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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday notify 29th. here's what's happening. >> a 14-year-old boy is killed in a philadelphia neighborhood shot multiple times. we are live with the latest on this homicide investigation. >> developing right now, raging wildfires in eastern tennessee are overtaking resort towns and forcing tourists to flee to your their safety. >> more names are circulating on who could join donald
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trump's cabinet. >> first let's find out about rain in our region. dave murphy has weather and karen rogers has traffic. >> wet roads in and around philadelphia. it's lighter shades of green just light rain through philadelphia but wet enough to get those roads wet and trenton starting to pick up some of this as well. of course as you glance down to the west of wilmington and out toward lancaster and harrisburg there's darker shades of green and bright shades of yellow and that's the steadier rain the first band of what will be many coming in today. as we take a look at temperatures right now, we are looking at a mild start with most areas in the 40's and of course a lot of clouds out there, more rain behind that first batch coming in. currents temperature in philadelphia is 49 and up in allentown 48. got some 50's down south. still 57 in millville and 54 in cape may so fairly mild this morning and winds for now in most spots away from the ocean aren't all that strong but overall it is going to be a breezy cloudy and dreary
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day. 53 degrees by 7 o'clock. 58 by 10 o'clock. hey, at least it's going to be mild. you're going to save a little bit on your heating bill. 62 degrees by noon and by 3 o'clock up to 65 degrees and still holding the low 60's straight through the evening hours. but obviously periods of rain. it looks like this batch of rain probably tapers off later this evening and tomorrow morning we get some fog and another round of rain arriving for tomorrow. i'll have details on all of this on future tracker6. karen, any impact from the rain on the roads yet. >> we can see howett it is in this shot, dave. this is the 30 bypass just past whitford road. as traffic comes through this area you can see there's ponding and puddling on the road way. you can see the splash that hits you on the car before you so just be careful as you're traveling. i have no problems at this point on the 30 bypass but one of the areas where it's particularly wet and traffic kind of slowing down in that area. blue route is looking okay but it's wet. still moving in the 50. you see the rain has moved in. schuylkill expressway still for the most part moving in the 40's and 50's. here on the boulevard we've got a problem northbound at
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ninth street. the lights are flashing, they're malfunctioning in that area so really be careful at that intersection especially with wet roads and people sliding through. that could be a problem as well. if you're traveling on i-95 southbound as you come off of the delaware memorial bridge on 295 where it meets up with i-95 there's a report of a and accident involving an overturned vehicle so we're checking into that one. let's show you what it looks like in another shot. this is the vine street expressway westbound here headed towards the schuylkill. in this area it's just a bit damp. it's really not coming down very hard. this accident here in upper merion has cleared. it's first avenue at gulph road but police are on the scene because the lights are malfunctioning in that area so that one is another issue you got to be careful of matt. >> will do. thank you, karen. homicide detectives are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a 14-year-old boy in the mayfair section of philadelphia. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at police headquarters with the full story. annie. >> reporter: and matt, just a young teenager gunned down in the middle of the street and now police are working off
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of a vague description and they need the public's help. well, take a look at this video. this is chopper6 hd over the scene in mayfair last night. police say the 14-year-old boy was shot at least three times in the chest and was able to run a few feet before he collapsed near the intersection of brous and devereaux just before 9 o'clock last night. now, 15th district police officers rushed him to aria torresdale hospital where he later died. police like we said only have a vague description. two men ran out of a car. neighbor saint john was inside watching the eagles when she heard gun shots. >> i said oh my god that that sounds like gun shots. i continued watching the game and as i continued watching the game i heard helicopters hovering above. that's when i came out and i seen my neighbors out here. and i they took the young man away right before i came outside. >> according to witnesses they
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said the shooters were two males, one was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. the other one was wearing a very small beanie-type hat on his head. they both exited a vehicle there went north on brous from devereaux after the shooting. >> reporter: and police also say at the scene they found several shell casings from a semi automatic weapon. of course they're looking for more witnesses that may have been in that area of mayfair around 9 o'clock last night. if you have any information, you are urged to contact 215-686-tips. for now reporting live outside of police headquarters, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> okay, annie thank you for that. this is new video just in from a fire in delaware county. the red cross is helping five residents forced from the 200 block of wright avenue in darby borough just after 4:00 this morning. firefighters quickly knocked down flames on the second floor of the home. no one was hurt. and an investigation is under way into the death of a pedestrian in philadelphia.
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the woman was hit and killed by a septa bus while she was pushing a baby stroller. this all happened just before 7:00 at 23rd and chestnut in center city. police say the route nine bus was making a left onto 23rd when it hit the 64-year-old victim and dragged her several feet. authorities have not identified the woman's relationship to the seven to 10 month old infant who was in the stroller but we do know that the baby was not hurt. >> president-elect donald trump is expected to announce more cabinet picks today. georgia representative tom price is in the running for health and human services secretary. the 62-year-old is a former orthopedic surgeon an critic of the affordable care act. vice president elect mike pence addressed reporters as he was leaving trump tower in new york city yesterday. >> before being back at it first thing in the morning and there will be a flub of very important announcements tomorrow. >> trump med with david petraeus yesterday. the retired general is being considered for secretary of state. there is word mitt romney will visit trump tower for a second
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interview today. >> it is 6:06 and a.c. wanted in on the attention and revenue of a new year's tradition that you see right here on 6abc but you can add this to the list for disappointments to the shore town. maribel aber has more on what happened here. good morning maribelism good morning tam. atlantic city will not be hosting a big name concert that was to be featured on abcs are new year's rocking eve broadcast. the calls no, sir reinvestment development authority says a deal couldn't be finalized due to that scheduling and if this concerns. the agency also said the kind of a-list entertainers it wanted weren't available. stocks posted moderate losses yesterday as the recent rally cooled. futures are pointing to a higher open. reports on home prices and gdp are due out later today. anheuser busch kicked off its contest to give a lucky football fan lifetime super bowl tickets. yeah, you have to find one of the gold cans of bud light that the brewer is shipping to stores. to enter post a photo of you and the can on facebook instagram twitter or on the bud light web site.
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six winners will be picked each week. they get app pair of season tickets to their favorite nfl team. one lucky winner will be picked in mid january for the grand prize of super bowl tickets for life up to 51 years. can you imagine guys how popular you would be? >> wow. >> popular on a new level. >> absolutely maribel. i wonder how many people are going into the store digging into the 24 packs to see if they can find the gold can. >> i'm doing the math. >> storm tracker6 live double scan, it is wet this morning. most of the area now beginning to pick up the rain and it's mostly light rain for now but that steadier stuff highlighted in yellow is on the way from the west. we'll take a closer look in a second. let's get you outside. we have sky6 it looks like it's getting wet on i-95 and those other highways and byways around philadelphia. so, here's the closer view and you can see that in and around philadelphia itself we are looking at mainly the light rain and this is pushing in from the west generally speaking. there you see it. a couple of holes every now and then but enough certainly
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filled in to make roads rather wet. and then more of the same just the light stuff, a little bit of darker shades of green in chester county and parts of delaware county right now. but that steadier stuff highlighted in yellow is also on the way up well past baltimore and edgewood, maryland, at this point and beginning to get very close to newark, delaware. so, this is also a kind of devolving situation over the rest of the morning rush hour and there is also some darker shades of green out to the west of reading and back into lancaster county so northern suburbs are also going to eventually see the arrival of some of this steadier rain and that's just band one. we'll be in and out of that throughout the day. it's mild out there this morning. 49 degrees in philadelphia. 48 in allentown. 51 in wilmington. so you don't need your winter coat but a jacket and of course rain gear important. future tracker6 showing that you between now and 9 o'clock we expect that steadier pocket of precipitation to start to move through. be careful of poor drainage area flooding especially around storm drains today and tomorrow that are backed up by
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leaves. by 12 o'clock looking pretty good. it may be breaking up in some spots but rain gear on the way home for the kids would be a good idea. the evening commute the rain may not be quite as widespread but it will still be damp. by 11 o'clock things get better. in allentown today we're going look at a high of 60 cloudy skies periods of rain getting kind of breezy as we go through the day. at the shore cloudy skies, periods of rain, breezy, 58 is your high. and in philadelphia a high of 65, well above the average high which is in the low 50's. but cloudy skies, periods of rain, not exactly a day you can get out there and enjoy. winds up to 25 miles an hour at times. overnight 56 with fog developing and then we take a look tomorrow at future tracker6 and you can see how very quickly in the morning another round of rain comes up from the south. again we're looking at pockets of steady rain maybe a rumble of thunder tomorrow and this finishes later at night and overnight on wednesday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high is going to be that mild 65. but periods of rain all the
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way. tomorrow more rain, some heavy, 69 degrees the high. maybe a rumble of thunder. and then it's over for thursday, breezy, partly sunny, 58. and down to 53 on friday. for the coming weekend mostly sunny and brisk on saturday. temple plays down at annapolis against navy in the aac championship game. 51 here, probably about 52 or 53 down in maryland and then 49 on sunday but the possibility of some afternoon rain has now been injected into the forecast and monday could also be damp. >> owls are bowl ground. >> yeah, they are whether or not they win saturday. >> good. thanks, david. 6:11. following a developing story. a wildfire in the smoky mountains inches dane ruffle close to tennessee tourist attractions. >> the eagles season is slipping away. hear team reaction to a tough loss. that's up next. karen. >> it's a wet ride right now on the schuylkill expressway. here we're approaching belmont. that's you were westbound traffic headed towards king of prussia. still moving okay in the rain right here. we're getting word of a horrible accident scene in delaware. i just got off the phone with
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>> united will never be defeat ed. >> welcome back. the action cam live outside of a mcdonald's on west lehigh avenue in philadelphia.
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the employee demonstration is part of uber drivers are also taking part in this. the group is calling themselves fight for 15 as in $15 an hour as a wage. again uber drivers say they plan on joining in a little bit later this evening. but it's affecting them fast food workers and airport workers. >> let's turn to karen rogers for some breaking traffic news. >> that's right, we've got a horrible accident scene right in delaware it's on 295 southbound right near route 13 and we're hearing it's involving two vehicles. i talked to the police. the delaware river bay authority. they're saying they still don't have all the details because so many police officers are converging on the scene right now but we were hearing that one of the cars flipped over several times and there were injuries on 295 southbound right near route 13. that's what everyone is talking about on the waze app right here where you can see you're traveling about 1 miles an hour here on 295 southbound as you come offer the delaware memorial bridge. you can see all these extra people are just coming on waze right now saying what's the
6:16 am
traffic jam. it's this accident on 295 southbound near wilmington manor as you come off the delaware memorial bridge heading southbound near i-95 and i can take you there as well on storm tracker6 live double scan where we can see we've got rain blanketing the region but here in that accident scene particularly heavy so be careful as you're traveling right there as you're looking in wilmington and newark you're dealing with that rain in the area. let's show you some of the other problems that we have out there and we're looking live on the 30 bypass. traffic's moving okay but it's slower than normal. this is one of the areas the rain is really coming down prepping on the 30 bypass at 340 as you look live. this is your eastbound traffic head towards 202 and you can kind of see all the water on the roadway there. a live look at the vine street expressway starting to get heavier in both directions. this is westbound traffic head towards the schuylkill, eastbound right now you can see some more volume building and it's wet with the rain out there. so be careful as you're traveling. overall you can see that rain through philadelphia a little heavier in malvern coatesville chadds ford and media.
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and the temperatures showing that it is just rain its 49 degrees right now in philadelphia. 48 in allentown. 57 in millville. so, milder air but it's a wet day today so a bad morning commute, matt. >> okay, thanks karen. developing now on "action news" fire crews are evacuating dollywood theme park in tennessee. tourists are fleeing the area as wildfires rip through the smoky mountains. fire officials in gatlin burg ordered a mandatory evacuation of the town. video shot from a hotel there show flames creeping closer and closer. the wildfire has set at least 30 buildings ablaze. no injuries or deaths have been report. >> the a search is under way for the man who assaulted a bucks county mother in her home over the weekend with her young daughter just feet away. bensalem police identified this man seen in surveillance video as their main person of interest. the victim says her 10-year-old daughter and she fell asleep on the living room couch on friday while they were watching a movie. at 5:00 saturday morning she woke up to find that stranger on top of her.
6:18 am
>> the next thing i remember is being awake. there was a man in my living room and he had his arms around me holding me so that i could not move. and i just was panicked. i knew my daughter was sleeping right there. >> the daughter woke up and screamed and it startled the attacker and allowed the victim to break free and force the man out of the house. if you look at that video and think you know who that man is police would like to hear from you. >> eagles playoff hopes took a huge hit. they lost to the packers 27-13 last night. quarterback carson wentz threw for 254 yards, ran for his first nfl touchdown and threw one interception. two time nfl m.v.p. aaron rodgers threw for two touchdowns helping the packers snap a four game losing streak and we're a little backed up here but there's the score from carson wentz's first nfl rushing touchdown. jeff skversky has more from the linc. >> reporter: what happened to this once promising season? the three and o start seems like ages ago. the eagles have lost six of
6:19 am
their last eight and they have completely lost grip on their playoff hopes after falling once again to aaron rodgers and the green bay packers. >> we got to stay the course. you know, i think we can't dwell on it. we just got to keep playing along. we can't throw in the towel. i know the guys in that locker room that's not going to happen. >> are we there yet? no are we heading in the right direction, yes. and again, it may not show up right now in that wins and losses but i see that potential. >> hurting ourselves in a lot of different things. some ill timed penalties, just not executing, so, you know, i think what we do see is a team that plays hard. we go out there, we compete, we prepare. we just not getting it done. >> reporter: eagles safety malcolm jenkins said "it's a rough day especially on third down the eagles had been one of the best teams in the nfl at stopping teams on third down. not against aaron rodgers and
6:20 am
the packers. they complete an nfl best 71 percent against the eagles here at home and the season now is in trouble with just five games to go. with the eagles at the linc, jeff skversky, channel6 "action news." >> ♪ >> it is now 6:20 and a chance encounter. an off duty officer shows he's got the right stuff when a fellow wal-mart shopper turns out to be a wanted man. >> in today's tech bytes cyber monday overloading the internet. >> nordstrom among several web sites that couldn't keep up with the traffic. there were reports of banana republic gap and old navy going down. sites were back up with jane few minutes. and a new report about the next generation iphone and the possibility of a curved screen. >> apple could release a smartphone with a curved screen next year on the iphone's tenth anniversary. the report says apple is testing several proto types. >> safer to post a negative review. >> bipartisan bill protecting the rights of unhappy
6:21 am
customers now awaits president obama's signature. supporters say the law is needed to protect freedom of speech so that customers don't get sued by companies that receive a bad review. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. ♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal, or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ from santander bank. remember 2007? smartphones? o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it.
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>> we have police and fire crews coming to the scene. this is right as you come off the delaware memorial bridge as soon as you pay the tolls you're being forced off onto route nine if you're head on 295 southbound you can't proceed there. let's look outside live in southwest philadelphia by the platt bridge. roads just damp here between 26th street and i-95. traveling through some light rain in this area, dave. >> all right, karen. speaking of light rain, we've got it from about philadelphia to the east but we're now seeing those darker shades of green push into berks county, most of chester county and
6:24 am
delaware county covered by this and parts of montgomery county as well and then there's the steadier rain with those patches of yellow. some of that also pushing up toward the lehigh valley. awful this coming in from the west and it is app wet morning and staying wet off and on through the day so if you're dressing the kids rain gear will be important both this morning and also this afternoon as the rain will probably not let up much later today. it's going to be mild so you don't need winter coats. by 10 o'clock, 58. by noon, 62. and we'll get a high of 65 degrees at 3 o'clock but again, periods of rain not tapering off until later on in the evening hours. tam. >> okay, thank you david. in health check more scientific evidence to ease remaining fears about pregnant women getting the flu shot. researchers at kaiser permanente of northern california said a nearly 200,000 mothers and children they found in pregnant women who got their flu shot did not have a greater risk of having a child with autism. on the flip side getting the flu while pregnant can pose risks for the fetus. >> ♪ aholidays are about joy again.
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>> brand new on "action news" an offer duty police officer shot a crime suspect in illinois after bumping into him outside a wal-mart. police say the officer was shopping in the store when he spotted the man. the off duty officer opened fire before police arrived at that scene. however, the man still managed to get into a car and drive away. police say he then crashed about a mile down the street, was arrested and later died. police are not saying why the man was wanted by police. >> 6:27 now. we're following some breaking
6:28 am
news out of south america where a plane carrying members of a brazilian soccer club has crashed. >> later, don't bother waiting for the plane to stop. a passenger decides to be the first one out. >> ♪
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z254jz zi0z y254jy yi0y
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>> a quiet philadelphia neighborhood is rocked by a deadly shooting. the victim was just 14 years old. >> breaking overnight, a plane carrying a soccer team crashes in south america. survivors are being rushed to the hospital right now. >> we're waking up to the start of a wet and mild weather pattern that will deliver two rounds of rain. >> good morning everyone, 6:30 on this tuesday, november 29th. weather and traffic coming at you right now with david and karen. >> it's milder this morning but it's not making much of a difference in terms of your enjoyment of the weather because it's also raining across most of the region. let's go ahead and take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan where you see the lighter
6:31 am
shades of green, that's just the light rain. but there is a darker shade of green now pushing in through chester county and getting very close to philadelphia. that's somewhat steadier rain and even the light stuff is making roads wet. and then we've got that yellow farther to the west. that's steadier rain still that is on the way a little bit later on. as we take a look at the wide view lots of clouds along with that rain and once this currents batch gets through, look at all that additional rain extending all the way back to the west of washington. it will be this evening before we get to the tail end of all of this precip. and as we take a look at temperatures, again, milder than the last couple of mornings, 49 degrees in philadelphia, 48 in allentown. and in the 50's in wilmington, millville and cape may. but the rain is coming down. winds not all that strong just yet but we expect the breezes to pick up a little bit later on as well. you can see them getting a little bit stronger down by the ocean. and as we go through the day as the rain starts to get a little bit steadier here on the terrace 53 degrees by 7 o'clock. 58 by 10 o'clock. 62 mild by noon and a high of 65 and still holding the low 60's this evening.
6:32 am
the problem, of course, will be how damp it is and do be careful of backed up storm drains especially where leaves are blocking the water ingress into those drains especially at times of steadier downpours. karen rogers, well got another batch of rain coming tomorrow. i'll show all of this to you on future tracker6 and what comes next in the seven day. >> all right, dave, let's go back to this breaking news. we have a big accident on 295 southbound in delaware and you can see it in one of the traffic cameras there and you get the idea of the backup that's created by this accident. we're hearing it was involving a box truck and another vehicle police told me and we're hearing one of the vehicles rolled over several times it's creating a big backup and there you can see it right here with our breaking news. look at all this traffic. that's because on 295 southbound as soon as you get off the delaware memorial bridge right at the toll plaza they're diverting all traffic. all of these people can't continue on 295 southbound. you're being forced off onto route nine because of this accident with fire and police crews all on the scene. a box truck and another vehicle that rolled over several times.
6:33 am
295 southbound right near route 13. and you've got to be careful because of these wet roads. let's show you some of the roads out here. this is the 30 bypass at 340. that's your eastbound traffic headed towards 202. moving a little more slowly than we would normally see at this hour and that's because the roads are so wet. here we've got a vehicle fire happening on the northeast extension and the re-- they're restricting traffic in both directions here at lehigh valley. this truck fire at the interchange that's causing problems right now on the northeast extension. on the big picture we see the rain has really moved in. in some areas pockets of heavier rain. still moving okay on the blue route but look at the schuylkill, now 18 miles an hour approaching the boulevard to past belmont. eastbound is slow from approaching the blue route all the way down to the boulevard. i-95 and southbound now looking at 18 miles an hour at cottman. we're slowing it down with these wet roads, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. there's an all out search for the shooters who gunned down a 14-year-old boy on a philadelphia street. he managed to run a few feet before he finally just collapsed to his death. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live now
6:34 am
outside of police headquarters. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. police are working offer of a limited description of those suspects. they're looking for more people in that neighborhood to come forward to help them. take a look at this video. this is chopper6 hd over the scene in mayfair last night. police say the 14-year-old boy was shot at least three times in the chest and torso and he was able to run a few feet before he collapsed near the intersection of brous and devereaux just before 9:00 last night. now, 15th district police officers that did respond rushed him to aria torresdale hospital where he died a short time later. like we said, police only have a limited vague description of the suspect but think that the two men ran out of a car and then took off. neighbor denise saint john was home watching the eagles when she heard gun shots. >> i said wow that sound like gun shots so i say i'm not going to stick my head out the door to be in the line of gunfire so i continued watching the game and as i
6:35 am
continued watching the game i heard helicopters hovering above. that's when i came out and, um, i seen my neighbors out here and heard -- they took the young man away right before i came outside. >> reporter: and homicide detectives and the crime scene were out there in mayfair neigh neighborhood for several hours last night. they did find several shell casings that they do believe are from a semi automatic weapon. of course if you have any information you're urged to contact police at 215-686-tips. for now reporting live outside of police headquarters, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie thank you. new this morning six children are among those forced from a house fire in vineland new jersey overnight. the action cam was on the 400 block of montrose street as firefighters got the upper hand on the blaze. it took nearly an hour to do so. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping a total of 11 residents. >> breaking right now, a plane carrying 81 people including members of a brazilian soccer club crashed in colombia south america and we are now hearing
6:36 am
that there are six survivors. the rest total of 75 people are dead. the chartered plane went down near josé maria cordova national airport in medellin. colombian authorities confirm one of the survivors is brazilian soccer player allen richel. they were due to play tomorrow. the official twitter account says the plane suffered an electrical failure before the accident. >> classes will resume today at ohio state university but the atmosphere remains tense and unsure. officials still don't know why a somali born student plowed a car into his classmates and then exited the vehicle to start stabbing them. the campus gathered for a vigil last night. 11 people were hurt during yesterday's attack. authorities have not ruled out terror as a motive. they are searching the of the suspect abdul razak ali artan. police say artan who is a legal u.s. resident posted an
6:37 am
anti-american facebook rant expressing anger about u.s. interference in muslim countries shortly before his attack. >> 6:37. the eagles playoff hopes are fading fast with a disappointing loss to the packers. green bay had given up an average of 38 points during a four game losing streak. however the eagles managed just one touchdown there from carson wentz. while packers qb aaron rodgers did things that i still do not believe. how did he get there one in his arms. the eagles lose for the first time at home this season 27 to 13. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside a wawa in pennsauken, new jersey, with fan reaction. katherine. >> reporter: well, matt, it's rainy this morning. the eagles lost last night. there's no free coffee at duncan this morning so it's a pretty rough start for some of the eagles fans we've been speaking to this morning. the eagles were undefeated at home but the packers broke that streak last night. we have been speaking to fans this morning here at this wawa in pennsauken as they've gone
6:38 am
in to grab and get their coffee and talk a little bit about the season. last night fans were out across our area watching the game, rooting for a victory but the packers were on the board first. fans lamented that the defense couldn't stop aaron rodgers, that the eagles offense was inconsistent and couldn't get enough going. after the game head coach doug pederson said there were a lot of self inflicted wounds in all facets of the game. still he thinks the team is head in the right direction. he says they're not there yet but the effort is there. some fans had high hopes at the beginning of the season but those hopes are disappearing fast. >> the season is over for them right now. it's definitely over. if they had won last night they would have had a chance but it's over. >> we're the worse team in the division. we can't win on the road. just lost at home first game of the season so we're in trouble. >> reporter: were you hopeful heading into last night's game? >> no. >> reporter: well, better luck next time. next up for the eagles the bengals. they will play on the road. we are live in pennsauken,
6:39 am
katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> oh, my. bengals are a bad team. >> oh, there, you go. >> and there's always let's go flyers. >> and you have the owls. >> that's right, i got the owls. owls going to the aac championship in maryland on saturday. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that maryland, delaware, new jersey and pennsylvania all picking up some rain now. we'll take a closer look in a second let's get you outside. we got sky6 and there you see damp conditions at the airport as we have had some light to moderate rain technology through -- building through the region. starting to get steadier at the airport as we speak and steadier stuff coming in a little bit. let's take that two dimensional view. you can see in philadelphia it's light rain starting to give way to some of those darker shades of green. while i was out on the terrace moments ago the rain started to get a little steadier just as i was standing out there. farther to the west in places like berks county chester county new castle county delaware and crossing into salem county, new jersey,
6:40 am
again, some of that darker shades of green and even some yellow, steadier cells continuing to push in. rain is just kind of damp in philadelphia right now but they will be getting a little bit damper and if you get those steadier downpours with leaves blocking some of the drains you'll have to look out when you get one of those steady downpours today and tomorrow for some backups onto the roadway, some of that poor drainage area flooding. 49 degrees right now mild this morning. winds are light. we expect the winds to pick up later today and it will become rather breezy through the afternoon. in terms of rain between now and 9:00 it looks like just about everybody is seeing this. there could be some steady rain at times as is highlighted by yellow. more of the same by 3 o'clock. i'm telling to you keep the rain gear handy with the kids on the way home from school and for the evening commute it won't be as widespread or filled in rain but the roads will still be wet and there still could be some pockets of heavier precipitation. by the time 11 o'clock rolls around and cecily is on the air she'll probably have a few lingering showers to show you at that point. over the next 12 hours it's mild but it is gray and dreary
6:41 am
54 degrees by 8 o'clock, 62 by noon and 65 at 3 o'clock and probably holding the low 60's straight through most of the evening hours. but as you just saw periods of rain straight into the evening. high temperatures across the region 60 in allentown, 61 in reading. mid 60's down through philadelphia and wilmington and dover. 63 in millville and if you're closer to the coast today, you'll be stuck in the upper 50's. tomorrow we start out cloudy but the latest model projections have another batch of rain coming in pretty quickly maybe before the end of the morning commute and again there could be some pockets of heavy rain tomorrow, maybe even a rumble of thunder. there's the noon view and then it's still kind of damp with off and on rain straight through 5 o'clock and straight on into the late evening hours. this rain probably tapers off before that most of you are awake on thursday morning. by the time the next few days the rain is all said and done we could get it up to a couple of inches. that's a lot but we need the rain. your exclusive accuweather 7-day two mild ones. today 65, tomorrow 69. again periods of rain today. periods of rain tomorrow.
6:42 am
some of this could be heavy maybe even a rumble of thunder on wednesday and do be careful of that backup in poor drainage area where that water comes down in a hurry and can't quite get into the storm drain. breezy partly sunny and cooler on thursday 58. friday sunny and chilly and down to 53 and then the weekend. temple is down in maryland. it will be a similar day down there. we're going to go 51 here 78 i think it's about 52 in annapolis for that big game at plan to on saturday. 51 the afternoon high in philadelphia and then 49 on sunday. some sun in the morning but it now looks like there could be some clouds building up during the day and maybe some afternoon rain. >> okay, thank you david. it is 6:42 and the trip of a lifetime takes a detour when a woman on vacation sees a live video feed of burglars who are at that moment ransacking her house. >> passengers panic when a woman jumps out of a plane before it comes to a complete stop. karen. >> we've got a new accident right here on the blue route. this is southbound near media swarthmore and you can see police and emergency crews blocking the right lane so traffic really slow in this
6:43 am
area. we're going to check your travel times for i-95 and the schuylkill, see if we're slowing down with the wet roads when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪ >> 6:45. taking a live look from our sky6 camera. dillworth plaza and the christmas tree with the liberty bell on top sort of like a liberty bell hat. don't bother watering the tree today because it's get something rain. >> all right. let's gone on over to karen rogers. busy morning on the roads. good morning. >> yeah, it's always busy when it's raining outs. the roads are really wet. in some spots the vein coming down a little heavier. you need to be careful. here's one of the accident scenes. blue route southbound near
6:46 am
media swarthmore. a couple of trucks here and police on the scene. all blocking the right lane so southbound on the blue route really jamming up at this point with the right lane blocked, police and a number of vehicles off to the right lane so watch for this closure and restriction on the blue route southbound. also this big accident in delaware on 295 southbound blocking traffic there. we've got a traffic camera. you can see the vein really coming down many people at a standstill. that's because 295 southbound they're diverting all traffic right at the toll plaza onto route nine so it's 295 southbound you're being forced off onto route nine. as soon as you come off the delaware memorial bridge right at the toll plaza there and that's because of an accident involving a box truck police told me and another vehicle and it actually, one of the vehicles flipped over several times so we've got police, we've got fire crews, they're blocking 295 southbound here in delaware and forcing everyone off onto route nine. looking at some of the other problems we've got an accident on city avenue at monument road. one in east norriton just coming in on germantown pike so some minor accidents
6:47 am
starting to pop up as well. i want to show you overall travel rides on your majors. i-95 southbound a 24 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. not terrible but slow already. schuylkill expressway 24 minutes between the blue route and the vine eastbound, twenty seven minutes westbound. even 42 starting to slow down now from atlantic city expressway to 295. and i wanted to show you one more thing. mass transit we have been having problems. train in doylestown 514, 30 minutes late. also route 102 troll shuttle busing because of equipment problems. expect delays there. 22 minute late train on the west trenton. 15 minutes with media elwyn. all kinds of problem matt. >> the fbi questioning a woman who jumped out of a plane at bush intercontinental airport in houston texas. passengers on board united flight 1892 captured these images as it happened yesterday. the flight just arrived from new orleans when the woman opened that emergency exit and jumped onto the runway. police quickly captured her.
6:48 am
>> new on "action news" a nevada woman watched burglars ransack her home live while she was halfway around the globe. she got an alert from a security company while on a three week trip to thailand l she checked the live feed of her las vegas home this is what 33 saw two people grabbing jewelry clothing anything they could get their lands on. they even managed to find the keys to her mercedes and drive off. the owner says the thieves may have stalked her after noticing a flier that was left on her door while she was aware. >> ♪
6:49 am
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>> time to see what's coming own "gma." >> amy robach joins us live from nycn "gma" studios. good morning, amy. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you matt and tam. coming up next here on "gma" breaking overnight that deadly plane crash in colombia. a flight carrying more than 80 people crashed just five people have been found alive. as authorities continue to search through that rubble. david kerley joins us live with all the latest on that. emergency evacuations in tennessee. fire from the smoky mountains sweeping down into towns close to a popular resort area. and high winds creating an unpredictable fire. a state of emergency in place and we'll have more details just ahead. plus, new information on that missing california mom after sherri papini was that found alive thanksgiving morning we are just learning
6:52 am
new details from her husband on her state when she was rescued. we'll speak live with the sheriff leading the investigation into what happened this morning. that is all coming up next on a busy tuesday matt and tam. >> all right, thank you amy. >> wow. >> we have a wet commute and it's a slow one. here's a new accident right on i-95. that's southbound past bridge street and we see penndot has just pulled up with this accident off to the right lane here and right shoulder so now 26 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. new problems with mass transit just in. they're now saying all regional rails you're going to see up to 20 minute delays due to slippery rails. it's just rain but it's wet and it's difficult for the regional rails. a 30 minute delay with a train on the doylestown line so these delays are coming in now dave. >> storm tracker6 life double scan this morning karen shows you steady rain now beginning to push into areas around philadelphia chester county berks county, the lehigh valley picking up the steadier stuff an pocket of this also coming across the delaware bay and there's more rain where that came from. if you're dressing the kids it's umbrellas this morning and some sort of rain gear this afternoon as well as this
6:53 am
rain will continue off and on straight into the evening. cloudy skies off and on rain. one good thing we can say is it's going to be milder and you're going to save a lair off your heating bill today. a high of 65 degrees around 3 o'clock. this evening probably holding onto the low 60's. we'll be right back with your top stories. >> ♪
6:54 am
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>> 6:55 now. homicide detectives are looking for the gunman who shot and child is 14-year-old boy in the mayfair section of philadelphia. it happened on the 6200 block of brous street last night. police say the teenager was shot three times in the chest. >> roads are wet and it's going to take you a long time driving to work. look at this shot at the blue route. this is southbound at baltimore pike. we still have that accident southbound at media swarthmore. look at that travel time now 45 minutes on the blue route to go from the schuylkill to i-95. that is a huge delay, dave. >> all right, karen. future tracker6 showing us that the morning rain is going to be with us right in through the afternoon. looks like it gets a little bit better by the end of the rush hour and then starts to push out late tonight and when you're dodging the raindrops you'll do it in mild air. 65 is today's high and the overnight low only dipping to 56. both numbers well above the average numbers. more rain coming tomorrow, guys. >> all right. >> yeah. >> your lawns will appreciate it. >> that's right. >> lawns aren't growing right now. [laughter] >> a little brown, they need a little bit of rain. all right, well, we'll be back
6:57 am
in 30 minutes for updates on your weather and traffic. >> yes, we will. >> for karen rogers matt o'donnell, the always sweet matt o'donnell, dave murphy i'm tamala edwards. make it a great tuesday. >> ♪ z254jz zi0z y254jy yi0y
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good morning, america. breaking news, a deadly plane crash. at least 75 people killed after a flight carrying this soccer team plummets to the ground. at least five people make it out alive. emergency responders searching for more survivors right now. state of emergency, mass evacuations as dozens of wildfires tear through the southeast. >> if you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. >> an aquarium with more than 10,000 animals abandoned as orange haze surrounds resort after resort. the growing fires threatening dolly parton's theme park. 100 homes burning as firefighters pour in to battle the blazes. new details about what may have turned this honor student into a terrorist going on a rampage with his car then slashing people injuring 11. >> he was trying to hurt as many as he could. >> the hero officer who stopped him and n


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