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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: hello the details are so disturbing a researcher said it's like a zombie apocalypse and people say it's only getting worse. it was 6:00 last evening when falls township police ponded to the call of a man who overdosed on heroin. they arrived to find a 35-year-old man named christopher weatherwax was dead and they found empty heroin bags in the home. as this escalates there is no such thing as a typical drug at picture. >> black, white, rich, young old. we had a 62-year-old subject overdosed in the beginning the year and the youngest so far is 14. last night was the 12th reported heroin overdose in the past 11
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days. and that occurred in the midst of nine people that died of heroin overdoses this weekend along in the kensington section of philadelphia. they are looking to see if the recent deaths are possibly linked to a common drug dealer that may have concocted a bad batch. >> it's made with fentanyl and they think they are getting fentanyl and it's much more powerful and that is what is killing them. >> but the d.a. says that the most frustrating parts, even if there is one person responsible for all the people that died over the past few weeks and that person is arrested and convicted. the problem will be no close toward a resolution. >> whenever we take one drug dealer off the street there are a couple more to take their place. we need a cultural paradigm shift. attack it like it's an epidemic. >> authorities say if not for
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officers arriving at the scene and ministering narcan the death toll over the past two weeks would be even higher. waller perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new tonight at 5:00. a convicted child predator that fled montgomery county is captured in england. 33-year-old gerard wski. he made the list of america's most wanted after skipping bail and tonight behind bars in england after being arrested there on similar charges. one person was rushed to the hospital today after a knowledge transit train slammed into a car. the vehicle was smashed up by the crash at river road and federal street in camden. it happened at 6:30 in morning on the river line. service was suspended for a few
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hours until the crews could tow away the car. it's unclear why it was on the tracks. turning to accuweather tonight. some of the coldest temperatures of the season is heading our way. sky 6 hd looking live at penn's landing, a pretty picture on a wednesday night. the end of a chilly gloomy day in the region. get the winter gear ready. cecily tynan is tracking the conditions. >> by friday you'll want to grab the heavy winter coat and scarf and mittens and hat. we have really cold air on the way. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing today we start with the clouds, the drizzle and sunshine by the afternoon and temperatures actually where they should be for this time of year. reached a high of 47 and 48 is the normal high and seasonable. 46 right now in philadelphia. and there is that very cold air welltised waiting in the wings. bismark, north dak, the air temperature is 4 degrees and
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windchills well below zero that is the air mass moving our way and heading over a lot of real estate though. and it will be moderating as it does. it won't be quite that cold here. future tracker 6 showing tomorrow afternoon 45 degrees that is our high before the arctic front rolls through and then on friday the bottom really drops out with temperatures the afternoon high only 39 degrees, the winds are gusting up to 35 miles per hour and that means windchills will be stuck in the 20s and this is the type of cold that we have not felt for a while. friday, saturday and sunday, afternoon highs only in the 30s. and the last time temperatures are stuck in the 30s was way back on february 18th. and once the cold moves out i am tracking another storm system on the way and details on that in the accuweather forecast. >> of course colder weather is in the forecast with local ski resorts hear and they hope for a much better season this year.
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gray hall is live along bear creek mountain with more on that. >> hi monica, it may not look like it. but yes we are at a ski resort and regardless if it starts snowing or not soon, workers are using the huge machines to create snow and even as they transform the slopes into white winter wonderland they will need the help of mother nature and winter. it looks like a fall greeting card but workers say this will soon change. >> the goal is to be open by christmas week. and if old man winter doesn't bring the snow the crews on the mountain can make their own. >> we cover the mountain with 72 hours. and the hope is to start making snow to coat the mountain as early as this week. >> these machines are not like shooting a hose in the air. they have independent weather stations on them and monitor the
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conditions all the time. seeing white means green in the cash register and bear creek hopes to open by mid-december but even with the high tech snow making machines they are at the mercy of the weather and some years the slopes see skiers as early as december 1st and other times as late as january. the key is a long cold winter. >> first timers are if awe because they have never seen this type of operation, they have never seen snow making or lifts. people that come back come back for the product. >> the best marketing tool is temperatures below 30 degrees and whether it's man made or the real deal, workers and customers want to see the mountain transformed into a winter wonderland, we could have up to 2,000 visits, on a busy day 4,000 to 5,000 people here. there is more of an appetite for the winter sports.
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>> thousands of individuals waiting for the season to start and keep in mind even though you don't see snow in your front yard. there is likely snow here on the mountain or at least there will be soon. live from bear creek mountain, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia's district attorney is facing a challenger tonight. richard nergin announced plans to run against seth williams for district attorney. he served as managing director under mayor michael nutter before leaving to become a partner in a law firm and is now ready to get back into public service. >> my leadership and integrity and management experience is unique and city manager inside of our neighborhoods, makes me a different candidate. >> he is the third challenger to jump into the race. former court judge lisa cordani
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announced her intense to run. now to the trump transition. the president-elect has chosen retired john kelly to lead the homeland security department and is being honored as "time" magazine's person of the year. tonight he is narrowing the list of choices for secretary of state. and will have more on the white house transition coming up in a live report at 5:30. >> a live report for everyone going to california for the rose bowl or maryland to watch temple in the military bowl. the attorney general's office is hearing possible ticket scams and there are ways to protect yourself. only buy from a reputable seller and make sure your tickets corresponds to rows in the actual stadium and pay with a credit card so you can dispute is if there is a problem. matt rule is being announced
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as head coach of baylor university tonight. he is leaving with a photo of gratitude in the philadelphia inquirer, he took out a full page ad saying that temple and philly is always a part of us. lets take it to matt pellman in the traffic center to see what's up. >> hey rick and monica, the good news is it's better than last evening, the bad news is it's still not great but when is it? like on the schuylkill expressway 35 min, that is better than the hour we saw last evening but if you head into the jingle ball concert tonight, you have about a 20 minute delay on the eastbound travel time. and 12 miles per hour and 14 miles per hour and we are expecting them to block the southbound right lane close to penn's landing because of that truck that lost its load coming off the ramp from market street eastbound, 295 southbound and
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that ramp also remains blocked i would use the one from the vine eastbound to get to 95 southbound. and roosevelt boulevard a crash by bridge street in the outer drive and same as this morning a crash in the lehigh valley 22 eastbound, 78 is a better bet. now there is a crash on 322 in grousester county close to edison parkway. we'll check it again in the next half our. >> thank you. still ahead at 5:00 tonight. two sisters can lead separate lives after the conjoined twins were successfully separated. we have details of their 17 hour surgery. and a local program that allows people to become first time hom owners.
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developing in tennessee tonight there are two people facing charges in the devastating fires in gatlinburg, both suspects are juvenile. 14 people have died and 2,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed and the young suspects are charged with arson and the charges come the same day that
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reads are allowed to return to their city. 47 people died when a plane crashed in pakistan. it went down shortly after takeoff and the pilot issued a may day call and then lost touch with the tower and 42 passengers and six crew members were killed. authorities are working to identify all the victims tonight. a michigan man arrested for killing a college police officer is walking free this evening. without explanation, prosecutors dropped murder charges against deangelo davis, he was accused of shooting wayne state officer collin rose at the campus in detroit. they have not made any other arrests. today is the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor and throughout the nation people are pausing to remember the men and women that
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lost their lives that day. after remarks from veterans and organizers took part in a wreath laying ceremony tossing the wreath from the ship paying tribute to those lost on this historic day. and they introduced a new system that links profiles to their cell phones, had is the first of its kind in new jersey. it's called smart 911 letting people create a profile with an address. and medical information and even a photo. a good way to make sure first responders know exactly where to go in your house and who they are looking for. >> you get a call that is nonresponsive and the call taker may take it as a hangion but if your profile is up and you have a heart condition. maybe you did not hang up maybe you can't speak anymore. >> the service is free and everyone is encouraged to sign
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up. there is a new glitch to control the nation's opioid epidemic the cost of narcan is soaring, it's now $150 for two doses. and the auto injecter costs $4500 that is up from $690 two years ago and even the generic injecter has doubled in price, they are urging patients with a history of substance abuse to keep narcan on hand but an article says that if the government encourages narcan's use it should assure its available. the u.s. is dealing with an outbreak of mumps tonight. as of mid-november there are 2900 cases, arkansas had 1900 and iowa has nearly 700. the number of clusters are on college campuses where close quarters help the virus spread faster and students may be
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losing immunity from their childhood vaccinations and the cdc is urging a third dose of the mumps vaccine. packer childrens hospital says that erica and eva sandoval were successfully separated in an operation that went well into the evening. 17 doctors and nurses and workers took part in the ceremony. there were tears of joy when the surgery was complete and the girls are doing well tonight. >> christmas came early in delaware, winter fest at of the dew point hospital for children. troopers came to play games and make crafts and enjoy food with the little patients there. there was music and even santa claus stopped by it makes the hospital stay nicer within are you at the hospital for the holidays. still on "action news"
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today dozens of philadelphia police officers took home honors for val you're and bravery. including jessie hartnett that was shot several times and hartnett was able to fire back at the suspect. 43 other officers received awards for saving lives or putting themselves in danger in the line of duty. it was an early christmas present for first time homeowners, single family homes were unveiled in bridgeton and this was the ribbon cutting ceremony, 10 applicants were selected to purchase the homes, and this morning state and local officials toured the new homes to offer support for the families that now can't wait to
5:22 pm
move in. peco is lighting up the holidays this season and "action news" is bringing you some of the best holiday displays from around the region and in kennett square, long wood gardens it sprinkling with lights and fountains and decorated trees, the celebration continues until january 8th. how pretty is that? we want to see your holiday lights, use #6abcaction. >> that is pretty. still to come we'll check the accuweather forecast. looking live sky 6 hd showing you the rothman rink at dillworth park and i normally would be out there skating around too. maybe not so much. >> cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast. t. i am ready.. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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time for accuweather forecast at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here with the forecast it's about to get cold. it is. friday, saturday and sunday the coldest air since last february. seasonable 47 degrees is the high. we started the day with clouds and drizzle and breaks in the clouds by afternoon and i love the shot. william posted this from okay wood beach, new jersey, in salem
5:26 pm
county. sunsetting at 4:35 the earliest of the year. we did see a nice one. can't wait too long because it's gone before you know it. 46 in philadelphia and allentown 42 and reading 43 and cape may 46 and wilmington 42 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar show showing we are in between systems, it's low pressure that brought us the soaking rain yesterday is out to sea and we have the leading edge of that arctic air moving into the midwest. it's not well defined and not much moisture with this. as it blows through tomorrow afternoon. i don't think we'll get showers and it will be breezy and the cold air arrives early on friday. tonight partly cloudy skies and december chill and seasonably cool. cape may 37 and wilmington 32 and allentown 29 degrees, through the day a mixture of clouds and sunshine and temperatures close to where they should be for this time of year.
5:27 pm
making it up to 45 degrees and the winds pick up late if the day as the front blows through and creates a bit of a windchill and 5:00 tomorrow evening we look at a windchill of 36 in philadelphia and 28 in reading but the cold air is really moving in by friday morning. windchills 7:00 in the morning. 18 in reading and 18 in trenton and 21 in philadelphia and the poconos the windchill 11 and through the day the winds will be howling and windchills even at 3:30 in the afternoon general generally chilly and just as cold on saturday. seasonably chilly tomorrow and 45 degrees and friday though, 39 degrees and windchills in the 20s and could have an instability shower or even a flurry in the afternoon and clouds bubbling up in the afternoon. saturday not as windy but the temperature drops and 38 degrees, it feels just as cold, sunday it clouds up and 39 degrees and sunday night and
5:28 pm
monday a chance of a wintry mix and possibly rain depending on the track of the storm more details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> are you warned it's going to get cold. >> thank you, we'll be right back.
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5:30 pm
"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. president-elect donald trump meets with democrats in new york and news surfaces about new possible picks to his administration. we are live. delaware supreme court is tackling the death penalty and what to t could mean for convicts on death row. >> it's like christmas has come early, holiday meal kits for military families, i'm nora muchanic at the joint base with a look at what is happening. now the details, president-elect donald trump spend much of the day meeting with folks from the other side of the aisle. including rahm emanuel, and there are behinds that more cabinet post selections will be
5:31 pm
announced soon. >> reporter: hi there rick, i have an update for you on the wisconsin recount. hillary clinton has gained 82 votes so far in that recount that means that donald trump leads her by 22,000 unlikely to change results there or anything about the meetings he is having about his transition. >> delivered to the president-elect trump and his senior adviser chief of staff a letter signed by 14 mayors put together from across the country about our students. >> rahm emanuel is hope that donald trump will protect undocumented students whose parents brought them to the u.s. >> they are trying to achieve the american dream, at no fault of their own. >> they have spoken several times since their face-to-face oval office meeting since it's election.
5:32 pm
>> the president-elect promised he will announce more cabinet selections soon and likely to announce retired general, john kelly as the head of home lan security. >> i believe we are in the process of putting together one of the all time great cabinets ever assembled. >> and he further narrowed his choice for secretary of state. and mitt romney is still on the list and donald trump was named "time" magazine's person of the year. >> it means a lot. me growing up reading "time" magazine. and mr. trump heads tomorrow to iowa where he will announce formerly that he is tapped iowa's long standing governor to be the next ambassador to china. reporting live, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. syria's government ignored the cease fire today and the state news agency is reporting
5:33 pm
that 12 people are killed by rebel shelling and the syrian government has rejected previous cease fires and it has displaced 30,000 civilians in the past 30 days. survivors of indonesia is spending time in mosques when a 6.5 quake shook the area. the indonesia government declared a two week emergency period in the provence where the quake struck, the same area that was hit by an earthquake and tsunami in 2004. one has died and the other is fighting for his life tonight. authorities say the american city officer and the georgia state officer were shot near campus, the officer died of his wounds and the shooter believed
5:34 pm
to be a 32-year-old man remains missing tonight and the campus was put on lock down following the shooting. world news tonight will have more on the shooting of two officers in georgia and more on president-elect trump's transition into the white house. watch it all at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. delaware supreme court justices are deciding if there the ruling that the death penalty in delaware was unconstitutional can be applied retro actively. the court heard arguments today by an appeal filed by derek powell. now in august a majority of the supreme court justices declared that delaware's death penalty law was unconstitutional because it allows judges too much discretion intenting and not
5:35 pm
find that juries fine unanimously. and police are looking for a grinch dressed in a batman sweatshirt that stole a package from a person's home. it happened on west poplar street in the north liberty section, police released this video opening the person's door and grabbing a box. they hope you can identify him from this video. >> investigators are trying to determine how this fire in port richmond started this morning. it shows flames shooting out of the home on golf street. they were on a holiday mission to make sure thousands of military families in our area have food on their tables. nora muchanic has that story tonight. >> reporter: 300 families from joint base ft. dix lakewood lined up to collect their meal kits with goodies to help fill out the table this season. >> we just moved across country
5:36 pm
and this helps out a lot. >> military meals is a nationwide program run by a group called operation home front. >> the budget can be tight with children in the household. purchasing gifts and this is one way to say thank you. >> wal-mart donated the food along with the elves that distributed the bags and families received some gift cards. >> we have five children so you know, it really helps outs. >> sometimes paycheck to paycheck. any time we can get help it's always appreciated. >> this year more than 12,000 families at bases all over the country will receive the holiday meal kits and the people here is an it makes a difference for military families. >> it's nice to get the extra support. >> we are getting through. >> amber's husband is deployed with the navy for a year half that and will not be back until
5:37 pm
after christmas. >> it gives the children the holiday spirit. >> santa was on hand to meet the families. >> did you meet santa? >> yes. >> what did you say to them? >> merry christmas. >> kasandra's husband is active duty army. >> with the holidays and having young children and having a community out there to help us is a wonderful thing. >> at the join base i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> those little ones are adorable. >> that is for sure. time for another adorable person. matt pellman in the traffic center. >> not cute in old city, it's getting old quickly a truck that lost its load on the ramp from market street eastbound to 95 southbound. the ramp has been blocked for hours now as they unload the concrete slap that slit off the truck at this point they don't
5:38 pm
have the southbound lane blocks on 95 here but there is a chance they may do that. traffic is sluggish passing the scene, it's ramp market eastbound it is closed i would use the vine eastbound ramp to get to 95 southbound. overnight tonight the vine closes at 11:00 for construction. and don't forget the inbound mlk drive closes again at 7:00 for overnight work kelly drive is open for you. and 95 in mercer county a crash approaching princeton pike and the left lane is blocked and slow coming up 1 as well. and camden county a crash on 295 southbound side just past wood crest station sticking outs into the right lane and slow from 38 and mullica hill a crash 322 east of 55 and you can get by that. rick and monica, it wasn't so cute was it. >> i changed my mind. >> still to come on "action news," target is recalling this pop laffer holiday display
5:39 pm
tonight. saying it may be too dangerous to use and we'll tell you why. and the eagles are focused on their next opponent the red skins. next in sport. >> it's just a little chilly in northwestern parts of canada. we'll talk about the first round of arctic air that break as way from the area in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> i'm not looking all the minuses on the board. we'll have the stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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thousands gathered at pearl harbor and bowed their heads for the anniversary of the 75th year since the attack. japanese planes began their assault kale killing more that be 2300 service men and sinking the uss arizona. the pearl harbor remembrances continue here as well. this one took place in galloway, atlantic county.
5:43 pm
it included a memorial in veterans park with the wreath laying and the playing of taps. afterward the guests headed inside for a lunch enwith guest speakers into right before hanukkah, har get announced a recall of menorahs because of a fire hazard. it's in a pyramid design and so far eight reports of the product melting and three reports of a fire. no property damage or injuries are linked to the menorah. a cool traffic light feature, this dash board icon and timer can read a red light and tell you how long it will be before it turns green but all depends on if are you going the posted speed limit. it was unveiled in atlantic city today. jammy is here and the eagles
5:44 pm
are doing soul searching for key match-ups. >> it would have been key weeks ago -- >> all right we'll be back with more. >> doug peterson says that not everybody played hard in their dreadful loss in cincinnati. and malcolm jenkins added it puts the player in a tough situation wondering who he was talking about. and all the players were out there practicing including jordan matthews and ryan matthews too. you have to wonder how carson wentz is holding up in all of this. he is not used to losing or playing in all of these games. >> nobody likes losing, especially in the business as a quarterback, i'm wired to be a winner and i hate losing and at the same time it doesn't effect us going forward. >> with him the just keeping him
5:45 pm
grounded and keeping him level headed. he is the leader of this football team and he doesn't have to do it all himself. there is ten other guys on offense and 11 on defense and special teams that have a big part in the process. >> the die taking the heat zach ertz is scrutinized. his coach add this. >> if you go back and look at the play carson was ahead of him and he was going to go out of bounds at the time. zach has taken a lot of heat for it but at the same time he understands too that those plays will come up again and he knows he needs to make one. he texas two stepped out of town and after shocking the temple world with his departure. it's hard to see making the big
5:46 pm
jump to the big 12. it was a celebration of his hire in the basketball arena open to the public and after leaving the place he and his family call home. he talked about the guys he left behind. finally my players will be my players forever and i love them. it was one of the hardest things i did yesterday to say good-bye. our job was done and our job was over. 2-10 to the winningest two year stretch at temple. >> players make a surprise appearance at espn. making the day of kevin. he had to ask them about the depart your of their head coach. >> it felt like the pinnacle of this program and then you get hit with the news of losing matt rhule.
5:47 pm
how does it feel? he took you in and turned you around and now not there for the bowl game. >> this is our brother. and we are happy for him and his family. we are happy for him and we have to go win the ball game. >> a great surprise for kevin. he bleeds cherry and white. an olympic gold medalist hoped to inspire students by telling her story. elaina delle donne won a gold medal this past sum under rio and spoke to an intimate group at the first state school in wilmington and how she battled lyme disease and kept exercising and stayed fit. and this is for kindergarten to high school dealing with illnesses. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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peco lighting up the holidays this season. "action news" is bringing you some of the best holiday displays from around the region. the holiday christmas tree at dillworth park in center city philadelphia. a nice evening to be out and about. a lot of folks heading to city hall to look at the christmas tree and maybe skate. and good food as well. good hot chocolate.
5:51 pm
we want to see your favorite holiday gifts and holiday lights on social media use #6abcaction. post them to our facebook page, or email them to >> he was just talking about that. neck size and jacket size. and waist size. >> you don't have to shop around you know what i like and just go get it. >> i think he is a tough cookie to buy for. >> i like cookies. >> that is easy enough. >> we are about to have an arctic blast. >> as we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan all is quiet and a lot of clouds here on this wednesday. it did break apart a little bit before the sunset and get used to some of the clouds as we go through the majority of the rest of the week as we look at temperatures now, 46 in philadelphia, and 44 in trenton and 42 lehigh valley and 42 in millville. it's chilly out there but
5:52 pm
seasonable at this point in december and up in the poconos after five inches of snow yesterday the number there 2 degrees above freezing. there you see that batch of clouds that went through most of the day today and again in the tail end of the day, finally the clouds moved on to the east. we are catching a bit a break but as we go into thursday, more clouds will be pushing back in. for tonight, stars and clouds out there and a december chill. 29 degrees in the suburbs and 35 in center city and 39 degrees so not windchills overnight winds 4 to 8 miles per hour. and 42 lehigh valley. and 45 in toms river. and it will turn breezy in the afternoon as a cold front passes through and that cold front is the dividing line of that arctic air that is flooding in and windchills tomorrow afternoon staying only if the 30s.
5:53 pm
despite you see many 40s on the board. behind that a very potent strong is high pressure center in western canada bringing air temperatures between 10 below and 20 below zero in this region and pushing into the northern parts of the rockies here. as we go into thursday and friday. that high splits and you don't get the intense core of the cold to work foot lower 48 but a piece of it does break all the way down to the south in atlanta. and even the gulf coast states, the panhandle of florida some pretty chilly temperatures invading most of the eastern half of the country. this is friday and saturday going into sunday when we'll see highs in the 20s and 30s along the eastern seaboard. as we look at how it's going to feel here, that is the important numbers to look at with winds on friday. it feels like 20 in the morning and 29 in afternoon.
5:54 pm
and 29 in the afternoon wins in fab on friday could gust between 30 and 35 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 40s really the last of it as we go through the upcoming weekend, tomorrow. with some sun and clouded build on friday as the cold air comes in and windchills in the 20s and breezy and not as windy though saturday at 38 degrees and clouds up quick the second half of the weekend for the eagles and 39 for a high and the system riding in here on mon, it depends on how quick it comes in with the cold air and mix of rain on track ain lot of time to look at that and behind that it pulls more cold air down as another cold shot comes in with temperatures tumbling once again in the upper 30s. we have spoild this fall so far how warm it has been, it's a shock to the system. >> thank you adam. you can get the latest forecast
5:55 pm
any time at, track any rain in our area and snow with storm tracker 6 radar.
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5:57 pm
right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. the opioid epidemic is responsible for another death in buck county. and somber ceremonies today across the area as folks pay tribute to those killed in the attack on pearl harbor. i'm monica malpass have a great night "action news" at 6:00 is next. the roses are blooming in herbal essences
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday fight and vice president joe biden is honored with a remarkable tribute in the u.s. senate and camden county is beefing up their 911 system with new technology. but the big story is the latest defeat in the war against heroin. this house on chelsea place is where they found the victim of the scourge that is the opioid epidemic. along with needles and empty bags of heroin they found the body of a man. walter perez is live at falls
6:00 pm
township police. >> reporter: the details are disturbing including what authorities told us that without responding offices responding life saving narcan at some of these scenes the death toll would be higher. falls township police responded to this home after receiving 911 calls about a heroin overdose. they arrived to find christopher weath weatherwax dead on the floor and found empty heroin bags in the home. >> there has been black, white, rich, poor and young and old. we have had 62-year-old subject overdosed in the beginning the year and the youngest so far is 14. >> there are 12 reports heroin overdoses and deaths in falls township in the past 11 days on top of nine


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