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tv   Action News Weekend 6P  ABC  June 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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patricia's became a casualty. >> and i came out and the water was at the wheel of my car. >> the water department was able to shut off the main in a matter of hours. by 8:00 this morning most ever the water receded and residents started to assess the damage only to be told to evacuate again so pgw could check on gas main located directly on the car stuck in the broken pavement. >> our priority is to cleanup the homes and a lot have been term naitd at home for the
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safety of the cleanup operation and given the temperatures we want to get power backs to homes. >> all the folks on 52, most on crayton and patchier street have no electricity at the moment. and the water removal basement clearing operations is still going on. >> residents say they had breaks before. the city will begin an investigation tomorrow. the pipe at the center of break is back to 1800s. >> we do do inspecs of our pipes to make sure these things don't happen. but this one, this one got away from us. >> it's not clear how long residents will be out of the home. the red cross has been here all day happeneding out water to crews making sure they're hydrated in the heat and the red cross will be on stand by for any people that need logic. west philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> town home in northeast philadelphia caught fire late this afternoon. firefighters were called to the scene on the3500 block wood
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haech near academy after 4. they found blames coming from the roof and second alarm was declared for more help to fight the fire. several firefighters were overcome by heat and humidity and they were arrested at the scene. >> that heat and humidity had people ducking for cover throughout the area today. good people of the delaware valley were doing their thing keeping cool using umbrellas and water and cool towels as well. now you may want to keep and eye on stormtracker 6 app. meteorologist melissa magee is here with the first check of accuweather forecast. >> hi there walter we're tracking severe showers and storms west of philadelphia. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing activity north and west of that 95 corridor. we're tracking the cell in particular across lancaster and lancaster county. they have issued a severe
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thunderstorm warning until 6:30 this evening moving to ev rat aand manheim. the storm is moving 35 miles an hour. because of building heat we had today and humidity we'll see the showers and storms on stormtracker 6 street-level. you notice the cluster tracking with lightning associated with it north of quarryville and oxford and chester county. allow for more things to fire up as we go throughout the rest of tonight and into the day monday. the storm prediction has also placed philadelphia and points south and west in a low probability of finding severe weather tonight. in addition to the damaging winds we also have to watch for drenching thunderstorms. talking what we can expect, not just ut tonight but unsettled the next 4 hours. strongest and severe west of the city. gusty winds possibility of hail. any time i get one of these thunderstorms moving on through
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downpours and localized flooding is a concern. we'll have future tracker 6 on standby and time out the precipitation and let you know what's ahead in the 7 day. >> a shout-out to a story we brought you last night at 1:00 a little girl who wandered away from a picnic in newark delaware and fell into a pond died. the 4-year-old was attending an event at the george wilson community center when she slipped away. officials say she was in the water 15 minutes before rescued and rushed to christianne hospital where she died and the investigation continues tonight. >> one frightening night for a 3-year-old girl left all alone in a water park in camden county. she was discovered 8:30 wandering around the park splash world with no parent or guardians in sight. they were located today facing questions that need to be answered. chad pradelli is live in clementon with details, chad.
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>> walter, clementon police tell me the girl was with two dozen family members and they decided to leave:30 the the parents thought child was going home with the grandmother and the grandmother thought she was with other relatives and the child was left behind. all those relatives live in different places and they didn't realize the little girl was not with loved ones until earlier this morning. 9:30 that's what the parents called police looking for the little girl. division of children and family services was brought in to evaluate the child. the child is doing okay and police tell me it appears that the child will be reunited with her parents. police tell me no formal charges will be filed. at this point this appears to be an accident, misunderstanding and that the child was left behind. that said police tell me the investigation continues in the name of the families is has not been released because no formal
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charges were filed. chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> chad pradelli, thank you. philadelphia police arelationed the driver they say struck a woman in south philadelphia early this morning and took off. it happened before 12:30eu79 section of south 9th street and/or or avenue. police state woman was crossing the street when a car struck area her and took off. she was rushed to jefferson hospital in critical and stable condition. this afternoon, police arrested joseph fetco of aston spiking vehicle was hidden off convent road in aston. >> it was violent on the streets of camden shooting 2100 block of sanders street claimed life of one man and left three others seriously injured and it happened after midnight. someone opened fire striking each of the men numerous times. there's no word what may have sparked the shooting and so far no arrests were made. >> five people had to be hospitalized last night after sickened by fumes inside a
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shopping center in ardmore. after 11:00 last night cleaning crews were working inside a piece aplace when a combination of bleach and other chemicals resulted in knoxious fumes. shows five workers had to be decontaminated before september to the medical center. two victims remain in serious condition this evening. >> a 74-year-old man died in overnight house fire in brick township new jersey. the fire broke out 1 a.m. bauer drive. a couple both in 70s along with dog wereed in the home when it happened. the man collapsed. he was rushed to ocean medical center when where he died a short time later. the dog is now missing as well. no word tonight how the fire started. >> it was a weekend to celebrate lgbt pride in philadelphia and today at penns landing the party got underway. in addition to the festivities this day was also called
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reminder day to commorate a milestone demonstration by gay activists in 1965 outside independence hall. governor wolf and mayor at any rate were in attendance today as well. >> more to come on "action news" tonight. if you're in the market for a lap dog listen up. i rescue shelter rescued chihuahuas from two miles away. >> and veterans of world war ii receive a special honor. >> and joel embiib has details about his low recovery when we
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>> an american flag with 13 stars was raised with the betsy ross star in reng in addition of flag day. today. part of flag day events all throughout the city including colonial reenact tores in
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costume reading proclamations and celebrating independence. >> celebrations continue at the national constitution center where our current flag with 50 stars was raised and it's the birth day of u.s. army. so these folks also took time to honor our wonderful soldiers as well. also, two men who fought with valor for our nation were honored today in north east philadelphia. sam cap lynn who will soon celebrate 101 birthday served in world war 2. he was raced in south 23eu8 philly and enlisted in 1942 and rose to rank of sergeant: marvin served as fighter surveillance aerial photographer during allied envision. they were awarded citation from city council and sat down for birthday cake. >> one of the nation's largest street festivals took part in philadelphia.
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adundae festival stretched 12 blocks. hundreds of vendors were on hand offering crafts, julie and food this is 40th an verseise of the festival. >> in chestnut hill art imitated life today. they captured the scenes around them in this unique events. artists competed for cash prizes and free booth space at art fest snral fall. they also provide aid close-up dmrims of how their paintings are
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help in the fight against cancer. >> and okay. time for a check on sports. jeff skversky is here and sixers fans want to know about embiib's foot. >> and so do sixers and doctors. heeds fruit fewer of the franchise. everyone concerned about the big guy. how serious is his slowly healing right foot. nba close to sixers center said embiib will not require second surgery on the stress fracture that kept him out all of last season. he was shut down in a caution effort to help the healing process. they don't have a timeline for resuming his activity on the court. this could put his summer league debut in jeopardy. >> what can brown do for you dom group is back with the phillies and hopefully they can
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help get phils back into things. trying to avoid the sun flower seeds. good luck washing that out of your hair. >> offense struggles for both tools. first inning, ryan howard, deep to center. but watch this! andrew mccutchen what a catch! woul. pirates stealing hit after hit in the fifth and shawn rodriguez problems freddie gal vin former philly aj burnett goes nine innings and doesn't allow a run. cole hamels gets worst run support in the lead zero to play with again. on the ball. 7 scoreless. strikes out a dozen. second time this weekend we go to extra innings without a run. in the 11th. jose to gal vis, throws it away. would have been final out of inning but throw another game out the window. very next pitch, jonathan papelbon, gives up the single to josh harrison. ball game, phils lose 1-0 in 11.
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it's their tenth straight road loss. this is tough to loss. brown not only one getting promoted phils top pitching prospect aaron knoll who is going to triple a in leevls he's moving quickly up the organization naa this season the rite righty is 7-3. 188 earned run average and he's only 21 years old. >> most people don't like being called a liar. war jurors coach steve kerr not only doesn't care but is taking pride in line. he lied about andre iing dal and plans to lie again. in oakland, golden state, chief land, knotted up two games a peace. will kerr go with iguodala after holding lebron james in check thursday. lebron and backpack don't seem worried about anything. >> i think when you get to a championship level type game with it being 2-2 i don't think
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anyone has the moment up. i would say them because they're coming back home after the game the other night but you know, the momentum starts once the game starts. >> and this game starts right here on 6abc at 8:00 tonight game five between cavs and war yarz and series tides at 2. >> very exciting. >> why wouldn't you start iguodala is is the big question. >> 2 point season high. >> awesome. >> start him. >> thank you walter -- >> thank you sarah. >> you're welcome. >> thanks everybody. >> up next on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. she's tracking storms right now when "action news" comes right
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>> in central pennsylvania, there's a problem really bugging people a whole lot of may flies. millions buzzing on a bridge. it was so bad officials had to shut down the veterans memorial bridge between columbia and wrights stroyl make matters worse there's a coating of dead bugs an inch thick in some spots. when they swarm today looked like a mrizard. >> visito there. >> filthy. >> here's a check of the accuweather forecast and action on the radar this evening. >> we're tracking severe thunderstorm warning for lancaster county a lot of activity off to the west guys, we'll track it throughout the night. stormtracker 6 double scan radar a lot of activity is south and west of philadelphia. so we'll go in tighter treated level stormtracker 6 and this is shower and storm we're tracking
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just to the south and east of lancaster and lancaster county pressing east about 35 miles an hour. to the north of quarryville and also to the west of honeybrook. we're tracking showers and storms and the biggest concern as they move on in is the possibility of some damaging winds and also the possibility of some hard downpours. keep that in mind as we go throughout the rest of the evening hours. so we'll talk about highlights today across the region. we have been feel the heat and that's why in fact, we're finding showers and storms. it's not only hot but also humid and keeping an eye on tropics. so high temperature today hotter than it was yesterday. yesterday's high 88 degrees. today a touch more humid with high in at 90. twelve above average of 82. and also i want to take you down to gulf of mexico because we're track showers and storms and not even organized form of circulation. but this will be moving north getting closer and closer to texas as we go throughout week
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than could indirectly impact all weather -- our weather later this weekend. this has 70% chance of strengthening into tropical system. we'll keep you posted on what happens with that. it's warm, sticky outside 84234 philadelphia, 78 poconos. 87 reading and 7 9 lancaster where you're getting rain cooled air on costs of sea isle city. satellite 6 and action radar hows us showers and storms firing up. what we're tracking is area of low pressure over the great lakes. and a warm front that is lifting back to the north across our region. we're trap tapping into all that warmth and moisture and humidity and showers and storms are igniting. here's future tracker 6 she time it out for you 8:00 this evening if you step out on town. wet weather gear is close tou. showers and storms will be round. again the biggest concern will be drenching thunderstorms and localized flooding wherever the thunderstorms set on up. as we go throughout the overnight hours and for commute
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early tomorrow morning you see a broken line of activity lakehurst to south jersey west ward to dover. and it looks like things will refire as we get into the afternoon hours on monday which is why in fact, storm prediction center placed our region tonight in low probability of finding severe weather for city and points west. tomorrow sivrn included in that risk. so the storms tonight and concern, lightning is moderate concern and downpours very high and strong gusty winds as high as 60 miles an hour with any one of the thunderstorms moving through and large hail and tornadoes low risk of finding that activity this evening. here's the exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. showers and storms throughout the day tomorrow. high of 9. sunsetled tuesday. popup shower or thunderstorm likely and on wednesday not as warm. 86. thursday was looking dry. high of 85. as i showed you that tropical moisture out across the southern gulf could indetectively impact us thursday. friday, clouds and sun 85.
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and 89 snoo saturday and 86 sunday. staying unsettled tonight and into tomorrow. we'll track the activity. >> thanks, melissa. finally tonight 19 tiny puppies on the way to a better life thanks to faithful friends in delaware. these chihuahuas arrived at the shelter today after emergency call dr. from crowded kennel in arizona ar. usually faithful friends only rescues from delaware but because the little dogs are so popular the organization decided to help out. if you're interested in bringing a chihuahua into your home this khelter will hold a special adoption day on wednesday. i bet they go fast. >> i think jeff wants a chihuahua. >> "abc worls news" sunday is next on channel 6. answer news returns at 11. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17. we're back again at 6abc at 11. >> for melissa magee ev j jeff, walter perez and entire "action news" team. i'm shar sarah bloomquist we'll
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see you back here after the game at
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welcome to "world news tonight." escape plan. new details of the prison break, their tools, boxing gloves, lighted glasses, and the getaway car. how far they planned to drive. stranded. the u.s. flight to london die verted to canada. more than 100 passengers military bare racks. and the naacp leader accused, her brothers speaking out. and the drone smackdown. this man saying it violated his privacy. now being sued for destroying it. the new technology, pitting neighbor against neighbor.


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