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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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1962. hours but his celebrated p just. he returned to earth to a giant ticker tape parade in new york ty his status as a huge american celebrity and used that to enter the world of politics, in 1974 senator from his native ohio and 24 years, said president obama today, when blasted off from cape canaveral, he lifted the hopes of a nation and when his friendship 7 spacecraft splashed down a few minutes later the first americath remint with courage and a spirit of no the heights we can reach ead at 95. world news tonight with david muir has more on the life and
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legacy of john s at this hour, n news" at 6:30. philadelphia city council has operators and a lot of those operators don't like it. lets go live to "action news" reporter vernon odom at city hall. what happened there today? >> quite a bit jim, tonight the local tow truck industry is crying foul to city council, because they barrelled ahead despite their protest saying that they will work on a more comprehensive reform plan later on. >> independent tow truck operators occupied bike lanes to protest what was going on inside. by a 15-1 vote the city council cracked down on tow truck operators saying there is too much unscrupulous action. >> they have to issue a ticket
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before it can be towed. >> right now all they have to do is take a picture and we have seen the unsavory picture put up signs and then take a picture and steal a car. >> and they stood with the law abiding operators they get lumped in with the crooks. >> when honest law abiding citizens are lumped in with the criminals. >> they know who the bad guys are, the names are blasted all over the news and they have video of what is going on and you expect the lifestyles of a lot of people. behind the bad doings of a few. >> behind the most prolific towing company who gets his calls from private concerns, there are bad apples but what is done was not fair. >> they have us mixed up with a
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different part of the industry, those that do automobile removal with accidents they are called wreck chasers. >> i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it may be chilly and raw tonight with temperatures in the low 40s and if you ask these folks in manayunk they likely say they can feel winter moving in and indeed winter comes barrels into the tri-state area tomorrow. lets get the latest information from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> the cold air is just to the west and philadelphia 42 degrees and seasonably chilly and pittsburgh 27 degrees and dallas colder than here. 35 degrees and bismark, north dakota oat 2 degrees and temperatures gradually drop through the overnight hours and the cold air is kind of bleeding in and it's not happening
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suddenly. and by 11:00, 34 degrees and temperatures drop down into the 20s as the winds pick up so that arctic air is here right in time for your kids to head to the bus stop. you'll want to bundle them up. i told my son no shorts tomorrow morning. 28 degrees at 6:00 and you factor in the winds, this is key, windchills tomorrow morning in the mid teens to around 20 degrees and the afternoon windchills really will be stuck in the 20s, so this arctic blast is lasting for three days with temperatures stuck in the 30s in addition to that tomorrow through the day the windchills will be harsh and then when the cold air starts to retreat i'm tracking a storm system that could cause a messy morning commute with not just rain but snow. i'll talk more about that in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> you can count on to keep you up
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to date on the cold temperatures, you can see the seven-day forecast as well as stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. new jersey state police released 911 calls from the minutes before a driver slammed into a police cruiser killing new jersey state trooper, frankie williams on monday night. police say that concerned drivers on route 55 in millville started to call in when they saw a red toyota driving erratically. >> the car looks like a drunk driver he is all over the road and almost hit us. >> i think there is a drunk driver right here in front of n the road -- >> police say there is no evidence that the driver was drinking but they are still investigating what caused 61-year-old lloyd ruddly to cross the median into on coming traffic. he crashed head-on into trooper williams police vehicle and both were killed a vigil for the 31 trooper is planned for tonight at 7:00 at the leesburg
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volunteer fire department the licenses and inspections deputy commissioner is acquitted off extortion and fraud charges. derek -- pled not guilty after being accused using his position to shake down businesses to buy beer from a beer distributor ship in which he owned stakes in 2007. authoritivalley are trying the circumstances of an assault involving two students, it appears this was an issue of race between the two young people. john rawlins live near saucon valley high school in northampton county. what are the details there? >> reporter: well, the focus of the district attorney here jim is on a video of two students, a 14-year-old and 16-year-old. the da says that what happens on the video is demeaning but the question is is it criminal?
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intimidation or harassment. the da ordered an investigation into the video. >> not a crime to be a racist but when you intimidate or harass people because you video tape them and post them on the internet and refer to them in those types of racial terms that crosses it's line. >> it happened last object. >> there was a wing eating contest at the high school pep rally. >> his client a 16-year-old african-american student was a participant and the 14-year-old student taunted him with slurs. >> demeaning and insulting and racist as racist as you can possibly imagine. >> the 14-year-old made a video of the incident and posted on social media and the 16-year-old learned of it and there was a fight. initially the authorities dismissed the video as a factor. >> not believing that there was any ethnic intimidation or
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criminal activity on the part of the 14-year-old charged my client with assault. >> there have been prior clients from this school of racially charged insults. he believes the school board needs to act. >> hateful language there is no reason that is condoned and if the parents don't teach the kids, they have to learn it from the schools that is our laugh best defense. >> as for the october incident and the resulting video posted online, a detective from the district attorney's office is is a signed to investigate. thank you. police in trenton are searching for the man that they say tried to rob an on duty fire captain at gun point. it happened tuesday night on cummings place and investigators say that fireman was walking back to his truck when the suspect pulled out a gun and pushed him again the fence and
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demanded money, the man ran away empty handed after a neighbor started yelling and now street is trying to get bulletproof vests for all firefighters. new plan to nimal care and return lost pets to their owners. they partnered with next door a private social network for neighborhoods. more than 50 neighborhoods in philadelphia use it to connect with community issues, they hope that sharing information about lost and found pets will increase happy reunions. >> some familiar faces stopped by the 95.7 ben fm adopt a family radio-thon in center city, philadelphia. monica malpass and alicia vitarelli jumped on the mikes to raise money for volunteer america, the adoprogram matchesd with donors to help them have a
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great holiday season. coming up on "action news" tonight, police are out with a warning, they are warning this holiday season after some recent atm robberiy ies . and a woman that helps a man with a life transfusion have a reunion. much of offer viewing area as our first wave of arctic air moves in i'm tracking another one next week as well as another opportunity for rain and snow. >> the eagles are getting ready to face the washington red skins this weekend and ducis rogers has the story when "action news"
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police in both new jersey and pennsylvania are warning to be vigilant while using atm after a rash of robberies. on monday night surveillance cameras caught a man robbing a woman along route 38 in cherry hill and in king of prussia a woma point at the wells fargo center fargo on henner son road. >> there is an uptick in this type of crime during the holidays because of the increased usage and people are making more purchases. >> police say never count money in public and make sure you are not being followed when you leave the atm. new at 6:00 tonight. it was a remarkable reunion at the hospital of the university ti news" reporter katherine scott has that story. >> jacks of east windsor and
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lisa were once complete then two jacks says that her selflessness kept him alive. the two had not met many person, jack a bone particular oh a recipient introduced lisa his donor to his care team in pennsylvania. it was here he received life saving treatment. when i walked in i thought i was dead. dying. and they really put me at ease, every time i walked out i just felt hope. >> jack was with acute leukemia in 2013 and need aid bone marrow transplant in the matter of months and the search turned international and jack and his wife linda waited and hopes. >> it was very, very scary. because you think how are they going to find anybody?
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>> but penn pound lisa a donor only 20 at the time. when she was called in 2014 it was for someone she never met. jack. >> people put themselves out there when they know someone and after the it they entruced themselves by letter and lisa transferred to philadelphia. >> it was incredible to meet him in person. >> they toured new york but the >> i like to meet you. lisa heads back to germany tomorrow. >> i will always have a special feeling for lisa. >> look at her, she is wortherful she saved my husband's life.
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eagles are game planning and
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going through their paces getting ready for the washington red skins. >> they have a lot of things to work out. which eagles team shows up on sunday the one that won their first three games of the season or the one that laid an egg last week. jeff skversky says it's still a confident bunch. >> the eagles 3-0 start may feel like ages ago to you, but it doesn't tore eagles quarterback carson wentz. he doesn't need to watch his record breaking start to get the winning feeling back. >> we remember it, we don't change our approach with things, i think it's just full speed ahead with the red skins here, we are know what we are camable of we need to get over the hump. >> they are working on hi mechanics, including his footwork, leading to a career-high three inceptions in cincinnati. >> we are a work in progress,
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from pocket movement to forward. >> with him it's a matter of keeping him grounded and level headed. he is the leader of this football team and doesn't have to do it all himself. >> he is hoping to have back his top two offensive webs, receiver jordan matthews missed a game with an injury and running back ryan matthews missed two. and they had their worst two game stretch of the season. >> it's hard we have to learn from the mistakes and we can't redo the game so we get normal chance this week. >> big mistakes that put the eagles behind the eight ball. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> to the flyers they have not been this hot in five years, tonight they put their win streak on the line at home. the flyers won six straight games and the oilers pose a
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serious challenge because of this guy tyler mcdavis, he has 26 points tops in the nhl and the flyers know they have to key in on him. >> he is playing good hockey and they are a high tempo team and smart team. i think they have been playing good hockey we for sure have to be ready. the sixers are facing the pelicans. joel embiid will play. the charter panthers left for hershey this morning forhehy face eerie cathedral prep fort four class a final they are both a perfect 13-0. highlights at 11:00. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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coldest weather of season on our doorstep. >> and we could get colder weather by the end of next week. here we go. >> colder and then colder. >> it's that time of year it happens. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that arctic front is blowing through right now but as expected, no moisture with this, but plentyyou'll feel it tomorr. this is future tracker 6 showing the windchill tomorrow morn agent 7:00 philadelphia 20 and trenton 17 and allentown 19 and lancaster 15 degre the windchil
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degrees, you'll want to bundle up tomorrow morning. it looks like temperatures are stuck in the 30s not just tomorrow but also saturday and sunday. running close to 10 degrees below normal and tomorrow we'll really have the blustery winds, windchills stuck in the 20s, the windchill right now starting to feel cold out there. 44 in philadelphia and allentow the poconos 15 degrees and the cold air is just bleeding in from the northwest. very gfront. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that right now we have the clearing skies, west of philadelphia, that front is still moving through south jersey and delaware and it will co south and that brings in that cold air. tonight clearing skies and winds picking up 29 degrees in philadelphia and 26 in allentown and 27 in millville and trenton 28. windchills tomorrow in the teens. we'll have a good amount of
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sunshine early in the day and as we head into the afternoon clouds will be popping up and could have a flurry 18 degrees at 8:00 and then the warmest part of the day, i don't want to say warm but the highest temperatures, look agent be cold all day. heading into the weekend sky conditions very different between the two days, saturday lots of sunshine mixing with clouds and 38 degrees and the winds will not be quite as blustery as tomorrow. wind gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour. and still the windchill around 30 degrees oiminish and the clo roll in early and it will be cold 39 degrees and bundle up if you head to the eagles game and we could have afternoon flurries from a weak system pulling through but a stronger one will be moving in late sunday night and monday. so our next storm we have got high pressure the dome of high pressure with the cold air that will be retreating, the low pressure looks to track to the west.air, and the question is,
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deep will that layer of cold air be? how long will it sunset it looks like the northwest suburbs, igh and changing over to rain the middle of monday morning. philadelphia and areas to the south mainly a rain event. all depends on track and a few days to iron that out. the exclusive accuweather forecast, blust your and cold and 39 degrees and saturday 38 a windchill of 30. and sunday cloudy and cold with a few flurries, 39 degrees and monday morning, it looks like the morning commute could be messy, with the chance of snow and mix north and west and rain south and east and 46 degrees, we dry out tuesday and the next arctic front wednesday brings us a chance of more rain and snow showers and thursday could be even colder than tomorrow. with a high of 34 degrees. and not only do you have to bundle up bring in the pets they
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need a warm place to say. >> finally tonight a new jersey government office delivered gifts to some needy youngsters, staffed from the department of education and dropped off the gifts as part of the christie administration's sixth annual season of service. the delivery was made to home front the mission is to end homelessness in new jersey. world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on ph almost 17 with line traffic, sharrie williams, and ducis rogers. and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner.eou'll joi "action news" at 11:00. the roses are blooming in herbal essences
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tonight, this country celebrates an american hero. we learned late today, astro gnat and senator john glenn has died. >> godspeed, john glenn. >> the first american astronaut tonight, in his own words. also breaking tonight, the winter storms. the driving has turned deadly. the pileups across several states. the images coming in. up to 70 cars involved in just one chain reaction crash. as we come on, new reporting tonight after two police officers are targeted, both of second officer has died. was it excessive force? the student with the knife and the officer who then fired the shot. tonight, some asking, did he have another option? and holiday shoppers, beware tonight. the on. several major department store


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