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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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stopping up and bundling up are the watch words of the day. the first snow storm of the season could hit this weekend and while we wait we are dealing with the bitter cold. the big story on "action news" is a double shot of winter weather. walter perez is finding out how folks are coping with the cold. meteorologist, adam joseph is tracking the potential of a weekend snow storm but we start with cecily tynan and more on these freezing temperatures. >> windchills in philadelphia, and atlantic city, 1 degree below 0, and allentown and wilmington the windchill dropping down to 2 degrees below 0. and wind gusts of 26 miles per hour in philadelphia and 28 in wilmington and atlantic city airport reporting wind gusts of 33 miles per hour. it's still bitter cold, the
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windchill is many 23 degrees and wilmington 14 and the poconos it feels like 4 degrees, so the second day in a row of very cold temperatures and tonight will be a cold night, clear and cold and it stays windy and overnight low 16 in the suburbs and 20 in center city and tomorrow morning as the kids head to school you will want to bundle them up. but not as harsh as this morning, by 8:00, 22 degrees and kids are hoping for a snow day and we are tracking a storm on the way, bad timing, the bilk of it happens over the weekend and adam joseph has the details. >> we are chatting about the energy and when it enters the u.s. we'll have a better sampling with our super computer models to ingest what is going
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on and spit out a more accurate forecast, on the west coast you see a little bit of precipitation south of san francisco, that is one piece of energy and then a surface low now working into the pacific northwest, these two merge and cross the country and eventually develop that storm in texas eventuallily then transfers its energy to the east coast. so many pieces to the puzzle and ingredients to go together and there are three days before it unfolds, there are many unfolds, the exact track the storm, when it forms where does it move? up the coast or out to sea. the ocean temperature is warm right now, if it's really strong which it would blow up, where the ocean is warm, meeting the cold air and energy could explode the storm and then throw a lot of cold air inland especially for the shore communities, the question is the
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location of the heavy snow, is it north and west or south and east. in fact as we take a look at some of highlights or what we think of this storm for impacts, a high chance that someone will get heavy snow. strong winds and coastal flooding also a very high risk friday night into the day on saturday, meteorologist, cecily tynan when she comes back she'll chat more about this storm and what will unfold for the rest of the week as well in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you sir. >> it's not easy to be outside even for a little while, when the cold air hits your skin it's almost painful, lets get outside to walter perez in bethlehem tonight, because the sooner we do he can come back inside. >> reporter: what do you mean almost painful, it's beautiful. like james taylor says when a cold wind blows it will interpyour head around. some overnight lows in the
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single digits, 23 in bethlehem with that nasty wind, yes it was sunny today but it was a long way from comfortable. so it's cold? >> it's cold. >> reporter: the fact of the matter it's brutally cold. >> the kind of day you want to cover up your body. that is where wilma rice is questioning her lunch time exercise. >> we are trying to get our blood pumping before we go back to work. >> are you afraid your blood might freeze? >> not yet. >> then ely is having a good time trying to funnel potential customers into a local business, he could do without the cold but it's a living. >> freezing out here, very cold and windy. >> you should get a pair of gloves that will help you. >> i know i forgot my gloves at home today. >> this is no laughing matters when it comes to the homeless.
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these soup kitchen volunteers were serving hundreds of meals to the hungry at episcopal church on market street. clients says outreaches like this one helps everybody. >> i come here and get the lunch and it's always good, it's nice to have somewhere to go when it's cold out. >> reverend alyssa says it's their duty. >> clothe and feed the hungry. >> once again all eyes are shifting to the weekend and the approaching storm and usually it's colder here in the lehigh valley, but what may turn out to be a rain event in the lehigh valley could be snow here. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. with snow possible on friday, is your resource for comprehensive
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updates, see the latest tracking models and details from accuweather and real time conditions from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. we have breaking news now -- >> chop 6 over the northeast extension where a fruit truck overturned shutting down several lanes on the roadway, the accident happened at 1:00 this afternoon but took hours to get that truck upright and it's causing commuter headaches tonight, all southbound lanes of the northeast extension are backed up now and traffic being diverted at the quakertown exit, this happened at 1:00 this afternoon but causing backups for commuters tonight on the northeast extension. the driver was flown to play paoli hospital. the fruit was spilled on the highway and traffic is diverted at the quakertown exit.
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matt pellman will have an update in just a few moments. he says he understands the passion of philadelphia and knows what it is to win. the eagles have introduced their new head coach, doug peterson, to the city today. ducis rogers and jaime apody joins us with more from the nova care complex. >> reporter: hey there guys, doug peterson was introduced today you never get a chance of making a first impression, he said we have not won here in a long time and he should know he was a quarterback here. he is ready to turn that around. >> it was a packed house for the news conference, jeffrey lurie said it was a list of 10 names an at least one college coast, he cited lurie's leadership skills and is a former quarterback and coach here, he called andy reid a mentor.
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the first coaching job above the high school level and waiting for this shot for a lifetime. >> this is a special moment for me and my family and one i'll cherish for the rest of my life. >> you played here and coached here it take a certain type of temperament to be in the city what makes you think you have that quality? >> i played here in 1999 and have seen the successful programs the packers and chiefs played again in philadelphia as a coach, understanding the culture and the fans, and great owner and management, and gre greatmenters that have come before me. and rye reed and the experience as a former player and coach prepared me for this situation. >> reporter: lurie broke one bit of news, they are actively looking for a player personnel,
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they did not say if they would be above or below howie roseman, and that jim schwartz is the new defensive coordinators. i'm jaime apody live, now the eagles have a new head coach, is he doug peterson. >> thanks guys. you can see more video along with some of the real time reaction to the coach's thoughts on the team and take part in our facebook poll. and time for the "action news" traffic report, ats busy night out there. lets take it live to matt pellman in the action center. >> not budging on the northeast extension unfortunately. budget extra time from the lehigh valley, because are you forced off at quakertown, all the lanes closed at 663, quakertown and landsdale, the overturned fruit truck is upright and no traffic getting through yet, that puts extra
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traffic on the closure point and 663 and 309, and south of allentown of 78 get on 309 do not even try to get on 476, and a crash near curlin street and it's gone but speeds slow from the delaware state line on up. and this is a new crash on the northbound side of 95 to street road and a couple of vehicles involved one of them facing sideways on the on ramp and the traffic is stopped and can't quit at street road. an accident at cornwell heights, that has cleared but 14 miles per hour is all you are going. and a pole came down following a crash inm county. more to come if you have
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ever been to starbucks and heard a soung need to know, the coffee change is partnering with a popular app to help you out. and coming up how this inspired doctors to save other lives.
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a local medical center gets help to save lives outside of the hospital. ali gorman has story. >> reporter: we are fortunate we have dozens of hospitals with advanced technology in our area but what happens when people that need help are not at the hospital yet, a family saw the need for portable equipment, so they helped to make it happen. >> victoria was fighting for her life against a rare pneumonia, she first got sick in college and then back home her mother said it reached a crisis. >> i couldn't wake her up, her lungs had collapsed.
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>> she needed high technology breathing equipment that was in philadelphia, but she was home and too sick to transport, and the equipment was to bulky to move, it puts oxygen into the blood and takes out carbon dioxide when the lungs cannot do it alone. finally victoria stabilized long enough to be flown to presbyterian, and was on it for 20 days and in the hospital for two months, she missed christmas and her birthday and a semester in college. during that time her doctors became convinces that a portable ecmoe could save lives. they created a lung rescue team and buy a smaller, portable ecmo. victoria is healthier again but
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it's an uphill battle. >> i had to learn to walk again because i was laying down for two months, it's crayy what i have done because of what everyone has done for me. >> since they had the portable ecmo they helped 20 other patients all with good outcomes and victoria's family gives back with blood drives also, we have all the information at more ahead on "action news" tonight, you think falling oil prices are good for the budget, hear how one major airline saved
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. lower gas prices translates into big profits for airlines, delta saved $5 billion on fuel last year, they have not passed the savings on to consumers but they may do so. other airlines pushed theirs
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lower across the board. the social media service, twitter had serious disruptions causing users from staying connects and even logging on it lasted for several hours. once it got moving at full speed, folks turned to twitter to vent their frustrations. and starbucks launched their new service with spotify. they can save starbucks songs and listen to the music wherever they go using spotify. they have it at 7500 starbucks stores. another check of an interesting forecast for you. live sky 6 hd now braving this very cold weather at the blue cross river rink. meteorologist, cecily tynan,
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is keeping an eye on the changes coming our way. >> we are live on sky 6 looking at cape may right now where it's
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cold and windy and over the weekend on saturday, a good chance of some coastal flooding across the shore with that storm system also due to the fact that we have a full moon this weekend and the tide is already astronomically higher. right now what is not high is the temperatures, cold out there again, philadelphia 28 degrees and allentown 26 and sea isle city 27 and the poconos 19 degrees and factor in the winds, the windchill second day in a row windchill stuck in the teens, philadelphia feels like 17 and 10 in reading and 14 in wilmington and 16 in trenton and 4 degrees in the poconos. satellite 6 along with action radar showing even all that sunshine couldn't climb the temperatures up to the freezing mark, we have a cloud free sky and that will be the case again tonight, and that is another cold night, overnight low 20 in philadelphia, 16 in allentown and 19 in wilmington and 20 in
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trenton and cape may 23 degrees and we'll have brutal windchills, that being said not quite as bad as this morning. this morning windchills below zero and tomorrow morning feeling like 1 in philadelphia and 12 in wilmington and trenton 13 degrees and then the winds ease and temperatures above freezing so by 4:30, amazing windchills in the 20s not that bad. 29 in philadelphia at 4:30, so not as brutal tomorrow afternoon as today and yesterday. in the meantime, satellite 6 along with action radar showing a piece of upper level energy near los angeles, these two will combine and gain strength and this is what will become our east coast snow storm for friday night and saturday. future tracker 6 showing the magic starts to happen around 4:00 thursday afternoon, the low pressure over eastern texas starts to pull in moisture from
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the gulf of mexico and planning your day on friday, morning commute should be fine and even at lunch time we are looking at a band of snow, and the low pressure is what we are focused on and part of what is key this weekend is high temperature to the north and if that high pressure is strong, providing blocking and slows it's system down and creating higher snowfall amounts and still three days away so the details have to be ironed out. increasing clouds tonight and a few snow showers tomorrow night with a weak system pulling through doesn't look to be a big deal. thursday the calm before the storm, mostly sunny and 36 degrees, friday afternoon and evening is when the snow arrives from the southwest and saturday we get either all snow or snow mixing with rain along the coast depending on the track, 34 degrees, whatever happens behind
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the system it's blustery and dry with a high of 38 degrees and adam joseph has more details on the upcoming winter storm in the accuweather forecast. busy week guys. >> thank you cecily, philadelphia mayor, jim kenney spent time reading to preschoolers, kinder academy one of the establishments in the city granted funding under an initiative called precounts, an effort to get children 3 to 4 years ole access to education. there is new information about the driver behind the wheel after a deadly crash of a greyhound bus in california. and a thief sets his sights on a popular convenience store filled with people. and jaime fox being hailed as a hero after jumping into action after a crash outside of his home.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news"
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tonight. the water crisis in flint, michigan continues after frustrated residents take action and it's white house is threatening to act. and it is official, doug peterson is the new head coach of the philadelphia eagles, we are live in south philadelphia with the details. >> we are continuing to follow big news along the weather front, a live look at the sky 6 hd cameras of the snow making at spring mountain. and penn's landing. we are in the midst of freeing temperatures and a storm out to the west, it's that storm that has the potential to bring our first amount of shovable snow this winter. and the big concern is the biting cold we have experienced here for a second straight day. it was so cold today studentses
5:31 pm
at lock elementary were sent home after a heating system malfunction at their school and several other schools dismissed early because of heating issues and students at st. joe's university walking slow was not an option today. >> i'm not happy about it, condition feel my hands or knuckles and my toes are going. we'll see. >> for drivers topping off their gas tanks, standing outside felt brutal especially while wearing a coat and gloves. and meteorologist, adam joseph, is watching the latest from double scan radar. >> the chilly temperatures and thankfully we had some sunshine out there today as well. 28 degrees the air temperature right now and new york city teens and binghamton as well as pittsburgh and the air temperature is one thing and dealing with the wind gusting at times 30 miles per hour presently, knock that temperature down to more like
5:32 pm
17, that is what it feels like when you head out in philadelphia, 3 in binghamton and 4 in pittsburgh and 6 in buffalo and the winds do not ease overnight and the windchills remain dangerously cold and very uncomfortable right through tomorrow's rich hour, the same time on double scan live radar tracking the weak system in the nation's heartland, nothing to do with what will happen later in the week, this passes by tomorrow, and all the precipitation fall as part and we see clouds here midweek on wednesday, we watch the energy, now pushing on to the coast of the pacific northwest and a weak area of energy in southern parts of california, these two will tangle and come together and head to the south in texas and that will form a new low on thursday afternoon and that will form another low for the coastal system that becomes a nor'easter on friday and a very complicated forecast.
5:33 pm
nonetheless we'll try to pull ito all together and what we expect at this point that will change in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you adam. many communities across our region have posted code blue warnings because of the cold and it's a more dire situation for the homeless, if you see a homeless person call the outreach hot line. get them some help and we posted the code blue information at and with snow possible on friday, is your resource for comprehensive updates and see the latest tracking models and real time conditions from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. two new class action lawsuits were filed today on behalf of flint, michigan, residents claiming they were harmed by toxic water, it started back in 2014 when corrosive water from the flint
5:34 pm
river caused dangerous led to travel from old pipes into their homes, residents are forced to use bottled water for everything from cooking to bathing and now the white house is getting involved. >> reporter: that is right, the white house appointed a federal official to respond to this crisis as the flint mayor travelled to d.c. hoping for a meeting with president obama and we got word that the meeting is happening at this hour. >> you made the mess, you clean it up. >> you fix the problem. >> claiming they are taking emergency action for emergency relief. >> we are talking to desperate people every day, it's sad and trag tragic. >> lawyers representativing family wills say they have filed three class action lawsuits, seeking damages and an injunction. our people need financial aid. we need it now.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: this announcement comes as angry residents continue to rally and some even demanding the governor be arrested. the state is under investigation after it changed the water source from lake huron to the flint river to save money, it's exposing people to toxic level of led but allegedly waiting five months to tell the public. >> national guard troops are on the ground passing out water and filters and president obama has declared a state of emergency and white house officials say more federal aid is possible. >> the epa meanwhile is defending their handling of the crisis and the system is switched back no lake huron, the system is badly damaged and the water is still not safe to drink. as for governor rick snyder he maintains he didn't initially know the severity of the
5:36 pm
situation and is expected to discuss this matter in greater detail at his state of the state address later tonight. i'm elizabeth herr channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a gray houn bus rolled on to its side in the middle of a california highway and 18 others were injured. police are still trying to figure out what happened but we know that no other vehicles were involved. late today the driver reportedly admitted to investigators he was fatigued before the crash. >> on the president campaign trail, former alaskan governor sara palin officially endorsed donald trump for the campaign today. trump says is he quote, honored by the endorsement. it comes after the leadoff caucus in iowa where he is locked in a dead heat with ted cruz, palin was a newcomer when
5:37 pm
john mccain announced her as his running mate in 2008. the president used executive actions to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to apply for programs making them eligible for work and benefits. since then federal courts blocked the rules from going into effect because of a challenge brought by 26 states, that left 4.3 million immigrants effected by the rules in limbo. world news with david muir has more on the supreme court's decision to review the policies and sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump as well as the crisis in flint michigan. >> back here police are looking for the man that went into a torresdale iowa with a huge knife last month and robbed the place, it happened along the 10,000 block of knights road, it shows the man walking in with
5:38 pm
the knife and demanding money, he put cash in the bag and took off. police want anyone with information to contact them right away. here at the "action news" big board with monhonors for those that battled with those overdosing in ocean county. the father of narcan was honored for his contribution, dr. lavell was honored in toms river today, say that lavell was the one to help to develop the successful narcan program. it counter acts the affects of cocaine and heroin overdoses, it was given to police officers in ocean county to use if they have to respond to someone that overdosed and dr. lavell says this is only a partial solution. >> we are trying to do research to see what else we can do, this is not solving it's addiction
5:39 pm
problem but the overdose problem, we want to give these individuals a chance to move forward. >> other police departments in new jersey are also looking at adding narcan to their arsenal. since ocean county introduced their program for its officers 400 lives have been saved. an incredible amount. >> thank you. a funeral director arrested after three decomposing bodies were found in her garage, has her license revoked. janet powell daily no longer have the license to operate her business in strawberry mansion, it happened last year when people complained of odor and the bodies were found. time for a check of the traffic situation on a tuesday night. >> lets go to matt pellman in the traffic department and things are still a mess on the northeast extension at this
5:40 pm
hour. >> we go on five hours rick and monica the northeast extension, not the way we like to do the afternoon commute, we are without the southbound lanes since 1:00 this afternoon because of this overturned truck, carrying fruit, the truck is upright now, and they have not gotten it towed away and all traffic is forced off at the quakertown interchange. the scene is 10 miles south of there between landsdale and quakertown. the backup from the quakertown interchange, use 309 southbound and deal with the lights, it's not quick but you won't be stopped like the southbound side of 476. plenty of people stopped on the vine street expressway an earlier disabled vehicle was towed out of the way. and in folsom route 52 still closed and 13th street a better bet. >> thanks matt. still ahead on "action
5:41 pm
news," he is used to coming to the rescue in films, but jaime fox has saved a real life. and a $1 million power ball ticket we'll tell you where it was sold. the winds gusting at 35 miles per hour or better and the winds will not ease. coming up in the accuweather forecast. and we head to south philadelphia where the new eagles head coach is settling into his new job.
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and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. oscar winning actor, jaime fox, is hailed as a hero, he jumped into action to save a man after a terrible car crash happened outside of his home in southern california. >> errors of multiple people trapped. >> a roadside car crash turns an on screen action star to a real life hero, jaime fox to the rescue pulling a man out of a flaming car. this shows the damage to the car
5:45 pm
spliped over and still smolder after firefighters put out the flames. >> i have my victim over here, the accident happened monday night in front of fox's california home, he told the highway patrol, he heard the crash and a person screaming, fox called 911 and ran out to find a man buckled into his seat and unhooked him and dragged him away, the man and another person from the hospital were taken to the hospital with injuries including burns. >> fox was not injured and has yet to comment publically about what happened. ducis rogers and jaime apody are live now in philadelphia with more on doug peterson. >> reporter: yes, the beginning of a new era, as doug peterson is named head coach of the eagles. peterson was presented as the
5:46 pm
anti-chip, he cited his leadership skills and communication skills and dealings with players. >> lets take a look at how lurie and peterson began this new era. lurie said welcome back to the eagles family, despite people fearing he settled for peterson lurie said no he had the job. and he was going way guy whose communication skill were unparallels and comfortable in his own skin. >> those things important enough to take a risk on a guy who was not head coach since he coached in high school. >> think being a head football coach in the nfl, you have to be a great listener, listening to the players and listening the
5:47 pm
coaches and the fans. >> the main thing with doug that impressed us especially myself. real smart, strategic thinker, things we noticed in his career but blossomed over the last decade of coaching. >> i think the nucleus of this team is structured really well and there is tal enhere and i believe that you can put yourself in a position to not only win the east but have a chance to get yourself in the post season and go deep into the post season. >> reporter: of the four teams left in the post season, they all have really good quarterbacks, that is the next decision this team has to make do they want sam bradford back. >> he say great quarterback a top notch quarterback look what he did in the last half of the season, the numbers he put up. he would fit perfectly into a
5:48 pm
system i'm going to bring. >> so how about defense, yesterday we broke the news that jim schwartz was the eagles new defensive coordinator, look at schwartz in the press concerns front and center and i asked if he was a more attractive candidate. he said that the first time that jim schwartz and attractive was used in a sentence. >> everybody has to be their own person, you can be loud or quiet, you can be you know old or young or black or white but what the players want isau authenticity. the fans and players will see right through it. >> they are tossing around frank wright formerly of the san diego
5:49 pm
chargers, he did speak to former coordinator, pat shermer about staying on staff. >> thank you to both of you. >> one lucky buck county resident is a winner thanks to the power ball lottery sold at this home town deli, matched all five white ball buzz not the power ball number. the store gets a $5,000 bonus for selling the ticket and no local name has come forward winning the money yet. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please.
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adam is here to talk about the dangerously cold weather. >> continuing into tonight and then we ease the wind and temperatures into wednesday and thursday as we look at double scan live radar presently, all is quiet and plenty of sunshine and the winds continue to cut through you and throwing the windchills back into the teens for most of us, it feels like 17 if philadelphia and 14 in allentown and 8 in lancaster and 4 at the poconos and temperatures at the shore low teens for windchills. we are starting the week quiet than will change for the end of the week we are tracking this
5:53 pm
weak system. this pulls to the east and rides through here late tomorrow into tomorrow night and brings clouds with it and the precipitation will fall apart as it pushes into the dry arctic air, it's clear and cold and windchills near 10 degrees yet again as the wins funnel out of the west northwest and air temperatures 16 to 20 degrees, the forecast tomorrow for your wednesday, clouds thicken up in the afternoon and we warm the temperatures back above freezing across much of the area and windchills instead of the teens we'll go into the upper 20s and a little bit better here as we go into the middle of the week. then we are tracking the energy tracking across the country to develop the east coast storm and right now it is pulling over the pacific northwest and entering the lower 48, this is a good thing, once the energy is in the lower 48, the american model can start to ingest this energy into
5:54 pm
the equation and super computers and have a better understanding of that energy. at 4:00 on thursday, it dips down to the south near dallas as it develops a primary storm. then that primary storm once it starts to wrap up here at 6:00 on saturday morning, you see the bowling ball feature -- 20 feet in the atmosphere that transfers to a nor'easter off the coast. and the question is the highly uncertain track, when this develops the water temperature is warm and that helps to explode the storm quickly, if it's stronger and hugs the coast, that heavier snow will be north and west of philadelphia, you'll go from snow to the mix to the rain, especially along the coast, that depends on how much warm air comes in but if it's weaker and comes offshore, the heaviest snow will be south and east of the philadelphia and
5:55 pm
a very sharp cutoff as you head north and west of philadelphia where the snow drops off. as i right now, this will change nine more times we have models to come in before the storm arrives, as of right now the highest percentage for philadelphia proper would be a 6 to 12 inch snow storm, not far away a heavy snow storm of 12 to 18 but looking for the cripple of over a foot and a half, those are much lower on our scale, but again these will change as the computer models start to pull in a lot of this information in the next 24 hours. your exclusive accuweather forecast, 28 for tomorrow and 36 and sun on thursday, and the snow looks to break out late in the afternoon on friday at 38 degrees and the rain snow mix depending on the track and then blustery on sunday and dry out back above normal.
5:56 pm
monday into tuesday, keep it here on our facebook and twitter pages for the latest on this.
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and cuts education by $95 million dollars. causing governments to raise property taxes. all while protecting the gas industry by refusing to make them pay their fair share. call your legislator. tell them to fund education, stop the deficit from ballooning out of control, and build a better future for pennsylvania. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night and we have new details about the murder of an 18-year-old woman in chester county and for the first time as eagles new coach doug peterson
6:00 pm
talks about turning the teem around. but the big story is another bitterly cold day and the big question about the end of the week. today was another day in the upper 20s but the blustery winds made it feel substantially colder than that. but it's not just the cold that is grabbing everyone's attention, we have a chance of a major snow event at the end of the week. lets go to john rawlins in lafayette hill but first meteorologists, cecily tynan and adam joseph. lets begin with cecily at the big board. >> first we have the cold to talk about, this morning was brutal, trenton and atlantic city, the lowest windchill 1 degree below zero allentown and wilmington 2 degrees below zero and the winds are still fierce, 31 in wilmington and 30 in lancaster and 29 in


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