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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  April 11, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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guilt or good morning 7:00 a.m. saturday, april 11. historic meeting president obama comes face-to-face with cuba's raul castro. plus sprucing up the city where you can join other volunteers and mayor nutter to give the city of philadelphia a little spring cleaning today. speaking of spring, meteorologist is outside with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. feeling like spring. >> reporter: it feels 100 times better already than the last several days as we've been stuck in the gray and gloom. temperatureses in the 40s, we should be in the low 60s. wednesday and thursday, the temperatures were in the low to mid 40s. today we start to see improvements. 454 in pottstown. coatsville, 52. 48 in saint davids. chester and at this center city.
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49. browns mills 44. here's the satellite and radar we have just a little bit of high, thin clouds cover up above, this will thin out quickly now that the cold front has pulled through and the winds have shifted out of the northwest that's a drying wind. that means we'll only see cloud cover for the next couple of hours. otherwise it's lots of sunshine. there's the wider view showing not too much more in the way of cloud deck as it continues to race to the east and out to sea. union taking on nysc the whether will cooperate it will be milder. sunshine and clouds, there will be a breeze out of the northwest, so we're talking about high temperatures in the low 60s. with the wind it will feel like the mid 50s you'll have to dress accordingly if you're going to be out and about. all in all it looks like a much better day than what we've been experiencing. tomorrow looks good, as well.
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monday not too bad. we have changes in the seven-day forecast, i'll go over that when i see you in ten minutes. broad street is open in east oak lane following a two-car crash that involved a pedestrian. police say two cars collided on the 6000 block of broad street at 4:45. one car hit a pedestrian. that man and the driver of one of the cars were taken to the hospital. the pedestrian is in critical condition. new this morning, an suv rolled over on the schuylkill expressway near city avenue, police say the driver was drunk. "action news" was there as pennsylvania state troopers recovered a flask of alcohol from the suffer, the driver is okay, but faces a dui charge. a long time employee of the delaware county da's office is facing a number of charges for allegedly stealing $100,000 from the office. mary lynch turned herself into authorities yesterday. chad perdelli has the details.
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>> reporter: this is a case of betrayal. >> reporter: delaware county district attorney jack whalan said long time financial administrator mary lynch stole $100,000. she used the money for tickets to sporting and concert events. >> she salt in the -- she sat in the front row of the flyers games and the tickets were approximately $600. >> reporter: lynch was a 29 year employee of the office. the money stolen was forfeited funds ceased from drug dealers and used to help with law
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enforcement. investigators say a search of the home uncovered bob dylan and taylor swift concentration certificate tickets and $60,000 in cash which she claims is her boyfriends. the attorney general and private auditor reviews the accounts annually but they did not uncover the alleged crimes. >> mare is providing them with the information, so she is manipulating it. >> reporter: finishes convict the she'll lose her pension and have to repay all the money. in media, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> a north jersey teacher is the in trouble this morning after she asked her third grade students to write get well letters to convicted cop killer mumia abu jamal. marilyn zuniga has been
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suspended without pay. the letters were delivered to mumia abu jamal who is severing a life sentence for killing philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner back in 18981. louie free wants a judge from outside state college to hear the defamation lawsuit filed by gram spanier who accuses them of making him a scapegoat in a 200 warrants have been served in the office of cat kathleen kane, it's unclear whether the warrants are related to a case of leaking information on a
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political foe. president obama is at the summit of the america's. he is expected to meet today with raul castro which is seen as a major step toward reestablishing diplomatic relations. the two heads of states greeted each other marking the first time since the two leaders have spoken in 50 years. hillary rodham clinton is expected to make a run for the white house tomorrow. she'll make it official with a posting of a video on social media. people in hainsport say conrail construction is driving people away. >> reporter: marn highway was closed in haynes sport since
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march 23. merchants saying it's killing business. >> reporter: kelly has owned this restaurant for 28 years. since conrail began working on replaces a bridge over mason creek business has nose dived 40%. >> i didn't think it was going to be so balanced, because they have the -- so bad because they have the little creek open, but people are not coming. if it wasn't fewer my regulars, i would lock the door. >> reporter: kelly's husband said huge trucks are turning around on the property knocking down posts and tearing up the parking lot. >> i actually blocked it with cones and still the trucks go through the cones and crush the asphalt. >> reporter: it's worse up the road at the country farm convenience store and gas station where they estimate 80% of the business has disappeared. >> with the road closure we're trying to drum up, we're 1.99.
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we're doing anything we can to stay afloat. >> reporter: is it working? >> not really. >> reporter: business owners have complained to burlington county freeholders who told them to document any damage to their property. conrail sailed it's not responsible for damage created by truck drivers who choose to ignore the road closed signs. the signs that turned the parking lot at the restaurant to a ghost town. normally the bar would be packed at lunch time. >> a lot of us used to come here at lunch but now it's too hard to get here. >> reporter: the road will be opened for a month and closed two weeks after that so the bridge job can be completed. emergency drivers roadwork is underway in camden county. the last two winters have wrecked some streets beyond
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simple fixes. some streets will have to be milled and overlaid. $1.5 million has been set aside to pave the roads before spring construction season begins. mayor nutter is rolling up his sleeves for spring cleaning and you can help too the mayor is taking part in the 8th annual philly spring cleanup. the community service project takes place at hundreds of locations across the city. still ahead on "action news" saturday morning, when you think of vaccines you think of young children. we'll explain why seniors need to keep track of important and potentially life saving vaccinations. what was caught on camera, a brawl caught on dash cam video, we have details. chris. >> reporter: after being stuck under the clouds for 96 straight hours we'll see the return of sunshine and milder temperatures roll on in this afternoon. i'll have the improving
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accuweather forecast right after this.
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>> police in arizona have released dash cam video of a brawl involving cops and a family. the melee ended with a police officer shot and wounded and a member of family dead. it happened outside a wal-mart. during the fight, the man grabbed the officer's gun and shot him in the leg. another officer used a baton to stop the man from shooting the officer again. when that didn't work the other officer shot and killed the man. before all this, the family refused to talk. a new york city police sergeant mailed an awful discovery he found his parents dead in the long island home. also dead the friends and tenant living on the first floor.
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a car was left in the garage running killing them of carbon monoxide. thousands are flocking to washington, d.c. to see the cherry blossom trees. in ancient japan cherry blossoms symbolize the earth's fertility. there's a cherry blossom event going on in fairmont park equally beautiful. >> reporter: i don't see cherry blossoms, i see pollen. we'll have improving weather over the next couple of days. it was miserable over the last three days, we deserve sunshine we'll get it today and tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live double scan live we're seeing sunshine showing the clearing conditions to the west. we're picking up sunshine in the
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west, clouds hanging on at the shore. that will clear out, as well. 53 degrees dewpoint, 37. winds out of the west southwest 13 miles per hour. atlantic city, 49 degrees, winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. pressure reading is steady. stake a look at what the temperatures are doing over the last several days because the back door cold front came off the oation it pushed to the -- ocean it pushed to the west and we were in the cool sector. high temperatures, 20 degrees below normal. we rebounded friday, but that was way below where we should be for this this time of the year. today with luck and sunshine we'll get to average temperatures and sunday, wait until you see what sunday brings, sunday is very nice. 53 in philadelphia. allentown, 49. poconos 44. millville cooler at 41. sea isle city 49 and dover 50 degrees. satellite and radar, high pressure the good guy finally
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moving in from the west it will kick out to sea. we'll see blue skies for the majority of the day. note there is not too much going on underneath the high. that means sunday and monday looks nice, as well. the frojts system will get -- frontal system will get in here munld -- sunday night -- monday night into tuesday morning. it's a breezy day today temperatures in the low 60s. sunday, the hi plants i felt over itself over the delaware valley. it will be fabulous. clear skies today puffy cumulus clouds. sunday sunshine from start to finish. monday, late-day clouds and shower after midnight. that sets up a dreary tuesday morning, but tuesday afternoon clouds break for sunshine. mostly sunny chilly breeze, 62.
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it will feel like the 50s with the winds. reading 59, allentown, 58 for the high. the dover, 6 #. cape may 60. atlantic city, 57 degrees, citizens bank park 7:05 start time taking on the washington nationals, first pitch 58 degrees, by the 9th inning. 52. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 68 degrees for sunday, sunny and mild that's the weekend winner. 72 monday, lots of sunshine, monday, feeling nice, as well. 68 degrees, tuesday afternoon quiet. wednesday, 67 degrees, thursday, 67. friday, we'll see more in the way of clouds as the frontal system approaches. 68 degrees. note the overnight lows are in the 40s and 50s we're done with all the chilly stuff.
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>> that's what we were topping out at last week. >> reporter: no more of that. >> the importance of vacation vacation -- vaccinations prevent child diseases, but adults need to stay on top of their vaccinations too. >> reporter: joe had chicken pox as a child never thought he would get it again. >> it's very very painful. >> reporter: the shingles vacs vacs -- vaccines may have stopped it or reduced it. at thetetanus and diphtheria boosters are needed every ten careers.
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pneumonia vaccinations are two shots recommended one which protects against 23 strains and a newly added one against 13 strains. some need shots for hepatitis a and b. if you're among the growing number of adults traveling you may need additional shots. we have links at our website to stay up to date. tamala edwards channel 6 "action news." one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal.
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>> here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. the northwest raiders football team celebrate their pop warner championship today it begins at wayne and cheltenham avenues and
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end at the recreation center in germantown. comic-con is the first gaming convention for teenagers. the 2014 geek of the year winner will be there. it's free at the free library on vine street from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. say goodbye to tax season and welcome warmer weather at the doodah parade, basset hounds takes place on as asbury avenue and ending at the music pier. that's a look at what's happening in our area this weekend. sports is coming up next.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:24 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast. it looks much quieter across the county than what we've seen over the last several days. we've had violent stuff in the midwest with thunderstorms and tornados. it's nice and quiet right now that will be the trend over the next time several days. temperatures wise it's chilly across great lakes. chicago, 38 degrees, cincinnati, 42. milder in the south, -- 71 in new orleans. philadelphia no delays, 51 degrees boston, 48 degrees, chilly again. milled way o'hare. 48. orlando, 71 lots of sunshine. atlanta, newark and jfk all
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flights on time. phillies beat washington, jeff skeverski has that and a goalie controversy. >> reporter: the phillies are among the worst hitting teams in baseball. ryan sandberg switched things up. howard is on the bench. the nats well they are wasting no time getting their first hit jerome williams gives up a homer to teller. that's all williams allows in 6 innings. down 1 thrilling. herhernandez, pinch hit one run in. cameron stays phillies take a 2-1 lead. later in the 7th. rbi single. galvis is the best hitter on the team after three more hits on the team. phillies go 0 on to win 4-1 in
7:26 am
the smallest crowd ever for the history of citizens bank park. cole hamels is on the mound later tonight. flyers finish up against ottawa. vinnie will lacavale out with a concussion. we have a goal controversy in town. there's a drama in goal for the union. the high stake keeper in the game is out in favor of john mccarthy who started at north catholic high and la salle. he'll make his mls debut later today. how about this time last year he was watching union games from the stands. >> a lot of energy and good positive vibes and people telling me to enjoy the game and
7:27 am
that's what i plan to do and enjoy the game and do whatever the takes to win. >> mccarthy will have 200 family and friends on hands since he bought up all the tickets. watch the game at 3:30. sixers in chicago without nerlens noel with a sprained right ankle. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. >> an important organization celebrated a milestone in center city. they marked their 15th anniversary with a gala at the fairmont hotel. the foundation provides support to student athletes who suffer head or spinal injuries.
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>> braising brutal attack, philadelphia police need your help tracking down a group that viciously attacked a homeless man at a gas station. in ruins a tiny hill now town destroyed by dangerous powerful tornados now trying to piece together what's left of the community. here at home we'll be enjoying a beautiful weekend. meteorologist chris sowers is outside soaking up the sunshine already with a look at the forecast, hey chris. >> reporter: good morning to you, eva, i was this close to complaining about the sun glare this morning, after what we were
7:30 am
experiencing i have to be out of my mind to mention that. it's a beautiful morning we're drying out and the sun is shining pretty before brightly. we need this break the last couple of days have been cloudy, raw and damp. wednesday's high was 44 degrees. the normal high for this time of the year was 62. well off the mark wednesday. thursday worse 43. yesterday we topped out at 57 that was a very late day high. most of the time we were stuck in the 40s and low 50s with the onshore breeze and patchy drizzle. things are improving here. 51 in philadelphia. 41, ten cooler in millville. wilmington, 50. dover, 50. boardwalk in atlantic city, 49. allentown, 49 and trenton, 47. satellite and radar the bulk of the cloud cover is working its way out to sea. if you look towards the left-hand side of the screen,
7:31 am
lots of clear skies to the west. that's high pressure rolling in. that will provide us with a nice one today and sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and breeze the 62 will feel like the mid 50s because of the wind, but, again it should feel better this afternoon. a nice start to the weekend when i see you in ten minutes we'll focus on tomorrow's weather and the possibility of a few showers monday night into tuesday, for now looking and feeling pretty good, eva? >> thanks, chris. breaking news this hamp -- half-hour, two lanes of i-95 northbound near the newark service plaza are closed. it happened just before 7:00 a.m. police tell "action news" that the driver of a minivan lost control and ran off i-95. the vehicle flipped several times into a wooded area. four people inside the minivan were rushed to christiana hospital to be treated. two lanes of i-95 northbound
7:32 am
near the service plaza are closed while police investigate and clear the wreckage from this accident. philadelphia police need your help tracking down the people involved in a brutal attack at a gas station. police have surveillance video that those shows # people viciously -- seven people viciously attacking a homeless man. two people are in custody police are looking for the others involved. >> reporter: police say this started when a 10-year-old boy told his mom a homeless man hit him over who was going to pump customer's gas for spare change. although surveillance video shows no evidence that the man ever hit the kid. the mother and a group went back to the station and pummeled the guy. a homeless man is standing outside the gas station a honda pulls up, seven people jump out
7:33 am
of van they kick and punch him the mother struck the man on the head with a rocking chair leg until it broke. other struck him with hammers and other objects. one of the woman took the boy to see the victim to see what they did tomorrow. >> the male is in critical condition. we're not sure if he will make it or not. it's very tragic. >> reporter: as it turns out one of the assailants accidently maced one of other cohorts and descroarve -- drove to einstein to have their eyes flushed. the police were there working on the case. arrested were two women both of the 400 block of west willis avenue. we took the video back to the gas station to see if people could identify the others. >> oh,man, seven people.
7:34 am
>> that's messed up. >> that's unimaginable. that's crazy. it's sad. >> they have don't have no respect for nobody. >> that's become a way of things in the ghetto that's how we do it now. that's messed up. >> reporter: police were questioning others last night hoping to learn the identities of the five others involved. police think they are relatives or friends. if you have information on their identities call police. at northwest detectives i'm dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> three people all minors have been arrested in the brutal beating of two new jersey sisters that was caught on tape. we showed you this video on wednesday of the attack at trenton's greg grant park. one of the teenage victims had to get a dozen stitches. three people, two teenage girls and 12-year-old boy were arrested and charged in the attack. officials have identified others in the video and expect to make
7:35 am
more arrests. philadelphia police are investigating an incident involving one of their own. a police cruiser hit a 4-year-old boy in the mayfair section on leonard treat. the boy is being treated at saint christopher's hospital for children. police in newark, delaware are looking for this man wanted for questioning in connection in connection with an assault outside kildare's on main street. if you have any information contact newark police. residents of fairdale, illinois will return home. for many of them the tornados took everything they owned. the tornado killed two people in the tiny town. it was a half mile wide and stayed on the ground for 15 to 20 miles per hour. the survivors are telling their story. >> our neighbor across the way from us, his house was hardly at
7:36 am
all damage and we're looking at more and you look over there there's nothing. it's leveled. >> as i opened the door to the back of the house, it was as if somebody had a giant vacuum cleaner and trying to as you can the air out took my breath away i slammed the door and took off down into the basement. >> the massive tornado that pummel the towns eventually spun off into two tornados. they traveled across at least 50 miles. a professional soccer player said a passenger on an air canada flight tried to strangle him. the soccer player was interviewed by a reporter who happened to be sitting nearby. >> a rope he had he jumped on me -- later he started saying we were here to kill him.
7:37 am
>> hey! sit down! >> police and fbi removed the suspect from the flight after it landed. he was scheduled for a mental evaluation. there is no verdict in the aaron hernandez murder trial after four days of deliberation. the former nfl star is cooled in the 2012 murder of oden lloyd who was dating his fiance's sister at the time. he is charged with murder and two weapons charges. meanwhile, the sentencing phase will begin for dzhokhar tsarnaev the day after runners take to the street for the boston marathon. oscar czar was found guilty on -- soor czar -- dzhokhar tsarnaev was found guilty on all counts against him.
7:38 am
fire officials are trying to find what sparked a blaze on capitol trail. one woman was found dead after being trapped inside. two others injured. there's a power struggle in atlantic city days after the revel casino sale was finalized. the industry -- city administration is finding the new other owner. the company said it's working to get portable generators to the site and power back online. until then they will be fined $5,000 a day. some of the candidates for mayor of philadelphia melt with parents in center city yesterday. the candidates forum was held at the fox chase elementary school
7:39 am
on rhawn street. five of the six democrats attended. the topics discussed was school administration and balancing diverse housing demands. mother nature if fury at least one tornado was spawned by storms that wreaked havocker -- havoc across the lonestar state. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. say hello to sunshine, "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> a tornado caused this damage in texas the ef1 twister ripped up homes in paulsville. a lot of severe weather the end of last week. although we've been watching something kind of severe, this man. >> reporter: let's go live on sky 6. let's see if our buddy is out there. the upper left hand court a guy was playing tennis, he was hitting the wall, but he went over the wall. he is trying to find the ball. that's the live shot from the temple university camera. you can see the flags blowing in the wind. that will be the big issue
7:43 am
today. the sun shines brightly, the clouds clear temperatures moderate. there will be a stiffer breeze out of the northwest. highs in the low 60s feeling like the low 50 -- high 50s. monday was fantastic. we started out the week on a bright note, 75 degrees, lots of sunshine. tuesday, the clouds rolled in and lower and thickened. 69 degrees. tuesday, miserable 44 that was the late day high. the cold front has pushed the frontal system off the coast. and we're where we should be. northwestly breezes upper 40s mid 40s, north and west,
7:44 am
millville that's the cool spot, 41. we've dooring conditions to the northwest. there's -- cooler conditions to the northwest. there's an area of high pressure canadian high. air associated with this is cool not cold. washington, d.c. closing in on 60. richmond 57. there's 51. northwesterly breeze today southwesterlily tomorrow. that will feel good. there is the last of the cloud cover, clear skies to the west. no weather complaints. 60 to 62 that's the range in temperatures out there today. unless you're on the water from wildwood up to sandy hook because the ocean temperatures are in the 40s it will be cooler down there high temperatures on the water will top out in the mid 50s. everybody else low 60s. tomorrow morning northwest and west 50 degrees, millville 50.
7:45 am
tomorrow, 69 # 0 degrees in philadelphia. reading, 68. allentown, 68. if you like that it gets warmer as we head into monday, we're turning the corner, the lehigh valley looks great mostly sunny, chilly breeze, 58 degrees, the winds will make it feel like the mid 50s, same thing for the jersey shore. 57 degrees in atlantic city. lots of sunshine and breezy with the wind it will feel like the low 50s back in philadelphia, let's say 62. give or take mostly sunny and breezy. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. clear and seasonable overnight tonight, we can handle these in their, 35 degrees outlying suburbs, 42 for center city. right where we should be for this time of the year. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 62 today 68, sunny tomorrow. 72, more sunshine monday, monday looks fantastic. tuesday morning there could wet weather that moves in, in the
7:46 am
for the of a cold front. that pulls out quickly and clouds break for sunshine tuesday afternoon. looking bright right now. 67 wednesday, 67 thursday, the next chance of rain is friday afternoon and a couple of showers and 58. over the next few days, sunshine you'll need that, and the pollen will start take your allergy medication. >> tonight it's an all new fyi philly, here's alicia vitarelli and karen rogers. >> reporter: here's what's coming up on fyi philly. from fashion to food to cock tailings it's a explosion of flower power. melissa magee and kenneth moten take us on a tasting tour africa. take a trip to the main line where industry restaurants open suburban out posts. check out some jewelry design
7:47 am
for smart successful women. that's tonight on fyi philly. we hope you join us.
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>> good morning to you on this saturday, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us over atlantic city. not quite warm enough for beach weather, but much milder temperatures are on the way this week. 55 degrees, 7:49. "healthcheck" this morning, a surprising study shows being overweight in middle age may reduce the risk of developing dementia. scientists looked at 2 million people they found the underweight participants are far more likely to develop memory problems and the very obese have a lower chance of becoming senile. the next stop is examine their diet. a new study at harvard medical school several dangerous
7:50 am
diet supplements remain on the michael. it's nearly identical to an fed mean. -- amphetamine. they have been pulled from the store shelves. researchers blame the fda for not stopping the collusion of the it in supplements. facebook user felt depressed when comparing themselves to others. it does not mean that facebook causes depression. you heard that shutting off before bed can help you get more shut eye. using tinted sunglasses could be the secret to getting a good night's sleep. >> reporter: for the millions of sleep deprived americans tossing and turning at night using your cell phone or computer or
7:51 am
watching television before bed could be the problem. if you're going to be plugged in before you sleep try popping on these while you stream. orange tinted glasses. >> they block out the sun. >> reporter: putting old school blue blockers in the spotlight but instead of the sun blogging the blue light that -- blocking the blue light from your electronics. for some people it might be odd sitting in the living room watching television with a pair of these on. >> i know a number of gamers who swear by them. >> reporter: the teens who wore blue-light blocking lenses while watching led screens before bed felt more sleepy. >> you're regulating the mel --
7:52 am
melatonin cycle. >> reporter: bending the rules of fashion all in the hopes of getting a better night sleep. brandy hicks abc news, los los loss los angeles. >> up next, chris sowers takes a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. # ♪♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm.
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>> an assistants principal in vermont is donning a bright beard for a good cause. he challenged the kids to raise money for ms. the school rallied in support of the school social worker who was diagnosed with ms four years ago. on a completely unrelated
7:55 am
note we've tinld to watch our -- continued to watch our favorite tennis player at temple. a green wall, you don't have anyone to play with, you hit the wall. looks like he is doing better running from side to i'd side. else doing much, much better. >> somebody go out and play tennis with him. >> reporter: forecast today, sunshine. breezy, 62. tomorrow warmer, 68 degrees, a nice weekend overall the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast monday is the prize winner. sunny and mild, 72 degrees is the forecasted high. i could see it gets milder we're prefrontal meaning the winds shift out of the south southwest. tuesday, morning showers
7:56 am
otherwise, clouds breaking for sun and 68. >> loving that forecast. 7:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's dan harris. >> reporter: hey eva. we're leading with the extreme weather, a man rolling as the tree falls on his van crushing it. we're at a small town in illinois, large swaths of which were nearly erased by a twister. new developments in the police shooting in south carolina. it shows the frantic movements after the shots were fired and who was that passenger in the car with walter scot what we are learning as walter scott is laid to rest. on a lighter note scrambling for cash in texas t an armored car accidently dumped dollars on the highways. you can see people grabbing up fist full also of cash.
7:57 am
would you do the same? >> chris is shaking his head yes. we continue to follow a developing story out of north philadelphia where two cars collided and one of them crashed into a pedestrian. a new warning for parents thousands of popular pajama sets being recalled. we have the details for you. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. we'll see you back here at 9:00 a.m. have a great saturday!
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good morning, america. right now, the brutal storm that flattened a church van. >> oh, my god! >> the driver praying as a tree comes crashing down. >> the entire block is completely gone. >> and the giant cleanup. the devastation from those massive tornadoes in illinois and the potential for more severe weather today. historic handshake. president obama and cuba's raul castro setting the stage for their historic meeting. what they hope to accomplish today and what it means for us here at home. terrifying ride. look at this school bus crash swerving all over running off the road and flipping over. and yet another school bus slamming into a tree. "gma investigates." >> oh, my gosh. that was terri


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