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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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is 5:00 a.m., friday, march 18. here's what's happening. a murder mystery deepens the unidentified man who was stabbed to death may have hit by a passing suv. we're live with the new details. new this morning, a fire eater erupts in flames during a high school pep rally in florida. just in time for spring, accuweather is tracking snow. ooh. it's just not according to my plans. >> reporter: okay. >> reporter: not according to your plans, matt, i'm sorry to hear that, that's ashame.
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we'll go ahead and give you a look at today's forecast. satellite shows you cloud cover is down to the south and up to the north. there's very little in the way of precipitation anywhere near pennsylvania. light snow and rain showers in new york state. temperatures in a lot of neighborhoods not too bad. 51 in philadelphia. 30s in allentown and millville. upper 30s down -- 40s down the shore. it will be cool not a lot of wind early on. we roll through the day, 50 degrees by 10:00 a.m. 54 by noon. we'll wind up mild this afternoon similar to yesterday with a high of 62. you can see the clouds increase. there's a slight chance of a spotty shower around the middle of the afternoon and the winds are going to pick up as the day goes on. and then it's chillier tomorrow by sunday we're looking for the likelihood of some wet snow across the region. karen i'll have the latest from
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accuweather coming up. >> reporter: let's show you the roads as you head out. we're dry and looking good for a friday. the blue route, past mid county heading toward the turnpike. the new speed restrictions on the turnpike have not taken effect. don't speed. you'll get a ticket. the vine westbound that's eastbound. it's looking good. it's been open each night no crews restricting traffic. we have an accident on the boulevard on the outer drive, stick to the inner drive, we're seeing speeds at 31 miles per hour. we have tragic developments in a murder case we told you about last night at 12:1 p.m., the man stabbed to death in the frankford section of the city. police are looking for a driver because they think the victim was hit by an suv before the attack.
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annie mccormick is live at police headquarters with the details. annie. >> reporter: that's what homicide detective's are trying to figure out whether or not he was hit by the vehicle or ran into it. he was stabbed multiple times and died from the injuries. this was video from the scene before 8:30 p.m. the victim was discovered in the 1500 block of folkrod street in frankford. they learned that the man in his early 20s was stabbed multiple times in the chest. investigators believe the stabbing took place in the 4700 block of oxford avenue. when the victim ran half a block where he was discovered he came in contact with an suv. police are stopping short of calling this a hit-and-run. when he was running in the 1500 block of folkrod he ran into or was struck by a white suv vehicle that was traveling
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east on the are 1500 block of folkrod. after coming in contact with the stabbing victim, the white suv-type vehicle fled the scene. >> reporter: and police say thanks to witnesses there, they were able to get a tag number of the suv. they have since found andreas for the suv. no word if they have made contact with the driver. now, witnesses also reported to police that they saw a man running near the intersection of oxford and frankford where he threw an object into the sewer. they discovered the handle of a knife that had blood on it, around the sewer location. at that intersection it is very busy they have multiple cameras. they are commending witnesses for coming forward and they hope more do, as well. reporting from police headquarters, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." a 24-year-old manner is in stable condition after being
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shot by an undercover police officer. two officers were at 15th and alley again to talk -- allegheny to talk to a man about a shooting in the area. he ran into an alley. when officers caught up with the man, he pulled out a gun. they shot the suspect in the leg and torso. there were three active warrant out for his arrest. funeral for jacai colson will be held in maryland. authorities say a fellow officer killed jacai in a shootout in a case of mistaken identity. there will be a protest outside the naacp apartment building.
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protesters say they are upset about the recent school takeover. they don't think the organization should be the governorring body of the philadelphia schools. we talked to a teacher who was told to reapply for the job next year. a tentative agreement have been reached where teachers planned to walk off the job this morning. nazareth area education association are presenting a proposal to teachers next week, they need working without a contract since august. thieves targeted a mercer county business owner walking off with 50 guitars. frank russo spent 30 years collecting guitars, he recently discovered 50 pieces of musical equipment including guitars and amplifiers and other gear were
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missing. someone snatched them from his home and storage unit next-door. i have to accept the fact that they are gone. i have to accept the fact i may not ever get them back. they focused on valuable vicinity annual guitars, he was saving them always part of his retirement plan. happening today, march madness gets underway in the delaware valley. villanova and temple and st. joe's will open tournament play. nova faces unc and temple faces iowa. and st. joe's takes on cincinnati out west in spokane. our katherine scott will have much more in the next half-hour. villanova at noon, you're not busy you're not working at noon. >> reporter: take a nap and
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watch basketball, it's going to be fun. future tracker 6 is up, i'll get to that in a second. let's get you outside, there you see center city we have dry conditions with radar showing you a whole lot of nothing right now. we can show you the radar image right now and you can see we're dry as a bone. 51 degrees, the dewpoint, 28. the pressure is rising. the winds not that strong at 10 miles per hour. numbers across the region, in the 30s allentown and millville. 40s everywhere else. future tracker 6 shows you sun early and clouds in the afternoon. there might be a pop up spotty shower, but the model not picking up a whole lot of that. there's a chance of a spotty shower, most of you don't have worry about it. noon, 54. it's going to be mild, 62. winds are not that bad, but they will get bluster during the
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afternoon hours. high temperatures north to south, 58 in allentown. 58 in cape may. somewhere in the low 60s in the center portion of the regionment for the weekend tomorrow it gets chillier, 48 degrees is the high, sun and clouds, and then we have our eyes on a developing area of low pressure down south which will probably pass us more or less as a nor'easter and we are looking at a windy and swat and in some cases a snow -- somewhat snowy day on sunday. the model are in disagreement at this point, i'll put this an even chance of one to three inch chance of wet snow and even chance of three to six chance of wet snow. the higher amounts will be in the northern and western suburbs, 3 to 6 inches and one to 3 closer to philadelphia. a coating to an inch down the
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shore most of that falling late in the game as we change from rain over. having said that there's other model information out there, including the latest model run on future tracker 6. it's snowing in the northern and western suburbs and it's rain in the i-95 corridor if it comes in closer to the coast and we'll see a brief changeover to snow before the whole things ends. it's a tricky forecast, but expect the possibility of some light wet snow on sunday. 62 it is mild, getting windy later on. 48 and chilly on saturday, sun. 48 on sunday, wet snow through the day and rain to the south and east of philadelphia with a little changeover to wet snow at times. brisk and chilly on monday, 42. tuesday, 44. we're looking at a bounce back, milder conditions on wednesday,
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back in the 60s maybe a shower, very warm on thursday, 68 degrees. it's march, it's a high sun angle. if we get wet snow it will melt quickly as we get into next week. ground is warm, pretreated roads will handle this pretty well. a high school teacher down south is accused of posting sex parties for teenage boys. a fire swallower at a pep rally engulfs the man in flames. debate sends social media into a tailspin. it doesn't involved a dress, that's later in the morning buzz.
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a live look here, the view out across center city from temple university. nice start to your friday morning, 5:14, 51 degrees. temple playing too, i'm going to watch that one and villanova, i'll watch everything. >> reporter: cruel sit in front of the -- you'll sit in front of the tv, right? everybody is doing that this time of year. the pennsylvania turnpike, nobody is out and about. the one thing you notice when you see this shot. we don't have the fog. we're dry and conditions are pretty clear for you. i-95 northbound at the newark toll plaza, we have construction blocking the two center lanes because of the horrible accident
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from yesterday, still affecting traffic with two center lanes being blocked i-95 at the toll plaza. this is last day for construction in royersford shutting down main street until 9:00. you can stick to arch street. 46 in slatington, 49 in pottstown. 51 in center city. good numbers for this time of the year. 44 in browns mill, 46 in vineland. 47 in dover, delaware. clear conditions, sunshine and clouds, one or two places get a spotty shower later this afternoon. 62 degrees is the high, without for the gusty winds out of the northwest. a disturbing story out of texas, a texas church leader and high school english teacher is accused of hosting sex parties for boys at his home.
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authorities believe around son encouraged boys invited to his home to strip and perform sexual acts. 7 to 12 boys age also 15 to 17 may have been involved. around son is facing a laundry list of sex charges. a seattle man is charging people pay to pray. he charge also people to request prayers. what they were agreeing to is to be charged for repeated prayers and they in for no refunds. he used fake testimonialles and namings and he has been ordered to pay back $8 million. see more on the pray for prayer scandal on "g.m.a." after "action news." the sixers lost another one to the wizards in south philadelphia last night. they were down 24 points in the
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third quarter. mounted a comeback and trimmed sit to 1 point with 15 seconds left. they left their free throws down the stretch and defeated 99-94. they play the thunder tonight. the phillies play the rays in a saint patrick's day game. ryan howard hit his first home run of the spring. that's his first home run. that's all they got on the score board. tampa bay wins 6-1. coming up, residents in iowa discovered an unusual find while cleaning up debris from a strong storm earlier this week. 7-eleven wants you to load up on slurpees today.
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morning the la clair police department say they contacted the other than of a wedding dress that was found after the tuesday tornado. police say the dress was located in illinois. it was iowa. it traveled all the way over the mississippi river cross state during the twister. a newspaper delivery man found the dress on wednesday morning in a stack of debris. it's still wearable. >> reporter: they find people's letters from tornados, states away. >> reporter: powerful storms that's for sure. we're dry today this morning as you're heading out. we're looking good, no fog like the past few days. you're doing good. woodhaven road at academy road,
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everything looking good. mass transit everything looking good everything on time no issues as you head out the door. >> reporter: jackets on the kids, most areas are in the 40s. it will get into the 60s. 40s through 7:00 p.m. to 9:00. 50s by midday and mild this afternoon with a high of 62 degrees in philadelphia at 3:00 p.m. the winds will pick up as the day goes on. there's a slight chance of a spotty shower passing in a couple of neighborhoods. most of you won't have to worry about that. all green aircraft and no major delays no sign of precipitation in any of our travel destinations. a new study is out, says we're more accepting to gay marriage, but more stigma about divorce. fewer people agreed with divorce as the solution to a troubled marriage as compared to a decade
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ago. 60% of women and half of men approved of gay marriage. more think it's okay for people to live together before they get married. up next in the morning buzz, the adele inspired song that had a convicted felon saying hello to the slammer instead of goodbye. happening overnight, a threatening letter to donald trump's son that is being investigated by authorities. right now america's money. good news for your money. the dow opened in positive territory for the first time this year. nasdaq is down 5% year to date. >> reporter: a crazy number, americans love their four legged shelling out a record $60 billion a year to keep them well fed and well-groomed and well trained. >> reporter: it's the weekend slurpee fans have been waiting for.
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to talk about, first up, frightening scene here this is a pep rally in delray beach, florida. a fire breathing performer caught fire during his routine. the terrible scene sent people to the hospital. the video was from the inferno's challenge performance. in the stunt, the man jumps over a ball of fire. the person blowing the fire was set on fire. several students complained of respiratory difficult after extinguishers put the fire out. he was flown to the hospital in serious condition. a convicted felon broke into song in a michigan courtroom 21-year-old brian taylor began singing the adele
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inspired song "i'm sorry". listen. ♪ i want to say i'm story according to police, taylor and two others forced a 22-year-old man into a van at gunpoint and drove him to the end of the street to rob him. the judge was move by the song maybe a little, he sentenced him to two years, he hopes to earn a business degree and stay involved in his church after his release. i don't think sinking is in his future. this is a viral video that has many scratching their heads. how many girls do you see. the photo was posted a week ago. it's been liked 15,000 times. she is not telling you how many
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girls are in the photos. to me it seems clear there are two girls an orderly one and younger one and she used mirrors there's a lot of debate about the girls. matt. two? >> reporter: yes. a turkey in the garden state seemed all banged up about the thanksgiving thing. a wild bird ruffled feathers at a south jersey car dealership. we have more on the electrician who plunged to his death from the top of a los angeles sky scraper. we'll be back.
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suv drives off after coming into contact with a stbing victim who was -- stabbing victim who was left for dead on a philadelphia street. winter will not go quietly into that good night. accuweather sets down a chance for accumulating snow. sports fans will be in hoops heaven as all three local teams enter march


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