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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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by deputies on campus during a shootout. >> we have 13 people killed and possib possibly 20 others hurt. we'll continue to follow this on and a live report with the latest coming up in our next half hour. but the other big story is the latest on hurricane joaquin, and it continues to strengthen and it's a category four. it continues to batter the bahamas as, and continues to intensify over the next day, this is the satellite image of joaquin, still too early to tell if it will make landfall in the u.s. but everyone on the east coast should be on alert in the coming days. look at this image, nasa captured joaquin from space from high above the other, the hurricane is packing heavy rain
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and winds and is already producing significant storm surge, trish hartman is live at the jersey shore and eva pilgram is further inland in south jersey to see how people are preparing there. lets check with our meteorologists, cecily tynan and adam joseph. >> we have significant developments with hurricane joaquin today, as you mentioned it's now an extremely dangerous category four hurricane, you look at this visible satellite. you can see the deep eye over the bahamas, just battering the islands, they could get in areas up to 20 inches of rain, now joaquin continues to push to the southwest because this is really key, we talk about how joaquin can get captured by an upper level low and push inland, if it continues to the southwest it can miss the capturing, that means it could head more northeast and one factor with the storm that is this strong,
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have you the measly upper level low, it's like wrestling a bear, it's hard to capture a storm of this size, that is another indication that there is a good chance that this storm could be tracking out to sea and that is what we all hope. the spaghetti plot shows models all over the place, most of them went into the north carolina yesterday and now the trend has really shifted to the east and that is good, that is good, that means the trends are heading out to sea instead of inland, still too early to call the all clear, a 40% chance from north carolina to the jersey shore and 10% new england and the best chance is heading out to sea, i hope when we have two more updates by 11:00, we can increase that percentage but that being said that doesn't mean the jersey shore will not take a battering. lets head to the meteorologist, adam joseph.
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>> officials are making all the precautions at the shore because we have another enty still going to bring coastal flooding and beach erosion over the latter part of this week and into the upcoming weekend, because of high pressure to the northern and low pressure to the south and a front stalled along the eastern seaboard and all of that moisture pushed inland and piling up at the shore with the northeastly wind and you can see the bands of rain lifting to the north and it will continue friday and friday night especially. yesterday the models were thinking 5 or 6 inches of rain and that is because there was some sort of twist to get moisture from joaquin, now that joaquin is possibly going out to sea, the numbers dropped from an inch to 2 inches of rain in the area, we may not see widespread inland flooding but we'll get coastal flooding because of wind, look at the wind gusts tomorrow afternoon at the shore,
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low 40s and 30s inland and 20s in the lehigh valley, and that win will continue for a good 36 hours or so, 50 miles per hour at noon time on saturday, with the wind continuing to push against the shore, you get all the water to pile up, between now and sunday, every time we see high tide, the next one is overnight tonight between 10:30 and 12:30 or so. we are look agent hod rate to major flooding at the shore and at the bay as you get the persistent wind eating away at the sand and our barriers along cape may up to long beach island as well as rehoboth beach, when cecily tynan comes back we'll let you know when the winds will ease in the seven day, peen while, pennsylvania governor tom wolf and new jersey governor chris christie, both have plans in place for joaquin. christie declared a state of emergency for the garden state
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and wolf's office declared an emergency declaration is waiting for him to sign if it becomes necessary. we are doing everything we can at the state level but it's really important that the individual citizens, the famlips do everything they can. >> not only working with the localities but with statewide sheltering with rutgers university and rowan university. lets switch live now to trish hartman who is in atlantic city where officials at the shore are planning for flooding and beach erosion and more. >> reporter: rick, it has been raining here all afternoon, we are getting a little bit of a break but the wind is picking up and you can see how rough the surf is behind me and folks we spoke to hope it take a turn from the coast and officials are preparing in case it doesn't, atlantic city officials met this afternoon to discuss possible
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evacuation plans if joaquin approaches, mandatory or voluntary evacuations will be announced on saturday. >> we learned a lot from sandy and we are prepared to do it, if we have a mandatory evacuation certainly to get everybody off the island before we anticipate the hurricane hitting. >> at wallace's hardware store sandbags are sold out, this line marks the 20 inches of water that marks it during superstorm sandy. and laura was moving porch furniture inside and they are watching the forecast closely. >> we were lucky with sandy and we did not have any damage, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. >> most of the people we spoke with today said they did not plan to stay down the shore and officials are urging people to
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make plans with friends and family now so you have somewhere to stay in case an evacuation is ordered. lets switch live to eva pilgram. people are still recovering from strong winds there back in june. >> >> reporter: that is exactly right, the rain has started and we knew this would start coming and as we wait to see if the hurricane comes our way the grocery store is busy and people are stocking up for a weekend stuck inside. >> orange juice, milk, eggs, cheese -- >> people are wasting no time. enough to tide me over until next week. >> as hurricane joaquin continues to churn in the atlantic along with questions on whether or not he is headed this way, everyone is getting ready. we are preparing for the worst
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and hoping for the best. >> emergency employees are getting everything reading and clearing storm drains ahead of the storm, now there is not much more to do except wait and see what comes our way. >> what to worry especially after you haven't had the rain, the ground gets soaked and then the wind comes and you have the chang for trees coming down. >> trees and damage that some in this area are still cleaning up from, when straight line winds wreaked havoc back in june in this area. >> we are still repairing from that so to hear the possible damage could happen again is quite frightening. >> now, several commune events that were scheduled for this weekend are postponed. lyndonwald day is pushed back for the following is weekend, october 10th, we are live in
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lyndonwald, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks eva, of course follow the latest developments on hurricane joaquin at, there we have interactive hurricane trackers giving you an up close look at the storm. and check local stormtracker 6 live double scan any time and check the list from the red cross you need to be ready. in the meantime, lets get a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night, matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> we want to you be ready for afternoon ride for this first afternoon of october and that means packing patience on 95 in delco but as we look live, the crash we had that involved the vehicle facing sideways, is just clearing to the gore point, it looks like the lanes are open again but not before a big delay at the delaware state line on up to the accident scene at the
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exit for the commodore barry bridge and at route 41 at baltimore pike and broomall reports of several accidents along route 3, that is westchester pike, plenty of slow speeds there this afternoon and a wreck on the lincoln drive, the forbidden drive as well as the roosevelt and unfortunately no relief yet here on the ben franklin parkway, inner drives remain blocked and gridlock again in the area, headlights and taillights everywhere you look and the vine street expressway jam packed in both directions river to river. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. still more to come on "action news" tonight. making cigarettes with lower amounts of nicotine could be a way to get more people to quit. a new study coming up in health check. the surf is rough at the jersey shore, officials in places here
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ikea is no long ever selling window blinds with cords because a risk is of child strangulation, an average of one child died after month, in 1996 and 2012, from window cords strangulation, this new policy kicks in today at ikea stores in the u.s., the swedish retailer plans to go global with this policy by january. >> there may be a simple way to help smokers kick the habit. ali gorman is live with the details. >> reporter: hi guys, there is in evidence that lowering the amount of nicotine in cigarettes could help them smoke less and help them quit. smokers who were given low nicotine cigarettes spoked 30%
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to 40% less cigarettes a day and were more likely to quit. the government has the power to mandate lower nicotine levels but haven't yet. today is the first day of october so the first day of breast cancer awareness month, this year we are asking you to join the movement to beat the odds against breast cancer, millions of women are surviving the disease because of early detection and better treatment but there is still nor work to be done including getting more women screened for breast cancer, women are recommended to get a mammogram at age 40 or earlier if they have a family history, 6 abc wants to you share the message with someone you love, go to our website and fill out the poster and share your photo on instagram and twitter using the hashtag 6 abc beat cancer, dozens of us have filled out the form and he want
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you to join us. >> you'll find this form and fill it out and take a picture and post it with the #~ 6 abc beat cancer and we'll show your photos throughout the month here on 6 abc as well. >> thank you ali. ññ
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men speaking out against domestic violence was the focus of an outdoor event in center city at love park at city hall. it featured spoken word and musical performances all by men trying to make a difference. their message was the same, more has to be done to stop domestic violence in the city and around the country. the fight against hunger in philadelphia is a team effort and shop-rite supermarkets announced they are joining others in the city to combat the problem, this came on jefferson street in the park side section of the city, they will partner with drexel sports management in order to feed the hungry in our area. folks that like to fish have
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their own pier today along the delaware river, mayor michael nutter dedicated pier 68 as the designated fishing peer, along columbus boulevard, it will have picnic spots and educational classes and the perfect place to watch holiday fireworks. mowns of dirt now sit on top of the ice at the wells fargo center the dirt transformed this hockey rink into a dirt track for the monster jam this weekend, the big monster jam begins tomorrow and runs through sunday. >> all right still to come on "action news" tonight at 5:00, we'll get an update on the forecast, looking live at sky 6 hd a gray skyline right now, cecily tynan has the latest details on the rain when we come right back.
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time now for accuweather at the big board cecily tynan has a look at the changes this weekend. >> this has nothing to do with the hurricane, we have showers out there, the steadiest out there right now, philadelphia and areas west over media and the blue route, 422 norristown and landsdowne. and we'll deal with showers tomorrow night into saturday,
5:24 pm
amazing though the first day of october it really feels like fall, yesterday in the 80s and right now chilly, 58 in philadelphia and allentown 57 and millville 56 and wilmington 57. 21 degrees cooler in sea isle city and atlantic city and 20 degrees cooler in allentown and you need the jacket and the umbrella today. the weather pattern we are in, we have a stationary front off the eastern seaboard, if you look near charleston, south carolina, there is a surface low developing, that is not joaquin but that will funnel in tropical rain ahead of the hurricane, and we are looking at the potential for significant flooding down near charleston, this is showing more than 15 inches of rain and notice here philadelphia through sunday, we are looking at a lot
5:25 pm
less rain, an inch and a half of rain, we are expecting rain and not expecting inland flooding and the problem is the coastal flooding from the easterly flow, 10:00 tonight and lots of clouds and mainly offshore, we'll see generally light rain in the morning, generally to the south of philadelphia is east of the i-95 corridor, and the area moistens up for the evening, take an umbrella tomorrow evening, 6:00 heavy rain and that lasts into the early morning hours when it tapers off to showers, saturday and sunday not a washout and clouds and scattered showers, the big factor is the wind, we are looking at wind gusts friday into saturday inland, 15 to 25 miles per hour. and gusts to 45 miles per hour and along the coast getting battered sustained from the northeast, piling up the water 35 miles per hour and gust as long the coast up to 55 miles per hour, and again this is all
5:26 pm
ahead of joaquin. not directly related to the hurricane, this is the lightest though, an extremely dangerous category four hurricane, on a scale of one to five, maximum sustained winds of 135 miles per hour and in the bahamas and moving southwest at 6 miles per hour, that is pretty key because there is a good chance it could miss the connection with the trough and that means it would not head inland but head out to sea, as it moves farther north it encounters more wind shear and colder waters and it will definitely decrease in intensity to a cat one and this cone of uncertainty has shifted and there is a good chance it will head out to sea, not ready to give the all clear yet, we have to look at a few model runs. the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow a wind driven rain, 55 degrees with showers and again not all day rain, 60 degrees, on sunday
5:27 pm
windy and mostly cloudy and 65 degrees and a few showers, on monday watchingjoaquin. and the trend is promising but we have to watch the storm. back to you guys. >> thank you cecily. more to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00, a deadly mass shooting on a college campus in oregon, we are live with the latest on this breaking news story. >> i'm nora muchanic in brigantine where preps are on the way for the storm's arrival, boats are coming out and people are making preparations, i'll have a full report from the shore. and police are looking for thieves and it was all caught on tape.
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"action news" at 5:00 continues now with the latest on our breaking news story from oregon where there is a mass shooting on a college campus there, it happened on the campus of umpqa community college in roseburg, oregon, about three
5:30 pm
hours outside of portland and at least seven people were killed and now reports that as many as 13 people may have died and 20 others injured. the shooter a 20-year-old man opened fire inside of a classroom and was confronted by responding officers in another area of campus and both sides exchanged gun fire and the suspect was shot and killed. again at least 13 people may have been killed and 20 injured. lets get the latest from washington. >> reporter: this is the latest that abc news can confirm, at least 10 people dead and 20 people injured. considered to be the worst mass shooting in oregon's history, the federal atf is now on the ground. >> we have confirmation that the shooter is deceased he is a
5:31 pm
20-year-old male, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. >> shortly before 11:00 a.m. pacific time, police scanners in roseburg, oregon erupted with horrific reports. >> officers around the area responded to the college and upon arriving there they located the shooter in one of buildings, officers engaged that suspect, there was an exchange of gun fire -- >> an active shooter on the campus of umpqa community college, the images show a campus in chaos. >> they were springing away from the building and i hear screaming from the first gunshot and i looked out and saw the people running and i said to the teacher we need to get out of here right now. >> the wounded rushed to mercy medical center.
5:32 pm
>> maybe he went there to shoot someone else and decided to shoot other people or he is just mad, mad at the school or mad at the world and he is going to get his piece today. >> abc news has confirm that the president is briefed and the douglas county fair grounds families are gathering to await word of loved ones. >> thank you lana. >> in other big stories, the weather, looking live at our sky 6 hd at the rough surf of cape may, we are also of course tracking the latest movements of hurricane joaquin, a powerful category four storm now, new jersey governor, chris christie has declared a state of emergency already in anticipation of this one two punch by mother nature and governor tom wolf is preparing his state, and he urged residents to get their emergency kits ready. >> have three days worth of
5:33 pm
food, if you need medications, make sure you have three days worth of medications and stay in your home, with the inclim climate weather. governor christie told residents not to panic but be prepared if the situation worsens. >> many of us have been through this before, with irene and with sandy obviously. right now the weather reports are not encouraging, i will consider evacuations if necessary. >> christie added that all state agencies including the office of emergency management and the department of the transportation are moving crews into place so they are ready to roll if needed. >> john rawlins down in delaware
5:34 pm
city, delaware but first lets go to adam joseph for the latest from double scan radar. >> we are tracking the hurricane with the latest track moving farther east, this may be a one punch instead of a one two punch with joaquin possibly heading out to sea, and for us in pennsylvania we may escaped the effects this coming weekend, you can see this particular hurricane, a dangerous category four with winds sustained at 134 miles per hour. this is not lopsides, on all sides of eye, the perfect brought red, the thunderstorms wrapping around the eye and that is what makes this a dangerous storm at the present time, and it's feeding off of warm ocean temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, helping to keep joaquin deepening with its intensity and it will drift to the north eventually as the storm turns more to the north. we are looking at the latest
5:35 pm
spaghetti plots, and it's widespread in the intensity of where the storm could go. from the u.s. coast out to sea, the consensus now is bringing a lot of those models and a lot of those tracks, out over the open waters and that would fair good news for us, and we have our own problem with the northeasterly win and coastal flooding we'll have that side of forecast in the seven day coming up. >> thank you adam. lets switch live to correspondent, nora muchanic, in brigantine on how shore communities are getting ready for the one-two punch. >> reporter: hello monica, we are feeling the first of the two punches, it's super windy and we have tons of rain today and look at the choppy buyout there, it's churning all day, and floodgates are closed to preconvenient bay water from backing up into the storm drain system.
5:36 pm
and pumps are ready to go. >> we are taking it serious, this is the potential to be dangerous. >> whether joakim will pick landfall we don't know. >> all the stuff blows all over, we have to batten down the hatches. >> that means bringing in furniture and plants. >> we took all the furniture off our deck, we are on the second floor. >> the wind and rain are already fierce, you can see the doc bobbing around and the water is churning like a washing machine, that is why people are scrambling to take their boats out before conditions worsen. >> because of the weather predictions of the nor'easter and hurricane coming up a combination of both. >> if you leave it in it gets backed up. the public boat ramp is a foot higher than normal.
5:37 pm
and hustling to get their boats to dry land, this man was working hard to get his awnings from the house to the beach. >> we were lucky work had no damage from the big storm, have you to do it, i take the deck furniture down and put everything away and try to get out in front of it a little bit. over at the beach public works crews are using bulldozers to shut off access points. >> we could have 8 to 12 to 16 foot waves, if those entrances don't get shut off the water will come down the entrances and you'll get the ocean meets the bay. >> that is what happened with sandy and what emergency management officials want to avoid this time and they are reviewing evacuation plans especially with those with medical issues and no place to go. the hope is they won't need them but want to be prepared if they do. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right nora thank you.
5:38 pm
lets switch to john rawlins live in delaware city, delaware, the first state is preparing for a lot of rain in the coming days. >> absolutely, they are concerned about this one two punch everybody is talking about rain over the next 48 hours that could lead to flooding in low land areas, here in delaware city, this is a river town and the concern here is the focus on the second portion of the punch, what if joaquin comes here and drives water up the river, toward this town. >> today's wind and rain and overcast conditions are not the result of joaquin, and concerns over that storm if it arrives here. triggers this, the installation of a floodwall and five massive floods, it send waves over the floodwall and back over the storm drains, designed to bail out the floodwaters and return them to the river, a circle and concern, the storm track of joaquin. >> two of the models are
5:39 pm
predicting it will go west of the chesapeake, it means the water is blown up from the chesapeake. another issue is the water coming up from the delaware bay. at the delaware city marina, they are making their boats worthy and some takings them out of the water to make them safe. >> some insurance companies require they take them out of the water if it's a name storm, and some take them out just as a precaution. >> the concern here is not so much wind as water, john buckeye, the owner of crabby dick's restaurant is voicing what others are hoping. >> i think it's going blow on by and the hope the weather men are wrong. >> hopefully he is right and this all goes out to the sea, officials waiting and watching to see how the storm tracks through the bahamas at this time. and there are a lot of decisions
5:40 pm
to be made, will there be evacuations and if so where and when? live in delaware city, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news" back to you all. >> and of course following the latest developments on hurricane joaquin at, we have our own interactive hurricane tracker for you, it gives you an up close look at the storm, as well as get a checklist from the american red cross, for a list of items you need to be ready. >> philadelphia police are looking for four men wanted for an armed robbery at an olney gas station, the man was followed to the gas station after 1:00 this morning, before robbers got out of their car and surrounded the victim and took his wallet and smart phone and got in their car and fled. the get away car was found abandoned. we have an update on the
5:41 pm
security breach effecting the philadelphia federal credit unon and is connects to the acme and home depot computer systems, a small number of credit union members had their debit accounts compromised as well and some were drained by unauthored purchases and now the cards are blocked and the money will be credited back to them. one more time, lets check in with matt pellman or an update on the highways tonight. >> speaking of things being blocked we have some blockages this evening, for our friends headed into new jersey from the ben franklin bridge, they get to hit the wall of traffic on the admiral wilson boulevard eastbound, because of a crash behind this clump of trees causing slowing from the ben franklin bridge, and from the eastbound side of 70 restricting
5:42 pm
traffic, and glassboro intermediate school and a crash brought down a pole by andy's pizza in hammonton, coming up in just about 25 minutes look for an opening at the taconymal mire abridge head for the betsy ross instead. and gridlock here, it doesn't help that the inner drives of parkway remain closes. >> okay thank you. more to come on "action news" this evening, the eagles are fine tuning their game plan ahead of sunday's showdown with washington, jeff skversky has the details coming up in sports and high school students hoping to fund their future educations will have an easier reach, thanks to a new app. >> monica the latest track with hurricane joaquin and at the same time we are tracking double scan live radar with heavy downpours moving in from the people of the coffee-drinking world,
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. well, the rocky weather impact the eagles game on sunday perhaps.
5:46 pm
>> chip kelly is watching the weather forecast closely as he does every weekend and he will alter his game plan based on the weather, so are the eagles actually going to play sun at 1:00, chip kelly says with a big smile, i hope so. they are talking about the possibility of moving the game because of hurricane joaquin. when it rains it poors, that is the kind of start demarco murry is off to. he is a full participate tan at practice today and working his way through a hamstring injury, we'll see. >> we have one before but it has been years. and the hamstring is tricky and he has to be smart with it. and set you back from square one, and listen to your body. >> murray is off to the worst start of his career filling in for the jets. >> is matthews a better fit than
5:47 pm
murray, this guy wants to be the tempo setter, if he wants to run the ball with a physical nature, i think that ryan matthews set the it, i want this job as much as anyone and he played that way. >> after what the phillies did to the champs they may dodge 100 losses after all, all they have to do to avoid it avoid getting swept this weekend. the phillies gearing up for the mets not really, the smallest crowd of the season, the rookie tenstrikeouts today and then in the fourth, a little run support and darren rough a deep shot to left and the guy they picked up in the cole hamels deal, dealing and phillies win, and he has 20
5:48 pm
strikeouts in his first two start sfwlzs. >> i just want to compete, no matter what the numbers show, i want to go deep in the game and give the team, this locker room a chance to compete to the best of my ability and i think i accomplished that. >> a promising future, if this team rebuilds, all they have to do it win one game this weekend. >> the weather is turning cooler and abc's prime time lineup tonight is keeping you warm. >> three straight hours, kicking off with "grey's anatomy" and an all new "scandal" at 9:00 and "how to get away with murder" at 10:00 and she are trying to pin a new charge on the wealthy siblings she is hired to represent. and tham that is tonight at
5:49 pm
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meteorologist, adam joseph is here now and it feels like the first day of october. >> we really chilled it off and
5:52 pm
that easterly wind will get us in trouble at the shore at times of high tide. as we look at double scan live radar we are dealing with clouds and drizzle in southern knowledge and delaware but a pocket of moderate rainfall north and west of center city along the conshohocken curve and the blue route and northeast extension especially here in landsdale, we see the bright yellow lifting from norristown to 422, wet roadways and slow going, take it easy on the roads, as the rain continues to fall. here is the numbers, we are only in the upper 50s through the entire viewing area, that ocean of 69 degrees and the win coming out of the north-northeastly direction. there is a stalled front to the south and that continues its journey to the north and west and that throws more moisture our way and we have strong pressure to the north and weak low pressure to the south and there are opposite forces in the
5:53 pm
atmosphere and this is why we have strong winds, setting up for friday and saturday, it's a tight pressure gradient, two opposite pressures, it sends the wind out of the east northerly direct, and that is detrimental to the shore, we are talking winds 45 to 50 miles per hour into the day of sunday, that is hour after hour of persistent wind creating major coastal flooding and damaging beach erosion and none of this has to do with hurricane joaquin and the next high tides we have to watch at 11:00 tonight and 11:25 tomorrow morning and then around midnight tomorrow night and then at 12:24 p.m., that is when you see the flooding and not only coastal but the back bays as well. here is future tracker with the rain, light showers around, early tomorrow morning, the earliest is steadiest east of
5:54 pm
philadelphia, that lifts to the north, east of the philadelphia with downpours northern and west and that area continues its journey over the weekend to northern and western pennsylvania, and you can see it's really some lingering light showers here during the day on saturday. of course we are watching hurricane joaquin winds sustained at 130 miles per hour and moving in a southwesterly direction. it's over the bahamas and expected to make the curve overnight tonight and into the weekend as with weakens into a category three and then a category two hurricane and winds of 105 miles per hour over the weekend and the latest cone of uncertainty, the area in red, that no longer involves philadelphia, this cone keeps shifting to the east with every new piece of information we are getting the track continues to
5:55 pm
move to the easterly fashion and curving it out to sea and missing cape cod, you can't put a definite on the track than is just a trend and we'll see if that continues throughout the day on friday. the exclusive accuweather forecast we have the wind drifb rain and the shore and winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and winnie saturday and sun and at this point, it looks like on and off light showers and not a watch washout. 60 to 65 degrees but again the coast being battered on saturday and sunday and we'll watch joaquin where it is off the coast, is it out to sea? and then we dry it out and temperatures warm a bit into the middle 70s in the middle part of next week, we'll have updates every single newscast through tonight and tomorrow guys. >> thank you adam.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. this is the latest from storm tracker 6 live, hurricane joaquin is moving through the central bahamas, we know where
6:00 pm
it is but we don't know exactly where it's going, we'll have the complete storm coverage in just a moment. and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from a college campus in oregon where at least 13 people were killed in a mass shooting this afternoon, a gunman opened fire at umpqa community college in roseburg, oregon, about 180 south of portland, at some point after the shooting they said there was no longer a threat, we know that the 20-year-old shooter, a students with killed by police gun fire and in a addition to the dead there are about 20 others injured. world news tonight will have more on the mass shooting right after "action news." now, to hurricane joaquin. this is the northern end of brigantine and they are piling up sand to close up the entrances to the beaches and


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