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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  June 1, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ >> good morning, 6 a.m., june first following several breaking stories. >> heavy rains bring traffic to a stand still on a major highway. flood on the blue route.
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>> 19 people out of their homes after massive fire in the city of chester. we have a live report. >> tributes continue to pour if in for the vice-president's son beau biden we have reaction from delaware's close knit political community. >> right now let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers to talk about rain and flooding out there. >> pockets of heavy rain across the region now. take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see the main patch of heavy rain and thunderstorm activity is pushing east of philadelphia. really inundating parts of camden dmrosster county and push into burlington as well. see flashing lightning strikes more of that north of surf city that cluster is moving off the coast and next batch heavy pockets of rain included down into atlantic county as well pushing through south jersey and will be for the next hour, hour and a half. northern suburbs lightser rain. enough to slow you down and of course, wherever the heavy stuff occurred you are looking at
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ponding and puddleing on the roadways. there's a flash flood watch issued by national weather service and this kicks in noon and extends this evening up until midnight tonight. that's because another round of heavy rain will be slowly developing and then inches its way down through the i-95 corridor and we expect a majority of it to be there in green in counties of the region. right now looking for clouds and sunny breaks before the second round develops later on. temperatures now 70. muggy in philadelphia. karen this afternoon we're going for high of 8. with that next round of rain expected to develop during the afternoon. i'll have more on that future track areer coming up. > you can see from this shot lon the blue route it caused a mess on the roads. heavy rain through this area. jammed lieu mu route headed to broomall. as we switch the shot they're forcing all traffic at broomall. blue route is shut down because
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of flooding by the heavy rain. blue route northbound shut down between broomall and st. david four miles of major highway completely shut down at this point and see how they're forcing everybody off. no traffic allowed blue route northbound and they're forcing all traffic off at this point at broomall. you can see the roadway at this point doesn't look look a lot of flooding here but it's shut down because of flooding and then they have miles of backed up traffic at one point because people cannot get through flooding that's why police stopped them from entererring blue routes northbound while they had crews trying to deal with the poor drainage area. what do you do to gets around this? four miles of major highway shut down at this point. one thing you can do take northbound to 320 it runs parallel to blue route and another thing you could do is take route 1 stoub 252 there was a tree blocking traffic and that would not have been a good
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alternate. we're here they're in process of clearing it out. your best bet to take 320 it's a mess blue route northbound shut down and we'll be updating this throughout the morning tam. >> breaking this morning flames spread through five homes in chester before fire fightsers were able to get it under control. "action news" katherine scott is liver at the scene. this is 400 block of bickly place. good morning katherine. >> good morning, tam, red cross is assisting 19 people, eight adults and live children after the second fire on this block that started in vaik enter home one the baingt week. firefighters wraps up operations for now here. they were here hours overnight knocking down a fire and putting out hot spots. no firefighters railroad civilones injured two homes
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damaged by flames. it started in a vacant row home. when crews arrived heavy flames were coming from first and second floors. the flames spread along the roof line across to other houses and investigators are trying to determine the cause. 19 people are out of their homes. "action news" spoke to someone said her aunt is one of them. >> you can smell it. it was tragic. mine was friday night fire at the first house and then tonight this is a second one. >> and back here live on bickly street firefighters wraps up just last friday. the cause of that fire is under investigation as well. there's no word yesterday from officials whether there were any smoke detectors inside of occupied homes in this latest blaze. we're live in chester, katherine
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scott, "channel 6 action news". >> thank you katherine the whoyt house says joe biden will number delaware today to mourn loss of son beau who died saturday from brain cancer. family connections gave him an obvious leg up in politics but still beau biden was deeply surround surrounded in several political sectors and he was devoted veteran and faerling and family man. >> beau biden was be loved in delaware extraordinarily popular in fact most popular elected official in the state because of who he was and how he carried himself. he worked for. it he earned it. beau biden was 46 years old and announced a plan to run for governor of delaware next year. you heard from jack markell he ordered flags in the first day to be nrop as half staff to honor life of beau biden and the action cam was outside a fire
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companying elsmere were already lowered a our cover coverage of the death of beau biden continues on westbound web. there you find reaction from those who knew him best and photos of his life and career. >> gas prices may level off as you approach the summer driving season. maribel has the numbers in the market watch live in times square. >> good morning you to matt the rising gas prices slowed a bit. national average regular gas was up 4 cents to $2.84 over the past two weeks. it's a small rise compared to 0% fleiss -- jump in prices. gas price as close to peaking as we move to summer driving season. in philadelphia area a gallon going $2.66 that's well below a
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year going. >> ceo of redik is getting rid of disadvantage women have as bargaining table. salary negotiations heavily favor men. no negotiations implies a job teek seeking will be paid on market value and not individual characteristics. >> fod rat losses ton -- and netflix getting new look on the web. white background was relaced with a black one. it is easier to scroll through long lists of movies. net list subscribers are expected to get the app this month. >> looks like chris nass may or june really. >> it does look like it outside it looks like spraining time frain out there. it's not raining everywhere but where it is it is rally coming down and center of that now is
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in south jersey where you can see thunderstorms still bothering areas south of medford lakes around ham mondayton and showing up on the map a couple seconds ago i think close to expressway. philadelphia is seeing heaviest stuff go away and off the picture. we have a lot of flooded roadways including blue route. karen rogers will have more on that in a little bit. i want to give you wide view, norp suburbs looking at showers not quite as intense as we had further south. areas around allentown with this stuff pushing east to you you still have ponlding and puddleing that needs to recede. same in reading with more showers away from you there as well. that wider view showing you cape may county is drying out and nor shower activity. as we look outside cloudy skies out there. at the airport it looks wet down
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below even though heaviest rain is pushing away and we want to caution you you if the rain is not m coming down ever hadly you might have puddleing and ponding on row ways that will show you down. 70 in philadelphia and try to drape that roadway or rain water off the roadway is only doing so-so in some cases with that. 7 30 and muggy. in the city. 62 sea isle city and 68 wilmington look the weekend we're humid. future tracker 6 showing cluster of rain pushing off east during the rush hour and by 9:00 we should be down to very light spotty showers. same story at noon. while be on the look yut for something developing north and welt and generally speaking clouds and sunny breaks and a lull through the morning hours. there's a front however, that comes down out of the north and gets closer to us and we as we get to 3:00 intensify new shower activity for the north ever us
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because between 3:00 and 6:00 and another ash there's a flash flood watch in effect. total sum of rain between now and especially later this afternoon and tonight probably bringing us anywhere from 1 to 3". this one model has as much as five in philadelphia. i think this is more along the lines of what we're looking for and it comes down so facts and curious we're looking at the development of more poppeding and not and noting and. >> 74 in appen town and down the shore 79, warm, humid, periods of rain and thunderstorms. your 7-day. high rainy, muggy. when it starts raining we have a chance of heavy downpours. next round moving in during the afternoon and sticking with us past midnight tonight and tomorrow, leftover rain. generally speaking drying out. cooling down to 70. and wednesday and thursday a
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couple very nice days with highs in mid to low 70s and lower humidity little warmer and muggier date day thunderstorm possible for the weekend 83, 78 sunday and both of those days could feature a spotty shower. >> okay. >> i guess we're okay with that. >> okay. >> thanks, david. >> 12 now >> all new at 6 a.m. a routine grooming appointment at petco turns tragic down south. >> blue route northbound is shut down and may see more roads shut down this is 26th street ramp to schuylkill. this is what you're drivering through this morning. i'll help you get around a difficult morning commute when "action news" comes back
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>> 6: 15 still a parking lot on one side of the blue route right now. we have heavy rains move in overnight. some of them still continuing and it's been so much so quickly it actually led to flooding that caused people to have to stop the traffic there on the blue route this morning. >> and karen this is a hevrly traffic commuter route not a
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good place for this. >> four miles of highway being shut down at this point. with heavy rain. not rutting from major problem like hurricane coming through. just heavy rain that came through. as we look live on the shot here you can see drying out and yet still blue route northbound shut down four miles broomall to st. down four miles broomall to st. david's what you're looking at now is backed up traffic trying to get to broomall. they're forcing traffic off. southbound they're allowing traffic through. there's flooding southbound but not as bad. they shut it down northbound so crews with get out there and deal with poor drainage area clear it out and alleviate that. rain not bad so far. blue route northbound completely backed up. i want to show you maps what you can do through this area. 320 good alternate. northbound 320 runs par tlol northbound 320 runs parallel to the blue route. we had a drowned tree 1
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southbound. it would be okay to take 252 or 320 as alternate. traffic is backed up heading towards that area here. 6 miles an hour. jammed traffic on blue route northbound and obviously not just blue route but roads around there dealing with flooding and we're having someone better mont road and haverford flooded out and rain caused a problem there. i want to show new this area stormtracker 6 live double scan we can see a heavy cell just about to hit the same area again blue route northbound this is blue route right here. he's the heavy cell crossing that area in the area we had so many problems with flooded roadways. it's not only flooded roadway. i want to go to one more shot. look at this northbound 26 leading to schuylkill eastbound. if you come off the platt bridge headed to 26 to schuylkill you're driving right through flooded roadway.
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we're hearing they may have to shut this down as well. >> dramatic video of a circus actor following into a seating area. this happened tuesday during a show by vasquez brother circus. a latch was not -- a safety cord was not latched properly. >> and a 9-year-old girl on a sidewalk was critically injured and a driver and male passenger had non life-threatening injuries. he may have taken the gas paedal for the brake. >> when we come back lovers visiting parit will find a new way of expressing their afeks the city decided to remove the locks from a famous bridge. david. >> warm and humid today with periods of rain at times. you may want to arm kids with
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>> heavy rain forcing the blue route to be closed in this area. heavy cells headed through this area blue route northbound liver at broomall where they're forcing everybody off. can you see the cones on the read way. there that's northbound traffic forced off on to exits 5 broomall. watch for that shut down until st. watch for that shut down until st. david's. mess on blue route northbound take 320 instead. let's switch the camera shot another shot of an accident 422 eastbound. it's a single vehicle accident
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coming into us past route 23. there is it mostly off to the side. an example of what can happen when these wet roads dave. >> heaviest rain is pushing east of some of the areas we had flooding problems. it takes a while for that to drain into the storm drains and roads to clear. right now active, heavy rain is bothering people in burlington down they and southern camden county and northern atlantic county and there's thunderstorms implead bedded in this as well. up in northern areas no lightning but fairly steady rain in montgomery county, bucks county and lehigh valley. as we roll through the day we get into a lull most of the morning until midday clouds mixing with sunny breaks and as we get later into the afternoon. say 3:00 there's 'chance of heavy downpours etch diding and that will continue to build up until i-95 corridor straight through 6:00. 8 today's high.
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no major delays now at the airport but we have rain in boston and new york. if you travel toll new england this morning you may have delays. >> thank you david. >> there's been an effort to make cancer treatments for children more gentle and new study says this move has shown itself to be more effective. researchers track more than 34,000 childhood cancer survivors over several decades. they gave smaller targeted doses of radiation and changed the way chemo was done. they found despite easier treatments survival continued to improve. >> colorado rockies swept phillies at citizens bank park over the weekend which never happened before. phillies lost last game in series 4-1 and dropped 7 straight for the first time in two years. philly begun a home series with the reds tomorrow night. >> it's 6:23 a dog is dead after day at groomer's details on what happened coming up
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[ electronic dance music playing ] feel like a kid again with dunkin's new oreo and chips ahoy! flavored iced coffees. classic cookie flavor in every sip. america runs on dunkin'. >> happening today tradition of attaching lock locks to a paris bridge will come to an end. couples traditionally hung a lock to symbolize love and threw away the key. they'll remove the fence and replace with plexy glass. it's an eye sore and the fencing is falling down because of the weight of the locks which number over 100,000. >> new on "action news" a virginia family is extremely upset offer a petco groomer and
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his responsibility for baking their dog to death. allison marks dropped her 2-year-old golden retriever off for a routine grooming a few hours later she was told she should meet at the animal hospital. he was pronounced dead from heat stroke. the groomer accidentally left colby 234 one of the drying cages too long. the family hopes to file charge in the case. >> 6:27 an update on flooding in the blue route. that's coming up next. >> and there will soon be another kardsahian. if there were not enough already if there were not enough
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>> indeed it's been a stormy morning and more severe weather could be on its way. we're tracking impact from the rain. >> and massive fire got several homes in chester overnight. >> beau biden's death present another family tragedy for vice-president joe bide. >> good morning everyone, 6:30, weather and traffic with david and karen. >> rain moved back into the terrace now. not as heavier as earlier. stormtracker 6 double skanl and what we is currently should not be long. up in the northern suburbs it's generally lighter rain and enough to def tut knitly slow you down. some pshing away from allentownment bothering people in bucks county and montgomery county and chester county dying out and we still have heavier downpours through burlington county and generally speaking things are improving. we have a flash


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