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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 27, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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time for new videos on an all-new show "right this minute." rescuers try to reach some sweet kittens stuck -- >> beneath a stairwell in an apartment complex. >> see what it takes to save them all. it's a quiet day on the greens until -- >> watch out! >> why this approach shot has nothing to do with golf. >> what? some kids get creative when mom gets distracted. >> she seeds red. >> how four little ones made one big statement. >> that's a ten-minute job? that is impressive. and a guy trying to date his
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instagram crush gets a little help from his friends. >> what? >> the story of the social media match makers. there are good people in this world. many of them work for animal rescues. in this case, hope for paws in california had gotten a call there were some kittens stuck in this crawl space beneath a stairwell in an apartment complex. >> it's okay. it's okay. >> one of the guys has to crawl all the way underneath this dirty, yucky face. >> i'm on cat feces, so gross. >> at first i thought it was behind insulation. but that's concrete. the first cat a passed off. their eyes have this junk around them. they've got an eye infection. so they're not doing very well. >> i know, i know. >> of course the last and final
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kitty in the worst shape. he says the cat's eyes are so infected, he can barely see. now all kitties have been recovered. >> that's sad but so glad they're out. >> the job isn't done. we've got the kittens, but where's mom? she's not far away. she's been keeping an eye on the situation the entire time. they want to recover the entire family, so they set a trap, put some food inside the trap. >> oh. >> like, he's got me. >> every one of them to the hospital. going to get mom fixed and we're going to find kitties a home. the kitties are available for adoption and they all have names. mom is parsley. and the kittens -- >> salt. >> cabbage, broccolini, kale.
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so my golf players out there, would this constitute a hole in one? these people out on this golf course see that dot in the distance. watch what the dot becomes. >> holy cow. >> what? >> that's no dot. >> what a drive. >> no. that's an airplane. that has to make an emergency landing. >> what a [ bleep ]. >> and the only place the pilot thought was safe enough was on this green with all of these golfers around. >> it's a fair way. it's perfect. the perfect place to land your plane of that size. thank goodness everybody had their eyes up and saw it coming. there were a lot of players out there. >> yeah. you can see them all scattered about. fortunately this pilot knows what he was doing and was able
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to land this plane. >> you got some bunkers there. our home is our castle. it's that place where we feel most safe. which is why it's always horrific when we're faced with a situation like this. where charlotte wilson in the uk stepped out for ten minutes and came back to discover this. you can see someone has smeared paint up all over the walls. it's even in her kids' room and more places going down the stairs. >> okay. did somebody target her or is this one of her kids that got into paint? >> she had just stepped outside to fill up her inflatable pool and she left her children unattended for ten minutes. >> that's a ten-minute job? that is impressive. >> and it's on the carpets in two rooms. on that mattress, all that stuff. there's no rescuing that. >> those little monsters. that's thousands of dollars.
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>> excuse me? >> monsters. >> artists. >> clearly that smear on the wall represents the duality of man. >> tell me that parent is not questioning the meaning of life right now. >> the paint is blue but she sees red. >> you'd think vandals or burglary but no. it's her children. over a million views already because everyone's like -- >> ten minutes? how do you cover this much surface in ten minutes? never seen anything like this before. we head over to seoul, south korea where this intense battle is taking place. >> they're amazing. >> yeah. this is a huge event.
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and watch as they flip and twist and kick and smash. i mean, they just set it off. with all of the tricks they're able to pull off. >> wow. it's like it's sponsored by the matrix. >> well, red bull/matrix, same difference. >> so beautiful though. they are doing a series of martial arts demonstrations. but it's also like they're dancing. >> it is choreographed. you'll notice after one of the guys stops, he gives a little shimmy. >> it was the triple kick. did you see that? there were four! >> and then the dude right after him hits a back flip and drops down to a split. i love it. >> epic. jake and tara are out far pho photoshoot. >> tara thinks that the photoshoot is for her birthday. >> but jake has other plans.
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i'm joy bauer, and as a nutritionist i know probiotics can often help. try digestive advantage. it's tougher than your stomach's harsh environment, so it survives a hundred times better than the leading probiotic. also in chocolate. probiotic bites! closed captioning provided by -- of attention because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. oli, i like to think you and i are tight and close just like hamish and andy here. of course the very popular australian radio hosts. hamish has been working on a gift for andy since january. >> shooting down the pub but i'm making good time. but i'm smelling great.
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>> hammish is giddy. he's so excited. >> this is what people with charity must feel. changing lye ining lives. >> because what are you getting out of this? >> nothing. >> 20% of the money. >> before he can reveal the gift to andy, he actually needs a legally binding contract. andy agrees. he signs the mystery contract. >> just as i look at the product in the box, i know it's the right thing to have done. congratulations. i'm handing you your very own signature fragrance, andy by hammish. >> this is actually really lovely. >> 5,000 bottles of which are being forevered. >> what does andy think of this? >> he loves it. he loves it. >> what does every fragrance have?
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the one look that sells the fragrance. so hammish sets up the photoshoot to capture this moment. the model arrives at the photoshoot. >> thank you for joining me. >> thanks. >> but there is one major catch to this shoot. >> no thank you. >> you've got one frame. ladies and gentlemen, i present to you andy. >> that's a really good shot. >> yeah, what does it smell like? >> that's what i want to know. i think we have to make it a "right this minute" mission. we have to get our hands on a bottle. >> wait. isn't gayle going to australia? >> oh, yes. great idea. >> this has to happen. i want to know what it smells like. >> i want to smell like what he smells like. >> hold on. because i got to sit by you.
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>> to be continued. tara and jacob are a cute couple. look at them. they are picture perfect as they should be. that's tara's 6-year-old daughter. tara thinks that the photoshoot is for her birthday. but jake, he's got some other things in mind. >> they're nice and coordinated. they've got the different angles and poses and shots. >> right time of day with the sun going down. magic hour. >> nothing better than that. >> it is absolutely beautiful. you'll notice they're sit og then grass. jake standing behind her with the bouquet. >> he pushes her! >> no. this not a fail video, okay? >> or a murder. >> right. >> it looks like they give it a
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practice run. she turns around. >> they're trying to get that whip of the hair. >> now they try it again. except this time when she turns around -- >> you see that slick move. the drone operator handing off the box. >> three, two, one. >> when she turns around this time, jake is on one knee and her daughter is so giddy. >> that's a really good fakeout. cute. >> he proposes. and she says yes. tara's daughter is super excited. they've got some friends and family there. some of them he knew were coming and some he wasn't so sure about. but the more the merrier. >> the picture perfect proposal. >> yeah. the birthday shoot became the engagement shoot. and they now have a wedding to plan. prepare for pure gold.
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>>. >> oh no. >> find out if they ever figure it out. >> are you kidding me? plus he decided to go to an abandoned haunted cottage. >> he keeps walking and hiking and eventually comes up on the cottage. >> see how this thrill seeker's spooky journey goes. >> bloody mary. bloody mary. bla bloody mary. because your carpet never stops working
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place. so many world landscapes for you to go hike in and enjoy. so why would you instead of going to enjoy that find the most haunted cottage in the country and go try to sleep in it? >> because you don't want to sleep. >> because dara has been asked by his followers to do that exact thing. so he obliges. >> i'm going to an abandoned cottage my friends found during a hike one day. they said even during the day it was terrifying. >> he's got specific directions. he keeps walking and hiking and eventually he comes up on the cottage. >> here we are at the cottage and it is not abandoned. this is way more like a hermit's retreat. >> he starts peeking through the windows. >> hello, is there anything in the cottage? >> no one answers, so he goes inside.
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>> what the [ bleep ]. what the [ bleep ]. hello? >> a lot of stuff in there for being abandoned. >> he realizes this place isn't abandoned. because you do see a few empty bottles, some mugs there. just to make things even more interesting, he resorts to that elementary school game bloody mary. >> bloody mary. bloody mary. bloody mary. >> you're not supposed to do that. >> see, it's not the haunted part i would be worried about. it's who comes and goes from this place part. >> keep in mind he's now been there for hours. and he still has to try to get some sleep. but he hears noises.
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and the only thing he has to help him is his head lamp. so he turns it on and things take a turn. >> oh [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]. oh. >> no! >> he recognized his friend's mask. he says he sees that thing all the time. and it was all a big joke. >> you scared the absolute crap out of me. i'm glad that you're here. that's quite the trail. here comes these mountain bikers. >> oh, oh, oh. >> ooh. >> you know what will make this better? a little bit of cow bell. the guy just face planted, got hit by another biker. >> the guy in the green after crashing and being run over apologizes. >> this actually went down in andorra. dude is like, you good?
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okay, bye. >> looks like more of an amateur thing. they're not going at the 700 miles an hour we're used to seeing. probably like us going out. >> did you say amateurs? >> yeah. >> okay. let's head over here to iceland. >> stroke, stroke, stroke. >> are you kidding me? >> they're not even in the water. they're, like, right at the edge. >> they don't want to get their feet wet. >> this is three minutes and 15 seconds of pure gold. the one in the front is like let me take care of it. >> this is what four clueless people look like. >> they're terrified too. the look in their eyes. >> you hear the person recording laughing just as much as we are.
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>> when they are peddling there's always someone going the wrong way. constantly working the wrong way. >> or not paddling at all. gienlly they're defeated. they're like, forget about it. he's all set for a date with his instagram crush. >> everything is looking good. >> but see what went wrong that landed him with these blonds instead. >> oh. they're cute.
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♪ thomas from "yes theory"
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feels compelled to tell this story. >> but i'm finally going to tell you guys what the hell happened with the date with my instagram crush. you guys will not stop commenting about it. it's pretty much on every single video. >> yeah, he's been getting bugged by their subscribers because everybody wanted to know what happened with this date. you might remember we had this video from a couple of months ago where they went on a chopper ride in la and while they were doing it, he spotted his instagram crush vale and he got a teensy bit nervous. >> yeah, he froze up. >> well i said hi so it's fine. it's fine! it was just not good timing. or maybe it was perfect timing. >> at the end of the video, ammar added a little something. >> we thought it would be hilarious if somehow we could lend thomas a date by having you guys tweet this video at vale and who knows, maybe she'll notice thomas. >> yeah they tried to crowdsource the date. basically asking their buddies "hey, why don't you hit her up on social and see what happens." well -- >> within minutes there were hundreds, i think thousands of
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you that flocked to her twitter, to her instagram and just spammed her, basically, telling her to go on a date with me. >> i didn't think she would notice this but she did and all of us freaked out. >> oh, it's happening! [ laughter ] >> so now they're following each other on instagram so he kind of just slides into the dm's like "sup?" >> sup girl? >> i said "sorry for being awkward, hoping i can get a redemption if you'd allow me to take you on a date." and she answered "haha of course, i'd love to." >> ooh! >> ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. >> i love that. >> what if we go on, like the ultimate date to [ bleep ]. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> that sounds awesome. >> so here's where it just got complicated. she's very busy, i'm very busy and it took two months of just dragging on, of trying to figure out the logistics to do this thing. it just got to a point where, i don't know, the excitement had kind of burnt off and she ended up bailing on the date. >> n


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