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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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normal. but closer to the normal number. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you look to the west and say there is not much to see, that is the case. the system at this point is minimal in size but as it pushes to the east it grabs moisture and new england takes the hardest hit with rain and snow. we look at winter weather advisories between 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. where they see the wet snow and sleet in the poconos. most is expected to go up there. it will be slippery and slick in spots. it's rain across the delaware valley all points to the south and lehigh valley and reading and good begin and more than likely begins as wet snow before it changes to rain there. and rain a .25 to .50 inch, and delaware and lehigh valley
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changing to rain and doesn't last all that long. when i come back we'll talk about the snow totals in the area of the lehigh valley before it changes to rain in the full accuweather forecast. >> thanks adam. with snow possible. check back often at the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar is just a tap, swipe or mouse click away. follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter for updates as well. several agents were back at a home in delaware valley home, trying to track down melissa rodriguez a mother missing since 2018. john rawlins is live at a home in collingdale. what happens next? >> reporter: well, this was a reassessment day today. yesterday as we reported. cadaver dogs reacted positively. four times reacted positively to possible human remains in the basement of this house.
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today they decide that maybe those could have been possibly false positives and they will try a different way of searching. >> this is disturbing because there has been no trace of this poor woman over these three years. >> the da is talking of melissa rodriguez, the mother of two young girls reported missing by her husband in 2013 and still officially just a missing person. and cadaver dogs had positive reactions in the basement of where she once lived. >> at this point we have not found any remains. this afternoon investigators regrouped at the house and met with the search and rescue effort and decided to shift gears. the idea was to use to a search technology. we have been in contact in the last 24 hours with various contractors and looking at various pieces of equipment that could be utilized to test the ground without disturbing it.
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the system known as grown penetrating radar transits bursts of high energy waves into the ground and can highlight buried objects including human remains. so the plan at this point is to hopefully resume the search at this location sometime early next week. using that ground penetrating radar. live in collingdale, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police now say that up to 400 teens were involved in a violent flash mob at the philadelphia mills mall. the crowd converged on that mall again overrunning security guards that tried to stop them at the door. two officers were punched in the head as they tried to break up fights and it took two hours to get the juveniles out of mall and get the situation under control. four teens are arrested.
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and sara bloomquist will have more at 4:30 as they try to keep this from happening for a third night in a row. we have an update for a story we told but as breaking news yesterday. philadelphia police have a woman in custody following a shooting and car crash in the mt. airy section of philadelphia and we learned that homicide charges are now pending against her. 33-year-old terrell bruce was shot in the head while driving along walnut lane and then crashed into another car and pronounced dead at the scene, witnesses saw a woman run from the crash. >> new details on a large sinkhole that opened up on a bethlehem street. six homes remain evacuated. this is what is looked like. officialed say it's 6 feet deep and 12 feet wide likely caused by a water main, when the road caved crews also discovered a gas leak. and now crews are making progress.
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and an early apartment fire in fishtown claimed the life of a tenent that couldn't get out of his unit and two firefighters were injured. annie mccormick explains that investigators are trying to explain what sparked the flames. >> just after 3:00 this morning firefighters responded to the third floor of this building at the 1200 block. >> they made a difficult, difficult but aggressive interior attack all the way at the top floor of the building. inside they found a couch on fire and a man in his 50s unconscious, and medics transported him in serious condition to hahnemann hospital where he was pronounced dead. and two firefighters were injured. >> two were transported for minor injuries, fortunately but it didn't work for us in this occurrence, there were working smoke alarms in the bidding. >> a few reads were briefly evacuated but allowed back inside. the damage is isolated to the victim's apartment and early
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this morning the fire marshall arrived back at the scene and they are working to determine a cause. the victim was always willing to lend a hand according to neighbors. two crashes jammed up traffic in newcastle, delaware. the cars slighted in the southbound lanes of 25 before the 495 interchange and one involved four vehicles and the owner one five, in total two people were taken to the hop with non-life-threatening injuries. early in the morning delaware state police responded to a rather odd call in stanton, hay fell off the back of a truck blocking the intersection of route 7 and route 4. the driver left the scene and it took about 40 mines to get all this have cleaned up. >> we are just days away from a traditional philadelphia new years sell brace, the mummers putting the final touches on
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their costumes. katherine scott is here with a live look for us behind the scenes. >> reporter: hi monica, this is the final stretch the day that so many clubs work all year long for it's bustling at the convenience center, one captain tells me they build the pieces off site and bring them to the convention center and put them together like a puzzle and the countdown is on to new years. >> it's a second job away from our family and wives but it's what we love to do. >> it's crunch time for the mummers downtown in philadelphia. the costumes hang ready and the u hall was packed and ready to go. their float is already at the pennsylvania convention center in the process of being jeweled and adorned with rio. >> the theme is rio festival of animals. kind of where the olympics left off. the downtowners begin.
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the building continues and last minute touches applied. dave was busy painting for the spartans and he is an artist that makes time for this parade. >> i am in museums all around the world and people say why would you paint for the mummers it's truly any give back to the city of philadelphia. >> every detail from the sparkle to the paint it all has to get done. >> 12 to 15 hour days to get it to look like it does. >> and it struts down broad street to washington avenue and a push from the mayor and the mummers to be more inclusive. sensitivity training was offered. >> we all participated in it, it was informative and educational. making sure we are following the guidelines and you know being equitiable and fair across the
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board. >> reporter: and back here live at the convention center where the fancy brigades are busy getting everything together before the big day. less than an hour for now mummers starts. and you can see the floats but the costumes stay top secret until the big day. >> thanks katherine. >> if you are headed to california by chance to watch penn state watch unc. they have announced safety regulations for the game, selfie sticks, umbrellas and drones are not welcome and if you carry a bag into the stadium it must be clear plastic. if you cheer on from home, you can see the game on our sister network next monday at 5:00 p.m. >> no complaints about the restrictions because you are going to california.
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how about that. time for the traffic report now. >> reporter: i'm good, i don't want to hear complaints about my restrictions either. i have several of them. and luckily the restrictions here brian and monica along 95 by 452 have just ended because of the crash here in the northbound lanes in delco just cleared out. you are still dealing with residual delays from delaware to 95 northbound and crash is gone so recovering quickly. southbound an extra heavy gaper delay and sun glare as well. south at the airport to this point of 452 in the red with a 52 minute travel time that should ideally by 8 minutes. this is holding true to form, the early morning is quiet and then the afternoon is busy on the roadways. cheltenham township a fire location along glen side avenue, that is blocked off and waverly
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road gets you around it. and delco, 295 it's construction this afternoon, slowing 25 miles per hour across the delaware memorial bridge and the slowing heading towards 95 where we had the early crash in delco. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. look for a crash on haddonfield berlin road. by burnt road, there are restrictions and delays. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> sounds good. next on "action news" they are looking for peace in the middle east with a serious warning for israel. >> and the echo a hot gift for christmas and now a key piece in a murder mystery. and a soldier wounded abroad and now a fire hands him another
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secretary of state, john kerry, delivered a blistering rebuke of israel's prime minister. accusing him of endangering the peace in the middle east. his policy suggests that he is up ending the chances for peace they suggest a two country solution. >> if the choice is one state. i israel can either be jewish or democratic it cannot be both. and it won't ever really be at
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peace. >> netanyahu responded today with a speech of his own condemning his remarks as skews against israel. he has accused the united states for abandoning israel. saying no administration has done more for the country. >> and donald trump weighs in tweeting quote, we cannot continue to let israel be treated with total disdain and disrespect. stay strong israel. january 20th is fast approaching. investigators in germany are questioning the man this they believe is connected to the terror attack in berlin. prosecutors say that the 40-year-old's number was saved as a contact in anis amri's cell phone. amri is believed to have driven the truck into the crowded christmas market and was killed in a shootout in milan, lit
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italy and so far he is not charged with a crime. and it appears there won't be much of a defense in the punishment phase of the suspected charleston shooter's trial. dillon roof is representing himself. he will not call witnesses or present evidence. roof could face the death penalty, two weeks ago the jury found roof guilty of all charges in the 2015 massacre that claimed the lives of nine black church members. there are questions about the man that killed a washington, d.c. yoga instructor. adrian wayne johnson was suppose to be under gps monitoring. court records do not say if he showed up to enroll in the program and johnson stand as accused of murder in the death of tricia mccauley. she was found dead in her trunk
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of her car. turns out the amazon echo could be the key to solving a case in arkansas. it's always on listening for voice commands, they believe the echo may have recorded what happened moments before a man was found drowned in a bathtub last year. the lawyer says turning over the echo would be an invasion of privacy. safety officials say they looking at reports that the cars taking longer to stop. they are hundreds of reports with the 2007 to 2009 ford fusions and mercury millans, three crashes are reported. and they suspect part of the anti-lock braking system may be to blame. having a computer these days a necessary but a lot of people
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can't afford them. that is where a montgomery county charity is making a difference. team children in audubon takes donated computers and refurbishes them to make them like new. they will be given to students that don't have access to a computer at home. and each one comes loaded with software. >> we have proprietary learning programs that we put on the computer that can help any age, from a toddler to senior citizen. >> team children needs more computers and financial donations in order to meet its goals for 2017. >> what a terrific effort. time to get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is standing by with word on the winter weather. >> a lot of rain and little snow into your thursday morning, right now the snow is getting lower and a little bit of sun breaking out after a cloudy day, you see the ben franklin bridge the buildings being splashed by
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low angle sunshine as the clouds break apart temporarily before they filter back in overnight tonight. temperature-wise, close toward normal a chilly day compared to yesterday, 43 now in philadelphia and 44 in millville and 43 in wilmington and that is the target area to see a little brief snow before it changes over to rain as well. 24 hour change compared to yesterday at this time. we dropped a good 20 or so degrees across pennsylvania and anywhere from 15 to 19 degrees in southern new jersey and delaware after that very mild tuesday. there you can see a hole in the clouds, we have a little bit of clear sky to go through this evening and overnight tonight. system right now is near chicago and south of st. louis and memphis, not a lot of precipitation with it just yet but as it pushes through more moisture will get involved and then it becomes a powerhouse of a storm for new england. 7:00 tomorrow morning it's a
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rainy rush if you head to work, allow a lot of extra time with wet not icy or slick roadways, for the delaware valley. it's really confined near northern berks, bucks and montgomery county and the lehigh valley where it begins early tomorrow morning with a believe period of wet snow before it even changes to rain there. it's raining almost up to the poconos where we see periods of heavy rain but doesn't last long, but early afternoon the heavy rain moves away and we break the rain apart west of philadelphia. 5:00 tomorrow evening, a peek of sun before the sunsets for some of us. with that onset of precipitation early tomorrow morning if the form of a little bit of snow a coating to an inch in reading and allentown and 1 to 3 inches in allentown as it begins and ends as rain. where you want to see the heavy snow is in the ski resorts, we get brushed by it in the poconos of 1 to 3 inches but new england
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they are looking at a foot to foot and a half or more some areas two feet in the white mountains of new england and boston gets ripped off in southern new england. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, 44 degrees and rain with brief snow on the onset and in the far western suburbs before it changes to rain there and drier in the afternoon and windy and cold and windchills in the 20s with a snow shower around. and then on saturday, the last day of 2016, sun and clouds and 41 degrees and then for sunday bright and mild for the mummers parade and the eagles in town as we begin the new year, a lot of sun and high of 50 degrees. so those mummers don't have to wear too many layers this year and the spectators as well going out. it's a pretty nice second half of the weekend. no jacketed required. no heavy jackets. >> thank you. up next dreams come true for a 10-year-old boy battling a
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heart condition, see the surprise from his football idle. and putting flavor in your coffee.
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proving the power of community a western massachusetts town is rallying around a veteran that is down on his luck. marine sergeant joshua bershard's home burned down on monday. it was a home that volunteers built while he was injured serving in afghanistan but the fire destroyed three of his wheelchairs and his prosthetic leg and the house. he was able to save himself and his two dogs. >> combat. under fire. technically i was. i think my experiences in the military are what saved me. absolutely. >> now generous neighbors are coming forward to lend a hand again. and a local pharmacist is donating the wheelchair and his
4:27 pm
sister started a fundraiser that already surpassed its goal. a wish came true for a boy that has a serious heart condition, taylor decker was wearing one of his jerseys when his idol walked in the door. taylor jumped out of bed and gave the carolina panther's quarterback a hug. that seemed to last a lifetime. newton surprised the super fan when he heard he was stuck in the hospital on christmas and wanted to bring joy to that little boy. >> i love that. >> great story. he won't let go. how sweet. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, we'll tell you how you can continue to enjoy your specialty coffee drinks without the guilt of all the calories. >> and the newest american girl doll will be revealed live on "good morning america" tomorrow. we have cool details about her we can tell you right now. that is coming up next.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again, 4:30 now and sharrie is off and monica malpass joins us today and "action news" continues with new clues to the new jersey woman and her great granddaughter missing now for five days. and what sent this vehicle off the road that may get them charged.
4:30 pm
and friends of carrie fisher are supporter her with her written work. >> and teens overtook the mills mall in a violent melee last night and the chaos happened two nights in a row. and now there say noticeable police presence. sara bloomquist is live outside of the mall with more on what police are doing to try and stop this. >> reporter: brian, that is right we have seen quite a few police officers here outside the philadelphia mills mall this afternoon, we have been told that inside mall security is preventing or at least limiting the number of unaccompanied juveniles from entering the mall property all to try to prevent what happened last night from happening again. police assembled in the parking lot outside of the philadelphia mills mall this afternoon. a strong presence aimed at deterring any young people from assembling and turning violent like last night. >> we'll be out there and assure
4:31 pm
people they can go to the mall and enjoy themselves in a safe manner. >> chopper 6 hd was over the mall after the chaos broke out. as early as 3:30 in the afternoon 300 juveniles showed up at the mall and security attempted them from entering and dozens got in any way. >> we had 90 kids engaged if the food court fighting each other and that could turn out to be nothing but a bad situation for a kid to get hurt. >> police and mall security tried to get the young people to leave and some became combative to the officers launching obscenities and punches. >> they were pelting the cops with fountain sodas and all kinds of trash. four juveniles were arrested and similar to what happens at other malls across the week where fights broke out in flash mobs organized on social media and
4:32 pm
simon who owns the mall had no comment but urged us to a statement, that reads in part, we are appreciative of law enforcement response and security teams at the malls and are doing full investigations into these unfortunate acts. >> now those four juveniles taken into custody face serious charges including assaulting police officers. police are encouraging parents to keep track of their kids over this holiday break and to monitor their social media and they encourage them to talk to their young kids about the consequences of this kind of behavior. live in northeast philadelphia, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a man with ties to philadelphia is wanted for murder in delaware. police are asking for your help finding 38-year-old anthony mcdonald. that he shot and killed richard jacobs in march 2015. if you know where he is contact
4:33 pm
delaware "crimestoppers" or state police. and authorities identified a person that died in naaman's creek road in concord township. the viction tim is 60-year-old edward hennessey of chadds ford and frequently stayed in the home and we know the identity of that man has been confirmed . new surveillance video shows a new jersey great grandmother who has been missing since christmas eve. the last citing of her was at an exxon gas station in caroline county, virginia. she and her granddaughter left mays landing to visit relatives in north carolina and never made it. the video in virginia shows barbara was inside of the gas station for about 40 minutes and the child was never seen there with her and family members say her cell phone pings on tuesday afternoon near richmond. >> police in chester county now
4:34 pm
know what caused a drive toward take a frightening plunge off a drive. the car driven by a 52-year-old wham went into the lake and fell 25 feet from the unit block of clubhouse drive. and police think that fatigue may have caused the crash and the driver is facing charges and has minor injuries. a portion of bucks road in feasterville after a pole collapsed hours ago. the accident did not result in any serious injuries but the repairs to that downs pole are taking quite sometime. no word when that road will reopen. >> you may have notice there is less traffic on the roads but more traffic on the ski slopes, chopper 6 hd over the trails of blue mountain in palmerton today and skiers choose this week because they have off of work and school. and blue has 27 of the 39 trails
4:35 pm
open. sky 6 hd looking at another spring report spring mountain, the closest ski slope area to philadelphia. three trails are open here and snow tubing as well. and those skiers could soon be getting real snow. adam joseph has the details on the accuweather forecast. >> it's rain here locally in philadelphia but up in the mountains where it counts in the poconos, they will pick up a couple of inches of snow into your thursday. stormtracker 6 live double scan the biggest area to see one, two feet of snow is northern new england where winter storm warnings are in effect. and just advisories, you see the tail end of it in the poconos here with a small amount of snow but hey we'll take an inch or two up at the ski slope region. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you don't see much happening at the present time. this front associated low pressure will clip by here and heads to new england and gets extra energy and then a massive
4:36 pm
low will develop hitting new england and sparing our region from anything significant. so for the lehigh valley and the i-78 corridor during the day tomorrow. a brief wet snow before it changes to rain even that far north. for the philadelphia metro area, along i-95 it's mainly rain maybe a couple of wet flakes at the beginning but mainly rain from start to finish in delaware and south jersey it's all rain. we'll show you how much to expect in the far northern areas coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> with snow possible of course check back often at the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar is just a tap, swipe or mouse click away. and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. dedicated fans of the late actress, carrie fisher created this makeshift memorial in her honor.
4:37 pm
fisher's actor's accomplishment were never recognized and this one as her name and may the force be with you on it. >> sales of her book have skyrocketed and the princess diaryist was on the top sellers list today and fisher died in the hospital at at age of 60. and we invite to you learn more about her life and legacy at you'll find the latest tributes from those that new here well and a photo gallery of other celebrities that died in 2016. the family of a florida boy fighting for his life has new hope tonight thanks to folks across the country. this is jackson hunter, diagnosed with leukemia last year. the situation is so dire one of his last options is a procedure perfected in philadelphia. coming up tonight at 5:00 why his family's insurance denied
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the request and the outpouring of support that forced officials to change their minds. >> plus, the holiday surprise for a canadian police officer thanks to a group of carollers and a new twist on a christmas classic. >> if you dream of becoming a multimillionaire you may want to grab yourself a ticket. the jackpot rolled to 96 mill$9 million because there was no winning ticket last night. we'll bring you the winning numbers friday night at 11:00. >> a nice way to ring in the new year. after years of waiting to find a match for a live, a woman's son learns he can save her life. >> and green light after green light, find out how many times a uber driver got lucky trying to break a record. and adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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a full year ahead of schedule. the chicago police force came under scrutiny when video of an office shooting and killing a teen was made public. this is what rescuers founds when they answered a call for help in the florida keys, three teenagers without life jackets sitting on top of a capsized boat, they were two and a half miles out when their rented boat capsized. they were visiting florida from california and were taken safely back to shore. the big talkers now, a christmas surprise that gave a baltimore woman a new lease on
4:42 pm
life. for seven years, lisa shanahan is living with an you immune disease causing the failure of her live, constantly tired and itchy but the chances for a donor were slim. and then she heard of a living donor program and found out that guess what he was a match. >> he said mom i'm going to be your christmas present. and that was just -- i broke down. >> i will graduate college and she'll be there and know that is such a relief i can't explain it. >> last wednesday days before christmas, doctors replaces lisa's damaged live with 60% of her son's functional one, without that it could have been lisa's last christmas. we are dealing with cold winter weather last month. hundreds of worker from iowa will be cruising in the
4:43 pm
caribbean. birch cabinets are paying for everyone's cruise as a reward for meeting the sales goals. everyone is going so the plant in waterloo will shut down for about a week. the owner decided to offer up free cruises for workers to sell big and it worked. everyone was on board and literally on board and gave it a name. with a star wars theme. the workforce awakens. >> i thought it would be nice to get people fired up and motivated. >> it motivated our sales department, to meet the financial goal our biggest goal. >> the birch employees set sale if less than two weeks and we can relate to the feeling you get when you make a green light especially when in a hurry. but how about making 40 green lights in a row. a uber driver in new york set up a dash-cam. it happened late at night but
4:44 pm
still pretty darn lucky to pull this off. he has been into catching green lights for a few years and hopes to try again and his next goal is more ambitious, he wants to get 500 green lights. >> more than double? >> i like the spirit. time to get a check of the roads there tonight. >> guess we are not seeing a lot in the way of green lights at the moment. matt pellman is standing by with the update. >> it's uber jammed here in buck county brian and monica on the northbound side of 95 north of street road through this point at the off ramp because there san accident taking out the right lane and partially blocking the on ramp in 95 an is a slow crawl. and may want to use route 1. and on the big picture just off 95 no change yet along columbus boulevard at queens street.
4:45 pm
just one left lane getting by the water main break from last week. they hope to get the paving and repair work done by friday for the new years eve festivities platt bridge heading towards the airport a broken down vehicle cleared out the way now and a crash at fort washington at the holiday inn express at pennsylvania avenue and the glen side fire company look for fire activity shutting down glen side avenue and mt. carmel or waverly are alternates. and a wreck on 22 eastbound is cleared out of the way but coming from delaware into pennsylvania one at 202 northbound at pile road just 7 miles per hour. and use 100 or 52 instead and off the delaware memorial bridge it's extra slow because of construction, where we had the crash this morning on 295 southbound. we'll check it again brian and monica coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> sounds good, see you then. up next we get another check of
4:46 pm
the accuweather forecast.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
lets talk about the accuweather forecast as we talk about winter weather. >> the majority is rain and a little bit of snow to begin especially up in the lehigh valley tomorrow. and the ski resort could get snow and in that case you'll want to see it. chopper 6 hd was heading up to blue mountain to get shots of the skiers and they captured this a spectacular view from above from a flock of birds, a cool shot in chopper 6 hd beautiful from above but imagine driving a clean car underneath that. not so good. and bare ground underneath that as well. not much of that ground will
4:49 pm
turn white. i could watch this all day to see how they maneuver and turn. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan clouds really dominated the sky today and got a break of sun or two in the late afternoon hours and clouds are increasing once again overnight tonight ahead of that next system. upper 30s right now in reading and allentown and 33 in dover. and poconos cranking out man made snow with temperatures in the 20s. there are the stubborn clouds and they are slowly eroding and lifting to the northern and a brief break before the next system takes shape and not a lot of moisture in the tennessee valley and western kentucky and parts of memphis, tennessee, seeing rain. and we see the temperatures expand and an amount of precipitation as it pushes to the east. at the onset mainly rain maybe a couple of wet flakes western
4:50 pm
suburbs of philadelphia but you have to hit reading and allentown to see brief snow at the begin before 9:00, 10:00 it's all rain up there washing it away and poconos hanging on to enough cold air to keep it snow during the morning hours while rounds of moderate to heavy rain for most of us. and this happened before we shut off the rain in philadelphia around 2:00 or 3:00 and it's completely gone at 5:00 and clouds and peeks of sun before the sunsets tomorrow afternoon. expect snow early tomorrow morning before the change to rain, nothing for philadelphia, trenton, wilmington and points to the south and confined to the northern corner of montgomery county and buck county and quakertown and allentown and easton. a quick coating before it melt as way and changes to rain and 1 to 3 inches in the poconos. and then the storm combines and become a blockbuster of a business ard here for new
4:51 pm
england we get wind whipped and stay dry thursday night into friday and winds 15 to 25 gusting to 45 miles per hour and windchills if the 20s on friday. while new england gets whacked with 1 to 2 feet of snow in northern new england. it's accuweather forecast 45 tomorrow and mainly a rain event for us locally and a scattered snow shower and 39 and feeling like the 20s and first day of 2017, 50 degrees and decent amount of sunshine and more rain on monday before we try to clear it out late on tuesday and wednesday, mild for the beginning of january as we go back into the middle 50s during the middle part of next week. so again the ski resorts getting the snow this go around and not here locally but it's coming. >> something may change in january eventually. >> it will no doubt. we'll have much more and what's the deal coming up n.
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all right hate to tell you this. your favorite beverage at your local coffee shop has more calories than you think. but you can make it taste good with less calories. >> reporter: if you are tempted by the holiday drinks here is good news, consumer reports nutrition experts came up with easy ways to customize your drink so it doesn't pack a punch with fat and sugar. mcdonald's peppermint has 8 grams of saturated fat and 13 teaspoons of sugar and frappuccino blended beverage is not better, 16 ounces has 370
4:55 pm
calories including 15 teaspoons of sugar and 9 grams of saturated fat. and consumer reports checked out 16 coffee drinks. >> the ones we looked at the saturated fat was 22% to 100% of saturated fats you should have in an entire day. simply ordering a smaller size and ordering skim milk. choosing the smaller skim frappuccino gingerbread has only 4.5 teaspoons of sugar and the dunkin' donuts carmel swirl latte saves you 5 grams of saturates fat and 5 teaspoons of sugar. >> one way to cut calories is
4:56 pm
simply quit the whipped cream with the frappuccino with whole milk, knock 100 calories off the medium size and bring the saturated fat down tom the recommended level every day. >> they switch the syrups that flavor the drinks and they offer artificially sweetened syrups that cut down the calories in the drink. the american girl's 2017 girl of the year will make her world debut tomorrow on "good morning america" and we learned one good detail about the doll already, she is from philadelphia. how about that? several includes are released on the website, she is from our city of brotherly love and runs a sandwich shop. you can get a look at the girl tomorrow on gma.
4:57 pm
how about that making philly hoagies in a sandwich shop. got to love that. for monica malpass, sharrie williams, and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. we hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. we'll see you next we w more on the sinkhole. and big honor for actress scarlett johansson after her blockbuster summer at the box office.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. tis the season for brining in pennsylvania, chopper 6 hd was overhead as penndot prepared bucks county roads for winter weather heading our way. rick is off and brian taff is joining us with more on the slushy start tomorrow. jeff is live in spring mountain with what this next system means on the slopes and we'll get this
5:00 pm
started with meteorologist, adam joseph, in for cecily tynan live at the big board with the change coming our way. >> you felt the change in the last 24 hours yesterday it was balmy, 64 degrees near the record high and today we slip back down to 46 degrees that came at midnight and the afternoon high just 45 considerings, closer to the normal that sits at 4-degrees this time of year. stormtracker 6 live double scan we have got quite a bit of time before the next system arrives and will be here in the predawn hours and slicing near chicago and the ohio and tennessee valley and heads to the east and we get clipped by it before it turns to rain. especially up in the poconos, winter weather advisories there early tomorrow morning into the afternoon. that is when the majority of wet snow and sleet will fall for those ski resorts in the poconos. but locally here including spring mountain


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