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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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♪ action news delaware avenue's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night. temple university clinches the aac championship with a decisive win over navy. developing news from california. where dozens may be dead after a fire inside a warehouse party in
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oakland california. but the big story is developing news from center city where a tremendous amount of foam has covered an entire city block after leaking from a peco substation, at one point, it looked like it was snowing. started with reports of an explosion inside the building and that activated the system to release the fire foam. bob brooks is live at the scene with much more. bob? >> reporter: walter, good evening, wild here this afternoon, we have an explosion caught on cell phone video, we're going to go see that in just a second. take a look behind me. this is the scene. it's juniper and lombard. you can still see fire crews out here. cleaning things up but the main focus shifting now to inside of that peco substation to figure out what exactly happened. >> channel 6 captures the scene, it's not every day you see foam flooding philadelphia city streets. it came spewing from the peco substation near juniper and
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aluminlum lombard. >> i didn't think anything about it. i heard the explosion >> all of a sudden, what looked like giant soap bubbles started floating down in front of our house. >> reporter: a nightmare captured cell phone video. you see the drops the camera. another look, you'll see an explosion in your upper left-hand corner. fire officials don't exactly know what happened. still under investigation. the foam inside triggers to prevent fire from spreading. that fills up the entire building immediately. that why when crews first opened the doors it came gushing out in some places six to seven feet high >> it was a bit scary. >> reporter: no reports of injuries to residents or firefighters just a lot of foam. >> there was like two, like holes on the side of the
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building and it was like spewing ou out. >> reporter: live look. i'm told 2700 customers in all temporarily lost power. i'm told it has been restored we also saw in the video and told by fire officials they were pushing the foam and washing it away in the sewage drain. it is not toxic. it does not pose an environmental threat. bob brooks channel 6 action news. >> thank you. for the first time in temple university history, the football team has clinched a major conference championship. the owls dominated navy today in annapolis. highlights and that was one fantastic coaching job on top of the performance. the combination was phenomenonal. >> i almost wish it didn't happen, i don't want matt rhule to leave. it was amazing. for the first time, as you said
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the owls team won seven straight games, their ten and three record tied for the most in school history. so much to be proud of and they are not done. owls fans to annapolis. temple trot the out to a 21, nothing lead. keith kirkwood, walker 16 to 25, 199 yards, two touchdowns no interceptions, todd thomas both scored on the ground. matt rhule got that gatorade shower as this team got to hoist the trophy. they scored 75 points to just ten 34-10 the final. >> first conference championship in almost a half a century. what's that like? >> you know, unexplainable. i'm happy for the team and university >> so blessed to be able to coach these kids. they're wonderful people.
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never faltered, they battled. we're one of top teams in college football right now based on the way we played. that was fun to watch them play that way. >> looking to see what they get invited to. there was talk of the cotton bowl. but could go back to annapolis. either way they're going to go to a nice ball game. we'll have a report from ducis rogers coming up fans here in our area went wild. nor nor nor was on campus. >> reporter: this was the scene. students erupted chanting screaming and cheering the owls 34-10 victory over navy for the aac championship. >> they killed it. i was honestly surprised. i thought it would be closer. it was they were head by 24. it was amazing.
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they showed. it's a big run team, they ran the ball, really stepped it down their throat. >> this is like what they worked for, like everybody was doubting us, they were like navy got this in the bag. but they got it. philadelphia got it. >> reporter: for these owls fans reacted as the team dominated aggressively moving the ball and shutting down navy's usually impressive offense >> navy is great team but, you know, temple owls >> what does that say about you guy >> we're better >> great victory from temple. we want the football committee to realize this. >> reporter: giant turn around for temple football program during last several years. >> we've been to every single home game, it's the first game we lost and we're going to keep coming and trying to support to see them when the championship team is everything. >> reporter: it's abrasion
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celebration here as the owls shutdown navy. action news. moving on to developing news from oakland, california nine people were confirmed dead many more listed as missing after a fire broke out inside a warehouse where a party was being held. late later night in the warehouse which housed. the roof collapsed blocking the path to the escape route. up to 40 could be dead. as of right now, they're not sure >> it's working in conjunction with the police department and fire department, we're prepared for a mass casualty event. i'm not going to throw out numbers here at this point, but we're prepared to deal with several dozen fatalities as a result of this fire >> they're using drones to locate possible hot spots once that's done, they will be able to safely enter.
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officials are looking into whether that building had code violations world news will have that part of the story coming up at 6:30. the funeral scheduled next weekend for wilmington firefighter ardythe hope who died from injuries suffered from a fire back in december. firefighters and police officers accompanied other body from crozer chester to the delaware county morgue. she was injured trying to resc e rescue. lower merion, the victim was walking on righters mill road when hit. the driver left the scene, the victim was taken to lankenau where he died a short time later. police do not have a description of the vehicle but they do say that vehicle has damaged on the front or pass side. if you have any information, please call police. five people were left homeless by this overnight fire
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inside an apartment building in west philadelphia. it broke out about 3:30 along the 5500 block of walnut street. took crews about 20 minutes to give this under control. two women and a child lived on the ground floor and a women lived upstairs. the red cross is helping them find a place to thrive. no word how the fire started. first responders along with dispatchers from delaware county combined technology training and compassion to help save a man's life. today, they were thanked for saving a disoriented man. they couldn't tell dispatchers his exact locations. the dispatchers were able to use technology and listen to the background, once they were in the right neighborhood, police and ems went door to door knocking on each house until they found the victim. >> the gentleman was definitely in distress. and we were going to get help to him, no matter what we had to do. >> it was a relief.
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you know, i could hear that knock and i couldn't wait to tell them on the radio that was them knocking. >> the man was taken to the hospital and told he's expected to be ok. much more to come on action news youngsters attack part in a project. >> young flyers fan school project gets the attention of the flyers. 8-year-old got the vip treatment during today's game walter we got another seasonal day on tap as we close out our weekend on sunday but it will be turning unsettled and much colder, details coming up next. jamie apody returns when action news comes right back.
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. bundled up this morning in claymont delaware for the annual
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christmas parade. scout troops church groups and high school marching bands took part as onlookers lined philadelphia pike. governor elect john kerny and santa claus himself was also there wrapping up the festivities on a fire truck. >> people spend the day helping children in and around philadelphia. cradles to crayons hosted its 9th annual in west conshohocken. kids were able to have fun while helping with different projects. face painting and balloon animals. this organization's largest fund-raiser to 50,000 children each and every year. some of the men and women sat down together at mission barbecue in northeast philadelphia. it not only holds special events but donate as portion of its
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proceeds. a young flyers fan he was chosen because of his answer on a an assignment. he is thankful for the wells fargo center because quote, that's where they play hockey, but his mom tweeted her son's comment and it went viral. he got to sit on the team's bench during warm-ups. ♪ ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games.
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of tomorrow possible. you see with a cherry for temple. blue for >> i only could do the one color. the two won't look good on me these days. the temple owls said it wasn't good enough to get to the
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championship, they wouldn't be satisfied unless they won. they sure a satisfied. they won it convincely. the navy scored 75 in the, on offense, working the ground games, phillip walker, keeping kirkwood for the score, 21-0 owls. what can you say about the defense, ranked in the top ten nationally. the lowest, interception in the fourth, arm steady, temple wins the aac title 34-10, first since 1967. matt rhule. the gatorade bath after seven straight win. most in school history. in annapolis with more >> the temple owls realized they captured the first championship in 49 years.
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♪ >> so happy, i'm just so happy. the team, the coaching staff, the university. we set this goal four years ago. came out and did it, man, we did it. to know how much hard work we put into it. especially for the program >> i see you got the has a on. how does that feel. >> feels really good. we worked so hard. i'm happy for the team and for temple university >> the true for me is to have these players call themselves championships. when you win this conference, you did something special. >> reporter: wait until tomorrow to figure out which bowl fame they will be playing in with the owls, i ducis rogers, channel 6 action news. penn state also playing today. wisconsin a playoff spot could come with a win. but the lions are trying to work about the dodgers.
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>> the only thing that exists for us is wisconsin and the championship game. if we take care of our business and play the way we're capable of playing, you know, we'll be happy with the result. then after the game, whatever people tell us that we'll have an opportunity to do after that, we'll be excited about it >> leaving the villanova football game in south dakota state with the game tied at seven only '90s seconds to go. field-yard field goal, hits the up right and bounces in. that is how tally 37 year coaching career will come to a former owls club hockey star eric sam borski gets a call. he rushed home to his house in
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manayunk grab granted his gear to serve as an emergency backup. the game belonged to this teenager, 19-year-old, i van. the flyers scored three times in the second period when braden and she wood no,,ed one in, fourth straight win, and it's player's dads were there for father/son weekend loving what they saw as well. jay wright and the wildcats taking on saint joseph's. they gave joe's an early lead but nova huge run before the half. kris jenkins 16-3, he had 20 and josh hart had a triple double 16 points 11 rebounds, 10-6. villanova 88-57. beating kentucky. nova should take over the number
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one team in the nation. temple beats penn day on basketball court and jeff skversky on his way to cincinnati and the sixers play today too >> some people should have said villanova should have been preseason number one. up next, meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast. first, here's a look what's coming up on world news saturday. >> walter coming up we are following that breaking news out of california the warehouse party that turned into a deadly inferno at least nine dead, death toll expected to rise. dozens still missing at this hour. many of those victims young artist, we're following global reaction pouring into donald trump's call with taiwan, was this a diplomatic blunder? this store tiger woods slashing serious game, coming up after action news.
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we've got a lot of changes up ahead next week, we got an pattern will get much colder. you think today is cold, wait until next week. here's stormscan 6. double scan radar, knowinno issh precipitation. ben franklin bridge partly cloudy sky stay that is way and the chill will move in as well, the high today in philadelphia coming in at 42. not a bad start to the first weekend in december, normal for us this
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time of year 49 the record is 68. nowhere near that. the winds were certainly a factor today, blustery out of the northwest. up in the poconos, we did a gust as high as 40. 39 miles per hour in atlantic city, dover, clocking in at 33. 32 miles per hour in pottstown, philadelphia today, coming in at 31 miles per hour. current air temperatures are in the 40's. it's 48 in philadelphia. 44 in reading at the coast in cape may 48, 46 in trenton but if you're stepping outside with that northwestly wind dress in extra layers, windchills are in the upper 30's and lower 40's across most locations. here's satellite 6 along with action radar, you see it's dry and quiet, fair amount cloud cover. moving down to our south and some of these clouds will invade. so the next 12 hour, it's partly cloudy, brisk and chilly, we'll drop down to 34 in the suburbs and 38 degrees in philadelphia. for the overnight low with that
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north and northwesterly wind. forecast showing you plenty of sunshine once again, clouds increasing as we go through the afternoon. high temperature in philadelphia, coming in at 48. 46 in allentown, 50 in dover, 47 in cape may, and 47 degrees in reading, 46 in lancaster. in you're traveling perhaps watching the eagles they're away taking on cincinnati bengals, kickoff temperature coming in at 41, chilly rain to contend with. fourth quarter that temperature coming in at 42 with a south easterly wind at two to four miles per hour. lots of changes ahead. sun and afternoon clouds. high temperature coming in at 48. and then as we get into in overnight sunday into monday, we're tracking two pieces of energy that never really connect. but they split up across the region. nonetheless, we have the chance of finding some rain showers for
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philadelphia and areas south and east early monday and wet snowflakes in our northwest suburbs especially in the poconos, but we'll dry out monday with 50. tuesday stay on cell with periods of rain. high temperature at 48. 50 wednesday, damp and cloudy, showers possible on thursday, still 49, the high on friday just 40 and next saturday walter high temperature coming in at just 38. >> temperatures going to dip >> much colderer. >> thank you, melissa. world news saturday is next on channel 6. we're back here again on 6 abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jamie pod jeff skversky and the entire action news team, i'm walter perez. see you back here at 11:00. ♪
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tonight, breaking news. the party that turned into a deadly inferno. at least nine dead, dozens still unaccounted for. the frantic search for the missing happening right now. >> i hope he's okay. >> the warehouse went up in flames in seconds. just one way out. the only exit, blocked. >> this is a devastating scene. >> tonight, the investigation revealing just how unsafe this building really was. donald trump's diplomatic blunder? the reactions pouring in after his unprecedented call with taiwan. china launching a complaint. so, did the president-elect shatter decades of protocol? the murder mystery at a popular california university. a psychology professor stabbed to death, his student under arrest. the school bus full of cheerleaders slamming into an 18-wheeler.


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