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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 11, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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♪ get everything worked out. i'm interesting to see how much these bad boys will cost. >> oh, my goodness. an early birthday present. >> grandma is getting a gift. >> enthusiasm of grandparents, they don't know what it is and already so grateful. >> she's just glad that her granddaughter is being super sweet, so she goes to open her gift -- >> oh, my gosh. that is a big cup. >> in this case it's a big old mug. >> great grandma. >> i am a pretty great grandma.
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>> you don't get it. what does it say? great grandma. >> there it is! ding, ding, ding! >> fantastic moment. >> really? >> yeah! >> oh, my gosh! >> goes over to give her granddaughter a big old hug. >> as is the grandma in this video. >> no, no, no, no! >> neighbors are already calling 911. >> she's really excited because she just found out she's going to be a grandmother. going to be a pretty great one. she's screaming like she's terrified, but she's really just really excited. in the end, i think grandpa comes over, realizes the good news and immediately catches grandma and comes over. thanks for taking a look at the day's top videos with us.
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we appreciate it. has lots more. see you next time on "rtm". to help people blast the fat right away. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather brought to you by my pillow. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click you're looking at what appears to be a samsung galaxy note 7 phone smoking and smoldering in burger king in south korea. said to be the latest in a series of reported explosions and fires involving the original galaxy note 7 and the company's replacements as well. >> wow.
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samsung is joining the u.s. government telling customers to power down all galaxy note 7 phones, original as well as replacements. >> reporter: shaun describing the frightening moment he woke to a smoke-filled room. >> smoke sizzling, burning. >> reporter: saw his brand new replacement note 7 unplugged in flames. >> thousands what if runs through my head, what if hi son played with it. >> reporter: warning to consumers, power down and stop using all note 7s including replacements after reports of at least five fires in the new replacements including the latest in a houston restaurant and one aboard a southwest flight. the new replacement note 7 meant to fix problems after nearly 100 fires involving the original, including one that reportedly set this suv ablaze. >> this is a black eye for the recall system and samsung needs to step up now and fix it. >> reporter: telling abc news if we determine a product safety issue exists, we'll take
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immediate steps to resolve the situation. that rare warning echoing advice from the government to power down and stop using all galaxy note 7s, and carriers now will exchange the device for something different. abc news, new york. well, coming up, melting down that stubborn tummy fat. >> a new procedure involving lasers that takes 25 minutes. you're watching "world news new." new." "world news z254jz zi0z
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y254jy yi0y
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we all heard of lipo sanction, around since the '70s, there's drawbacks. it can be painful, expensive, and it can be invasive. now there's something new. >> yeah. it involves lasers. it promises to change all of that. all of those complaints about it. here's more.
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>> reporter: it's the latest weapon in the battle of the bulge. sculpture. a brand new nonsurgical procedure that melts away stubborn fat. >> something you can do on your lunch break, takes literal 5 minu -- 25 minutes. >> reporter: this is the first ever to use laser, and supposed to be less painful than other alternatives. here's how it works. first, these plates are attached to the patient. >> so far so good. >> reporter: next a laser penetrates the skin, heating up fat cells and destroying them so they can be eliminated by the body. >> once you remove that most outou outer part of the fatty layer, wait six weeks, go back in the same area to repeat the procedure. >> reporter: this 34-year-old said her tummy's always been a trouble spot and turned for help. >> did it to jump start the diet
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and wanted results right away. >> reporter: she said the treatment did not hurt and went again. what's the results? >> 1 to 2 inches and i fit nicely in my jeans. >> reporter: she's recommending it to friends, takes 12 weeks, and ideal for patients with a healthy lifestyle but can't seem to get rid of certain areas of fat. one more alternative. >> one more alternatives, and for some patients, it's amazing way to remove localized area of fat that's been bothering them for a while. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> sign me up. >> that's not exactly inexpensive, costing $1500 a session. >> forget about that. >> approved only for abdomen fat right now. only if you have a tummy. >> that's exactly -- >> that's it? that's the problem area. maybe that's for you. >> there's plenty, but that is one problem area.
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♪ ♪ norah jones. norah jones is back. >> and wings was that show with the people who worked on the airline. >> no. >> that's not the same? >> not quite. >> not the same wings? okay. >> i made fun of norah jones, but she's back. a voter who turned into an overnight sensation. >> against the backdrop of sunday's contentious debate. a man in a red sweater stood up and asked the candidates a question about energy, and just
2:56 am
like that, an instant household name. >> ladies and gentlemen, ken bone. >> joining us now from st. louis on the big screen, ken bone. hi, ken. >> how are you? >> do you have any idea how adorable you are, first, i wanted to say? >> that's a definitive yes. >> okay. did you know your fans call themselves bone heads? >> that's fantastic. i called my family that for years. >> okay, good. >> before you go, one question i'd like to go to the studio audience, someone in the audience has a question for ken. yes, go ahead, sir. >> yeah, last night, when you asked about energy policy, there was something i knew i needed to ask you. how did you get such a fresh and cool style? >> the answer is that my wife dresses me like all great americans. >> explain what happened with the red sweater? you originally were not supposed to wear that, right? >> no. it was going to be an olive
2:57 am
colored suit that i like very much. my grandfather helped me pick it out a few years ago, and i thought, wow, grandpa would be proud of me wearing this suit, by apparently i got somewhat more fat since then, and when i got in the car, i split the seat out of my pants. and destroyed my olive suit, and i had to do an emergency wardrobe change. >> if the smithsonian asks, will you give that sweater to them? >> give is a strong word, jimmy. >> i really appreciate your time, and thank you for chatting with us tonight. i want to get you a suit from casual male xl and a digital came camera. >> that's the best thing i've ever heard. thank you very much, jimmy. please get out and vote. >> ken bone, everybody. >> bravo to ken. >> his answers so great. and a digital camera, of course, because he had a disposable camera. >> he has one at home where he goes behind the hood, and, like -- >> takes
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this morning on "world news now," four weeks until election day, and both trump and clinton campaigns facing distractions. >> after sunday's debate, republicans feeling out whether to continue backing trump or turn away after house speaker paul ryan said he'll no longer defend the republican nominee. this as a second batch of hillary clinton's leaked e-mails is released. and as leaders and politicians argue over how to handle the humanitarian crisis in syria, the thousands still remaining and alive this aleppo deal with nonstop bombing. doctors plead for a halt to the violent as yet another young face is 15 grim reminder of the tragedy of war. a surge across the south for a kidnapped young girl that could have ended very differently. amber alerts going out across the region, but one state's
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supposed delay in taking action could have spelled a different outcome. the overnight sensation taking the nation by storm. it's ken bone, of course, the hero, so-called, of the debate inspiring thousands this morning, so what did it take to bring out your inner ken bone? find out with us on this tuesday, october 11th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> really? talking about bone at this early morning hours? >> ken bone. >> ken bone. >> the cute man with the red sweater. >> yes. he's awesome. a star is bone. that's what they are saying. ken bone. >> good morning, everyone. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. i now know my halloween costume. >> ken bone. >> it is. >> mud slinging president battle for the white house, which ken bone was not involved in. >> no. donald trump is stepping up
3:02 am
attacks on bill clinton as trump faces fallout over the lewd tape. house speaker paul ryan refusing to defend his party's nominee, and hillary clinton is slamming trump for using the debate to attack instead of apologize. >> with election day exactly one month away, clinton has an 11 point lead in a new poll taken after the trump tape came out, but before the debate. >> reporter: hillary clinton claiming victory after the second debate showdown with donald trump. >> did anybody see that debate last night? well, you never saw anything like that before. >> reporter: clinton trying to gain more supporters. trump is working to keep them. >> we had a lot of fun. i would say that hillary is highly overrated. i would. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan told gop members on a conference call monday morning
3:03 am
he's decided not to campaign with the party's nominee. trump fired back on twitter, paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs, and illegal immigration, not waste time arguing with the presidential nominee. >> when they are -- they let you do anything, grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> reporter: making crude comments about nancy, talking about nancy o'dell. she spoke out on "et" month night. >> no room for objectification not even in the locker room. >> reporter: he did enough with the performance to stop the gop exodus, and he invited bill clinton's accusers to the debate. speaker ryan's endorsement of trump stands. a spokesperson says he's not conceding the race to clinton, but focused on keeping the house and senate.
3:04 am
>> another batch of e-mails posted by wikileaks show strategizing by hillary clinton's inner circle before the bid for the white house. it's from the campaign chairman, and they reveal aids were concerned that bill clinton's business dealings could damage his wife's presidential aspirations, and other e-mails show how they grappled with the best way to deal with hillary clinton as a change agent. the growing crisis in the middle east, and there's a plea from a humanitarian group to end violence in syria. doctors without borders wants russia and the syria government to stop bombing in aleppo to reach the wounded. it says there are only 35 doctors serving a population of 275,000 people. meantime, there's another young face of the conflict. take a look at this. this 4-year-old girl crying and calling for her father after being injured in a strike. they were eventually reunited. >> a haunting video of the devastation in that city of aleppo. images from a grown shows homes
3:05 am
and other buildings reduced to rebel but air strikes and bombings, and more than 200 people killed since the latest offense began only three weeks ago. also a call for more aide in haiti as that country tries to recover from hurricane matthew. the death toll from the storm surpassed 1,000, and haitian officials say more than 1 million people are in need of urgent assistance. makeshift clinics are treating dozens of people for cholera and there's fears that the disease will kill more people than the hurricane. at least 10,000 people died from cholera in the 2010 earthquake. in this country, the flooding in north carolina is not getting any better. authorities say more than 1400 people were saved in emergency rescues in the last day. president obama has signed a disaster declaration for north carolina making federal funding available to flood victims there. abc's matt gutman found out there are plenty. >> reporter: the unrelenting deluge from hurricane matthew bursting dams across north
3:06 am
carolina. lumberton is one of them, about 2,000 people stranded. helicopters plucking some to safety, so many rescued by boat, others rescuing themselves. >> but we just had to do what we could think of doing, swimming out of our houses to get to dry land. >> reporter: the governor surveyisurvey ing the hardest hit areas. >> a lot of people hurting in this region. >> reporter: mandatory evacuation orders for others. >> please leave. >> reporter: the storm taking at least 27 lives in the southeast. many have died in cars on the road. >> get out of the way. >> reporter: and we saw firsthand how dangerous it can be. >> there's a pickup truck at the side of the dam, just went in the water. these two guys are going to edge their way in there to get that person out. someone else called 911. >> reporter: crews across the region racing to restore power. over a million people in five states still in the dark. damage estimates for this storm
3:07 am
are in the billions of dollars, and in this commercial district, you can tell why. all of these businesses swamped, but, perhaps, what's most astounding? this scope of this flooding, that water goes all the way back a mile and a half. the state cut in half by washed out roads. parts of the major interstate, i-95 shut down. eight dams burst in this county alone. here's a sense of the power of the flooding using a live drone shot right now. this was once a bridge completely blown out. debris hundreds of yards in that direction. more bad news for folks living here. the rivers are only expected to rise. abc news. a settlement reached in connection with the nation's deadliest landslide. 43 people died when the slide wiped out a rural neighborhood in 2014. the state of washington and the lumber company e that log the collapse agreed to pay family members $60 million.
3:08 am
a man recovers this morning after being attacked by a bear while hiking. police say the man was in the angeles national forest encountering a bear on the trail. as he backed away from the bear, another one attacked him. >> at that time, he did not see a second bear off to his left who came up and started attacking him. he was able to fight the bear off, and he eventually the bear went in the other direction. >> the victim was able to make it home to call 911. wildlife officials are looking for the bears. >> luckily he made it out okay. what a great story, i fought off not one, but two bears. speaking of good stories, by the way, stop me before if you heard this. a naked guy's riding a motorcycle. actually, just check out this video. >> is this the ken boep stone s? >> no, it's not. you're loving that one. >> we pick up the action in a traffic circle in the czech
3:09 am
republic. there's the guy on the motorcycle. yep. you see him. he was wearing just a helmet and pair of sneakers. >> this does not last long. the audi pulls over, you see the motorcycle has actually crashed. >> oh. >> no red sweater, by the way. >> just completely naked. >> and takes off on foot. he was caught, by the way, and arrested. not very safe to ride around a motorcycle naked. for the record. >> no. i'm not going to make any jokes, no more jokes. leaving it there. >> sure? >> yes, yes. >> leaving that there. >> okay. >> later in the mix, how to get the look of a true life debate hero. speaking of our friend. also head, more on how the trump campaign is diving into hillary clinton's past. go behind trump's latest move involving women with accusations involving bill clinton.
3:10 am
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fire why california's wine country. it's 50 acres, threatening homes and wineries in the napa area. weather conditions are expected to help in the battle with cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and little or no wind overnight as well. also in california, funeral plans finalized for two palm springs' police officers killed in the line of duty, jose and lesile died being shot after responding to a disturbance call. the suspect is now in custody, and authorities say he will be charged with murder. his father told a neighbor before the shootings that his son was armed, and, quote, acting crazy. a man hunt in kansas city after an offduty sheriff was abducted and sexually assaulted. shefsz headed to work friday night when the the accident happened and was not in uniform. she was released two hours
3:15 am
later. the only clue in the search is the car believed to have been used by the kidnappers. a 4-year-old's kidnapping over the weekend set off amber alerts in four states and back home now safe. >> the issue is a delay over an amber alert and whether it could have resulted in a different outcome. >> reporter: relief for a florida family after a two-day ordeal, hospital workers in memphis spotting the girl and alleged abductor in a parking lot calling police. 31-year-old, a former family friend, now in custody. the family to be reunited. >> the family is going to get together and throw her a welcome home party when we come home with her. >> reporter: the little girl disappearing from her lakeland, florida home saturday. surveillance footage tracked them from a local mcdonalds to a georgia gas station, amber alerts from georgia and alabama,
3:16 am
but not tennessee where a park ranger stopped him, but let him go. by the time the ranger saw a police bulletin, they were gone. the sheriff blasting tennessee. >> the state of tennessee chose not to do an amber alert when we asked them to. here's a news flash, tennessee, he was there. >> reporter: tennessee put the amber alert monday morning. they say they had no reason to believe the child was in their state over the weekend. that's why the first bulletin was only to law enforcement. eva pilgrim, lakeland, florida. >> the suspected kidnapper has an unusual name, called west wild has. in custody this morning. >> what a relief she was safe. coming up, tough words from a supreme court justice for kaepernick and his followers. here why she says taking a knee in the national anthem is, quote, dumb and disrespectful.
3:17 am
>> first. hillary clinton's latest set of hurdles, the nagging questions about her husband's past and new probe of leaked e-mails. what do they mean for her campaign? you're watching "world news now." "world
3:18 am
remains to be seen this morning how damaging that access hollywood tame may or may not be to donald trump's run for the white house. >> but hillary clinton has struggles of her own including nags questions about her husband's past and fresh batch of leaked campaign e-mails. we're up on nightline with byron pitts. >> reporter: less than 2 had4 h ago -- >> what he did to women, no one in the history of politics in
3:19 am
this nation that's been so abusive to women. >> reporter: trump on the attack since his own comments came back to haunt him. >> when you're a star, they let you do it. do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: last night, the republican nominee painting former president bill clinton as a sexual predator. >> if you look at bill clinton, far worse. mine are words. his was action. >> reporter: at the pre-debate press conference, kathy, who was raped by a man who hillary clinton was later do defend as a young lawyer, and two others accused the former president of sexual misconduct. clinton denied the charges and settled the sexual harassment suit with jones for $850,000. then there was wanita. >> bill clinton raped me, and hillary clinton threatened me. i don't think there's any comparison. >> reporter: bill clinton's lawyer denied the allegation saying in 1999, any allegation that the president assaulted her more than 20 years ago is
3:20 am
absolutely false. allegations of sexual assault are not unfamiliar territory for the republican candidate. during their divorce in 1991, trump's ex-wife accused him of raping her before she withdrew them. the clinton accusers were not the only threat to the democratic nominee last night. >> if i win, i'm going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there's never been so many lies, so much deception. there's never been anything like it, and we're going to have a special prosecutor. >> reporter: clinton's e-mails back in the spotlight. the former secretary of state called the handling of the e-mails a mistake, but not careless. >> that was a mistake, and i take responsibility for using a personal e-mail account. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. what you did, and this is after getti inting sue peen that. >> reporter: clinton's camp dealing with more. on friday, the state department
3:21 am
released 273 pages of e-mails from when clinton was secretary of state, and wikileaks released more, showing more findings, and one time adviser sayings chelsea is acting like a spoiled brat. another says that bill clinton's past sex life could be damaging to hillary. what do you anticipate in the next few days? >> anticipate that which we don't anticipate. >> reporter: day 28 starts in the morning. >> it starts, indeed, and they both have campaign events today. donald trump will be in panama city, florida, and hillary clinton this afternoon in miami with al gore. >> i like that line, anticipate what we can't anticipate. i'm sure. >> what everyone's trying to do, right? >> yeah. coming up, ken bone's sweater. 1900 pound pumpkin.
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all right, time now for "the mix," starting with a man who we're guessing is an unexpected celebrity this morning, talking about, of course, ken bone. >> ken bone. >> a trending topic on twitter after his appearance -- >> bad to the bone. >> asking a question in the debate, and get this, the famous red sweater he's wearing, sold out within hours, a red izad sweater, and now everyonements to look like him. >> why did he wear the sweater? >> was supposed to be in a suit, he said. >> and? >> he split the pants. >> split the pants. >> gained weight and tried to try the olive green suit he was excited to wear, and split the pan pants. >> poor ken.
3:26 am
mustac mustache, red sweater, ken bone facts trending on twitter ever since yesterday. seems like a nice guy overall. >> people are loving ken bone. >> what america needs and wants. >> jimmy kimmel told him, people are now calling themselves bone heads and associates themselves as fans, and he said, that's what i call my family all the time. that's why people love him. >> that man alone will bring back the disposable kodak camera. >> one friend shaved his beard into a mustache. >> a popular costume, no doubt. to this, in oregon, every october, we have stories about the giant pumpkins, and in oregon, there's a woman with a giant pumpkin that weighs 1900 pounds. >> wow. >> this is in lincoln, washington, rather, so guess what? she wins nearly 11500 for that
3:27 am
because it's $6 per pound in a contest there. not the biggest overall. that was 2600 pounds overseas in germany. >> if you beat that, you get $3,000. >> yes. >> no one beat it, but 11 grand not bad. if you're not ready for fall, there's a trend now. >> okay. >> carving jack o'lanterns from pineapples calling it a hawaiian style halloween. and this is the next thing. this october. pineapple jack o'lan terps. >> not the season for that at all. genius dad here. found the perfect way to fit triplets all in the backseat. in these kid cubicles he built for the triplets from foam to keep them from fighting.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world new this morning on "world news now," back to basics were both candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump play to massive crowds after the second debate and wasting no time taking shots at each other. widespread flooding and the president declares the state a disaster. the devastating effects of hurricane matthew and deadly storm surge that's left entire regions underwater without power. new this half hour, ginsberg in her own words. >> why she calls kaepernick's protest dumb and disrespectful, but why it should not be illegal. move over ken bone. your 15 minutes up? >> no. >> a day after it was filled with tributes in an unlikely debate hero, another star has been born. i give you mini trump.
3:31 am
mini trump meets the real trump. it's tuesday, october 11th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i'm diane macedo. >> that was a scene from the "lion king." all right. we begin with hillary clinton opening up a double digit lead, 46-35 over donald trump in the latest poll, just four weeks ahead of election day. >> there's something funky in our water today. >> yeah, sorry. >> clinton drew the biggest crowd of her campaign in columbus, ohio last night rallying 18,000 people, and called donald trump an equal opportunity insulter and blasted him for dismissing a 2005 recording bragging about groping women without consent as locker room talk. >> what happened today which is so interesting is that a lot of athletes and coaches from the nba, major league baseball, from
3:32 am
the nfl and more have been coming forward tweeting they've been saying, no, that's not what happens in our locker rooms. >> clinton said he spent time attacking when he should have been apologizing. >> trump continues a line of atang against bill clinton against unproven sexual allegations from decades ago. he's now threatening to go after the clintons even harder if more damaging tapes turn up. >> saying inappropriate things will continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. >> well, as trump dips in the polls, he's, again, warning about a rigged system. he told supporters to watch the polls to make sure every vote is counted and the election is not stolen from them. >> we're hearing from the woman donald trump was referring to in that tape 11 years ago. television host nancy o'dell broke silence, and she's not the only one talking.
3:33 am
>> paul ryan says he's no longer defending trump. john carl with the latest. >> reporter: the woman donald trump was talking about on that bus is speaking out. nancy o'dell addressing these comments. >> i moved on her, and i failed. i'll admit it. i did try to [ bleep ], she's married, i see her, the phoney [ bleep ], changed her looks. >> there's no room for objectification of women, not even in the locker room. >> reporter: many denouncing him, and many calling him to drop out. effort to divert attention by bringing out women who accused the clinton's did not impress speaker of the house, paul ryan. he said he's not defending trump or campaigning for him. a spokeswoman says the speaker is spending the next month protecting our congressional majorities.
3:34 am
at least trump's running mate is with him. >> takes a big man when he knows he's wrong and to admit it and to have the humility to apologize, be transparent, and be vulnerable with people. >> reporter: will the stunt work given past comments? >> the whole group, paula jones, an unattractive group, not just talking physical. >> reporter: listen to what he said in the height of the clinton sex scandals. >> i don't necessarily agree with the victims. the victims are terrible. he is really a victim himself, but he put himself in that position. >> reporter: trump call the republicans leaving him hypocrites, and now he's going after speaker of the house, paul ryan, tweeting, quote, paul ryan should spend more time balancing the budget, jobs, and illegal immigration and not waste time on fighting the republican nominee.
3:35 am
right now, it looks like war between the republican presidential nominee and some of the most prominent figures in the party. abc news, new york. well, the ratings are in from clinton-trump, the rematch. the viewership for the second debate did not reach record levels set for the first head-to-head meeting last month. an estimated 66.5 million people watched sunday night. that's down from 84 million two weeks ago. however, sunday's figure was slightly above the viewership for the second debate between president obama and romney. the final debate is next wednesday night. moving on, this video is from a fayetteville, north carolina area. this sums it up best. water surrounds houses up to the roof line. some rivers in the area are not expected to crest until friday. >> as a result of all of this, hundreds of roads are closed in the state, incoming parts of interstate 95. abc's marcy gonzalez with more.
3:36 am
>> reporter: the storm skies clear, but matthew dishes is devastating blow to north carolina. >> we've not hit the most serious point of the flood in north carolina as of yet. >> reporter: effort jushdway to save people stranded by the flood waters. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: 1400 rescues so far. >> rescued him. i am grateful. >> reporter: after the storm's heavy fast falling rain left riverings overflowing their banks, adding to already overwhelming damage -- >> this is the worst we've seen. >> reporter: and more deaths. in the u.s., matthew's claimed more than 20 lives. several other people are still missing while in hardest hit haiti, the death toll estimates now top 900. meanwhile, back in florida, this family is cleaning up. the severity of the storm's impact elsewhere bringing them perspective. >> we feel lucky and blessed.
3:37 am
>> reporter: a lesson in loss. >> what's the lesson? >> all the stuff can be replaced, right. we can't be replaced. >> reporter: the kids got a lesson in hard work out here much of the day dealing with all of this damage. there's some of the more than 1 million people from here to the carolinas still without electricity. kendis, diane? >> thanks to marcy in north carolina. the federal government is warning samsung galaxy note 7 owners turn off the phones now. that comes after samsung temporarily stopped production of the device due to safety issues. more than 2 million recalled last month after some just burst into flames. the new guidance to power down affects both the original and replacement phones. >> turkey hill pulled dutch chocolate ice cream that was
3:38 am
actually rocky road made with eggs and nuts that could trigger food allergies. they have the correct lid, but the container is mislabeled. the recall affects 25 states. more information on our website, donald trump called it the 8th wonder of the world, but this is the fifth atlantic city casino to close in two years. they shut down amid a union dispute. carl icahn bought the property out of bankruptcy two years ago. speaking of trump, as you know with the whole election we've seen so many things, it's unlike any other presidential election we've seen before, and here's another example of why. >> during donald trump's rally in pennsylvania, he was joined on stage by a special little guest. check him out. >> look at that. >> dressed to lock exactly like the republican nominee. the hair, the hair's the best. styled just perfectly to look like trump. >> style's on fleek.
3:39 am
mini trump. >> what's your name? >> name. >> now, he's supposed to look like donald trump, but he's actually much too good looking. you are really handsome. where's your daddy and your mommy? do you want to go back with them or stay with donald trump? >> trump. >> he had fun poking fun of himself and enjoying the kissing of the baby. >> the kid has more hair than donald trump himself. >> his pin said vote. he's too young for that, but good advice nonetheless. >> the three words he said were name, night, and trump. as youngsters do, he repeated the last things he heard. hair is everything. coming up, supreme court justice ginsberg in her words
3:40 am
talking tough about the national anthem protest by kaepernick and others. tears in the ballroom last night. we'll explain why in "the skinny," but, first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. weather brought to you by united health care. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could help save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. taking informed steps really makes a difference later. that's what it means to go long™. call now and request this free decision guide
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3:44 am
>> dropping tunes. not really. >> yesterday, she released a now compilation of writings. my own words. we sat down with her weighing in on everything from the current presidential election to the controversy surrounding the national anthem. >> she was asked about the growing number of football players across the country who are following the lead of san francisco 49ers quarterback, kaepernick. >> for doing it? no. i think it's dumb and disrespectful, and the same -- i would have the same answer if you asked me about flag burning. i think it's a terrible thing to do, but i wouldn't lock a person up for doing it. if they want to be stupid, there's no law that should be prevented. if they want to be arrogant, there's no law that prevents them from that.
3:45 am
>> all right. she's not mincing words on her opinion on it. >> no. it was all encompassing interview talking about donald trump's proposed muslim ban and mentioned she couldn't comment on that because it might be a real issue in front of the supreme court. she's 83 years old, and many wonder how much longer she'll stay on the bench, but she seems to keep going. one more football-related item. a girl showing the boys how to make a hit. >> check out this play from a recent high school game after a reverse. the returner is coming down the field, but right after he crosses the 50, he gets completely levelled and the player who delivered the hit? kicker kelly. she's her team's first female player. i bet they are happy they recruited her now. >> that was a hard hit. >> lower the shoulder. >> yep. emotional roller coaster on "dancing with the stars." >> and see who is singing next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ all right. time for "the skinny," starting with "dancing with the stars," kicking off most memorable year week. >> yes. so there were no eliminations, but plenty of revelations and tearful back stories starting with marie mccormick dancing a
3:48 am
fiery fox trot who she married in 1985 and credits him saving her from a five-year cocaine addiction after her acting career end the with the "brady bunch." >> most touching was dancing contemporary reflecting on the year of her father's untimely death and lifelong regret of not being at his side when he passed away. >> and cramer chose "this year" as the most memorable honoring the birth of her baby girl dancing to "my daughter's eyes." >> and amber rose pitched 2013 as her year, the year her son was born, doing a samba celebration for women and moms. >> somebody say samba? >> you're going to do it? >> no, no. she did a good job, though. >> i think so. >> ryan lochte. >> she had training. >> she did. ryan lochte chose 2008 when he won the first individual gold medal at the olympics,
3:49 am
dedicating his dance to his mother who stuck by him in the incident in rio recently. >> i see how winning the first medal would be for a good year. >> he's done it, like, 12 times since then. >> a good job on the dance floor too. >> looked pretty good. by the way, he will soon be dancing at his own wedding reception. >> oh. the 12-time olympic gold medallist got engage over the weekend to playboy model, and both shared versions of this photo on ips gram. >> look at how huge that rock is. you can see that from the space station. >> beautiful background too. >> yeah, it is. beautiful there. ryan's caption read, simply, memories forever, and kayla's read, speechless. absolutely beautiful. so in love with you. >> so what color will ryan dye his hair for the wedding? >> oh, that would be interesting. i just threw up in my mouth reading those captions. >> you just are so full of love and emotion. just an open book right here.
3:50 am
speaking of being young, beautiful, rich, and in love -- >> yes? >> we love that topic. >> yes. >> now apparently marry, shia labeouf. this might be your style. >> this is awesome. >> alive stream of what appeared to be a wedding between the 30-year-old actor and his long time girlfriend. >> they appeared to exchange vows at the las vegas chapel officiated by an elvis impersonation. while it looks real, there's still no documentation of them officially getting married. >> huh. in other words, it could be another performance art prank, though, kendis, i imagine if you ever get married, something along these lines exactly. live streamed by tmz, elvis impersonator, and the hoody. >> classic wedding. class. >> is she leaving with elvis? that would be an interesting end
3:51 am
to the wedding as well. >> yeah. next to some purely brilliant performance art. >> yes. sunday night's presidential debate was by any measure tense, but thanks to the musical genius of the gregory brothers and jordan gordon levitt, we have this mashup. ♪ i can promise you ♪ i have big goals ♪ what's he going to do ♪ we have unbelievable thing called ♪ ♪ what you going to do make college affordable ♪ who's going to work it out ♪ ♪ write off everything i can whenever i do my taxes ♪ how come every time they become pay a higher rate than daniel radcliffe ♪ ♪ who's going to work it out baby ♪ >> the youtube mashup include the series auto tune the news and autofy this.
3:52 am
>> we should do that. >> 48 hours ago, no one had ever heard the name ken bone. >> no more. now there's more than 72,000 followers. today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly.
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get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. ♪ now i had the time of my life ♪ ♪ no i never felt like this before ♪ ♪ yes i swear ♪ it is true whoever made this video, you have won. >> hillary's coming in. ♪ the time of my life, and i owe it all to you ♪ >> they won the internet. bravo. so there was clearly no winner in the contentious presidential debate, but what emerged totally out of the blue was a brand new folk hero named ken bone and that duet. >> an undecided voter and a bright red sweater is all over social media. >> reporter: after 90 minutes of an r-rated bar brawl, sweet
3:56 am
relief. >> what steps will the energy policy take. >> reporter: a knight in knit wear. ♪ you make us feel less alone >> i don't know why people are calling me all day. >> reporter: you're a human hug. you planned to wear an olive suit. >> when i got in the car, i tore the seat out of the pants. >> reporter: many halloween costumes. >> grow the mustache now, fellas, it doesn't come in overnight. i tried to put a nice face on the debate. i promise not to be the internet guy who overstays his welcome. >> kenneth bone.
3:57 am
oh, ken bone >> reporter: nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. >> one said he's the equivalent of a human hug. >> he's still trending on twitter and has been since he asked that important question about energy. >> which is what everybody's talking about. >> so many jokes about him being bad to the bone, and a star a bone. >> he now has, by the way, 72,000 followers on twitter. >> amazing. has to be the sweater. >> he's so sweet too. >> so cool. our favorite moment, really, is this duet. we -- ♪ with passion in our eyes ♪ no way we could disguise ♪ so we take each other's hand ♪ we proceed to understand the urgency ♪ ♪ just remember
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, a civil war in the republican party. why paul ryan says he's no longer defending donald trump and the poll that shows hillary clinton with a double-digit lead as she speaks to her biggest crowd yet. we're live with the latest. flooding emergency in the southeast. new videos showing neighborhoods under water as rivers begin to crest. plus, new hurricane watches posted this morning. and a columbus day protest turns violent overnight when the driver of a truck plows through a group of people. police are now investigating. and stealing the show. a mini trump gets on stage with the donald. and a good tuesday morning to you all. we begin with the battle f


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