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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 17, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> breaking now on "action news," a driver stops to check something under his car, it turns out to be someone, a man who had just been shot. >> new this morning, a house fire that authorities believed was sparked by a hover board claims another young life. >> it is a chilly start to your friday, accuweather is tracking
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chance for wintry mix. >> david murphy is off, we are joined by karen rogers and matt pellman. it is friday and st. patrick's day, we have two reasons to smile today, here's a third. we'll see lots of sunshine. satellite and radar we have nice clear skies, nice day today, it will be sunny. it melted yesterday, you will see the refreeze before you head out. 30 degrees in philadelphia. 29 in trenton. 26 in wilmington. the only place above freezing is cape may, 34. in the low 20s in the lehigh valley. it's cold, feels like 23 in philadelphia. only 1 in allentown. 7 in the poconos, 21 in millville. each day gets a little bit more moderate, but we're staying well below average. lots of bright sunshine, 7:00 a.m., noon, 37. 3:00 p.m., 42 that's the high for today. just before sunset you'll see clouds mixing in. you'll be sitting at 5:00 p.m.,
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42 degrees, 7:00, dipping to 39 degrees, here's what's next coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. overnight tonight into tomorrow we get a wintry mix. be careful if you're traveling celebrating st. patrick's day. tomorrow we get rain or snow showers during the day. any snow would be light in the poconos not in the city itself. light snow saturday into sunday. we'll show you what it looks like future tracker 6 in just a couple of minutes. >> reporter: just for you, karen rogers i have a camera that looks a little bit green on this st. patrick's day. >> reporter: odd. >> reporter: yes, as we look outside in south philadelphia, what we're focused on are these slick spots like right here they are leading to accidents. up ahead on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway there's a crash at passyunk and broad street. we're hearing police are on the scene. accident is off to the side, but it's causing a little bit of slowing at times. the moment doesn't look too bad. we talked about this first with the waze app 20 minutes or so.
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the crash is out there, luckily, though, off to the side. the schuylkill expressway, roosevelt boulevard, vine street expressway we're doing just fine. i-95 approaching cottman avenue, the main lanes are dry, watch it on the ramp. there's no southbound delays just yet. we had a vehicle that slid and ran into a traffic signal in norristown 202 at main street that cleared out. we have a broken down vehicle on the northeast extension northbound past lansdale that's off to the side. overnight construction on. nex is gone. on the westbound turnpike they are removing snow in the westbound lanes near fort washington. watch out for the crews there on this friday morning. >> we're starting with breaking news, a man in overbrook was backing his minivan out and hit something in the driveway dragging it 100 feet until he stopped and realized that something was someone. it was a man at some point in the night had already been shot.
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katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the latest on what we know. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: that's right, a man was shot in the rear driveway and hit by a minivan and dragged 100 feet. he was pronounced on the scene. the driver is not considered a suspect in the case, he is cooperating with police. let's go to video to overbrook. shortly before midnight police were called to the rear driveway of north 68th street. there was a report of a man getting hit by a man in a driveway. the man was none responsive and pronounced dead. police say the driver of the minivan was returning home when he struck the man. the victim was dragged north. 51-year-old driver of the minivan realized something was stuck under his vehicle, got out to investigate that's when he realized there was a body
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underneath the minivan. >> reporter: and investigators did find multiple spent shell casings in the rear driveway. this investigation continues. so far there's no word if there is any surveillance footage in the area. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> new this morning, a second child has died from a fire in harrisburg that's blamed on a exploding hover savannah dominic dd hospital -- at a hospital yesterday. 3-year-old died after the battery powered scooter caught fire in the home. the girls are the first to be killed by a hover board fire in the country. we have new information on what caused a five-year-old boy to pass out while playing in the snow in bucks county. warrington police say the pet dog nearly strangled the youngster yesterday by playfully
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tugging on the boy's scarf until he lost consciousness. he will remain sedated at children's hospital. president is under bipartisan pressure to retrack his wiretapping claims against the obama administration, the top two members of the senate intelligence committee say there was no indication that trump tower was under government surveillance before or after the election. sean spicer claimed that the statement was made without a full review or the justice department. the department. justice has until monday to hand over any evidence it has to approve or disprove the president's wiretapping claims. the villanova wildcats shook off a sluggish first half
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in the ncaa tournament. the cats fans were in kelly's bar in bryn mawr. "action news" spoke to those hoping for a repeat of last year's championship. >> the passion is what makes this team go. >> i think the seniors play a big role in it. the running three, they are a tight knit unit. >> they face wisconsin tomorrow afternoon. >> you know what day it is, it's st. patrick's day, celebrations are already in full swing. ♪ the band black thorn helped kick off the annual irish festival at the green parrot restaurant and public in newtown, bucks county. last night's show was the beginning of a weekend of irish celebration. the festival runs through
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sunday. all six abc is getting into the spirit if you're passing by our studios on city avenue, be sure to check out our offices all lit up in emerald green. >> reporter: i wish i knew a rock star performing all night, if only i knew a rock star, matt o'donnell. >> the band is playing tonight saint patrick's day, it will be fun. >> reporter: i'll be sleeping. >> bring ear plugs, we're pretty loud. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry right now, double scan will be busy this weekend. look look outside, live, sky6 live hd down the shore, we'll be looking at beautiful bright sunshine it is not as windy as it's been. 30 degrees, close to freezing, slippery out there because we had melting yesterday. the pressure is rising, the winds out of the west/northwest pretty light and the ocean
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temperature, 39. satellite and radar showing beautiful clear skies out there, we'll see bright sunshine until the evening hours, that's when the warm front approaches. when the warm front moved lieu chicago, they saw 45 minutes or so of precipitation. that warm front is hitting us later on tonight. during the day today, 32 degrees at 8:00 a.m. dry, sunshine. 11:00 a.m., 34. 2:00 p.m., 41. 5:00 p.m., 42 that's the high. 8:00 p.m., 36. sometime before sunset we see the clouds fill in approaching the warm front near our region. in the overnight hours we get mixed precipitation. 5:00 a.m., we have a wintry mix in the city, rain to the south, snow north an east. in the lehigh valley, you're seeing snow overnight maybe get a coating to an inch. it's not a lot. during the day on saturday, unsettled, showers around, highs in the 40s.
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maybe northwest of allentown and the poconos you see snow during the day. the area of low pressure develops off the coast. we get a wrap around band around that. that coastal low develops saturday night into sunday. we get another chance of possibility of coating maybe one or two spots we see one or two inches of snow. this is 10:00 p.m. on saturday, we see it's mild, you have showers, this model shows the snow developing in the overnight hours. that could leave a coating or so, i think the best chance of a couple of inches, one to two inches, would be this area right here, as that low continues to pull away. that extra will hit the city. look for a couple of shots of wintry weather. not today, luck of the irish, 42. tomorrow, unsettled with wet snow showers in the lehigh valley. saturday into sunday, we get
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light snow, especially philadelphia and east. 46 degrees the high, rest of the day on sunday, is fine, 46. monday, 50 degrees, spring arrives. monday night into tuesday, you get showers, tuesday, breezy and milder, 52. does it last and change the pattern? no. wednesday we drop into the 40s, thursday it's colder, 42 degrees, normally at that time of the year the high would be 54 we're nowhere near it. >> it is what it is. 5:41 developing news out of new york city, an emt was killed run over with her own ambulance. >> rocks come raining down on tourists who got too close for comfort. matt. >> reporter: matt, we're live in eucland, upper chester county. this is live under the pennsylvania turnpike, an icy
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patch. we have issues on the turnpike a weekend closure, we'll talk about that when "action news" continues on this friday morning. hi
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everyone, it is st. patrick's day, we're taking live look of the irish memorial on penns
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landing which commemorates the great famine in 1845 where a million irish people died from lack of food. the survivors ended i am grating here and becoming a part of the nation's history. >> a vibrant population and part of our city. let's go over to matt pellman. >> reporter: i rang in this year 2017 in a pub in dublin. i got to learn about the famine and a great country it's a neat place. we have a couple of issues, live in norristown, along 202 markley street at main street crossing over the railroad tracks, out of view there's a slick patch coming north on 202 as you turn on to main, someone lost control an hour ago and hit the light pole. that crashed is cleared out of the way. you're looking better in the intersection, look out for icy
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patches. cross that off the list. we have a broken down vehicle northeast extension past lansdale off to the side. wheel we're talking about the n. exevment let -- nex, let me warn you, they are going to close it tomorrow night. at this point looks like for 6 hours. nex will be closed, at that point instead of 476 you want to stay on 309. they do this sometimes, we're kind of used to it. on the east/west turnpike westbound past fort washington, crews are removing snow this morning. without for them. on the eastbound side in berks county there's a vehicle fire 286, the reading interchange, right lane is blocked as fire crews are on on the scene. downed tree blocking faulk land road. in new castle there's a fire location along shetland drive to avoid. commuter report in somerton
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there's a crash byberry road calmly school at evans street. there's congestion reported there, as well. >> thank you matt. we're following developing details in the sad death of a new york city emt a mother of five was run over by a man who had stolen her ambulance. fdnc released this picture of the 44-year-old who were responding to a calling in the bronx last night. they were alerted there was a man riding on the back bumper of the vehicle. the emts got out of the vehicle to check it out. the 25-year-old suspect ran around them and jumped into the driver seat running over her and dragging her. >> there was a bloody scream i will remember it, my partner, my partner, a bone-chilling scream. >> a passing officer and bystander subdued and arrest the suspect. her partner was not physically hurt, but she ended up dieing of
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her injuries. ten people were hurt in the explosion that rocked the slopes of mount etna in italy. the bbc just happened to be there working on a story about the recent eruption which started tuesday. italian authorities say the 18-degree love have a ran into the frozen snow it sent rock raining down on tourists journalists and scientists. this is video of a near miss between a cashier and a car in georgia. fortunately the man said he was looking at the suv when it rolled in the wrong direction and into the cashier window. the woman behind the wheel forgot to put the car in park. she realized it was rolling, but hit the wrong pedal to stop it.
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new york city says the snow will not prevents them from celebration st. patrick's day, about but it's did take a lot of work. >> she how a nfl football was converted by a raiders playoff.
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enough snow is cleared for today's st. patrick's day parade. they cleared snow along the traditional route. they brought in machines to melt the snow. up in allentown, the schools are closed today because they are recovering from the snow. >> reporter: day after day, the schools have been closed. >> reporter: we're recovering on the roads, lots of slick patches out there. not feeling the luck of the irish, 476 to broomal, we have
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police out here, you want to exit at villanova or lima, springfield, instead. the ramp is blocked right now. a crash involving a vehicle into a pole in souderton avoid main at walnut. >> reporter: today is a big day we make it into the 40s, 42 degrees the overnight temperature will sit at the freezing mark. even in the overnight hours we stay below the average low of 35. today it is bright and sunny, pretty nice. later on tonight, we see increasing cloud cover, overnighter tonight into tomorrow we get a wintry mix, a coating to an inch of snow possible in the lehigh valley and the poconos. saturday is unsettled with showers around maybe wet snow in the lehigh valley. the high is 44. it's mostly wet. saturday night into sunday, you get another shot of light snowfall, matt. >> thanks, karen. an nfl pro pulled off a quarterback sneak by helping a man who had no idea who he was
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at first. deejay ron reeseer was driving in california he ran out of the gas, a stranger pulled up beside him and you ever had him a ride, he found out the helper plays professional football. >> i said what's your favorite team? he said i'm a little bias, because i play for the raiders. i said what's your name? he said derrick carr. a spokesman said the oakland raider does not do good deeds for the attention. >> that's a good way to be. a delaware county man is charged with biting a police officer. we'll tell you what led to that altercation. a dog is getting a much better life thanks to the help
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of two women from the garden state, how they gave the pet new hope, next. horns on their helmets.
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learn more at your john deere dealer. st. patrick's day, commodore barry bridge, live on sky6 live hd, 30 degrees on city avenue. getting up to 42 degrees today. >> new this morning, a delaware
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county man is behind bars accused of biting a police officer. this happened at a mcdonald's in upper chichester township on wednesday. police were trying to take kareem robinson into custody for assaulting a customer. robinson is accused of digging his teeth into the police officer. a dog has a new lease on life after a brush with death overseas. a man brutally attacked a dog leaving her without a nose and top jaw. two women raised $11,000 to sewell new jersey to pay for much-needed surgery. she hopes to get the dog certified as a therapy dog for
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disfigured children at children's hospital. later, dos and don't for storm victims looking to higher help for repairs, that's today's consumer tip. yeah, so mom's got this cold.
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6:00 a.m., friday, march 17. we're following two breaking news stories. >> police are on the scene of a homicide in the city's overbrook section. a man was shot in the head and later hit and dragged by an unsuspecting driver. >> also breaking a double stabbing in center city. we know what started. >> an update on the young boy who needed medical help during


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