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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  December 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist, melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, i'm sarah bloomquist, walter's off. in the news tonight donald trump says he does not need daily intelligence briefings, he explains why. plus eagles put up a good fight but lose yet another one at home. but the big story on "action news" is winter weather advisory in effect for
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some parts of the region. snow, fell and it is to still falling in areas to the north and west of philadelphia. now accu weather is tracking some possible icing, and then rain moves in. a lot going on. meteorologist melissa magee joins us with the first check of your accu weather forecast, melissa. >> there is a lot to track in the short term and there are two batches of moisture that we are watching. the here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. you can see we do have have some light snow, mainly north of allentown up through poconos at this hour. rest of the delaware and lehigh valleys, nice and dry as we go throughout the evening hours. the here's storm tracker six live double scan radar 3t. we have a lull in the activity across areas in pennsylvania, down through west virginia, but you will notice secondary batch of moisture moving across ohio and points to the north and west, this will head our way as we go throughout the overnight hours, and also, early tomorrow morning. so, because of that, because of the precipitation, we are expecting, is there a winter weather advisory mainly north
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and west of that i-95 corridor , the advicery has been extended until 6:00 a.m., on monday, that should reach, so it is for areas in trenton, lansdale, up to easton and up in the poconos as well. as these locations could find up to an inch of snow before you get that quick change over to rain. temperatures are key as we track precipitation moving through. currently it is four in philadelphia. but 29 degrees in allentown. thirty-two in reading and 20 degrees in the poconos. areas north or west are at freezing mark or below and because of that, as that precipitation moves through, we are expecting it in the form of light snow before you get that change over to rain. so talk about what we can expect? later on tonight and early tomorrow morning. snow, arriving close to the midnight hour and then changing over to rain, during predawn hours, from areas of lancaster up through reading, allentown and poconos. for city areas south and east this is a mainly all rain event, later on tonight and into the commute tomorrow morning. we will take a closer look in the the full and exclusive
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accu weather forecast, sarah. let's turn to "action news" reporter bob brooks live at philadelphia international airport with the look at how folks are coping with the weather, bob. >> reporter: sarah, good evening. they are just trying to get back home, that simple flight out to chicago, were cancelled due to that big winter storm that they are getting out in the midwest. the it could be heading this way. >> it is the family that is packed and ready to leave town after a party here in philadelphia well, they hoped that they are going home tonight. they live in chicago. flying into o'hare. no place has been hit harder then winter storm system moving across the country right thousand. >> my flight was cancelled. >> reporter: sherry says they are flight was rescheduled for tonight so she's hopeful they will make it. midwest has been just slam. it is reporting o'hare cancelled more than 1,000 flights, in cleveland they got dumped on by more than 30 inches of snow. in michigan on i75 the snow caused upward of 30 car pile
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ups. cold temperatures evident in the delaware valley today. eagles playing at home, thousands had to tail gate. you you can see fans got creative, teenage mutant ninja turtles costumes kept some warm, some brought their own heat units. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: hot grill and excellent barbecue it seems the cold is forgotten about. >> it ain't too bad. the wind, the wind ain't blowing real bad, it is not too bad. >> reporter: not too bad there according to him. i think some would argue differently that it was cold out today and pretty cold out right now. good news i have been watching the boards inside and all of the the flights that were cancelled, seem, they have been rerouted, and people are, out there taking off. reporting live from the philadelphia international airport, bob brooks, channel six, "action news". sarah in. >> thanks, bob. keep track of the wintry conditions this week with six a bc. .com/weather. check chilly temperatures with your hourly forecast and keep
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an eye on storm tracker six radar to see if any flights will fall where you live. to other news now accident investigators are trying to figure out why a motorist lost control on i-95 in delaware county, resulting in a fiery crash. the crash happened just before 3:00 o'clock in the morning. the investigators say that the car was traveling, just south of kerlin street in the chester area when that driver lost control. car flipped over and caught fire. the driver managed to get out of the wreck. the driver suffered minor injuries, and was taken to crozer-chester for treatment. veterans in roxborough took time today to hashing the attack on pearl harbor 75 years ago. >> ♪ taps >> the 21st ward veterans association hosted it pearl harbor day services, this afternoon, here in the park war memorial. ceremony included a wreath laying to honor all veterans.
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wednesday marked seventh fifth anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. to the latest now on the white house transition, president-elect donald trump has opted out of daily intelligence briefings, he said he is a smart person and will not meade them. his remarks came as both democrats and republicans question his consideration of exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson as secretary of the state the because of his close ties to the kremlin. trump tweeted today, stay tuned. meantime trump says he does not believe reports that russian hackers tried to interfere with the election to help him win. that position puts him at odds with senior lawmakers on capitol hill. republican senator john mccain says senate arms services committee will investigate the allegation. the effort will be co chained by another top republican senator and a democratic co chair as well. mccain has called russian leader vladamire putin a thug and murderer. world news sunday will have latest on those allegations as well as what we
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might expect this week as president-elect trump continues to put together his cabinet. it starts at 6:30 right here after "action news". well, the bird now, and they suffered another loss, this time to the redskins. a win was just within reach but the team could not close the deal. jeff's here now with a look at what went wrong, again. >> just about everything, as a broken record, we are talking about all of the mistakes, penalties, and then we had yours today. again, eagles playoff hopes are a long shot to begin with today but eagles doing themselves no favors against desean jackson and redskins coughing up the ball twice inside the 20-yard line, penalties, injuries, and it hurts them too. since their three and zero start eagles season has been a train wreck. darren sproles among eagles injured today, they are shorthanded, down eight in the fourth quarter, still heat, leodis mckelvin runs it back, eagles would take a one point lead on the field goal. two minutes left, these fans
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just can't stop this. chris thompson touchdown, 25- yard, and eagles, down by five. but carson wentz, he can win it. final seconds. he can play hero. instead he is nailed, he fumbles, they lose. eagles dropped their fourth straight 27-22. >> skins will win it. >> we gave it away in the even any loss in this league is tough, and the way the guys hung together and battled right to the end, you know, it makes it tough. >> games like this, you just think of those couple plays, those couple plays had they gone differently outcome could have been different. we have had a lot of games like that this season. the it is frustrating but we have to keep learning from it and keep growing as a team. >> they are zero and four against the division. redskins, they have lost five straight for the first time in 33 years, it is ugly right now. >> not good at all, thanks jeff. the season's hottest holiday gift is, of course, hard toes get your hand on. we're talking about hatchimals
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self target stores got a new ship. and despite frigid temperatures lots of people spent night outside waiting for that special delivery. "action news" reporter catherine scott has more. >> i have been here since 7:00 . >> reporter: all for a chance to get this a hatchimal the it toy of this holiday season that is sold out just about every where, from parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts the search has been intense. >> she has been craze bye this hatch imal since it first hit the internet. >> you nurture them and it crack open and glow emotionally or something like that. >> reporter: target said they had a new ship. released in stores today. that is all these gift givers needed to hear. they piled on their layers and they got in line. in cherry hill, in wynfield heights, customers waited, and hoped. >> i have to be at work but i'm here right now 24 hours i have been up, 24 hours and i have been here since two. >> i have been here since
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11:00 p.m. last night, picking up hatchimal, who is six, one thing that she wants and one thing that nobody can get. >> i have never had a furby, a giga pet, i'm here for myself. i'm 26. >> reporter: when sun came up target team handed out tickets in hand, supply was limited and merchandise was capped at one per guest. ticket holders headed inside and the rest, swiped their card. the line filtered in the customer service desk where eggs were neatly stack waiting for a new home. hatchimals in hand it was time to go home and await a big reveal. >> i hope she's very happy. merry christmas everybody. >> i'm done with this. too cold out. my toes hurt. >> reporter: they were gone fast, expect parents to be scouring listings over next several weeks, hoping for another chance to grab one. in wynfield heights, catherine scott for channel six "action news". it was a very special
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weekend for member of the "action news" family. the christie ileto is married last night to her fiance brandon. here's a picture of the two in front of the christmas tree at union station in washington d.c. this adorable picture is from the church, coming up here, this is, of course, christie walking down the aisle, on her tatter's arm, congratulations eulogieses to christie. she looks beautiful. is there much more to come on "action news", two philadelphia football teams are back in town after, thrilling championship wins. we will take you to the celebration. competition of thetive rent sort lego fans came to the plymouth meeting mall to compete for title of master model builder. plus melissa magee returns with your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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lego experts put their skills to the the test this weekend, lego land discovery center put on a two day
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building competition here at plymouth meeting mall. company is looking for the ultimate lego fan, to become master model builder at discovery center next spring. congratulations to michael nie ves who won today's competition. local youth football team has once again shown what it takes to win a super bowl. >> yeah. >> applause. >> north penn raiders are celebrating their third consecutive pop warner super bowl title. dozens came out to the lonnie young rec center in germantown to welcome kids and coaches back from orlando. and, they were there and excited to show off their trophy. st. joes prep celebrating a big win tonight, "action news" was there this morning as the football team returned to north philadelphia, after winning the state championship last night. undefeated st. joes prep took on pittsburgh central catholic in the title game in hershey. the win marks their third title in the last three years.
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and, cold weather did not stop thousands from attending a christmas parade today in elsmere, delaware. festivities kicked off this afternoon at 2:00 with marching bands, dancers, and christmas inspired floats. fire, police department took part in the parade which has been a holiday tradition for more than 30 years. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts
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may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing... fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ jeff's here with sports and another loss for the eagles. >> two turnovers in the red zone, absolutely killed this football team, again, today. it is ground hog's day against redskins. eagles make mistake after mistake costing them a fourth straight loss, eagles leave potentially 28 points on the field because of turnovers, penalties and go figure long snapper injuries. carson wentz has been struggling since last redskins game. today he gives them a lead
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this is end of the half, the fade to the shortest man on the field, darren sproles touchdown. eagles up 13-seven. first half time lead in the month. it does not stick. third quarter kirk cousins deep for desean jackson, what a catch, you want him back. you bet. tea shawn says you never know. eagles fall behind 21-13. fourth quarter redskins can put ate way, leodis mckelvin steps in front of the desean and steps this is end zone, pick six, eagles within two. it is a fight. later in the support sproles drilled by everette. eagles go after the redskins. sproles, slow to get up. he goes to the the locker room eagles dealing with long snapper injuries, john dorenbos hurt, and emergency long snapper tray burton comes in, high snap, donnie jones save i had, the 41 yarder, eagles take 22-21 lead. redskins come right back. oh, no chris thompson,
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touchdown, eagles down by five but they have every shot to win it. final minutes. carson wentz, and, final seconds, drivers down the field, and then he is drilled. matt tobin beat by rice an kerrigan. eagles lose the ball, game, 27 -22. they are licking their wound once again. they have lost eight of ten. lets go live to jamie apody. they have lost four straight for first time since 2012. a lot of questions after this game, is effort one of them. >> no, jeff, not today. six days ago doug pederson called out effort of his team saying his players didn't play hard enough. today, that wasn't the problem it is just a case of them not being good enough. >> this one hurts this one definitely hurt. nfc east game, lost to the redskins twice this year. i mean, it is tough. it is definite the liz tough. >> we finished the game, you know, we have been in situations like this where we got to finish games and we
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didn't make the plays, to finish them. >> this has been a tough season obviously losing eight games. second most games i have lost in a year. so it is hard. extremely difficult to lose in this league. it hurts. especially when we're so close so often. >> we will have have much more tonight on the eagles, loss, and pretty much the loss of the season at this point on "action news" sports sunday coming up with ducis rodgers tonight after "action news" at 11:00. now, arguablably toughest thing for these players to do all season will be to finish out string, play these last three games knowing that there are no playoffs to play for. live at lincoln financial field, jamie apody, channel six "action news". >> another tough one. flyers, talk about a good thing, hottest team in hockey, trying to stay red hot in detroit. the flyers looking to win their ninth straight for first time in more than two decade. flyers defenseman shayne gostisbehere out with the up are body injury. steve mason on the bench too
6:21 pm
anthony stolars, with the most power play goals in the nhl but didn't get one in the first. right now we are scoreless in the second period. sixers just underway in detroit, as well, we will have highlights and much more coming up at 11:00. >> jeff, thank you. up next on "action news" look at your workweek forecast and meteorologist melissa magee with your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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despite chilly temperatures hundreds of people bunled up and ran in this years reindeer run in
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havertown delaware county. annual 5k run/walk raises money for american cancer society this year the event brought in more than $20,000. well, melissa is here with the check of the accu weather forecast. chilly one in the city and then some people in the north and west, did see some snow to take. >> we have got another batch of snow that moves through overnight tonight, and even as you wake up tomorrow morning. slow go for the commute, for most locations, sarah we will talk about it with storm track er six live double scan radar. it is dry, up to the north of the poconos, and we are dealing with wet snow showers and some flurries, but there is another batch of moisture, off to our west, across the midwest, that moves through overnight tonight and that will produce snow for some and rain for areas south and east of the philadelphia and also for that 95 corridor. right now in philadelphia we are coming in at 34 after just a high to daze of 35 in the the city. twenty-nine in allentown. 20 degrees up in the poconos. temperatures north and west will be key, most sots are at
6:25 pm
freezing mark or below so as that precipitation moves through it will, do so in the form of snow, but then quickly change over to rain because temperatures will be rising, overnight. thirty-two this at atlantic city. thirty-two in trenton. factor in the wind chill it feels just nine in the poconos feeling like 28 in philadelphia. current wind chill in lancaster at 23. 25 degrees in reading. here's satellite six with action radar. it is cloudy and dry right now but looking off to the west we have another batch of moisture that we are tracking, through chicago, cincinnati and across areas in the state of ohio, this will work its way east, and later tonight and for the commute tomorrow morning. over next 12 hours it is mostly cloudy, snow and rain will be arriving late, close to the hid night hour, we will drop down to 29, in the suburbs, and 35 degrees in philadelphia for overnight low here's future tracker six by midnight we have got that snow arriving by the poconos. it fills in for will allentown , reading, even northern lancaster county but
6:26 pm
3:30, 4:00 in the morning during predawn hours we are getting that transition there snow, back over to rain, so it is rain in allentown, same thing in reading, for philadelphia, areas south and east this is all liquid precipitation, 6:30 in the morning slow go for commute, give yourself extra time and pack that wet weather gear because we have rain from the poconos all the way down across areas in south jersey and delaware, and moisture will be clearing out, by midday. so, as far as the precipitation, and the amounts of the snow we're tracking a few flakes mainly immediate north and west of philadelphia about a half inch to an inch for areas in quakertown just north of pottstown through reading, allentown and in the poconos you can find one to 3 inches of snow before you get that transition back over to rain. so for now until midnight cloud which a few flurries north and west. midnight to 4:00 in the morning snow north and west, rain south and east and 4:00 a.m. to midday tomorrow, that rain will wash the snow away. here's the exclusive accu
6:27 pm
weather seven day forecast, tomorrow morning rain and some milder afternoon, we're dry by monday night high of 51. partly sunny to tuesday coming in at the 45. it is cloudy on wednesday with but a clipper system moves through. high of 44. late day snow showers are likely with that clipper, and then on thursday, arctic invasion, a high obvious 28, wind chills in the teens and 20's, and 27 on friday we are backup in the 40's as we get into next week even, sarah. >> arctic invasion. >> very ominous. >> thanks, melissa. abc world news sunday is next on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're right back here again on six abc at 11:00 o'clock. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00. >> ♪ i don't want to live with
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welcome to "world news tonight." we're tracking the arctic assault. heavy snow and treacherous travel. a plane skidding off the taxiway. hundreds of flights canceled. the trouble coming for the morning commute. and the bitter cold on the way. the russian connection? president-elect trump saying there's no way hackers backed by russia tried to help him win. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> but tonight, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle calling for an investigation. wave of terror. two deadly blasts at a turkish soccer match. and the new attack at egypt's main christian church. most of the victims, women and children. gps fail? a family stranded in a snowstorm deep in the woods. why their gps took them on a road to nowhere. and, lifesaver.


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