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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:31pm EST

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when she finally comes to a stop, she may be a little shook-up from all the flipping and flopping, but she appears free of serious pain. - [voiceover] oh (bleep)! oh (bleep)! - [voiceover] stop! - [voiceover] oh! no! - [voiceover] oh no! (playful music) - [voiceover] a snowboarder who's looking to raise some eyebrows... - [voiceover] ah! - [voiceover] naturally, would want to use a ladder. - [voiceover] oh! - [voiceover] we're pretty sure that's not what he had in mind. most people set the ladder up vertically, and take their feet out of the snowboard before attempting to climb the thing. - [voiceover] oh! - [voiceover] this guy? had other ideas. pretty bad ones. cause you know, it didn't work.
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oh, and he broke his arm. next time, he might want to try a step-stool. or a small chair, even. - [voiceover] oh! - [voiceover] up next, save it for the ring, fellas! and, extreme ice climbing? we know a guy, on sports gone wild! (electronic music)
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we know a guy, on sports gone wild! >> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
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(electronic music) (house music) - [voiceover] in extreme down-hill mountain bike racing, the bikers try to work their way through the course, in a race against each other, and the clock. it takes a lot of two-wheeled skill to peddle through all of the twists, turns, and jumps on this dirt track. there's even a tricky slalom portion to navigate. it all ends up with a flying finish!
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of course, not every racer is able to actually finish, sitting on his bike. - [voiceover] oh! - [voiceover] oh! - [voiceover] but sometimes, in order to finish first, you gotta play a little dirty. (suspenseful music) in an effort to raise the level of hype for an upcoming fight, the boxers take part in a press conference. (yelling) if boxing press conferences are meant to give a preview of the fight, then this one was a smashing success. tore down the whole banner, and everything! they gotta get that thing back up again! there's still a fight to promote! this was just the appetizer. mmm, and a tasty one, at that. (fast-paced music)
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late-game soccer heroics require pin-point passing, and precision timing. - [voiceover] ah! - [voiceover] and when it all comes together, it can set off a tremendous celebration! a closer look shows that the scorer takes advantage of a collision between her opponents, while the ball is up for grabs. which allows her to essentially, take a free kick! then, a teammate grabs her in the, end! looks like all's fair in soccer celebration. apparently, everything's up for grabs! (energetic music) with a little skill, and a lot of luck. a last-second full-court shot, just might end up in the basket. (cheering) and if you're the one who sinks such an improbable shot, you're sure to be at the center of a spontaneous oupouring
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of positive energy. (cheering) the guy just hit an amazing game-winning shot. he'll be the ultimate big man on campus... at least until the next time they lose. then, all bets are off. (jazz music) on a routine baseball play, it's the umpire's job to get the call right. - [voiceover] out! safe! out! - [voiceover] this umpire makes the proper call-- - [voiceover] safe! - [voiceover] more than a few times, on the same play. now the ump may appear to be indecisive, as he calls the guy out! then safe! then out! and ultimately safe again!
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but somebody dropped the ball here! more than once. and after further review, the video evidence suggests, the ump got it right. wait. there's no replay in baseball. is there? (rock music) (suspenseful music) some guys will try to climb anything, including giant chunks of ice. while it may look solid, ice is not the most stable of structures. as changes in temperature can cause it to melt, and melting ice can easily break. add the fact that the climber is using sharp tools to try and reach his goal, and he has no idea if the structure he is climbing will support his weight. as the climber makes his ascent, a 50-pound chunk of ice, shaped like a piercing arrow,
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slams into his face, and nearly impales him! but this ice man remains cool, and dodges the falling structure. he then is able to complete his climb, without dislodging any more chunks of ice. coming up, horses simulate bumper cars down the stretch! and, when they said put the pedal to the metal, they certainly didn't have this in mind! on sports gone wild! (energetic music)
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(energetic music) (disco music) - [voiceover] they've certainly pulled out all the stops for this fishing trip. the location is exotic. the boat is fully-stocked. and there are plenty of able hands on-deck. so it makes sense that they haul in a good-size catch, and fish is on the dinner menu!
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but these guys are lookin' for bigger fish to fry. so they re-cast their lines, to see what else they can reel-in. - [voiceover] oh! (screaming) - [voiceover] that is pretty nice! (screaming) - [voiceover] get away! get inside! - [voiceover] soon enough, they land a whopper! a 200-pound marlin that leaps 15 feet in the air, lands in the boat, and makes everyone a little jumpy. - [voiceover] oh! - [voiceover] oh my god! - [voiceover] hey, hey, hey! - [voiceover] oh! - [voiceover] whoo! (yelling and howling) - [voiceover] hey, if you want to bring in the big fish, you gotta be wiling to use the bait and tackle. - [voiceover] oh my god! - [voiceover] whoo! - [voiceover] whoo! (disco music) (suspenseful music) (crowd cheering) - [voiceover] ice hockey fights,
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typically erupt between players with bad intentions, looking to pound some sense into each other, or pound each other senseless. then there are times when one guy looks to take on a whole team, by himself! advantage, blue team. when you're out-numbered ten-to-one in a fight, on the other team's bench, it's a good bet you're gonna lose. with all of this action happening off the ice, it's even harder than usual for the three guys wearing stripes to get a handle on things! eventually, cooler heads will prevail. won't they? (crowd cheering and yelling) road-rage is not just reserved for guys who can't stand to get cut-off. or even given the finger by other drivers during their morning commute.
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even professional drivers get annoyed when their opponents refuse to obey the unwritten rules of the road. - [voiceover] the wwf has erupted here at-- - [voiceover] this dispute between car 24 and car 29 begins with a bang! one that puts both racers out of commission, especially the 29 car! which not only lands on it's side, it's also leaking fuel! but the car 29 team is too fueled by rage to notice, as they set their sights on making the guy driving car 24 pay for causing this accident, by causing him pain! but what about the fuel spill? well, when they flip the car back onto it's wheels, it creates a spark, which ignites the fuel, and sets the track ablaze! there's nothing like a major fire,
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to make people forget what they were fighting about! fortunately, the driver was away from his ride, when the thing erupted. guy coulda been burned! (rock music) when the fur starts to fly in go-cart racing, the drivers sometimes have to use a little human power to get their carts going again. this driver manages to get his cart back in action, without him in it! now the race is on to get back in the race! the guy might actually have a chance, if he can ever get back in the driver's seat. (fast rock music) looks like his car is pretty fast! and that's with no one pushing down the gas pedal! or steering the thing!
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(horse neighs) as the horses make their way down the stretch in this race. the horse without a rider, decides to play rough... (horse neighs) and looks to take the guy to his outside, outside. (horse whinnies) not sure if the jockey-less horse had a pact with the eventual winner to take out the competition. or if he was acting on his own equine impulse. oh well, as they say, rubbin', is racin'! wait, that's auto racin'! which has nuthin' to do with horses! never mind. (horse whinnies) after a grueling bike race, the thrill of victory is often reserved for the guy who can finish the strongest. in this case, a strong finish leads to a downfall. cause dude fell down pretty hard after he crossed the finish line, and crashed into a motorcycle!
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hope he passes the drug test. up next, a hot rod takes a detour on a short track. and, motorcycles in the mud? it's bound to get messy, on sports gone wild! (energetic music) on sports one wild! choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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(energetic music) (electronic music) - [voiceover] in ice hockey, the refs on the ice who make the calls, are backed-up by off-ice officials who sit directly behind the goalie. - [voiceover] oh! well! - [voiceover] is it a goal? or no goal? - [voiceover] the referee is goin' right over to the goal judge. gonna ask him. - [voiceover] the guy behind the glass says goal, but it's clearly not a goal. - [voiceover] there it is right there. oh no, it hit the post. - [voiceover] although the goal judge goofed, it's the goalie who tries his best to clear things up.
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- [voiceover] (laughs) that's somethin' new. - [voiceover] hey, the guy did a pretty good job cleaning the glass! - [voiceover] this game is amazing. (mumbling) what a great move! - [voiceover] especially without a squeegee! - [voiceover] taken by murphy! as the crunch are arguing, that that was in the net! - [voiceover] baseball umpires, are known for their take-charge attitudes. when they make a call, it's final. and the teams involved, just have to live with it. while sometimes baseball managers angrily go after the umpires, here's a case where one of the umpires looks to take on the manager! this is quite a role reversal! as the ump has to be restrained, while the manager calmly makes his counter-point without moving a muscle. kind of disappointing that the umpire failed to kick dirt on the guy. or throw some debris onto the field. managers are much better at temper tantrums.
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when you win enough drag races over the years, you get the coolest looking car on the track. (engine roars) and you get to put your name on it. but if you fail to keep the car on the straight and narrow, you could not only lose the race... but lose your fancy car, in the process. when you're competing in a drag race, there's no need to make left turns! or any turns at all, for that matter. you just basically have to keep the thing from turning. (electronica music) a little moisture is not enough to stop this motorcycle race, on a dirt track. as these pros prove they can handle the adverse conditions. but as the race goes on,
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the conditions start to deteriorate. - [voiceover] ah! - [voiceover] and the motorcycle racer's mastery of the track becomes more, muddy. - [voiceover] ah! - [voiceover] and it's a really short distance from muddy, to messed up. as in one muddy spill quickly becomes one messed up mash-up. (engine roaring) snowmobiles are known for being the most effective way to get from one place to another in the snow. especially, when the landscape is lonely. but even when you're headed up the road less-traveled, ya have to be careful to avoid the occasional obstacle. - [voiceover] now who put that tree in the way?
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it's an evergreen, you know. those things sure spring up fast! (rock music) (humorous music) - [voiceover] the ultimate goal in calf-roping is for the guy on the moving horse to get his rope around the moving calf, and bring it to a stop. it may sound simple, but in the wild, wild world of rodeo, nothing is ever simplistic. (moos) while some guys have trouble getting their hands around the whole calf-roping concept, others get completely tied-up in their work. like this guy, who seems to have the roping part all tied-up...
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but he fails to capture the calf. told ya it wasn't simple. (horse neighs) coming up, these bike racers are getting jumpy. and, a kayak getting towed really cracks this guy up, on sports gone wild! (energetic music)
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(rock music) - [voiceover] now this is what they call a flying finish. looks like fun, doesn't it? but as they say, the roughest thing about flying, is coming in for a landing. and when it's not the perfect three-point kind of landing,
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it can really knock you for a loop! nearly knocked this dude out, in the process! send in the medics! looks like he's gonna need some time to mend a few broken bones. (crowd yelling) (hard rock music) if you're looking for new ways to get around, you might wanna try hitching a kayak up to the back of a car and see where it takes you. it's also apparently a good way to take the dog out for a little exercise. the light-weight plastic construction of the kayak helps make it glide across the grass with the greatest of ease. but all good things must come to an end. - [voiceover] wow! oh (bleep)! - [voiceover] and this good thing ends with a break-up! ouch!
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well that's our cue that it's time to break-up this episode. we'll see you next time on sports gone wild! (energetic music) - [voiceover] oh! - [voiceover] oh my god! (yelling) (gasping) (indecipherable speech) - oh, you were so close to the blade! did you go in the tree? - i flew! (laughing) - [voiceover] zach, you ripped your pants, again! - [voiceover] you're still the man in our house. - it happens. - [voiceover] almost, even with the sheet. - i don't know you well enough, buddy! next on "action news" a cabdriver in philadelphia a is shot by a passenger but keeps driving with the suspect still inside. plus republican presidential hope fulls prepare for their eighth debate. "action news" is next.
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at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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is to provide choices that offer you the best pric,s quality and selection. you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa a magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night i'm walter perez. g.o.p. presidential candidates get ready for their eighth debate. police are looking for vandals who climbed to the top of the roller coaster just to steel a flag at the dorney park. but the big story on "action news" is first weekend in february, a mild one, shaping up to be a nice one tomorrow as well but there is a chance of some snow next week that could make for one
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messy commute. meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast. >> hi there walter. lots to track over next few days butt as you mentioned nice start for first weekend of february. highs in the region were in the lower 40's. the currently in the city coming in at 39. thirty in the poconos. thirty-seven for reading. lancaster. 36 degrees along the coast. if you are stepping out on the town later this evening it is on the chilly side. apartly cloudy at 7:00 p.m. tonight. dropping down to 37. thirty-six at 8:00. and 9:00 p.m. thirty-five, under partly cloudy sky at 10:00. 11:00 p.m. we will drop down to 34 degrees. couple changes as we get into early next week. there will be a storm system forming off florida/georgia coastline a big storm system that primarily stays off shore. so this is the the first area of low pressure we are tracking sunday night and into monday. this one will miss our region but big storm for new england. then focus your attention out across the west. we have another piece of
6:02 pm
energy coming a across the great lakes. this will work eastward as we get into monday night and tuesday and then by tuesday there is potential of some light snow across the area. in the near term we will ebb joy the rest of our weekend. it will be milder on sunday. we are tracking more snow as we get into early next week. the in the wake of that falling temperatures. we will look at the full and exclusive a a accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanks, melissa a. the republican presidential candidates are facing off tonight for their eighth debate just days before the new hampshire primary. all while a new poll reveals democratic primary race is tighter then ever. abc's marci gonzales has more from new hampshire. >> reporter: good evening, walter. some candidates held events this morning but most of the the day was dedicated to prepping for tonight's big debate. >> the stage is set for what is expect to be a slug fest, republican presidential candidates, out stump go to day. >> what we have to do is save this country. >> reporter: before facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary.
6:03 pm
>> i'm seeing on that stage tonight you will see a difference. we will make sure you see a difference between those who are prepared to lead, and those who are just continuing to talk. >> reporter: latest polling shows donald trump with the 19-point leading into the debate followed by marco rubio. the target on his back, getting bigger. >> he is willing to break his word to the voters and make deals with democrats to try to force through amnesty. >> reporter: ted cruz supporters out hoping he can push ahead for a repeat of iowa. >> one vote it is worth it. >> beautiful day in manchester. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton going door to door, too. >> i need your help on tuesday, and others to come along. >> reporter: fighting for momentum as she lead bernie sanders in the latest national pole by just two-point and behind double digits here in the granite state. >> if we can bring out, a decent vote on tuesday, i am confident, we will win. >> reporter: a lot of confidence from candidates on both side. the republicans, of course,
6:04 pm
hopeful that success in tonight a's debate will translate into votes here on tuesday. in manchester new hampshire marci gonzales for channel six "action news". predebate coverage from abc news started just minutes ago. check it out on our web site at six coverage of the republican debate starts at 8:00 p.m. and you can see it all right here on six a abc. "action news" anka or monica malpass is covering the new hampshire primary. the she's there in new hampshire. watch for her live reports starting tomorrow night. a 12 year-old is remembered as a hero tonight after losing his life trying to save his father from a fire. that fire broke out in norristown early yesterday morning. now the family is grieving the brave little boy affectionate thely known as manman. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in norristown with much more, jeff. >> reporter: walter, manman played football behind me on this field. he was ace fullback and lineman. people described him as an outing upbeat inner get he can young man and now those are
6:05 pm
rally with toying help his family. >> not too many grown men would run back in after their family member. he went back in without thinking about it. >> reporter: sanford harling is remembered as a hero one day after he died trying to save his father from their burning home. his bravery doesn't surprise percy jones, who heads the norristown youth eagles football program for which harling played for four years. >> i know they had a very close relationship, every sunday, they went to church together. they always matched head to toe. so i know when he went back in for his father, i just didn't expect anything less from him. >> reporter: viewer video shows heavy flames and smoke engulfing the home at markly and wayne avenue on friday. the mother, woman seen in the blanket, got five children out alive but harling who went by the nickname manman charged back into rescue his father whom he believed was trapped on the second floor but who had actually jumped out the window. his story seems to be striking a cord with many. the jones says that a go fund me account the team started
6:06 pm
has reached $25,000 goal in just 24 hours. money that he says will help the family, who lost their home, and a wonderful child. >> just to get back on their feet, you know, possibly get a home, i don't know if they were homeowners but if they are not, it is a down payment for a home. nothing will bring manman back. >> reporter: norristown school district posted a message on facebook saying it will make grief counselors available to students and staff, at this point, investigators have not released a cause of the the fire. we are live from norristown, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". >> walter? >> thanks, jeff. a cabdriver is hospitalized tonight after he was shot during a robbery attempt overnight. police say he picked up three passengers, two of whom pulled out guns. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live at south detectives with the full story, trish? >> reporter: well, walter philadelphia a police are looking for three people, in connection with this shooting, police say they have tried to rob that cabdriver, shot him,
6:07 pm
and then got the away empty handed. police say it all started here at this luk oil at broad and wharton when three people flagged down a cab. thirty-eight year-old driver took them to 28th and tasker when the man in the front passenger seat pulled a gun and demanded money. the victim was shot in the arm but kept driving with the passengers in the car. this surveillance video from a local business shows the cab speeding down the street at 3:36 a a.m. he lost control here in the 2300 block of morris street, hitting several parked cars. >> i come out, and i see all of the debris in the street and i'm looking, down and i heard the people in the cab and they were trying to get out. >> reporter: donnie lives on this block and told police she saw a man and woman leave the cab and walk away. >> the girl, she was trying to hide. i was like yeah, he hit your car and hit him on purpose. >> reporter: police say man in the front seat fled in the unknown direction.
6:08 pm
man and woman in the back seat both carrying flags fled westbound on morris. man is 5-foot to 5-foot five with a thin build and short hair. woman is 5-foot one with a stocky build and long, wavey hair. in the day light, carter surveys the extensive damage to her car where it was hit by the injured cabdriver. >> it was on the curb, this is not how i bashed parked the car last night. >> reporter: while she's not sure how she will drive her daughter to school she's relieved the car driver was not kill. >> glad he survived. >> reporter: on broad street we found this driver who works for 215 get a cab who said he worried that something like this might happen to him. >> you know, we worry about our lives every night but we have to work. >> reporter: we spoke to another cabdriver who says he doesn't drive at night because he doesn't feel safe. now the victim was taken to penn presbyterian medical center and last check he is listed in stable condition. we are live at south
6:09 pm
detectives, trish hartman for channel six "action news". walter. >> thanks, trish. health officials in montgomery county are looking for a good samaritan who may have been exposed to rabies. on thursday afternoon a young girl was walking home through a wooded area on bridal wild trail near dod's lane in gladwynn when she was attacked by a racoon. man stopped his suv and beat the animal with the hockey stick. he drove the child home to her parents but didn't give his name. the it turns out that racoon tested positive for rabies. the good samaritan is described as a white male in his 50's or 60's, approximately 6 feet tall, driving a small, tan or bronze suv. if you can help, please contact your local authorities. police in south white hall township are searching for these three wanted for trespassing at dorney park. investigators say the four climbed 200 feet to the top of the dominator roller coaster and stole a large dorney park flag. anyone with information is asked to call police. it is the final weekend of the philadelphia auto show.
6:10 pm
thousands packed the pennsylvania convention center over the past week to check out 700 of the new vehicles, along with classic cars and trucks. tomorrow is the last day to stop by and check them out. you can go for a test drive on a test track. according to officials with the show, 94 percent the of the last years auto show, said they found the show helpful in choosing their next vehicle. if you prefer a vehicle that glides on water there is time to check out the atlantic city boat show all weekend at the ac convention center w everything from kyacks to sail boats, sport fishers a and power the yachts. it runs until 8:00 tonight. and then tomorrow 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. there was a chinese new years celebration in center city. folks packed in the reading terminal will market to celebrate the year of the monkey there were cooking demonstration from his local chefs and chinese crafts. the the philadelphia sons organization also performed a chinese new year line dance. all right. much more to come on "action news", member of the group of fighter pilots is honored today in delaware.
6:11 pm
plus little ones show off their dance moves for a good cause. the flyers lose one of their best players today after he gets kick out of the game. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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a member of the famous tuskegee air men was honored today in wilmington during an event honoring black his there i movement retired surgeon cornelius gaters kept the famous pilots flying during world war two. during the event held at ymca, the doctor was recognized for his lifetime of services. tuskegee air men, of course, became one of the military's successful flying squads during world war two in the face of racism at home and abroad. montgomery county, township police department, met today with the people they serve and protect. this coffee with the cop event was held at new community and recreational center in montgomeryville. it was a chance for neighbors to check out some of the
6:14 pm
centers new amenities, while the kid got to spent sometime with one of the department's k-9 officers. camden's charter school network held a open house today, local parents had a chance to apply their children for entry into one of the cities public or charter schools from grade k through 12. it was a chance to ask questions, and learn which school might be a better fit the for their youngsters. open enrollment end on march 1st. it was a packed house today at the community college of philadelphia a, for the 24th annual african-american children's book fair. hundreds of youngsters and their parents, had a chance to choose, from this amazing selection of books featuring best selling authors and illustrators. this fairies the nation's oldest and largest one day event, featuring african-american children's books. ♪
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on sports. flyers have a very important stretch right now. >> everyone talk about how important this stretch is. they have been playing well, perhaps until today. big weekend for the flyers. two games against teams they are chasing, and coming into play, they are four points out of the playoff spot the but the flyers shorthanded, sean couturier is hurt and they will lose wayne simmonds today. here's hit everyone is talking about first period with the rangers. simmonds check in the hid by brian mcdone a simmonds punches back and he is kicked out. flyers hottest player could be suspended for tomorrow's game too and he is steaming. tied in the third how about ryan white, flyers take a two-one lead. just as they are about to take the game, 13 seconds left, oh, no, mason gets beat, tied it at two. we go to the shoot-out where flyers are shooting themselves in the foot. what a move around mason's
6:18 pm
foot. the flyers lose three-two in a shoot-out. >> rangers win in the shoot-out. >> you know, it was in the first period, you know, definitely, and especially last couple of games. >> unaudible. >> i think we are all upset. >> owe them pick up one point. sixers will honor late darryl dawkins a at half time tonight against the nets. chocolate thunder was one of the greatest sixers of all time. he died in august of a heart attack. sixers back to back games after getting beat up by wizards last night. it was over before it started. sixers down by 20 by the end of the first quarter. they never recovered. ish smith will not play tonight because of an ankle injury he suffered last night. third ranked villanova has revenge on their mind today. nova won 22 straight big east games until providence put an even to that two weeks ago. welshing time for pay back.
6:19 pm
even without the injured danielle ochefu villanova comes out on fire against providence. jaylen brownson, bang. they never trailed. big game for darryl reynolds playing for ochefu, 19 for him. josh hart has a dunk in the second. nova nearly blows a 17-point lead but ryan archie arcidiacono steps up scoring nine of his 16 in the final minutes. villanova wins by two. jay wright and company walk away with a win. temple on the road in orlando against central florida looking for their third straight. what a finish. tied up. two to go. quinton decozy with the basket and foul. puts temple up three. then nine seconds left. central florida down two. they go for a win. a aj davis, no. they ghetto fence ivory bound, another shot for a win, no. they get another rebound. aj davis puts it back. yes, at the buzzer. but hold everything. it is, waved off. temple wins by skin of their
6:20 pm
teeth, 62-60. temple coach fran dunphy the winningest coach in big five history. >> it is nice. i'm proud of philadelphia. i wish every major met the tro pol tan area have what we have in philadelphia a with the big five and play each other and have great respect, honor, to follow those guys hoff gone before us. >> st. joes, back, back from their first lost in a month. isaiah miles going the extra mile right there st. joes wins by 22. eighty-two-60. they are 19-four and they have the best road record in the country. how about delaware, looking for their first win in nearly two months verse william and mary. not so much. blue hens beat up by 26, delaware loses their 15th straight game. it is no the going so well in delaware. >> not good. >> no. up next on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee
6:21 pm
has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back. ♪
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6:23 pm
>> as you can see there were dancing the day away during a dance marathon at montgomery elementary right there in north wales. these kid have been showing off their moves non-stop since 8:00 this morning and they are still going right now all in the name of charity. money raised will support four diamond fund for childhood cancer. this is the third year the the good people of the elementary
6:24 pm
worked up the call of mini thon. time for a check of the accu weather forecast. i'll tell you for february, today was great. >> very nice, walter. temperatures were in the 40's. in the 50's. >> very nice. >> very nice. we will show you what is going on, storm tracker six live double scan radar. no issues with precipitation. outside we will go because that is wherever one was on a beautiful saturday afternoon. action cam was outside, here in center city near rodann museum right off the parkway. mostly sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. well above average. high today in philadelphia, 43 . average for this time of the year is 42. by this time tomorrow, temperatures will be climbing a little bit heighter, macking out near 50. very nice treat for february. it is currently 37 in trenton along i-95 corridor in philadelphia a 39. thirty in the the poconos. thirty-six along the coast in wildwood. upper 30's for both dover, wilmington, helding, lancaster at this hour. here's satellite six with action radar.
6:25 pm
we have dry, quiet conditions across the region. it turns partly cloudy tonight the but it looks like no unsettled weather moving our way anytime soon or as we close out the rest of our weekend. the call from accu weather tonight a few patchy cloud, chilly, dropping down to 20 in the suburbs and 8 degrees in philadelphia with that southeasterly wind, which will get our temperatures well above average as we get into sunday. future tracker six showing us a chilly start tomorrow morning. 1 degree above freezing in philadelphia 28 in reading. same thing in lancaster. twenty-nine in the poconos. the atlantic city coming in at 33. the as i advance this, we will tap into that southeasterly wind. along the i-95 corridor and areas south and east we will be in the middle will to upper 40's. forty-three in allentown at that time. a few above 46 as we go through the rest of sunday and into sunday afternoon. we are tracking some he energy as we get into early next week. the first piece is sunday night into monday. then another one monday night into tuesday. we're tracking a storm system that will form off the coast
6:26 pm
of florida and georgia and this will race its the way up the eastern seaboard but primarily, staying out to sea. that is the first batch of moisture that we are tracking that will miss our region. but as we get into tuesday, we will track this moisture coming out of the great lakes. it is weak little shortwave that works its way eastward and by that point we have potential of finding light snowfall across the region. this is monday night and into tuesday. the most of the models as we break this system down are saying as of this storm system right now, it is not a major storm. just producing, light to moderate snow. it is rather disorganized and there is potential of travel delays as we get into the tuesday morning commute. but we will keep you posted on what happens with this storm, most of the models are saying that this storm system will be light in nature but of course we will keep you posted. accu weather forecast showing sunny and mild tomorrow. 50 degrees. on tuesday, mostly cloudy, cloud thicken throughout the day. snow likely monday night. high of 45, and period of some light snow, even moderate
6:27 pm
pockets on tuesday, 39, and a few flurries, possible on wednesday, otherwise, mostly cloudy at 40. brisk and breezy, 34. chilly on friday, 37, and arctic blast moves in on saturday with a high of just 30, walter. >> okay, thanks, melissa. world news saturday is next on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." the high stakes showdown right here in new hampshire about to begin. the republicans prepping for the spotlight. their last chance to plead their case. we have the all-access pass, just moments away. the candidates stepping up their game. >> i almost want to just go in and pray. >> and stepping up the attacks. >> he's willing to break his word to the voters. >> just three days until new hampshire, voters weigh in, and the results could send some packing. the urgent new warning about one of the biggest scams in america. fake phone calls demanding back taxes, threatening arrest. why you're more vulnerable now than ever. and tonight, the health alert for women. do not drink alcohol. now, the growing backlash and the apology.


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