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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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♪ action news delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter pere perez. saturday night, donald trump senior advisor leads a holiday parade in south jersey. plus a fallen wilmington firefighter is laid to rest. and awarded a special pas must tribute. but the big story is a brisk cold day that will turn into a colder weekend. we could see light somehow with the winter weather advisory now in effect. meteorologist adam joseph in for melissa today.
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he joins from this accident action news with the first check of the forecast. >> all quiet but we're tracking a warm front in the midsection of the country. you see near chicago is warm air riding over the exiting arctic air breaking up light precipitation, it is not a big storm, light near chicago. and this will be sliding through the east as we go through the second half of the weekend. the next 15 hours, pretty quiet. low temperatures dropping into the middle 20's, about 5:00 in the morning, we'll start to see clouds increase and cloudy by the time we wake up tomorrow morning cold with temperatures between 7:00 and 9:00 between 26 and 29. the majority of the area tomorrow will stay just cloudy and cold and dry. it's the far northern areas north of that pennsylvania turnpike, especially towards the lehigh valley, this is sunday 3:30 in afternoon, early to mid afternoon, light snow will break
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out close to the lehigh valley, even northern montgomery and bucks county while it's dry here in philadelphia, points to the south. so at 1:00 tomorrow a winter weather advisory goes into effect for berks county, lehigh valley poconos, also northern bucks county, around quakertown, where some of that light snow will break out after that 1:00 hour tomorrow. what you can expect in those advisory areas to the far north, i just showed you between noon and midnight sunday light snow, we're going to see about a half to an inch in that area not a whole lot. roads could get slick tomorrow afternoon and evening. between midnight and 6:00 on monday, that goes to rain and in the lehigh valley and the advisory areas for the monday morning commute, rain will be washing it away. we'll talk about region by region tomorrow going into monday with the rain and temperatures near 50 by monday, we'll have that warmup coming up in the seven-day >> you can count on 6, to keep you up to date on the
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temperature. be sure to interact with our team of meteorologists each and every every day on twitter and facebook. a homeowner shot and killed a man who broke into his home this afternoon in chester. this happened around 1:00 in the afternoon on the 800 block of upland street. investigators say a suspect stormed the home at gunpoint. not realizing that the homeowner was armed. the homeowner opened fire. hitting the would be thief one time, killing him. no one inside the home was injured. no word yet on whether that homeowner was licensed to carry or whether any charges will be filed. one person was injured in a multi-vehicle crash involving a u.s. postal truck in kensington. this happened around 8:00 a.m. near the intersection of frankford and tioga street. investigators say the post service tractor-trailer and two cars slided. one of the cars slam into a car.
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it's not clear who was at fault. philadelphia police are investigating a triple stabbing in kensington. this happened around 1:30 this morning in the 1800 block of heart lane. officers were called to the scene where they found three women with stab wounds. two victims are 19 years old. the other is 24. all three are said to be in stable condition at episcopal hospital, no arrests have been made. a heartbreaking memorial service took place today as a fallen wilmington firefighter was laid to rest. ardythe hope died december 1st from injuries sustained in a fire that claimed the lives of two of her fellow firefighters, more from wilmington. >> reporter: top engine 5 ardythe hope body was escorted by police through the streets of wilmington. a city she served as firefighter more than two decades. ♪ her brothers in the department, carried her body
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into the chase center for a public viewing. her relatives fell behind. montage of photos began the service. ♪ . >> reporter: there was then a presentation of the colors. u.s. senate tom cooper, kris coons. the three daughters set solemn in the front row. >> they will be a celebration of life ands service for our ardi. everyone who knew her knew how she enjoyed celebration. >> ardi was intelligent, caring person. >> we're on the 1900 block of lake view drive and this is where two firefighters died and ardythe hope was critically injured. the sign reads, rest in peace ardythe hope you are loved and missed, hero. >> hope was fighting a blaze when the floor of the row home
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collapsed. hope, lieutenant jerry fix can you say, christopher leach and unemployment i do not the flames. firefighters risk their lives every day but inside the chase center, captured the loss. all gave some, some gave all. >> it has been said firefighters never die. they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they saved. and in a the case of ardi. in the hearts of all of those touched by her heroism. >> reporter: channel 6 action news. no charges will be filed against a city attorney who took part in vandalizing a supermarket wall in chestnut hill with anti-trump graffiti tthey comparted him holding a glass of wine.
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police apparently did not submit a the warrant request can go charges. lloyd is on a two-week leave from the solicit's office and has been ordered to complete community service of to the white house, transition now, and president-elect trump is taking a break from talking about those potential cabinet nominees to attend it's annual army navy football game in baltimore. this comes as trump team is fielding questions about a cia report that found russia interfered with the u.s. election to help trump win. the report said individuals connected to the russian government provided wikileaks with hacked e-mails. in response, trump is now questioning the credibility of the cia. president obama ordered a full review of the hacking and wants the report before he leaves office next month. meantime, sources tell abc news that exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson has emerged as the likely pick for secretary of state in the trump
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administration. trump held its second in person meeting with tillerson about a possible cabinet post. however, sources caution that trump decision on secretary of state may not be final. world news will have more on the team's reaction to the report as well as the latest on the white house transition. a familiar face is leading the holiday parade in the town of hammonton, kellyanne conway, donald trump's senior advisor is a south jersey native and today she is back in our area as grand marshal of the parade but her appearance isn't without protest. action news reporter bob brooks covering the story, joins us with the latest. bob? >> reporter: good evening. no signs of protesters just yet. i've spoken with a lot of people in the crowd, i'll tell you what. they are happy, proud that kellyanne has come here to be the grand marshal. you can see the crowd pretty big turn-out right now, we're still an hour, hour from the parade.
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i spoke with a lot of people who say they came just to see her speak tonight. ♪ >> it's 150 years old and still running the hammonton christmas parade is set to start promptly at 7:00. there's another part to the parade that has everyone we spoke with excited. hammonton's own kellyanne conway >> she's from the area, grew up down here. works on the farm. >> great job, kelly keep it up. >> good job. >> reporter: conway most famous now for being the campaign manager for president-elect trump, the first woman to successfully lead a presidential campaign. >> you did a wonderful job and we thank you for everything that you've done. >> reporter: many would argue she led a controversial campaign and that controversy might have followed her home. a protest group is supposed to show up but parade officials say
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they won't mind >> i don't have any problems. >> reporter: ask everyone protesting remember, this is a parade about celebrating a home time hero in the holidays, not politics >> it's a kids parade, at peaceful parade, nothing to do with politics on any level whatsoeve whatsoever. >> reporter: back out live look here. we certainly hope things remain peaceful. right next to us is a grand stage where her conway is going to get a key to the city here to get the parade starts in about an hour. live in hammonton bob brooks. there's so much more to come on action news this saturday. montgomery county men and women in blue get into the holiday spirit. why more than a dozen horsham police cars were packed to the roof with food. plus just in time for the holiday season, the flyers unveil their new sand jerseys. we'll show you what's so special about them. is speaking of the flyers,
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horsham police steaked on the out at the giant supermarket. and shoppers responded. filling 17 vehicles with canned goods and non-permissible items. they will go to the saint vincent depaul food bank. a delaware high schooler has been recognized for leaving a positive imprint on his community. 16-year-old johnny means was selected as a national of generation, an organization dedicated to volunteer service. he hosted a holiday matter in wilmington and gave away 100 toys to children in need.
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a few years ago, means and his sister started a mentoring program that teaches chess to kids. now hosted a christmas for dozens of children from st. patrick's parish in norristown, the kids were treated to a meal before taking part in arts and crafts and maybe getting faces painted. a highlight of the day i was fire engines riding of course giving them a courtesy ride with the fire engine company. the holiday spirit was alive right here at the 6 abc studios. adam and hannah, the families of 6 abc gathered for food, fun and santa. there was plenty to keep the little ones entertained. the games, face painting and cookie decorating. ♪ ♪
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of tomorrow possible. early this morning, so flyers fans to get hands on the newly released 2017 n h l is it your testimony sears jersey when they take on the pittsburgh pending begins come february. how about the flyers racking up the ws >> what i love about the flyers right now, they keep saying they are not satisfied with the way they're playing. that is a good sign. the flyers are on fire, what a run they haven't lost in weeks. flyers, they're playing the best hockey in more than a decade. today it is brayden schenn who shines. they're showing the fight. down one in the first, braden schenn redirect it. ties it up. schenn he's busy today, taking matters into his own hands, here
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in the second. in the third, down one again, final four minutes, schenn fights back in another way. on the power play. we're tied at two. 90 seconds later, take a wild guess who scores on the power play? schenn again on the rebound. hats off to schenn. flyers go on to win 4-2. eighth straight longest streak in 14 years. >> if you look over the, we've had a good attitude along the whole way. no different. you know, only down by one goal and we can make it happen there in the last five, ten minutes and we did. >> reporter: if the eagles are going to stop the bleeding, they have to stop the run tomorrow against the redskins. the last time they faced each other, eagles allowed a season high 230 yards rushing and nearly 500 total. >> number one thing we got to stop the run, make sure we fill in the gaps.
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they really go got to -- we got to just make sure that we -- we show up the defense. i know what this team can do, obviously, we got to make sure we bring it for four quarters this week. >> no jo jo. joel embiid will miss hi inflammation in his right elbow. it's more precautionary. nerlense noel will make his debut tomorrow after missing the first 23 games of the engine, jahlil ok for will also play after missing last three with an illness. >> playing basketball and take care of it itself. you know, one, and you know, >> you think the flyers are streaking? how about the villanova wildcats? the defending national champs
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won 16 straight games dating back to last year. tied for the best run in school history. number one villanova facing undefeated notre dame, the cats scratching and causaling their way back, josh hart to get them within three, later, hart a career high 37. nova within one and hart hands off to brunson 30 seconds later. you need a game winner, who do you go to? chris jenkins big smooth, villanova wins 74-66. 10 and 0 to start the season next up temple. fran dunphy is out. starting the game on a 13-1 one. austin junior the three and the foul, four point play, second half, oby the force is with you. and another three. temple up as many as 25, they win 74-65. they've won six of seven.
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next up, nova on tuesday. lasalle hanging with georgetown from lower merion, three of his 19, lasalle tied up with under nine to go but georgia town goes on a run. out scored 26-11 the rest of the way, lasalle loses 93-78. dropped two straight, penn loses as well. >> thank you. well, weather coming up next, adam has your forecast.
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adam joseph joining us
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we're under the winter weather advisory. >> parts of the lehigh valley, not for philadelphia. we'll miss out on on the snow if you like that. >> you know i do. >> we take a look storm tracker 6, it's a quiet night. the rest of the weekend it is quiet for the majority of the area, again if you expect or live in the lehigh valley, tomorrow could get a little slick in the afternoon. we're not going to look at the temperatures because with that wind out there, this is the number you want to pay attention to if you're stepping out. feels like 20 in the lehigh valley, 19 in lancaster, 22 in wilmington. 27 in philadelphia, just 12 in the poconos where they're making snow and we'll get natural snow. it's quiet loud from the lake effects snows fallen apart. dry night. this is the warm front not a light strong, what will aid to
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our north tomorrow afternoon, clouds will be on the increase after midnight, that winter chill 22 in the suburbs, 26 degrees for center city with that light westerly wind. let's go region by region, up in the lehigh valley for your sunday, some of that afternoon light snow breaking out. watch for slick travel even a little snow it can get did i see on the untreated surfaces. in the city of philadelphia and for that eagles game tomorrow, it's really just cloudy and chilly for your sunday. there could be a flurry or a sprinkle in the afternoon that is about it with the temperature of 36 degrees, and as we led to the shore, southern new jersey, delaware, cloudy, cool, a light breeze, with the temperature milder at 41 degrees. as we look at future tracker 6, early in the morning, sunday, dry, the clouds are here. as we go through the early afternoon at 2:00, there you can see again, some of that broken light snow far northern areas berks county northern montgomery county, bucks, lehigh valley, that continues through 8:00.
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again, you see most of the area, nothing happening. as we get into sunday early monday morning at 4:00 a.m., that's when things get going, rain breaks out heavy at times across the area. even changing to rain in the lehigh valley. by the time the morning rush. and that will continue to monday afternoon mid afternoon, you can see heavier rain moves away. nothing more than a few flakes to the north and west of philadelphia. it's not until you hit quaker town, lehigh valley, reading, berks county the poconos around the lehigh valley, half inch to inch before it washes away and the poconos, one to three nature inches, the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast, 30's, light snow breaking out far northern areas, on sunday, a transitions to rain there and rain everywhere on monday, milder up to 50 degrees. 47 on tuesday with mixture of
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sun and clouds and clouds with maybe a late snow shower with wednesday with the next arctic front 41, 29 windy with an arctic attack coming in on thursday and temperatures stay pretty cold till the end ofness week >> sounds aggressive. he calls it an attack >> arctic invasion. world news saturday is next here on channel 6. don't miss action at 10:00 on phl 17 then we're back here again on 6 abc at 11:00. for the entire action news team, i'm sherry williams. we'll see you coming up later tonight.
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tonight, the deep freeze from coast to coast, an arctic assault, snow, ice and frigid temperatures. >> i'm wearing snow boots but i can barely walk. >> buses stopped in their tracks. spinouts on the highways, and the polar blast on the way. wind chills below zero from washington state to maine. breaking political news, donald trump's likely pick for secretary of state, and the award that man once received from vladimir putin himself. plus new intelligence claims that russia interfered with the election here. tonight, why trump is taking on the cia. the explosions outside a major soccer stadium, the powerful blast knocking people to the ground miles away. the images just coming in. the road rage attack that killed an nfl star, the shooter taking the stand. what he now says hap


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