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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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know where the lines are and know how to rough and tumble and shake hands during the break. this has been day one of perhaps the most crucial pretrial hearing of the bill cosby trial in the spring. the wars attorneys are at issue who gets to testify at trial. bill cosby and his lawyers came to court to try to convince judge steven o'neil to ban the women that accuse cosby of drugging and molesting them going back to 1964. his accuser and recan stand once a temple employee says he molested her at his home. many of the 13 in question are
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represented by noted attorney, gloria allred. >> their testimony is more probative than prejudice, it can lead to what happened. rather than having only the alleged victim. testify. >> but they argue that those accusers go is a for back they are unreliable and inadmissible and virtually impossible to defend against. monica, judge steve o'neil told the court he would review the files on each of the 13 accusers here and judge the creditability of each one before allowing them to testify against bill cosby. live in norristown, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the deadly shooting of a man in philadelphia put a school on lock down this afternoon. the 49-year-old victim was shot
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twice here in the 3,000 block at 12:30. he was taken to temple university hospital where he died and the high school was put on lockdown and the gunman remains on the loose. two dogs are recovering from eating rat poison and the owners think that someone gave it to them on purpose. they say that two of their beagle puppies nearly died from the poisoning. and coming up at 4:30, nora muchanic will explain why the owners believe their dogs were par getted . a man that drove into a dry clearer thanes in delaware was cited for careless driving. he drove his porsche box ter halfway into the cleaners. damage to the building was extensi extensive. time for the accuweather forecast as we chill out. adam joseph is joining us now.
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not so bad out there now but getting much worse. >> as we go into thursday and especially friday. today seasonable. the normal is 45 degrees and we are at 44, we are tracking a weak front to the north and west. the temperature in pittsburgh 33 and binghamton 30 degrees and a little bit of moisture with it. this front to the north and west lifts to the north, low pressure to the carolinas heading out to sea, we are kind of in the rip off zone in between these two systems, a little may happen outside of a brief flurry or rain sprinkle into the overnight hours. there is a second front tracking early thursday morning passing through behind that you see how windchills drop to 16 below in international falls and 4 below in green bay season 1 in sault st. marie. and in fact, going into wednesday night through saturday morning we are looking at a
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period of 60 hours below freezing it won't get anywhere above that. you will want to think about dressing in layers and have the necessities like the hat and gloves, a must. if your pets like to be outdoors for extended periods of time, let them out and have them come right back in. and disconnect the hoses and shut off the outside water, so you don't have pipes bursting with this kind of air coming in. we'll chat about the numbers and windchills and a wintry mix in the accuweather forecast. >> good twice adam thank you. remember that is your complete resource for any updates, check the daily forecast to know what is coming next and stay connected with each of our meteorologists by following them on facebook and twitter. an aide to vladimir putin is praising donald trump's pick of
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rex tillerson. he has close ties to russia and putin. rudy giuliani was at one time in the running for secretary of state. he says that tillerson is a good choice because he has the experience because he understanded the world. and donald trump got people talking when he talked to kanye west in new york. >> we have been friends for a long time. >> reporters asked kanye a number of questions including if he plans to perform at trump's inauguration but did not answer the questions. >> a 7-eleven store clerk was threatened with a knife in wynnewood. it happened at 2:00 a.m. on the 1400 block of city avenue, the suspect got away with an unknown amount of cash. no one was hurt. >> a multimillion-dollar grant will help to revitalize laze one
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neighborhood in camden. the plans are to rebuild homes and schools and hopefully help a lot of lives in the process. >> reporter: a big announcement from the city of camden, the city will receive just over $13 million to revitalize the south ephraim county. thanks to a grant from the housing and urban development. >> it helps us to leverage additional dollars and new schools being constructed and the renaissance school under construction right now will be a new school k to 8 for young people from this neighborhood and likety park. >> the part of a bigger pot from hud, move than 130 million that will be divvied up through five counties through the country. including camden. and the kick store program is getting more private and public help. >> after failed attempts to
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secure the grant in recent years, mayor dana redd thanked those on local and state levels that helped. >> they can know they have not been forgotten, promises made and promises kept. >> a choice community where you have everything from mixed income and access to health care and great schools and economic opportunity. it's the revitalization of the american dream. >> planners expect more than 300 mixed income units and owns united. residents are cautiously excited. >> i can't wait for the new community we have waited for for so many years. when they start i'll believe it. >> the plan is expected to be completed in five years and some projects like branch village behind me have begun. reporting in camden, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." well, temple university did not waste any time. they have name aid new football
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coach. florida gator defensive coach collins got the job. ducis rogers is here with more. >> jeff collins is a 45-year-old native from the state of georgia and no ties to temple's football program but will be the next coach. he was the defensive coordinator at florida, and before that mississippi state. his defenses were ranked sixth and seven and nationally. he replaced matt rhule who left for baylor. he becomes the fourth consecutive temple head coach with no previous head coaching experience. he stressed while change is inevitable is it's not a bad thing. >> older guys are more impactful but i tell them your life will go on. everything happens here for a reason. but come january 15th, it will be the first day of the next semester and a new head coach
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here and you'll go to a drill or lift that will be exactly the same if you had done it with coach matt rhule here. >> as soon as i met with jeff i knew right away he was the right coach at the right time for temple. a news conference is set for tomorrow on temple's campus. >> thank you ducis. if santa's sleigh encounters problems this year he would be well served to hop on a septa bus instead. a small army of septa workers transformed their buses into enormous christmas replicas. look at the inside of these buses. all of this is part of septa's decoration competition. and this year, recognize that guy? our own matt pellman was on hand to judge the finished projects. >> that is a tough one. time for a check of the "action
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news" traffic report. >> that was cool stuff. >> each district in which they are eight or nine and they donate their time and decorate a bus for their sheer enjoyment and the enjoyment of the riders. they will be by dillworth park on saturday noon until 4:00, go check them out then. on the schuylkill a rough start but this afternoon a broken down vehicle on the eastbound lanes approaching spring garden, off to the side but slow speeds and red zone 95 by the ben franklin bridge, and volume is building in. and otherwise not an awful afternoon so far. bristol township bucks county, and new falls road by the burger king. fire police are out there helping you through the intersection. if you are crossing from bucks county. watch out construction on the turnpike connecter this afternoon blocks two lanes eastbound traveling through florence township.
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just 8 miles per hour coming in from pennsylvania to new jersey, i would use route 1 or 95 to get into the garden state instead. the fire location at 13 southbound, a couple of lanes blocked there as well. let grab the ipad and do the the computer report. a crash at lindbergh, watch for that as well. >> thank you judge. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, the retrial for the florida woman accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband continues. find out about the tapes played for the jury today. and why cuisinaret had to recall millions of food processors.
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the besieged city of aleppo that the red cross called a bloody graveyard is back under the security. they issued an order toward evacuate the city. that campaign has left thousands of innocent people dead and there are reports today that government forces are going door-to-door executing residents that remain. aleppo has been split since 2012. a jury heard more testimony today against dillon roof, the man accused of killing nine people in north carolina. the gps in roof's car showed he drove by the church in the months before the shooting and arrived at 7:45 the night of the attack and left an hour later. today the defense attorneys reversed course and now plan to present witnesses on roof's
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behalf after all. and deliberations are under way for the murder for hire in florida. the woman caught on tape talking about hiring a hitman to kill her husband. she was out on bond since 2011. leer is the latest. >> reporter: dalia who chose not to testify in her trial maintained through her lawyer she was innocent. >> give her that freedom back to go home to her family and infant son. >> during closing arguments, the defense revealed for the first time that the 34-year-old is now a mother. insisting back in 2009 that the police set her up. >> that is when she was caught on tape talking to an undercover officer posing as a hitman to kill her husband of six months. >> the defense tried to convince
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the jury but police department recorded this video for the reality tv show cops. police denied the claims and prosecutors told the jury that the video speaks for itself. >> 4700 bucks she wanted two bullets put in her husband's head. and 2011 she was found guilty of -- and that was thrown out on appeal. >> did you want your husband dead? >> no, absolutely not. >> did you hire a hitman to kill your husband? >> no. >> she was sentenced to 20 years the first time around and this time a guilty verdict again carries a possible 20 year sentence. in new york, i'm elizabeth herr channel 6 "action news." a consumer alert that may be in your kitchen now. conair announced a massive
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recall affecting 8 million cuisinaret food processers, the blade can break apart at any time and send metal into your food. it includes 127 models, dating from 1996 to last year. you can find a link with more information on this at now, to a look at closing numbers on wall street, the dow is not just inching but sky rocketing to 20,000 these days, up 115 points and the nasdaq on the rise dramatically, 51.25 points and s&p 500 up about 15 points on the day. google sign aid deal with the cuban government allowing the computer giant to install servers on the island to store the country's most popular content, that would eliminate the long distance signals that
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now are in venezuela. the deal removes one of the obstacles to internet in cuba that has some of the world's most limited and expensive access. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is stand big with the details. >> we have turbulent weather on the way but right now dry out there and seasonable at philadelphia international airport as we go through our tuesday afternoon. the numbers from 44 from philadelphia, low 40s for wilmington and dover and millville and all along the shore 40 degrees from lancaster and the lehigh valley. the numbers stay in the 40 or so degree range for another day for afternoon highs and then they tumble thereafter. something to point your attention to here. i know sometimes we forget what we did just two days ago. i wanted to remind you last year this week, compared to this year this week. really no comparison, december
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13th today we had a high of 44, that is average. last year a record high of 71 degrees, and then tomorrow we are forecasting 42 and last year a record high of 70 degrees. thursday our forecast just 24 degrees while the previous year we had a record high of 69 degrees. this year we had four consecutive high record temperatures in a row and this year we are talking about an arctic blast coming in especially the second half of the week. el niño last year. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar a front to the north and west continues to push through and a brief flurry or sprinkle could pass by later on tonight but that would be about it. very moisture starved with this front. lows tumble back into the 20s for the suburbs, 32 for philadelphia with the clouds really hanging on. as we take a look at future tracker 6 at 11:00. there are some flurries far to the north and west and then down towards lancaster a sprinkle as it passes through philadelphia,
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notice how it falls apart here at 3:00 in the morning, you are talking about a flake or two or rain drop or two as this passes by and sets us up for a brilliant morning with sunshine for the first part of the day and then clouds increase in the afternoon into the night as the second arctic front comes through. 40 or so degrees tomorrow afternoon for the highs as the clouds increase late in the day. we watch the arctic front to pass through on wednesday night with the big change and temperatures fall to the low 20s and winds 30 to 40 miles per hour on thursday creating windchills thursday morning only between zero and 10 above. the fall back in temperature, 42 tomorrow with a few clouds and a biting wind and 30s on thursday. and brutally cold despite sun on friday, 27 for a high and we are tracking sun that changes to sleet to freezing rain and then
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to rain on saturday. as warmer air comes in. quite a mess to start the weekend, we'll chat about that in the seven-day forecast the next half hour. >> thank you. >> up next here on a tuesday afternoon we'll share more lights shining brightly this holiday season. >> you'll hear the sweet sounds of the choir we'll be right back.
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a fifth grade class from haverford beat 100 other classmates to win a prize. the students from chestnut wall elementary took first place in the citizenship challenges say contest. before the presidential election, they were asked if the electoral college system to be replaced with the popular vote. the ten finalists presented their essays and chestnut was
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chose as the winner of the contest. santa game early for needy children in trenton today. they got gifts from the environmental protection. how about bicycles and at the salvation army for the angel tree party. part of chris christie season of programs to help struggling families. ♪ ♪ >> the sounds of holidays heard loud and clear today in delaware county. the courthouse in media invited several school choirs to sing in the lobby. this is holy christ academy. from holiday music to holiday lights, neighborhoods are getting brighter every night and you, our viewers, are sharing the pictures with us at "action news." there are some pictures here of the holiday lights you are
4:27 pm
sending in to show of. they have it all from giant inflatable characters to houses without lights to light up the sky. all of that impressive and we would love to keep the pictures coming to us. use #6abcaction or post them to the facebook page or email them to and some cute little faces. little elves there next to the tree. more to come in our next half hour. officials in ocean county are investigating after several dogs got sick from poisoning. we are following the latest. i'm nydia han how about giving the gift of a personal assistant this season. we compare the echo with google home. coming up.
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first spca officials in ocean county new jersey are trying to get to the bottom of an apparent pet poisoning, a local family brought their dogs to the vet when they were not
4:30 pm
acting right. the sickness was the result of rat poisoning, nora muchanic has the details from jackson. >> these are beagle puppies, late last night they were showing signs of illness, when mike took them to the vet the diagnosis was rat poisoning, they were horrified wondering who would do that and why? >> they are sick and who would do something like that. poison an animal? they live outside in backyard pens along with chickens that run the property. they became sick after police came to their house at 2:00 in the morning responding to the complaint from neighbors of their dogs barking. >> the explanation -- >> two stupid cats. they make a noise and the dog went crazy. but that is their job. we talk they bark. >> they had two dogs die a
4:31 pm
couple of years ago. they were also found to have ingested rat poisoning, this time they contacted police. jackson police tell us they referred the case to the spca. but so far no investigator contacted them. >> someone is doing it. this is not normal. >> i hope not. that is sad. sha is a shame. >> they say that they are not pointing fingers at anyone and to their relief after $2,000 in vet bills and medication, both beagles are recovering. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." a dozen dogs rescued in delaware are ready for new homes now, they were found in poor condition at a property in georgetown in november. now three are available for adoption tomorrow. they are looking for experienced foster families to take the other ten dogs to retrain them. if you are interested in helping
4:32 pm
can't the brandywine valley spca. >> and a 29-year-old man is in serious condition after being shot in the face outside of a gentlemen's club earlier this morning. two men were getting in their car at german town avenue at 4:00. when a would be robber approached them. they were driven to temple university hospital, so far no arrests. >> police in philadelphia, are trying to track down the woman that held up a wawa in rhawnhurst. the crime happened on sunday morning at 10:00 on the 80 hundred block of roosevelt boulevard and the woman walked up to the register and threatened to shoot the employee if he did not hand over cash. he did that and the woman ran out. police released surveillance slow of the suspect that robbed two businesses after shooting employees in the feltonville section of philadelphia. on sunday afternoon police say that the suspects stormed in the
4:33 pm
double deli corner storm, shot the clerk and ran off with money and lottery tickets. the next day police say that the same suspects entered on grand back street. once inside he shot the employee in the leg and stole money from there. both victims are expected to be okay. adam is here to talk about what is coming our way, a dip in the mercury. >> yes. by thursday morning, layers, layers, layers are needed. clouds are in place now. we are talking onto the cold air lets go to the ski resorts. in montgomery county they were making snow. 41 now and well above that freezing point. winds from the south-southwest at 3 miles per hour. up in camelback some ominous clouds there as the sun is about to set and they could see some snow showers as we go through the overnight hours with the front and you see the slopes there all in white 31 degrees and winds from the sou
4:34 pm
south-southwest with a windchill of 31 degrees. tim ons 5 above and moosenee minus 2. and i practice that all last year and still remember it. >> i like pickle lake but you didn't go there. >> it's too easy. i wanted to impress you. but we'll talk about the cold numbers and snow ice and rain for the weekend. >> can you spell that now with the graphic gone. >> too long it would take up too much of your time. >> i'm impressed. is your complete resource for weather updates, check the details hourly forecasts and stay connected with the team of meteorologist s by following tm
4:35 pm
on social media. operation warm is helping local children bundle up. north philadelphia children wore new winter coats. they handed out jackets at hartman elementary school. the drive has helped 2 million children nationwide since it started in 1998. a philadelphia homeowner wants your help tracking down a package thief after he was spotted taking items off the front step. rick williams is live in the newsroom, with the details we are learning about this. >> that is right, the suspect probably thought he was stealing holiday presents but instead was taking donations meant to help children in need stay warm for the winter. now the homeowner has clear video and wants the suspect off the streets, she spoke with "action news" reporter sara bloomquist tonight and her story is coming up on "action news" at 5:00. also coming up tonight at 5:00, getting paid by the emoji, the new job that one company in london is offering up to anyone
4:36 pm
savvy enough to translate the symbols into one common language. good luck with that. >> thank you rick. goodwill, hosted a festive holiday celebration this afternoon tore local residents in pennsauken, new jersey, the party was complete with dancing and traditional holiday feast at the camden county boathouse at cooper river. it was for clients and santa claus himself. he stopped by and they loved having him. >> what is not to love about santa. >> eagles quarterback carson wentz takes time to answer questions from a young fan and officials in tennessee are out with how much money the recent wild fires cost that area. >> and the suspect involved in the pizza gate interests den is now facing federal charges. and adam joseph is back with the
4:37 pm
full accuweather forecast. the polar plummet. when "action news" comes right back today.
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is that officials in tennessee estimate that the wild fires caused 500 million there's. the fires killed 14 people and nearly 2500 structures were destroyed including 2100 homes. they also say that there was no way to control the fire because of the extreme wind gusts. more than 85 miles per hour some of them. two juveniles face arson charges in connection with these fires. the nt sx b says the captain an ill fated cargo ship that sank near the bahamas ignored suggestions to change course. officials released new audio transcripts from the elfaro it sunk after sailing into a hurricane. both the second and third mates
4:40 pm
suggested changing course hours before the ship lost power and sunk. all 33 crew members on board died. the so-called pizza gate suspect accused of firing an assault rifle in a restaurant will face federal charges. edward mass son welch was arrested in washington, d.c. on december 12th, prosecutors dropped local charges because of the new federal one. he fired a rifle several times while investigating a conspiracy theory that the restaurant was the site of a child trafficking ring run by democrats. madison surrendered after not finding evidence of children being held. the husband and wife behind flip or flop, are separating after seven years of marriage. they are re-evaluating the future of their marriage. this comes after police were called to the home after what the couple call an unfortunate
4:41 pm
misunderstanding they plan to continue their professional life together. we begin with a heart warming exchange between carson wentz and a young fan. 7-year-old jude had important questions for the quarterback like what is your favorite color? and do you luke cheese stake s -- he saw the tweet and did not hesitate to answer the boy's question. his favorite color is red, his favorite player is brett favre and favorite animal is dog. and his favorite is steak. and wentz's reply made that boy's day and never proud toward be an eagles fan. the tough grandmother is a force to be reckoned with. the heart attack survivor from
4:42 pm
nova scotia became the fifth black belt in her family. she had to break concrete in her hand. and had to do 100 pushups and sit-ups and jumping jacks and squats in eight minutes. she started the journaly four years ago while recovering from the heart attack and says it improved her overall health and confidence. do not mess with her. finally, a high school student from louisiana was pretty excited when she found out that she got into columbia university. >> congratulations! [ cheers and applause ] >> just a little excited. graduating junior simone was surrounded by family and friends when she opened her acceptance letter, the group's exciting and heart warming reaction is going viral for all the right reasons, the sec they found out they all
4:43 pm
immediately jumped up and down in celebration. columbia is her dream school and this video is viewed more than $1.2 million times since it was posted yesterday on facebook. >> love that. >> a solid support network. >> i would say so. lets get a check of the roads out there tonight. and see how things are rolling. matt pellman is standing by with the ivy league update. >> i feel like that when i finally get home after the long commute. there are things in the way like a broken down vehicle on 95 just out of view here just up ahead in the process of pushing it out of the way south of cotman avenue in the work zone should be off to the side shortly and extra heavy southbound 95 from wood haven to this point at cotman, on the roosevelt boulevard also extra jammed up this afternoon coming off the schuylkill expressway on up to wissahickon en, that is where the crash is partially blocking the right lane, a sea of
4:44 pm
taillights more stacked up than normal on the boulevard. and the broken down vehicle on the schuylkill by spring garden but that is off to the side. want to warn you about some more construction tonight on the drives, lincoln drive southbound is going to close again starting at 8:00 tonight for overnight construction southbound inbound lanes will be blocked and stay local through east falls or the southbound side of the boulevard extension and the inbound mlk closes starting at 7:00 each night for overnight construction. kelly drive gets you around that one. traffic light trouble continue here at burger king. the fire and police are helping you through the busy intersection and from buck county into burlington county. just 6 miles per hour off the turnpike connecter bridge because of construction going on there. taking out the two left lanes on jersey side of the connecter.
4:45 pm
for now head for 1 or 95 or the burlington bristol bridge. the turnpike connecter is not where you want to be. market frank ford subway has 20 minute delays because of a medical emergency at girard. otherwise 10 minutes behind on a bunch of the lines. we'll check it again brian and monica, coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. still to come tonight consumer reports breaks down the best home assistant speakers. and stepping outside the philadelphia international airport getting brighter with the evening lights, looking live things look good but cloudy. adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
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4:48 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph, tracking a big time cool down. i was surprising how warm it was last year. >> we were running around in shorts and t-shirts. el niño to a la nina weather. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a front to the north and west that will pass through. and this will bring the temperatures down a little bit for tomorrow. and the second front that is the true arctic front that doesn't arrive here until a little after midnight on wednesday. and not a lot of moisture with this particular front. a couple of flurries or snow showers up in the poconos working to the north and east and as this front continues to slide through here tonight the moisture continues to fall apart. as it encounters dry air and we are not expecting much in the way you have snow or rain with this particular boundary that passes through over the next
4:49 pm
several hours. ahead of it though, it's seasonable. 44 in philadelphia and 42 wilmington and dover 43 and cape may 41 degrees. a little sunshine this morning and front to the north and we have low pressure off the carolinas that will skirt to the south, so we are between to of these systems kind of in the ripoff zone with moisture to the south and moisture to the north and west. mainly cloudy for tonight and could be a couple of flakes or a rain shower or sprinkle passing through. 28 in the suburbs and 38 for center city. we are between systems here on wednesday, 42 degrees with a lot of sunshine. it's very late in the day we'll start to see clouds increase with the actual arctic front. ahead of it 42 and as this front passes through here, the wee hours of thursday morning, we are going to take quite the polar plunge here during the day
4:50 pm
on thursday. with fresh high pressure coming in and winds are gusting to near 40 miles per hour through your thursday with the high temperature of just 24 degrees, so when you factor in the 40 or so miles per hour wind at times, windchills as we go to the morning into the afternoon, you see it drops off, 6:00 in the morning, it actually feels warmer than 2:00 to 4:00 to 6:00 in the evening. we do not get above the single digits for windchills for how it feels here thursday afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 42 at sun and a few clouds developing late in the day on wednesday. and the biting wind with a couple of flurries and a snow squall up to the lehigh valley. and despite sun 27 degrees and warmer air floods in over the weekend. but to get that warmer air to puncture in we have to go through a dicey period early on
4:51 pm
saturday morning. after midnight friday night into saturday morning, it will start as a period of snow for awful us until it changes over to icing and freezing rain and sleet before it goes to rain and the biggest mixing concerns are prolonged icing looks to be to the north and west in the lehigh valley. how much snow and ice before we get to rain? 42. and saturday periods of rain and 55 degrees and then colder accident on monday and tuesday. there is no question, it goes from snow to sleet to rain. there is no question that anything that does fall will be snow or sleet with the temperatures. consumer reports reports has evaluated amazon and google digital assistants, we'll break down what they found in what's the deal. >> remember that "action news" is about interaction with you
4:52 pm
follow us on social media for the headlines and to communicate with us. on facebook, be part of "action news."
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4:54 pm
if are you checking off your holiday list you may consider a digital assistant from amazon and from google. popular and how do they work and stack up against each other. >> here is nydia han to explain. >> reporter: we have one in our home and consumer reports says the technology is showing a lot of promise. an endless number of things to ask a home assistant. >> how do you fix a clogged sink? >> they can search the web and
4:55 pm
answer your questions, consumer reports editor explains how the 130 google home stacks up against the $180 echo. >> i think the google speaker is a lot smarter. i can say google when will it rain again. for the echo it would found more like a weather report but it does more like dim the lights and turn on the tv. right now the google home doesn't work with as many home automation system as the echo. and the home sometimes gets confused by a play list an album or a song. something echo has a problem with. >> i see the echo, the tell jen and types of answers, i think within a short time. the google home will not only catch up to the echo but surpractices it. >> it's expected to add more features like sending directions right to your smart tonight.
4:56 pm
>> interesting. >> some dunkin' donuts customers in philadelphia got a surprise. the coffee shop on cotman avenue served up free coffee to their first 500 guests and donated $500 to the philabundance food bank. to help spread cheer and feed hungry children. >> for monica malpass, sharrie williams, adam joseph i'm brian taff. we hope you'll join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> now here is rick williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next bill cosby back in court today. the claims his attorneys are trying to keep out of the sexual assault trial. and also new details on this month's devastating warehouse fire in california as investigators wrap up their on site work. and it's a crosstown showdown at
4:57 pm
villanova. coming up the number one wildcats host the temple owls and we are live with a preview of the match-up. coming up next.
4:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist,
4:59 pm
cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a philadelphia homeowner wants her neighbors on alert after a package thief was caught on camera swiping boxes right off of her front step. inside of those boxes were donations meant to keep kids in need warm this winter season. it's tuesday night and the big story is the search for the suspect that struck in broad daylight. sara bloomquist spoke to one of the victims. she is live in northern liberty for us tonight. >> reporter: rick and monica, this package thief picked the wrong house, he was caught in the act right on camera, but these were not typical holiday gifts he stole. he walked away with coats donated for needy kids. there he is the package thief in action on the 800 block of north
5:00 pm
lawrence liberties, he walked up and walk add way with three of four packages on the front step left by ups. >> it's a bold move 4:20 p.m. broad daylight. >> daniel did not realize they were missing until two days later until she saw the tracking. one was a christmas gift she purchased the others she took were coat donations for kids. >> it was disappointing, because i knew the packages weren't things i bought. when i found out what was in the boxes, i realize that three less kids are getting a coat now. she is collecting winter gear from friends on social media. she is giving them to needy children in south philadelphia. >> it's a huge bummer


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