcas. these guys out in vancouver at a very popular park, white cliff park. charging full speed ahead toward the rocky cliff. >> a herd in packs pushing fish
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into a situation they can't get away from and then pow! >> it's what the whales were charging towards. >> oh! >> were afraid of. >> has there ever been a recorded case of a killer whale taking a guy? >> these guys weren't about to find out for sure. they get out of the water onto the rocks. look at this one. it goes right up to the rocks to where these dudes are. >> guys, maybe swim somewhere else. >> oh my god! >> look at how they're clinging to the rocks, like oh my! >> i'd get the heck out of there, just in case. twins have that twin thing, right? >> kind of like you and i. >> i'd love to play this game with you nick because buzzfeed put three sets of twins to the test. they're going to play never have i ever. >> i really want it to all be the same. i want them to have had the same experiences and it would mess with my mind. >> lexi and ali, benny and jack
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and lauren and alexis. the first question, never have i ever pretended to be my twin. >> yes. >> go up to him and pretending to be her. got close and i was like no. >> they're speaking at the same time. >> there's a lot of that, so just settle in. >> never have i ever pretented i was a triplet. >> right. you could both play that character when you needed it. ooh! >> here's where it gets good. never have i ever used a picture of my twin for my dating profile. >> you look the same? what's the difference? >> what if one took a great shot while traveling where the light something perfect and hair looks great. you're like close enough. >> never have we shared a profile. >> i don't know about sharing, that could get weird. >> what if you like the same guy? you can't like the same guy. >> you absolutely can. >> who is the smarter twin? >> we do that all the time.
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>> it's weird when they say that at the same time. >> have either of the twins ever wished to be an only child? >> wished your sibling dead? >> that sounds more like if i wish this person didn't exist and that's just not the case. >> i plead the fifth. >> hey, i was one of six. you better believe i had many times i wished i was an only child. >> never have i ever had a threesome with my twin. no, and people -- [ bleep ]. >> no! >> now we'll never know what the truth is. >> grossest thing in the world. >> that is a hard no. >> the guys are like, nah. >> can you imagine if charity was a twin and we had both of them right here? >> sitting on both sides of you. >> that would be so awesome! love that! ♪ ooh >> i would love that, and invest
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in ear plugs. dr. pimple popper is at it again. find out what she's cutting into this time around. >> oh! and this cutie got a taste of -- >> chicken and it's cold. not sure how this is going to go over. >> you're about to find out. there you go, dad. you think it's funny, huh? tiffany why did you duky on eric's pillow? she needs a better smelling litter box and no dust and stronger clumps. >> we both want those things. >> you want cat's pride fresh and light ultimate care. brookside dark chocolate is for my smooth side. my sweet but not too sweet side.
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. closed captioning provided by -- gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. this video comes from dr. pimple popper and i just could not bring myself to watch it. >> pettigrew salivates over this. >> it's fascinating how much the
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body can create and how quickly she can get it out. >> she has scar because she had apple cider vinegar and put a band-aid on it overnight and burned the skin, low level acid burn. smells a little bit. >> oh, good, it smells a little bit. >> it's time to squeeze this thing out. >> oh, yeah. >> should we leave hthe room? >> here we go. >> oh! >> whoa! >> see? >> it's like cheese whiz in a can. >> like cottage cheese. >> how can you ever eat cottage cheese after this? she's like let's go for lunch. >> i'll have the hummus trio pl. >> this thing keeps going and going and going and she squeezes and there's more cheesy stuff, and she keeps going. >> you keep thinking i can watch
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it, i open my eye for a split second, not so bad. >> does she then cut out the cavity inside? >> you need to take out the cyst sack otherwise it will fill up again so you then have to remove what's inside, sew it up and it's gone forever, otherwise it keeps coming back and back. >> look how much you know. you could be a doctor. >> no, no. >> when you have a master like this on youtube there's no point. >> if you want to torture yourself and see the entire 18 minutes of this stuff, head on over to and click on "tv show" or check it out on our mobile app. >> i got the sweats. a well balanced die set good for little kids. first we've got chicken, and it's cold chicken, so not sure how this is going to go over. what did you examine the? it's cold chicken. >> he's gagging. >> poor baby. >> there you go, dad. you think it's funny, huh? >> joke's on him. >> i can guarantee you mom is
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not in this room. >> she wants something, too. >> it's another very important part of a well-balanced diet. even better. >> oh, well obviously i'd cry for that, too. >> a nice big plate of bacon. and it's fresh, too. still sizzling. >> look at the face on that child as she's looking at the bacon, it's so close, i can see it. i can smell it. >> meanwhile the dog is in the other room going yeah, tell me about it. >> can't have it. >> that's just wrong. she sticks her tongue out, but i gist want it, please. >> num-a-num-a-num-a. >> that grease will be throughout the house. >> last but not least natalie like hummus. >> show looks like tinker bell, so cute. >> she's like i can eat it by myself, stick my fingers in it, nobody is going to bother me and
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wait, there's chips. so we've got chicken, bacon, and hummus. sounds good to me. wrong-way drivers can cause all kinds of mayhem but in malaysia they may have fixed the problem. the round-about, the car in front of us, are they playing this video backwards? they're not. that guy is driving backwards, well, i must be honest. >> he has a control in reverse. >> was he going the wrong way or got up there and realized no i don't want to do this. >> i don't know! he's driving backwards through the streets of kuala lumpur. they made it through the round-about and traffic light, take a hard left or right depending which way you're going i suppose. >> that's impressive. no close calls, maybe know driving over the line for a little bit. >> wait until the video is over. it is impressive, there is a very sketchy moment, starts
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going over to the left-hand side trying to stop the vehicle. you see that little kid that was right there? >> yes. >> swung out of the way at the last second before parking underneath the tree and i don't know, trying to find first gear? impressive. got another dash cam for you, watch on the left-hand side. may day! >> no! >> doink! >> personal watercraft and the trailer came loose. >> suddenly, whips off like it just disconnected. i don't know if it got into whiplash or something but off it comes, goes straight into that car. i'd love to see the insurance form on that one. >> yes. grandpa ist box in the streets of los angeles. >> can i beat box for you? i've been worried about some teeth coming flying. >> hear about his fly flow. ♪ plus time to put up his drone but -- >> look out!
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>> watch this bird try to avoid a collision. did you know when you buy
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promotional considerations provided by -- to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushi wh act®. let's seeing what's happening in the world of drones, this is from sochi russia, we know that area from the olympics. >> that looks ache a also-minute redirection. >> ouch, that was so close. let's watch that again. drone pilot cruising along getting that shoreline shot when the seagull enjoying a day of flight cruising along, last second he's like what the heck are you doing up here? the beauty of the bird is
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captured when you stop it. the bird's head somehow stays in the same position its entire body rotated upside down as the bird is doing everything it can to avoid a collision and manages to just duck underneath. >> that was amazing. >> word is blue angels called this seagull's agent and have asked if he would like to join the team. the next guy had his drone out, decided he's going to get video of the water slide. this is one of the high speed acrobatic drones, not the ones that sit there and get the cool shot. >> should send it down the slide. >> come on! >> oh no! not like that. >> it crashes into the water slide. i think his idea was to fly the course of the water slide but he puts it right down into the it's still a cool shot. >> it is and still recording surprisingly. >> don't be judging a book like
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its cover. this grandpa can beat box like nobody's business. >> i wondered can i beat box for you. >> beat >> yeah. can i do it for you? >> yeah, go on. ♪ >> oh, that's pretty good. >> no, no, no grandpa. >> you got to pat him down for the bluetooth speaker. >> pay close attention to his lips. is he moving them. >> holy cow. >> that's pretty [ bleep ]! >> somebody enjoyed it. >> i think he approves. see what some of the other people think. ♪ >> oh, yeah. ♪ >> this guy is legit. >> he really is. >> i'm not sure he's legit but he's legit. >> legit with his talent. this video was posted by big dog. we know there's more to the
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story than meets the eye. under all of that makeup and the prosthetics is a much younger cody viscara who underwent the process just to trick people out. he's like, i gotta go but that was good. >> he's like humiliated. can he do it better than i can. he can do it better than i can. >> holy cow. i haven't done that in a long time. >> they decided to play the mister and mrs. games at the wedding reception. >> too late now. >> see what happens as the questions get more and more serious. >> who has the craziest fami
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there you go. >> i'll scale this up and put one in my bedroom. most couples play the mister and mrs. game at the bridal shower. maybe even the joint bachelor/bachelorette parties but this cuple is playing at the wedding reception. >> the too late now time to do it. >> who is likely to get lost? >> they both have her shoe and his shoe. as the moderator asks the questi question. >> who is likely to kill the spieder in the bathtub? >> oh, yes. >> who is the better driver?


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