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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 30, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, russia is vowing a response today after president obama's new sanctions. this as some lawmakers call for stiffer penalties against russia for its alleged hacking around the election. we're live in washington with the latest. winter weather on both coasts. snow pounding new england, more than a foot and the northeast getting a fresh round of snow as welch what's on tap for the holiday weekend as we ring in the new year. a child kidnapped during a car theft is safe. see the emotional reunion with her mother. an urban avalanche. this in alaska's capital. a good friday morning. we begin with russia's swift reaction to penalties from
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president obama for allegedly meddling in the u.s. election. >> russia shut down a school in moscow used by many american children and announcing many other plans and comes after the obama administration imposed sanctions and expelled dozens of diplomats and janai norman has the latest from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama says all americans should be alarmed by russian interference in the election and his administration is offering new details into how russia pulled off that cyberattack, a campaign u.s. officials are calling grizzly steppe. president obama sending a powerful message to punish russia striking back against the cyberattacks aimed at influencing the election. >> the sanctions were aggressive and bold and they're designed to send a message to russia that this is unacceptable. >> reporter: taking executive action to expel 35 russian
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intelligence operatives giving them and their families 72 hours to get out and shutting down two russian compounds used for gathering intelligence in maryland and new york and slapping sanctions on moscow's two leading intelligence agencies, four officials and two cybercriminals wanted by the fbi but not russian president vladimir putin, despite his alleged involvement. the obama administration reporting two russian groups hacked democratic officials in the dnc saying the hackers mimicked e-mail systems tricking victims into handing over credentials and stealing tens of thousands of internal e-mails. top republicans supporting obama sanctions saying they're overdue but president-elect donald trump still not convinced. repeatedly refusing to accept the conclusion reached by 17 intelligence agencies about the kremlin's involvement. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives and i think the computers have complicated lives very greatly. the whole, you know, age of
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computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> reporter: but trump saying he will meet with the leaders of the intelligence community next week. and russia is now punching back at the u.s. ordering the closure of the anglo-american school of moscow which serves the children of u.s. embassy officials. kendis and diane. >> yeah, it is expected that they'll expel some american diplomats as well, janai, thank you. we're now less than 48 hours from the start of the new year and big celebration at the crossroads of the world. >> what will be party central saturday night. for about a million people expected to fill times square to ring in 2017. >> and there is a lot going on to ensure they're all safe. the nypd says officials were very mindful of the terror attacks in niece and berlin. it includes barriers made up of 65 dump trucks and 100 other large vehicles parked in and around times square. >> they're start gathering as
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early as 8:00 in the morning and won't be allowed to bring any large bags and each will be searched multiple times and hopefully they'll stay dry because it'll be raining at midnight in times square. >> yes. >> some of the country will actually ring in the new year with a lot of snow on the ground. in check out the radar. there's some lake-effect snow for the great lakes. you can see the tail end of the powerful storm covering maine. more than a foot of snow is expected there before it's all over. and here's the scene overnight in bangor, maine, which is getting several inches of snow covering the roads and all still coming down. >> on new hampshire's mt. washington a member of the observatory braved the conditions, 40-mile-an-hour winds and blinding snow. the west coast is also dealing with extreme weather as the holiday weekend approaches and paul williams has the details. >> good morning, diane, kendis. fresh set of cold and a fresh set of snow for the northwest covering oregon, idaho, going
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into montana. then we're looking for cold over the weekend same part of the country with that cold air overtaking the northwest. but cold air and blizzard conditions expected on the other side of the country here in the northeast, blizzard conditions where you see the darkest of blue. we could see 12 to 18 inches of snow, major travel delays increasing winds between 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds, also we're likely to see snow showers pushing through the great lakes region, particularly coming off lake superior off lake michigan into southern portions of michigan, northern indiana as well. kendis, diane. >> all right, our thanks to paul. we get to breaking news from the dallas area where a police officer has been shot. officials in weatherford say officer chris bump pis was conducting a traffic stop in the parking lot of a restaurant when he tried to arrest one man in the car for an outstanding warrant. he is in stable condition undergoing surgery. the suspect wounded and the
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irony, these pictures you're looking at are of bump pis receiving the rookie of the year award last week. overseas and a cease-fire has taken hold in syria. some say the agreement between the government and biggest rebel group could be a turning point in the six-year-long civil war. if that holds it'll be followed by peace talks next month. the fighting so far has killed more than a quarter of a million people and triggered a huge refugee crisis. at home new details about the funeral arrangements for mother and daughter debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. >> reynolds died of an apparent stroke a day after fisher died of a heart attack. they are now planning a dual funeral. the lights at the theater was dimmed in reynolds' honor where her handprints have been immortalized since 1965 and fans are placing more flowers around her two stars on the walk of fame. >> todd fisher tweeting this drawing of his mother and sister in their iconic roles from "star
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wars" and "singin' in the rain" saying i miss them both so much. love is everlasting. >> have to feel for todd fisher. >> and carrie's daughter, as well. a hollywood tribute to a hollywood actress a few minutes ago the lights at that chinese theater, they went dark to honor debbie reynolds as well. it's only the 11th time that the theater's lights have dimmed that way. >> it is really a famed theater. so many hollywood legends are out there where they have their footprints and handprints there and you can see all of hollywood is mourning debbie reynolds and carrie fisher this week. that's right. still ahead, amazon's plan for a floating warehouse. and lost in the snow, a man spends more than a day in the mountains with temperatures in the single digits. hear about the key decisions that likely saved his life. plus, watch this wall of snow slide down a mountain heading right for a city in alaska. the avalanche caught on camera.
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this moving police chase in the phoenix area involving a u-haul truck that started with a possible robbery at a convenience store. there were reports a man had a gun. the vehicle headed onto busy interstate 10 and continued traveling through many surface trees and traveled through phoenix and made his way through scottsdale and paradise valley. this is where it ended. police shooting the driver. he's in stable condition this morning. in tennessee a driver was also injured and his fedex truck destroyed after colliding with a train. a good samaritan helped get that driver out of the truck rushed to the hospital. he's said to be in stable condition but police say he'll likely face criminal charges. now to an emotional
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mother/daughter reunion captured on camera after the child was kidnapped. the scene in los angeles, the 6-year-old running into her mother's arms. that moment right there on camera. the child kidnapped during a carjacking. she was missing for about 90 minutes before a woman dropped her off at a day-care center. police are still trying to find that woman. and the retrial of form he police officer michael slager is set for march. he is accused of killing walter scott in north charleston, south carolina. scott was unarmed but slager said he feared for his life. the last trial ended with a hung jury. he faces federal civil rights charges also. a major safety recall under way for the top selling minivan. honda is pulling 600,000 odysseys off the market. the second row seat may move unexpectedly. honda will begin notifying car owners next month. amazon is moving forward with plans to place warehouses in the sky. the company was reportedly
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approving a patent for blimps that will be stocked with products. the goal now is for the blimps to offer over cities and launch drones to deliver packages from there within minutes. one day the warehouse blimps may even fly over sporting events and deliver food and merchandise to fans. >> interesting concept. all right, when we come back, tragedy on the ski slopes after a family falls from a ski lift. new details about what happened. for the first time we're hearing from the b.a.s.e. jumper whose leap went horely wrong. ri. [oprah] like everybody, i want
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now for a look at morning road conditions, a few lingering snow showers over new england as you mentioned but with gusty winds. rain could be a problem in l.a. and san diego. if you're flying expect some airport delays in los angeles, boston and new york. and a holiday ski vacation for a texas mother and her daughters has turned tragic. >> the mother fell 20 feet to her death from a ski lift. the daughters also fell but they're expected to survive. get details from abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: authorities investigating a deadly accident on the slopes. >> ems station one, respond to six beganby ranch. >> reporter: a 40-year-old mother from texas and her two daughters falling from this chair lift at the ski beggranby ranch. paramedics rushing the injured family to hospitals transporting one 9-year-old girl by helicopter. her 12-year-old sister by ambulance. their mother did not survive the fall. >> we do know they fell from the
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chair lift and immediately ski patrol was on scene. >> reporter: investigators are now trying to determine exactly how and why the three fell out. >> it's a sad day in the ski business. this type of incident is extremely rare. >> that's clayton sandell. he'll have more on "gma" later on. west of there for the first time we're hearing from the arizona man whose b.a.s.e. jump went horribly wrong. the images captured on video as he smacks into the cliff and plunges 100 feet to the ground. doctors say that landon dirnberger is lucky to be alive. his injuries including a broken pelvis and shattered heels. he still doesn't know exactly what went wrong. he has to have another surgery then he's expected to spend some time in rehab but he does plan to b.a.s.e. jump again. a man is telling his survival story after spending a night in the snow. wally formore was stuck in the mountains of washington for 30 hours when he made a wrong turn
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during a storm. that wrong turn put him in snow that is almost as deep as he is tall. he eventually built a fire and spent the night between two fallen trees unable to hike out with the snow so high. >> my main job was just to keep the little tiny fire going and there was wind and snow blowing in but i was in -- relatively protected. >> he is a former search and rescue volunteer and kept a card in his wallet for the last 30 years with a list of ten essentials to survive in the wilderness and he had everything on ha list. >> good job. >> rewards for being prepared. new video this morning shows an avalanche in alaska's capital. the snow you can see it move down a gully toward juneau. it happened yesterday afternoon and came down over an undeveloped area but created a visible cloud behind the buildings. no reports of injuries or property damage. and now some news from a bald eagle's nest in southwest
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florida. one of the eggs starting to crack. >> ooh. breaking news, quite literally. here's a live look at north ft. myers. harriet laid two eggs in late november and she and her mate known as m-15 have been keeping those eggs warm ever since so thousands of people have been glued to this live webcam watching the nest waiting for those eggs to hatch. >> so the eggs started cracking yesterday afternoon. it could take up to another day for the chick to break free of the shell. >> ooh. is it going to happen right now? all right. >> guess we'll have to wait a little bit longer. virginia tech's huge comeback. >> epic. here's our guys with highlights. >> good morning, america. look who is back again. bruno mars, what's up? busy thursday in the world of sports. kevin. celtics, cavs, lebron james said i played horrible in this game. so had a chance.
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isiah thomas had 31. however he gives it up to jae crowder. that doesn't go. the cavs hold on late despite blowing a big lead. did somebody say blowing a big lead? belk bowl, arkansas and virginia tech. the razorbacks led 24-0 in the third quarter when virginia tech began the comeback. evans' touchdown run and then evans, sam rogers, 24-14. evans, chris cunningham, it's 24-21. fourth quarter, trayvon mcmillan, it's 28-24, hokies then off another arkansas turnover evans does it again, 35 unanswered points. the hokies win the belk bowl. >> he's kev. i'm the coach. we're done for now. have a good day. >> come back in more than 100 years for the hokies, congratulations.
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♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with a toast to the man behind an american party mainstay. >> yeah, how he didn't win the nobel prize for this. >> unbelievable. >> unbelievable the inventor of the red solo cup, there he is, he has passed away at 84. robert h. lseman came up with the idea in the '70s and been a fixture at parties and college campuses since found by the beer pong table. >> and inspired a song by toby keith who tweeted raise one for this good man today.
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r.i.p., red solo cup. >> a lot of drinks. if you want 2016 to end you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. >> december 31st will be one second longer than a typical day. that's because this year will include what's called a leap second. >> that's when the time is added to a day so our clocks can sync with the earth's rotation so one second will be added on new year's eve at 6:59:59 p.m. east coast time. >> all right. adjust your clocks, everyone. a challenge has been taken to a whole new level. >> astronauts in space have joined in. here's video from the european space agency on board the international space station. of course, the six crew members are above the earth on a six-month mission and tweeted video of what's probably the first and last zero gravity mannequin challenge. the iss there dropping the mike on the challenge. >> anyone who still hasn't done a mannequin challenge, it's done. >> you're done.
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finally by now, most of us have seen the water bottle flip challenge but this girl's reaction of successful flip is priceless. >> yeah! >> you did it. >> she absolutely nailed it and it took little sam only two tries to pull this off. to top it off she does the dab. >> she does the dab. take that, everybody. when coughing keeps your family awake.
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, it is friday, december 30, coming up on "action news" an emotional goodbye to a south philadelphia store owner who was gunned down. she was not the intended target of the excessive violence. president obama sends a powerful message to russia his response to a state run cyber attack. remembering debby rent -- reynolds what her son is saying about her death. we'll have fireworks tomorrow night, david murphy will have more of the be accuweather forecast next on "action news." ade with all and
4:28 am
dedicated volunteers. kabc's amy powell takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: it's all in the details for these volunteers. working in teams they're patiently spending hours gluing seeds, vegetables, feathers and flower dust onto floats to create spectacular designs. >> i've been taking the flowers and cutting the tips off the ittiest bittiest flowers. >> i like it. lot of hard work and i have a newfound respect for these people. like a lot of people volunteering and a lot of them are having fun. >> reporter: float decorating has become an annual event for this group of volunteers from ogden manor home care. >> perfect activity for them. it gives them a sense of pride and satisfaction.
4:29 am
>> reporter: with the rose parade just a few days away these high school students are busy preparing thousands of roses. each one goes in a small container to keep them looking bright and fresh when they're placed on the floats. >> it's cool because i think later on we'll be able to see it on tv and be like i was a part of that. >> reporter: a tradition that never loses its charm. some of these volunteers have been decorating floats for decades. larry has collected hundreds of pins over the years. >> i've been doing this now for 59 years. i started in the ninth grade and i've been doing it ever since. >> so cool. >> yeah, our thanks to amy powell there in l.a. can't wait to see those floats. >> that does it for us in 2016. our last broadcast of the year. >> happy new year. so long, 2016. >> have a great one. >> bye.
4:30 am
>> good morning it is friday, december 30, matt o'donnell is off, alicia vitarelli is filling in, here's what we're following for you. hundreds gathered to pay respects to a woman shot and killed at her glossary store in south philadelphia. "action news" is live with the emotional scene leading up to marie buck's funeral. an unprecedented diplomat move by the white house, russia is punished with cyber attacks for interfering in the u.s. election. there's a celebration in time


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