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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 29, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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their homes and this is the faces of some of the newest teachers hired in philadelphia as the school district reaches a very important goal. now the details 41 people are dead and hundreds of others are being treated for their wounds after suicide attackers struck a busy airport in istanbul. the government blames an attack by islamic extremists, we know that three attackers arrived at the airport by taxi, one fired shots at police and at least three bombs were detonated. cell phone video shows when one bomb went off and another shows panicked passengers running out of the terminal. in the meantime, president barack obama called turkey's president to give his condolences about the loss of life. people inside of the airport at the time of the bombings describe the chaos of the gun fire and bombs and carnage.
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here is the latest from witnesses and the investigation. >> first gun fire and then explosions ripped through istanbul's airport. a fire ball as one attacker detonated inside of the terminal. here in what appears to be video posted on the internet. >> we ran the other way and then bombs went off and we ran the other way and there was more shooting. >> chaos and running towards safety. >> we were running towards the passenger area, where they disembark the plane, people were running towards us yelling bomb, yelling explosions and gun fire. a chaotic scene people falling on the ground screaming, obviously nobody sure what is going on. >> bodies rushed to the hospital at one of the busiest airports in the world at one of the busiest travel times. the triple suicide bomb attack
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killing at least 41 and injuring more than 200, the second attack in istanbul, the eighth in the last year. but this time a vie vally target, the country's main international airport. hitting western tourists and hurting an already faultering economy. and the prime minister saying all signs point to isis and if isis is behind the attack that is the direct hit on the main hub that allows foreign fighters to travel from europe to syria to fight for the islamic state. >> our coverage of the attacks in turkey continues online at there you can find the late effort updates and view images from the scene and read reaction from local turkish americans living in philadelphia. a cab drivers quick thinking plus the help of a good
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samaritan likely saved his life. juan was stabbed several times as a passenger tried to rob him. he crashed his car into a camden apartment complex on purpose to draw attention to the situation and a good sue marathon drove him to the hospital. now to the accuweather forecast, it's feeling comfortable outside today with a break in the humidity. and accuweather says we can expect nice weather over the next several days. david murphy is live with the details. >> sunscreen and cool drinks and things are improving. you can see there is not a whole lot of cloud cover around as the storm system from last night cleared out. now we have additional cloud cover from williamsport and allentown and in the northern reaches in philadelphia we may see a few more clouds popping up in the afternoon and evening,
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and at the same time, there is a nice little flow of air from the northwest and that is bringing in drier air as we speak in fact. it is warm in philadelphia, only 77 down the pike in washington and 78 in new york city, of course in d.c., there are a few more clouds and the humidity is still more of a factor, 60 is your current dew point in philadelphia and washington is improving a bit as well. some areas along the southern coast in cape may county and towards delaware, you see the dark shade of green, that indicates the humidity is higher there and the dew points are higher and the drier air coming down should improve things even down at the shore. your high temperature is 85, right around average, the overnight low a comfortable 66. close to average. and the 85 will probably hit around 3:00 and still be on it close to 4:00 and by 8:00 we are still holding ton 80 degrees, it's going to be a while before this warm and we are building
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today subsides, it looks like 2:00 in the morning we are back in the 60s and tomorrow morning should be relatively cool and comfortable, the numbers for philadelphia the overnight low in suburbs could go to the 60s and 50s in spots. we'll talk about another nice one tomorrow and an uptick in humidity. but looking mainly okay for the holiday weekend. we'll have all the details coming up. >> thank you. you can get a check of the forecast any time at, there you can get the latest information and an hour by hour forecast and ask your weather questions to our team of meteorologist, using twitter and facebook. road closures are still in effect right now, after a philadelphia trash truck crash nood a street like pole overturned. chopper 6 hd was over the scene on east hunting park in juniata park, we don't know if anyone was hurt in this crash, it
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remains closed on k street. one person suffered serious burns in a fire in philadelphia's german town section this morning. this was the scene just before 4:00 a.m. the person living inside of home was rescued from the roof. it's not clear how the fire started. philadelphia police are investigating an armed robbery and carjacking in the olney section, the attack happened on june 6th, this is the picture of the suspect just released today. authorities say this person walked up to a man that walked out of the christian express store on the 5200 block of north 5th street and the suspect pulled out a gun and forced the man into his own car and forced him to drive to his own home and once there he ransacked the house and took money and electronics and the victim's car. school may be out for the summer but the philadelphia
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school district is hard at work filling teacher vacancies, this morning at roxborough high school, superintendant, william hite delivered great news. they reached 99% of their hiring goal. the new hires include district graduates eager to get to work in their neighborhoods. >> i am so excited about becoming a philadelphia school district teacher and honored to teach where i attended school, that is a good thing for students who actually sat in those same seats they will be sitting in. >> the district was looking for 800 new teacher. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a concert with big name performancers is set to celebrate the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. details on the show going on in
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camden. and a migrant ship that sank was found in the mediterranean.
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at least one person was killed in an explosion in ontario, canada, the blast leveled one home and the debris damaged one more. the fire chief says that it will be a while before they can return again. and firefighters continue to battle wild fires in two states this noon. at least 100 homes in california are evacuated east of sacramento, it's difficult for firefighters who are also dealing with triple digit heat. and in central arizona, firefighters are extending fire lines around a blaze that forced evacuations and intermittent closures of a major interstate. no injuries are reported . italian officials say they have recovered the migrant ship that sank off the coast of cecily last year. it was found more than 1,000
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feet in the ocean. only 28 people survived. the wreckage will be taken back to land so forensic experts can identify the victims. to the race for the white house now. a new poll shows who americans think is the best to handle the fight against terrorism. and president obama is addressing the issue today as he meets with north america leaders in canada. megan hughes joins us live from washington with more. >> reporter: good afternoon, president obama spoke just within the past hour, he is reaffirming his commitment to turkey, nato and the fight against the islamic state. president obama is in ottawa, canada, meeting with leaders. and donald trump is quick to seize the moment. >> it's bad and we better get smart and we better get tough or
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we won't have much of a country left, okay. >> trump in the battleground state of ohio reacting to the terror attack that killed 41 people. >> we have to take care of the isis situation, they are spreading like wild fire. >> though hillary clinton appeared publically she did not mention the attack at all. >> lets see what we will do to create more opportunities for you and your children and grandchildren. >> instead she released a statement, this strengthens our resolve to defeat terrorism. the latest washington poll shows she recently moved ahead of trump. perhaps in her response to the orlando attacks. >> not one of donald trump reckless ideas would have saved a single life in orlando. >> hillary clinton backing gun control and trump for
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immigration. >> we have an enemy that is chopping off people's heads -- >> reporter: and donald trump may hit this issue again as he is rallying voters in maine this afternoon. hillary clinton is off the trail today, she is fundraising in california. in washington, megan hughes, channel 6 "action news." >> megan, thank you. we are less than four weeks and counting to the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. camden will share the events final night as a concert billed as one of the biggest in convention history. lady gaga and jazzy jeff will highlight the show. the show will highlight the transformation and development of camden. tickets will be by invitation only. and an 8-year-old michigan boy loves american history so
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much he is selling it. gabe opened a stand in his front yard to school the neighborhood kids. he charges 25 cents to share historical tidbits to share topics about the civil war and american presidents and plans to donate the money he makes to charity. still to come another check of your forecast, stepping live outside the sky 6 hd showing you the platt bridge.
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children around the region are off to summer camp or overnight camp in the mountains, there are things people can keep in mind. tamala edwards has the details in kids health matters.
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summer camp used to be for the lucky few but in careers and single parent families that is where more kids spend their summer days. >> it's a great time for children to try new activities or try something they can't do every day. >> dr. everly says that camps can we be an important time for growth. they try to engage the child's whole brain and some could open the door for a new hobby or career. >> it's time for children to find their voice and figured out what they like or nevada thought they would like. >> parents should be sure about safety. if they get too or from camp by van or bus, what about the driver. >> are there seatbelts on the bus? >> and sunscreen is a must but should they bring enough? and who makes sure it's apried every two hours and epee pens
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for allergies and bee stings. and what about medication, and if a child gets hurt. >> how soon do they get medical attention. >> and prolonged behaviors like crying and sleeping or not eating could signal something more. >> even a confident kid may not realize on the first night they are sleeping there and their parents are not there and you can't just go back home. >> dr. everly says that role playing can prepare them and help you know they are ready for summer adventures. tamala edwards, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a nice day building across the region, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us we are precipitation free and lots of sunshine out there including outside of the betsy ross house. haven't been down there in a long time. have to take another visit to the betsy ross house, my wife
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and i love history and we go around every once in a while and see stuff because it's so cool. thursday is going to be great low humidity and lots of sun and friday getting back into an unsettled pattern with a shower around and thunderstorms, your temperature is 81 degrees and dew point at 60. a big improvement than where we were at dawn. winds are out of the west northwest at 8 miles per hour. areas south of philadelphia, extreme south jersey and cape may and delaware it feels sticky but i think you'll get better over the next several hours. we'll keep our eyes on this area of cloud cover, that is rotating around an area of low pressure in canada. it's producing light showers in new york state and not out of the question that a couple of those pop through the poconos later on and hopefully they stay north of the lehigh valley. and they stay dry and fairly bright. 85 in philadelphia and 84 in
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wilmington and 83 in allentown and 84 in millville. 78 in cape may, somewhere in the 76 to 78 degree range is what you'll see in most coastal communities and surf city may stop at 75. back up to 70 in the ocean water, a low risk of rip currents but as always you need to stay near the lifeguard. 71 in the water off rehoboth beach and upper 70s there and humidity dropping a bit as we go through the afternoon. in terms of your temperatures, 84 by 2:00 and same thing at 4:00 and the high hits at 3:00, 3:30, and 6:00 pretty warm, 82 degrees and humidity continuing to drop through this period and by 10:00, a comfortable 74 degrees, if you are headed to talenenergy stadium. they made it to the finals last year and i went to the games and it was disappointing because we lost. but 81 for the start and 76 for
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the finish. win or lose a nice weather wise night to be there watching the union. 87 is the thursday high and sun and low humidity but on friday the warm front creeps up from the south on friday and kicks more hupt in and clouds and sun and spotty showers and thunderstorms also part of the package on friday. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 85 today dropping humidity and sunny and warm tomorrow and 87 and clouds and sun and humid on friday and clouds and a thunderstorm around and there say possibility of a saturday morning shower lingering early, we transition to a mostly nice afternoon and sunny and 88 degrees and lower humidity, sunny and warm on monday and 86 and another pleasant day and monday looks comfortable with a high of 86, there will probably be a few more clouds around and we are concerned about a southern storm system that is popping up on some model that would get close
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enough to threaten southern regions with rain, that is a ways off so today we'll play the 4th of july being good with sunny skies. >> we'll take the go away option. >> like that myself. topping the people scene, caitlyn jenner's first "sports illustrated" cover is on stands today. posing with the gold medal she won in 1976 during the olympic games. she had a complicated relationship with the medal keeping in drawers and never on display. bruce after a decathlon win in 1976. sunday night's lineup of game show remakes including pyramid and celebrity family feud and match game are a huge hit.
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they were on the ten most programs watched it week. watch it here on 6 abc. from actors and actresses more people in hollywood are getting names on the walk of fame including amy adams, goldie hawn, dwayne, the rock johnson and ice cube.
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>> final check of the forecast. meteorologist, david murphy. >> all right as we look outside, we have warm numbers out there. up in the northern and western suburbs, the humidity has done a nice job of dropping, low to mid-80s and i-95 corridor low to mid-80s and humidity is
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dropping. the farther south you go, sea isle city and cape may and dover the more humid it is, but i think the humidity drops there. and highs on the beach today in the 70s. >> thank you david. finally this noon, a tale of 700 corgis, they took over ocean beach in san francisco to have corgi con. everyone gathered for a big group photo and this event starts years ago and people come from all across the country to attend. the next corgi-con, is coming newspaper october. and now stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, a new development coming up in the jerry sandusky scandal. why the ncaa wants to question two men that accused the former coach of abuse. and what is expected to be the busiest 4th of july on record. and something could happen in
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connection with the spike in gas prices, we'll break down what you need to know coming up for the holiday weekend. don't forget to join us later on "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. get out there and enjoy it.
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