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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  April 12, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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be held today for stan hockman the columnist left a legacy through his amazing use the english language. we have breaking news from the city of chester. the action cam was was on the 800 block of upland street where a woman was beaten and stabbed. she was conscious when an ambulance took her to crows crozer-chester hospital where she is in serious condition. "action news" learned about a shooting investigation in bridgeton, new jersey. police told us one of the two people shot has died. the action cam was at the scene of the intersection of washington and cohancy street. a fight outside of a market involved several people and ended with two getting shot. investigators are trying to determine what led to the fight.
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police are searching for the man they say is responsible fort shooting. when breaking news happens become part of the "action news" team by emailing for photos and videos at join the action or use #6abc action. let's go outside to chris sowers you're along city avenue. >> reporter: it's frustratingly cold out here, the grass is turning a lighter shade of green, feels like february. look at the temperatures in the outlying suburbs. pottstown you're blowing freezing. frost advisory remains in effect for another hour swells the pine -- as well as the pine barren also.
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buena, 29, woodbine, 31, browns mills, 3 #. here's the temperatures across the mid atlantic. focus on the center part of the screen you see where all the arrows are move away from an area of circulation near pittsburgh, that's where the high pressure is sitting right now. it's a canadian high. that's why the temperatures are so cold this morning. it's moving in from the west, that's why the winds have diminished. the canadian high pressure system temperatures have dropped below freezing in parts of the area. it has cleared out the skies and there's not a cloud above at all. shades of blue. accuweather says temperatures will top out in the upper 60s, liewnch -- lunchtime 60 degrees, we're forecasting a high of 68. the only negative will be the high pollen count. mapleer and alder.
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the rain comes in monday into tuesday that will wash the pollen away. police say a man was shot outside the rs club on mcdade boulevard. the victim was rushed to crozer-chester medical center in critical condition. we're working to learn about what happened. a woman is in critical condition after a suspected drunk driver hit another car head on on a south philadelphia street. the action cam was at the scene. the northbound lanes of columbus boulevard near christian street. the suspect was driving the which chevy malibu at a lie rate of speed -- high rate of speed when
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it went out of control and slammed into a lexus the suspect and the female driver of the lexus suffered minor injuries, but the passenger in the malibu is in critical condition. philadelphia police got a break in the kidnapping and robbery of a jeweler in center city. >> reporter: word spread quickly on jeweler's row when police made an arrest. us marshalls took gay into custody from a south korean south -- south carolina motel. >> it was great news, good they got him. it will be more great news when they get all of them.
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>> this jeweler said business owners and worker have been on edge since the men through the victim into the van in the chestnut street garage. they dismannedded -- demanded the codes to the safe. they tasered her and dumped her the in the darby cemetary after emptying her bank county. investigators got a lead that led them to the security inn in lake city, florence county, south carolina. atf took gay into custody without incident. but they have not said if the van, the focus of the intense manhunt has been recovered. there was increased security on jewelers row this week. >> when we were leaving out the door, we were looking around if somebody is following or thinking just a little
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suspicious, if somebody looked suspicious there were cops outside. >> reporter: the atf said gay is being held in south carolina this morning monday he'll be arraigned on federal kidnapping and robbery charges. back in 200 # -- 2008 he was arrested by delaware state police accused of running heroin from here to virginia. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> turning to politics it's hillary clinton for president the sequel today in a video message she'll officially launch her campaign for president. the former secretary of state and first lady is expected to focus her campaign on two things, economic security to the middle class and broaden work opportunities for working families. president obama her opponent in 2008 gave her campaign a shot in the arm yesterday. >> she was a for -- formidable
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candidate in 2008. she was an out standing secretary of state and my friend. >> gop has put out a response to the announcement saying -- marco riewb -- rubio is expected to enter the race tomorrow. he is hispanic a constituency the gop has struggled to win over. rubio's one time political mentor jeb bush is considering a run for president. kentucky rand paul and texas senator ted cruz are are the only declared republican candidates. new jersey governor chris christie is still considering to jump into the race.
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he travels too new hampshire to take part in the town hall discussions. keep it on 6abc this morning for more coverage of hillary clinton's presidential announcement. at 8:00 a.m. "g.m.a." will look at the strategy. george stephanopoulos will cover all the developments from the campaign trail. president obama has returned home from the historic meeting with raul castro. the headlines with the meeting are being seen around the world. we have more from would you white house correspondent jim avala. >> reporter: rowl castro along with his brother fidel has ruled cuba with an iron hand since 1959. supported by the soviet union at the height of its power leading to the cuban missile crisis the
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old revolution salt -- sat next to barack obama said he would not be bound by the past. castro apologized to president obama saying he had no responsibility for the way other u.s. presidents treated cuba. inside the small room, the two presidents flanked by advisers hovering above it all a profound sense of a new era. >> over time it's possible for us to turn the page and develop a new relationship. >> reporter: on the agenda once reporters left a long list of issues from the removal of the state department's list of countries supporting terrorism. the opening of embassy closed since 1961. and pressing cuba to relax the restrictions on his people.
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castro said he is open to discuss it all quote nothing is off the table. havana has benefited from the new relationship. tourism is up 15%. air b and b lists home shares for u.s. travelers. businesses from facebook to home companies and airplanes are anxious to invest. raul castro may no promises for freedoms for his people, but possibly said with the new engagement that will be inevitable. funeral services for legendary sports writer stan hockman who died last thursday at the age. 86. he spent decades writing insightful columns for the daily news. he covered sports for which i will 6 back in the -- channel 6 back in the 60s. one world sums up stan hockman great. much more to come on
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"action news." >> new anger about the shooting in south carolina. >> a mother leaves her special needs son who can't talk, alone in the woods for a week. and where she went. >> a woman who lost her home to a tornado her viral plea for help. >> reporter: nydia, wait until you see the temperatures across the area. it looks like february as opposed to mid april. i'll let you know when with he warm up, and have the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing. when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me. >> what a gorgeous weekend, a little cold, though. >> reporter: a little, it's very cold. let's go live on sky 6. what a cruel trick, as you step outside you'll need gloves and coat. there's the view of the of philadelphia international airport.
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a can canadian high pressure system has moved in. the temperatures have fallen off a cliff. storm tracker 6 live double scan crystal clear, no issues we'll see clear skies from start to finish. 42 degrees in the city. that's not too bad. wait until you see how low the numbers are north and west. 29 that's the dewpoint, winds are calm, barometer 30.33 inches. elementary, here we go, 29 degrees that's the cold spot in millville. 33 in allentown reading and lancaster coming in at 31. trenton, 35. poconos 35 and wilmington, 36 degrees, wind speeds are calm, so we don't have a windchill this morning, but the numbers range anywhere from ten to 15 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. yesterday was a gorgeous day lots of sunshine, the clouds moved out quickly. the only downfall, the winds picked up. philadelphia and wilmington, had nearly 40-mile an hour wind gusts.
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trenton, 35. atlantic city, 33, and dover 32 peak wind gust. today with the high over top of us, we'll lose the wind and keep the skies bright and blue. lots of sunshine expected today. even tomorrow, the clouds may try to move in during the course of the day, generally speaking it's a clear afternoon and lots of sunshine. this is a frontal system here it could trigger severe weather across the high plains moving into the midwest. this will be our next weather maker in the delaware valley. monday night into tuesday morning. in the form of hours maybe a heavier downpour briefly before it pulls out to sea. tuesday afternoon skies should brighten up again. future tracker 6 later this afternoon, a light breeze lots of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 60s. tomorrow morning it will feel better than this morning a combination of sun and clouds. look at this, 70s showing up tomorrow afternoon throughout the entire area. monday promises to be a nice day. monday night into tuesday that's when the frontal system approaches the clouds lower and thicken again.
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temperatures hold steady in the mid to upper 50s and rain breaks out in the late morning hours into the first part of the afternoon and then it should move out and the rest of the day should be nice and quiet. today speaking of quiet. today, 67 degrees up in the lehigh valley very, very warm. right on the jersey shore from cape may to lbi it will be cooler thanks to be an onshore breeze. we'll keep the temperatures in time upper 50s again no breeze there will be no windchill out there, lots lots of sunshine expected. 68 degrees, sunny and warm. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight, partly cloudy cool, 39 degrees outlying suburbs, 45 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 68 today tomorrow is a good one breezy and warm, 72. maybe a morning shower or brief down popular tuesday that clears out by afternoon 68 degrees, wednesday and thursday, a pair of 65s lots of sunshine. friday and saturday not looking
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too good. shailtdz of -- shades of gray, lots of clouds and showers, if you take the model right now it looks terrible, rain. >> thanks, chris. a midwest community was ravished by a tornado that wreak havoc. one woman lost her home and needed help picking up the pieces so she made a simple request on facebook and it turned into a giant gesture on goodwill. >> i put it out on facebook i be, i said we're fine, but this is what we need. >> word spread and one by one family and friends showed up. they are offering food donations to everyone in need after the ef-4 tornado ripped through her hometown.
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something "healthcheck" this morning it's the age-old dilemma how much is too much for a child. while extra curricular activities can help children management time, there is such a thing as overorganized. if they are spending more time in the cargoing place to place than being at home. it may be time to dial it back. time doing nothing is just as important as extra contradict -- curriculars. >> having time to chill out time to be creative or time to be outside exploring. >> instead of trying everything, better for kids to pick one or two activities they like. they will be more likely to stay motivated and involved other than going through the motions.
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caring for you... ... and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. right now, buy one pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses and get another one free. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:23 sunday morning, time for the travel forecast. as we look across the country there's not too much going on this morning, other than a couple of thunderstorms across the high plains wichita to omaha there's wet weather there right now. there could thunderstorms in this part of the country this afternoon as well as northern florida. with the exception of that, the entire lower 48 will be
7:24 am
tranquil. temperatures across thement great lakes and northeast this morning, that area responsible for the cold air is pushing to the east. 50s, 60s and 70s to the south will pull to the northeast. major hubs looks like this, all flights on time. same thing with logan in boston. chicago, midway and o'hare, 41 degrees orlando muggy and 70. could be thunderstorms this afternoon, atlanta is on time and so is newark lots of sunshine. phillies could sweep the washington nationals right out of town this afternoon. jeff skeverski has highlights of another exciting win for the phils. >> reporter: after giving up four opener -- four home runs in
7:25 am
the opener that tied his career high cole hamels out in the 8th they scored two to thai -- tie it. ruiz on second. down the right field line, the rule 5 takes the rookie with his first career hit walk off winner. phillies win 3-2 in ten. they have a winning record for the first time in 11 months. i'm not denying this is definitely a good team win. hamles pitched great. it's his walkoff. this is a special moment for us. phils go for for the sweep later today. flyers that is that season over finally the third time in the last 20 years the flyers are not going to the playoffs. last game against ottawa, down 1
7:26 am
in the second. matt read his first in a month. ottawa pulls away by taking it away. flyers lost 3-1. the coach could be his final game gm ron hextall will decide his fate in the coming game. sixers returning with the bulls up as many as 9. sixers down 5. under 5 to go. jason richardson for 3. sixers within 2 but rose takes over. sixers lose by 7. over the last 3 months they have one road win. john mccarthy making his day by against new york city for the union. another local guy from dresher
7:27 am
sets up it's tied at 1. that's the game winner, the union finally win their first match 2-1 the final thanks to two local guys, what a win down in chester. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. >> some local high school basketball all stars hit the court last night. seniors played in the 6th annual hero scholarship basketball game. the matchup drew a big crowd in media. it benefits children of policemen and firefighters killed in the line of duty.
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we have new information on breaking story out of bridgeton new jersey, "action news" reported this early this morning. police say a double shooting outside a mexican market has left a man dead and another in critical condition. investigators are searching for the gunman. the action cam was at the scene of the intersection of washington and cohancy street. the fight involved several people and ended with the shooting. the brawl broke out at 2:10 a.m. the investigators are trying to determine what led to the fight. coming up on 7:30, let's
7:30 am
head outside to chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. beautiful sunshine behind you. >> reporter: beautiful blue shade in the sky this morning. the winds have gone calm. it's ashame it's so cold out here it's very peaceful out here. 32 in pottstown, saint davids. coatsville, 33. 32 in kennetts square. buena, you're stuck in the 20s, ewing 36. it's a cold start for the your sunday. with all the sunshine and the winds shifting in a southerly direction that will pump the temperatures up. as a matter of fact some of us could get close to # 0 degrees. if you're heading to citizens bank park, the phillies are looking for are a sweep of the washington nationals. start time, 1:35 pleasant don't
7:31 am
forget the sunscreen. first pitch temperature 64 degrees, 9th inning, 68 degrees. lots of sunshine is expected but along with that comes spring allergies. the tree pollen will be very very high in the next several days. we'll talk about the rain in the seven-day forecast, but not only tuesday, a significant amount of rain could arrive by the end of the week. eva. >> a philadelphia man is fighting for his life after being shot in the back inside a house. the action cam was at the scene 1800 block of north judson street. investigators say the 49-year-old victim was shot three times. he is in critical condition at temple university hospital. no arrests. more news you did not see last night a family went out to dinner and came home to this,
7:32 am
fire and smoke ripping through their home along 309 in north white hall township lehigh county. the neighbor made the 911 call for help. there were no fire hydrants nearby giving the flames an edge. the fire is under investigation. a mother arrested for abandoning her son in the woods has been arrested in maryland. nyia parker faces unlawful restraint kidnapping and neglect. >> this i had kid is a fighter -- this kid is a fired. a fighter. >> reporter: friday night a man made the discovery at 59th and cobbs creek parkway. police say the 21-year-old victim is a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy confined to a
7:33 am
wheelchair. the young manning's mother laid him on the ground and left him for a week with only a blanket and bible. >> sometime around 11:00 a.m. the mother went to visit her boyfriend in maryland montgomery county. we believe she placed the child into cobbs creek parkway at 59th street right off the parkway. >> reporter: investigators say the special needs man attends the high school of the future at 42nd and parkside the school became concerned and couldn't reach the mom who phoned the aunt. once in touch with the mother she lied. >> she indicated that the child was with her and her boyfriend in maryland. >> reporter: police say the mother lives here on the 5700 block of baltimore with the 16-year-old child and victim. neighbors were appalled. police say he is lucky to be alive. >> that's your blood. that's your son you gave birth to him. >> he has a cut to his back
7:34 am
there's a concern about infection. he is suffered from dehydration andalnutrition. >> reporter: the victim is surrounded by loving family members who are taking shifts to make sure he is not alone. the mother's boyfriend police do not believe he was aware of the allegations against the mother. the 16-year-old who lives in the mother and the victim is now in the care of family. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> police in south carolina have arrested one of the three suspects in the abduction of the jewelers row employee, gay was arrested after checking into a south carolina motel. gay and two others tortured and tasered the victim after she was
7:35 am
unable to give them keys where she worked. the search continues for the two other suspects. there's growing anger against the second officer at the scene. deadly police shooting of an and armed black man in south carolina. a leading african-american leading organization said video of the scene contradicts what the officer said he did. the officer said he rendered aid to scott. but the legal group says there's no evidence that shows him doing cpr or anything else. they want him fired for filing a false police report. michael slager shot scott several times after he ran from the car. he is charged with murder. walter scot was laid to rest his grief stricken mother followed the coffin.
7:36 am
nearly 1,000 turned out to say goodbye to the coast guard vet. a manhunt continues this morning for three thieves who pulled off the biggest heist in british history. evidence shows the men dressed workmen they appeared to go unnoticed. they dropped down an elevator shaft and cut through 6 feet of reinforced concrete to break into a evaluate. they raided dozens of safety deposit boxes with millions of dollars and jewelry inside. an intruder alarm went off but it was hours after the burglary. there is more fallout from the firing of paula brown coal infinancial officer. brown was voted out by the bureau council thursday night. friday she refused to leave her
7:37 am
office because she said she was protecting financial records. the accounts used by police officers to fill up their vehicles is suspended. the company is not had sure when or if they will get paid. the mayor said this is outrageous. the police vehicles is barely running on a limp leg and now they don't have no gas how is they going to patrol if we get an emergency in colwyn. >> in the interim police and fire departments will have to use their own money to fill the vehicles. colwyn borough council holds an emergency meeting tomorrow night. future voters had a chance to take their concerns directly to the person who may well be the next mayor of philadelphia. nearly 100 people towrnld out for at that -- turned out for a forum in manayunk. they touched on education jobs
7:38 am
and gun laws and mentorship and health and wellness issues. it was sponsored by the big brothers, big sisters organization. the show will go on, a final concert a homecoming for graduates at an elite music school in philadelphia. 6abc loves the arts has a preview. >> sky6 live hd taking a live look over cape play, new jersey. the sun is shining it's a little chilly outside this morning. meteorologist chris sowers is back with just when it's going to start to warm up. ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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>> happening today it's the grand finale and center pete event of the cherry blossom the festival. it kicks off with an opening ceremony arena tree planning at 9:30 in fairmont park. >> it will be a nice day for it. >> reporter: hopefully it's a little warmer. storm tracker 6 live double scan we have temperatures believe it or not in the 20s right now across the pine barrens across south jersey. it's a cold start to your sunday, but we're expecting temperatures to warm you up quite a bit. 42 degrees in center city. beautiful shot looking back as you can seep the deep color blue love that color blue.
7:42 am
winds are calm. cape may looks nice, as well. sun continues to climb very tranquil winds officially calm in cape may. the temperature reading on the water, 41 degrees that's a little bit warmer than inland. millville, not quite in the pine barrens, western portions of atlantic in the 30s. reading and allentown 35. a lot of that has to do with what's called radiational cooling. when you have high pressure over top you the winds go calm and the skies clear. the temperatures plummet. we're ten to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. no clouds in the sky the high pressure is sitting right over top of the 76. that will continue to race east and race out to sea. that will allow the cloud cover to get in here by monday other
7:43 am
than that it's quiet over the next couple of days. big storms out west, some of the severe weather may occur there this afternoon. this is the tornado alley of our county. wichita, kansas and omaha. there could heavy hitters hail and strong gusty winds and northern familiar the panhandle there can thunderstorms there as well. for us here, the mid atlantic and the northeast, calm winds, 3 to 5 miles per hour. should be a delightful day. monday we start out with a little bit of cloud cover. otherwise sunshine, warmer, temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. monday night into tuesday morning, that guy arrives wet weather could move through the morning. today looks good, tomorrow, high, thin clouds, lots of sun monday night, clouds lower and thicken. tuesday morning, there could
7:44 am
showers hit or miss variety. heavy downpours north and west, that will march on through. even though this model hangs the moisture back 2:30 showing rain, most of the other models has it clearing the coast by midday with sunshine returning tuesday. the next four or five days look good. 68 degrees philadelphia. allentown 67. dover, 66. millville, 66. it's a cooler on the water because the ocean terms are in the 40s places like avalon, sea isle, cape may wildwood topping out in the mid 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and mild, 68 degrees this afternoon. breezy and warm monday, 72. tuesday, morning showers maybe a heavier downpour afternoon sunshine expected 68. wednesday is quiet. thursday is quiet. 65 both days, friday and saturday things get tricky. the high that's bringing the
7:45 am
delightful weather slows down and low comes up the eastern seaboard that means wet friday, saturday anticipate -- andy sunday. a card game could solve a crime. authorities open prisoners will notice something and offer a tip to crack a case. texas and south carolina give prisoners more cards. now is a time to do spring cleerng around the house and -- cleaning around the house and take stock in kid safety. >> reporter: homes should be the place to relax and play and enjoy family time, but every year thousands of kids are hurt in accidents that could have been presented. a children's hospital safety expert said the kitchen is a prime danger zone to head off burns use the back burners. and use knob covers on stoves to
7:46 am
keep curious fingers safe. >> for a child he can't get to the knob, for a parent you squeeze and pull. >> reporter: storing cleaning products down here might be handy for you, but it's risky for little ones poight poisons within -- putting poisons within easy reach. hazard arrested with tv injuries have doubled. secure flat screen tvs with straps. older tvs can go on low furniture but not on dressers. they use the drawers as stepladder. gina tells parents to secure all big furniture to the wall and be sure to anchor baby gates in stairwell to the walls too while bath time can be bonding time for babies and parents
7:47 am
parents should be on alert. never leave the child alone in the bathtub. parents and caregivers should walk around the home for potential hazards. erin o'hern channel 6 "action news."
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tastes unite in a fresh-toasted sandwich like no other. in other words, the magnificent new turkey italiano melt. only at subway. justin dim about her lake -- justin timberlake and his wife jessica biel are parents they welcomed a boy. congratulations. karen rogers has this week's 6abc loves the arts. s.with only 100 enrolled
7:50 am
students curtis institute holds the distinction of being the most difficult school to get into in america more so than harvard and yale and he will be joined with curtis alum and conductor. >> he has done a lot of work with curtis in the past. we had a reading with him earlier this career, but i'm excited to work with him again. >> reporter: the ensemble will be joined by a violinist who graduated from curtis and won the hearts of people worldwide. >> she is dramatic and captivating to watch. >> reporter: the program
7:51 am
features rocks from areovele. >> as soon as we go see concerts there all the time. it's cool to be on the other side of that and be looking out on the audience and get to share what we have to say from the stage. >> reporter: the symphony orchestra's final concert of the year at verizon hall. visit or 6abc loves the arts for this and other area events. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. >> love is not always brewing on a first date, but a place to brew has something to do with it. >> starbucks is the post popular place to go on a first date. i offers an on demand dating option allowing user a location
7:52 am
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glp this -- this is our favorite new camera shot, temple university camera. we had a tennis player there
7:55 am
yesterday, but i think it's too cold. >> reporter: it's funny we had 30-mile an hour winds and the courts with packed yesterday now we have no wind and the there's no one there. let's look at the pollen counts today and tomorrow. the pollens are high today and tomorrow they pull back tuesday as the system sweeps in, the cold front brings wet weather to the area. that lowers the pollen count. over the next couple of days be mindful of that. 68 degrees mostly sunny skies monday gets better sun and clouds, a little bit breezy we're up to 72. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows tuesday could be a little wet to start sun during the afternoon and 68 degrees, wednesday and thursday is quiet. friday saturday, sunday, we get into an unsettle the pattern we have clouds and showers from time to time and maybe steadier rain. enjoy the next few days. >> at least it's dry for the
7:56 am
cherry blossom festival. 7:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: good morning, philadelphia, coming up on "g.m.a." this sunday, ready to run after so much anticipation today is the day that hillary clinton is equity -- is expected to launch her campaign for the white house. we'll tell you how her adversary are on the attack. we go to hillary's new york city headquarters with the arrest. a crucial arrest of an suspect in an abduction case in your city this morning. the search is on for the two other suspects. what justin timberlake and jessica biel is saying about their new baby son. it's coming up on "g.m.a." see
7:57 am
you soon, philadelphia. >> "good morning america" weekend is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later this morning. a woman is arrested in maryland after she is accused of leaving her quadriplegic son alone in the woods we're live with the details. >> uber is expanding in the delaware valley. we'll tell you where it may soon arrive. plus, chris sowers has more in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team i'm nydia han, have a great sunday. we'll see you at 9:00 a.m.
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good morning, america. happening now. and she's off. hillary clinton making it official today. her new white house campaign. "snl" is all over the story. >> talk a lot america, because the clintons are back. >> and so are her opponents. >> and it will not be hillary rodham clinton. caught on camera, a violent abduction at a jewelry store. a worker followed, thrown into a van, tied up, and beaten. >> she's been through nothing short of torture. >> this morning, the tip that led to an arrest. and the suspects still on the loose. the next tiger woods? 21-year-old golfing phenom jo


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