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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  July 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, the big
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story on "action news" is a big night ahead in south philadelphia. hillary clinton's running mate joins president obama and vice president joe biden at the democratic national convention and our sara bloomquist is live at the wells fargo center with a look at day three. >> reporter: hi there rick. it's a busy morning here the other half of the democratic ticket took a tour of the stage behind us. tim kaine took a tour of the podium. president obama and vice president, joe biden will also take to the mike to rally the party behind hillary clinton. lets go live to the convention where katherine scott is here to show us what is on tap for tonight. >> reporter: hi sara, as it gets later things get busier and busier here. they are doing walk throughs and sound checks, the sound check is going on now, take a live look at the stage right now as they
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get ready for tonight. this morning senator tim kaine was up on that stage and was happy to see the virginia seating section up front and center. >> good to see virginia so close -- >> senator kaine didn't answer questions but called down a few remarks, when asked what he felt about bernie supporters, he said he loved them. people will closely watch his speech. this is a much bigger stage. before kaine came out governor tom wolf was at the podium as well for his walk through. this is his home state and he is expected to speak today too. including remarks from president obama and vice president joe biden, both men have come out prior to the dnc in support of the campaign.
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and we caught up with him and addressed taking on donald trump. >> i will be honest, i specialize in nail biters, every race i have is as close as can be and i never lost one and we will not lose this one. >> reporter: and back here live, so who else is expected to be on that stage tonight where the sound check is going on we'll see former mayor, michael bloomberg, and gabrielle giffords and former commissioner charles ramsey. and the delegates will start to show up in the next few hours. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> all right katherine thank you. >> last night former president, bill clinton, spoke to the convention about the personal side of his wife. tonight president obama will continue to the buildup. air force one is expected in philadelphia just after 1:00 p.m. he will go straight to the wells
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fargo center for the speech and wheels up at 11:30 if the night stays on schedule. we saw vice president biden during his walk through yesterday, getting ready for tonight. and is out and about here in philadelphia today. janet reyes joins us live from center city where biden just met with the delaware delegation. >> people were pleasantly surprised the place to be was mcgillins old ale house here in center city. during morning rush hour it's a congested area, and throw in the dnc and the vice president and his motorcade and it's not a pretty sight. people are excited to see the vice president back in town. >> great to see philadelphia in the spotlight and exciting for us and the kids. >> pedestrians and motorists rushing to get to work were met with the secret service and
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blocked roads. vice president joe biden shared words with the customers at the ale house, some tried to get a glimpse of the second in command. >> he is local. my sister is in wilmington and people see him at church, but this is different, we are here for the convention and this is exciting, just great. >> security for his visit clogged up traffic and stopped it completely at 13th street for a half hour. things went back to normal after the motorcade set off to its next stop. >> we have a lot of restaurants, just trying to get our tenants in to get into work. when something like this goes on they help us out. >> i heard complaints about traffic in philadelphia. but it's a walking city, we decided to leave the cabs and cars behind this week and get in our stroller and walk the city,
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the best way to see philadelphia any way. >> you know sara as you mentioned in just the matter of hours, the vice president is set to speak at the dnc along with other big names and for the most part people are more excited than frustrated. they hope there is not as much congestion as we saw in this area earlier. channel 6 "action news." >> janet thank you. as the dnc continues here, republican presidential nominee, donald trump, is spending time in florida. he is outside of miami at one of his golf courses this morning. he moves to scranton, pennsylvania. and he is knocking the democrats for not talking specifically about isis at the dnc. the protests have been mostly peaceful and they did arrest some people for jumping the fence at the dnc.
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we'll have more coming up. >> thank you sara. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast as we head live outside from sky 6 hd as we take a look at the wells fargo center south philadelphia, a mix of sun and clouds and hot temperatures sticking around and steamy conditions creeping back in as we head into day six of the heat wave, longest heat wave of the year meteorologist david murphy, is that right? >> it looks like day six and we are just away from that. east baltimore has a light shower that could make it to dover. a cold front, a stationary boundary to the south and along the front every now and then you see a blip of precipitation beginning to pop and this is all moving east and a chance we'll get south of philadelphia in particular. the best chance of that is well
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south of the city and likely dry and warm though. and eventually hot. 89 right now in the city. 88 in wilmington and 85 in allentown un85 degrees in cape may, and notice how the dew points, that depends on where you are. we are back down well into the 60s in philadelphia and that means only moderate humid air here up in allentown and wilmington. the farther south you go the higher the numbers get and the 70s and 82 is an indication of oppressive humidity hanging on in parts of south jersey and delaware. today's high is 91 off the record of 100, 74 is the overnight low, a little bit above average overnight tonight, this does look like an extension of the heat wave we need to add one more degree to get to the necessary 90. expecting a high of 91 could hit 92. this 91 nothing close to the beginning of the heat wave, monday really took the cake with
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that high humidity, giving us heat index values of 109, yesterday was much more comfortable and i expect today to be more comfortable as well with the 91. the heat wave is almost over and i'll that have story as well as transitional thunderstorms that will come up in the forecast as we transition to the more comfortable air. >> already thank you. a historic moment for philadelphia and the lgbt community. oscar winner dustin black dedicated the historic conference marker at the meeting house, where activists met in 1979 to organize a march on washington for lesbian and gay rights, leading to -- after the assassination of harvey milk, dustin black won the oscar for his buy onic on milk.
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the victim is shelton meric from lawnside, new jersey, police say he got into a fight with the suspect late sunday night, it spilled outside and police say he then shot and killed meric while getting into an suv. he is now charged with murder. much more to come on "action news" at noon, new information about the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan why he is being released from a mental hospital and under fire in the line of duty, two police officers run toward danger toward save a woman and her children. and we'll show you how bernie sanders spent his morning in philadelphia. when "action news" comes right back.
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we are back live at the wells fargo center the camera zooming in on the big stage as we count to appearances of the president and vice president tonight. we go to sara bloomquist joining us with how bernie sanders spent his morning in philadelphia after an exciting night last night. >> reporter: that is right,
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senator bernie sanders says he got a phone call after he took the symbolic step of declaring hillary clinton the winner of the delegate count last night. he met with his delegates from vermont and new hampshire, maine and rhode island. he is encouraging his supporters to run for office and fight for the same issues we pushed for during his primary campaign. a large group of sanders supers walked out of the dnc, they had a face-off with police, the secret service arrested four people now in federal custody. bob brooks live in center city. with more on the charges they are now facing. >> reporter: well, the secret service is not messing around during the convention, the people were quickly caught and arrested. they were charged with entering a restricted area and they will face a judge soon today. now, day three of the convention means day three of more
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protesting. this is city hall with kids activity going on behind us, i see some protesters but so far minus the four arrests, things have been pretty peaceful and that is what we have been looking for. i'll bring up video here, according to police there were eight organized protests with an estimated 5,000 people involved, you can hear some of that in the video, very passionate again and people behaving properly. of all of those people we heard a few citations were handed out. >> really the only black eye was later, we know that the four protesters jumped the fence at the wells fargo center, but again they did not make it far, secret service agents arrested them quickly and no access was made into the wells fargo center. and they are being handled accordingly. back out here live another look at city hall in center city. we heard of planned protesters
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happening here later and we'll check those things out. it's democracy at work and we ask anyone just do it in peaceful manner. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> all right bob thank you. a quick mention, musician lenny kravitz on the stage doing his sound check right now. watch our digital newscast, every night from the democratic national convention and our coverage continues around the clock at >> all right sara thank you. in other news, former philadelphia police commissioner, charles ramsey will step into the political spotlight and is set to speak on police issues on behalf of the men and women in blue. a timely appearance because shooting deaths of law enforcement officers have spiked 78% in the first half of 2016 compared to last year. the data is out today.
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and they found more ambush style assaults like the ones that killed officers in dallas and baton rouge and death from firearms are still lower than previous decades. new police body camera video shows danger officers face when they come under fire. those are gunshots being fired as an officer and his partner arrived at a home in florida on friday. they were called to the home after calls that the husband had a gun. the woman was found in the driveway with a shot to the leg. one officer draced her to the safety of a neighbor's home and the other exchanged fire with the suspect and the children ran out of the home and to the safety of the first officer, the husband was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder. his wife is expected to make a full recovery.
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a state of emergency is declared in southern california where a while fire charred 37,000 acres of land, nearly 3,000 firefighters are working to extinguish the so-called sand fire. and part of the massive blaze is burning in the angeles national forest. the governor declared a state of emergency yesterday to clear upstate resources in the fight and recovery. jerry brown is in philadelphia for the democratic national convention. still to come, there are millions of reasons to get the power ball ticket today. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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time is running out to get a ticket for the huge power ball drawing, at least $222 million will be up for grabs, it's drawing happens at 11:00 tonight. no one has won the grand prize since may 7th. you can see the winning numbers on "action news" at 11:00. and there may be a new reason to get the flu shot, researchers found it could help people with diabetes. people with type two diabetes
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had less of a chance for heart problems and stroke. the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. whether people are trying to beat the heat, the height of the summer season gives our local towns a boost. and the dog days of summer brought several straight days of heat and that means higher bills for air conditioning, today in what's the deal we have tips to save money while you keep your home cool. next is accuweather as we look live at sky 6 hd from the ben franklin bridge. david murphy has your seven-day forecast and hopefully word of relief. [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh...
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and you are taking a live look at rocker, lenny kravitz there at the wells fargo center. as the sound checks continue for tonight's d inch c activities. lenny will perform tonight. the star power continues, last night we heard alicia keys, lenny kravitz expected to perform sometime between president obama's speech and vice president joe biden's speech. back here how meteorologist, david murphy is a rocker himself. >> oh really. >> he has a rocking chair goes like this -- >> back in the day rick. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you that we are basically dry across the region and there is satellite showing you the cloud cover moving through and most of the clouds are south of philadelphia in the city itself. pretty bright. lets look outside. we are looking at philadelphia international airport and there you see all of that nice, bright
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sunshine building in and it's warm across the region. we are in the process of warming up and getting into the 90s before too much longer, as we get into early to mid-afternoon. and we are getting heat wave day number six. although technically now we are still at 89 degrees. nice bright sunshine and if you have plans to be out and about you will want to keep the sunglasses handy. see if we can't get the computer to load up here. the dew point up there at 65 degrees, that is a little bit better over the last couple of days. moderate humidity. wins from the southeast at 6 miles per hour. 86 in trenton and 88 in wilmington and 84 in cape may and 85 in allentown. the farther south you go through the region the more humid it is. that is also where we might see
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a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. the latest model run at 3:00 has something linger in atlantic city. and down around millville and points from a.c. south this afternoon. by the time we get into the late afternoon and evening hours, there is a chance that it all drys up. spotty activity down south, lehigh valley is hot and not humid and lots of sun, 92 is the high there with humidity levels there feeling good up north. at the shore humid and oppressively humid, the farther south we go. 84 degrees and you can dip your toes in the water, feeling good in the ocean, 91 is the high today in philadelphia, might even hit 92 or 93 in urban centers, sun mixing with clouds and winds from the northeast at 6 to 12 miles per hour overall. for the evening commute, it's air conditioning weather, 85 by 5:00 and 84 by 6:00, still holding on to the mid-80s by
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7:00 and dry in and around philadelphia. as we go later into the evening, 10:00, 79 and 11:00, 77, if you have plans to be out on the town are you looking at mid-70s as we step out after all the speeches are done tonight. 81 is the high and sun and hot and more humid everywhere on thursday, and 93 and a late day thunderstorm is possible and evening thunderstorm could be strong too. friday things change for the better out of the 90s and a high of just 85, that marks the end of the heat wave, it will still be warm and muggy with a shower or thunderstorm. still humid with a spotty late thunderstorm for the union on sunday and getting more comfortable monday and tuesday. >> quick break and more news and more coverage from the dnc when we come right back.
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