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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  April 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon, a local home engulfed
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in flames. the details of this early morning fire. and information on an airplane that crashed into a house. and it's primary day. right now voters are heading to primaries in five states, including pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut and rhode island. there are several important local races today but we begin with the presidential contest. kenneth moton is live in maryland with the latest. >> reporter: a steady stream of voters here in maryland, where donald trump and hillary clinton are leading and bernie sanders is trying to hang on in the the convention in philadelphia but all the talk today is about the republican alliance that is on shaky ground. >> elections in five states, donald trump is optimistic about
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a clean sweep bitter over the ted cruz and john kasich alliance. >> they ought to drop out of the race and we should unify the republican party. >> cruz pulls his resources out of new mexico and oregon. and the alliance is sending mixed messages, kasich is refusing to tell his supporters to vote for cruz. >> i'm not going to tell anyone how to vote. >> for the supporters of john kasich is the only campaign that can beat donald trump. >> i am thrilled to be here in philadelphia with all of you. >> democrat, hillary clinton, expected to do well especially in delegate rich pennsylvania. bernie sanders says is he fighting all the way to the convention. >> we believe he have a path toward victory. >> and of course the democratic national convention is three months away from this week in
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center city philadelphia. clinton is heavily favored which could make it virtually impossible for sanders to catch her and in the three states where polling was available. donald trump has several digit leads. kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. well, bernie sanders, tried to drum up last minute support in philadelphia, he started his day at the reading terminal market and hillary clinton will ender day in philadelphia. and is due to address her supers at the philadelphia convention center later tonight. >> and there was a line in east philadelphia this morning. usually by this points the choices are clear but this year local voters could really have an influence, residents that are casting ballots tell "action news" it was noticeably more crowded today. >> usually i'm the loneliest girl in town here. >> the presidential race matters a lot this year for all kinds of
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reasons, and i think all positions on the ballot are very important. particularly the local ones. >> several statewide races are bringing people to the polls. today democratic voters in pennsylvania will select their candidate for the u.s. senate to face pat toomey in the fall. joe sestak and katie mcginty are running in that race. mcginty cast her vote in rain. and the race for attorney general is closely watched. two democrats and two republicans are running to succeed kathleen kane following her perjury scandal. annie mccormick is talking to voters all morning long and joins us live in bala cynwyd. >> reporter: hi sara, you talk about the crowds athe official
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polling locations. you can see crowds at this bala cynwyd location, we have been through points county and delaware county and bucks county and every place polling places are telling us they have seen crowds they haven't seen before. voters talked about what is drawing them in. >> it's the presidential race and also the senatorial race. >> there are some that are even more important, that is where the action curs. >> in lafayette hill in montgomery county, the presidential election was on their mind. >> i voted for bernie sanders. >> i'm looking at maybe john kasich. >> i think at this point i'm a trump voter. >> and signs and candidates greeted voters and the same in havertown at this polling vocation where this mother and
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daughter duo voted together. people feel that this year more than ever pennsylvania votes matter. >> there is a lot of coverage. >> it's important to do something about that. and vote for what you believe in. >> reporter: and checking in with all the polling locations that we have been to in several counties, so far there are no reports of any problems, reporting live in bala cynwyd, annie mccormicking, channel 6 "action news." >> voters will only cast ballots for president today at brandywine high school. it was getting crowded as people weighed in on the race for the white house. >> the country needs a wonderful leader and i want that leader to represent the united states for all people. i'm just so proud to be an american and i'm just happy to
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vote to be part of it. >> some people ran into problems when they tried to do their civic duty. some people found out they were locked out of the voting booths at the court charter apartments in philadelphia. >> for whatever reason they lost the voting machines in one of their rooms and we called a locksmith out to retrieve the machines so that voters could vote. >> the election board offered emergency ballots for all voters affected by the delay and they expect to run into problems because the city has more than 1600 voting locations. >> that is why "action news" is offering help, representatives from the league of women voters are here at the 6 abc studios to answer questions. they are here until the polls close, you can reach them by calling the number on your
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screen and find the number at, it's 215-765-9040. lets get the latest from david murphy at the "action news" big board. >> a couple of sprinkles came through, and it's dry locally. look there is not a lot go on there now because of the time of day. as we get later in the afternoon we break sun into play and a cold front from the west closer to us, these guys you see popping in western pennsylvania will migrate over into our area, and they will be spotty when they get here we are looking at the potential for strong gusty thunderstorms, temperature as head of all of this are zooming, up to 78 degrees right now and the southwesterly flow ahead of that front. 74 in dover and the humidity levels are on the rise, it will
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feel sticky over the next couple of hours. 83 is today's high, so we have another 5 to add to where we are right now. well above the average high of 68. that is an indication that cooler air is on its way in once this heat and humidity and the thunderstorms pop through. by 4:30 we are look agent stuff moving down through the northern and western suburbs, any time after 2:00 or so. in areas close to philadelphia and on towards south jersey, when they arrive, they are not everywhere, the key time period being 2:00 p.m. in the north and west and 7:00 p.m. down by the shore and philadelphia in between and they are gusty with strong wind gusts and small hail. that is with the residual downpours. if you happen to hear a rumble of thunder later on today head
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indoors to the lower floors and ride these things out. they are spotty and quick but could be damaging. meanwhile, federal officials say that 50 million people could be affected by severe weather today. yesterday storms dropped hail on areas from texas to illinois, today the center is in texas as well as kansas and oklahoma. the storm prediction center says significant tornadoes are possible. closer to home officials in delaware county are looking to see what caused a fire that destroyed a home overnight. it all started at 2:00 a.m. on dogwood hill lane. utilities crews were called to the scene to shut off the gas lines because they were fueling the fire. still to come on "action news" at noon. kelly ripa is back at work, her comments about her cohost leaving and why she was absent for several days.
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and doctors walking the picket line instead of treating patients.
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i'm backing josh shapiro for attorney general because things have to change. we need criminal justice reform because our prisons are far too overcrowded. we have to deal with drug addiction through treatment, not incarceration. and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets. i'm joining with ed rendell and leaders across our area in supporting josh. josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice.
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police have identified the young woman killed on the interppike. kelly o'brien was killed when a tractor trailer overturned on her car. the truck driver was treated at the hospital and the crash should down the turnpike in bensalem for hours. three people suffered critical injuries when their small plane crashed into a home in florida. it went down in pompono beach, it was practicing takeoffs and landing. people nearby rushed to help the injured. >> we went to the back and pulled the people to the front and waited for paramedics and called for help. >> when the plane hit his house it bounced over one house and ended up in the yard of another house. there are some fortunate people. >> one person in the home that caught fire was not hurt.
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the victims were burned over 40% of their bodies and the national safety department is on the scene working to determine the cause. one of prince's long time employees is shedding light on the singer's sudden death. he said the singer lived a clean and healthy lifestyle disputing any suggestions that he had a drug addiction. he was found dead at the age of 57. there was no indication of suicide or trauma. police released video of a life saving call in north jersey. he was responding to route 37, and found a man upset and crying and walking through traffic. he attempted to drum off the bridge right there and the sergeant grabbed him and pulled him to the ground.
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overseas thousands of doctors are on strike, they are walking picket lines across england. the first all out strike in the history of that country's national health system. surgeries and appointments are canceled because of a dispute between the government and the national medical association. london's iconic clock, big ben will be stopped for several months during a restoration of the crumbling tower. they need to stop water seepa a threatening the stonework. it's said to cost $32 million but big ben will still ring in the new year. there is still more to come, the justice department is unveiling a giant new cable company every friday,
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. mitsubishi admitted to cheating on tests back to 2001. the company's president admitted there could be more discovered because the investigation is on going. it's unclear how customers will be compensated. the justice department approved charter communication's
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bid to buy the time warner cable company. the $55 billion deal will create the second largest cable tv provider after comcast. there will be no customer data caps or usage based pricing. charter communications but expand broadband service to 2 million additional homes. researchers are sounding the warning bells about a popular baby food. a new study found that babies that ate rice cereal and other rice based foods had higher arsenic levels in their urine. the fda proposed limits on levels in infant rice cereals. mars the maker of m&m's and uncle bens rice, will say it
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should be only eaten -- and coke and pepsi is producing mini soda cans and the maker of oreos introduced a thin version of the cookie last year. "action news" is working on news stories for 4:00. it's that time of year where the yard-work seems never ending. a working lawn mower is crucial. we'll have pointers to help get yours in tip-top shape and reveal the most reliable brands in what's the deal? >> and how a contractor went above and beyond to help a customer with disabilities. and david murphy has your forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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. meteorologist, david murphy is here with a look at the forecast. no reason folks should not get out and vote today? >> no, not at all. there could be a shower or thunderstorm later in the day. had a sprinkle that came through a while ago and that is gone at this point. lets get you to the great
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outdoors, we are looking at -- atlantic city looking south along the coast. a lot of clouds filled in we may see sunny breaks later on and that may not be a good thing, because the more sun breaking through the clouds, the more unsettled things will be and the more chance of thunderstorms later. the temperature has zoomed. we are up to 78 degrees, the southwest wind at 21 miles per hour so it's breezy and the warm air is one of the building blocks you need for that thunderstorm activity later, 76 in wilmington and 73 in trenton and 65 in allentown and cooler air starting to effect areas well to the north and west of philadelphia and we see a little effect up there, and cooking down in millville and 78 in atlantic city, here is the play for the rest of the day from future tracker, now now unt
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2:30. there is the chance of a pop-up shower or maybe a thunderstorm beginning to pop and an even better chance of that at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 as this rumbledss -- through the i-5-corridor. it indicates that there could be a drenching thunderstorm mixed in with this spotty pattern. by 7:00 all the precipitation is by the coast and then we are all done by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight and the overnight hours start to clear. there is a slight risk of severe weather, most of you will not see the thunderstorms but those of you that do would want to take cover in the lower floors, because ahead of these cells a strong burst of wind and perhaps some small hail. otherwise a warm afternoon, 76 in the lehigh valley and mostly cloudy and afternoon storms are possible and down the shore cooler but better than the last
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couple of days, 75 degrees and probably feeling muggy as the day goes on with the late day and early evening showers. in philadelphia we think we'll tack 5 more degrees on the high. and 83 degrees hits quickly over the next couple of hours, in the afternoon and evening you have the showers and thunderstorms with things calming down later tonight, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, the high today 83 and look out for the storms centered mainly after 2:00 or 3:00 and 6:00 through the i-95 corridor and maybe later than that down the shore. cool air rushes in behind the system tonight and tomorrow we start out about 50 in the morning with an afternoon high of 56 and 59 on thursday and thursday looks unsettled with a frontal boundary parked near us and showers off and on through the day, we'll call it occasional rain and clouds and a lingering shower on friday an even bet we get sunshine back in the afternoon. high of 63 and everything clears out in time for the weekend and
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a pair of 68's for saturday and sunday and maybe a shower on sunday night. it's looking to hold off until we are done with all of our stuff. >> we are back from the broad street run so we'll be fine. >> i might still be running. >> he hasn't even signed up. there is more ahead on "action news" at noon. kelly ripa makes a return to kelly and michael. what she had to say about her cohost's departure. those stories and more when we come right back.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you. voters in delaware and pennsylvania are going to the polls today. some thunderstorms move through overnight season spotty potentially strong storms are heading our way this afternoon. david murphy's forecast is just ahead. and kelly ripa and michael strahan reunite for the first time since he announced he is leaving the show. hear the emotional comments from both of them coming up. it's decision day in pennsylvania and delaware. the presidential results in pennsylvania are under the


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