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tv   Action News  ABC  April 4, 2015 1:36am-2:11am EDT

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>>he said that shwt t moar herlfor isi accding to cot duments een going so far to buy pa tictto join t ilic milant gup oee d perhaps partake in suicidmsion but atrities took th pidelphia wom into csdy bere she could leave te cotry and toght she fc feral chars anup t 15 a in prin, if qic fridanight, jim's off i'm rck willia. teisty is t the art of keoa thas who acdinto fedel
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ivtigators had ery ittion of suppting is b priding mey resoces adenneself. se bng held witht ba a authits inveither cnction to e teorist orgization. "conews" porr dann cear is le outse t fdal couhou in cter citwi more on her arrest td dann? > rerte ck, shs the ti american all wen in jst e lastwo ys to be aced of having lin to t trr oup is. teeds s e w tryi to jin is in sya to die as a mrt e battle fiel aecaflags, e first tinyos at home of koa thos in the00 block o nth tenth streetn srg gaebuteds y the te0earld who cled hrse t young liones h ben prociming her loyay to is. se cceal her fac se gavene word yes and no asrs to the jge. oly ction news" wather when fbi ants raid her hm temoved in aer e boht apne ticket to fly to sain she srch tv roes to
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sr via turkey using same rus so my foreigne iclung thesthe brith schlirlhad ud. te cplnt alle that when seas asked if she waed b a morr she repld at witn amazg. a girl can only wish. i oer posng she allegly wrote we tru kerealies would all be rsnto join o brotrs i e front lin. thomas arreshe in pilehia is part the dstui trd, just ysrda o women from quesiuring were in crt o chars that theintend t t off mbs herin t us. > 're seng w rely on arular bas arrests st weand now upwa of 30 or s arrest of india in tenited atesnd at it mea thais is is having a impa. > getff my doorolice rept report omas mher hdo comnt to repoers. fdal say the suect also psd these isis propanda vd on her twitter accot. cu apinted federal dfdesaid she cannot afd a lyer.
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se bei held witut bail ut henext cou aprce xt wednday. > wnesday we will be bcin cot for deteion hang and preliny hean > roer: thomais chge with aempting to provi mteasuppt and rource tea foign rrorist ogization. i she's cvicted on l of te chaes s could face u to 15 yes in fedel pin. w arlee at t fdal courouse i'm dann celror channesix "actn new. >> l ghtann thk you. >>olice are iestigi a soinin the tacy seion of the philelphia tt sent to m to the hospit. it ppen in the 00 block of hgman streejt after 70tonight. onean w shot ithe back. te oer in e shoder. btmen were taken to aa trsdale spital in sble cndion. the t srch fothe the gun mnoinues tonigh >> maive dg swe rund up som20 lege hrnee and0 alged byeraccording poli. oef t areas target ad in tuday'operationas crr of a and somset, in a sctnnown as t badlds i kenngt.
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ple coiscate24 vhics,ne had a cmrtnt to hide erugs ud thea seat. yuould see alof the mu sho ofhose arrted o lnetix abco >>n newers ste ple s han rains foun erer this week ha been ientied aa pembton twhip wan whoas been msnfor near a deca. tiyix aold sty greer walast seen on fbary of 2007 wl, th pst mony, hunte a wod area ang whitbonds roadiscered h remas. tehave en positely ieifieby burlgton cuntmedic examer's ofe, meanwle crmstces surroding sa eater's disaearance rmain under instigati. lorida developer who is byg the vel cino aprs to be hang a grand plan for aant city. te day aer a bankptcy jd appved t sale of rvelo glenn sa the dvoper n annoced his pano purase the shtered sow bt as well sotouniversity h
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peous rchased sh boat t tnsform toght to a stlite cpus but tt has ben ock by trp taj mahal. te unersity so th poptto straub fo26 mlodlarn. i origilly paid million. straus pchase of vel adhow boat a pa of the 50ii-dollar an cled te pex projt, to hpefly revelop atlantic cts nortrn side >>t. joes univeity is cnduinan intnal ivtigation io allegaons o hazi invointhe wm's softba tm. i a story we fst oke last night o"action new. taplad me today at goean univsity in firf viinia but uirty offials here isd a stateme to say syg if t allations po to be true, tn the pars respsible wl be hld acuntable. ofis also s redial atn has be taken to ase the safe of all sunt athlet. >>un contl advocas used thigood friy to py for pa and stricter laws to make philalia a saf pa. the the gro, heedg god's
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cll held a nodonation srce dared from mrs pk to good spherd chur ovbrk. >> wshing phillies fans saw smei n and diffent at te bapk in u pidelphia toght. i d nothgo do with the gmer conceson but h eethg to do th scity. "con ns" rerter shaie wllis is le at cizs bnk rk where met dtecto were officily uvlethis eveng saie. > rerte yei cmg to the bala ll be a t le going thugh arrt. tawi be the rm he a cizs bank pk. tehe philes they stted tsng these metal deteors lst summ but tonight was a flgo f thfst ti. > e at a time plse, ank yu. > repoer: tal detectors areew additn to the line u r philes game at ctenba park. te aitionalar secity is parof t new mj leag basell mandate tacalls for every fano be srned.
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> steadf pat downs whi w have done before thiyear w llow y do a full mt dettion on every n tacomes to the pa. > rerter: metal detectors hvbe instaed at evy etrae to the pk, which sa over 43,0 peop. a rofhe screeng, fans wlbe asked to empty eir pcke of cell phes cmasnd ks. > iisust like being in a aiort. > porter: it was boston mrhon bombingsn pa that poted maj league bebl t ok for ways to make balar sar. > no ises w efero be secuty. > pt: mel deors cu leato lonr wait tmeso ent the stadium but fs we talk with seed oay th that. > thinkt is oy. >> dot see any problem > noit might get bked up more thansual but the is mrof a crd. > is anning but it is iporta. it e is a grt id. >> porter: theyo added scity won't ke aw from te blrk expeee and te lile ns seemo be tking thchanges in side. >> philes.
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rporterto phiies. tey t the win tonigh w al knowhat the metal dttors ye ty willen pla during the game here b asfor concer or any otr ee th ll be he at ctensa park. te t phlies al tellg u at if you had a tick to tnht's gamend you di't cmbecse e weatrr bcse e lida good fiy or passer that tctill be honod at aoer ge, home ge in teonth of apri any me yu wan in apr exce for oeng y. w'reive at citizens bank prk share wilams for cann si"tion news rck. > shri thank you. >>ope fncis psed over gofriday pcession at the cleum in rome tonht... te ceremy at aious ara recal t ffering and da of jes by cuficti. thehe the pope listed pray afirng rights of rigious feed, select worspers tooturns carrnghe
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cro i e the way of e cross poceion n this good friday msge of jesus was carried otnest philelphia as dzs of pele receed a ht dinr. thergization chose300 mnirs servedeals the lss fortute at its locaon o lct aven in a mnt. bfe dinner partipts atded rship svices as wll onight waslso the th frstight of pass over atnawas at the this sd at thisupper rsurant on sth stre. psver cmemotes the libation of iaelis from sary fm egyp te cebration runs for ght dy nd slto come on "actn ne" tight police hvhe a wd of cai to ofers d the pubc abo a videap conontation hrin pladelphiahat went vr. theull story in an "tion nw inveigation. >> roer coasr at dney lnd mes to a stop mid ri ad forr philly haened to b aboard and tweed about te malnction ceci. >>'m tcking a few more sowe and thdsrms
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rlnghrough the oernht hourbore the winhave of ange rely kicup tomorr. ill ve detas on what that ma for yr holay ekend in e au ather foct. >>nd duc roers wh sos and mh more whe "action new at 110os rght back
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may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. >> ama man lk free ts mrni ter servg0 yes o deh row. ff-eight yearld r hint hnoote want quickf te 15 murders of thtwo men in birnam. he sent to prison bad lrge on evincfm bllsut n teing showed te buets lled not be cncted to hint on. > wantsay, to the the vicm's famil i wi cnnue to pray r y just a i he for 30 year amcarriagef justice not onlyo me but the viim's fmils. to l of tho who s we
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blve in jusce, this is te the se th fell srt bcse i shldn't he satan da row fo30 year al ty had to do was test te g. > s attoey sa nton wlgo me to t to recor fothe chalnges of 30 yarsf confimen >>urvorothe ysteay's ddly terrist atk in keaay kiers apred to do exteive pain 18eople were kied when ilac trist lauhed a 1 ur aack that iluded gnre and fally epsives. one survor saythe gun man trged chriians by heang strait r aall whe ty wre pran tase suiv a 21 year od sdent said s suived b eang heraceith t bo fm her clamas. >> msive fire at a gnal eltric planin luislle, kentucky has been fnly contned to one biing. neay resen are ill bi ordered to stay insi. theire went to 5alarmsnd cu be seen for miles
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te chun of ash d dris ws lli on the area. aangly in o was inred. msofhe empyees had good fiy f, the t epa is nw, tesng e air r s-lled active gases which i hydrochr acid relsed b buing plaic. >>olice, and t public are bingarned tonht about a rd oo that has gone viral i philelphi i e shs one m's cnfroati with oicers in te5th dirict. tny soto recoed a cell po video of a traffic stop ad now the frarnal order of plicessued a very pubc wrng ss soto is a cinal baing pole to embr th. te iestigave reporr wen saltan has story tnht. >> porter: 1.mln peoe havvied so's vei vl veo wherofce's boetir por by soing him. bt poce are pnti a very dfrent picture sayg their ofics act d popeighth te. >> ur traffictop is not lg. > noyou dot tell me w
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imtopping you. > m telling yorighthe nw offir. > is traffic stop28 yaold tony soto rerd laswe is gting milk rvws. >> suort my polic i just don't spo poce aung e pors. > u i pay my taxe > porter: so shod his lcse burefused to show hs ristration. plerconcerdbt his mtivend crimal past > will tell r offirs t cauous, raise your lv of spicion whenou hve an indial that h a pi fel has had some itactioni e the law. > porter: so satown withaione" discu teonovsial video. > iis a traff st bouto light an oning is that is connuing to al or our nation at is tkg place with indidual in eir stop i me cas, they e rcily proled. >> port: yokn both of tesoicers were black. > , they were not. nhey were not. > ey we of aran-amecan offers.
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> port: origil aso for t sp. > hetopde for tied wndo a from the state of pnylvania. >> porter: sotflhed ppesing head a dical exetion from pnt for the sn seen on his c but he ddn't brinthatetter to our mtg. > you were proved tt crficaterom pnto tat woul't apy. > porter:ou sark it. > ayin uopinio or aye else's opion from wting videote, that is te opinion n1 knows what ttts on my vehic atu i may look dk. > porter: a en the is ti > my drir's licen is nmr one, all rig. fre mahall identicatn, tats numb two. ad baeo with i > porter: so ld up a crand badge identifying himsf tthe ficer a is a a fire marsll. > s. > porter: your credility hs ce into queson let's fce it. imski you saight up e you re marsll.
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> e the tape saks for isf. kep ththe foc on what is o. it n about tony so. > roer:his ty so, a fel sentend to mons, fortw pchasing firrms. he s multle coictions fr theft. fleei fm poce. h s cvict of ipernatg a bc sea i 25. nwelaimse is a vlteer fe fhte hre you ar sayi tw are a rgtration. in dition ehe fop is now akinauthits to pure chargesgainst soto for aled impeonang pbc servt.
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imhen i saltan f canlix "acon new. llight. tmfoa che of the wend foreca from ac waer. metrogist cecy tyn. teot a bad wee atlly >> its tng betr. dmp tigh mrshowe d thderstorms areoving tough but will cear ingo tomoo so trker six live dble san onthumbs n two. onehumbspy ri. > s > l rit. song tt rightewe ve jsa w spriles along the te sre near trenn. te isnher round of some wteather at will be mvghroh later on. te letso to where the atn camas this eveng. tiis wet here. tais a founin in dilwth pla tonit. ade do have some very warm cntis despiteht fcthatt is so damp. w haveind ouof the uth adhat bwing up warm ar. tmrature 59 ges in pidelia wn fr our hgh of 63. alenwn the same. mllvle 60. teon 59. ad wilminon 56. dvers currently t warm sot at 64 dee. we have some prlems th
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fg wh the low lying miure ffult get rpo froone of our vwe o twierhat the f is vrthicfm kenth squar to ad forr so a remi to u your low bams dvgonig down to atrd of a mile in trent. 13n alleown. 2mes in philalpain wilbe pii up overght adhat will really clear e fgut of here. aso ing us the ento the shora then are stor. stelte six th tion rdaswing us the cd fo acrs wesrn pnylvaa,he seve waer fortately missings wll wn to t south but oeight tonight we will ha smmehowers mong . fte tracr swi aund 20olk some showers aound philelpa and area dwto the south. tuerstorms across f nrthst subur. si some shows around by 43as a frt moves thugh btook at this by: te mninghe moiure is out of he wind shifng ou o t nortest, some lnringloud t genel we ll see brhtening ski tomrow, b the windi a major factor.
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thehe high of 55egrees on the ol side fling coer weyou faor in t wind. wnd gustg to 40 to 45 mes a hour. s wi will be h long tmorr. butt won't be qte as windy fraster sunda ltof sshin a cool art a i like easr bun hoing tere at sre 3degrees. hding to sunri serves yu rely do wa a wier cat buty noon 53 grees. b aftnoon tempatures rsinup in t the lower 6's. s e e excluve accu waer seven day forest lots nd tomorr t a ltf sunsne eeclly ltenhe y. 5 gree suny bezy but not as windy a tomorro ne wther for easr. 6 deees. mony, phlies home opene i loong beautiful. mx of cloud and sshine. wrm day. 67 grees. bthen r luck runs out big tme. coudnd swers move in on teay 5degrees. w ll drop down to on wdsday, andith me coudand occasial showers ade will keep that chae
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of teatr and the the coudright through the end of e woreek. b frid up to 62egrees bttill wa the umellwe wll havthree dsn the sninand then our weatr ray chaes next we. ge timi. > od day for easteegg hnts >> cellent. >> myavore actity tas cily. >>fl's new refee is rpt a she. bltire sni reporag thisarah a thas wl srt ofiate nothing 20. tos will be t first wom i histy to orsee nfl gm. she arted to work for conrence u.s.a. in 07 and bce first woman to ofia a bl game in 200 tos h en wkg wh te the oiciang dvelment prr and ofiated an nfl pseason gameast aust.
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minnesota winters are brutal. it's tough being cooped up. it gets a little stale. when dad opens up the window what's the first thing he does? [takes deep breath] the tobin stance. spring is in the air. and pollen, dog hair... the sunshine looks like fairy dust. [doorbell chimes] wow! what's this? swiffer sweeper. swiffer dusters. removes up to 70% of dust and allergens. stays on there like glue. wow, look at that! eww. [breathing deeply] the tobin stance. that is totally what it is.
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>> roller coaster at disn lnd got stk tonitith a fmsorr phly on game. jm morweeted these pcresnd said stuck on clifnia screaminat dney ln in the se wh is more dfcult pitching in the mj league ge or this. a disy land speswon say rds re stuck for0 mnes and everne maged t get off safely. te coasr sume aer an hu te disy, of coue is the prt compa of x a ab >>hilliewin a dratic gmtoght but it mns absolely notng. > onlyvery gen the rgular season could be like tnht'same. ma lieve seas is amo over. son gewill cou. piies began a two game ehibion si witthe the pres tonit. gme tied at the, codey ac's ngle brgs in drr ruf. ac dwo r's on the nght. game ti at fe in the nih inin two outs ben reve channe
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hsnner gg luziky. h ns it. piies scored tein the nn. piies seven, pites five. > lkff is a wk off. nce re at ho. frhe fs came out i liked hwhe guys bated back at getndn early. >> md colhals will sa openg day for philes aast bost. hmslwa fully expecto b tchg in this park on mny. h ju didt scify whi tahe thout heould be pti for. lf's name has be linko te r sox in tra rurs al wier long. hmss waing to see what hpns slike the re of u. >> am fortate enou to pay basell and do it for as lonas i can and that is all i c ho for. woer ay was me to ptca go out and help tam n that is all i can go ot and do. > thflrs seasons qily drawing to a close.
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tey vit carona tomrow. tiwill be their lastoad gamof the season. thehe the ro s not been to kind is am. te flrs have fest nb o ns away from home ang ta within tir divion. > snaged se gam yu kno le if the game we it was a e or we were u a goa ed up goi to orte. or overme rerd and shootutecord are not goo on thro for se. w lacd al proction fo alot of i >>till a ahead, finalo tl wwill hear fm knckas tyry cmete the the perft san. >>lus tenth aivsa of tg woodsaswin at the te masrs. h k a dision on his pang stas forext
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te fin ur gets derw tmroin in. mcgan state squaresff aastukwhile undeated kncky fes wisns. kntuy is 38-ro no team hson the table undeat sncendna d it in 1976 wtbob knight at the the hle many. ca jo caliri saythis is nothe abt ses or rcd. > 're all flgheame tin whate a want to win a natnal tit. so you havewo loes, six lss, zo lses, 11 lsst don't maer. tat is why for us rit now lt just be at our be. i at no the gd enou i wildl with the rests. > thprobm is on aot ta the the list isike
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ti d it is lk th for cigo, so it is a chleng > th is no surpri. tg wood says he will rern to plain the the masrs next wee wo h been away fom coetive golf for ni wekas he tried to find his fr if u can believe i wood hs not won masters sie 205. > w. >> n years. > sche la ehis ee. >> m be d. > doubt it. > too. >> nallyonit, alete fokeucky is getti mo accadfor a gte he made ofhe e basketll court. tamoses is foot ne gh shl basketbl plar wse haiess big as his size. h ked his best frie to te pr. seas do synome. temet to enurage fidships beeen studts wth d wiout devepmental dsilities. hrom says her dauger is vrexcitedbt spping fr new dres >>immy kimmel live is next o chanl six folledy nate li. "acons"
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coies tmrow morning at 50 wi ea pilim a chris sowe. forim gardn ceci tyn, dc rodger the entir "con new te i'm rick wlams. hava wderful weeken w ll see y on monday. god nig. > ♪♪
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