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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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of the woman in delaware county, next up on "action news". tragedy in delaware county as a woman is trapped in her home by fire, despite the efforts of dozens of fire
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fighters, and family, she could not be saved. sunday night and the big story on "action news" is a deadly fire that ripped through a delaware county home. >> the fire broke out at 5:00 o'clock and erupted in an intern owe with 100 fire fighters to extinguish and tonight that community in boothwyn is mourning victim who had endured more than her share of tragedy. a "action news" reporter christie lleto is live at the scene with the full story, christie. >> reporter: walter, the flames were so tense that they could be felt from across the street. now that home is now, boarded up, after a woman was trapped on the second floor, and her husband, desperate to save her was injured in the process. >> i went to the window and whole side of the house was just engulfed in. >> reporter: she said she could only pray as a hundred fire fighters rush to rescue her neighbor who was trapped inside this now charred delaware county home. >> it is very painful. the especially when someone just, half an hour prior to that i saw her with a
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beautiful blonde hair out in the backyard playing with her grandchild and then, to see her on the stretcher, you know, it hurts. >> the husband tried to go in and he is at the crozer-chester burn unit. >> reporter: witnesses say the husband could not save her. she was discover on the second floor and they are working to find out where and how this inn ferno ignited. >> it is just devastating. it is just devastating. >> reporter: victim's son spoke to "action news" on camera saying his family is simply trying to process yet another tragedy. >> years ago unfortunately, they lost their daughter, you know, to a heroin overdose. so i'm just praying for the family, the father, and who was taking care of their grandchildren and all, and for them to just get through this. >> reporter: it is unclear if the fire was accidental or intentional. >> anyone who has any information, or photos, or was in the area to please call upper chichester police department. >> reporter: now, again the the cause of the fire remains
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under investigation. at last check the victim's husband is listed in critical condition. reporting live from boothwyn, christie lleto for channel six "action news". christie, thank you. woman was struck and killed by a vehicle in camden county tonight. it happened shortly after 9:00 f college drive, in gloucester township. police have not yet said who was at fault or whether any charges will be filed. investigators in philadelphia say a man was critically injured during a shooting in germantown. the it happened at 4:30 this engineer intersection of the morton and investigators say the man was taken to einstein hospital with the gunshot wound to his upper body. so far, no arrests. police in berks county say three suspects are being questioned tonight, after a student was stabbed, near kutztown university. investigators say the 22-year old victim was stabbed on saturday at 1:00 in the morning after some kind of an altercation. the victim remains in serious condition, police have not yet released the suspect's identities.
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police have charged a man in the deaths of three young people in a high speed crash, last year. he was a driver who lost control of his car and then slammed into a tree killing two teenage girls and a 20 year-old man. now police say he was driving under the influence. "action news" reporter jeff chirico talked to the family of one of the victims and joins us live now from the scene, jeff? report report sarah, 20 year-old christopher bloomfield was arrested last night. police say he was behind the wheel when the car he was driving slammed into that tree. family and friend say his arrest is a long time coming. seven months have passed but signs of the tragedy that unfolded around this tree on sandmeyer lane remain. >> not a day goes by i don't think about them. >> reporter: on the day police announced an arrest in the crash that killed 20 year-old philip hernandez his friends returned to pay their respects. >> big relief that he will be behind bars and not out, and having freedom. >> reporter: police arrested the driver of this acura, 20
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year-old christopher bloomfield. police say he was speeding before striking a tree with such force that the car split in half. >> they didn't even get to start their life. >> reporter: also killed sabrina rhode island and yah vet gonzales both seniors at george washington high school. >> she could make everybody laugh and smile. >> gonzales mother and aunt says it brings a relief. >> my brother and sister in law wait for her to walk through the door and now they will be able to begin to heel. >> reporter: they are troubled by the news that bloomfield was allegedly under the influence the night of the crash and to make matters worse walked away before emergency crew as arrived. for kelly macdade the arrest is just a beginning of the promise that she made at her niece's funeral. >> she was not here anymore but i was than the going to let this die. i would be her voice here on earth and i would not stop until i got justice for her. >> reporter: bloomfield faces a long list of serious charges, including homicide by vehicle, while driving under
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the influence, and involuntary manslaughter. his next court date is set for march 9th. we are live from somerton, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> all right, thanks, jeff. police in michigan have a suspect but still no motive for last night's shooting spree that ended with six people killed and two others critically injured. forty-five year-old jason dalton and a uber driver, has no criminal record and apparently chose his victims at random. one woman was gunned down outside of an apartment complex while a father and son were shot looking at cars at a local dealership. the others were shot in the parking lot of a local cracker barrel restaurant. one uber customer is talking about his ride with dalton, before the shootings. >> he was kind of driving through medians, driving on lawn, speeding along and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> uber says dalton was arrested without struggle, hours after the shooting, passed a a background check. he is expect to be charged sometime tomorrow.
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bill cosby's wife has lost her bid to delay her deposition, scheduled for tomorrow. a judge ruled tonight that camille cosby does in fact have to answer questions in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who claimed that the comedian sexually molested them. her lawyers filed an emergency appeal last night hoping to postpone a federal judge's order to go ahead with the deposition. her lawyers contend that she has nothing to do with the allegations. moving on to the accu weather forecast, we are on a tail end of a spectacular mid winter weekend, with daytime temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. the tonight a little rain is falling in our area still not too bad at all out there meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, hi there, melissa a. >> hi there walter. really not too bad a lot of the precipitation is moving off to the northeast. you can see storm tracker six live double scan radar where we're tracking a disturbance that came out of the ohio valley and continues to move eastwar. light rain showers right now across areas of south jersey
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but as i mentioned it is pulling off to the north and east. we've got clearing conditions on the way as we go throughout the overnight hours. that is what you can expect over the next 12 hours. in fact, we will drop down to 31 degrees, in the suburbs for the overnight low. 36 degrees in philadelphia with that northerly wind, so high pressure will take over, overnight tonight, and then throughout the day, on monday, which means, that the sunshine will return just in time for the start of the workweek here. we're calling for a high of tomorrow at 51 degrees. day planner showing at 7:00 a.m. 38 degrees. the mostly sunny. forty-four at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. 1:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, 49 degrees. lower 50's at 4:00 p.m. it the is mostly clear at 7:00 . the let's talk about what we can expect. turning sunny on monday, still spring-like with temperatures in the lower 50's but we will track some changes, some rain moving in late tuesday into wednesday. we will go over details and how much precipitation we can expect with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, sarah. >> melissa, thank you. police officers in juniata received a big thank you today
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from the very people they serve and protect. the martin dance studios served up lunch and dinner to local police officers. the dance students also made card showing their officers, showing those officers their appreciation. there is no doubt tonight that thousands of penn state students are catching up on their sleep after spending 46 straight hours on their feet. thon 2016 wrapped up this afternoon with all of the effort and exhaustion paying off in a big way. once again the event raised millions of dollars to support children with cancer. "action news" reporter chad pradelli wases there for the whole thing and brings us the sights and sound from happy valley. >> reporter: thon 2016 is over, and millions of dollars have been raised for pediatric cancer. but with the help of our photographers rick and mike, here are the sights and sound for the past three days. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> wow, yeah.
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>> it is special, man. it is largest student run philanthropy in the world. this is what penn state is all about. >> every second i'm's doing something it is all for them and everybody here. it is every day, all day. >> one in five children are still dying from this disease, killing more children in the you had then any other disease. >> ♪ >> seventeen years ago my parents was told i had leukemia. seventeen years later i'm standing on this stage, in front of the 17,000 people, who are fighting the same fight that i did. >> ♪ >> she said you have to let me go. i said go where. you have to let me die.
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no i would promise i would never give up on you. but you have to. but that moment i knew she wanted to go. >> how are you holding up at this point. >> i did great. my feet hurt a little bit but it is so energetic in here. >> four, three, two, one. sit down. >> i'm so happy. >> something you wish you could help more people, and, you know, it is just an overall great feeling that you did something. >> $9,770,332.32. >> we will look back at this and tell my grandchildren and my children about this. always come back to thon, and doing it. >> only "action news" covered thon 2016 from beginning to
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end. for all of us we'd just like to say it has been a honor n state college, chad pradelli for channel six, "action news". >> hard not to get emotional, with those stories. >> true. much more to come tonight, the pope makes the strongest comments yet on capitol punishment. what he now wants catholic leaders to do. plus a little girl and her family get the a much needed home make over courtesy of the flyers wife's. why the organization decided to tackle the project. and within of the phillies returning players facing an uphill battle as he fights for a position. jamie a apody has sports when "action news" comes right back. it is being referred to as
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a monster storm, at least 17 people are dead, after a cyclone made land fall over fiji last night. a state of emergency has been since declared so clean up can begin. schools are closed but governmental workers are expected to report to work tomorrow. if this storm had developed in the atlantic ocean it would
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have been labeled a category five hurricane. pope francis is calling for a temporary global moratorium on the death penalty. the pontiff said seventh commandment shall urn not kill absolute covers both guilt and innocent. hard to believe the strongest stance he has taken on the issues since becoming leader of the roman catholic church. he called on catholic politicians worldwide to join him, in helping abolish the death penalty around the world. six members of the michigan family have died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. the two adults and four children were found in their home in fenton township near flint. the children ranged in age from two to 11 years of age. authorities say a generator was being run inside the house due to a weather-related power outage on friday night. and the baptist church hosted its annual black history month celebration with african dance and drums today. >> ♪
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>> the dance, and drum ensemble performed for the congregation in north philadelphia. church and community members took part. some made african instruments out of styrofoam bowls, so they could play along as well. a family from philadelphia has received a much needed make over on their home courtesy of the flyers wife's. it the is all part of an effort to make life easier for a little girl who is dealing with a tough problem. "action news" reporter trish hartman has the story. >> let's go. >> reporter: with the snip of the ribbon nine year-old hasan abu ali was off to explore her newly remodeled juniata park home. she has a tumor that is pressing on her optic nerve affecting her vision. her family was chosen as recipient of the philadelphia flyers wife's building hope for kid project. >> it is amazing, beautiful. no word. i just can't find word to explain how thankful we are for everyone that helped us to make this dream come true. >> reporter: for five years
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the wife's have teamed up with an organization called michael's way to renovate home of the chronically ill child at st. christopher's hospital. >> tell me burr favorite part of the house. >> my room. >> reporter: hasan her twin sister bushra and her eight year-old system balances ballsam, share a space. >> there were three single bed cramped and could not close the door. >> reporter: thinks thank you note hasan wrote to the flyers wife's thanking them to the just renovating her house but giving her and her sisters their very own set of bunk bed. now for the flyers wife's, this job was especially fun, because they got to do the bedroom a more feminine touch. >> it was so much fun because this was first year we have actually done a girl, which is really awesome. we have had fun with it. >> hasan said they like beach, so we also wanted to make it work with them as they got older some he we used gray and white tones. >> reporter: wife's did more than the girl's bedroom but renovated kitchen, living room and basement. players and coaches were on hand to see the hard work of
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their wife's and girlfriend. >> you know, you can really tell, you know, the impact you have on them when you see their face an you see them light up. >> reporter: reporting from juniata park trish hartman for channel six "action news". much more to come on "action news" tonight, an e ms worker respond to an emergency inside a supermarket not realizing the person who he is being called to save was his own father. taking a look at sky six at commodore barry bridge, you can see rain drops on that camera, meteorologist melissa magee has your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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it was a run for roses, the daffodils and other flowers today in fairmount park. a cannon sent flower pedals in the air to start the flower show 5k race. the run kicks off the bloom philly festival leading up to the philadelphia flower show. runners were invited to dress in the colors of their favorite flowers. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. it still feels mild out.
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>> it really does, guys. we are tracking rain showers moving on out so it looks like we have more spring-like weather on the way for the start of our workweek on monday. then changes moving in mid week. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar you can see that precipitation live, coming in and moving out. we will go tighter on street level. we can see in south jersey some light rain in elmer, mal malaga and chats worth and speed well. it moves out. we have clearing skies tonight. as we wake up tomorrow morning outside we will go, sky six live in hd looking at ben franklin bridge on this sunday night. we have partly cloudy, eventually turning mostly clear as we go throughout the rest of tonight. the high today in philadelphia, once again, feeling more like temperatures more reflective of april rather than february. we have maxed out at 61 in the city. right now 47 in philadelphia. it is 2 degrees still above our normal high for this time of the year. thirty-four in the poconos.
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forty-seven in dover. 45 degrees along the coast in beach haven. the here's satellite six with action radar. we have a partly cloudy sky, this disturbance came out of the ohio valley and shifting off to the north and east. eventually things will improve, overnight tonight as high pressure over great lakes works its way down to the south and east. and improvement will be on the way. future tracker six showing at 6:00 o'clock in the morning no issues for the commute. temperatures in the middle to upper 30's across the region. by 3:00 o'clock tomorrow have afternoon with high pressure in control we will tap in the northerly wind but we will be as warm as today but still not bad. in at 50 at 3:00 o'clock tomorrow in the city. forty-seven in lancaster. 48 degrees down to the south in dover. so we do have some changes on the way as we get into late tuesday into wednesday. we're tracking the storm system coming out of the mid mississippi valley, southwest to northeast direction. 6:30, tuesday evening, we will notice it is mostly rain but north and west for allentown up through poconos there could
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be mixed precipitation. latest guidance is indicating that the storm system for the most parties what we like to call a cutter. it cuts up to the west which provides mostly rain across the region. but with these numbers, marginal and close to the freezing mark there could be some milk precipitation at the on set before it changes over to rain and by wednesday, it is all rain for most locations, and this looks to be a healthy dose of precipitation that we're tracking. so we will talk about what we can speculate tuesday night, into wednesday. late tuesday, wintry mix, north and west at the on set. all rain by wednesday, one to 2 inches of rainfall is possible, ponding on the roadways and street flooding is a possibility with this one. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing it is turning sunny on monday, nice one in at 51. cooler on tuesday, 44 with that afternoon rain, developing, steady and heavy rain mid week, only in at 56 degrees. early showers on thursday, and early high, also at 55, and then it turns windy by thursday afternoon.
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friday, cooler with some sun, 44, 42 next saturday, and then just 37 as we get into next sunday. tomorrow is not bad and tuesday into wednesday we are watching out for that rain. >> melissa, thank you. you you can find the seven day forecast with a live look at storm tracker six live double scan radar anytime of the day on our web site at six >> sports is next here on "action news". >> it was a photo finish today at daytona in fact it doesn't get much closer than that. jamie apody has the story when "action news" comes right back.
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switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. sports, more and more signs that the sixers, one day will be good. >> yes, yes. >> some day. >> such great news. >> yes. >> yes. gentleman league oak far may have growing up to do you but once he does watch out. he is coming of age on the court. okafor is doing all sorts of promise tonight against dallas. in the paint. and then, off the dribble. he had 18 in the first quarter alone. career high 31 in all.
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one more then he ever had in a game at duke. while, all of the offense, nobody showed up on defense. dallas scored more than they have against anyone this season. six guys in double figures. mavericks gave sixers their eighth lost in nine games, first 129-103. tomorrow phillies will be complete. that is day position players must report to spring training, of course, most of them are already there, granted they don't all know where they are going to play. here's jeff skversky. >> reporter: codey asche is in camp early, and a man on a mission looking to avoid being a man without a position. asche is competing for a starting job in left field with aaron altear and many more. he had a heart to heart with manager pete mackanin telling him i think i'm better than some of the guys you are thinking of putting out there and i will prove it to you. >> it is tough position to be in. >> reporter: codey asche is in a tough position. he lost his job at third base to miguel franco and was sent to triple a to learn left


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