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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  December 4, 2016 11:30pm-11:44pm EST

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maybe they should stay because they were good luck. >> fires in a 2-1 lead here. later in the second, a spectacular gear with the flyers on top for good. they beat former head coach 4-2, winning five straight for the first time since march 2014. >> the euphoria last night was a disappointment for penn state fans. here are the lions arriving back in state college today. the selection committee picked alabama, clemson, ohio state and washington over them. they are headed to the rose bowl january 2nd. it's a nice consolation game, one the coach says they'll take. we would have loved to be in the playoffs, but we are honored for the opportunities we have. >> the temple owls are headed
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back to annapolis to take on wake forest december 27th. temple who won the championshipp 25 today. that rule flilled to be stay home. >> when i play, it's usually regional. there will be a crowd there. for us it's in the recruiting area. it's hopefully a chance for the kids to get to the 11th win. >> 11th win would be great. looking at the bright side. penn state. >> penn state and temple are for real. >> they are absolutely. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> finally tonight a huge congratulations to the high school football team that road back tonight theeiing two state champs. ♪ >> the thoroughfare fire company escorted the newly minted champions, the eagles beat cedar creek in the group two championship. outstanding job sunday next. "action news" continues tomorrow morning at for the entire "acti"
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team, i'm walter perez. have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> for all of the things we are not doing right now, those are the things we have to get back to doing. >> it's a bungle in the jungle. >> this is a horrible performance by the eagles to go along with a horrible offensive performance. >> we doug ourselves in >> carson wentz has his worst game as a professional. >> we have seen wentz play well this season, this is his worst so far. >> that happens. >> the birds playoff hopes take a dive in an instant. >> i hate to hurting like the ps are. i'm disappointed where we are. >> touchdown nittany lions. >> nittany lions rally from 21
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down to capture the crowd. last night's victory wasn't enough to impress the selection committee. >> washington deserves the number four spot. >> the owls are the champions in a return to annapolis. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you for joining us, welcome to sports sunday. mike mi missanelli, i'm ducis rogers. down right embarrassing, that's the eagles in a nutshell. they lose to a bad cincinnati team. did they quit? >> down 29-0, they allowed the first six possessions cincinnati had to be scoring possessions.
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this is a team, ducis, that came in with no passion, no fight whatever. that has to go on the coaching staff for not having them ready. this is an all time low. > >> carson wentz, did we buy in too soon? >> he's regressing. he's nervous in the pocket. for a guy 6' 5, he gets a lot of passes deflected. he's sailing passes. he doesn't look like a competent player. they have to get a coach to get him back. i'm not sure doug pederson is the guy. jamie joins us now. >> how is this the same team? that team scored points.
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this team didn't do so until the third quarter. eagles had their first lengthy drive of the game, but two consecutive false start penalties left a 51-yard penal penalty. the bengals respond with another field goal. a 93-yard touchdown drive hitting tyler with the touchdown, missed the tht. eagles trail 19-0 at the half. third quarter, bengals picked up where they left off. dalton leads them down the field for an eight yard touchdown in a 26-0 lead. the eagles answer with a turnover. carson wentz kicked off by dante. another field goal making it 29-0. cincinnati scores on the first
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six yards of the game before they get one of their own. turner led the birds 80-yards receiving, 29-7 after three. >> fourth quarter with a promising start. benny logan forcing the fumble stripping rex birkhead recovered by watkins. the birds give it back as wentz throws his second interception of thethis didn't lead to anyth. eagles show signs of life with a 61-yard drive. suddenly they were within two scores, but they fumbled. this time nigel to michael in recovery. then again, they throw it right back to the bengals. wentz kicked off for a third time. that's the nail in the coffin.
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wentz threw the most ever with one touchdown and three picks to show for it and a pass rating of 58.2. manning looked like peyton manning, pass rating 130. ducis and mike, back to you. >> jamie, thank you so much. mike, how surprised are you that we are talking 5--7. >> i'm shocked. go back to the lion loss and giants and all that stuff, this eagle team was better early on. they have regressed. you have to look at the coaching santa of for that. staff for that. >> dalton has lost his mojo, his magic. they are not playing for him anymore. >> we have more on the birds
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from cincinnati. >> since october they have lost seven of the last nine games since the 3-0 start that feels like ages ago. eagle fans are not the only ones surprised that they are spiraled out of control. carson wentz is surprised too. >> we didn't mean to go on a skid like this. we didn't plan for it. you have to play every sunday. we have struggled. >> i said this can go one of two ways. i only know one way it's going to go. that's up. >> coach pederson says it's not for a lack of effort, but the lack of playing is killing them. carson wentz is going backward. >> you can't get down. you have to stay optimistic. we are on a skid, but like i have been saying, it's a good group of guys, a good locker room. >> he stood in there and led the
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football team. shows you the character and toughness he has. >> when pederson was asked the difference between then and now, he mentioned films, but the first thing out of his mouth was the loss of wayne johnson. the eagles have won only two games his since loss. mike, ducis, back to you in the studio. >> i don't know how the coach can talk about there isn't a lack of effort. that makes my head explode. there is a decided lack of effort in the first half. that was a quitting football team in the first half. >> they looked like they were sleepwalking. much more to get to on sports sunday. the defense is bad. what about the penalties? why does this continue to happen with this football team? we tackle that issue next.
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save energy and money. pe z254jz zi0z
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y254jy yi0y had a sack since the beginning of the third quarter of the seattle game. that's nearly ten quarters. is it coaching scheme or personality? >> i think it's both. i don't think they are fighting hard enough. you have to change it up. when it's not working, you havet lifting do different things. i don't know what the protcblhes assumed his responsibilitla ar e es, 10 pr 88-yards. this is a probl undisciplined. this is a coaching matter. you have t


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