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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  June 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> thank you so much for waking up with us, it is saturday, june 25. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," a man is in jail after a folcroft police officer is shot in the line of duty. police say the suspect is no stranger to the law. plus, fallout continues after britain votes to leave the eu.
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we'll tell you what the historic vote to mean for the uk. a delegate for the rnc heads to court to avoid voting for trump trump. >> david murphy is here, because chris christie tied the knot last night. >> reporter: we were there last night. a bunch of of us were there too. >> it was late, too. >> reporter: congratulations to chris and laurie. sky6 live hd cape may, it's going to be busy on the beach in cape may. the first week of summer, actually. good conditions out there. satellite showing low-lying cloud cover well over south jersey and back up into philadelphia, less than that in the northern and western suburbs. dry air will be the case as we go into the rest of the morning
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and afternoon and right now temperatures not bad, 65 degrees, a little bit on the muggy side out there, but things improve as the clouds kick out and we get drier air rolling in. 66 in reading. 65 in philadelphia currently. down the shore, 65 in cape may on up the coast to ac. here the dewpoints we're looking at the numbers above the 60-degree threshhold what we would consider humid, so a little bit muggy if you're working out. as we roll through the day, 87 degrees, a fair amount of sunshine, humidity lowering. what about your sunday and the next workweek? we'll cover that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for now, though, it's slightly muggy and getting better as we go through the day. >> we want to begin with breaking news in atlantic county new jersey, state police dive teams pulled two people from
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mashy waters on the garden state parkway. a driver lost control and plummeted off the mullica bridge in port republic. it took three hours to pull the victims out. one person has died. one is in critical an. stay with "action news" and for latest developments on this story. philadelphia police are investigating after a teenager was shot in the back. the 17-year-old ran to the 1900 block of rowan street in the city's tioga nicetown section of the city saying he would been shot. police rushed him to the hospital. he was last listed in critical condition. no word about a motive. a career criminal charged with the ambush of officer christopher dorman is back in jail this morning. bail has been set for donte island. s.w.a.t teams and fbi agents surrounded him not far from where island reportedly
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confronted the folcroft plifort -- police officer yesterday morning. the officer was responding to drug activity. island shot at another police vehicle and missed. the windows were shot out and the bullets remain in the headrest of the passenger seat. >> i'm shot in the face shots fired, shots fired. >> i'm shot, i'm shot, i'm shot. >> i heard shots, pow pow pow pow, i'm like oh, my god, somebody is shooting. >> this pictures shows officer dorman aweak and smiling. his brother in blue took part in a vigil outside collingdale police department.
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jeff chirico was there. >> reporter: clergy, city and police held hands a show of support for christopher dorman who was fighting for his life who took bullets in the line of duty. >> he is one of the men and women who risk their lives to be a peacemaker among us. >> reporter: police say christopher dorman was attacked responding to a call near an apartment complex. he was alert and conscience police chief said the bullet proof vest saved his life. >> the doctor said any one of the rounds in his vest could have been fatal. >> reporter: the 25-year-old joined the fire department when he was 16 and attained his dream of becoming a borough cop last
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june. district attorney jack what whan knows the family personally. >> i worked with him, his father is a former councilman in folcroft borough. it's ashame that the officer and his family have to go through. he is a good guy, great sense of humor and something like that has to happen. >> reporter: christopher dorman underwent two surgeries, including one to address the gunshot wound to his face. friends say he was talking and joking and worried about making it to his next shift. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> thoughts and prayers go out to the officer and his family. we alert you for updates as they happen with the 6abc app. we brought you pictures and video from the scene stay with us for developments on the story
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and following the "action news" team on social media for constant updates. the mother of a 4-year-old girl who accidentally shot herself inside a north philadelphia home is facing charges. this is video of the scene on thursday, she is charged with third degree murder. there's an arrest warrant out for her boyfriend demetrius williams facing involuntary manslaughter charges. the little girl found the gun in the closet anticipate shot herself in the eye. -- and shot health in the eye. united kingdom stunned the world voting to leave the european using. >> reporter: two trillion dollars were lost in global markets after the british decision to leave the eu.
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shock waves foretold by prime minister david cameron who hass. >> i'm confident that the uk will have an orderly transition out of the eu. >> reporter: the new york stock exchange started tumbling as it opened. ecchoing the free fall throughout the global markets. donald trump in scotland. >> i think people really see a big parallel, a lot of people are talking about that, not only the united states, but other countries. people want to take their country back. >> reporter: the hillary clinton campaign firing back in a new ad using trump's own words against him. >> are you traveling with any of your foreign policy advisers? >> reporter: the european ambassador to the u.s. said it's
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like a family breaking up. >> we respect their decision and there will be hard decisions about what the new relationship looks like. >> reporter: this is a divorce between the eu and the uk. like a divorce it has the potential to be protracted and messy. now that the brits have voted to leave, we hear that the eu wants them out soon as possible. president obama is on the campaign trail for fellow democrats. president obama claims presumptive nominee donald trump is promoting policy that divide americans rather than unite them. >> we don't have time for charlie -- char charlotte elizabeth bigotry and hatred and and popping off
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and saying what's coming out of our head. a republican delegate is suing to not vote for trump. chris cornell must vote for trump at the republican national convention. cornell is suing virginia election officials who says trump is unfit for president and a vote for him violates his freedom speech. >> much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. caught on camera, a septa driver jumps into a action to stop a thief who snatched a woman's purse. the newest sixers weighs in on his future in philadelphia.
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hear from ben simmons. >> reporter: i'm excited about that pick. in the poconos, sunny and nice, delightful with low humidity, more of the same on sunday with a high of 81. we'll have more on the 2 day call for the shore and the city in the seven day.
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all right folks glad you stayed with us, it is 6:13, group of college kids are credited with
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finding artifacts from a lost civilization is that dates back to the 1100s. bugged archeologieses have 97 bags to sort through once they return to campus. that's impressive. so glad you stayed with us, you may see a change here, meteorologist david murphy is standing in for chris christie who got hitch yesterday. beautiful bride and great family. >> reporter: the family was great. storm tracker 6 live showing we are dry, chris and laurie after a great night sleeping in this s morning, they will have a nice day to wake up to and so will everybody else. we have sunshine breaking through the clouds. that will be the trend this morning. eventually we'll wind up mostly sunny. 65 degrees in philadelphia. 65 in wilmington, 66 in trenton. 61 in allentown. 62 in reading, 66 in millville.
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mid 60s down the shore. it might feel a tad humid as you start out and charge into your morning exercise routine. the humidity should lower through the morning into the afternoon. we'll see plenty of sunshine. these clouds will kick around for a little bit this morning, but overall we're looking at a fairly bright one. lehigh valley, 87 degrees, mostly sunny, humid, not that bad up north. 85 is the high in philadelphia. not very humid as we move through the afternoon. the humidity will drop a bit. winds out of the southeast at 7 to 14 miles per hour. tonight we have the philadelphia union at home against the whitecaps looks like it's going to be a great night for soccer, mainly clear low humidity, 80 at the start of the match at 7:00, 73 degrees at 9:30 as you're filing out of talen energy stadium. if you're out for dinner and
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movie. nice and clear. the entire weekend is looking good, actually. high of 88 tomorrow, weekend warmth continues. high pressure continues off to the northeast of us, it doesn't look like it will get all that humid. warm the next couple of days, sunscreen important, cool drinks. if you're out exerting yourself or hanging around at a barbecue you'll not be dealing with high humiditiment as for the shore, 65 in the water, cool you can get your toes and angles in. we'll warn you to swim near the lifeguards because there's a moderate risk of rip currents. saturday, 77 degrees, sunny and breeze. sunday, sunshine, getting up to 78 on the water, so a great first weekend of summer down the shore, good for you, if you have plans to get on down there. remember if you get caught in the rip currents this is good all summer long and all times, you get caught in this it's a
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thin ribbon of water moving away from the ocean. swim parallel to the beach north or south, you'll swim away from the current. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows a high of 87 degrees, sunny and warm today, nice night for union soccer. mostly sunny, warm sunday, 88. monday, 86 degrees, it's humid. chance of shower or thunderstorm late in the day or evening. muggy and thunderstorm around on tuesday, 835. wednesday, humidity drops if we see a shower early, looks like a nice night for union soccer it's the u.s. cup, 84 is the high there. thursday, more comfortable, 86 degrees, warm, certainly, and clouds and sun on friday, maybe a little bit stickier and again a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. i have tickets to the phillies,
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i hope the thunderstorms miss us. >> 6:18. a septa bus driver is being praised for his horrific efforts monday morning, it began with a man approaching a woman at 29th and girard and snatching a woman's purse, when the man ran away, the bus driver jumped into action and managed to get the purse back. "action news" caught up with the heroic driver. >> i'm happy everything turned out. i'm safe she got her pocketbook back and everything is great. >> thank you, sir, two other passengers jumped into help. police showed up and arrested the suspect. he has been with septa for 28 years. he said the victim was very thankful for his help. welcome back everybody,
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thank you for waking up with us saturday morning, 6:21, 6 are 5 degrees, sky6 live hd giving you this glimpse over the platt bridge. meteorologist david murphy in for chris sowers, if you have plans the weather will cooperate. if you have ever wanted to indulge in your favorite girl scout cookies all year around, now you can. the girl scouts are teaming up with pillsbury with this cupcake
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mix. it's cheaper than the cookies, they are available at the grocery stores across the country. if you bought tickets from ticket master in the last 17 years, you might want to check your account because you can be in for a free ticket after a class action lawsuit. 50 million people will get the vouchers they will expire in four years. many ebook readers are in for a refund part of a 4 hn million dollar an -- 400 million-dollar antitrust lawsuit, amazon and apple are accused in participating in alleged price-fixing scheme. if you bought an ebook from those companies between april of 2010 and may of 2012 you're he eligible for a refund.
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you will receive a credit in your bee book account or receive a check in the mail.
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>> reporter: the precipitation is well to the south as we have an area of high pressure in control. that's going to be the dominant weather feature today and tomorrow. that will bring us sunshine. down the shore, 77 degrees, sunny and breezy today. plenty of sunshine tomorrow with a high around 78. mid 60s in the water. do swim next to the lifeguards, though, because there's a moderate risk of rip currents. up in the poconos, lots of sunshine today and tomorrow. today's high, 79 degrees low humidity, 81 on sunday, warm bright and pleasant. upper 80s in philadelphia. sunscreen, cool drinks. you should be able to get out and about and get all your fun
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stuff done. >> 6:25. in sports, the sixers top brass is speaking out about number one draft pick ben simmons and new face joins the flyers. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: pressure? no, no big deal that's the attitude of ben simmons, the new face of the franchise said he is not overwhelmed with the big expectations being the number one overall pick. welcome to philadelphia. here's simmons holding up his sixers jersey. simmons says he is ready to get to work and do something special. but the sixer it is don't want to put the weight of the franchise on his shoulders. >> reporter: think of the pressure of being the number one pick here. >> some call it pressure, it's about work with myself and
6:27 am
teammates. i'm looking forward getting to work. >> any young player coming into the game is going to feel that, we'll spread that as much as we can across the entire team, so it's not just on ben's shoulders to bear that weight. >> i thinkess ready for it -- i think he is ready for it. he's had the stage, the limelight for a long time. >> simm no, -- no, he didn't t drafted, but it didn't take long foryan finds a new home in an anthony 0 -- san antonio. ryan hextall has talked about being patient.
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instead of moving up in the nhl draft he moves back to add depth. they swap first round with winnipeg. they picked up a second rounder. 22 overall they flyers draft russian center who is only 17 careers old. you thought ben simmons was young. he is a much-needed goal scorer. nhl draft continues in buffalo. that's sports i'm jeff skeverski. >> phillies open in san francisco, both teams going in opposite directions. giants rallied scoring 4 off the phillies bullpen. phils scalder 3 late, but -- scored 3 late, but lost 5-4. the series continues tonight. we've got much more "action
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news" coming you're way in just a bit. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle,
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great rates for great rides. >> happening right now on "action news," bracing -- breaking news, one person is dead and another fiergt for his lie -- fighting for his life after a car plunges off the garden state parkway.
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a s.w.a.t team is called in after a man barricades himself in a home in point breeze. david murphy has the pleasure of waking up really early this morning he is in for chris. >> reporter: i slept in normally we are an hour earlier on weekdays. we were at chris christie wedding last night it was fantastic. he has the next couple of weekends off, so you'll see me and karen rogers. we have cloudy skies sky6 live hd over the region. we have bit of sunshine breaking through, as you look at satellite that will be the pattern. there's a lot of clear skies off to the north. a component to the wind that's clearing up early. 67 degrees in philadelphia. the numbers are starting to come up a little bit. 61, cool in allentown. 67 in trenton. 64 in wilmington. 65 for the early morning stroll on the boardwalk in cape may.
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and similar numbers in other shore communities this morning. dewpoint is running above the 60-degree mark. if you start to work out in the places where you see the 60s you'll sweat a little bit. we expect the humidity to drop as we go through the morning and afternoon. 67 degrees by 7:00 a.m., 77 by 10:00 a.m. noon, 83 degrees, it's going to be warm this afternoon, cool drinks important and sunscreen. mostly sunny, high of 87 degrees at about 3:00 p.m. the humidity will be down for the first full weekend of summer, today and tomorrow, both looking pretty good. we'll have the complete call for the weekend and next week's workweek in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you so much. we begin with the breaking news in atlantic county, new jersey, state police and dive teams pulled two people from mashy waters off the garden state -- marshy waters off the garden state parkway. a driver lost control and plummeted off the bridge in port
6:33 am
republic at 1:30 a.m. it took three hours to pull the victims out. one person is dead this morning. stay with "action news" and for updates. we're following a stabbing investigate in delaware county. upper darby police searched an alley on terminal square. they found the stabbing victim in the area late last night. the person was rushed to the hospital listed in critical condition. so far no word on the arrest or what led to the attack. new this morning, a barricade situation ended with the police take ago man into custody. the action cam on the scene in point breeze section. police responded to a domestic call around 3:00 a.m. a woman was injured. the man refused to come out. after an hour of negotiations swat members went inside and took the man into custody. 6:33 a.m. this morning a folcroft police officer remains in the hospital after being shot seven tiesms on
6:34 am
the job. -- times on the job. the alleged shooter is in jail shot with attempted murder. "action news" was given this exclusive picture of christopher dorman awake and smiling in his hospital room. he was shot looking into drug activity. dann cuellar has more. >> reporter: donte island, aka, abdul wahi, authorities say he is the man who shot and struck christopher dorman and fired and missed at another officer arriving in the police vehicle. the exclusive "action news" video shows the windows blown out and bullets lodged in the passenger seat. christopher dorman road in he had been shot. >> i'm shot in the face. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> i'm shot, i'm shot, i'm
6:35 am
shot. >> we heard pow pow pow pow pow, i am like southbound is shooting. came out the door, cops i said they just shot a cop. it's all this drug activity going on. >> reporter: christopher dorman was shot in the face, four times in the chest, once in the groin and once in the leg. >> it's and believable he is alive. a largetingent of swat officers swarmed the area. a manhunt for abdul wahi was underway. they found him hiding out in an apartment. a gun was recovered. residents applauded when he was arrested. >> we are applauding because they got somebody bad off the streets. if he is going to shoot at a cop. he is going to shoot at innocent bystanders and i live right there. >> reporter: for this small community of folcroft officer
6:36 am
christopher dorman was the first one shot in the line of duty. >> we want to keep this officer in your prayers as well as his family. >> to have an officer injured like this, never. you know it's a wake up call for these small towns. >> reporter: turns out 25-year-old christopher dorman was not supposed to be working he was filling in for somebody else. he was days away from will yourg if he was going to be hired as a septa police officer. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> we are learning more about christopher dorman we know he has been in public service since the age of 16 when he joined the folcroft fire department as a volunteer. he became a folcroft police officer a year ago. >> he is one of the men and women who stand up bravely everyday to risk their lives to be a peacemaker among us. >> comes from a great family i
6:37 am
know his mother and father, i work with him. his father is a former councilman in folcroft borough. >> officer's vest deflected several shots that could have been life threatening. we've alerted you of updates from the 6abc app and brought you photos and video from the scene. stay with us for developments on the story and follow us on social media for constant updates. 6:37 from our new jersey newsroom. trenton police are investigating a trip shooting. two victims have serious injuries. chopper 6 hd was over the unit block of winder avenue as police searched the scene. no arrest or word on the moib for the shooting -- on the motive for the shooting. the number of dead is climbing in west virginia. 9 inches of rain has steroid or
6:38 am
damaged 100 homes. 200 national guardsmen are working in 8 counties helping local crews. hundreds of shoppers had to be lord to safety when floods washed away the roads leading to an area mall. >> you don't realize how dangerous the water is. it's wicked going downstream so fast, pulling refridge rater, trees and -- refrigerator and trees and pole. >> local leaders hope a dry weekend will help the situation, but more downpours are forecasted for monday. fbi now says it has not turned up any credible evidence that the gunman in the orlando massacre was gay or pursuing gay relationships. federal officials have been looking into the background of the suspect, omar mateen after he opened fire in the pulse nightclub in orlando florida.
6:39 am
some men say omar mateen reached out to them on gay dating apps. fbi sailed after 500 interviews it does not appear to be the case. fbi said the gunman was radicalized before the attack, but acting alone. there's much more to come on "action news," the summer blockbuster season is here. and independence day is back with another installment. we have a preview for you ahead. looking to infuse a rustic look in your kitchen without breaking banks. we have tips. live look over atlantic city, "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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waking up with us. as we've been mentioning all morning long, chris sowers is a married man. they tied the knot last night. they had to be ready for their first dance. melissa magee has that. >> reporter: did you want to get started? couples have been learning to take steps since 1949. chris and laurie started taking
6:43 am
lessons 6 months ago. with shows like "dancing with the stars," more and more couples want to up their game. >> do you wants to lean in and give her a kiss? >> reporter: when it comes to the bridal dance the pressure is on. this is the only time we'll have our first dance. i wanted to do something memorable. >> you want to put on a little show. >> reporter: when chris and laurie started lessons, they had a song. >> we picked moon river, but no moves to go with it. >> reporter: in the beginning. >> i was period of petrified. >> reporter: but with a half dozen lessons under their belts. >> i feel good. we're ready. >> reporter: as it turns out they were ready.
6:44 am
>> i was looking at chris last night, i was like he is really good. >> reporter: it was the best dance i have ever seen a couple do. >> he did not drop her. >> reporter: he did a really good job. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry starting out your weekend saturday morning in good shape. as we take a look outside, a little bit of cloud cover around. the sun is beginning to break through the clouds as expected. we expect the clouds to get on out of here and winds up with mostly sunny conditions. 67 degrees as you get out of the door. dewpoint has been hovering in the low 60s, i don't think this is a big deal if you're going for a light stroll. but if you're working out you'll feel the humidity at least to a degree. winds out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. cloud cover hanging around over southern new jersey and back toward philadelphia. it will be be breaking up and
6:45 am
we'll get all the dry conditions north and west. look for sunny skies overall. 69 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 77 by 10:00 a.m. it gets warm this afternoon 83 by noon, high of 87 by 3:00 p.m. humidity levels will drop as we go through the day, it will be warm. you'll want cool drinks if you're out and about, especially exerting yourself, humidity will get lower, overall not a bad opening weekend summer 2016 day. this is the first weekend of summer. 87 degrees in philadelphia. that's the high this afternoon. 85 in wilmington, 86 in trenton, a little bit warmer up north and west. 89 degrees in allentown. in spots like ready -- reading we might hit 90. center city might get close to the 90-degree mark at least for a brief period this afternoon. 83 in dover. down the shore, looks like highs on or about 77 degrees on the beach. going in closer, might be cooler
6:46 am
than that in surf city and beach haven. 65 in the ocean off the south jersey communities. keep in mind there's a moderate risk of rip currents and strong sea breeze buildings in later on. ocean temperature getting good off rehoboth beach, swim near the lifeguards and heed their warnings in case there's a i rip current. for the union, we have van -- vancouver in town, a tough team. that ends at 9:30, low humidity, comfortable tonight. the rest of the weekend high pressure is going to be drifting slowly past us and pushing into new england. that's going to keep us sunny and dry and comfortable tomorrow, high of 88 degrees. to boot the pollen count is behaving itself, low, grasses
6:47 am
among the irritants. not a lot of spores. 87 today, great for the union. mostly sunny tomorrow, 88 degrees is the high. humidity on the low side. sticky on monday, 86. clouds and sun and chance of late thunderstorms. better chance of storms popping up tuesday afternoon and evening. muggy conditions, high of 85 degrees. feeling like summer the rest of the week, 84 on wednesday, 86 on thursday, another 86 on friday. could be a pop-up thunderstorm around on friday, as well. we'll see about that. >> a perfect weekend for a wedding. >> reporter: yes, it was. >> thank you, david so much. i would like to reminds you you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at
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great morning on this saturday, 6:49, 67 degrees out there. meteorologist david murphy in for chris sowers tracking the forecast for you. this is a live look, sky6 live hd giving you a look at the temple university courts there. we hope you're having a great morning. memory winner brian cranston will play the mighty jordon in the power rangers reboot. it's based on only the power rangers franchise which started with the popular tv show in the 1990s. it is expected to hit theaters next march. aspiring screen writers can learn from one of the best. oscar winner aaron sorkin will have an online master class, topic be range from dialogue to story pasting to plot and
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character development. he is known for social network and money ball and newsroom and west wing. matthew mcconaughey is back on the big screen in a civil war drama and earth fights off an another alien invasion. here's matt o'donnell. >> reporter: the summer box office is heating up with an alien attack. independence day resurgence is a along awaited sequel to the first film. >> tell me how much you miss me. >> you know how much i miss you. >> i can't believe it's 20 years. >> it's been 20 years since the 4th of july invasion, in light of that attack. united nations has created afternoon earth space defense using technology salvaged from the remains of the alien forces. mars and area 51 is a space
6:52 am
defense headquarters. however, the alliens got out a distress signal before their defeat and aliens in deep space have a larger and bigger battle fleet and threatening the human race once more. the shallows might have you thinking twice before getting into the water. >> i've been planning this for nine months ago. >> blake lively stars as nancy attacked by a great white shark while surfing near a secluded beach. her sure -- survival turns into the ultimate contest of wills. >> you may think that is that's the end of the story. it's only the beginning. >> from this day forward, we
6:53 am
declare the land north of the swamp and south of enterprise and alabama border be a free state of jones. matthew mcconaughey joins forces with other farmers and group of slaves, efforts to secede jones county for the free state of jones. he establishes a mixed race community that was unique in the post war south. that's what new at the movies. for channel 6 "action news" i'm matt o'donnell.
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closest rain is well to the south. the dominant weather feature around here today and tomorrow is an area ever high pressure that is around. creek we're looking at sunshine this weekend today and tomorrow. down the shore not bad, 77 degrees, that's the call, sunny and breezy. sunshine, high of 7878 there's a moderate risk rip currents. if you're going if the water, make sure you're near the lifeguard stand. bright sunshine, today low humidity. tomorrow, low humidity again high of 81. nice one today, especially up in the poconos and down the shore. >> 6:56 if you want to add a russic feel to your kitchen, the
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designers at live well network knock it off show you how to make an authentic farmhouse table. >> reporter: a authentic farmhouse table can be expensive. we'll show you how to make it. we have a sub frame and, we have the base and the sub frame and the nice pine that will go on the top. next cut the pine planks down to size and secure them to the frame underneath so you can't see the screws, attach the apron to the edge of the table and now you're ready for stage two. >> reporter: it's too shiny and new, we want it to look like it was around for a long time. using can chains and nails and elbow grease and let it go.
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50 years of character. add the stain an you're done. a high end table like this runs up to $3,000. we did it our way for only 100 bucks, that's a true knock it off success. for more ideas go to live well >> we've got another hour of "action news" coming up. president obama hits the campaign trail and he is not taking republicans, including donald trump to task. plus, a mother now facing murder charges after the accidental shooting death of her four-year-old daughter, those stories and much more when "action news" continues in just a moment. >> pleasant good morning to
6:59 am
7:00 am
you, 7:00 a.m., saturday, june 25. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a man is in jail after a folcroft police officer is shot in the line of duty. police say the suspect is no stranger to the law. fallout continues after britain votes to leave the eu. what it means for the uk. delegate to the rnc heads to court to avoid voting for donald trump. now, outside we go to david murphy in for chris sowers this morning. of cou


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