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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. happening right now -- deadly weather, a large and dangerous storm pounding the east, one man hit by lightning, trees no match for the winds. >> one, two, three -- >> and the reported tornadoes. rob marciano tracking the storms. summer of the shark, it has happened again, this time a 17-year-old boy bitten repeatedly. >> caller's saying someone's been bitten by a shark. >> this is the sixth time attack off the same stretch of beach. with the july 4th holiday coming up, is it safe to go in the water? caught on camera, take down, an activist's bold move, climbing the flagpole to remove the confederate flag.
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>> i'm coming down. i'm prepared to be arrested. >> supporters, including celebrities and politicians, blowing up social media this morning. ♪ welcome to new york ♪ and welcome to new york. the winner of the ugliest dog contest arriving in the big apple. >> she's sweet. >> arer the nating thrilling and scary onlookers. she's with us live, only on "good morning america" . hey, good morning. also, coming up on the show this morning, the latest on the intensifying hunt for escaped convict david sweat, police hope to capture or kill him within the next 48 hours, they're working right now on a three-mile perimeter in upstate new york, about 47 miles away from the prison from which sweat escaped. and also this morning, you'll hear from a member of the s.w.a.t. team
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who took sweat's fellow escapee, this man, richard matt. but we start here with the severe weather, look at the map, an unusually strong and severe storm for this time of year, it's hitting the northeast right now. there have been four possible storm-related deaths in maryland. in the meantime, a second system causing a slew of tornadoes. 19 reports of tornadoes, much of those coming out of the dakotas with this storm. but it's this, very large fall-like storm that's been battering the eastern u.s. overnight, deadly storms along the east coast, from pennsylvania to florida. at least four people are dead after severe flooding in maryland. >> water and electricity are a dangerous combination. >> reporter: a tornado in western pennsylvania uprooting dozens of big trees. >> look up there. one, two, three -- >> reporter: and this funnel
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forming near sanford, north carolina. residents scrambling for cover, reports of the tornado touching down and taking down trees, knocking out power. and in ohio, tree limbs littering road in new vienna. high winds blowing roofs off of houses. >> thank god nobody was hurt. >> reporter: jacksonville, florida, a 39-year-old man trying to clear the beach was struck by lightning. he remains in serious condition this morning. there will be more lightning today as well more on the way of rainfall. still, flood warnings. the heavier rains today across northern new england and upstate new york. we have a threat for severe weather today out of that second system that produced those storms. the spots we're looking at western spots of illinois and eastern parts of kansas. also, the desert southwest, phoenix under the gun for potential potentially thunderstorms. >> much more from rob coming up. rob, thank you.
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now, though, to the latest as promised that massive manhunt for escaped prisoner david sweat, it's all playing out near his accomplice richard matt was gunned down on friday. sweat has been on the run for more than three weeks now, and abc's phillip mena is in malone, new york, where officials are making some bold predictions. >> reporter: dan, good morning. we spoke with the sheriff late last night, and he believes there's going to be a major break in this manhunt very soon. prison escapee david sweat may be on his last legs. >> he's not getting regular meals, he's not getting regular sleep, i think he's getting desperate. >> reporter: one of the men leading the hunt the local, telling abc news overnight the state and federal officers pouring into the rural area believe they have sweat inside of a tight perimeter. >> it's going to be a good or solid lead from a resident that someone has been near a cabin.
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>> it was near a cabin in the woods, where fellow escapee richard sweat was spotted and shot down friday afternoon. this man owned the cabin, how his discovered one of their last hiding places. calling police after discovering items missing friday. >> two pairs of boots. and a bottle of rum. >> reporter: he also saw a bottle of gin spilt. in an official briefing telling abc news, that matt appeared to be acting intoxicated at the time he was shot. he was reported in bad health with that encounter with the s.w.a.t. team. >> a u.s. border >> a u.s. border patrol agent fired his weapon. >> reporter: police believe sweat was still traveling with matt up until his death friday and it's a matter of when, not if, the fugitive is captured or killed. >> sweat has been out of prison
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now for three weeks, he's going to make a mistake. >> reporter: and paula, it's pouring out here, and it's expected to stay this way all day. that will slow down the search, but it's going to be even harder on sweat who has no protection from the rain. paula. >> yeah, police sound pretty confident they're going the get their guy. phillip, thank you. well, it's happened again. another shark attack in the waters off of north carolina, so this makes a half-dozen in the last two weeks alone and all in close proximity of one another. why does this keep happening? abc's mary bruce has the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: paula, good morning, with the fourth of july holiday just around the corner, million of americans are getting ready to do this -- visit a beach. but dangers in the water may lead many to stay right here, in the sand. what's going on in the waters off north carolina? overnight, news of a teen viciously attacked by a shark.
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the sixth time in just two weeks visitors to north carolina beaches have been seriously injured by the dangerous predators. >> caller's saying someone's been bitten by a shark. >> reporter: the latest victim a 17-year-old boy raced to the hospital in critical condition. attacked while out swimming with several others off a beach and waves in north carolina. this, just one day after a 47-year-old father was also bitten in the waters off a nearby town, as as he tried to warn others as the dangers lurking. >> he got his child and the other kids out of the water and this was just pretty impressive. >> reporter: and on june 14th, two teens attacked in the same day. >> i saw it first and the shock was just, like, wow, this just did not happen. no way i got bit by a shark. >> reporter: one of those victims telling abc news exclusively about the moment he came face to face with the shark. >> i saw the shark on my left
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arm, it was halfway up my bicep just attached. it wasn't attached anymore. >> reporter: shark attacks are still considered extremely rare. odds this happening to you, just 1 in 3.7 million. >> sharks are out there, whether we see them or not. it's about whether we're safe in the water. don't swim around piers. don't swim where people are fishing. >> reporter: why so many attacks in recent weeks? the possibility of attacks increases in the summer because there are simply more people in the water. dan. >> mary bruce, thank you. and as we head into july 4th, officials are worried about more than just sharks. the fbi is warning law enforcement officials to be vigilant and prepared for possible terror attacks. . the concern is heightened this year given the three tourist attacks, like this one in tunisia. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas is here and on the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan.
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as isis claims credit for those horrific attacks overseas, here, law enforcement is locked in. a nightmare caught on tape in tunisia. as a gunman begins spraying bullets at a beach resort filled of tourists. 39 gunned down, dozens more injured. witnesses saying gunman was smiling while executing the innocent. that attack drawing close scrutiny here at home. after isis claimed credit. the fbi and homeland security warning law enforcement to be on alert for possible isis-inspired attacks. the concern is real, because isis has launched an unprecedented social media campaign. launching 90,000 messages per day worldwide, urging mass murder. and using hip-hop to recruit the young and videos with children to soften their image.
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>> what we're seeing with isis is a message of violent and hate. a message to try to convince people to carry out attacks. >> reporter: the fbi scrambling to track the followers here with hundreds of investigations under way. earlier this month, a boston man was killed allegedly plotting to behead a police officer. in garland, texas, two suspected isis followers shot by police during an allege plot to kill participants in a contest about the prophet mohammad. terrorists shot by police. so, this independence day, to be blunt, no one is taking any chances, dan. >> i think that makes good sense. >> 90,000 messages a day. that is a staggering number. we want to move now to an activist's bold and dangerous act. climbing up on the flagpole. look at this, pulling down that controversial confederate flag, despite police urging her to come down, she was quickly arrested, but this morning, support has been growing for her online and devin dwyer is on the
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story. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the woman behind that stunt, bree newsome is out on bond this morning. by her side a growing number of americans and hollywood stars. >> ma'am. ma'am, get off the pole! >> reporter: a defiant britney newsome pulling off what so many demanded. >> this flag comes down today! >> reporter: grabbing the confederate flag right off the pole. >> i'm coming down. i'm prepared to be arrested. >> reporter: accused of defacing a monument, a misdemeanor charge she disputes. newsome instantly winning cult status on social media. her supporters tweeting #freebree. hollywood producer michael moore offering to pay her legal fees. first lady of new york city
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saying that newsome was representing a nation that's saying no more. her bail was set at $3,000. but overnight, a crowd-funding website raising 30 times that amount for her defense and rising. the flag is back flying high this morning, as debate continues to rage across the south. meanwhile, families of victims from the massacre at emanuel ame saying their final good-byes. mourners packing the church saturday for three more funerals. and today, charleston lays to rest one more victim. depayne middleton-doctor a minister and mother of four. these victims and their families inspiring the movement to take down the confederate flag, dan. >> and we're thinking about those families on this sunday, devin, thank you. speaking of sunday, we're heading into a big day, huge gay pride parades, and there's extra reason for celebrations, just
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days after the supreme court's historic decision making same-sex marriage legal. the republican presidential mike huckabee was at a gathering of conservatives in colorado and he suggested that people flout this ruling. he calls it judicial tyranny. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, good morning. you'll have mike huckabee on the show this morning. when he says he doesn't accept this decision. what does that mean in practical term? >> we know that he's for a constitutional amendment. give the states the right to ban same-sex marriage. the question is is he willing to go further? for example, senator ted cruz, also for constitutional amendment, is urging judicial clerks not to issue same-sex marriage licenses. this is going to be a big split inside the republican field in 2016. even though all of the candidates came out and criticized the supreme court decision, there seems to be a split between huckabee, cruz and scott walker who want a constitutional amendment.
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and those like jeb bush marco rubio the ohio governor john kasich who say, we don't agree with it but it's time to move on. >> most americans support gay marriage, what are the chances of a constitutional amendment? >> zero. >> zero. unequivocal from george this morning. george, thank you. let's bring in -- let's remind everybody that george will be interviewing mike huckabee this morning "this week." coming up later right here on abc. welcome back from vacation. >> it was unequivocally, no chance. zero. we want to turn over to ron claiborne and i know you're following that tragedy in missouri. >> that's right. good morning, everyone. we begin with that air show in missouri turning deadly. it happened saturday in cameron, missouri, watch as a pilot appears to be in the middle of a stunt when something appears to go wrong. sending the plane spiraling out of control. you see it right there, straight down, pilot. the plane crashing into some
8:15 am
trees, all of this as dozens of spectators were watching. emergency crews rushed to the scene. the pilot was air lifted to a hospital where he later died. the faa is investigating. and gunfire and panic at the san francisco gay pride parade. shots ringing out, sending dozens of people running and screaming. a 64-year-old man who was caught in the cross fire is in stable condition. police say that several people are being questioned about the shooting. they say the shooting wasn't related to the gay pride event itself. and this morning, the fbi is investigating a string of fires at black churches across the south. the most recent blaze was at this church. this was on friday. a day after african-american churches in charlotte, north carolina, and macon, georgia were destroyed by fires. those fires were deliberately set. police in houston, texas, are on the hunt for a shooter who opened fire on a family.
8:16 am
on a busy houston highway. you can hear the frantic call they made to police. >> they're shooting at us? >> sir, are you going northbound? >> they're shooting at us! >> there's a car shooting at us. >> officials have released the sketch of the suspect you see there. they say the shooting was a case of road rage. and now to the u.k. where kanye west may have gotten kanyed himself during a show. someone stormed on stage. kanye karma. >> was that deliberate or an act? >> i don't know. >> i don't think it was deliberate when security comes and takes you away. >> kanye has a history of crashing stages. 2009, he rushed on to the stage at vma awards when taylor swift was accepting the award for best video.
8:17 am
and finally, to a celebrity who was invited on stage. pop star ed sheeran joining the rolling stones during their -- >> in english that means 70-year-olds. >> this was saturday night in kansas city. dan's looking it up in a dictionary. but he opened the show and returned to perform. sheeran joined the stones' frontman mick jagger on the mike for that classic. thrilled to share the stage, tweeting a photo with sheeran before the show. >> vast vocabulary. >> ten points for paula. and this guy is a meteorologist. >> and an entomologist. i'll show you this picture, this video out of phoenix where we
8:18 am
had some dust storm issues yesterday. visibility very low winds were blowing and kicking up the dust from the thunderstorms that were around there. i-10 and i8 shut down for a time people without power, 50-mile an hour winds blowing that stuff around. here's another picture was -- casablanca arizona. heat advisory for the pacific northwest, heat warnings for seattle, 90 degrees or period of better. portland 9 on the degrees, that's the 7th time this month. not everybody has air-conditioning keep that in mind. temperatures in the southwest up and over 100 degrees today. meanwhile, cool across the northeast. we'll see things switch up, we'll get into a summertime flow.
8:19 am
84 degrees the high temperature. 92 raleigh as we move the jet stream farther to the north. the rain across the northeast will linger in the morning. that's a look nationally here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, i'm chris sowers with this accuweather update. double scan live, filially, crystal clear -- finally crystal clear there's a view of cape may sun shining down brightly. waves a little choppy, but better day on the sand. 80 degrees in philadelphia. clouds and sun breezy and a little bit warmer. >> do you have enough? >> i didn't know i was on camera.
8:20 am
>> does your last name really mean martian? >> it does now. >> it did. >> it explains so much. >> mine means underwear. >> haines? >> it's a brand. >> i think they named the company after your family. >> probably. we're pretty moving. >> you are. >> so many comments. all right, moving on, coming up, everybody, on "good morn on surveillance individual ree yoit now stealing luggage at the airport, how to keep your bags out of their hands when flying this summer. plus, we take a serious turn to the winner of the world's ugliest dog contest, taking the big apple by storm, the reactions she's generating on her big cross-country victory trip. she's live with us here in the studio. >> positive that's a girl. and sticking with that serious topic, we got "magic
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mike xxl" opening up soon. that's ahead in "pop news." >> not comfortable with all that skin, sara. >> i am. good morning is brought to you by the hotel search. hotel, trivago.
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and coming up on "good morning america" -- vacations ruined, how to prevent your bags from getting stolen at the airport by these guys. keep it right here. he afternoon by these guys. keep it right here.
8:27 am
>> it is 8:27 on this sunday morning, i'm nydia han. sky6 live hd taking a live look at tall ships at penns landing. our family was out there on thursday, they are wonderful to see. so majestic. yesterday was a tough day to be out there today will be great
8:28 am
no rain, chris sowers has more, right, chris? >> reporter: you did a get job no humidity at all a decent amount of sunshine, mixed with clouds and much better than yesterday, 80 degrees this afternoon, monday, sunny and pleasant 80 degrees, tuesday things get iffy, it turns humid a cold front approaches from the west, that could trigger strong showers and thunderstorms 86 degrees, maybe drenching downpours. >> that's it for "action news" right now don't forget fireworks tonight, as well. i'm nydia han, stay tuned for more "good morning america"! #
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♪ good morning, america. >> good morning, america! >> what's up this is snoop dogg says, good morning, america. that's soulja boy, snoop dogg having fun on the basketball court ahead of tonight's b.e.t. awards. i don't know about you, just listening to that music makes it make me want to start dancing. more on that big night straight ahead. >> i'm sure that wasn't ten feet high. >> i can dunk on that kind of height. >> exactly. >> we got a shoutout from snoop on a sunday. >> we did. >> snoop dogg. >> even the man from mars believes that rob marciano, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's huge. also coming up this morning, the freshly crowned winner, this is big, of the world's ugliest
8:31 am
dog competition, her name is quasi modo. you can see how she earned that name. she's basically half a dog. she arrived in new york city alongside nick watt who served as a judge in the contest. both man and beast will be live with us in the studio. but first here, as the summer travel season heats up, a warning about keeping an eye on your luggage. >> that's right, alleged thieves are dressing as tourists and targeting airports, snatching bags right off the carousel without even being caught. abc's aditi roy is at the los angeles airport with more on how to protect yourself. >> reporter: pretty unsettling video here, if you're someone who gets off the plane and stops for a cup of coffee or hits the restroom before making it to the carousel, you might want to get there sooner so you can get to your bag before thieves do. watch these disguised travelers, carrying backpacks taking bags off the baggage carousel, only thing is, police
8:32 am
say they're actually thieves who stole someone else's bag. >> it's very difficult to identify these baggage thieves, they try to blend in. >> reporter: seattle police say they're among nine different people caught on surveillance cameras at seatec airport stealing bags, watch this group of three, each allegedly nabbing a bag before they leave. this video of a man in phoenix, shows him casually walking into the phoenix airport, coming out with a bag that officials say wasn't his, cameras catching him making his getaway on the airport's train system. and in 2009, authorities found at least 1,000 pieces of luggage at this arizona couple's home. accusing them of stealing by visiting the airport 60 times without ever taking a flight. the couple pled guilty. how do you keep your bags safe? experts say don't use a black bag, don't put
8:33 am
valuables in checked bags, or for fewer than $100, buy a gps tracker to keep tags of your bag. >> they can help you just like find my iphone helps you locate your iphone. >> reporter: and another way to keep your bags safe, mark it with something like this bow, that way it stands out. yet another thing to stress about when traveling. paula and dan. >> thank you for that, aditi. >> thank you very much, aditi. we want to send things over to ron with more on that shark attack. another one off the coast of the carolinas. a 17-year-old boy in this case was raced to the hospital on saturday in critical condition after being attacked by that shark while swimming in a beach in waves off north carolina. this is the sixth shark attack in north carolina beaches in just the two weeks. overseas now to taiwan where more than 500 people have been injured in an explosion at a concert at a water park,
8:34 am
many of the victims seriously burned after a fire was sparked by an accidental explosion of a theatrical colored powder. a car crashed into a gas station pump in malibu, california, huge fire there. witnesses say the car careened into the pump. the clerk had to shut the gas off. somehow no one was hurt. finally, take a look at this -- it's a mother raccoon, trying her best to teach her baby to climb a tree. at first she tries to get the baby to follow her lead. that doesn't work. but this determined mom refused to give up, gives the baby a boost. at one point, the mom standing there with on her hind leg and you got to empowered kids. >> you can't always carry them you got to carry -- >> paula's children are adorable.
8:35 am
>> they are adorable. >> they take after their father. no. let's get it over to the weather. live picture outside new york city where temperatures are in the 60s, a little bit of fog left over from the storm last night. there will be leftover showers in new york city, a lot of things going on in the big apple today. we'll dry out as we go through time. the winds behind this thing have been pretty potent we have 100,000 people without power in michigan. it will be breezy and cooler. the front moves to the north there will be lingering showers throughout the day. look at the difference between the temperatures in chicago and wichita, 78 and 94, the jet stream cutting in between them. st. louis 84 degrees, speaking of warming we're seeing warmer water in the gulf of mexico. that's great for beach weather. 89 in key west.
8:36 am
seaside heights we're gettinger to the 70-degree -- getter closer to the 70-degree mark as we get closer to the holiday weekend. we'll continue the heat out west and showers and thunderstorms out to the west. we're broad brush be this a little bit, i wanted to show you the amazing graphic look at the fireworks and the flag, old glory and the statue of liberty. here's the local forecast. good morning everybody i'm chris sowers with this accuweather update. clouds holding on, things start drying out 80 degrees, pleasant with a breeze, 80 degrees once again for tomorrow. heading to seaside heights today, ron? >> no. >> not paying attention once again.
8:37 am
>> there was some stuff going on over here. >> that was an excellent forecast. coming up here on "good morning america" -- it's the big abc news exclusive. quasi modo the just-crowned winner of the world's ugliest dog contest, the most dubious of dubious distinctions. the talented toddler whose paintings are selling for hundreds of dollars. up ahead in "pop news." ing. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything. ready to leave sticky sunscreens behind? new neutrogena cooldry sport.
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only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. ♪ welcome to new york ♪ ♪ it's been waiting for you ♪ ♪ welcome to new york ♪ so calling this dog ugly and misshape is a compliment. >> because her unique appearance has earned her the top spot in the world's ugliest dog contest. she's traveled across the country to make her exclusive appearance right here on "good morning america" with nick watt who was one of the judges at that contest. nick, how was the journey? how did quasi modo do on the flight? >> she's happy and healthy, but she's really only half a dog. one the ladies backstage
8:42 am
described her as a mix between an angry bear and a hyena. >> quasi modo is the world's ugliest dog! >> reporter: seven words turned quasi's world upside-down. her profile, that's what bagged the trophy. instant worldwide fame and a flight to new york city. she looks like a young child trying to draw a dog or maybe a photoshopped -- >> it looks like a wild dog. >> reporter: yeah, that too, but she draws an airport crowd like kanye and kim. >> she's sweet. >> she's cute. >> few people recognized us when we got off the plane. couple of selfies already. >> reporter: listen, i was a judge. that hair, serpentine tongues and more. the skin is terrifying, terrifying and terrible. quasi scored huge on natural
8:43 am
born ugliness. born this way. vertebras fused together. her owner works at an animal rescue. the dog was abandoned. jennie took her in. >> definitely an ugly-looking specie. >> kind of like it. >> reporter: this weekend, the ugly dog in the big city, staying at the le parke meridian. everybody thinks that it's a boy, it's a girl. she is quasi modo. dan, i think she knows you're a cat guy. she doesn't like you, she's pant panting. she doesn't like you. she likes paula and sara. >> of course she does. she has short spine syndrome. virginia her owner in the studio as well. came in second place last year. you didn't judge last year, was it even close? >> it was unanimous. the crowd was roaring her name, it was unanimous. how could you not make this the ugliest dog in the world?
8:44 am
coming through the airport yesterday, everybody was stopping staring, this is an eye-catchingly ugly dog. >> i see the hyena. i do see it a little. >> the hyena -- >> and an angry bear. not just a bear. >> there's nothing angry about this. >> the face is beautiful. >> a gentle soul. >> i think you're beautiful. >> you're beautiful. >> you're beautiful. >> a little tasmanian devil in there, too. >> oh, that's good. >> definitely. >> dingo. >> the dingo ate my baby, a seinfeld reference. >> quasi modo, congratulations. we can appreciate your beauty on the outside. all half of it, right? >> all half of it. >> so cute, all right, thanks for coming in, nick. quasi, have a safe flight back. she doesn't talk. coming up on "good morning america" -- why music and sports stars were hitting the court together.
8:45 am
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8:49 am
regular mike trailer, the parody. regular guys doing everyday tasks. that can melt a woman's heart. nothing sexier than a man ironing my cloths. >> rocking the baby. >> that's not a real baby -- >> don't ruin it for us. >> back rub and a salad. >> it goes a long, long way. >> it does. do you guys learn something today in "pop news"? >> not yet, but keep going. >> keep going. they're used to taking center stage, but how about center court? some of the biggest names in the sports and celebrity world went head to head in a celebrity basketball game as part of a weekend of festivities culminating in tonight's b.e.t. awards. you had snoop dogg, terrell owens, floyd meriweather against chris brown. >> i actually haven't shot a basketball in about seven months. but i really had a good time
8:50 am
coming out here and giving the people what they want. >> little snoop. >> and as for tonight's awards show, smokey robinson will get the lifetime achievement award and janet jackson is also set to be honored. the show airs tonight on b.e.t. at 8:00 eastern. don't miss it. >> janet's got some new music. >> i know. she's so amazing. >> girl crush. ♪ sorry ms. jackson ♪ >> sorry, that note was a little off. >> a little high. and talk about talent. there's youngster who's grabbing the headlines with her paintbrush, apple cervantes is all of 2 years old, but strangers have been snatching up her artistic creations for up to $500. she's been painting since she was 6 months old, she uses acrylic paint on canvases that are bigger than her. apple's artwork is described as
8:51 am
happy, exciting and colorful. it's safe to say -- >> it's pretty amazing. >> first of all, she has an awesome name. >> they have video of her doing it all. she's really quite talented. >> making me feel insecure about my 6-month-old. >> i was just going to ask you, what is alexander doing? thank you, i appreciate that. can we call the department of child services, what else you got? >> no, that's it. this's it. a-minus. >> i'm going to do a post show. i'm going to give you a little extra. >> how do you say grade inflation in spanish? we'll be right back to "good morning america." >> how do you say it? anybody know?
8:52 am
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8:56 am
huckabee, you don't want to miss it. that's coming up on abc. we want to say thank you for watching "good morning america." >> we do. we'll see you next weekend. to say thank you. >> good morning i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. >> coming up on "action news," sunday morning crews rushed to rescue three people clinging to trees after a creek floods in delaware. >> plus, a teenager is rushed to the hospital after another shark attack on the carolina coast, the second attack in as many days, the 6th in the past two weeks. >> reporter: nydia, the rain is pulling away, the skies are brightening up but there's more
8:57 am
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aczone® gel. prescription treatment. proven results. >> good morning, it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday, june 28. in the noose, philadelphia police are searching for the driver who damaged five cars overnight and took off. >> hundreds are hurt after a
9:00 am
fire breaks out at a popular water park in taiwan. many drivers had to do their best to navigate through flooded streets after all the rain yesterday. what can we expect for the weekend? it's a good question, let's go over to chris sowers. enough of the rain, turn off the faucet police, this -- please, the month will go down as one of the wettest months. sky 6 showing cloud cover but down the shore you're seeing sunshine. satellite and radar showing the shield of heavy rain is up into new england albany, syracuse picking up heavy downpours. this is the upper level low. what will happen we'll see drying taking place mixed skies, sun and clouds, as the low passes on by to the north it might be close enough to


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