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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, weather threat. severe storms racing across the country. strong winds and huge hail smashing windshields and damaging homes. demanding justice, protests erupts after a police officer is charged with murder. seen on video shooting an unarmed black man running away. what we learned about other arrests made by that officer. frightening flight. a plane lands with a hole in its nose. >> it was like a pop. just like a large pop. >> a jolt of excitement for these passengers. what caused the damage? oh my gosh. >> viral reveal. a mom screaming with joy and falling on the floor. why she reacted like this during
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her baby's gender reveal party. >> and good thursday morning to you all. millions of americans are keeping an eye on the sky with a severe weather outbreak across several states. >> the radar showing the widespread system producing damaging wind and hail right now. you can see a little snow in england. >> the weather threat will linger today. here now abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: the heavy downpour across the midwest leading to flash flooding. these drivers in indiana stranded. a school bus driver in tulsa, oklahoma losing control on slick roads. the rain just part of the problem. >> there's a massive hailstorm right now. >> reporter: drivers blinded by hail. just look at what it does to this weather chaser's windshield in kansas. the hail as big as baseballs in some places a six-inch blanket
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of the ice pellets covering the town of roberts, idaho. the dark skies also ushering in dangerous winds ripping roofs right off, toppling tractor trailers, plucking entire trees from the ground. >> i was in awe a little bit because obviously as you can tell they're not small trees. >> reporter: the severe weather threat not over yet. this morning millions across the heartland bracing for more un unsettling spring storms. bazi kanani abc news, washington. >> let's find out now where those severe storms are likeliest to hit from accuweather's justin povick. justin good morning. >> t.j. and reena, thanks and good morning. we are concerned about another active day full of severe weather. damaging winds, destructive hail and tornadoes now possible from chicago and indianapolis all the way south toward dallas ft. worth so we'll watch areas along and east of interstate 35. meanwhile, the northeast looking at soaking downpours thursday
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evening and into friday, as well. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> all right, justin thank you so much. new details about the deadly police shooting in south carolina from the man who took that shocking video that's now been seen by millions around the world. >> the bystander said he grabbed and started recording after hearing the taser. he said he never heard a warning from the officer before he opened fire on walter scott. hitting him several times in the back as he ran away. for more here's abc's steve osunsami. >> >>. >> reporter: to so many enraged and shocked -- >> black lives matter. >> reporter: -- the truth of what happened to walter scott because someone in the bushes was recording with a camera and a cell phone. the pictures of north charleston policeman michael slager in jail stripes locked up without bail is devastating to police everywhere. now accused of murder he told his bosses that 50-year-old
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walter scott had grabbed his stun gun after a traffic stop. >> 223 dispatch. >> reporter: in the revealing video the unarmed father of four is rupp ago way after being hit by the stun gun and new moments after the shooting caught on camera appears to show slager giving a statement to another officer. north charleston police did act swiftly tuesday. >> he will be charged with murder. >> reporter: but they're under fire for something critics say is missing in the video. although the police report says they administered cpr there's no evidence of that in the video that's nearly four minutes long. >> not every officer is cpr certified. >> reporter: we're learning much more about the accused police officer who had plenty in common with the man he's accused of murdering. much like scott michael slager was in the coast guard, he has a wife who's 8 months pregnant and lives with two stepchildren. his work record shows two complaints in five years, including another incident with a taser for the only serious
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charge of excessive force he was cleared. are you now taking a look at this officer's other arrests and other cases that he was involved in? >> we're still waiting on all the information to come back to us. >> reporter: i'm steve osunsami in north charleston, south carolina. >> well the same jurors who returned a guilty verdict against dzhokhar tsarnaev in the boston marathon bombing trial will have to decide if he lives or dies. those 12 jurors convicted tsarnaev yesterday on all 30 charges he was facing 17 of which could land him on death row. many survivors of the attack were in court to hear the jury's decision. they had strong opinions afterward about what's next. >> but, no at this point i don't believe that there's any remorse. i think it was probably just a foregone conclusion. >> for myself i want to see the death penalty. >> reporter: well after the verdict a man left flowers on the marathon's finish line which runners will cross a week from monday. the penalty phase of the trial
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should be under way by then. jurors deciding whether tsarnaev spends life in prison or is put to death. another scandal involving the secret service. a senior male supervisor is on leave after allegedly grabbing a woman subordinate and trying to kiss her after a party. "the washington post" reports the party was celebrating the supervisor's promotion and transfer which are now on hold. neither of them worked at the white house. a deadly ambush on u.s. troops in afghanistan is being called an insider attack. one american soldier was killed and seven others injured as they travelled in a convoy protecting an american diplomat. the shooter was dressed in an afghan military uniform opening fire at close range before he was shot dead. it's the first u.s. military fatality since combat operations ended in december. the white house is supporting a petition calling for a ban on conversion therapy on minors. the technique is aimed at changing a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. the administration says the practice most often used on lgbt
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teens is neither medically or ethicny appropriate and can cause substantial harm. president obama is in jamaica, the first leg of a three-day trip to the caribbean and central america greeted by the jamaican prime minister before stopping by the bob marley museum in kingstone. he is a stand of the late ray day icon and travels to panama later today. an important milestone today. the civil war ended 150 years ago this very day with con confederate general robert e. lee surrendering no ulysses grant. the reenactment will take place there today. still ahead a trail blazer on the gridiron. who is the first female official in the nfl? we introduce you to her? we look forward to that. the air scare. severe weather damage to a nose in flight. we're hearing from the passengers on board. plus new this morning, the
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dog's delicate rescue after it fell hundreds of feet off a hiking trail.
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well preorders begin tomorrow for the apple watch. some reviewers already got their hands -- gotten their wrists on this thing. the consensus it is good. it's better than other smartwatches but some complaints. it's not for everyone. among the concerns are that you need a fairly recent iphone to make it work. everyone expects the apple watch to sell pretty well. deliveries start in two weeks. those funny directv commercials with rob lowe are being pulled off the air. the ad features a cool version of the actor along with his
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creepier self urging viewers to get rid of cable and upgreat to directv. comcast complainted to the bbb and said some of the claims are un unsubstantiated. you may soon be able to skip ads on youtube. no word on how much the fee for no ads would be. one estimate is about 10 bucks a month. there's something new on offer today at ikea and it's not furniture. the retailer famous for its swedish meatballs, today starts offering veggie balls or specifically they're vegan made with no animal products and it's all about keeping up with current trends. chicken meatballs coming soon. this is a big deal at ikea? >> yes and talking about the elderberry syrup you can put in water and drink. >> who knew? >> educating you every morning. when we come backs, stolen valor the long arm of the law
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escape. [ mom ] still counting. indianapolis they're likely to see more of this today as heavy rain continues for a
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second day. only minor flooding was reported in the city. but to the west a woman drowned while trying to cheer a drainage ditch. north of the city emergency management officials are distributing sandbags >> that's not the only place. watch for flooded roads in most of the eastern half of the country. roads slippery in new england after overnight snow and also in the northern rockies. if you're flying airport delays likely in dallas memphis, chicago, detroit and boston. well incredible images this morning after a serious air scare for passenger ass aboard a denver bound flight. just after takeoff from iceland leaving that a hole in the plane's nose. on board people heard a large boom saw a bright flash. >> it was like a pop. just like a large pop. it shook violently just for half a second. the blue color, that's what i can't forget outside of the windows the whole plane was electric blue.
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>> the pilots assured passengers everything was fine. we've only just been hit by lightning but everything is cool. now they continued on their 3700-mile flight and didn't see the hole until they landed arrived in denver. the airline says it followed protocol in letting the flight continue. all right, here in new york a tough commute after this mess. look at this a water main flooded streets at a busy subwaytation in manhattan. 500 evacuated from a train. a utility crew may have struck a water main and could interfere with the commute for thousands. a bail jumper will be sent back to texas from puerto rico where he will be forced to face charges for impersonating a navy s.e.a.l. carlos gonzalez originally wore a navy s.e.a.l. try depth and even a purple heart neither of which he earned during his navy career but the story didn't check out with a texas sheriff who is also a vet. the sheriff set up a sting at a gun shop catching him accepting a rifle as a gift for his service. that's when he was arrested.
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then he jumped bail heading to puerto rico where he's now facing extradition. a big rescue operation in oregon for a puppy that fell 150 feet off a cliff. that puppy, that little guy named ranger 80-pound mastiff mix slipped while hiking and broke his leg. the range her to wait 24 hours to be rescued but hi owner stayed by his side and the team hoisted him up to safety. well when the nfl kicks off again it will have its first female official. sarah thomas will be a line judge. she says she hopes that this is the last you'll hear about her because a good sports official should be not noticed. she's excited not because she's the first woman in stripes but because every official wants to make it to the highest level. >> congrats to her. probably been too long. >> it has. >> but congrats to her. looking forward to the season that doesn't start for awhile. highlights from our guys at
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espn. jay harris john anderson to talk about sports. tell the people what they should know. >> adrian gonzalez had a power game. huge night. the dodgers and the padres and gonzalez begin. solo shot off andrew cashner's third home run of the season but he was not done. bottom third, dodgers up 4-2. gonzalez with another solo shot off cashner. andrew is like dude would you stop doing that please? his fourth homer of the season. bottom of the fifth. cashner serves it up again. he didn't even turn around. tell me that didn't go. third home run of the game. he's batting .769. dodgers win. magic/bulls, derrick rose returning to the lineup. missed almost six weeks following surgery on his right knee. third quarter in transition rose. still got some quicks nine points and 19 minutes didn't
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play in the fourth when the game was decided. tied at 103 apiece. victor oladipo, show me magic. jimmy butler suspect defense right down the lane off the window it goes. looking at it one more time. magic, the bucket that was the decider. 105-103. cavs and the bucks. fear the deer. cavs up two. lebron, that's the end of these bucks. anyone need venison sausage. his team with that shot clinches the central division and the number two seed 104-99. he stomped on milwaukee. that's all i got. anything for you. >> i got nothing. i'm clear. >> masters on espn here thursday, 3:00 watch, tiger will be playing. >> good morning. good morning to you guys. as of yesterday some adorable scenes from augusta national. the children of players all dressed in white caddie jumpsuits on course for the par
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3 contest. >> always a fun day. tiger woods played in this for the first time since 2004 and he was joined by those two, his son and daughter. also with his girlfriend lindsey vonn. she's giving some advice and said hey, my dad is tiger woods. you stick to the slopes. we got this. >> they do look adorable. wells up next in "the pulse" the movement toget a woman on the face of currency. a mother of six boys discovered what she's having next in a video going viral. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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>> time to check "the pulse" starting with the beautiful sofia vergara. >> the "modern family" actress posed for annie liebowitz in "vanity fair" and explained her most noticed asset is also her most problematic. >> she said believe me i wish i had fake boobs and says that it's an issue of gravity. the 42-year-old actress also spoke about her good fortune. >> explaining despite her "modern family" salary it's her management company that made her rich. been a while since jessica simpson had a hit song. she's doing okay in her clothing brand. >> the sale of her brand reveals annual sales of her products $1 billion. >> while simpson launched the brand ten years ago and will still have a stake in it. could a famous female face be on a $20 bill. >> grassroots campaign by the group women on 20s is gaining
4:24 am
steam. >> they want to replace andrew jackson with a woman by 2020. the group has four finalists includeing rosa parks. also harriet tubman who led hundreds of people to freedom. >> the longest serving first lady eleanor roosevelt. >> and rounding out the top four will ma mankiller leader of the cherokee nation. >> one more fabulous we can get in. that's my vote. that's my vote. that one right there. >> the 20 was the best you could do? >> well we got to start somewhere, reena. i'll take it. i'm not going to complain. >> very humble. finally you might say a mom had an epic reaction when she found out the gender of her baby she's carrying. watch and listen. >> oh my god! >> that's her. finding out her first daughter is on the way thanks to the pink in her gender revealed cake. the girl will have six older brothers. the new trip ses should arrive
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 4:27 thursday, we're working on several new stories april 9. strong storms moved across the central portion of the country. an more bad weather is expected across major cities. accuweather is coming up. you'll see video from a crash where a driver was pulled from wreckage. outrage is growing over deadly police shooting and the officer charged is from from the delaware valley. we have a massive food recall, details next. atch it. >> "lip-sync battle."
4:28 am
abc's rachel smith tells us what it's all about. ♪ my -- >> it's safe to say this isn't how we're used to seeing the rock. shaking it off to taylor swift. ♪ shake shake shake ♪ >> reporter: break it down. what exactly is "lip-sync battle". >> very simple. two celebrities perform two different songs and they lip-sync to the best of their ability and audience decides who did it the best. ♪ baby bye bye bye ♪ >> as it happens lip-syncing is enjoying a major moment on social media with over 20 million users and counting dubsmash is one of the most world's popular apps. people upload hilarious videos of themselves reenacting popular songs like whitney houston's "i will always love you." >> it's hoping to capitalize on this pop culture trend. why do you think lip-syncing has
4:29 am
become such a big success? you have videos going viral and you have an app that's kind of dedicated to it as well. what gives? >> i think people just love to be somebody else for a few minutes. like my husband, john was on it. he is not a rapper. he was so excited to rap. >> he was working the m.c. hammer. >> my favorite part we taped it before like he was oscar winner john legend now we have oscar winner john legend in hammer pants and glasses. ♪ can't touch this ♪ >> she's so fine. >> once embarrassing hairbrush in hand moments reserved for the bathroom mirror now on display for the world to enjoy. i'm rachel smith in hollywood. ♪ >> emily blount. >> i love her. >> she's pretty cool. >> what would you do? >> i would love to do that show. i would do something old school from otis redding. >> i think you should consider shakira, hips don't lie.
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>> you just want to see >> good morning we're working on several developing stories on this thursday, april 9. the south carolina police officer charged with the shooting death of an unarmed black man has ties with south jersey, we're live with the details. >> the agency's job to protect the president and his family is dealing with another scandal. >> violent and destructive storms move across the country and leave behind a trail of damage. >> good morning it's thursday, tam is back.


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