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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 26, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's june 26th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." >> so cute. >> hikers are thrilled to spot a baby deer until -- >> you see the mom in the distance rushing towards them. >> why momma's not playing around. >> oh, she's coming. what the heck is going on? in a world of extreme sports -- >> it doesn't get much more "x." >> see the jump with a split second chance of success. >> holy cow. look who's living it up at the park. >> then they take him out. >> why you can take the kid out of the spinner but you can't take the spinner out of the kid. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the
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web. and real or fake with mac dr dreidel. there's a twist. >> i've been working out. >> got a little back there. jared and cassidy have a youtube channel and they share a bunch of their experiences. on this day they're going out on a hike. beautiful day to be out there. they bring their dog with them. >> oh, baby! it's so cute. >> they spot a little doe. >> a deer? >> a female deer? >> yes, there is a female deer off in the distance. along with her fawn. no big deal generally. deer are pretty friendly. but as they keep walking down this trail here, you see the dogs running back towards them. and then -- >> oh, she's coming. >> -- you see the mom in the distance rushing towards them. two of the women on this hike are pregnant so you can imagine that they're pretty nervous. >> she's coming for us. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ].
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>> mom's real ticked now they're laughing at her. mocking me? >> when they were chuckling at the incident, she was still nervous because you don't know how things can escalate. >> oh shoot. oh shoot. >> fortunately you do see the deer eventually just take off. went to find its fawn. they do now have the dog on a leash. they do say they were trying to be as respectful as they could of the deer and try to stay away from it. now in the netherlands where gusts witnessed this pretty unexpected situation. you see this antelope, this kudu ended up attacking that giraffe. one of the female kudus were in a heat. maybe this one decided you ain't going to have my woman.
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>> look at it. he's trying to get away. >> they were separated and they were checked both for injuries. they're going to be just fine. but now the zoo is going to keep a much more watchful eye over these two. the description of this video goes something like this. it feels like riding an insane roller coaster that never got finished. >> oh! >> holy cow. >> i was wondering how the heck he was going to land that. >> in the world of extreme sports, it doesn't get much more "x" than that. the rider is bradley o'neil. this is in utah. he says he's seen this spot since he was a kid and all the different free style motocross movies he loved watching and had
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this idea to be the first person to b.a.s.e. jump off a natural surface like this. >> about two seconds after it deploys before he landed. >> i agree. if he mistimed it in any way, don't think he's be standing up with his hands over his head. he said it's like a double gut drop. you get the catapult feeling going up. then the zero gravity feeling at the apex. then the other gut drop as you begin to fall. he said it's almost like a really fun living nightmare. >> yeah, buddy! >> that is incredible. that is crazy. >> negative 4 productions put this together. bradley said this is a world first. >> next time a black flip. if you do it right the first time, you won't have to do it again. these employees learned that the hard way. here comes his boss and he is mad.
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>> are they monster printers? >> no. they're knitting machines a client ordered. they're not right. if they go out like that, they're going to be returned. one by one he just smashes each of the machines. and they going to learn today. >> this for sure is going to cost money now because he ruined them. >> the point is they're already ruined. your work hasn't been up to snuff. you'll have to do it all over again. this is him taking out his vengeance on the poor work. >> after he gets done, he walks over. he's like, you. >> no. >> he's making them break down the products that they built incorrectly. >> i want to know what the imperfection was. like how much of a stickler is the boss? was the label put on just slightly off? super ocd. >> they don't say what the
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problem was, but he clearly knew there was one and he wasn't having that product go out in that way. this dude in russia also got some smash therapy. but he ain't the boss and he's in some trouble. he walks in where these atms are. waiting for these ladies to walk out. pulls out an ax and there he goes. each gets a smashing. >> it's like he's angry at the bank. >> pretty much. and the thing is he may or may not be intoxicated. but still doesn't have a good reason to do something like that. >> hey, you've got to give these guys credit for waiting until the ladies left. >> that bank is not going to give him any credit. >> no. that is correct. >> maybe you should go speak on his behalf when he has to go down to the courtroom. it is officially summer. in case you're wondering, looking for some proof? i got some for you.
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this is pretty cool. this is film from canada which is a winter paradise. what it's showing you is the transformation from ski resort to outdoors exploring canada resort. >> love this. because this happens on mountains all across the country. and some of us are used to seeing them only in winter or only during summer. it's cool to see what happens from season to season. >> this is probably exactly why they're putting out this video. a lot of the time people think of these places as ski resorts. of course once it all melts, you've got mountain the biking, hiking in the same places but new stuff to do. >> i love seeing that. >> once it gets to winter, play the same video in reverse. it's a fashion statement we've seen before, but -- >> this one is now a big deal in france. >> find out how a hit hip hop tune is helping bring sox acks saddles back in a big way.
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both of these videos make absolutely no sense. define them by calling the people in them dumb doesn't do it justice. this guy is jumping over that gate obviously closed because a train has already passed. but there's another one coming. that guy stops right in the middle of the tracks, throws his hands up as if to challenge the other side. seconds later -- >> he's stupid. >>. >> -- other train comes by. >> you're putting your life in danger. but think about the people on that train, if the driver panics, if something goes wrong. you're just being a -- i can't say the word. >> that train did have to engage the emergency brake. and that's why authorities decided to release this video. they're hoping to identify that man. now over to china where these two people missed their
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exit. it happens to all of us. what do you do in that case? keep driving, get out at the next exit, turn around. well, these guys had a better idea. they did notice the camera. >> the guy was pointing straight at the camera. >> the driver getting back in the driver's seat. the passenger gets on the back of the truck so as to cover the license plate so that it can't be detected once they start pulling a very illegal move. >> i mean, the irony of the situation being not just that they were already on camera but that on the back of the truck in huge letters is their number plate again. i'm genuinely bemused to how they thought any of this could work. they're probably just racking up more charges. >> they are going to be facing serious charges. the driver could potentially lose his license. >> how did they identify them? >> authorities are investigating. but they do have some pretty strong leads. >> the investigation was literally type that in a computer. done.
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as we know, fashion trends come and go. and apparently this one is now a big deal in france. >> oh, so that's the american tourist outfit. >> socks and sandals. that's the thing? socks with sandals? >> hasn't that been a thing for years. >> yes. with american tourists. >> socks and sandals are a thing. we've been doing it. but suddenly like always the big fashion houses like versace and dolce and gabbana are producing them and people are going crazy over them. all the buzz is surrounding this hip hop artist and his song called "flip-flop and socks." ♪ we know that hip hop influences culture. >> go into any sports locker
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room, the guyins will throw on socks and their sandals on. i wear them when i go camping. >> that's a tragedy, boo. >> that's what my girlfriend at the time said. >> again, not new here. new there. and folks are loving it. >> that's so funny how these trends happen. somehow they have these spurs of attention. >> it's because people are influential. that's where there's things as influence. someone they regard as cool is doing something many people think is not cool. suddenly they want to be cool. >> r. starts as a surfing video. >> watch what he does. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, this elephant has had enough. >> that's raging against anything that gets in its way. >> why machines are no match for the massive animal.
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you can see as it starts shoving things out of the way, trashing motorbikes. >> is that is car it was rolling? >> i'm not sure if that one was. but you see the other car parked there? check what a toy it is to this elephant. >> is it angry or spooked? like had enough? >> they speculate it could have been a number of factors. it could have been there were a lot of people there. the other is it could have been loud noises that set it off. or the searing heat. though they are unsure as to what kicked it off. fortunately nobody was hurt. and its owner was able to come back over and everything actually ended up being okay. but for a couple of scary minutes in the middle, it was like, i was going to say a bull in a china shop but it's like an elephant in a festival. this one in africa, you get in there close and personal experience. but you can tell and getting close to it. it's a bit irritated. while it looks like he's focused
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on that vehicle, you see as this lion comes walking in. then as the camera pans over, there's a pride of lions sitting right here. >> the elephant is bigger than y'all. just have to use the size to up the ante. >> they may be gentle giants but respect their size. they are scary. you know, telemarketers, they can be really annoying. this mom decided to let her little one handle it. she is like all of us. >> yeah, but what do you think about your current -- internet provider. no, no, no. don't hang up. >> the thing is, though, you know they're still working on their script. and they go, well, would you be interested in maybe an upgrade? we'll give you a hand set and a land line. >> now she's doing the old --
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>> yeah. deep on the phone, leaning against the wall. i'm pretty sure she just signed up for a 24-month contract. this next little guy is 2-year-old makari. he's at the playground enjoying life. >> it's appropriate that it's shaped like a wine glass, because you walk like you've trunk too much wine once you get off it. >> i'm glad you said that. because this video has gone viral after his father professional football player chris rainy decided to post it to his social media. the kid is now a star. here's why. >> oh, poor babe. >> as makari tries to stand, the adults are laughing. he's like i'm out of here.
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>> he recovered quickly. >> they were laughing at him. he had to. it's time to keep it real or -- >> get the fake out. >> this week we've got a guitarist shredding with a fidget spinner. a yoke that just won't stay put. >> that's impressive if it's real. >> and a sexy beach video with an unexpected twist. >> that is that.
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>> going to kick the bucket once you get there. mondays around here mean one thing. b it's time for real or fake with mac dreidel. but today i'm going to have a twist for you guys. but let's get started by saying hi to mac. >> welcome back, buddy. >> great to be back on the scene. mac dreidel back in effect. where you can keep it real or -- >> get the fake out. video number one. >> what we've got here is like
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diy fidget spinner that's also going to be a pick for his guitar. ♪ >> it is the only way you can actually play that song. >> i'm going to go with probably real. >> absolutely real. >> i wish i knew more about how to play the guitar to make an informed decision. but i'm going to go real. >> i'm going fake just to break it up a bit. >> four reals, one fake. mac? >> i'm going majority decision here. i think this looks real. sounded real. the images matched up. i'm going real on this. >> next video. >> that's pretty impressive if that's real. >> the yolk is floating around
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the white is cooking. >> i'd say it's possible. >> i'd say the pan is too hot and instantly cooked the white. so this is just someone that doesn't know how to cook. >> i'm not sure what to think. did they crack the egg whites into the pan first and put another yolk in to make it appear that it separated? >> i'm going with real. >> real. >> definitely real. >> okay. you got five reals. >> man, i don't know about this. like, every time i try and do a sunny side up egg and i gently touch that yolk, it breaks all over the place. almost looks like it's a ping-pong ball or something. i want to say fake on this clip. >> you want to say, but will you? >> no, i'm not. i'm actually going to go real. >> well, here's the twist i was talking about. for video number three, even mac hasn't seen before. ♪
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>> that is so funny. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> this is a video in mexico. only to mislead everyone into thinking it is a gorgeous, thin waisted blond. >> which it is. >> which it is. >> you been doing squats, my friend? >> i've been working out. >> mac, you don't have to kind of waist to booty ratio. >> the video doesn't lie. i couldn't find any cuts when i looked closely. 100% real there. >> i have to go fake on this and point out the obvious. that is not mac dreidel. that is mac's evil cousin. >> macisha. >> maybe you have seen this before. >> you got me on that one for sure. was not expecting to see that clip on the show. but i appreciate the love, everybody. wow. the end already? well, time flies when you're having fun. see you next time.
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