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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 10, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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on this friday night, bracing for severe weather hitting tonight. and the deadly tornado outbreak already. the 50-mile path of destruction. a town leveled. the tractor-trailer blown off the road. and the new video inside this school bus, children onboard. the officer charged with murder. the new dash-cam video tonight. the part we didn't see. the other person in that car. also tonight, this arrest caught on tape. late today, authorities coming forward. ten deputies put on leave tonight. we're on the scene at this hour. the discovery. authorities now fearing a silent killer yet again. their urgent warning for millions. and barbara walters with mary kay letourneau. now asking to be taken off the sex offender registry. married with children, with that same student all these years later.
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good evening. as we come on the air tonight, 28 million americans bracing for severe weather. at least two dead the destruction coming for miles. and near i-39 in rochelle illinois. and this is fairdale illinois from above. you can see the path the twister took. and we have team coverage this evening. ginger zee with the storm track. but we begin with gio benitez in
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rochelle illinois. >> reporter: there were 15 tornadoes reported yesterday, almost all of them in illinois. from the ground, those images of what residents saw. tornadoes tearing through the town. the heaviest of vehicles not standing a chance. the 50-mile storm path ravaging illinois. a dozen people inside a restaurant rushing to the basement trapped as the storm went right through them. this is how bad, incredibly all 12 survived. this same storm system sending a
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school bus hydroplaning two days ago. back in rochelle the cleanup beginning. how long do you think it will take to repair this? >> years. there was generations put into building this and it was taken away in 30 seconds. >> reporter: 28 million americans at risk for strong to severe storms tonight. and we want to get straight to alex perez, with a stunning portrait of the destruction. alex? reporter: david, we saw the damage from the air today, authorities confirming it was an ef-4 tornado that passed through here, packing incredible 200 mile per hour winds. the massive twister mincing everything in its path as it crushed the small town of fairdale, illinois, to rubble. >> we saw it coming from this
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direction from a distance. and as it got closer, it seemed like it was getting bigger. >> reporter: jill pierce today trying to pick up the pieces, her home barely standing. >> we got in the storm shelter, and i was just crying. i could hear the house ripping apart. things were falling and crashing. >> reporter: in fairdale, population less than 200, nearly every home damaged. many flattened. bits and pieces of peoples' everyday lives scattered everywhere. this google earth image shows the town before the tornado. this is what it looks like now, unrecognizable. with help from our affiliate wls, we got a bird's-eye view of the chaos. one of the things we immediately notice from above is how powerful this storm was. you can see cars in the foundations of homes. this storm moved through here and created a lot of damage fast. at least two killed, seven others injured, authorities spending all last night and today making sure no one is trapped or missing. in this small town, nearly wiped from existence, resilient residents ready to rebuild.
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and fairdale is a small unincorporated town, so they don't have tornado sirens, but residents were warned on tv and radio. authorities hoping to start letting homeowners return to the heavily damaged areas tomorrow. david? >> alex thank you. let's get right to ginger zee. this has been a tough drive home, and it's going to continue into the evening? >> right, strong storms in the southeast, but we just have to get through the next 12 hours and bhoesmost of the east coast is out of danger. and once we get through the front, it will become stationary on the gulf coast which means heavy rains through the weekend. >> thank you. and new developments in the case out of south carolina the unarmed father shot in the back.
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the routine traffic stop, and the driver running away. the dash cam video revealing the passenger in the car. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: tonight, investigators have interviewed this man. the passenger in walter scott's car, in the front seat when scott ran out into this north charleston city lot followed by officer michael slager, who in video seen around the world, shot him dead. the man refuses to be identified, but he may be able to explain how a routine traffic stop went so terribly wrong. >> can i see your license, registration, and insurance card? >> i got my license. >> okay, let's start with the license. the reason for the stop is that your third brake light is out. >> reporter: he might know why scott bolted from the car, running from the officer. scott's family believes he ran because he was worried he was going jail for unpaid child support. records show it's happened three times before.
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>> i miss my son. i just pray it doesn't happen to anybody else. >> reporter: there are two families grieving here. scott's mother will bury her son tomorrow morning. and officer slager's mother worries her son will never be a free man again. >> nobody likes to see their child sitting in prison. you don't think it is something that will ever happen to you. >> reporter: tonight, state police say they thought early on that something wasn't right about the shooting and they say the cell phone video "confirmed our initial suspicions." david? >> thank you. now to breaking developments involving another video under investigation. police officers kicking and punching a suspect after he had been tazerred. here's brandi hitt.
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>> reporter: tonight, accusations of excessive force. after falling off a horse that authorities say the suspect stole, police officers appear to taze the suspect. he's then punched and kicked 50 times in the next minutes. tonight, all ten deputies are on paid administrative leave. they were serving an unrelated warrant when he fled the scene. >> this is as bad, if not worse than what they did to rodney king. >> reporter: it's up to the district attorney to pursue
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charges. tonight, a new terror arrest at home. an fbi sting in kansas. inspired by isis plotting to join the u.s. military hoping to attack right here in america. pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: the fbi claims 20-year-old john booker junior had a diabolical plan, to join the u.s. army so he could kill american soldiers on behalf of isis. >> today's threat was real and booker was fully committed. >> reporter: booker's mission to target ft. riley, kansas, allegedly began a year ago when he tried to enlist in the army. but he wrote something on facebook that caught the attention of authorities. "getting ready to be killed in jihad is a huge adrenaline rush." the military blocked his enlistment, and the fbi sent in undercover operatives posing as radicals. they say booker embarked on a chilling plan to detonate a massive car bomb at ft. riley. the fbi claims booker was trying
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to put his car bomb together this morning when he arrested not far from ft. riley. but the bomb was a fake, he was busted in a sting. >> pierre thank you. now to new troubles for the secret service tonight. a developing deadline, with an officer accused of attempted burglary. and in new york city four people found dead in their home. and tonight, a warning about the invisible killer carbon monoxide. >> reporter: the call came in at 3:15 the couple in their 80s and two others killed by the colorless, odorless gas. neighbors, startled by the
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scene. >> i heard four people died. it's a terrible thing. >> a great couple. that's all i can say. >> reporter: each year 400 deaths are attributed to carbon monoxide. only half of the states in the u.s. require detectors. back here in new york police say this does not appear to be foul play. just a tragic accident. we are just learning that two were found dead inside a garage with a running car. looking to be an accident. and emergency responders answering a call for help possibly dangerous chemicals
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inside a home in minneapolis. authorities investigating what was going on with the equipment in the home. and hillary clinton expected to make it official sunday announcing she's running. and now, talking about becoming a grandmother. saying rather than making me want to slow down, it's making me want to speed up. jonathan karl is this about her message? >> yes. take a look at this. chelsea clinton is on the cover of the new "elle" magazine talking about the importance of electing a female president. >> and what is the campaign going to look like? >> i'm told the video is already shot and will be released on
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sunday. now to the new watch. the next big thing from apple, we're told some models are on back-order until the summer. and katy perry revealing she already has hers. and among the crowds at least one familiar face. here's cecilia vega. >> reporter: take a bite out of the apple watch. apple's first new product since the ipad. a gps, credit card, heart rate monitor, high tech on a wrist. are we going to be a culture of people who look at our wrists when we walk down the street now? >> maybe we'll bump into more things that way. >> reporter: the biggest complaints so far, battery life, and how quickly they are selling out. apple watches now backordered until june. the techies are lining up, including some famous faces like neal patrick harris and pharell. but as david asked apple ceo tim cook last fall, do we really need yet another device?
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>> how do you convince america and the world to wear a computer on their wrist? >> since it's a personal object you want it to reflect your style, your tastes. >> reporter: it doesn't come cheap from $349 to 18 karat gold, some of them can run up to $17,000 i'm going to try this on. wearable technology. oh, and it also tells time. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. rarely are these ever caught like this. the accused thief breaking in. and the former teacher, with the same student, asking to be
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laxatives. for gentle cra ree relief of occasional constipation that works! mmm mmm live the regular life. we're going to turn next to the home break-in caught on 16 cameras cameras. turns out the woman hiding in her bedroom, watching his every step on her phone. here's aditi roy. >> reporter: imagine waking to this -- a stranger, circling your home. that's what happened to heidi quezada. when you saw him come into your home, what went through your mind? >> i was petrified. >> reporter: home burglaries happening every 14 seconds in america. >> he came all the way around to the slider, which was locked. >> reporter: this intruder caught on 16 surveillance cameras, lurking just outside her bedroom window, easily breaking through the sliding door. unfazed as the security alarm sounds. >> while the burglar was in the home, turning on lights and
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going room-to-room, every move he made, caught on camera. >> reporter: he tests her bedroom door. >> i was hiding in my closet with the door closed, talking to 911. >> reporter: as she waits for police, the burglar pushes the master bedroom door, hard. quezada begins yelling through the door. >> i was so afraid he was going to come through the door. i need to do something to scare him away. >> reporter: then he flees over the fence. the burglar, still at large. not for long. >> between my cameras and the neighbors cameras, somebody will know him, somebody will recognize him. >> reporter: aditi roy, "abc news," san jose, california. when we come back the new headline regarding the boston bomber and what comes back. and mary kay letourneau making her case to barbara walters. should she be removed from the sex offender registry?
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to the "instant index," boston bomber dzokhar tsarnaev he will be sentenced after the boston marathon. and a record 14 under par in the masters. and mary kay letourneau, marrying her student. tonight, she speaks with barbara walters about clearing her name. >> because of your relationship you are a registered sex offender. does this affect your life? >> it's not part of our daily life. but recently there's a process,
6:53 pm
you take a form to the court and they grant it if it looks like it should be granted. >> are you going to do that? >> yes. >> part of a new series coming this fall to investigation discovery. barbara's interview tonight, the full hour on "20/20." when we come back, the mom making history this week. who is our person of the week? ♪ [announcer]when we make beyond natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent! can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond? learn more at
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making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. make a fist for me. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything. finally tonight here our person of the week. a mother of three from mississippi. at home she already calls the
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shots. but she's about to make the calls on a much different playing field. when the new nfl season arrives, so will someone else. sarah thomas the first female ref in the nfl. she's no novice and has been a ref from pe, f wee up to college football. it started when her brother started officiating. he told her about the training. she showed up and when she made it all the way to college football -- >> the guys, it's kind of funny. because then they'd hear my voice, turn around and say, hey, that's a girl. >> get your butt up there. >> but during the training there was some advice she would not take.
6:58 pm
>> they told me to tuck in my hair but when they said i couldn't wear makeup that's where i draw the line. >> her boys loving watching their mother. >> i have a daughter now, and i will instill what i heard from my father believe in yourself and part of the victory is getting up and learning from your failures. >> and because of that she made it. >> i'm sarah thomas and i'm a line judge for the nfl. >> because of that we choose sarah thomas tonight. rooting for her this fall. i'm david
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a currency trader from chicago, illinois... a global talent management associate originally from pemberville, ohio... and our returning champion -- an actor and grants analyst from new york, new york... whose one-day cash winnings total...


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