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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  May 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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she is being treated for. a young girl is recovering after being hit by a car in frankford
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section. it appears the girl was riding a bike when she was hit. police say the driver took off. the girl was taken to st. christopher's hospital and expected to recover. a girl was rushed to the hospital after falling from a second floor window on lincoln court. the girl is expected to be okay. the girl's brother told police there's normally a fan in the window but it was removed. police in delaware county have identified the man found dead in a suitcase he was 4-year-old scott stephen burnheizer of philadelphia. authorities do not know how he died. a man found the body thursday when he smelled a strong odor on
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second street. police have a person of interest wanted in connection with the sexual assault in south philadelphia. detectives are waiting on the results of dna to link him to the crimes. dann cuellar has the details. >> reporter: it was a ten thousand dollar reward and tipsters that led police to radine welder. sources tell "action news" it appears if he woulder was packing his bags and fled before lawmen could get there. >> how do you feel he is being sought after. >> i feel terrible. i am in shock. >> reporter: sources say they did find gloves and sneakers and clothing that appear to match those worn in one or both attacks.
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the one in rosewood and the attempted assault of a 30-year-old woman on chadwick back in march. according to to his mother he was released from prison for serving 12 years for attempted murder. police are waiting for the results of dna evidence to see if rahime if he if he if heelder can be linked to the assaults. anthrax went to 11 states, south korea and australia. the center for disease control is testing to see which ones were live. the cdc is investigating the army's approving dwrownd in utah -- approving -- proving ground in utah where the anthrax
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was handled. philadelphia archdiocese has released a statement saying the investigation will not impact the papal visit and world meeting of families here in september. dennis hastert has resign from the school that bears his name. he is accused of violating banking laws. a person familiar with the allegation also contained in the indictment said he paid hush money to conceal claims of sexual misconduct. the daughter devon still has suffered with a setback saturday of cancer. it's the result of a complication from stem cell
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transport. theyshe is less than a week shy of the anniversary of her initial diagnosis of neuroblastoma. in march her father announced she was officially in remission. moss mosquitoes can be annoying especially as the weather warms up, they can carry diseases like west nile virus. the mission is a yearlong fight to keep the population at bay. experts say you can do your partly. >> the best prefnlings e -- prevention to mosquitoes is to take care of the trouble spots like the vacant tires or pots of water. >> if you have an issue with mosquitoes in your neighborhood, we have a link at new jersey community
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welcomed home one of their own last night. it was a big party for a south jersey soldier stationed in the middle east for the past year. the town of blackwood came out to give a hero's welcome to the 28-year-old. his wife and kids were in their red white and blue. he went in the army in 2008. he said he was overwhelmed. >> all that we went through, i meant means a whole lot to a lot of people. >> he is a graduate of try ton regional high school. looking for a new mattress and thought you might buy one online to save cash. consumer reports put some to the test and we have the results.
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a lightning bolt is caught on camera as it strikes near a police car. and chris weather. >> reporter: that's a little too close for comfort right there. we may see plenty of those this weekend, the fog is building in, the humidity is coming up. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we may have appreciatable rain when i see you in a just a few minutes.
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>> a hair-raising video.
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a police officer was driving down the road in mississippi when the lightning bolt strikes a bridge in front of him. it was caught on his dash cam video in his patrol car. the intense close up flash nearly blinded him. he stopped his car and found a chunk of singed concrete. that's crazy. >> reporter: did you see that sky, it didn't look that bad the sun was starting to peek through. he was fortunate it didn't strike him. let's go live on sky 6 looking live at center city from our temple university camera. we have patchy haze, we have fog in cape may and cumberland counties. it's quiet and warm and soupy the dewpoints are starting to rise. yesterday we had a break in the
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humidity. today the humidity climates back up there. 69 degrees dewpoint, 65. it's a little uncomfortable. winds are light out of the south at 5 miles per hour. everybody in the mid to upper 60s. allentown, philadelphia, 70. 66 in the poconos. lancaster, 67. cooler on the water sea isle on the boards in atlantic city coming in at 61. visibility for the most part is okay, just about the entire viewing area every now and then we get an area of fog. millville, you were down to a mile last hour, now up to 4 miles. cape may, you were down to less than a mile. now you're up to 4. everybody else doing all right this morning. satellite and radar, we have a cold front out here across the great lakes what's going to happen during the course of the weekend that front will drift closer and closer to the delaware valley. by late afternoon it's probably sitting over buffalo and the great lakes. and then we get into sunday
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afternoon it's probably sitting somewhat like this maybe from pittsburgh to harrisburg north of the poconos and into new england. always the front gets closer to the area it will create instability and we'll see greater chance for showers and thunderstorms. today we're in the clear tomorrow, late in the day we'll see the wet weather arrives and it starts to slide in other by the time we get into monday. here's a look at the frobility. off to the -- front off to the northwest today. sticky highs closing in on 90. sunday, we'll nudge this back just a little bit farther toward northwest. sunday is a dry day for the most part. 6:00, 7, in the evening the thunderstorms start to move in. monday is unstable numerous showers and thunderstorms. the possibility is there for heavier downpours. the model has showers and storms across the lehigh valley and the poconos. i don't know how much i'm buying into that, we'll allow for a
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chance of a pop-up shower or storm from allentown points north and west, later tomorrow during the morning hours, most of of sunday is dry don't cancel any plans we've kept the threat in the forecast all week long. most of the day looks dry it's after 5:00, 6:00 p.m. the storms start to move in. monday we start to see the heavier drenching downpours out there, for the poconos today 78 degrees, allow for that spotty afternoon thunderstorm. otherwise it's warm and humid sunday showers and storms, 70 degrees is the forecasted high. jersey shore choppy on the water if you're doing boating. winds out of of the south 15 to 20 miles per hour. we'll call it breezy and humid 74 degrees, sunday hazy and sunshine, 77. both days looks like it will stay dry monday you'll start to see wet weather. philadelphia, warm and sticky, sun and clouds, 88 degrees the forecasted high overnight tonight. lows in the 60s once again it
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remains warm and humid. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 88 degrees today and tomorrow, for monday, 82, showers and thunderstorms are likely during the day one or two downpours are possible. tuesday, maybe morning showers and or a period of rain and turning cooler by afternoon, 75. wednesday, thursday, friday, look good, temperatures in the upper 70s low 80s. not a bad weekend, a little warm and sticky, a lot of people tend to like that this time of the year. >> we're starting to get used to it. fyi philly is heading down the shore looking for things for you to do including a tour of cape may wineries. >> reporter: growing grapes in cape may, this is become wine country. move over napa. there's a new win country to tour right in your backyard. >> we'll put cape may peninsula on the label. >> with the position between the bay and the ocean the
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region is enjoy a longer growing season. >> it doesn't get so cold in the wintertime and not so hot in the summertime. that's what the vines like. >> the vineyard provides a fun and relaxing environment. >> this is fresh out of the tank. >> i want you to taste the freshness and the fruitiness. >> reporter: no, no cellar wine, a bold taste and rich history. >> it's grandpa's wine that he made years ago. >> reporter: to new jersey! >> to new jersey grapes! >> you can see fyi philly down the shore tonight on 6abc.
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>> in "healthcheck" this morning we heard about foods that increase the risk of developing diabetes. now there's a food that could lower your risk. european researchers studied
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27,000 people over a decade. those with high levels of fiber intake had an 18% lower chance of diabetes. the protective effect was found in whole grains seeds and brand. researchers at the national institute of health found those who started retroviral drugs soon as after being diagnosed their system remained healthier as if they postponed treatment. government recommends immediate treatment for hiv but many don't get that care. a new study found texting has broad results. it leads people to get preventive surgery or miss a diagnosis that could have allowed an early treatment for again e -- genetic dordz.
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allowing your -- disorders allowing your doctor to share your data anonymously accuracy will improve.
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is. >> welcome back, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us now into old city. it is 70 degrees already outside, 5:55. google is setting it's sights on the nation's -- uber is setting it's sights on airports. they want to allow the drivers to pick up the drivers by traditional taxi. airports issue fines for nonregistered drivers who pick up fares cush -- as you wish -- curbside. google will offer photos for the cloud they can be up to
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16 megapixels. experts say google will likely scan your photos and improve it's search software and ad targeting. consumer reports tests the latest queen sides mattresses and some sold on the internet. here's nydia han with the results. >> reporter: the prices are not bad, but it's risky to buy a mattress you've never seen felt or tried. so consumer reports tested a few for you. consumer reports tested two queen size foam mattresses sold on the internet. the casper for $850 made of latex and memory foam and a mattress for $600. they tested how well they hold up to a simulated use. how much support you get on your side and back, and if it resists bouncing so it doesn't transfer
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vibrations from one side to the other. >> memory foam mattress got high scores. >> reporter: plus you get 100 day trial period. if you don't like it, the company will pick it up for free and refund your money. >> it held up well under the durability test. >> reporter: the return policy is not as generous, 30 days instead of 100. returns are free. if you prefer an inter spring mattress charles pillow top for $1,100. and the sealy posture
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good morning, 6 a.m., saturday, may 3. an atv driver is dead after colliding with an suv in south jersey overnight. evacuations are underway in texas as the lonestar state braces for more severe weather and we're tracking possibly stormy weather moving into the delaware and lehigh valley this weekend. let's get to it. meteorologist chris sowers is here with the forecast. >> reporter: the good news it will come late in the day on sunday when the day is just about over anyway and time to go back to work. let's go live on sky 6 showing you what's going on. this is the ben franklin bridge, it's warm and sticky. note the haze out there. it's moisture accumulating in the air it has sticky feeling temperatures climbing into the 80s.


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