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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, terror attack. gunmen open fire on a college campus in kenya. a fierce shootout. more than a dozen killed. attackers still on the loose. military units on the scene. we have the latest. happening now, severe storms striking across the nation. >> oh, my god. >> whipping winds tearing up the heartland. cattle running for cover. hail pounding down as the severe drought forces california to take drastic measures. [ screaming ] caught on camera. the terrifying moment a wrongway driver crashes head-on into a school bus. how did the hero bus driver protect the kids on board? they walked away with only minor injuries. final tribute. an emotional moment at the "fast and furious" premiere.
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vin diesel speaking out about paul walker as it gets ready to open around the country. and good morning, america. let's get right to that breaking news. a new terror attack in kenya. active and very dangerous situation unfolding right now. it all began early when gunmen stormed a university. more than a dozen already confirmed dead. the killer is still on the loose and the terror group al shabaab and you see the students there huddling for safety which the u.s. has been targeting has already claimed responsibility. reena ninan is here with all the latest. good morning, reena. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. eyewitnesses describing the scene as sheer panic. when it was all over they're saying muslims were separated from muslims. at least 15 people killed. 60 injured. the attack taking place just as
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morning prayers were beginning at the university. one person describing the scene as people jumping up and down running for their lives. some people even running towards the gunmen not aware that the shooting was taking place. mass pandemonium. a spokesperson for al shabaab saying that they did in the end release 15 muslims. also telling the bbc when you eventually go into the university you will be shocked. there had been intelligence warnings from a potential attack in this area. the interior ministry saying at least one of the militants had been arrested when they were trying to flee the attack. you know only last month a u.s. drone killed an al shabaab leader believed to have been behind the westgate mall attack in nairobi. that drone strike taking place in somalia. a lot of people on high alert ahead of this attack but still coming as a complete shock to the citizens of kenya. >> okay reena, thanks. more on this from our chief national security correspondent
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martha raddatz. we heard reena say this al shabaab group was responsible for the kenya mall attack in 2013 and the u.s. has been targeting them. >> reporter: they've been targeting al shabaab for year george. as you know it's a terror group based in somalia, affiliated with al qaeda. intent on carrying out attacks in africa and westerning its and went out after one of its leaders killed in a u.s. air strike. ongoing air strikes after al shabaab, drone strike air strikes and some ground strike ss and includeing one by navy s.e.a.l.s going after this terror group and as you said the most stunning attack as we all remember the one on the westgate mall more than 60 people killed in that attack and this university attack comes just after western embassies were urging tourists in a coastal town to leave, a british embassy warning that attacks
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could be incriminate in places frequented by foreigners of course they went after kenyans in this attack but foreigners are certainly on the alert, george. >> martha some concern here in the u.s., as well, that al shabaab has been recruiting from the somalian community such as places in minnesota. >> reporter: they have been and have had foreign fighters try to join al shabaab and have americans try to join al shabaab and some have indeed it's something the u.s. is keeping a close eye on. >> okay we'll stay on top of this martha raddatz, thanks very much. all right, george. back here in the u.s. extreme weather across the country. two major story, the severe storms bringing pounding hail and damaging winds to the midwest and then the extreme drought in the west. for the first time ever california forcing almost 40 million people to cut back on their water use. ginger zee is here tracking it all for us. this is a serious situation. >> serious in many places so let's start with that severe weather. at least 50 severe storm reports including wind gusts up to 70
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plus miles per hour. big hail we're talking golf ball to even baseball size and this a gustnado from nebraska and sped it up so you can see the rotation still dangerous, not quite the same as a tornado but we'll see more of all of these types of events happening this afternoon and evening in this region here from louisville to paducah back to springfield, northwest arkansas look for those strong winds and large hail. that's just one of the headlines just like lara said big-time drought restrictions water restrictions now in place in parts of california. we know that the sierra is at 6% of its annual snowpack and our kendis gibson is live this morning in california. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. this farm field out here shows you the problem. no rain for weeks, the soil take a look extremely dry. californians this morning waking up to a stark new reality. they have to limit watering their lawns and even their
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bathroom usage. this morning for the first time in history californians facing drastic mandatory water restrictions. >> we're in an historic drought and that demands unprecedented action. >> reporter: the state's 38 million residents forced to cut back on water consumption because of scenes like these where water was once plentiful, it's now gone. the state deprived of much-needed precipitation during the important winter months. >> we're standing on dry grass and we should be standing in five feet of snow. >> reporter: the snowpack which accounts for a third of california's water supply down to a historic low at 6% of snow usually seen in the mountains. here's a perfect example of the problem. this is where the water line was for this lake just north of l.a. now take a look at where it's at 135 feet lower in just the last few years. the new restrictions calling for a 25% reduction enforced by heavy fines limiting water use at golf course public streets and on lawns.
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now at restaurants water is still served but only by request. it's gotten so bad there's a town about 100 miles northeast of where we're standing right now where they have no water. the wells have all gone dry. george this morning the golden state looking brown. >> boy, it sure is. kendis, thanks very much. we'll get the latest on a u.s. senator charged with corruption. new jersey democrat robert menendez is defiant after the department of justice charged women for trading influence for private jet rides, vacations and other perks. prosecutors call it bribery. the senator says they were favors from an old friend. abc's david wright is tracking the case from newark. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. later today senator menendez will walk into the federal courthouse here in newark to answer these charges, already he's making it clear he plans to fight. cheered on by his supporters the new jersey democrat defiantly vowed to clear his name against those shocking
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bribery and corruption charges. >> i'm angry because prosecutors at the justice department don't know the difference between friendship and corruption. >> reporter: at issue is his friendship with this man, dr. salomon melgen a florida ophthalmologist. according to the indictment filed wednesday, the doctor used the senator as sort of a personal ear and boy on capitol hill getting menendez to intervene in a billing dispute over medicare charges worth millions of dollars getting him to push the state department to help one of the doctor's business ventures and even allegedly helping the doctor's girlfriends with their visa problems. in exchange according to the indictment the senator accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds from melgen plus lavish caribbean holidays deluxe hotel rooms in paris and expensive trips on board the doctor's private jet. the last time a u.s. senator faced bribery charges was 1980 the abscam investigation that inspired the movie "american
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hustle." >> i like you and we can do business together. >> reporter: menendez insists the fbi is out to get him. >> they are dead wrong and this is not how my career is going to end. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: that abscam senator was a new jersey democrat too. in fact menendez now holes his seat. he says he has no plans to resign but he will step down temporarily as ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee. lara. >> david, thank you. turning now to the nationwide backlash against religious freedom laws arkansas' governor changing course refusing to sign the bill after his son asked him to veto it. abc's gio benitez is in indianapolis with the very latest for us this morning. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: good morning, lara. it appears this morning that lawmakers have come up with a fix. they still need to vote on it but it could end this week-long saga. this morning, the fix to the
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indiana religious freedom law expected within hours. >> we'll keep plugging away. >> trying to settle on language. >> reporter: the revision would make sure the law won't protect businesses like this indiana pizza shop who make promises like these. >> if a gay couple was to come in like say we wanted -- they wanted us to provide them pizzas for a wedding, we would have to say no. >> reporter: the backlash so swift, the shop forced to close its doors wednesday. its yelp page inundated with negative comments even a tweet threatening to burn the shop down. in arc, agovernor asa hutchinson hopeing to avoid this citing his own family. >> it has divided families and there is clearly a generational gap on this issue. my son, seth signed the petition asking me dad, the governor to veto this bill. >> reporter: back in indiana as the public awaits the revised
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law, college basketball teams arrive. the ncaa's final four coaches putting out a joint statement saying "we have made a point to talk about the issue with our teams." adding "discrimination of any kind should not be tolerated." and back at that indiana pizza shop the owners tell our abc station in south bend they will keep it closed until the dust settles. that's if it settles at all, george. >> good point. thanks very much. the latest on robert durst. charged with murder he is expected to appear in court today. ahead of that his lawyer sat down with our matt gutman in new orleans now. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. robert durst's attorney says to expect a mini trial. both sides expected to bring witnesses and evidence and learn a lot more about allegations 15 years in the making specifically why the lapd believes robert durst murdered his best friend. this morning, robert durst back
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in court, his lawyers challenging his new orleans arrest on gun and drug charges. >> there is almost no chance that a judge is going to rule that the arrest warrant was invalid. this case is almost certainly going to go to trial. >> reporter: on march 14th officers raided his new orleans hotel room saying they found a man on the run. with an illegal gun, a big bag of pot, a full face and neck latex mask and over $42,000 in cash in his room. a conviction on those gun and drug charges could mean life in prison thanks to durst's past felony convictions. perhaps one reason why his attorney dick degeurin is so focused on getting durst back to california. why so eager to get back to fight a murder accusation of all things? >> because i think they don't have evidence. this case has all of the salaciousness that attracts attention. >> reporter: degeurin telling us durst has as bergpberger syndrome
7:13 am
which influenced him to do "the jinx." >> one thing about aspberger's is the person is trusting. he trusted the producers and that was misplaced trust. >> reporter: former westchester d.a. who investigated him in his first wife's disappearance, degeurin accusing her of a witch hunt and will try to call her for a witness the second time. >> asked for a subpoena for jeanine pirro. >> reporter: you have a thing with jeanine pirro. >> no i don't. >> it seems like you do. the hint of course is that it's robert durst who has a thing for jeanine pirro. durst probably wouldn't be here were it not for her, his attorney tells me. he's still in a psychiatric ward an hour outside of town but off suicide watch. george. >> thanks very much. today's other top stories from amy. you're starting with new information about that huge explosion in the gulf. >> yes, george there are incredible pictures this morning from the explosion that engulfed
7:14 am
an oil rig in flames fireballs shooting into the sky, workers jumping for their lives. abc's ryan owens has new information about the environmental risk. >> reporter: a fire like this would be difficult to fight on land but in the middle of the gulf of mexico the feat was monumental. with firefighters on cruise ship size boats working well into the night to douse the inferno. the blast that sparked it happened well before dawn wednesday on the oil rig off the coast of mexico. this worker saying some of them had to jump into the water. some took cell phone video. four people died. more than 300 evacuated. dozens of them hurt. this morning, the mexican state run company that owns the rig said it's investigating what caused the fiery blast and insists an oil spill has been prevented. a major concern, especially given the similarities to the historic deepwater horizon blast
7:15 am
which resulted in an unprecedented spill in the gulf in 2010. the somber five-year anniversary coming up this month. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> our thanks to ryan for that. talks aimed at curbing iran's nuclear program have been extended once again. secretary of state john kerry and other foreign envoys enduring an all-night session and this morning, new optimism. the french saying the finish line is in sight. they're pushing for terms of an agreement that would force iran to reduce its nuclear capabilities in exchange for easing sanctions. well in the wake of last week's plane crash in the alps german authorities today said they will look into new possibilities for cockpit doors. co-pilot andreas lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit before crashing the plane. authorities also promised to examine pilot certification procedures in the wake of the airline saying it knew lubitz had suffered severe depression. back here at home an urgent
7:16 am
manhunt under way for an escaped murderer. this image from surveillance video shows 23rd kamron taylor escaping from a jail in eastern illinois after beating a guard unconscious and stealing his uniform and car keys. he was able to walk away by wearing the guard's uniform then driving off in his suv. police consider him armed and dangerous. a $5,000 reward is offered for information leading to his arrest. well pope francis is in the news this morning after a trip to the doctor's. the vatican medical team urging the pontiff to lay off the pasta because of his recent weight gain. the pope is known for his appetite. video of him accepting that pizza from a man on the street of naples recently went viral. doctors are pushing him to cut back on the pasta and exercise more and i think pizza is included in that pontiff. finally, what has to be the best trip to the supermarket ever for a woman from new york. darlene smith went to the store
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to buy her husband's favorite ice cream birthday cake being a good wife. she also bought a scratch-off lottery ticket. she won $3 million. smith is a postal worker and says she may skip work today but only because she has a cold. her son immediately asked for a bmw when he heard word about the $3 million but her response was classic. she said and i quote, yeah, right. i don't think he's getting the beamer. >> nice birthday present for dad, though. >> maybe on an installment plan. thanks amy. ginger, welcome back. you're welcoming us with stormy weather in the northwest. >> that's now moving to the south and east but let me start you off with what was happening in oregon. convection so thunderstorms and that's actually small hail that was adding up and looking
7:18 am
your local forecast 30 seconds away, first this morning's mild cities brought to you by wal-mart. >> reporter: good thursday, morning, i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. we're dry right now as we go outside and see what it looks
7:19 am
like live in center city. beautiful, sunshine, temperatures will warm from here. it's 39 we're heading up to 65 today well above average turning warmer, dry through the day. showers come late tonight ant tomorrow. tomorrow is the wet day showers and thunderstorms especially heavy in the afternoon. high of 70. ires not just there but iowa and yesterday minneapolis, record high 84. >> oh my gosh. >> okay ginger thanks very much. coming up on "gma," outrage on the duke university campus. a noose found hanging from a tree. concerned students are speaking out. also coming up new questions about uber this morning facing backlash as one of its drivers is charged for allegedly trying to rob a passenger's home. caught on camera. a driver crashing head-on with a bus full of schoolchildren. wow, how the driver managed to keep those kids safe. all the fallout from april
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i just want to shop like i do everywhere else. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. ahead on "gma" duke university investigating after a noose found in a tree. the latest in a string of racist incidents. it may not feel like it but prom season is here costi
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:26 thursday, april 2. let's head over to matt pellman. matt you've been watching the auto carrier fire on i-95. >> reporter: the vehicles caught fire on the northbound side of i-95 in tinicum township.
7:27 am
chopper 6 was overhead right after they put the fire out. this was the car carrier carrying the vehicles that were inflamed. at this point the ramp from 420 to the northbound side of i-95 to head toward the airport is closed. if you're trying to get on i-95 use ridley park instead. super highway southbound overturned vehicle crash by neshaminy confined to the shoulder. they had to block all the southbound lanes for a while. so we're parked from 213 toward neshaminy toward the pennsylvania turnpike. stick with i-95 southbound through bucks county instead. just don't use i-95 northbound through delaware county. >> it's a rough morning in spots, matt. thank you. this isn't rough rough looking live on sky 6 out across atlantic city. beautiful thursday.
7:28 am
>> reporter: today is the pick of the week, tam get outside and make plans to enjoy it. we have sunshine. we have dipped to the 20s in allentown. 27. 31 in trenton, 39 at philadelphia international. looking at the accuweather forecast. it's a high today of 65 degrees, tam. we're turning warmer with sunshine today. love it, that's it for us we're always on at we'll see you back here in 30.
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good morning america. right now, terrorists storm a college campus in kenya killing more tan a dozen people. right now an investigation under way at duke university after a noose was found hanging from a campus tree. students saying it's the latest in a string of scary incidents. an uber driver facing charges for returning to a passenger's home and trying to rob them. and we say good morning to you all. we have so much to get to this morning. hey, prom season is on the way. and coming up our t.j. holmes will tell us what people are spending big bucks on this year and it's not what you think, right? >> not at all, $919, the average cost for a teen to go to prom but a third of that is going to be spent before they actually even have a date. we'll explain coming up george. >> the average is $919?
7:31 am
>> times have changed. >> okay t.j. thanks a lot. we'll begin with that outrage at duke university after a noose was found hanging from a tree on campus as the school heads to the final four the university is investigating to find out who is responsible for the racist act promising to punish anyone behind it. linsey davis is tracking the story. good morning. >> reporter: this is just the latest in a series of incidents on college campuses that is once again turning the national conversation back to race. while the person responsible for hanging the noose has not been identified the message to them from university officials is that this hateful act will only strengthen the school's resolve. this morning, an investigation is under way to determine who is responsible for hanging this chilling sim bolling of racism a noose on a tree just outside duke university's student center. >> all: we are not afraid. >> reporter: on campus outrage. >> this is no duke we will accept. this is no duke we want. >> reporter: police quickly taking the noose down after it
7:32 am
was discovered early wednesday morning. but a firestorm had already been sparked on social media. with one student tweeting "i have never felt as unsafe here at duke as i have these last few weeks" and another "it's becoming increasingly clear with each scandal acts of racism that this school was not meant for me." this student speaking out in shadow about the hostile environment on campus. >> right now our peers tolerate us but they don't feel like they have to accept us. >> reporter: the vice president of student affairs calling the noose display cowardly acts of bias in an e-mail to students saying he can't begin to describe his disgust and anger. this as duke prepares to play in the final four. members of the basketball team seen here departing for indianapolis. the campus already mired in controversy following another alleged incident two weeks ago, a black female student saying a group of white males chanted a racist song at her. this same chant that made national headlines last month when sigma alpha epsilon
7:33 am
fraternity members from the university of oklahoma were caught on tape singing it on a bus. the vice president of student affairs saying to whomever committed this hateful and stupid act i just want to say that if your intent was to create fear it will have the opposite effect. lara. >> thank you so much. and want to turn to uber. the name has become synonymous with fast and easy transportation but now it's facing some backlash. a driver dropping a colorado woman off at the airport and then allegedly heading back to her house to rob her. abc's brandi hitt has the frightening story. >> reporter: this morning uber driver gerald montgomery is no longer behind the wheel. he's behind bars accused of trying to burglarize a passenger's home just hours after dropping her off at denver international airport last week. >> i saw the pick in the door. >> reporter: police say what montgomery didn't count on was her roommate being home and amy kissinger discovering this tool in the back door.
7:34 am
i said can i help you with something and he said i'm a friend of natalie's. >> reporter: kissinger texted natalie saying she didn't expect anyone. natalie thought it might be her uber driver and forwarded her this receipt. >> she sent me a screen shot of his picture and it was the same guy. >> reporter: kissinger calling police but montgomery took off leaving his burglary tools behind and police tracking him down five days later. >> it concerns us greatly he did it somewhere else. >> make people aware this might happen to them. >> reporter: the popular uber ride share app is used in 260 cities around the world but has become the focus of several recent safety concerns. some involved in indecent assault and battery to sexual assault. in a statement to abc news uber says it had performed a background check on montgomery before hiring him and that upon learning about this incident from our valued rider we immediately deactivated the
7:35 am
driver's access to the platform pending a full investigation. now being held on an attempted second degree burglary chargecharge montgomery can expected to appear in court tomorrow. for "good morning america," brandi hitt abc news los angeles. >> scary stuff there. >> yeah. "the speed feed" time. amy is over in the social square. >> oh, yes, this is funny. april fools' day still keeping everyone laughing in your feeds and some of the best pranks are going viral. take a look at what happened to jimmy kimmel's house as the poor man was just trying to get shut-eye. rihanna in the house. ♪ >> jimmy's reaction. that's not usually how rihanna appears in his dreams. and you'll remember tom brady not fake stunt, cliff diving in costa rica. huge outcry about this from panicked patriot fans. well he punked his fans with this picture. he's in a hospital bed wrapped head to toe in a body cast not
7:36 am
really and another one we love came from the company tesla showing off what it calls its model w watch and, you know as funny as that looks, i mean it's obviously an april fools joke well reportedly the company's stock surged after the announcement people so excited about potentially wearing big ben. i mean oh well. tell us about your pranks and tweet at #socialsquare. did anyone get you. >> ali came close to getting me. she had a good one. impersonated our -- the guy who runs our building. did get harper. she put -- she covered garlic cloves in chocolate and served it -- >> oh, no. >> mom! >> oh. >> i kind of love her more for that. >> yeah. >> not really. >> how was harper? >> she was a little mad. >> good job, ali. let's get some more weather from ginger. >> okay let's go and start. i told you aboutcord high and 80s
7:37 am
in minute appear -- minneapolis. we're seeing 80s across wisconsin. a controlled burn out out of control. look out for fire dangers. the winds gusts reach up to 60 miles per hour. it usually comes with windy conditions. spring warmth from the east, 7 #. atlanta, get ready for 80. that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, getter we're part of the spring warmth and we are feeling it today. we're dry right now. 39 right now heading up to 65. turning warmer sunshine, staying dry, later tonight and tomorrow, that's when the showers arrive.
7:38 am
just riled up the atmosphere is. lightning is always my biggest concern but the next couple of day, hail and damaging wind too. >> okay ginger thanks very much. coming up that frightening head-on crash with a school bus. what the hero bus driver did to avoid major injuries. also ahead massive cheating scandal. public school teachers and principals arrested and taken away in cuffs. why they could go to prison for years. so i was video chatting with my girlfriend. we haven't been together long but... she just says it. i love you. my heart is racing. so i say it right back. i love you too. and she freezes. not actually but the video chat. and i'm like did she even hear me? i am so relieved i have verizon. i panicked tried to unfreeze it and hung up. we are so much in love. she never called me back. vo: join us and save without settling. verizon.
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and we are back now with that terrifying bus crash. a driver collides head on with a school bus full of children. but the quick-thinking bus driver prevented any major injuries. abc's cecilia vega has the details. >> reporter: watch as this school bus carrying nearly 40 children in tulsa, oklahoma -- [ screaming] -- collides with an suv barreling the wrong way down the interstate. the driver speeding 60 miles per hour, 20 miles over the speed limit.
7:43 am
several students bruised but fortunately no severe injuries. in brentwood, tennessee, a police officer uses his own vehicle as a last-ditch effort to stop a wrong way driver. [ sirens ] you can see the officer turning on his emergency lights waiting for the driver to get just close enough bracing for the moment of impact. [ sirens ] >> ran the wrong side of the highway. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people every day die in wrong way crashes usually hit head-on they tend to be more fatal than any other kind of car accident. if you see those lights coming at you is there anything you can do. >> stay out of the fast lane stay out of the car pool lane, stay in the middle lane. at least it gives you the ability to move to the right or left. check out this driver racing down this texas highway. and look at what officers discover in the backseat when they finally stop the car. >> he needed to be stopped somewhere or another. >> this is going to hurt
7:44 am
somebody. >> reporter: this driver drove the wrong way for almost six miles almost plow nothing this sheriff's deputy. states are trying to fight back from simple light on signs to high-tech reflectors in arizona which shine red. most wrong way drivers strike at night or during the weekend. so experts advise be especially alert during those times. for "good morning america," cecilia vega abc news, new york. >> rough stuff there. >> so hard to see those images again, pointing out all those kids were just fine on that bus. >> thank goodness. coming up here teresa guidice's new reality. the family photo taken in prison and her husband speaking out. prom season is here. it's costing big bucks for kids this year. you're never going to guess what they're spending the most money on. you've got to hear it. stay with us. we aren't looking for just any college students. we're looking for the fighters. the focused. and formidable. with gpas that include grit.
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of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at target. ♪ it may not feel that time but prom season is here for much of the country. a new survey is revealing just how expensive it can get. abc's t.j. holmes is here with what they're spending the most money on these days in social square. hey. >> hey there, $919.
7:49 am
george sounded surprised but that is the average per teen per prom season. this is not the big chuck for the tux, limo party or the after-party of most of that is going towards getting a date in the first place. welcome to the age of the prom-posal. >> one, two, three, prom. >> reporter: forget the flowers or the dress. this year your teen's biggest expend breaking on tbeing asked to the prom. teens hoping for that yes spending more money than ever before putting hundreds of dollars into pricey productions like choreographed flash mobs. ♪ it's going to be me ♪ >> reporter: scavenger hunt even rowing their way to romance. >> why not buy her a dress and ask her to be my date. >> reporter: some even recruiting celebs to get in on the game. the new york jets giving this girl some muscle to help ask her
7:50 am
football crazed friend to prom. bryan cranston breaking a seriously bad question for these promgoers last year. >> maddie if you don't go to the prom with stefan and maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly. >> reporter: we even got in on the fun helping josh ask sandy to prom live right here on "gma." >> i want her to be able to say my prom-posal was the most over the top thing to happen to me. >> reporter: over the top trend. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: turning teenagers into puddles everywhere. all right, sara's doesn't work anymore. she doesn't want to do it. bigger and better than the previous generation. in the social media age. got to do something extravagant, 324 bucks -- >> you don't have to. >> if a guy puts a little thought, you don't need to do big bells and whistles. >> diy. >> it's the surprise element that's free. >> we're very passionate about
7:51 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by new flonase allergy relief. you are greater than your allergies. still ahead on "gma," a medical alert for parents startling new research on kids with adhd and big questions about their treatment. and then teresa guidice behind bars what her husband is saying about the reality star's life now. when we come back.
7:56 am
>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56, april 2 at them let's head over to matt pellman you continue to keep an eye on i-95. >> reporter: the second day of april not treating as well as the first day. we had a car fire in tinicum township. everything is reopened, but locked up to 322. now there's an issue with a crash on the southbound side at 420 blocking all but one lane. southbound is at a crawl coming away from the airport to the accident scene.
7:57 am
bensalem, watch out for a crash involving a sarin and flat bed tractor-trailer. traffic lights are out on the boulevard between adams and rhawn. no cross traffic allowed. a crash 313 southbound, a crash on the shoulder, use i-95 in bucks county, instead. >> let's take a live look out across center city and the rest of center city. looking at the view from atop of temple university. beautiful start to your thursday. >> reporter: i'm happy to be standing out here, we're below freezing in the suburbs and almost 40 in the city. this afternoon you'll be shedding the coat. 65 degrees. showers later tonight and tomorrow heavier rain and thunderstorms late in the day passover and good friday. saturday a leftover saturday
7:58 am
early and breezy and cooler. 58 tam. >> thank you karen. we'll send you back to "g.m.a.," for a while but in 30 minutes we'll be back here looking for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i wear my clothes like this ♪ ♪ because i can, ♪ ♪ i wear my hair like this because i can, ♪ ♪ i walk around like this because i can, ♪ ♪ and i do my thing like this cause it's who i am ♪
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and teresa guidice's life behind bars. a family photo snapped in prison just revealed. now the "real housewife" husband is speaking out for the first time on how she's doing. and elementary school cheating scandal. 11 public school teachers and principals arrested taken away in handcuffs. why they could go to prison to years. emotions running high at the "fast and furious" premiere. vin diesel taking the stage fighting back tear what he said about co-star paul walker. ♪ what's going on ♪ what is happening here? why john legend's megahit has gone to the dogs. ♪ i'm on the edge ♪ all that and mega "deals & steals," oprah edition. >> good morning, america. ♪
8:01 am
and a very special version of march madness right here in times square this morning. i'm not sure exactly what's going on but qias omar and playing basketball with shopping carts. >> i think i could even slam dunk with shopping carts. >> i feel like that. >> there's the video that inspired it. >> there's the video. it's gone crazy online. millions of views on youtube. qias showing off his mad dunking skills. he's funny. i guess you get bored when you're shopping with your girlfriend especially target. >> and get on "gma." >> so this is our tribute, "gma" style to march madness. off the head, nothing but cart. >> all right, cue the music, everyone. ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> everyone. come on, george.
8:02 am
>> yep. ♪ uptown funk going to give it to you ♪ >> why are we playing this music. >> it's fun. >> it gets you going but it's also got a big headline this morning. "uptown funk" just passed robin thicke's "blurred lines" to become the number one single of the decade. only ten that have spent that many weeks at number one according to billboard. we know why. >> i think i just threw my back out. >> it's been played a lot. >> i even saw george jiggle a little. did you jiggle. >> it was like a hand jiggle. >> it stays there for three more weeks it actually ties the all-time record. that was set by mariah carey, boyz ii men, the year 1995 when one sweet day spent 16 weeks at numg row numero uno. >> good history lesson.
8:03 am
news from amy. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with dramatic video out of los angeles this morning. fire crews rescuing people from this two-story motel as flames poured out of the top floor. some people forced to jump from the second floor windows. there were initial reports of people trapped inside and officials have now confirmed one person has died. ten others injured. no word yet on the cause. and also breaking overseas right now a terrorist attack at a college campus in kenya. gunmen stormed into the dorms at ga irs have university open be fire on students as they were waking up killing at least 15. the al qaeda-linked group al shabaab is claiming responsibility. witnesses say muslim students were released while christians were, quote, shot on the spot. during the chaos, some students reportedly ran toward the attackers. police say at least one of the gunmen has now been captured. well this morning republican leaders in indiana have come up with a fix to that controversial religious freedom law that sparked a national
8:04 am
outcry. lawmakers are posed to vote today on new language to make sure businesses are not allowed to discriminate against gays and lesbians. the governor of arkansas has also changed course now refusing to sign similar legislation in his state. well 11 teachers and school administrators in atlanta have been convicted in a massive cheating scandal. they were charged with alerting students -- altering student test scores so they could get promotions and cash bonuses. abc's steve osunsami has more on the possible punishment they all now face. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: striking images out of this georgia courtroom, the judge wasting no time throwing the 11 convicted educators in jail guilty in one of the largest u.s. school cheating scandals ever. >> they have made their bed and they'll have to lie in it and it starts today. >> reporter: the way it sounds you think they were mobsters vicked of racketeering facing up to 20 years in prison but these are former elementary schoolteachers principals and test coordinators found guilty
8:05 am
of conspiring to give answers to students during achievement tests or correcting answers before they were wlek tronically graded. >> i think because of the decision of this jury today, that people will stop i think people will stop and they will make an assessment about our education system. >> reporter: the investigation that uncovered the cheating from "the atlanta journal-constitution" found suspicious test scores and curious erasers on standard achievement tests in 196 school districts across nearly 20 cities. in atlanta, teachers who quit in disgust told us a familiar story. >> we were told that we needed to get these scores by any means necessary. >> reporter: they had to erase test scores or lose their jobs. for "good morning america," steve osunsami abc news atlanta. >> steve, thank you. and in the face of worker protests, mcdonald's has agreed to give its workers a raise. 90,000 workers at company-owned locations will soon be paid at least $1 above the minimum wage and will receive paid time off. critics, however, say it is
8:06 am
still not enough. in health news a major concern for millions of families coping with adhd. in a new study the cdc found one-quarter of preschool children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are being treated only with medication. many experts believe behavioral therapy should be tried first. they warn medication could have serious side effects in children that young. our dr. richard besser will be on twitter this morning to answer your questions about this new study. and finally if you t k on top of a plane in midair and that's not all. linebacker deandre levy of the detroit lions also climbed on to the wing look at that hanging on as the pilot flew some loops. this is thousands of feet in the air. his daredevil performance is in fact a contract violation, but the lions apparently aren't taking it too seriously. favorite quote of the day, the executive on the team's official
8:07 am
position is don't fall. >> oh. >> easy to follow, right. >> he doesn't look harnessed. >> i don't think he was. >> i think he was -- they do that. >> a lot of weight on one wing right? >> i think they can do it. >> big question is why they do it. >> a lot of force going against him. another project for ginger. "pop news" and weather coming up. lara in the social square. >> ginger no. right now, though let's talk about the "gma morning menu," coming up in "pop news" vin diesel's touching tribute to his friend and co-star, paul walker at the "fast and furious" premiere. then a look at life behind bars for reality star teresa guidice. her husband speaking out this morning. then we'll switch gears to fish oil. so popular as a dietary supplement but what is it really doing for you? is it really what the doctor ordered for your health? you hear that we're outside with "deals & steals" and it's a big one.
8:08 am
oprah's favorite things. all that live on "good morning america" coming up in times square. good morning. hi, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ity. but keeping that mix balanced, isn't always easy. so coke, dr. pepper, and pepsi are joining your efforts to find balance with the new initative called mixify. coming together for the first time to talk to teens about balancing what they eat and drink with what they do. and helping them think about when they've had too much, or maybe when it's time for a treat. supporting your efforts, with our message. balance what you eat and drink with what you do. that's how you mixify. kohl's has you covered for easter! spring dresses for any occasion the perfect pair of shoes and the latest handbags plus - go to for a $10 off your purchase of $30 or more savings pass. this thursday through saturday find your yes kohl's
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before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. ♪ what's going on in that beautiful mind ♪ >> what is going on there? ♪ >> we love the song. are those bulldogs dressed for a weding? they are getting married, aren't they sara? >> quite obvious, george.
8:13 am
i thought peg wins -- but no. >> you're upping the bar for "pop news." >> i mean it's a wedding and it's a pup wedding, george. any anyone would be pretty excited but how about these two? belting out "all of me" for his dogs' nuptials or should i say puptials. announcing wednesday he will perform a private concert to benefit his education nonprofit and what better way to promote it than with a doggie wedding, of course. legend wrote the song about his supermodel wife chrissy teigen who also makes an appearance at the wedding. >> was she the flower girl? >> no she pops in kind of shocked but watching her husband with the dogs. i would think it would be a normal day but not too much. and switching gears now an emotional night at the premiere of "furious 7." vin diesel making a heart felt tribute to his close friend and co-star paul walker who died in
8:14 am
a car crash in 2013. take a look. >> there's something emotional that happens to you where you walk out in this movie and you appreciate everyone you love because you just never know when the last day is you're ever going to see him. >> diesel also said how important the support of the whole cast has been throughout this difficult process and how much they've learned -- leaned on each other. one of the movie's producers adding he thinks walker would have been proud of the final product. he also named his daughter pauline after paul. >> so sweet. >> a good message there for everyone. and you've probably heard because we want to end "pop" on a high note. "four five seconds," rihanna's hit with kanye and paul mccartney and vocals may have sounded familiar. ♪ we got three more days till friday ♪ >> well it's been revealed that the backing vocals were actually provided by the ladies of wilson phillips. >> good for them. >> turned out kanye reached out
8:15 am
to the group and several of them -- excuse me several years ago to let loose on the show and apparently he said when he thinks of authenticity and angelic he thinks of them. >> i agree. >> i think of my high school. >> i agree. that album. >> i think of "bridesmaids". ♪ someday someone's going to turn around and say good-bye ♪ >> you too? did you feel "bridesmaids." >> i did. i was out of high school when they were hot -- >> just a little bit. >> thank you. "heat index" coming up. let's go to ginger. >> hey, good morning. and look good morning, look at the crowds, what are i here for? >> spring break. >> reporter: you're about to have a nice day in the northeast. right in the midwest and mid south not as nice. this is a live look at louisville this morning, the clouds are coming in you'll see 2 to had inches of rain. -- 4 inches of ray.
8:16 am
a flood watch back to cincinnati. 3 to 5 inches. we're be for that and hail and damaging winds. where are you guys from? >> kentucky. >> reporter: you look a little cold. that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: it was chilly early this morning, but things are improving for us. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry, at the shore bright conditions and sunshine. it will be cooler at the shore than the city with the southwesterly flow off the ocean. 41. heading up to 65. warmer with sunshine. a shower late tonight and showers tomorrow even thunderstorms, heavier rain in the afternoon but mild with a high of 70. cooler on saturday. ou. >> ah. that was for grandpa
8:17 am
in 1968 october had the reality star teresa guidice's life behind bars the "real housewife" serving a 15-month jail sentence for fraud and her husband joe speaking out for the first time about what her life is really like. this is teresa guidice's new reality, a family photo in a prison visiting room as seen on the cover of "us weekly" the new jersey housewife now a connecticut inmate. >> i'm a jersey girl. no one can knock me down. >> reporter: instead of a multimillion dollar home and lavish spending teresa wakes up every morning in a cubicle she shares with five others here at the federal correctional institute in danbury, connecticut, the real-life inspiration for "orange is the new black." her husband joe speaking out about what life is like for his wife behind bars. >> i guess she has a little job in the kitchen doing something, basically works out, eats
8:18 am
watches television read goes to church. got a little busy schedule. >> that routine includes trying to keep up with her formerly glamorous life. >> she had them waiting for an hour while she was finishing her hair and makeup. every time they visit she does her hair and makeup jersey girl to a tee either although she's seen smiling with her girls on her lap the reality star talked to me last year about her fears. >> what's the hardest part? >> my kids going through this every day. >> it's a lot of pressure when you're making your kids trying to feel safe. how do you do it? >> i just can't be upset and curl up in a ball and just go in a room and lock the door. >> when the door is shut and they are in bed, do you get to do that? >> yes and i do do that. i mean i would be lying to say that's not happening. >> "extra" tv showing us joe is left to play mr. mom although teresa is still very much a
8:19 am
daily part of the family. >> we talk every day. she e-mails me basically telling me what to do you know pretty much sets my schedule. >> reporter: teresa has only served three months of a 15-month sentence. despite the smiles the future is still unclear for this family and the weekly visits can take their toll. >> you know what joe actually told me the toughest part about this whole thing every time they drive up to the prison and have to say good-bye at 3:00 that's really the toughest point. joe said he actually cries harder than the girls do on the car ride home. >> but it is so tough on those girls in that family and we wish them well. >> i hope those girls are doing just fine. also on the "gma heat index" this morning. you've heard of tiger moms. helicopter parenting. even elephant parenting. i think we've covered that so now there's something called lighthouse parenting that people are saying may be the best way to raise your kids. it's featured in a book from the american academy of pediatrics all about guiding your children as they travel through rough
8:20 am
waters. abc's juju chang has details. >> reporter: they ma jestically dot the coastline guiding ships safely to port but what can they teach us about raising teens? >> we want to be beacons of lie on a stable shoreline from which they can safely navigate the world. >> reporter: dr. kenneth ginsberg said it's a strategy teaching them how to navigate the murky waters of adolescence. >> sometimes kids need to learn from failure. >> reporter: something clair and phil struggle with on "modern family"? such a pleasure getting to know kenny it's our treat. >> are you kidding? >> no. >> give them your credit card. >> you are going to let me go with him. >> reporter: but in the pant yon of parenting techniques what makes lighthouse parents different from tiger moms or helicopter dads? >> extreme models of parenting are not the way to raise your kids. love protection and letting your kids learn from failure. that's how people grow. >> reporter: to research his
8:21 am
book he went to the truex perts teens, even co-writing with his own twin teen daughters. >> kids know what it's going to take to help them thrive. >> reporter: for many the teen years can be frightening but marty says lighthouse parenting has helped guide her and her four sons. >> it focuses on the relationship, not having all the answers but problem solving with them as they face things. >> if i do make a mistake or if i do mess up and i need their help i know i can count on them. >> reporter: how does a parent become a lighthouse? start by making sure your children know they are loved un unconditionally. then set your expectations on character, not performance. >> you hold them to the expectations of morality and character you know lies within them. >> reporter: most importantly, strive to strike a balance between protection and guidance. >> when we raise kids in a balanced way we're going to raise kids who are going to be successful when they're 35. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> soups very reasonable. >> makes a lot of sense.
8:22 am
yeah. perfect. >> just a reminder elephant parenting is nurturing, the opposite. >> we were all asking. >> yeah. there's been so many. so this sounds like sort of an in the middle. >> i like the lighthouse. we'll move on. time to yahoo! your day. breaking down the elements of fish oil. widely used in the u.s. but a new piece in "the new york times" suggests it may not be as helpful as you think so sara haines checked on an expert to find out how much it works. >> celebs claim it makes their hire shine and we think it promos heart health but is it legit or should you quit? ♪ yahoo ♪ >> reporter: you don't want to get between people and their fish oil. it's one of the most widely used dietary supplements in the u.s. taken by model elle macpherson and actress jennifer aniston. while some use it for dry eyes to strengthen hair and nails or enhance your mood it's mostly used to protect heart health.
8:23 am
but does it work? is it legit or should you quit? we're enlisting the help of michele promaulayko editor in chief of "yahoo health." >> it contains omega-3 fatty acids from fish cardiovascular disease, beauty benefits. >> reporter: as reported in "the new york times" most of the clinical trials involving fish oil have found no evidence that it lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. a trade association for dietary supplements say there is a strong body of evidence that supports the benefits of supplements such as fish oil in several areas. in theory they should work have properties to lower inflammation and a blood thinning effect but the jury is still out. we are joined by abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser and, dr. besser most people say fish oil because they believe there are those health benefits from the omega-3 fatty acids. are those benefits real?
8:24 am
>> well it's a good question. we know that omega-3 fat si as sits are good for us. the big question when you take them as fish oil do they really work? there are some studies that show they do and some studies show they don't. they lower try glis ryes a fat linked to heart disease but the studies don't seem to show it prevents heart attacks or save lives interest that. >> we heard in the piece this is one of the most widely used supplements. >> yeah. >> why is it so popular. >> it all goes back to the 1980s and there was an observation made among eskimos in greenland and found that eskimos had very low rates of heart disease and any ate a lot of fish a lot of fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and figured maybe it would prevent heart attacks and did a study and the first showed some benefits. others haven't. one of the questions if you take the omega-3s out of the fish do you still get that benefit? or is it something else about
8:25 am
the food you know can removing it does it -- >> what about the other health benefit, some of the physical like the hair the nails. >> shiny hair. >> yes, the important things the hair. [ laughter ] >> forget the heart health. >> so i mean they're looking at it for asthma allergies, for hair for dementia all kinds of things and the studies really haven't come down to show that there's really a benefit. there's a lot of ongoing studies looking at heart disease and alzheimer's but the jury is still out so i want to ask you two the big question from what you've heard so far in terms of taking fish oil, legit or quit? >> quit. >> i say why supplement when you can eat it? >> quit. >> well that's what i would say too. >> when i come down to it i come down the say way. there are a lot of heart doctors who do recommend it for their patients so don't stop if yours do -- >> there's no downside to taking it. tory is here with "deals &
8:26 am
steals." stay with us. today it's going to be epic. "the view" chsversus "the chew." >> there's two ways to win. >> cheating and bribery. >> who will survive? it is on. today on "the view" on abc.
8:27 am
sphwhr good >> good good morning a group of non-union workers are protesting at the airport this morning they are protesting unfair labor tracking by their employers and low wages. let's go over to matt pellman we have trouble on the roads in bucks county. good morning. >> reporter: you got it, tam the super highway not looking so super on this thursday morning. another crash in the northbound direction approaching pennsylvania avenue in morrisville. a lot of emergency crews on the scene taking out the left lane jammed from route 13. southbound we had the crash by neshaminy that's gone, but jammed from 213 on down.
8:28 am
the crash i-95 near 420 southbound has cleared. northbound we had the car carrier fire. that delay is easing. heelsewhere in delco woodland, we have a downed traffic light traffic is getting by. >> reporter: let's go outside to karen rogers i think we'll have a hard time getting you back inside. >> reporter: i'm loving the sunshine now that it's 41 degrees, it's feeling better, too. high of 65. maybe a shower around late tonight into the overnight hours. tomorrow is the wet day showers and heavier rain in the afternoon and evening. a thunderstorm or two thrown into the mix late in the day for good friday and passover, mild with a high of 70. saturday breezy and cooler, 53. sunday easter sunday, dry 59. a cool wind make sure you wear that sweater too tam.
8:29 am
>> coming up on "g.m.a.," steals and deals that gets a thumbs up from oprah. we'll see you in 30. your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
8:30 am
♪ check it out, baseball's opening day coming up. we're about to celebrate with something like that. a giant mascot face-off tomorrow. 15 of your favorite mascots from across the country heading to times square to be here right on "gma." >> look at those moves. all right, we've got another big celebration in times square. march madness is upon us. and all morning lock we have been watching people play basketball. dunking in shopping carts. what did you say -- nothing but cart. >> nothing but cart. >> i love it. joined by this guy qias omar we showed you the video he did of his mad skills. that's where he got more than a million hits on youtube. nice work. >> let's bring youtube to times square because it's time for friendly competition. we'll have a dunking contest now
8:31 am
between team ginger right here. and team sara. with the help of everyone here. qias will be judging their skills. are the teams ready? okay. let's see the kids go first and then our anchors will close it out with the ultimate dunk. all right? >> here we go everybody. oh he's going for the 360. he got it. a 360. what a play. >> oh the one-hand -- wait a minute. wait a minute. wait. >> coming up here wait a minute. oh! oh my god. what an alley-oop. what an alley on. here you go. oh the twirl the xirl look at this. this is amazing. oh. >> unbelievable. >> oh. >> that was a tornado. >> that was a tornado. >> yes. >> that was amazing.
8:32 am
>> okay. qias how did they do? >> oh -- >> what about me? >> i saw that. you lost a little points for that. but -- >> i lost points for -- >> i think she should get -- >> that's traveling. >> if it was for style, then maybe it'll give you a few points but it doesn't look like it. >> i think the winner is over here. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, qias. all the great final four -- >> a quick announce many. "general hospital" fan, mark your catlendar the show is set to air two shows live on may 15th and may 18th. that is fun. >> all right. we will he all be tuning in. but in the meantime, let's turn to a stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur who sewed her way to success with the help of certainly media. rebecca jarvis has her story.
8:33 am
>> i love this one. >> reporter: brandy temple was a stay-at-home in north carolina with a sewing machine collecting dust. >> my husband bought it for me for mother's day and it was a joke because he said are you ever going to use it. >> reporter: then she started making dresses for her daughters. >> i couldn't find anything in the market. my daughters were five years apart and they wanted to match. >> reporter: so when the recession hit she decided to not only make dresses for her daughters, but sell them too and before she knew it her clothing company lolly wolly doodle factory was born. >> i decided to go on the facebook platform. i knew that moms wanted these affordable adorable clothes. >> reporter: now temple is a millionaire. >> we didn't create a business. we created first a community and these moms talked together and share their stories and their pictures of their children wearing the lolly wolly doodle clothes and everything else just grew so organically and so
8:34 am
natural that, you know, we weren't trying. it literally just happened. >> reporter: lolly wolly doodle brings over $10 million a year in sales growing rapidly each year. temple now part of a growing number of people turing to social media to embark on their dreams. >> people who are interested in growing a big audience i think have to pay attention to the social element of social media. it's about engaging other people in the community. but also having sort of a by-directional conversation. >> reporter: her tips for making it big, know who your customers are and adapt your social media plan to what they're already doing. be true to your brand and don't be afraid to experiment. keep trying new things. moving from her garage to a factory, temple is now one of the top employers in her small town with many of her employees calling her their guardian angel. >> to know that you know i was blessed with the opportunity to
8:35 am
give back and for people to be able to save their home it was just giving someone an opportunity to work and to earn it. it's pretty awesome. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news l'eggsing ton, north carolina. >> amazing woman. amazing story. thank, rebecca, for bringing us that. let's turn now to ginger with a final check of the weather. >> let's do it. okay hey, everybody, good morning. >> reporter: hey everybody, good morning, i have my new friends where are you from again? >> we're from norway. >> reporter: i just got back from europe i was at a global weather conference in paris. that's where we start our social stream with the eiffel tower the winds were 30, 40 miles per hour. and lots of rain. michigan look you can see the lower peninsula with a heart in it.
8:36 am
today the severe storms not nice, this afternoon and evening the area for strong winds and large hail and isolated tornado slips to want south and east. tomorrow we have a greater chance in louisiana and up through parts of tennessee. >> reporter: that's the big big picture, let's gets a look closer to home. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live doubling scan we're dry and looking good to start you off today. 41 heading to 65 turning warmer sunshine. tomorrow is the wet day and even a thunderstorm. ." a scene with olivia the morning after. >> listen russell -- >> my name is not really russell. i mean it is but it's franklin. franklin russell. >> you gave me a fake name. >> do you have a problem with that alex? are we sticking with alex or can i start calling you olivia. >> well you don't need to call
8:37 am
me anything because this is it. >> here's the thing, alex i don't think it is. >> ooh! we can call olivia alex now? you can watch the full clip from tonight's new episode at on yahoo! and the full episode of "scandal" airs tonight at 9:00 8:00 central right here on abc. lara. >> ginger delicious and so is this. we're talking about antuan's, one of the country's oldest family run restaurants celebrating their 175th anniversary. this new orleans establishment has survived the depression hurricane katrina, prohibition, still going strong thanks to michael regua showing us how to make one of their most popular dishes. this is pompano. a gorgeous fish. >> it is. pompano is a fish from the florida gulf area and it's a real pretty fish. we actually leave the skin on it. >> then you cook it skin up you
8:38 am
were telling me. why? >> we cook it skin up. the reason why if you cook it skin down the skin would squeeze into the fish and it would make it bend so this way if you cook it with the skin up after you cook you turn it over it plays flat. >> hen when you serve it you keep the skin on. >> the skin is on. skin on fish is really great so then when you turn it over you cook the rest of the way it actuallycoulds out great. >> the name. >> the pompano pontchartrain. >> we're seeing there -- >> sauteed crab white wine and shallots with salt and pepper. a great dish. >> your piece of fish. what do you do if you can't find pompano at your store? >> we substitute it with drum. i've used maui maui and sometimes we use a salmon so we substitute with different types of fish. oil on both sides and do seasons on both sides. >> then you get it in the pan. how long does it cook? >> depending on the thickness of the fish only a couple of minutes, maybe five, ten minutes
8:39 am
on each side. >> the indicator make sure it looks white and flaky. >> look at the skin. i mean the flavor and the texture of it is going to change. >> okay. i want to take you over here. because once it's cooked then we add some seasonings. >> yes, we add seasonings to it. crabmeat with onions and that and it has white wine in it then we take this fish like i said in a pan. skin up great-looking fish. >> yeah. >> and then we have these over here. after you put it in the pan we just turn these and see how pretty it looks. >> that looks so good. don't worry, crew. there's enough for everybody. >> we have enough we have enough. >> you also brought sides that your restaurant is famous for. >> we're famous for this and we have potato gratin. >> the end result because on your pompano you're serving the crabmeat on top. >> crabmeat on top. >> it's like a seafood medley. >> absolutely. >> extraordinaire. did you all know that your
8:40 am
restaurant created oysters rockefeller which i did not know? yes, we did. and the creation was, you know when we created this dish the family did this and what it is for the richness of the sauce. it's a really rich sauce so that's why we did it that way. >> chef i want to say we brought sides, the corn your delicious potato dish and then the dessert. >> that is a baked alaska. we actually -- what's good about the baked alaska we're proud of it is that you can take this and, you know like with "gma," we can make this special for any event. >> and i know you'll give us the recipe online but tell the truth. is it -- because baked alaska seems like a big challenge. >> no it's not a big challenge. i mean after you learn how to use, you know once you use the egg whites and that and learn how to make that, it's fine. >> you need a big knife to cut it. >> it's better than fine. it's delicious. >> i'll finish this off with tabasco. >> we'll finish it off on the commercial break and let the
8:41 am
crew try it. everybody, get the recipes, chef michael's pomp no pontchartrain on our website, on yahoo! thank you, chef. >> thank you. >> continued success. coming up everybody, tory is here with our biggest "deals & steals" ever. these are some of oprah's
8:42 am
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8:44 am
number of claims are expected in the hardest hit areas so we took a look at when it pays to file a claim and when it may not. abc's mara schiavocampo has the details on how you might be able to save some big bucks. >> reporter: insurance, we see the commercials all the time from allstate's mayhem to state farm's jingle. >> like a good neighbor state farm is there. >> reporter: insurance is the best way to help you bounce back from life's unwanted surprises like medical problems car accidents and emergency home repairs. but filing a claim can be confusing. >> to many americans insurance policies are like reading greek. >> reporter: and how do you know when you should and should not file a claim? insurance expert bob rusboldt breaking it down for "gma investigates." first, when to file. he says always file a claim when you damage someone else's property. >> you may think you have a little minor incident and three
8:45 am
weeks later you're sued for whiplash. >> reporter: that's exactly what george brown says happened to him. he says he got foo a fender bender decided thought to file a claim and was later sued for $125,000. >> did not think that they would sue me for damages because there was no way that anyone was injured. >> you have to file a claim to protect yourself because of litigation. >> reporter: next he says report any issue that could result in continuing damage. what's the benefit of filing early. >> even if you think it's a minor thing now it could be much larger than you imagine. >> reporter: now when it's better not to file. if it's the same incident over and over father of two rob burger says his two teens got in multiple minor car accidents but thankfully didn't involve other cars and he did not file any claims. >> i was concerned that if we submitted every single fender bender as a claim it would eventually negatively affect our
8:46 am
premiums. >> experts say he's absolutely right. >> sometimes insurance companies will nonrenew you if you file so many claims where they're losing money. >> reporter: don't file if the accident cost is close to your deductible. just pay out of pocket. >> if you have a $500 deductible and your insurance policy and the claim is for $535 you may get the $35 now and you may get $120 increase in your premium. >> reporter: but if disaster does strike reclaiming stability and safeguarding your life is key. >> nobody wants to use insurance. but it is critical that you have it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> thanks to mara for that. get more money saving insurance tips on on yahoo! we'll be right back with tory. big "deals & steals" all of oprah's favorite things.
8:47 am
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all right we're back now and here is your first look everybody, we're going to get to
8:49 am
the "deals & steals" but we have to show you your first look at "o" magazine's 15th anniversary issue and we are celebrating that with a very special edition of "deals & steals" dedicated to ms. o. all-time oprah favorites. tory johnson brought a special glass. adam glassman creative director of "o" to tell us about these products. i want to start with harry barker. >> we have great stuff. everyone knows oprah is obsessed with her dogs. assorted dog tough from harry barker. eco friendly. they make the best dog bed, dog toys treats everything in the world and what's so good eco friendly really beautifully made. >> really cute. >> but they also look beautiful in your home. >> yeah. >> which is what you love. >> yes. dog treats. >> you'll love the prices too. >> talk to us. >> we got a big deal from harry barker. the prices are normally starting from $10 to $150 depending on
8:50 am
what you choose. today only slash in half to 5 to 75 bucks. >> nicely done. >> very good. >> all right. next up everybody, you know the truth. love is everything. >> love is everything. and anyone who follows oprah on instagram will know she wears these peace love world t-shirts everything weekend. feel how soft. >> my daughter loves these. >> a hybrid between a t-shirt and sweatshirt. really oprah's favorite thing. >> i love the motto. love is everything. >> it's beautiful. >> and the deal is everything. >> the deal is great. okay today only from peace love world normally either of these two tops is 9 slashed in half 49 plus free shipping from peace love world. free shipping. >> very cozy. >> treat yourself everybody. really nice. all right, another favorite thing, i think haven't i seen oprah wear these. >> yes, you have and when you celebrate a 15th anniversary you do it with crystal. you have the look at these incredible readers. they come in three different strengths, and they come in 12
8:51 am
different colors. you can choose your birthstone much that's yours. >> this is my birthstone. >> yes. >> or your favorite color. >> where am i? >> that may not be your strength. >> but, lara they are hand set with swarovski crystals so each one is really beautiful and lightweight and sturdy. >> fun, i love the colors. get more than one to dress up your outfit and be able to read the menu. >> amazing deal from jimmy crystal so normally three different strength 12 options, $43 today only slashed in half $21.50. >> all right. i love them. >> a pair of jeans. jeans which are part of everyone's staple. >> question. >> jeans are your staple but these from nydj. let me tell you something -- she wore them on the cover last month. >> with the pony of tail. oprah, you look 15. >> they have a lift tuck technology. guaranteed to make you look -- >> did you hear that ladies.
8:52 am
lift tuck. >> you will look one size slimmer in these. 20 different styles. multiple washes. >> war wallet will be bulging because you're saving money. >> before we even get to that honestly they come in every size from petite to plus and everything in between. >> everybody listen up. >> starting at $104 slashed by 55%, so $47 to $63 and free shipping. >> lift tuck. you can have one of these. >> yes. because no celebration is complete without delicious desserts okay you have to try these. whoopee pies that are made in maine. the most delicious thing. i think of them as a glamorous kind of devil dog or an alternative to a cupcake. >> getting 17 in this deal an amazing deal from wicked wheep pi whoopee. slashed in half $15 for all 17. 57% savings and five bonus deals
8:53 am
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♪ let it go ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by macy's. >> it is the ultimate "frozen" fan tribute. take a look at this. ♪ >> ooh. ♪ >> very impressive. jason is a music teacher and sara is a 12-year-old piano star on youtube. their video already getting more than 2 million clicks and counting? >> that's amazing. >> double jointed. >> ladies of "gma" say have a great day. >> yeah have a good one, everybody. >> good morning, it is 8:56 thursday april 2 i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to matt pellman he's giving us a final look at
8:57 am
i-95 good morning. >> reporter: we definitely had some challenges this morning arguably the biggest was the car fire on i-95 northbound side at 420. everything is off to the side and extinguished. you can see on the feeder road people are slowing down to see what happened with all those cars. the lanes in the main lanes are thing out. we had -- thinning out. we had traffic light problems along the boulevard. no cross traffic allowed where they are broken. we're looking at a crash at 724 at bridge street. >> let's get a final look at accuweather and go outside to karen rogers. >> reporter: all the kids on spring break go play outside. we're at 41 now cool, but turning warmer, 65 is the high. well above average and sunshine. maybe a shower later on tonight. tomorrow showers a period of heavier rain in the afternoon
8:58 am
and thunderstorm for passover and good friday. a mild high of 70. saturday breezy and cooler. leftover shower high of 53. easter sunday partly sunny skies, cool early but 59 for the high, cool wind, but 59 is not bad we're dry for easter sunday. monday warmer, sunshine and 57 for the phils. coming up on "action news" at noon, new jersey senator bob ma -- menendez is going back to court for corruption charges. we'll have more at noon. "live" with kelly and michael is next. enjoy this pick of the week and get out in the sunshine. have a great thursday, i'm tamala edwards.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the drama "american crime," actor timothy hutton. and from the new series, "lip sync battle," chrissy teigen. we continue our new york autoshow week with a look at the newest and latest s.u.v.'s. plus mark consuelos returns for another day of co-hosting. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos! [cheers and applause] ♪


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