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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- vicious storms rolling across the middle of the country. millions of people are in their path and the damage left behind. some areas will be getting a direct hit today. the apparent deepening rift inside the republican party. donald trump said he doesn't need to bring the gop together as he moves toward the general election. important meetings about the party's future coming up this week. a small plane ended on the roof of a building. what went wrong that forced this pilot into this desperate, emergency landing. those severe storms in the midwest and one couple not letting the tornado ruin the big occasion.
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good monday morning to you all. happy mother's day to all of you. hope you had a good one. we begin with the millions of americans prepare for a vicious storm system on the move across the heartland. >> this storm system has produced severe tornadoes. it's moving east stretching from texas to ohio. >> winds gusting up to 66 miles per hour tore the roof right off this mt. caramel middle school. >> at that middle school volunteers and crews worked hours to wipe up water from the gym. class rooms were not damaged and school will be back in session today. at least seven twisters ripped across eastern colorado this weekend. this one spewed debris injuring at least five people, damaging and even destroying several mobile homes and building. it's not over yet.
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accuweather's paul williams has a look at what's in store for you. >> we're expecting strong to severe thunderstorms through texas, oklahoma, a corner of louisiana and about all of arkansas. here's what we're watching out for heavy downpours causing localized flooding and damaging hail. at least a slight chance of tar nadic activity. kendis, diane. >> all right, our thanks to paul there at accuweather. across the border in canada, fire crews say they're starting to get the upper hand on one of the wild fires in that country. driving nearly 90,000 people from their homes. one bit of good news this morning, fire officials say the evacuations are officially over but they warn the fire will likely burn for several more
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months. turning to politics now, donald trump is playing down the need for unity in the republican party after failing to get paul ryan's bless zblg donald trump had a busy weekend, walking back his tax plan, unleashing on hillary clinton. >> reporter: donald trump is zeroing in on the general election. >> can you imagine another four years of the clintons? >> reporter: going after both hillary and bill clinton. >> i think he gets involved when she plays the women's card. >> reporter: the latest attack on hillary clinton takings us back to the 90s. >> he lead, he said, i did not have sex with that woman. couple of months later, i'm guilty. >> reporter: clinton vowing to focus on the issues. >> i'm asking people to come join this campaign and i have had a lot of outreach from prps. >> reporter: during a one-on-one interview with abc's george
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stephanopoulos trump talks about republican leaders who want him to unify the party, saying it doesn't have to be. as he's just days away from a sitdown meeting with top republican leaders on capitol hill including house speaker paul ryan who's still holding back his endorsement. >> how do you win? >> i'm going to go out and get millions of people from the democratic. >> reporter: democratic bernie sanders is trying to get his own votes to win his party's nomination. >> we have made the financial establishment, the political establishment and the media establishment quite nervous -- that is a good thing. >> reporter: top republicans will try to get on the same page with donald trump this thursday right here in washington. house speaker paul ryan said the meeting will begin a discussion the kind of republican principles and ideas that can win the support of american people this november.
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it's going to be a wild ride. >> stephanie, thanks so much. trump wasn't the only one unhappy about paul ryan's decision not to endorse him. former vice presidential nominee sarah palin is now trying to force ryan out of office. she told cnn that ryan's career is over. palin is now vowing endorse his challengers saying ryan ignored the will of the people. the leader of north korea sounding a friendlier tone during a three-hour speech. he vowed not to use the country's nuclear weapons unless under a direct threat. under kim it its nuclear and missile program have dramatically accelerated. this morning, it has expelled a reporter from the bbc saying the reporter insulted the dignity of that country. officials on both side of the
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border are expressing side that el chapo has moved to a less secured prison. some have speculated that move el chapo will soon be extradited to the u.s. penn state now says child sex abuse by former asis tan coach goes back decades. . the university said its legal settlements with jerry sandusky's accuser dating back to 1971. meanwhile the university president released a statement saying he's appall by the rush of judgment after that head coach joe paterno knew about the abuse. we know now where the powerball ticket was sold. >> clearly it's a tourist attraction but no one has stepped forward yet to claim the prize. the jackpot by the way was
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nearly $430 million, sixth largest in powerball history. the largest ever in new jersey. >> did you check the ticket? >> i couldn't find the ticket. the star-studded opening of the invictus opgames in florida and an epic prom picture. this young couple had a massive tornado spinning in the distance. so, what did they do?
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we all have a chance a very rare event in the sky later this morning as mercury crosses in front of the sun. it only happens about 13 times a century. nasa is providing some live
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coverage starting around 7:00 a.m. eastern time until it ends in the afternoon. also today, north carolina faces a federal deadline over its controversial bathroom law. >> the justice department said the law violates the civil rights act. the governor said the state will respond by the deadline the law requires transgender to use bathrooms corresponding to their biological sex. the suspect in this weekend's shooting ram page near washington, d.c. is due in court this morning. at a vigil last night for the three people who were killed and three others injured they were remembered. the violence began when a suspended federal police officer allegedly gund down his wife outside of a maryland high school. the other shootings were probably botched car jackings. the 11-year-old fell out of
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her seat during a ride at a carnival and her hair got caught in a mechanism tearing her scalp. she's undergone several surgeries. an investigation of the accident is now under way the first cruise to cuba is now over. the carnival cruise liner returned to miami yesterday after the weeklong cruise. passengers said they received a warm welcome at three stops but would have had liked to spend more time with the cuban people. the superhero face yauch between captain america and iron man conquered the weekend box office. it grossed nearly $182 million. the fifth highest domestic open zblg logging far behind. the jungle book earning $21.9 million and mother's day with $9 million. and hundreds of passengers on a cruise ship aren't having
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and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray. ♪ you're looking at a video of a small plane after an emergency landing on top of an office building in southern california. the pilot was the only person onboard and taken to an hospital but he's expected to be okay. he apparently issued a may day call before the crash. witnesses said smoke was coming
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from the plane. and here on the ground, many of you are looking at very nasty morning commute, expect rain on your roads from eastern washington state south to colorado and from the dakotas south to the gulf coast with some flooding from texas to mississippi. and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in kansas city, houston, dallas, chicago and memphis. more than 250 passengers and crew aboard a cruise ship have come down with the noro virus. >> a major outbreak. left dock in portland maine for the next leg of the cruise. the passengers ship may have a nasty stowaway onboard. the norovirus. >> we have in frequent communication with the cdc the whole time. >> reporter: the centers for disease control expected it in baltimore last week and report 27% of passengers have fallen ill since the cruise started.
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8 of the 502 crew members. about a half a dozen passengers were quarantined. >> they are being in their cabin for 48 hours. after the last symptoms to make sure they are healthy. >> reporter: the cdc also took steps to sanitize the ship. >> do a lot of santization. >> reporter: still even for passengers who stayed healthy the cruise has been a rocky one. >> it wouldn't let us dock at bermuda so we have been at sea. which isn't good. >> the ship is due to stop st. john news brunswick, canada. the ship crashed into a passenger walkway in baltimore. the carnival pride had just returned from the bahamas yesterday morning when it hit the elevated walkway.
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you can see it there, sending it crashing down on three cars. the walkway and cars were empty at the time. only minor damage to the ship. overnight a delta flight was forced to make an emergency landing in nashville. the plane was going from chicago . the plane did land safely and again no one was hurt. this year's invictus games have kicked off. >> first lady michelle obama, president george w. bush, morgan freeman and of course prince harry just a few in attendance. >> this was a five-day event. founded two years ago by prince harry. wounded war veterans taking part in ten events including wheelchair rugby, arkry.
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after saturday's victory in the kentucky derby, nyquist is listed as the favorite for the preakness. good morning, america. a special part to oklahoma. >> they had a very good state. >> the panhandle state. >> they're assured of another home game. here we go. okc trying to get all even in the best of seven series. fourth quarter. kevin durant -- thunder were unbelieve nbl the fourth quarter. especially durant. my mother would be happy if i scored 41 points on mother's day, too. russell westbrook had more assists in the game than the spurs team combined. durant has 41. all even. spurs and thunder heading back to san antonio. in the east, cavs could
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sweep away the hawks. they have been shooting threes at an alarming rate. they just kept going. kevin love was 8 of 15 from behind the arc. the cavs, 16 of 37. the game was close. 2.8 seconds remained. lebron tipped the ball off of a jumper from the corner. millsap missed the three. the cavs hang on, 100-99 to sweep the hawks. they're 8-0 in the playoffs and now rest. >> so yesterday was mother's day. i petition every day should be mother's day. >> i don't know if i have that kind of cash for flowers, i'll be honest have a good day, too. happy mother's day. here's something that you don't see every day. the best aurora display in a decade. >> the northern lights are seen farther north. at least one observer noticed the green lights were green just
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like the seattle seahawks. >> little team spirit in the sky, no, you're not buying it. >> yes, very nice. up next in the pulse, sharon and ozzy osbourne calling it quits after 33 years of marriage. one athlete challenging the rules when it comes to advertising and sponsorships. stay with us. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose
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♪ ♪ time now to check the pulse starting with word of a celebrity breakup. >> sharon osbourne is reportedly pulling the plug on her 33-year marriage to rock requester ozzy. a specks person tells rolling stone magazine that ozzy has moved out of their home.
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>>. >> they confirmed their latest breakup has nothing to do with ozzy relapsing into substance abuse. a top american runner is picking up little extra change, the 800-meter u.s. champion has sold ad space on his shoulder. just one problem -- current rules for major competition says that he'll have to cover up with the ad with tape while competing. >> simmons thinks that's absurd and he's challenging that with these temporary tattoos. >> he did it previously a few years ago and got about $11,000 for one shoulder. heads up harry potter fans. some sky divers in british columbia are playing quidditch. >> they're yielding their broom
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sticks o s after dropping out o airplane. it's part of a clever advertising campaign. >> i don't know anything about the company. the actual advertising part of it. but loving the video. >> great advertising for harry potter. with high school prom season under way across the country most teens are looking for that one of a kind photo that will outshine all the rest. >> this couple might be the winners here. they had to pose for this snap of a lifetime and now that photo is going viral. >> despite that me nacing twister their prom did take place. >> they're perfectly positioned. props to the photographer. >> mom. we'll have more news after this.
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hello are everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, it is 4:27 monday. i hope you had a great weekend him we're following breaking news on "action news," reported sighting of arthur buckle intensifies in ocean county. we're tracking developments from the scene. we'll learn information built 429 million-dollar powerball ticket that was sold at a trenton 7-eleven. a pennsylvania high school student is sent home from the prom because she wanted to wear a man's suit. bernie sanders will be in atlantic city, we'll have more from the campaign trail and much more, the forecast, and traffic all next.
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some very stressful circumstances. kabc in los angeles brings us this story. little messiah has a big story to tell about his birth. it includes these two lapd officers who pulled over these parents for reckless driving. >> we came to the decision of pulling over and get more help. and that's what we did. >> reporter: a lights and sirens escort to the hospital after making a surprising find in the couple's car. >> i saw her legs propped up on the dash and i just saw a lot of blood. you know, it looked -- my whole face was focused on her eyes and she was just, you know, in shock and at that moment i kind of knew what we were dealing with. >> the husband was screaming out the car, baby, baby. we were like stay in the car. we said, follow us. lights and sirens all of the way to the hospital.
4:29 am
>> reporter: they were racing to the hospital but baby messiah couldn't wait. the 20-year-old delivering the newborn in the car. >> he's driving fast trying to make there. he runs a couple of red lights and we get caught by the cops, they pull us over, they see baby. we have to escort you guys. >> she said she's grateful that the officers went above and beyond to help. they'll never forget the adventure. murphy just wished she had a camera to capture the looks on the police officers and her boyfriend's face. >> his face was priceless. even the female cop's face -- she was priceless. it was a good experience for all of us. >> imagine that, license and registration -- forget it, carry on. happy birthday, baby.
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good morning everyone, it is 4:30 a.m. on this monday may 9. we're following several breaking news stories this morning. police are searching for an escaped inmate along the garden state parkway after a new report overnight. a multistate manhunt is underway after a man called 911 to inform operators that he murdered his girl. the campaign winds through south jersey with the presidential campaign stumping in atlantic city. let's turn to karen rogers and david murphy i remember someone saying this was going to be a good w


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