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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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officials still have no idea how long the bridge that connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes will remain closed. and that's a problem because tens of thousands of motorists are seriously being inconvenienced. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live on the pennsylvania side of the bridge. bob, what's the latest here? >> reporter: jim, good evening. i can tell you progress is being made in the form of eight 80-foot towers that are going to be brought in here to prop up the bridge. behind me you can see construction on the foundation of those towers is being laid right now but until those are in place, nobody is going up there including work crews to figure out the problem. people want answers but when it comes to the reopening of the i276 delaware river turnpike bridge, there's no answer yet. it's been closed for a week and will remain closed and that means people say they'll continue to lose money. >> my job is -- we have to either go out of our way over
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to trenton or we have to go down into philly. either way it's costing us a lot more money and time and gas. >> reporter: there's no doubt this is frustrating thousands, 42,000 to be exact. can that's the number of drivers who use the bridge on a daily basis. well, today we got an update in the process to have it reopened, eight 80-foot towers will be placed under the bridge. it needs to be propped up for crews to go on out and work. we spoke with one of the research's engineers this afternoon. >> eventually what we hope to do that is apply some force back into the bridge with jacks and jack the truss back into place. >> reporter: the towers will be placed underneath the section where this fracture in a truss was found by a crew painting the bridge last week. that's specifically located in between palmer and wood avenues. now we spoke were it a few neighbors around the bridge who said they've heard it's so unstable that it might come down and that certainly is a scary thought but when i asked officials about that today they say that is simply not the case. >> the way we have it we feel it's stable as is without
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traffic on it. >> reporter: turnpike officials say they're hopeful they'll have a timetable for when the bridge will be reopened in pow another week. they say they're still figuring out what caused the truss to split. >> once we get that repaired we'll be able to put it back into service. >> reporter: if you're taking alternative routes like the 413 bridge for a week now drivers say they wouldn't mind for progress to speed up. >> it's really a mess. >> reporter: another live look out here at the bridge on top of those towers being brought in the turnpike commission has also installed monitors to watch the bridge around the clock to keep an eye on it. also a piece of the truss has been removed and has been taken in for testing. to are now reporting live in bristol township bob brooks channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, bob. new jersey state police say the fire that destroyed a salem county medical officers is suspicious. firefighters were called to the salem medical professionals building on bypass road it's in mannington township many of happened at
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three:30 this morning. the fire started on the second floor but quickly spread. crews spent the day putting out hot spots. they are trying to save medical records. a new report tonight says the philadelphia school district says the philadelphia district's buildings need $3 billion in repair over aered pooh of 1 period of 10 ye. vernon odom is live outside school district headquarters. vernon that's a lot of money. where is the district going to get it? >> reporter: well, jim, it goes this way. they hear the new president talking about spending a trillion dollars to bring the u.s. infrastructure up top date. so, they're saying tonight, mr. trump, send us a nice slice of that pie. at dunbar elementary this afternoon students prepare for their springtime ukulele recite tell. the schoorecital. the school district's
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financial situation has improved but the district still has financial shortages. the district's facilities 308 buildings and structures need over 12,000 documented major repairs. take dunbar for example. the building dates back to the early 30's and the roof leaks whenever there's a serious rain. >> well, young person that comes to our school already goes through a lot of trauma and to come into a school where you have a bucket and water dripping into it periodically you don't know when that's going to happen has a major impact on them in terms of their ability to and sit and absorb the instruction. >> reporter: dunn dunbar is ona the priority list for a new roof. soon a new heating and air conditioning system will be installed at craft elementary in west kensington where climate control problems have persisted. >> it ends up turning into a lot of kids miss schools,s, 'cause they end up shutting the school down for half day due to the air conditioner or
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heater not working. >> reporter: a comprehensive study of the repairs needed of school district buildings estimates the total cost would be $4.5 billion over 10 years. where would the district get that kind of money? they're hoping the new president's call for infrastructure overhaul is for real. >> we know where to spend it. we know what the highest priority is. we know what the highest needs are. if nationally or if there's federal funding for infrastructure we're ready for it. >> reporter: so, jim an old saying hope springs eternal. they're hoping that dream will some day come true. live in spring garden, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> all right, vernon, thank you. this morning congressional republicans wrapped up their three-day policy retreat in philadelphia. lawmakers welcomed a speech from that president trump yesterday endorsing their goals on repealing and replacing healthcare and overhauling the tax code. republicans are divided on the plan to build a border wall and how to pay for it.
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on the final day of the republican conference, it was met with protests. demonstrators gathered at 30th street station to watch lawmakers return to washington. they held signs protesting republican policy on healthcare immigration and women's rights. president donald trump says that he had a friendly call, that's how he described it today, with the president of mexico. speaking at his first news conference with british prime minister theresa may, trump confirmed the hour long call. the call came the day after president enrique pena nieto canceled his trip top washington next week. world news with david muir will have more on president trump's news conference with british prime minister theresa may next at 6:30 here on channel6. this is not good newsily from philadelphia city hall and the manayunk development corporation. authorities have and canceled the 2017 philadelphia international cycling classic
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more familiaritil family known e manayunk bike race. gray hall explains why. >> reporter: the philadelphia international cycling classic, this year that tradition is coming to an end thousands and thousands of fans will not be cheering on the riders as they take on the grueling task of climbing up the manayunk wall. it ia 30 year tradition that may say will be missed. >> the regular joe blow going out there doing the hill on saturday morning before that hand to the families coming outlining the race way on sunday, local racers coming cheering on their heroes its a good event. >> reporter: the brakes were put on the event due to a lack of money. the city released a statement saying regrettable even after fundraising efforts we were not able to and find enough sponsors urgentd in covering the 1 million-dollar cost of the bike race to host this year. >> i understand especially in the light of the boston marathon, i actually do some
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running myself, my dad is a marathon runner and that stuff is really scary but i don't like the idea of living in fear. >> reporter: the manayunk development corporation said the city did everything it could to save this race but adds there was just not enough money to cover the cost of heightened security demands. in a statement the corporation says they hope to bring back the race next year but admits it needs lots of support to make it happen. >> we hear that every time. i don't know, it's early enough that we might be able to save it. maybe they can cut down on security. i've seen hundreds of police standing around its not an event that really needs a ton of security but i don't know, we'll see what happens. >> reporter: we should mention that something similar happened back in 2013. the race was saved because the money was raised. a lot of folks hoping the same thing happens this year that somehow, some way the money is found and this race is able to be saved. reporting in manayunk gray hall channel6 "action news." >> word came today prosecutors will not pursue the criminal misconduct case against new jersey governor chris christie
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in the george washington bridge scandal. prosecutors in bergen county said today the state does not believe it can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. the complaint alleged that christie violated the state's official misconduct statute by failing to reopen the lanes of the bridge in 2013. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has been given a clean bill of health. the government issued a statement today following his recent treatment for prostate cancer. wolf is encouraging all pennsylvanians to get regular checkups. the governor's cancer was treatable because it was detected early during a routine screening. coming up on "action news" tonight they are revved up and ready to show off the latest technology. we'll take you inside the philadelphia auto show for a sneak peek before it opens to the public tomorrow. joel embiid reacts to being left off the all-star roster. he says he knows what kept him out of the game. cecily. >> well, it's definitely
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feeling like winter again. you step outside the wind chill is 30 degrees its going to feel quite a bit cooler for much of your weekend. i'll have details and track the chance of a few snow showers on the way in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> we congratulate several members of the philadelphia fire department for moving up the ladder today. fire commissioner adam thiel held a special ceremony this morning at the fire training academy in torresdale. more than 40 men and women were promoted in front of family and friends. the commissioner also
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presented two heroism awards to those who went above and beyond the call of duty. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning they open the doors to one of the most popular shows in town. it is the 2017 philadelphia auto show at the convention center. "action news" reporter katherine scott got a behind the wheel preview today. >> reporter: right now i'm behind the wheel of a many 2017 alpha romeo. this sporty little number starts at $70,000. it's one of the many stops you can make at this year's philadelphia auto show. from the sleek, to the rugged. and just about everything in between. once again, the philadelphia auto show is back at the pennsylvania convention center. >> over 250,000 people under one roof 700,000 square feet of met its not an industry thing its a philadelphia thing. >> reporter: the floor is indeed vast. you have the ever popular classics like this 1934 model b ford pickup or perhaps you prefer the exotics.
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do you have a need for speed? maybe a ferrari will do. some will come to admire, others are in the market and want to see what's out there and what's to come. >> the real nuts and bolts is about 50 percent of the people that come to the show will buy a car in the next 12 months. that represents about $3.5 million the sales so that's the business aspect. but the fun aspects off the chartsism this is the show's first ever display of hollywood cars. the delorean from back to the future a 1966 bat mobile replica. ecto1 and harry and lloyd's wagon from dumb and dumber. you can head to camp jeep. >> in the old days it was cars on carpet right. but now it's not. we're moving around you're in cars you can smell them feel them and you can drive them indoors or outdoors. >> reporter: the black tie tailgate is tonight and then the auto show begins tomorrow.
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it runs until next sunday. have fun, everybody, i know i am. at the pal conventio pennsylvann center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> nothing like tasting a brand new car. please join us tomorrow night a one hour preview of the philadelphia ought though show ducis rodgers adam joseph karen rogers and melissa magee will have a closer look at the newest cars and the latest technology showcased at the pennsylvania convention center. join us at 7 o'clock right here on channel6. >> ♪
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ly. >> sixers moving up in the nba hierarchy and that would be because of one joel embiid. >> one of the hottest teams in the nba p you think joel embiid o deserves to be an all-star. guess what? so does he. the sixers center says he thinks he deserves to go after getting snubbed last night as a reserve. embiid will not play in the all-star game but he's expecting and hoping to play tonight against houston. officially embiid is listed as questionable with a knee
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injury can. although he says he could play 40 minutes if they let him. speaking of minutes embiid says the minute restriction was surprisingly a factor keeping him out of the nba all-star game. >> i thought i deserved it. not that i care about my stats but i was one of the ones that could have been chosen but i think it was the minutes but like i said i'm not disappointed. i'm happy for those guys. >> i think it's a travesty to be honest. the amount of minutes that he plays and the damage that he does, i think it's absolute (bleep) that he wasn't voted into the all-star game. >> whew. well, thanks to embiid the sixers will finish january with their first winning month in 50 months. in fact only two teams in the nba have more wins in the new year. embiid has single-handedly turned this around. they're only four and a half out of the final playoff spot. >> we have proven that we
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trying to win that we trying to make the playoffs and we got a pretty good chance. my job is to kind of like bring the excitement back to the city. >> all right, the flyers, the wayne train will come full circle. wayne simmonds going back to los angeles for the game. the city where his nhl career started. the flyers go into the break winners of three straight their best run in more than six weeks. the flyers have a one point lead on the final wild card spot. when they come back on tuesday they hope to pick things up right where they left off. >> we can still get better. we can still improve as a team but we're definitely going in the right direction right now and we got to make sure that no matter how many you win in a row you keep building on your game. >> if you linke blinked you misd it. tiger misses the cut at the
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farmers insurance open his first pga tour event if 17s month. villanova won't miss the cut march madness. the number one ranked team in the country is not not satisfied despite a 19 and two record. they're looking to rebound sunday afternoon against 12th ranked virginia. >> we have to keep getting better, you know, and every day of practice is -- you know, it's not just about winning the next game. we got a big game against virginia but every game is a big game and every practice is a big practice. you got to just value every day and make sure we get something out of it. >> finally basketball players are taught to draw fouls on defense but, well, that's a bit much. check out dylan brooks from oregon. throws himself across the floor last night. come on, really? one more time. what's he doing? what is thatly? the worst flop, the worst acting you will ever
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see. >> did he get the call? >> he did. >> he did get the call. >> el were, they stopped play. >> all right. >> it's ridiculous in do it again. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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>> weekend accuweather forecast cecily tynan what's the story? >> it's going to be a cold weekend a seasonably cold weekend. we're back to winter. last weekend of january. >> can't complain. >> it's going to be quiet a little bit on the windy side a little bit on the chilly side. we're dry this evening. though did have a few lake effect snow flurries surviving the trip from the great lakes earlier today and we did have a a lot of clouds as well. let's go to sky6.
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earlier this evening capturing a great looking sunset. the sun now setting at 5:15 and this is taking a look over atlantic city. sky6 still shaking a little bit with the winds and the winds will be with us basically through the first half of the weekend. the accuweather highlights will show you that it's back to reality. we had two days of afternoon highs in the 50's wednesday 54, yesterday 55. today our high 44 degrees but still that's 3 degrees above normal. kind of a shock to the system after the mild weather earlier. highlights also show tomorrow morning the wind chills as you step outside this is 7 o'clock in the morning we have wind chills across-the-board in the 20's. if you're going skiing wind chills in the low teens in the poconos so definitely feeling like winter again. currently the winds still pretty gusty. yesterday we had wind gusts of about 50 miles an hour so not quite that strong but winds gusting at 33 miles an hour philadelphia right now, 26 in allentown, 24 in cape may and 29 in wilmington.
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so you factor in the winds with the temperature, the wind chill makes it feel like 30 in philadelphia, 28 in reading, 32 in atlantic city and it feels like 30 in trenton. satellite6 and action radar showing again a few lake effect snow flurries making it in. earlier today you'll notice across central pennsylvania the clouds are beginning to break so tonight becoming partly cloudy and temperatures dropping below freezing for the first time since january 16th, 11 days. the low in philadelphia 31 degrees. it's going to feel cold but consider this. the normal low for this time of the year is 36. the temperature slightly above normal. 28 allentown wilmington 29 cape may 33 and trenton 30 degrees but tomorrow morning you step outside, again, wind chills will be in the 20's. so breaking down the weekend, tomorrow tom the morning, it will feel like 25 degrees in you, factor in the winds. our afternoon high should make it up to the low 40's but with the wind it will feel like 35. sunday morning just as cold, a
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wind chill of 25 but then the winds will that diminish so not quite as harsh by the afternoon, 38 degrees. and sunday will be the brighter of the two days this weekend. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow we'll see some sunshine early. then mostly cloudy, very similar to today with a high of 40 degrees but wind chills in the 30's. on sunday mixture of sun and clouds, a high of 42 degrees. we have a weak disturbance sunday night into monday could toss a few flurries our way. otherwise it will just bring us colder air, 36 degrees and heading into tuesday, a clipper could produce some snow showers north of philadelphia. doesn't look to be a big event. 39 degrees. wednesday as we begin february, clouds with some sunshine, 42 degrees. and thursday, ground hog day seeing partly sunny skies, brisk and colder, 38 degrees. and friday loads of sunshine but temperatures drop even more with a high of 36 so a pretty cold weather pattern but also a pretty quiet one. >> thank you cecily. the central bucks chamber
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of commerce heard from an astronaut and pioneering female navy veteran today. captain katherine hire delivered a presentation called the unplanned path to space. she visited the group's luncheon in ivy land. her service record includes being the first american woman is assigned to a combat air crew and logging 7-eleven hours in space. she is now the naval academy's director of innovation. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, the world stage. president trump and his first news conference as leader of the free world. his first visit from a foreign leader. side by side. how they both answer questions. where they differ. on torture. on russian sanctions. and tonight, the other foreign trip cancelled. president trump angering mexico. and we have new reporting here on the phone call today with mexico's president. authorities say, the school massacre averted. two teenagers allegedly planning a columbine-style attack. the chilling details. the deadly police takedown. ten officers under investigation tonight. a mentally ill man worried about his dog. your money. the news tonight about buying a car right now. where are the prices dropping? and the simple steps to saving thousands. and, carrie fisher's last wish for harrison ford.


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