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tv   Action News  ABC  April 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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in custody. we have breaking news from montgomery county. and community comes together to mourn the death of a toddler at the hands ever a hit-and-run driver next on "action news." >> thursday night the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from lower pottsgrove, montgomery county.
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police vehicles converged at high and monthser streets where lawmen app helped aid suspect but not before a police officer was injured when the suspect allegedly hit him as he tried to fleech the officer was taken to west reading hospital. this all began with attempted traffic stop and then a chase. >> they came to mourn and support each other. family and close friends were back at 57 and lynch field tonight in west kensington in philadelphia to hold a vigil for 2-year-old david alse victim of hit-and-run who died today. "action news" reporter walter perez is at the scene tonight. >> jim, earlier tonight a crowd gathered at the site of hit-and-run in west kensington to put together a touching memorial in honor of 2-year-old who held on for nearly three days but died in the hospital this morning. meanwhile we had the chance to speak with a young couple recognized as heros in this otherwise heartbreaking story christopher gonzalez and his
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girlfriend ms. perez are having a hard time coming to grips with what they saw this past monday night. >> it's hard. >> christopher and sabia were open their way out for a night on the town when they drove by a hit-and-run mascher and lehigh involving 19-year-old are josephine rivera and her son david alicia. >> i threw everything out of the back of the car and someone put -- gave the child to my girlfriend and several people helped us put the mother in the car. >> gonzalez and perez took the victims to the hospital and both were admitted in critical condition. rivera was released earlier today and returned home as you can see in this video. little david was pronounced dead earlier this morning at st. earlier this morning at st. christopher's hospital for children. gonzalez says his only regret is he could not have done more. >> if you have children wow
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understand. if anything i would have done differently i would have pushed the kid out of the way and jumped in front of the car for him. >> authorities do not have a description for the people or persons responsible and investigators say this surveillance video shows the car involved. late model white infinity m series with broken headlight and probably front end damage. christopher and his girlfriend say their home now is those that did this decide to do the right thing. >> tun yourself in it's the right thing to do. >> and back out live on the scene the other development in this case is city increasing reward for information to $20,000. anyone with any information is asked to call 911. reporting live in west kensington walter perez "action news," jim. >> walter, thank you. a passerby stumbled across a body in the bridesburg section of philadelphia and detectives are trying to figure out if the death was result of foul play. they tell "action news" there's no visible signs of trauma to
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the man believed to be in late 50s his body was found in brush on 3000 block of orthodox street. it appears the body was there for sometime. >> firefighters rescued someone from this north philadelphia row home tonight. police may want a word with himch the fire broke out 6:30, 3500 block of north philip street. resident was trapped on the second floor and saved by firefighters and inside the home authorities found an illegal sawed off shot gun. >> tonight a man is nursing severe injuries after he tumbled on to the tracks of the 15 street subway station in center city philadelphia. monica malpass is here and monica alfred macmee is lucky a good samaritan didn't hesitate you. >> can't help but watch it over and over. very scary scene inside the septa station sa and market. commuters watched in horror
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after a man could have fall tone his death. collins leapt on to those tracked and saved his life. >> 28-year-old collins in the eagles coat waiting to the westbound train. second later alfred losses footing along the yellow line, stumbles and falls five feet. other witnesses jump away horrified but collins made a split second decision to put himself at risk and jump down open the tracks to pick up macnamee other commuteers reached down to pull both men up. >> i was looking out of the way and heard people scream and turned around and saw him down and i jumped down, picked him up, two other guys picked him up and they got me out. >> collins went ape step further and took part of his day today to visit him in the hospital. the victim broke his back, knee and ribs and suffered a serious spleen injury but he's alive thanks to collins who is too hum tobl call himself a hero.
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>> i'm not a hero just -- i mean people would do the same thing. >> colin suffered a minor leg injury he's unemployed but a hero to macmee and his family indeed. >> jumping on live tracks to save a stranger is heroic to most of us, jim. >> federal authorities today announced results of series of raids across the country in search of violent fugitives. only "action news" was there as u.s. marshals targeted camden. colleen jackson a prison escape he was one of their arrests and they took carlos gar see ainto custody. he's a sex offender who was discovered hiding in a closet during the month long operation in camden. u.s. marshals arrested 84 fugitives and violent offenders. there are new developments in the probe into alleged hazing by members of the st. joe's women's softball team.
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"action news" obtained exclusive information about all of this. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at st. joe's tonight. dwhan are the details? jim "action news" learned that the four players suspended from women's softball team met with investigators today. two other students have since left the team in wake of alleged hazing scandal. and then there is this bomb shell one of the us is spended players wrote a letter obtained by "action news" essentially admit wag we reported two weeks ago but it was all in fun. in the letter addressed to whom it may concern us is spended softball player concedes you know as well as i do our team had a freshman welcome week there's no denying that.. we previously reported freshman players were given written instructions on things they will to do or dire consequences that they had to consume alcohol perform sexual acts involving inappropriate touches and lap dances and other acts too graphic to outline here. the player acknowledges existence of the letter and says everything was meant to be voluntary and realizes some
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students may have thought they're required to do this about the inappropriate touching she says, to us this is no big deal. because we do that all the time. and that yes, one of the events planned was a lap dance. the player ends letter in part by saying she made a mistake and will not make the same mistake again. i apologize from the bottom of my heart. regarding the letter university spokesman joe leonardy said in an e-mail statement st. joseph review of softball allegations is ongoing consistent with legal obligations regarding student privacy the university will not identify or discuss students or student records when "action news" further learned from sources on the side of caution the university has taken security measures to protect the two players who left the team after being blamed for making the alleged hazing scandal public and one of the players was even moved from her dorm room. the investigation is expected to be completed in another week. we're live at st. joe's university i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news."
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>> thank you dann. a gloucester county new jersey pastor is behind bars tonight in lou of 150,000 cash bail. 64-year-old james e. simmonds of franklinville is charged with sexually abusing eye woman when 17. the alleged victim is now 2 1. simmonds is pastor new life and christ ministries in mall aga and charged with sexual assault criminal sexual contact and endangering welfare of child. >> we're going to fight for our rights. >> students from two kensington high schools showed up at tonight's meeting at the school reform commission to urge members to keep their schools open. the schools involved are kensington urban education academy and kensington international business high school. the src is considering closing one in order to merge the two. commissioned members will hold a hearing on the 28th of this month to announce their decisions. >> tell the whole wide world.
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>> that was the chant outside the sugarhouse casino in fishtown tonight as hundreds of workers called for the ability to unionize. organizers say unionizeed casino workers make 3% more in benefits than they do and they want management to allow a vote work kerz choose for themselves whether or not to be represented. scoop by scoop the beaches of ocean city, new jersey are being replenished tonight. dredgeers started to pump sand on to the beach at 1:45 this afternoon. over the entire project 1.6 million cubic yards will be added to the beach front along 2 1/2 mile stretch 36 to 59 street and the government is paying for everything picking up the whole tab. >> also from new jersey news rooj tonight unemployment is on the rise. preliminary data from garden state released today says new jersey lost between 64 and 6800
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jobs many march. and that took the jobless rate to 6 1/2% a full point higher than national unemployment rate of 5 1/2%. the mayor of allentown ed pawlowski is expected to announce tomorrow he's running for united states senate running against pat toomey. joe sestak is also running and lost to toomey in 2010. but word is democratic party leaders have been trying to convince montgomery county commissioner josh shapiro to put his hat into the ring. >> naacp legal defense educational fund marks 75 years of fighting for justice tonight. with a special program at the kimle center. pennsylvania governor tom wolf was mopping the keynote speakers. governor told attendees one of his goals is to create a level playing field for all people starting with creating equal opportunities in education.
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still to come on "action news" tonight, we'll see the gyrocopter pilot after charged for stunt at the u.s. capitol and wild outburst in court as neonazi suspect owns up to murder and rants about why he did it and up in smoke major government report finds troubling twist as teenage cigarette -- as use of teenage cigarettes drops dramatically, cecily. >> showers are moving in and looks like a rainy friday morning commute. i'll let you know when the showers move out and what it means for the weekend in the accuweather forecast. >> accomplice if you have not seen the scar wars trailer -- plus if you have not seen the "star wars" trail are, stay tuned, and the force well, you know, "action news" returns in just a moment.
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>> 61 years doug hughes charged with two federal crimes that after flying his gyrocopter on to the lawn of the capitol building yesterday. he wanted to draw attention to the need for campaign finance reform. lawmakers cannot believe he was able to penetrate washington restricted airspace. apparently the gyrocopter was flying at just 200 feet too low to be detected by conventional radar. >> we're hearing a voice of a baggage workner seattle that became trapped under floorboards of a flight. the worker that fell asleep in cargo hold woke up after the plane took off and used his cellphone to call 911. >> you're where. >> inside the mraep and i feel like it's moving in the air. can you please tell somebody to stop it. >> where are new a plane sglat inside the plane. >>s as you can hear the operator was confused and reached out to
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dispatchers to get help even it was paerns on plane that made a difference they heard banging from beneath them and alerted the crew and the pilot made emergency landing. the man charmed with killing print shop employee at north carolina community college sxlaipd his reason for murder. kenneth morgan stanle the third describes himself as neonazi and did it because he hates gay people and accused the victim of hitting on his younger brother an allegation the victim's family denies [bleep]. >> thank you. [bleep] [bleep]. >> sanle also told a judge he knew he could get life in prison or death penalty but he doesn't care. >> a 23-year-old from columbus, ohio will plead not guilty tomorrow to charges he planned to carry out terrorist attack in the united states. authorities sayderanmuhamed
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trained be side terrorists in syria. the indictment said he wanted to kill three or four american soldiers execution style. as for fight against isis in iraq american air strikes are targeting two areas right now. islamic state fighters are on the verge of overrunning western city of ramadi. refugees were fleeing and u.s. military officials say the city is not symbolic in any way and the higher priority is protecting the strategically important town of beijing. home to a key oil refinery. >> on "healthcheck" at 11 tonight a double edge sword as teens smoking hit a record low. young people are instead turning to electronic cigarettes and water paipz pipesch the number of high school students that tried ecigarettes tripledied in just one year.
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now more than 13% of high school students have reportedly tried. nearly 1 in 10 high schoolers used a hookah. traditional cigarettes fell to third place among teenage use. report released by cdc found similar trends among middle school aged children and obviously at lower levels. >> pepsi crafted a way to make billions of dollars in the daych the company debuted stock ipo on nasdaq today and shot up 88% on this first day of trading. and etsy is web site you can make mostly hand made goods from artists. etsy is listed as b corporation which balances for profit with stated socially conscious mission. >> "star wars" fans are analyzing every frame of the newly released movie trailer tonight for 7th episode in famous franchise called the force awakens. at the california convention it debuted today it brought people
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to tears of joy. the trailer shows familiar sights such as darth vader's helmet and x wing fighters and new character cloaked in mystery. but no jedd eye mind tricks were necessary to realize original fan favorites are making a try up at that point return. >> chewy. we're home. >> since disney is parent company of 6abc we've been able to poing the full trailer on our web site at, the film hits theaters on december 18 and that will be no small debut. >> and you have eight months to analyze that trailer over and over and over again. >> there are people who will do that. >> i'm sure they will sure they will. >> accuweather forecast. >> good thing to do on a rainy day. we have one on the way. stormtracker 6 double scan showing showers are beginning to move in every so slowly from the west. we do have some showers really
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from lancaster right now just to the west of reading and they're very light also one little patch of showers moving through malvern. this is really leading edge of showers that likely will dampen your morning commute. temperatures though ahead of this generally out of southeast. it's still mild out there. 61 in philadelphia. down from high of 71. same in allentown. reading 5. wilmington 56, millville 57, closer to the ocean you are the cooler the temperatures. sea isle city 52. that's because the wind is off the ocean and ocean temperature this time of year is chilly. 48. satellite 6 and action radar showing the clouds are here after really brilliant day today and then the showers not a real organized system. this is just a piece of upper level energy that will be swinging through and this will be arriving right in time for the morning commute. so it's really more timing of this that actual amount of rain that won't amount to much. morning commute will be on the wet side.
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so allow extra time for slow travel. temperatures though pretty mild at 6 and 7:00, 56 degrees by 8:00 57. future tracker showing 7:00, this is really when we will get this stayedest showers and everything begins to tape are off lunchtime and plenty of clouds and few peaks in the clouds and then afternoon we'll see a few more peeks of sunshine when you have the instability with sunshine heating ground it creates convection. popup showers maybe a rumble of thunderstorm. you can see they're not going to be widespread. they'll be spotty. can't rule out the possibility of few popup showers in the afternoonch the good news is this system is history in time for saturday. the small bubble of high pressure bument in ahead of the cold front and that means plenty of sunshine and warm. little taste of summer. temperatures 13 degrees above average, 78 degreesment warmest day so far this year. i would not be surprised if a few areas actually hit 80.
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and then that cold front moves through on saturday night. dry. some clouds. and behind that system we get a wind shift on surprised and that will cool things back down into the 60s. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast cloudy with occasional showers tomorrow bulk of them occurring during the morning hours and high of 70. still mild. saturday sunny and warm. and 78 degrees. that's a little too warm for you, sunday, more seasonable, 64. mostly sun next great weather for union game and monday, monday is the soaker. rain through the day heavy at times. looks like we could get 1 to 2" of rain and then it's out of hereby tuesday. sunshine. 71 degrees. wednesday, clouds, mixing with sun. high of 66. and thursday becoming mostly cloudy and possibility of a shower. 64 degrees. few morning showers tomorrow and soaking rain on monday. but between the two rain events the weekend is looking beautiful. >> thank you cecily. >> dozens of top teachers from throughout the nation were
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honored tonight at philadelphia's please touch museum. terri lynn low cost childcare foundation selected 50 teeners that specialize in early childhood education and winners receive 1,000 each and 500 of which goes towards a project to help their students. >> "action news" assignment editor candice womaner has good timing because she gave birth to first child today which also happens to be her birthday. baby adam jord ab an aj arrived this morning 9:46 weighing in 7 pounds, 7 ounces candice says she and husband adam are totally in aw of their bundle of joy and can't believe they get to keep him. aj is best birthday present she could ever get
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snv are results better. >> they had five hits tonight. >> four straight losses coming in and now phillies begin a four-game set in d.c.. cole hamels gets the starts and gets off to awful one. ryan howard dropped 7s in lineup for the first time in 2006. goes 1-3 with intentional walk. first batter hamels faces first pitch he throws gone. 1-0 nationals and just the beginning. tied in the fifth. michael taylor belts a homer. 3-2 washington. in case you have not been counting hamels giving up home
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runs. 2-run double for the runner. surrenders 5 in 7 innings. >> it's not ovrp you hear 18-win team say the future is bright. that's how sixers feel. brett brown met with media today a day after season ended and sixers had 37 wins the past two seasons combined. brown is confy debit the franchise will turn things around and cautions it will take patience. >> trying to build something it's hard. i say this often it's not a video game. this is nba. we better be smart and deliberate and we need some lub. we understand that. we're going at a real patient pace and we want to make sure we don't skip steps. >> lead luck and players.
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why are dwight evans, marian tasco and so many other leaders backing jim kenney for mayor? because jim kenney's the one they trust. jim kenney's the one with a real record of standing up for public schools and he'll bring philadelphia together. it's kenney who will expand pre-kindergarten... and partner with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs. so join leaders we trust in supporting jim kenney the block by block mayor philadelphia needs.
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>> jim curtain and company visiting new york. 70th minute doing work inside the box perfect placement with right foot 1-0 new york. 86th minute union sends it in. c.j. ties it for the union. ends 1-1 tie. they'll host new england sunday. >> game one between penguins and rangers rangesers jump to early lead. ryan mc dunna with a slaper on the power play. rangers win 2-1. adrian peat peterson will be
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back to work tomorrow. nfl announced his suspension will be lifted friday. vikings running back missed most of last season as he dealt can charmed on how he disciplined his child he pled guilty to reckless injury charges. >> it was a hot ticket tonight in doylestown firehouse. hundreds of people packed the building for a taste of doylestown. the event gave dine rz a chance to sample best of buck county restaurants and pubs and it goes proceeds go to the doylestown fire company. >> "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline". music from jamie foxx with chris brown and kid ink. "action news" returns at 4:30. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight. jamie foxx. betty white. director j.j. abrams. plus a performance from jamie foxx featuring chris brown and kid ink. with cleto and the cletones. and now more than ever, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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