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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, it is thursday, january 4. the. the stories we're following for you on "action news" this morning. america's biggest lotto jackpot $1.6 billion will be split three years. a driver faces charges after he crashes into a police car. we have information on a chester county pastor wanted on rape and sex assault charges. first, let's go over to dave and karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys, we are looking at a a couple of spotty snow showers that were
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popping through, most of these producing a quick hit of snow and maybe flurries in some cases. the main one is pushing through chester county right now in toward delaware county and northern new casterle county delaware. there are others that are getting ready to leave the coast. other than that we have a fair amount of cloud cover to start out today. we'll see sunshine re-emerging as the day goes on. even though we're cold with temperatures in the 20s. 26 in philadelphia. 20 in allentown. 25 in millville and 30 in sea isle city. we're looking at improvement as we go through the day. cloudy and cold on the bus stop. 25 by 6:00. 26 by 8:00. a few degrees better an yesterday and the wednesday are not a strong. in the afternoon, 38 by noon, 3:00 p.m., we'll see an improved high of 43 degrees, that's ten degrees better than yesterday. karen it's milder tomorrow and we are looking out for rain as part of the weekend. details coming up. >> reporter: let's check on i-95
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here at girard, somebody traffic heading toward center city. construction is blocking the right lane. we have cones out at this point. we should be wrapping it up quickly it's not causing any delays at this point. you're looking already. looking live on the vine. westbound eastbound. we don't have any overnight construction, it's clear. very light volume at this point. blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 speeds in the 50s. sixers play tonight at 7:00 you'll see congestion in south philadelphia. in camden county we've got crews on the scene. they are blocking the left lane but should be wrapped up in the next half-hour, between 295 southbound and 168 and 42. we have construction blocking the right lane, this will be out here a little bit longer in magnolia, 30 westbound white horse pike approaching warwick road. construction crews are out there on the scene.
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meanwhile, we're seeing speeds on 295 the new jersey turnpike. construction blocking the right lane, this is not until 6:00 a.m. egg harbor township only the garden state parkway southbound. that's causing restrictions at this point. we expect that to be wrapped up in the neck hour and a half. for the most part, the morning commute is looking good. powerball story 3 tickets split the record $1.6 billion jackpot cold in california, florida and tennessee. can you believe it america, a wild record jackpot is coming to you right now. >> reporter: there was a billion dollar moment people across the u.s. were waiting for. and that moment undoubtly changing the life of the lucky
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powerball player who bought one of the winning tickets here at the california 7-eleven. crowds of people showing up last night after it was revealed. >> it's almost like we won even though we didn't. call it a sign of powerful ball fever sweeping the nation. tickets telling $1.3 million a minute at rush hour. winner. >> reporter: drawing long lines inspiring people to cross state borders from powerball three nevada into california crossing national bolderrers in the case of canadians like this. -- national borders in the case of canadians like this. the prize was to too big to fit
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on a billboard. lottery officials say it will come out $983 million. there were second price winners who bought them in pennsylvania and new jersey, 1 and $2 million. we'll get the winning numbers, 4, 8, 19, 27, 2734, the powerball was ten. two philadelphia police officers were injured when a driver crashed into their patrol car. the driver tried to run, but the officers chased him down. annie mccormick is live at the accident investigation division in north philadelphia. >> reporter: police say this was a violent crash two officers were taken to the hospital. the suspect ran, but him chased down by police and caught not a far distance from the crash scene. take a look at the video, at
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11:30, it was if he intersection of b street and east west moreland when a police was responding to a call with lights and sirens activated they hit by a driver who allegedly under the influence ran a red light. two plain clothes officers suffered injuries. the suspect ran, but 24th district officers nabbed him a short distance away. the 20-year-old driver climbed out the drivers side rear window and fled on foot. about four blocks where he was abdomin hennedded by other -- apprehended by other responding officers in the 3200 block of front street. when uniform officers caught up to the 20-year-old male he struggled with and fought with the uniform police officers that took him into custody. now detectives at the
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accident investigation division are working the case. the suspect was taken to episcopal hospital. his name was not released. he was driving winning an expired license he will be charged with dui and resisting arrest. live outside the accident investigation division, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." new information coming in this morning, wilmington police say the victim of a shooting last night has died. 28-year-old man was shot in the chest on the 1200 block of north locust street at 4:40. police are trying to figured out who shot the man and why. they are asking anyone with tips to reach out to police. police in philadelphia are investigating a deadly stabbing, a walgreens security guard found the victim in a parking lot behind the drugstore after 8:00 p.m. last night on the 300 block of north 63rd street. the 36-year-old man was stabbed multiple times and died at the hospital.
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the walgreens was open at the time this went on. police are looking at surveillance video. we have new information on a chester county pastor who is wanted on rape and sex assault charges. 33-year-old jacob maloney is out of the country, but is expected to surrender next week. the girl tells police malone began to molest her after she moved in. he worked at the downingtown fellowship before he resign in november. district attorney has filed a summary offense of harassment against jerry divine. divine is back in the classroom, but off the court. he is teaching special ed but remains spended from his duties as a coach. crews fixed a broken sewer
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main in mount laurel, new jersey. residents have been asked to limit water use after the pipe burst, but service is restored. back to the powerball, $1.6 billion jackpot will be shared by three winners. second prize winners in pennsylvania and new jersey won 1 and $2 million. here the numbers again, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. something is better than nothing. still to come, lawmakers in new jersey make it easier for service members and their families to head to the shore. the girl scouts have an event to kick off this season's cookie sales. >> reporter: it's not as windy and cold with the temperatures in the 20s. i'll have the details in the of the next shot of precipitation
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in the forecast. > happening today, the girl
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scouts kicked off their cookie sale season they will set up a cookie booth party inside the shops at liberty place in center city. an additional booth will be at the city hall courtyard. check the girl scouts online cookie locater where they are being sold. you can find a ling to the locater on my twitter feed. time for the thin mints. i like the shortbread,. >> reporter: we're almost dry, there are snow showers around, some of them are moving so quickly, they look like flurries
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than anything else. looking outside sky 6 winds are lighter than yesterday and it is dry. there's the dewpoint an indication of how bone-dry the air is. winds 3 miles per hour not as strong as yesterday, so we're not worrying about windchills all that much. a lot of cloud cover around this morning. there you see the snow showers popping through. the additional snow showers are so far to the north, probably not an issue for us, we'll look at the stuff east of pittsburgh, but not a big issue. later this afternoon we expect more sunshine in play. 29 degrees at 8:00. 34 by 11:00. 41 by 2:00 p.m. we are getting milder with a high of 43 around 3:00, 3:30 p.m. we transition into a sun and clouds mix. probably sunnier in the afternoon than in the morning.
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43 is the high inned -- in philadelphia. high of 40 in trenton. mid 40 os down the shore today and winds generally less, a little breezy, but nothing like yesterday. tomorrow, high clouds move in as a warm front gets closer to us, as the front gets past us, we'll wind up with a high of 50 degrees, ten degrees above average. there's an area of low pressure that will coming at us and providing us with the rain but probably not until late friday night into saturday morning. as we take a look we are looking at a quarter to a half inch of rain from the system to the south. future tracker 6 getting this into its sights, british model run has this pushing into the region late tonight overnight midnight. saturday morning, this is where the bulk of the rain is occurring, saturday morning.
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lunchtime we expect that to be pushing away from us, we might get sunshine returning in the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast exclusive accuweather forecast, not as harsh today with an afternoon high of 43. even though we are experiencing a cold start this morning. more clouds on friday, milder high of 50. rain arriving late at night. saturday looks like a rainy start, dry finish, decent high of 48 degrees. sunday, cooler air six in from the north we ends up brisk and chilly. average high of 40 degrees. monday, martin luther king it's brisk and colder, 33 degrees, windchills in the teens and 20s. tuesday, sunny, 34. in the 30s next week. it will be cold. if year not on the air, you can get the latest forecast conditions current and otherwise at that's the place to go. 50 tomorrow.
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the frank lemon school in west oak lane section will be closed. a boiler exploded in the 8000 block of thorn avenue. a maintenance worker was burned he was taken to einstein hospital in stable condition. no children were injured. the school will be closed for two days while the heating system is repaired. a new state law provides easier beach access for military veterans and current service members. they will use military i.d. and gain access to certain beaches on the jersey shore instead of having to pay for beach tags. at the big board, in ac, revenues for the casinos dropped 6.5%. they took $2.5 billion that's less than half of what they made
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at their peak 9 years ago. the dow fell 365 points. futures seem to be pointing to a higher open. al jazeera america, will be shutting down. their last day on air will be april 30th. experts say low oil prices could be a factor. the media group is owned by the government of qatar which counts on oil for cash flow. chipotle says it is confident that the e coli crisis is coming to an end. they met with cdc officials they are home e hopeful 0 that the cdc will declare the outbreak over. 4:47 a.m., deadly explosions and a gun battle rocked indonesia's capitol
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earlier today. police engaged in it with suspected terrorists. last week's shooting of a philadelphia police officer is being called a terrorist attack, more when "action news" continues.
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ballerina! [girl laughing] [narrator] sometimes all it takes to be a dad is remembering how to be a kid again. take time to be a dad today. i want to be able to impact a community, to reach back to where i came from, and pull some people up with me. my name is david, and i am your dividend. looking live at i-95 at girard,
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we're looking at construction crews getting ready to clear. southbound heading toward center city. they were blocking the right lane. they are backing up picking up their cones and will be out of here any minute. northeast extension northbound approaching lansdale. we have roving crews that are out there, working both ways today and currently construction blocking the left lane, so you've got two construction crews one moring around and one blocking the left lane. pennsylvania turnpike westbound, 64 miles per hour near bensalem not bad, 65 near willow grove. smooth sailing no overnight construction. if you're heading toward willow grove and fort washington. live on the ben franklin bridge no delays, yesterday we had speed restrictions on the area bridges due to the icy conditions, things are looking good so far, matt and tam. developing right now indonesian police say four suspect terrorists are among
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several people dead after attack similar to paris. witnesses heard an explosion near a starbucks located next to a police post. the coffee company said one customers are hurt. all locations are closed down as a precaution. the president said the situation is under control. no specific terror group has claimed responsibility. fbi director jamesomey will investigate the shooting of a police officer, calling it a terror attack. edward archer said he opened fire in the name of offal will - allah and in the name of isis.
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we are investigating that as a terror attack, what were the motivations and often it's a tangled web we have to untangle. what are the motivations who directed or inspired the individual and who might have involved. that's the work we do. isis crowd sources terrorism using social media propaganda to associate anyone anywhere to its murderous goals.
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new pictures on "action news" u.s. border patrol officers in texas discovered a huge drug shipment in a batch of fresh carrots. the alert border patrol officers and their k-9 team found three sows carrot shaped marijuana packages hidden among real carrots. peek-a-boo admitted to pushing her father down one flight of stairs and locking him in the basement. in charges documents released yesterday she said he pulled her hair during that fight, which the three children watched. street is expected to plead not
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guilty. antonio comasrti is having twins these will be children 1 and 12. this bolster medical warnings have as he is sect -- ves. police make an arrest after the murder of an american woman in italy. ♪
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good morning it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, january 14 developing this morning. we have a winner, plus two more in the historic powerball drawing. find out where the winning tickets were sold. we are following an accident that sent two philadelphia police officers to the hospital. accuweather is tracking a warmup, plus rain before the temperatures plummet again. speaking of that, let's head to david murphy with the latest on that and karen i hope we have an ears commute than yesterday. >> reporter: eeeasier commute than yesterday. we have a snow shower off the cost and one in wilmington, delaware and into salem county. this is moving so fast, it's not doing much to you, but if you


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