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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. new overnight. bitter blast. snow, freezing rain and ice gripping much of the country this morning. the treacherous roads. this tractor-trailer skidding in a fiery crash. >> yo! >> the massive and deadly pileups. police cars overturned. insane windchills. the life-threatening conditions for millions of americans. >> donald trump's promises closing out his thank you tour overnight. >> we are going to have a very new policy called america first. >> reliving his election night victory and already facing foreign policy challenges. his surprising reply to china's offer to return that stolen drone. >> russia's response. moscow reacting to u.s. findings that vladimir putin was personally involved in the hack
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attack. terry moran is in moscow this morning talking with russian officials who are doing their own finger pointing. >> and late for christmas? amazon customers who rely on two day prime delivery are getting a warning. >> the airlines are so undermanned. >> will your gifts arrive on time? what amazon is telling its customers this morning. >> good morning everyone. baby, it is cold outside. thank you for joining us on a bitterly cold sunday morning. so many of you, tens of millions of americans waking up to this, a brutal and in some places dangerous winter blast. >> the temperatures have been diving fast. look at this time lapse video out of texas where it went from over 80 degrees to about 30 degrees in 12 hours. >> that will send your body into shock especially in texas. check out the national map. huge areas of the country
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dealing with the frigid temperatures. feeling colder than negative 45 degrees in the plains. bundle up. >> the arctic blast comes as it causes accidents and pileups in several states. this video coming in from new york. a driver whose car got stuck under a semi. a plane skidded off the runway in chicago. luckily nobody hurt there. >> seriously luckily. we have team coverage. one of the coldest parts of the country minneapolis where we find eva pilgrim. good morning, eva. >> reporter: you see snow piles like this over minneapolis but this morning the issue are these temperatures. it is 22 degrees below zero here right now. it feels like with this windchill 33 degrees below zero.
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it is dangerously cold. from the rocky mountains to the east coast millions of americans hit with dangerous winter weather. treacherous conditions turning into horror on the highway. watch as this truck slides off i-95 in baltimore flipping on to its side before bursting into flames. >> yo! what is going on? >> two people killed. 20 others injured in a 70 car chain reaction crash that followed. the brutal weather blamed for hundreds of wrecks across the country. take a look at these vehicles in this 23 car pileup in virginia. overnight temperatures taking a nose dive, a 50 degree drop in parts of texas and new mexico as a strong cold front brings an arctic chill from texas to wisconsin. >> well, it looks like about 13 inches. >> major airports taking a huge hit on what's expected to be a record holiday travel season. take a look at this plane that slid off the runway in chicago landing in the grass. no one injured.
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more than 3,000 flights cancelled. hundreds stranded trying to get home for the holidays. >> i'm not spending another night here. >> and these temperatures are no joke guys. if you are going to be out in this it takes less than 10 minutes to get frostbite. in temperatures like these. so make sure you cover up. paula. >> great advice. know when it's that cold it could be difficult to speak. thank you for your extraordinary reporting this morning and bundle up and go inside. meteorologist kate, how lose could those temperatures go. >> they're going to continue to drop and move to the east. the cold air is sliding up underneath the rain creating dangerous conditions and freezing rain. take a look what's going on. right along the front is where you have the rain. in the northeast rain for the majority of the day. the freezing rain threat has issued some alerts. we have the freezing rain advisory from tennessee into kentucky and across minneapolis even parts of pennsylvania and
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upstate new york and not to mention the winter weather advisory. and look at this temperature change, 50 degree difference in 24 hours, dan. >> wild stuff. kate, thank you. we move on to the other big story and that's the latest on the trump transition. the president-elect wrapping up his thank you tour overnight with a rally in alabama coming against a backdrop of fast moving foreign affairs development involving russia and china. meanwhile, members of the electoral college casting their votes tomorrow. and abc's mary bruce is covering it all from washington. mary good morning to you. >> trump's been busy thanking his supporters. not official until tomorrow when electors are voting in president-elect trump. that hasn't stopped him in weighing on foreign policy. this morning as tensions rise with china, trump seems to be sending conflicting messages. donald trump arriving in alabama for the final stop of his thank you tour. >> boy, did we do well.
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>> over eight stops, he's relived his election night victory. >> donald trump and his great movement is president of the united states. >> with his inauguration a month away trump is already facing foreign policy challenges. this morning his team sending mixed messages to china. just hours after chinese officials said they would return a seized u.s. drone. trump told them to keep it. tweeting, we should tell china we don't want the drone they stole back. earlier trump condemned china for taking the drone calling it an unprecedented act and after chinese officials agreed to return the drone, trump spokesman gave the president-elect credit tweeting trump gets it done. but the pentagon says the matter was resolved by direct engagement between the u.s. and china and trump facing questions over russia's involvement in the u.s. election.
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>> we are going to have a very new policy. it's called america first. >> he had no comment saturday about allegations that russian president putin interfered to help trump win. on "snl" a visiting putin clause jokingly shed light on their relationship. >> so you trust me more than american cia? >> all i know is i won. >> all this as electors vote tomorrow to make trump's victory official. blasting as a disaster for democracy. now he's praising the process. >> i never appreciated it until now, how genius it was. what they had in mind. >> trump is now at his mar-a-lago in florida where he'll be spending the holidays. he says he may be doing more big rallies in the future. well, he does things differently. dan and paula. >> certainly does. >> and he loves those rallies.
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>> let's go back to russia. russia is on the defense demanding the u.s. provide proof of these hacking claims or to simply stop making these accusations. >> terry moran has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. russians are watching in amazement and some right here in the kremlin with delight no doubt at the post election chaos in the united states. one thing you hear right away, people don't believe it. they don't believe president obama's accusations. they don't believe the u.s. intelligence agencies and you would expect that from the kremlin. they're denying everything and the russian state media dominated by the putin regime spinning all kinds of stories, the latest, that the hack was an inside job. by disgruntled democrats. ordinary russians, too, can't believe it, that the great american democracy could be easily undermined by a hack. they just don't believe it. another thing you hear, relief that hillary clinton lost. the kremlin saw her as a dire threat to russia's interest.
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she was seen as too hawkish and anti-putin. they like trump. here for most people, they don't know trump. he is for russians in the kremlin and around this country a welcome change from president obama but like he is for people all over the world for people in the united states, he is a wild card on the world stage. dan and paula. >> unpredictable. terry moran, thank you for reporting. let's bring in martha raddatz who is in washington where she'll be hosting "this week." good morning to you. in terms of proof from our intelligence agencies what kind of proof can these folks provide and can they show their cards without compromising national security with revealing sources and methods and the like? >> whatever proof they have seems to have convinced all 17 intelligence agencies that there is no question it was the russians. some proof is markings that tell them where the hack originated. even time zones, language markings.
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but the classified intelligence that would link this to senior russian officials and vladimir putin himself could include so called signals intelligence which is sophisticated eavesdropping and that is the kind that won't be revealed because it would compromise sources and methods. >> it feels like we're backed into a corner. with our options for retaliation. president obama has promised some sort of payback. what are the options? at the end of the day, how does this thing end with russia? >> well paula, you heard what the president said on friday. he said our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you. that stuff ranges from cyberattacks on russian networks which is risky because we're vulnerable as well. more sanctions which haven't worked that well or something that will let russia know we could escalate.
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but that's not the goal. as former cia director dave petraeus said at a conference this week, the question is how subtle do you want it, how damaging do you want it. how you try to end it here rather than ratchet it up and that is what they're trying to figure out. >> a tricky game. a fine line to walk. martha raddatz, thank you very much. i want to remind everybody martha has a big show speaking with dnc chair donna brazile about russia interference in the 2016 presidential election and former cia director about how the new trump administration will respond coming up on "this week" later this morning right here on abc. >> and they'll be talking about the electoral college. and casting those votes tomorrow as well. let's send things over to ron claiborne. check in with you this morning. what else is going on around the world? >> good morning to you paula and dan. good morning. and good morning everyone. we begin with the deadly accident in southern california. this is a terrible story where a
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large tree crashed down on a wedding party killing one person and injuring five others. the group was scattered in penn park, east of downtown l.a. when the tree fell on them. the authorities looking into what caused the tree that fell and if it's connected to the drought or the recent rains in that same area. to texas where the mayor says authorities investigated three reports of dirty water of possible contamination but did not find anything wrong. a chemical leak at an asphalt plant is suspecting of tainting the water supply. to the city of 300,000. the results of the tests are expected later today. and in columbus, ohio, 2,500 people including joe biden gathering on the campus of ohio state university for a celebration of life to honor john glenn who was the first american to orbit the
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earth in 1962 and later served as senator of ohio. john glenn died last week at the age of 95. dr. henry heimlich adopted worldwide to save choking victims has died. his son says he died after suffering a heart attack. that was earlier in the week. heimlich made headlines when he used his maneuver for the first time to save a woman's life. dr. heimlich was 96 years of age. college football, dan, a new career record for russia. you were asking about this. do nell pump fri ran for 158 yards. brought a total of 6,405 over his four year career. surpassed the old record by eight yards. it happened at the las vegas bowl on saturday.
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leading to a 34-10 win over the university of houston. finally, when you enter one of those secret santa gift exchanges you never know what you're going to get or from whom. one hit the jackpot. erix got this huge box in her home. inside was her secret santa. that's right. billionaire, bill gates the -- true story. santa showered her with electronics, games, books, mittens, even stuff for the cat. her secret santas turned out to be stooges and have given her nothing. it's worked out. >> it was definitely coming her way. how do we get in the secret santa pool with bill gates. how did that happen? >> i think that's the end of the year for bill gates. >> always next year. >> my gift is coming. >> really? >> still coming. >> a bag of coal.
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moving on to less cheery santa news. could amazon be experiencing holiday turbulence. a pilots' union says poor working conditions may cause packages to arrive late. >> however, the retail giant is quick to dispute that claim. adrienne ban >> only ad campaigns run of google and facebook, these pilots say they are paid less and have less rest between flights and killing morale. the first holiday season for amazon's prime air service and when it comes to being on time for the holidays, things are very much up in the air. millions of amazon customers who rely on the company's two day prime delivery getting a warning of what some claim is a possible holiday doomsday scenario. >> we want the kids expecting presents to make sure they get their presents on time. >> pilots for the online
8:16 am
shopping giant's prime air service using the company's trademark review format to give a one star rating to their pilots' union contract writing at this rate there may not be enough pilots to deliver for amazon around the holidays. >> the airlines are so undermanned due to us not having an industry standard contract. >> in a written statement to abc news, amazon reassuring shoppers saying it could promise no disruptions through the busy holiday season after rebalancing across a network of air delivery services. the pilots' union taking a swing in its ongoing feud with amazon and airlines. in november disgruntled workers walking off the job. a judge quickly ordering them back to work writing in his ruling, imagine christmas without amazon. >> the court determined in this particular case that what the pilots were disputing was a quote, unquote minor dispute.
8:17 am
>> everybody hopes this will work out. this was a huge business opportunity for the amazon pilots and the contracted companies are working with a spokesperson with abx air saying services and schedules have returned to normal and no expectation of any delays to amazon customers over the holidays. dan and paula. >> let's hope not. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed. >> those kids want those presents. >> yes. >> yes, but we both know how that feels. >> certainly. kate parker in for rob marciano. yes tornados, seven reported yesterday, this was the southern mississippi valley him take a look at this picture, you can see clearly damage. this packs a purge in so many way -- packs a punch in so many ways. the winds are out of the north and they are bitterly cold.
8:18 am
we have cold air sliding underneath. you'll see freezing rain and you will see it move out of new england and the northeast. by 9:00 p.m. you'll be nice and clear. how about they say windchills. 36 degrees in des moines. new york city tomorrow will feel like 17 degrees. let's get a look at your neighborhood. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. a couple of showers across the i-95 corridor south and west of philadelphia. heavier stuff waiting in the wings. let's get you outside, sky conditions clouds continue to lower and thicken, we're not dealing with any icy conditions right now. temperatures are up in the mid 50s, we'll top out around 60 degrees by late morning cold front slides through, a round of rain with it, temperatures crash this afternoon, down to 30 by evening. >> thanks for advice, kate.
8:19 am
speaking of warmth, how about lights and power. an ohio man giving power to the people letting you take control of his christmas light display. diane has the story this morning. >> tom hammond is not a control freak. i think we can go with that. he not only let's complete strangers stare at his house but they also control his christmas light display. his goal was to do something fun for his community, it looks like he's bringing joy to the world. ♪ >> grand parades of flashing lights and perfectly choreographed christmas spirit are all the rage this time of year. one display might sync up with your favorite pop song. ♪ >> another might go with your favorite carroll. one enthusiast is giving the controls for his holiday display to anyone with an internet connection. >> it was wonderful for people
8:20 am
driving by to enjoy it and now people from all over the world can do the same thing. there's a web cam that points at the house and everyone can see it from anywhere in the world and change things. >> tom hammond rigged thousands of christmas lights on his ohio home to a website. now with just the touch of a button -- >> i'll choose the special effects. from the website here. >> you can trigger any one of these preset animations. >> showing twinkling lights. >> >> next year he hopes to add music and let the internet take it from there. ♪ let it go, let it go >> that website is active until january 7th. his users are not only nationwide but as far as china, germany and australia. >> not worried about hacking. >> russia? >> russian national anthem or something? >> russians hacking? >> apparently not. he just put one post on facebook and one night he had 800 people log into the site and he can see exactly how many people are on and where they're all from. it's a nice way for him to reach
8:21 am
out to the world which is what he says he wanted. >> ron, you have the website? >> i got it. >> he's already logged on. coming up on "gma," a st. louis business mogul indicted on federal kidnapping charges. the allegations of torture laid out in court documents. >> if you're running out of time for holiday shopping we'll head to the stores about great advice of getting those last minute gifts. >> are you done? >> haven't started yet. >> ceelo green fans showed a cell phone exploding near the singer's head. what he is saying about it this morning. stick around for that story. the things that i consume on a daily basis, a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help
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>> a pleasant good morning to you, i'm gray hall. sunday, december 18. sky6 live hd giving you a live look at the ben franklin bridge. the fog has cleared, the rain has stopped, and the weather citizen no finished changing. meteorologist chris sowers has the details. >> reporter: day of change for the philadelphia area, starting out with temperatures in the
8:28 am
50s, we should top out close to 60 degrees. then the front pushes through and periods of rain along with it. temperatures crash 38, 39 by 6:00 p.m. windchills in the 20s. tomorrow, high of 35 quisms in - windchills in the 20s. 39 for tuesday, chilly. christmas eve and christmas day it turns milder again. >> "action news" continues in 30 minutes, i'm gray hall. stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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8:30 am
welcome back to "gma" on a chilly sunday morning. happening right now, dangerous weather across the united states. you can see the deadly pileups and accidents on icy highways and roads. brutally cold air in central states with temperatures plummeting dropping nearly 50 degrees in some spots all within 12 hours. >> deeply, deeply unpleasant. happening right now, $25 million bounty. the united states doubling the reward money for information leading to the capture of the isis leader al-baghdadi. a military spokesman saying he wants him to taste justice and know he's being hunted. free again. the jewel thief doris payne whose rap sheet spans more than 50 years out of jail on $15,000 bail and accused of stealing a diamond necklace. the 86-year-old convinced a
8:31 am
judge she will not flee. >> hard habits. some habits are harder to break than others. >> got a skill. stick with it. >> except when it's illegal. thank you for that advice, dan. also coming up, did you wake up and say, oh, my gosh, hanukkah is less than a week away? christmas is exactly a week away? >> no, i did not. i've got one person to shop for. and it's already done. >> two actually. your child as well. holiday shopping kicking into high gear. smart strategies for procrastinators still searching for gifts. >> 7-eleven you can pop in and get a six-pack. >> a slurpee? a missouri businessman accused in a brutal kidnapping and torture plot. >> todd beckman and two other accomplices beat a man and held him in a shipping container and releasing him after they cut a ransom deal. marci gonzalez has more. >> he's the star of his own tv commercials and online promotional videos.
8:32 am
>> i'm todd beckman. president and ceo of massage luxe. >> this morning todd beckman is accused of taking a leading role in a chilling kidnapping case. the plot ripped right out of the hollywood action movie, "pain and gain." >> what do you want? >> the newly released indictment describing three days of terror. beckman accused of plotting with another suspect to kidnap the victim claiming he had stolen money. the men and three other suspects confined him in a basement bound with zip ties, handcuffs and duct-tape and tased and beat and threatened to shoot him. the prosecutor calling it the worst kidnapping case he's ever seen. >> they could hear their son in the background screaming from the torture. >> on the second day investigators say the victim was moved to a shipping container where beckman allegedly put a handgun to the victim's head and threatened to kill him. investigators say the ordeal only ended after the victim's mother drove from
8:33 am
florida to missouri with $27,000 in ransom money and his accused attackers released him in a strip mall parking lot. they were arrested in december and indicted on federal kidnapping and weapons charges. beckman's attorney says he's innocent telling st. louis news station it's completely out of his character. everyone who knows him knows this is not who he is. the attorney says he will plead not guilty. promising more details not included in the grand jury indictment. >> going to be evident to anyone that's going to examine the facts of this case that blake and his brother were manipulated by mr. beckman. >> abc news reached out to the lawyers from the other three suspects but didn't get a response. the u.s. attorneys office says the most serious charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. >> no joke. thank you. appreciate it. thank you very much. let's send things back to kate. another system from the wild, wild west. >> yeah, if you're ready for it.
8:34 am
how about this in montana this is my favorite thing in the morning, a blizzard warning without any snow falling from the snow thanks to the wind 60-plus mile an hour. in the west we have advisories up across parts of oregon and parts of washington. the cascades up to a foot of snow. northern robberies you'll get your fair share of snow. what does this mean as we head toward the holidays. watch this plow across the northern plains. we'll see that front drape across similar to this week. wednesday into friday we're looking at snow and rain in the south that could cause problems. let's look at what's going on in your neighborhood. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. good news all that snow and mix stays to the north by midweek. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll see rain out there today, temperatures starting out mild and then crashing later this
8:35 am
evening. to make your travel hard. >> great. that's why we don't go anywhere. >> coming up on "gma" making these last shopping days before the holidays as stress free as possible. >> mark hamill weighs in on "rogue one." we'll tell you what he thought straight ahead in "pop news" with diane. i think he's going to say he loved it. >> you think. >> yeah. >> we'll see.
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♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> no matter how many times we resolve to get our holiday shopping done early, somehow we're always left scrambling. >> did you request this song for me? >> you like this song? >> i do. last-minute shoppers, we're turning to linda lopez for some guidance. good morning. great to have you in studio. >> good morning. as all those shoppers show us, procrastinators you are not alone. according to a credit card analytics firm, nearly 31% of us wait until the week before christmas to even start buying our gifts.
8:40 am
don't worry. we have got the tips and suggestions to get everybody the perfect gift even at the last minute. it's go time with just seven days until christmas. for all you procrastinators out there, time is running out. connie wang saying you can get it all done but only if you get organized. >> come to the store with a list. you can end up buying way too much or the worst is you forget someone. >> you got to get this done today. >> now that you have a strategy, here are some of connie's dos and don'ts as you go on your shopping blitz. she disagrees gift cards are the way to go although fast and easy -- >> it's money they can only spend in one place, right? sometimes when i get mine, i know i thought what are they trying to say about my life style? >> what if you have your sister or bff to cross off? start with a cosmetics bag and make one high-end item the centerpiece allowing you to save some dough.
8:41 am
by filling out the rest with more affordable odds and ends. >> i love this idea. general rule is to have one really nice thing. >> right. >> then fill it up with whatever. >> as for your colleagues, consider these pretty and practical trays for their desk at work. >> i put business cards, paper clips, just random coins on them. >> your significant other still using the earbuds that can with their phone. until they're frayed. you still have time to order online for as little as $10. but you can really send a message by splurging on deluxe brands. that will be music to your loved one's ears. >> these ones are top of the line. master dynamic. they're fairly new but make the best sounding headphones. a little pricey. they are 120ish dollars. >> you're last-minute gifts can still be great ones and have them rocking around the christmas tree. i know that gifts card thing being a real don't threw a couple people off. you don't want to do gift cards because they don't show thought but if you are going to them
8:42 am
bake them a more beautiful package like an itunes gift card maybe with the earbuds. the white earbuds tied to a pillow, on to a gift. >> don't shove it into an envelope and write to dan. >> wrap it up. >> you would be okay with that, right? >> you know what i want for christmas? anything but the dude that invented the cronut. coming up on "gma," he's here and he'll show us the blossoming hot chocolate live in our studio right after the break. thank you very much. >> can just see you, dan. eak. thank you very much. >> can just see you, dan. at jared... just see you, dan. just see yo. . jewelry that tells her she's the best thing that's ever happened to you. in a way that goes beyond words. it could be a piece jewelry designers created just for jared. or a piece we custom made... ...just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. we are jewelers. the one, unique gift... ...that tells her exactly how you feel.
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in today's weekend download the man who deserves a nobel prize for his work in pastry,
8:46 am
talking about chef ansel, the man who invented the cronut here to talk about his new creation. blossoming hot chocolate and also some cookie tips. an honor and pleasure to meet you. >> thank you for having me here. >> i'm going to eat so much. i go into a shame spiral. let's do this. >> let's do this. today is perfect weather for hot chocolate. >> yes. >> here we have our hot chocolate that is very, very smooth, very creamy. >> you're already starting on the cookies, dude? >> you got to wait for cookies. >> well, too late. >> you got to wait for that. >> this is not just a simple hot chocolate. we call it the blossoming hot chocolate. what's special about it, we drop a marshmallow on top. of course, not just a simple marshmallow. it is a little flower that opens up when you drop in the hot chocolate. >> that's the blossoming. >> that's the blossoming hot chocolate right here for you guys. >> all right. here's the big reveal. how long does it take to blossom? >> that one is blossoming right
8:47 am
away. >> depends on the -- look at that. >> whoa. >> and these are just -- you put marshmallows between two layers of -- how did you make these? >> we do a sheet of marshmallows and then we cut it out. >> that's so pretty. >> you work on this with the folks from the godard space laboratory. this is really great. paula, would you like one? >> the marshmallow is going to melt. >> got one. >> so you also while we're here have cookie tips. >> yes. i brought you some ginger snap cookies here. a few tips that i have for cookies, i usually use an ice cream scoop right here. it's perfect because you can control the sizing and you have no inconsistency and you have a perfect -- it's what i use. >> you're scooping the dough with an ice cream scoop. >> right. and put it on the tray. >> why is the consistency so important? >> for the baking. all perfectly baked. >> i see. so not one isn't softer than the other?
8:48 am
>> exactly. >> one is not this big and the other -- >> is that also when you want to eat the batter raw? right out of the bowl? >> just with your hands. >> what kind of cookies? >> ginger snap. >> amazing. >> a little tip, honey or molasses in cookies. that keeps it moist. holds all the moisture. very soft. >> you're a genius. happy holidays. you can find the cookie recipe by going to we'll be right back. diane when she recovers from her sugar rush will give you "pop news." >> may not happen. top of things. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain
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"good morning america" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. visit us at or call. 1-800 hiefl 947-auto. >> a quick observation. when i was a young reporter i dreamed one day i would be at
8:53 am
abc news wearing a battery powered christmas sweater. >> your day has come. >> the day has arrived. >> i had to get you all in the festive spirit. it is that time of year after all. nothing says christmas like an ugly sweater. the nba is upping the ante. >> these are not ugly. these are great. >> c'mon. >> i would wear it. >> so would i. >> it's classy. >> what would you wear it to? >> they're beautiful. and ugly at the same time. >> what would you wear it to. >> what wouldn't i wear it to? >> i feel you on that. >> and now people have another reason to say you brighten up the room. >> awe. >> you could choose from any one of your favorite teams. we got ron and the lakers. >> clippers. clippers. clippers. >> they told me lakers. i apologize. >> champion. >> and we're not really -- >> cleveland. >> maybe i won. i don't know. i don't know how i got to be the champion. but i like. >> if you want to add to it they also have these hats as well. >> really? >> you're welcome everybody. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ceelo green is assuring fans he is alive and well this morning.
8:54 am
this after a video appearing to show his cell phone exploding near his head went viral yesterday. worried fans flooded the internet with the concerns. ceelo posted an update. check it out. >> i want everybody to know i am alive and well and okay. i want to thank everybody for their love and support. you know, and concern. >> according to the singer, the video was part of a new music project. >> didn't really explode? >> it was all staged. >> doesn't he always sit with a cat on his lap? >> no further explanation. yes. that may have been the goal right there. >> may have been the goal? >> so hope for ceelo green fans this could mean more music and also new hope for one direction fans. liam payne says he is 100% certain the group will get back together happening during a twitter question and answer session yesterday and suffice it to say fans are going bananas.
8:55 am
one in particular really excited, paula. >> i love one direction. i think all of the boys are adorable and they're boys because they're 16. maybe a little -- >> paula had a full interrogation for me. >> the album is coming out. the investigative unit. >> "rogue one" people excited about. proving to be a force at the box office. was a powerful showing over the weekend. now the movie is getting an endorsement from luke skywalker himself tweeting this. perfect cast, astonishing action, nonstop thrills. grabs you from the first frame, never let's go. not just a good but great movie period. the film takes place before hamel's first "star wars" picture. he's not in this one but he is set to make another appearance in episode 8. >> he had just like a brief appearance in episode 7. like a teaser. so he could have a pretty substantial role.
8:56 am
>> that's what fans are hope. >> dan, you haven't seen the movie but when you do i encourage you to wear your sweater. >> i feel like a jedi in my light-up sweat. >> well, i don't. >> take this in one more time. >> yes. this is the last time you'll see me on television. we'll see you next weekend without me. >> that getup. where's the coffee? we'll see you next weekend without me. >> that getup. >> good morning to you, i'm gray hall, coming up next on "action news" sunday morning. two pets are dead and half dozen people are homeless after a fire ravages two homes in philadelphia. the eagles face the ravens in a road trip they hope results in a win. chris. >> reporter: gray, some locations are close to 60 degrees this morning, look at the cold air waiting in the wings, i'll let you know when it arrives in the exclusive
8:57 am
accuweather seven-day forecast.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> a pleasant good morning to you, 9:00 a.m., sunday, december 18. nydia han will join me at 10:00 a.m. in the news this morning heartbreak for a philadelphia family their beloved pets are dead after fire ravaged two homes overnight. victims fight back this
9:00 am
weekend in two separate crimes involving robbers with gulps. guns. the eagles hope to turn things around as they face the ravens in baltimore this morning. first sky6 live hd taking you live outside, this is the ben franklin bridge, there are clouds overhead. if you're heading out at this hour, take the umbrella and hold on to your hat. it is much warmer start than the past few days, but chris says don't get used to this warmth. it will not last. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we may hit 60 today. >> reporter: we have a couple of hours of 60 degrees and then right back down. let's get you outside and show you what's going on. here's a live sky6 live hd from our temple university camera looking back toward the center city skyline. lots of clouds in advance of an approaching cold front. the good news, the approachi


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